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The new role of the marketer
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The new role of the marketer


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Avtex introduces the new role of the marketer and the focus on technology.

Avtex introduces the new role of the marketer and the focus on technology.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Eric RaarupChief Marketing Technology Officer, AvtexMike PetersonMarketing Manager, MicrosoftJune 12th, 2013The Intersection ofTechnology and Marketing
    • 2. Agenda• Introductions• Key trends impacting marketing• The Intersection of Technology and Marketing• Q/A• Happy Hour
    • 3. Goals for Today• Discuss the key trends impacting marketing• Understand the evolution of marketing and the role technologyplays• Showcase the Microsoft technology landscape for marketers• Dialogue
    • 4. A little bit about Avtex
    • 5. Our mission is to use our technology know-howto enable our clients to deliver an exceptionalexperience to their customersCXTech Know-How Clients Customer Experience
    • 6. The Integrated Customer ExperienceIt’s about crosschannelIt’s not about multi channelPortalsVideoSocial Next. . .InteractiveVoiceResponseIVR
    • 7. Avtex 360IntegratedCustomerExperienceTechnologySolutions forevery Point ofInteractionBreadth and Depth
    • 8. On to the show
    • 9. Marketing and TechnologyLike Chocolate and Peanut Butter
    • 10. The New Role of the MarketerThe Intersection of Marketing and Technology
    • 11. Trends impacting marketers todayMobility1billionsmartphones by2016, 350M ofthose being usedat workSocial82 %of the worlds onlinepopulation engagesin social networkingCloud50 %of enterprisecustomersare “on the road”to cloudData1.8 zettabytesof digital data werein use worldwide in2011, up 30% from2010.Contenttop10Contentmarketing is onmany marketingleaders top 10Capture Nurture AnalyzeEnableManageOur Focus Today:Demonstrating howtechnologies from Microsoftcan help you be an effectivemarketer
    • 12. The Technologies of a Marketer Email OptimizationEmail Service providersSales automationMarketing AutomationDB MarketingSocial Marketing ManagementData warehouseMarketing DataLanding pagesSEOContent Management SystemsCommunityTranslationFeedback / SurveysPaymentsAdvertisingMobile WebSocial LoginGamificationVideoDAMAnalyticsMore
    • 13. Marketing with MicrosoftAn ecosystem of solutions for marketingState of the State Services / StrategyAdd-OnsCore
    • 14. Microsoft Dynamics CRMThe Core System for Customer / Prospect InformationCasesIncidentsTicket MgmtQueuesMoreCampaignsMarketing listsEmailLiteratureMoreAccountsContactsLeadsOpportunitiesMore
    • 15. Sales Force Automation with Dynamics CRM
    • 16. Service Management with Dynamics CRM
    • 17. Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM
    • 18. ClickDimensionsMarketing Automation Add-on for Dynamics CRMWeb TrackingCampaign TrackingLanding PagesEmail MarketingSocial DiscoveryDrip MarketingLead ScoringForm CaptureSearch/AdvertisingAPI (with Event and eCommerce Tracking)SurveysSubscriptionManagement
    • 19. Driving revenue through web-to-leadconversion by connecting CRM with yourwebsite to track and convert visitors1.wwwWeb tracking Anonymous/Known Convert
    • 20. Goal: Improve ROI from website• Requires integration between website and backend systems• Ideally capture information in CRM to build out profiles• Track / score leads based on activity on the siteTurn web visitors into marketing qualified leads (MQL)
    • 21. Web to LeadConverting anonymous web visitors to leadsSelf IdentifyAnonymous Visitors IP Organization ConvertAnonymous Visitors Self Identify???✔✔✔
    • 22. Use CaseContact Us Form on WebsiteThe submission of this form– Automatically creates alead (or updates a contact)in CRM– Automatically associates allanonymous browsinghistory (site visits / pageviews) to the lead orcontact record
    • 23. Leveraging ClickDimensions Web Tracking in CRMCapture every view and visit
    • 24. Convert from anonymous to knownLeveraging ClickDimensions online forms for Call To Action (CTA)
    • 25. Summary: Web to Lead• Integrating website to Dynamics CRM canimprove lead process• Scoring leads can drive activities for follow up• Providing intel on web activity can help qualifylead for sales
    • 26. 2.Align a content marketing strategy through leadnurturing automation to capture mindshareand convert suspects to prospectsContent Targets Nurture
    • 27. Goal: Leverage content marketing for nurture• Drip content to target prospects• Track effectiveness based on stats• Hand off to sales at the right pointNurturing with content can help build brand / leads
    • 28. Drive awareness in areas of suspected interest to a prospectusing a 3 step email nurture program over a period of (n) daysLead Nurturing ConceptEmail based approachIf engaged, then becomes MQL and goes to salesProspectDeterminePersonaInitiateNurture flow Email 1 Email 2 Email 3DisqualifyEmail 1: Example: Analysts perspective / researchEmail 2: Example: Customer case studyEmail 3: Example: Our recommended approach
    • 29. Lead Nurture Workflow
    • 30. Summary: Lead Nurture• Lead nurturing can play key role in contentmarketing strategy to get key content into handsof prospects• Once workflows are defined they can be run on alead• Easily qualify / disqualify based on actions
    • 31. Gain better insight into your customers byvisualizing information from multiple systems3.Data Social Analyze
    • 32. Data … Big Data80%growth ofunstructured data ispredicted over thenext five years.1.8 zettabytes ofdigital data were inuse worldwide in 2011,up 30% from 2010.
