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Engage 2013 - The new role of the marketer
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Engage 2013 - The new role of the marketer


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The intersection of technology and marketing is happening … learn how the latest tools from Microsoft can help the marketer be more effective.

The intersection of technology and marketing is happening … learn how the latest tools from Microsoft can help the marketer be more effective.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. The New Role of the Marketer Eric Raarup Chief Marketing Technology Officer
  • 2. Goals for Today • Discuss the key trends impacting marketing • Understand the evolution of marketing and the role technology plays • Showcase the Microsoft technology landscape for marketers The Intersection of Technology and Marketing
  • 3. Marketing and Technology Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter
  • 4. The New Role of the Marketer The Intersection of Marketing and Technology
  • 5. Trends impacting marketers today Mobility 1billion smartphones by 2016, 350M of those being used at work Social 82 % of the world's online population engages in social networking Cloud 50 % of enterprise customers are “on the road” to cloud Data 1.8 zettabytes of digital data were in use worldwide in 2011, up 30% from 2010. Content top10 Content marketing is on many marketing leaders top 10 Capture Nurture AnalyzeOur Focus Today: Demonstrating how technologies from Microsoft can help you be an effective marketer
  • 6. The Technologies of a Marketer Email Optimization Email Service providers Sales automation Marketing Automation DB Marketing Social Marketing Management Data warehouse Marketing Data Landing pages SEO Content Management Systems Community Translation Feedback / Surveys Payments Advertising Mobile Web Social Login Gamification Video DAM Analytics More Source: Luma Partners
  • 7. Marketing with Microsoft An ecosystem of solutions for marketing State of the State Services / Strategy Add-Ons Core
  • 8. Microsoft Dynamics CRM The Core System for Customer / Prospect Information Cases Incidents Ticket Mgmt Queues More Campaigns Marketing lists Email Literature More Accounts Contacts Leads Opportunities More
  • 9. Sales Force Automation with Dynamics CRM
  • 10. Service Management with Dynamics CRM
  • 11. Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM
  • 12. ClickDimensions Marketing Automation Add-on for Dynamics CRM Web Tracking Campaign Tracking Landing Pages Email Marketing Social Discovery Drip Marketing Lead Scoring Form Capture Search/Advertising API (with Event and eCommerce Tracking) Surveys Subscription Management
  • 13. Driving revenue through web-to-lead conversion by connecting CRM with your website to track and convert visitors1.
  • 14. Goal: Improve ROI from website • Requires integration between website and backend systems • Ideally capture information in CRM to build out profiles • Track / score leads based on activity on the site Turn web visitors into marketing qualified leads (MQL)
  • 15. Web to Lead Converting anonymous web visitors to leads ConvertIP Organization Anonymous Visitors ? ? ? Self Identify ✔ ✔ ✔
  • 16. Use Case Contact Us Form on Website The submission of this form – Automatically creates a lead (or updates a contact) in CRM – Automatically associates all anonymous browsing history (site visits / page views) to the lead or contact record
  • 17. Leveraging ClickDimensions Web Tracking in CRMCapture every view and visit
  • 18. Convert from anonymous to known Leveraging ClickDimensions online forms for Call To Action (CTA)
  • 19. Summary: Web to Lead • Integrating website to CRM can improve lead process • Scoring leads can drive activities for follow up • Providing intel on web activity can help qualify lead for sales
  • 20. 2. Align a content marketing strategy through lead nurturing automation to capture mindshare and convert suspects to prospects
  • 21. Goal: Leverage content marketing for nurture • Drip content to target prospects • Track effectiveness based on stats • Hand off to sales at the right point Nurturing with content can help build brand / leads
  • 22. Drive awareness in areas of suspected interest to a prospect using a 3 step email nurture program over a period of (n) days Lead Nurturing Concept Email based approach If engaged, then becomes MQL and goes to sales Prospect Determine Persona Initiate Nurture flow Email 1 Email 2 Email 3 Disqualify Email 1: Example: Analysts perspective / research Email 2: Example: Customer case study Email 3: Example: Our recommended approach
  • 23. Lead Nurture Workflow
  • 24. Summary: Lead Nurture • Lead nurturing can play key role in content marketing strategy to get key content into hands of prospects • Once workflows are defined they can be run on a lead • Easily qualify / disqualify based on actions
  • 25. Gain better insight into your customers by visualizing information from multiple systems 3.
  • 26. Data … Big Data 80%growth of unstructured data is predicted over the next five years. 1.8 zettabytes of digital data were in use worldwide in 2011, up 30% from 2010.
  • 27. Key challenges with growth of data • More challenging to manage • More challenging to analyze and make decisions • Not just databases you own … social is a big driver of data growth More and more difficult to gain customer insight
  • 28. Mr./Ms. Marketer … Meet Excel 2013 Visualizing and Analyzing large volumes of data Excel 2013 PowerPivot Analyze millions of rows of data PowerView Visualize info quickly in multiple ways
  • 29. PowerView
  • 30. Dem o
  • 31. Power Map A new way to look at the earth
  • 32. Summary: Customer Insight • Truly understanding your customer may involve looking at data from multiple systems • Data may live outside your organization • Align the right visual to the right information
  • 33. A look into the future
  • 34. Key challenges with Social • Monitoring what is being said about your brand • Multiple Channels • Gauging sentiment across social media channels Moving target can be challenging to staff
  • 35. Social Analytics / Sentiment Netbreeze
  • 36. + MarketingPilot brings strong Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) capabilities to the Microsoft Marketing toolset with a focus on resource and spending management plus integration with Dynamics CRM
  • 37. MarketingPilot MarketingPilot brings a new level of marketing functionality to Dynamics
  • 38. A look ahead
  • 39. CRM Awesome
  • 40. A Great Blog to Follow Popular Posts Agile marketing for a world of constant change 5 meta-trends of modern marketing The big data bubble in marketing Engineers are becoming a lot like marketers Everything is marketing, everyone must be agile Data as a new marketing channel
  • 41. Don’t forget to fill out your surveys Browse to this session and the survey questions are below the session description
  • 42. Thank You!