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Creativity 2

  1. 1. Touch! powered byChameleon Page Assignment 2 - Observation Crash Course on Creativity - 2012 View online: 1. Supermarket "Smart" Type: Supermarket Size: Large Color Scheme: Orange + red Location Rustaveli ave., Tbilisi, Georgia Logo Orange Squirrel "Smart" is a big supermarket, occupying whole 1st floor of former telecommunication building, which recently was privatized, and currently being re-organized to a business center. Before you enter the store ¡ Store is located on whole 1st floor of a big building ¡ There are two entries: one goes to city center, another - to specially arranged parking place. ¡ Doors opened automatically ¡ Sign is big, written in italic font, bright orange color; seen from far away. ¡ Store draws in using parking sign very creatively - putting store logo and direction to store parking. I found 4 such signs around. General impression before you enter - this is a big supermarket, with big assortiment and great value of service. Page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Environment Unfortunately, Photographing was banned inside. I tried to take video hiddenly, but could not catch much. Color scheme is orange + red, looks very light! Floor... they did not care much about it - just left old stone floor. However, it does not break whole interior design. Store is bright - it has windows 360 degrees, plus illumination in the middle, even during the day. Environment is not totally quiet - there is a noise made by fridges. No music. There is a lot of space on whole 1st floor of the building, so store is sparse! Ceiling is quite high. They used wide space for following: ¡ Big billboards on walls ¡ Big enough distance between shelves with goods ¡ In front of entry - wide area with featured goods in small carts in the middle. Security system - when I was there they were just testing it :) - so, it was impossible to miss. There are cameras everywhere on the ceiling, but they are quite small, and dont make impression of shadowing. Page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Personnel ¡ Personnel initiates conversation by saying "Hello!" ¡ Probably, they have a script: saying "Hello" if they see that customer seem to have a problem, and "Thanks" at the end. Page 3 / 5
  4. 4. ¡ When I was in the store - it was quite empty; about one salesperson per 4-5 buyers. Salespeople have uniform: ¡ Women: red dress and black tights; ¡ Men: dark-gray suit and orange tie. Products First product I noticed - washing powder "Tide", having the same color as general color scheme of the shop, and stacked lefthands of the entrance. There is also a small table next to entry door, covered with orange cloth, with 3 featured products: assorted nuts, chips, and something I dont really remember... Products mainly arranged by type (function) - and, definitely, by color. Prices are written on BIG (Letter-size) orange sheets. Page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Customers Customers are the typical customers of supermarket: mostly housewives, or couples, coming to buy products for home. Most people come by car, and leave it on the parking place, provided by the supermarket. Other observations ¡ Supermarket "Smart" uses branding colors and style of "Bank of Georgia" - one of the biggest commercial banks in the country. A branch of this bank is just next to the supermarket, being continuation of common design (see 1st photo). It probably means, that "Smart" really created by "Bank of Georgia" business group. ¡ They smartly use advantage of building, its high ceiling and 360 degrees natural daylight. ¡ Parking is specially organized to attract customers. ¡ They use mirrors perpendicularly to the shelves to make impression of double amount of products. ¡ Next to the entrance, they stakc products, wrapped with colors of their brand color scheme - "Tide" some red- wrapped cakes, etc. © David Avsajanishvili Page 5 / 5