    • 33. Key challenges with growth of data• More challenging to manage• More challenging to analyze and make decisions• Not just databases you own … social is a big driver of datagrowthMore and more difficult to gain customer insight
    • 34. Mr./Ms. Marketer … Meet Excel 2013Visualizing and Analyzing large volumes of dataExcel 2013PowerPivotAnalyze millions of rows of dataPowerViewVisualize info quickly in multiple ways
    • 35. PowerView
    • 36. Demo
    • 37. Key challenges with Social• Monitoring what is being said about your brand• Multiple Channels• Gauging sentiment across social media channelsMoving target can be challenging to staff
    • 38. Social Analytics / SentimentNetbreeze
    • 39. 4.Deliver relevant content to the sales teamleveraging system integration and mobilityContent Mobile Easy to Use
    • 40. Goal: Closing the gap between sales and marketing• Managing the source of truth• Getting into hands of the sales team• Dealing with multiple formats / devicesContent and Mobility can enable the sales team to nevermiss an opportunity
    • 41. Our ChallengeYears of project history spanning over 500 customersHave we done a project like XYZ before?Who has the following skills?Do we have any examples ofa project like XYZ?Solutions span multiple technologies,scenarios, industries and skill setsMultiple systems in use… Connecting the DotsLost Opportunity • Time Wasted • Duplicate Efforts
    • 42. Leverage Existing Data / SystemsIntegration is the keyPersonProjectCustomerProject TypeIndustrySkills / TechAssetAsset TypeCRMSharePointGPDocsDataData
    • 43. Windows 8Leveraging a familiar platform for new apps
    • 44. Mobility
    • 45. It’s a Mobile World(Source: Pew Research Center, 2012)By 2014, mobile internet is predicted totake over desktop internet usage55% of mobile owners access mobile web(Source: Microsoft Tag, 2012)
    • 46. MobilityA Continuum of OptionsWebWeb based approach tomobile app dev. / deployPro• Time to market/releases• Leverage skills• Cross platform• Lower cost• CentralizedCon• Potential performance• User experience• Not an app in storeHybridNative “shell” withembedded HTML webapplicationPro• Cross platform• Native experience• Access to onboardresources• Lives in app storesCon• Adds time / cost• Code basesNativeFully native mobileapplicationPro• Performance• Native experience• Lives in app stores• Onboard resourcesCon• Adds time / cost• Multiple code bases• Increased support• Slower release cycle
    • 47. Mobile TechnologiesUnderstanding the technology optionsTime/CostFeaturesNativeHybridWeb
    • 48. The Web needs to RespondRespondRespondRespond
    • 49. Responsive Design ExampleTennant Company: Public Website Built on SharePoint
    • 50. 5.Allocate resources effectively and gain insightabout campaign effectiveness across multiplechannelsPlanning Spend Mgmt Project Mgmt
    • 51. +MarketingPilot brings strong Integrated Marketing Management(IMM) capabilities to the Microsoft Marketing toolset with afocus on resource and spending management plus integrationwith Dynamics CRM
    • 52. MarketingPilotMarketingPilot brings a new level of marketing functionality to Dynamics
    • 53. Marketing 360
    • 54. A look ahead
    • 55. MarketingPilot Webinar• Get real-time insight into campaign spend andmarketing budgets• Align sales and marketing• Foster collaboration between teams• Improve forecasting• Drive marketing productivity• Improve marketing executionJune 18th12:00 CentralRegister here
    • 56. Thirsty?
    • 57. CRM
    • 58. A Great Blog to Followwww.chiefmartec.comPopular PostsAgile marketing for a world of constant change5 meta-trends of modern marketingThe big data bubble in marketingEngineers are becoming a lot like marketersEverything is marketing, everyone must be agileData as a new marketing channel
    • 59. Thank You!