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Ix application and letter writing 4_beta

  1. 1. PES/ENG/IX/073 • File for BETA version • Pl check it thoroughly and suggest reqd changes. • Word count- 3450 A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION SUBJECT : ENGLISH CLASS : IX CHAPTER : APPLICATION AND LETTER WRITING MODULE : PART 4 – Job Applications & Academics MM-1 (Show the two boys from the previous episode ,sitting on a garden bench and talking to each other. Lip movement should be shown, along with dialogues in bubbles.) Mrinal : Hey Avinash, we have to learn about application letters today Avinash: Oh yes. We have already learnt quite a bit on writing letters though Mrinal : Yes, we actually began discussing the importance of written communication, especially letters. We learnt that letters could be formal or informal. Avinash: Yes, indeed. We learnt the format for writing formal letters and about each part of a letter. Various examples and samples were also discussed. Mrinal: And Avinash, not to forget, we were told about some common errors people make while writing letters Avinash: I am eagerly looking forward to what applications are all about! SUPER Learning Objectives VO with Text on Screen After this module you will be able to: • Answer what are Job Application Letters. • Describe Application letters used in academic field. • Write a job application letter 1
  2. 2. PES/ENG/IX/073 • Correct some of the common errors in the content of application letters. MM-2 Text on screen with voice over:and IMAGE (Each envelope, along with the text box to blink with the VO, one at a time. Synchronize please.) Super APPLICATION FOR SCHOOL APPLICATION FOR COVER LETTER FOR A ADMISSION LEAVE TO THE JOB APPLICATION PRINCIPAL TYPES OF FORMAL APPLICATIONS IMAGE-1 Definition An Application Letter is a type of formal letter where you apply for a job in which case it is called a cover letter or it is used for academic purposes like applying for school admission or for a leave from school for a few days. A cover letter is a letter of introduction attached to, or accompanying another document such as a résumé or curriculum vitae. ANCHOR-1 Job seekers frequently send résumés as attachments to a cover letter, and in the cover letter introduce themselves to recruiters or prospective employers indicating 2
  3. 3. PES/ENG/IX/073 their interest in the positions. Employers may look for individualized and thoughtfully written cover letters to screen applicants who are not sufficiently interested in their position or who lack the required writing. The format of an application letter is similar to that of the formal letter but the nature of the BODY differs. Before we move on, I can see two young girls coming. They seem to be very excited. MM-3 Show two young ladies, Mala and Sarita, come and sit in a common room. Mala is very excited, as she has read about a very good job vacancy.The dialogues can be in bubbles, along with their lip movements. Mala:Sarita, come fast. I have something very exciting to tell you. Sarita:What is it Mala? Mala:I have located a very good vacancy for a teacher’s job in a very Popular School. I want to apply immediately. Sarita:Mala , I hope you have your Resume ready. Mala: Yes that I have but I don’t know how to write a Formal covering letter for this job. Sarita: Very soon they will show this in the TV program. Let’s switch on the TV and try and get some Idea. Mala:That’s very good. I must learn to write a formal cover letter, properly. Sarita, I’ve got What is it Mala? somrthing very Are you going to exciting to tell tell me about you! some good vacancy? IMAGE-II 3
  4. 4. PES/ENG/IX/073 ANCHOR-2 So I was right. Mala has seen a good job vacancy. She wants to know how to write a formal cover letter for the vacancy of a school teacher. We can surely help her , as our learning objectives for today are : Super How to write a Covering Letter  The Introductory Paragraph Text on screen with voice over The first paragraph should simply state why you are writing to them. If it is an advertised position, mention the position title and where it was advertised. Super  The main body of job application letters Text on screen with voice over  The main body of the letter should be two to three paragraphs at the most. Here is where you tell them what you have to offer and why they should read your CV. This is a good time to read the job advertisement again. In one paragraph (two at the most) you need to summarize your experience and skills, at the same time, you need to respond to the position requirements as per the advertisement.  