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Bct 1 3 Terms

  1. 1. BCT Section 1.3 & 1.4 Terms Input & Output Devices, Software & Computer Care 1. Word Processing A program that allows you to create, edit, and print text documents. 2. Spreadsheet A program that has numbered rows and lettered columns. 3. Database A program that allows you to set up an electronic filling system, you can enter text, numbers, and other information into it. 4. Utility Software that helps you configure, analyze, edit and maintain your computer. EX: Norton. 5. Application Software A type of software that works with your operating system to help you do specific types of work. 6. System Software Software that coordinates and controls the operations of a computer. 7. Integrated Software Combines several software applications into one program. EX: Microsoft Office. 8. Desktop Publishing Uses both pictures and words to give you the ability to create documents. 9. Communications Works with your network and your modem to allow you to communicate with other computers. 10. Multimedia Combines text, graphics, audio, and video. 11. Input Devices Allows you to input data into the computer. EX: Keyboard, Mouse. 12. Output Devices Allows you to retrieve data from the computer. EX: Speakers, Monitor. 13. Magnetic Storage Devices Use oxide-coated plastic storage media called mylar. 14. Hard Disk Drive A storage device that is use to store data inside the computer. Allows accessing data much faster. 15. Floppy Disk A disk that allows you to store 1.44 MB or more of data. 16. Zip Disk A 3 inch disk that allows you to store as much as a GB of data, which is tremendous. 17. Magnetic Tape Drives Used to make backup copies of large amounts of data, they are very slow.
  2. 2. 18. Optical Discs Use laser technology to read and write data on platters. 19. CD-ROM AKA: Compact disk read only memory, can store up to 800 MB of data. 20. DVD AKA: Digital Versatile Disk, size of a CD, and can be used to play movies. 21. Operating System Also known as OS, provide an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware. 22. Graphical User Interface Graphical symbols or icons represent files, disks, programs, and other objects. 23. Proper Computer Care Keep food and drinks away from the computer, avoid dusty locations, keep magnets away, and there are many other different tips for computer care. 24. Proper Diskette Care Do not remove disk from drive while drive is running, keep disks clean, and keep metal slider in place. There are many other tips to. 25. Proper CD ROM Care Keep CDs stored in a clean, cool and dry place with a protective cover, avoid touching back side of the CD. 26. Proper Printer Care Avoid cold, hot, and dusty locations, always use proper types of paper in your printer. There are many more tips to. 27. How to Maintain your Start a log of information on your system. Learn all Computer System about your system so you know how to fix any problems that occur. 28. Ergonomics The science of designing equipment for a comfortable and safe working environment.