Engage 2013 - Understanding the cx journey


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A deep dive into how customers experience your brand, solutions and services and how to prioritize investments to improve the journey.

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Engage 2013 - Understanding the cx journey

  1. 1. Understanding the Customer Experience Journey Pat Nicholson Alta Resources VP of Business Development Mark Gavin Avtex Solutions VP of Strategic Consulting
  2. 2. Session Goal! Get you thinking about the importance of “experience”! How is your brand (i.e. product and services) “experienced” by your customers? How does your role/department influence “experience” during a customer’s journey? …the knowledge of “experience” can/should drive your organizational investments.
  3. 3. www.avtex.com/engage CX Mobile Question #1: Generally speaking, which business discipline does your role best align with from the list below? 1). President/CEO/Leader 2). Marketing 3). Information Technology 4). Customer Care 5). Operations 6). Other View Results
  4. 4. Understanding the Experience What does your experience journey look like? Six phases of the Customer Journey Theoretically…In reality… Sales & Marketing Operations & Customer Care
  5. 5. Device Channel Experience Reaction Customer Doing & Thinking? ? Experience is multi-dimensional It’s critical that you understand the components! Re-Engage? Leave? The Journey can be… • Iterative w/stops & starts • Filled with critical Moments of Truth! • Emotional • Traveled via multiple devices • Derailed by a weak link …always presents an opportunity to differentiate and establish a competitive advantage!
  6. 6. Understanding the Experience Components Document and analyze to determine best experience investment! 1). CXO Approach “Outside-In” Perspective  Journey Mapping
  7. 7. Understanding the Experience Components Document and analyze to determine best experience investment! 2). iCXO “Inside-Out” Perspective  “Day in the Life” / ABC Sessions  Have we equipped our staff to succeed as a normal course of operation (i.e. or does it take an A1 performer to create a great customer experience)?  To answer this question we examine… • Access to Information • Business Process • Communication & Collaboration • Pains/Issues/Concerns  “There must be a better approach!”
  8. 8. www.avtex.com/engage CX Mobile Question #2: Which option below most closely aligns with your organization’s customer experience (CX) maturity? View Results 1). We don’t have a CX program at this time. 2). We’ve started CX planning. 3). Initial CX strategy is currently in place. 4). We’ve updated our initial CX strategy at least once.
  9. 9. Alta Resources – Customer Experiences Patrick J. Nicholson Vice President, Business Development | Alta Resources Possessing a bachelor’s degree in marketing and personnel management from the University of Wisconsin—Madison, Pat Nicholson is a senior-level executive with 24 years of experience, including sales management and inside/outside. Since 1995, he has served business-process-outsourcing company Alta Resources by uncovering ways to leverage integrated solutions across customer care, sales, e-commerce and fulfillment.
  10. 10. Respect the Roll!
  11. 11. Importance of Consistency
  12. 12. Alta’s Gumball Campaign • History/Rationale for Campaign • Campaign Messaging Overview • Campaign Promise • Evidence to Believe • Campaign Timeframe • Campaign Levers (see next slide)
  13. 13. Campaign Levers • Candy machine with direct mail piece included in custom packaging. • Personal calls/emails via Business Development driving users to landing page (in line with shipping notifications). • Follow up candy refills and supporting collateral every two months (up to three refills) reinforcing message and referring prospect to landing page. • Video on landing page discussing importance of B2B and key findings. • Digital survey provided where recipients could vote for the next candy refill • Click-through and page view analysis and follow-up
  14. 14. Session Summary CX improvement effort “musts”…  Assess in detail, document, and socialize the experience journey of:  External Customers (those buying your product & services)  Internal Customer (the staff that supports the journey)  Ability to manage and influence will be dependent upon this knowledge  Investment decisions should align with CX improvement opportunities
  15. 15. Call to action! • Contact your Avtex account executive to find out how the Avtex Strategic Consulting team can help you with your Customer Experience efforts!