Analyze your career and summarize it in a few sentences, highlight what you specialize in, or how many years in the industry you might have, or even the level that you have reached. This paragraph should direct the reader to your CV and should sell you on some unique points that you might have.  A good way to start this paragraph is with a statement like this: "You will see from my enclosed CV...." then go ahead and tell them something about your career which will immediately get their interest.  The next part of the body of the letter should be a brief description of your personal skills. Again read the advertisement and respond to their needs. If they are asking for someone with good co-ordination skills, then ensure you mention something to that effect. If it is communication or perhaps leadership skills they value, then tell them that you have these. Use adjectives like "demonstrated ability", "well developed", "strong". Super 4
  5. 5. PES/ENG/IX/073 Job Application Letters Closing Paragraph Text on screen with voice over  The closing paragraph should ask for some action from the recipient. This is where you ask for an interview. It should also state where and how they can reach you, and it should thank the recipient for giving you the opportunity to apply. You can include things like "should you require further information....." .  Finish the letter by adding a closing remark, either "yours sincerely", "yours faithfully' or whatever you feel comfortable with and obeying general letter writing etiquette. Leave a few spaces for your signature and then place your full name. Before you mail the application letter, read it over again, making sure that it is perfect. ANCHOR-3 Special attention should be taken to ensure that the letter: • is not too long. • There is no grammar or spelling errors. • That you have answered the job requirements. • The application letter flows and is easy to read. Super HERE ARE SOME MODELS ANCHOR-4 Let us now see how to write applications for academic purposes. Suppose Mrinal Chandra is student of classX, and wants to write a letter to the principal of his school, requesting for a transfer certificate. How would he do it? Text on screen with voice over  First he would write his own address and date, on the left hand corner of his application. 608,Phase V Mohali,(Punjab)-160062 March 3,2009 5
  6. 6. PES/ENG/IX/073  Then he would write the position of the person and his official address below, on the same side of the page, Principal Govt. Senior Secondary School Phase XII, Mohali(Punjab)  Next comes the subject of the application. Subject: request for issue of a transfer Certificate.for Mrinal Chandra, Class IX B, Roll no. 26.  Now is the salutation Sir,  Body of the application in two short paragraphs. This is to bring to your kind notice that my father Shri S. D.Chandra, has been transferred to Shimla, with immediate effect, for 3 years. Since he is working in a Nationalised Bank he is unable to postpone this or avoid it. His Promotion is accompanied by this transfer. As I am studying in Class IX, I request you to kindly issue a transfer Certificate at your earliest. Our family will be shifting to Shimla by the end of this month. It is crucial for me to get admission at this time of the year, as the new session will start next month .I sincerely hope that you will realize the urgency of the situation and issue the Certificate at your earliest.  Subscrption for ending the application Thanking you Your’s faithfully  Lastly, Name of the student, his class and roll number. (Mrinal Chandra) (Student-:Class IX B. Roll no.26.) ANCHOR-5 Let us move to the next type of the application letter, like asking for a leave from school. Text on screen with voice over: 6
  7. 7. PES/ENG/IX/073 Some basics to be kept in mind.  It is best to state in the opening sentence itself the reason for your leave  Make sure that you clearly state the dates and not just the number of days that you wish to take leave  Here we need to write the subject of the letter. In the formal letter writing today we have done away with writing the subject of the letter but for application letter writing for academic purposes subject still remains as it saves the time of the institution you are writing to by simply looking at the subject and getting to know what is in it. ANCHOR-6 Suppose Vipin’s maternal grandfather is ill and he needs leave to attend him. How will he do it? Usually it is the parent who writes the application. Text on screen with voice over: 11,Chandni Chowk Delhi March 10,2009 The Principal KVM High School Delhi Sir, Subject: Leave Application of Vipin Kapoor, IX B from 11th to 18th March 2009. I wish to inform you that I, mother of Vipin Kapoor, of class IX B, have to rush to Chennai on Wednesday 11th March to attend to my ailing father. Since my husband is out of town, I have no choice but to take Vipin along with myself. He will therefore not be able to attend school from 11th March to 18th March 2009. I assure you that this will not affect his studies in any way. I take the responsibility for the timely submission of his missed homework and assignments as soon as we return. Please grant Vipin Kapoor leave from school during the mentioned period and oblige. Thanking You, Yours Faithfully, Mrs.Vaidehi Kapoor 7
  8. 8. PES/ENG/IX/073 (MOTHER) ANCHOR-7 Here is another example of formal letter often used in the academic field. Suppose we need to write a letter to the principal of a school, requesting him to initiate a debating society for students. Here is a great letter that could serve the purpose. VO with Text on Screen 32/4 East Patel Nagar New Delhi- 110008 April 14, 2009 Principal Modern School New Delhi- 110001 Dear Sir Subject: New Debating Society for Classes VIII till XII On behalf of the Literary Club of our school, I would like to request you to initiate a new debating society. The Newspaper In Education concept started by your good self has inculcated reading habits among students. Not only that, various political and educational issues are being discussed on an everyday basis in the classrooms and canteens. Every year, we get numerous invitations for debate competitions. Setting up our own club will help students voice their views and will also help them achieve perfection as orators. We could easily hold debates during house activity classes in the supervision of the house masters on working Saturdays. I, on behalf of all members of the literary club, request you to consider this proposal. Thanking you, Yours truly. Arjun Gandhi 8
  9. 9. PES/ENG/IX/073 Class XII B ANCHOR-8 So in this session we came to discuss about different types of application letters. It is clear enough that the application letters for job and those used for academic field are different both in content as well as structure. They both serve different purposes. Hence they have a different style and a tone assigned to them. MM—4 The two boys shown in the beginning are again seen , talking to each other, their dialogues in bubbles.: Mrinal: We have seen enough of these formal letters! I admit they were quite knowledgeable but we also write letters to our loved ones, don't we? Avinash: Exactly, even I was thinking the same. Should the same style and structure be assigned to them as well? Mrinal: I don't think so. It has to be different. ANCHOR-9 Mrinal and Avinash wish to know about informal letters now. Do they have the same rigid structure? How are informal letters written? We will answer those questions and more in our concluding episode on Application and Letter Writing. Till then, you stay around and try to answer a few questions related to what you learnt today. SUPER QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SESSION: (ANSWER FLASHES AFTER 3 SECONDS OF THE QUESTION) VO with Text on Screen  What is the use of cover letters? Ans: It introduces the Curriculum Vitae  What is the one additional to be added in the application letters for academic purpose which we do not add in the job application letters? Ans:Subject  What does the first paragraph of the body of the job application letter usually contain. 9
  10. 10. PES/ENG/IX/073 Ans: The reason why you are writing the letter  Read the following statements, then decide if they are true or false: a. When the letter starts with ‘Dear sir’ we end it with ‘Yours sincerely’, True b. You can end a letter to someone you know with ‘Best wishes’, Yes, only if it’s an informal letter c. The first paragraph of the letter should explain your reason for writing. True d. You should start a new paragraph for each sentence. False e. You should leave a space between each paragraph. True f. Ms is the title used for a married woman. False. Its Mrs. g. Master is the title used for a man. False. Its Mister (Mr.) h. If you are writing a formal letter, it is not a good idea to use contractions. (I’m is the contraction of I am; can’t is the contraction of cannot) True i. When you are writing an application for a job, it is a good idea to say what a wonderful person you are. For example, I am intelligent, honest and I work very hard. False j. When you apply for a job, it is a good idea to use a recycled envelope. False This script has been reviewed by-___________________ 10
  11. 11. PES/ENG/IX/073 Signature-______________________________________ Date-_________________________________________ 11