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Details around the business case for the main value pillars of Microsoft's Enterprise Social story including industry statistics and case studies.

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  • Today we’re going to talk about Meeting today’s business needs with Yammer. While Enterprise Social Networking is a relatively new category it’s proving to be essential in tackling common challenges that businesses face today. We’ll show you how Yammer delivers real solutions to real business needs and how companies use Enterprise Social Networking to transform their business. Let’s get started:After years of working with thousands of customers and end users we’ve identifiedfour business challenges that seemed to be almost universal. By addressing those challenges we are able to drive greater business value. Let’s begin by taking a look at those challenges, then we’ll cover the solutions in more detail and we’ll give you a brief demo for each
  • There’s a number of factors causing this:Globalization means that teams may be working in different cities, groups, or companies, and are all trying to work together. And in any given project, questions come up such as “Where did I save that file? Is this the latest version? Where are we in the project plan?”Teams are left running in circles. In fact 61% of office time is spent coordinating collaboration efforts which means only 39% actually getting work done.Can you give us an example of a time when you had to work with different teams in different locations and some of the challenges you faced in getting a project done?Example: Worked on global launches where everyone was working in silos, no central place where people could be updated and give updates on activities leading up to launch.Sources:McKinsey Global Institute, The Social Economy, July 2012
  • Employee Engagement is a proven way to drive business value… but when we talk to our customers, most of their employees are disengaged. A recent study from Gallup showed a startling 71% of employees are not engaged.What’s causing this?First, there is an increasing number of geographically dispersed and remote workers which makes it difficult to connectCommunications are usually top down and one to many via email which doesn’t allow for feedbackEmployees often don’t feel their work is recognized, or they don’t see how their role is impacting the larger organization which makes them feel disconnected and lacking a voice All of this results in costly productivity losses on an annual basis due to turnover.Can you give me an example of a time when you’ve felt disconnected from larger company goals? Or when you’ve struggled to get ramped up on a new project or new position because you couldn’t find the information or expertise you needed?Examples: Previous positions where there was no formal training process and I had to rely on colleagues to help me ramp up, but they were often busy. This left me often feeling disconnected within the first few days.Sources:SIS International Research, SMB Communications Study: Uncovering the hidden cost of communications barriers and latency, 2009
  • Today's business environment is rapidly changing and whether it’s an exciting acquisition, new product launch or reorganization, change has the potential to propel a company’s growth and increase shareholders value. But customers repeatedly tell us, change is hard. A recent study showed that business that can’t change often experience,unwanted employee turnover and a decline in workforce productivity.Can you describe a time when you personally or a company you worked with went through a massive change and struggled with it?Examples: Preeya went through an acquisition in her previous company, can you share how employees handled this change?Sources:APQC, HR’s Role in Change Management, 2010
  • How many of you work in more than 2 systems or applications every day in your job?Despite a host of great tools that have come along today our customers still have a challenge finding what they are looking for today. Corporate intranets often feel stale and employees see them as a website where one person curates and designs, not a place where they can actually find information.People and Information are siloed, and many of the existing tools that we’re using today reinforce those silos. In fact, 38% of time is often lost duplicating work and searching for information across all your various systems. Think of what you could do with the 38% more time?You can see there is a conflict. On the one hand, Employees have a thirst to connect. But today’s tools aren’t helping them to achieve their goals. Employees really need to engage and collaborate on one single platform. Considering the challenges that businesses are facing today, it’s was clear to us that innovative leaders needed a new way to drive business results. Now that we’ve discussed the challenges, let’s move into the solution. We’ll begin by introducing what we consider to be every companies greatest asset…Examples: Ask Preeya if she’s ever had trouble finding information across multiple systems.Sources:IDC, The High Cost of Not Finding Information, 2001
  • People.At Yammer, we’ve found that when you focus on putting people at the center of a business, employees, customers, and partners will have new ways to connect, communicate and collaborate helping achieve greater business value. Because it’s not just about the technology or software, it’s about the people who use it.
  • We’ve developed four scenarios that seem to resonate across customers & industries, through which companies are able to drive value from Enterprise Social : improving team collaboration, increasing employee engagement, enhancing business agility, and building a connected organization.Now let’s take a closer look at why social is useful in addressing these challenges and how Yammer is helping companies to tackle these challenges.
  • Let’s start with collaboration….
  • Our customers have told us that in order to stay competitive, teams need to connect and share with each other more than ever before.In fact, 66% of CIO’s from top-performing organizations see collaboration as key to driving innovation. That’s just one reason why it’s the #1 trait CEO’s are seeking in their employees this year.
  • And that’s why teams are moving to a new way to collaborate: Social.Customers tell us thatYammer allows team members to: connect with remote workers, share knowledge, and work on documents simultaneously. And as you can see, the industry research is there to back it up.A recent McKinsey report states that social technologies such as Yammer can raise the productivity of workers by 20-25%. In fact, they estimate that social technologies provide $600-860m in annual value to four major sectors -- CPG, manufacturing and financial and professional services.
  • Yammer helps teams work faster, with Groups, Notes and Files. I’ll run through a demo of these features in just a few minutes.
  • First, let’s take a look at a customer example.
  • Yammer brings teams and project information together in a central location, so they can easily collaborate no matter where they are located and complete projects faster.Groups can be created for teams or projects. You can see here how team members can have conversations, post files, ask questions and locate project information quickly and easily. It’s also easy to see what other teams are working on, for example if I’m in Marketing I could visit the Sales group to see what’s happening with that team and locate related resources.Notes are a great way for teams to brainstorm ideas and collaborate together in real time. You can invite colleagues to edit, see who’s editing and see the edits occurring in real time. Additionally, you can follow a Note to be notified when changes are made, Share the Note with other groups or co-workers and Mark Official when complete to lock changes.Files can be edited in line and just like with Notes, you can Share, Follow and Mark as Official.
  • Our customers have been able to drive productivity through team collaboration. + Improve project alignment + Break down silos across geographies and functions with a social layer+ Easily manage projects and events
  • Next, let’s look at Engagement…
  • Top performing companies have engaged employees. In fact, Studies have shown they experience 18% higher productivity, 12% higher profitability and 51% lower turnover than companies with disengaged workforces.Employees want to feel like they have a voice, that their work is recognized, and that they contribute to the company’s success. Sources:Gallup Consulting "Employee Engagement, What's your Engagement Ratio?" 2008
  • We have seen our customers use Yammer to unleash the full productivity of their workforce by removing communication barriers and giving employees a voice, information and the tools they need to take their business to the next level. In fact, organizations see a 20-25% boost in productivity with social technologies.
  • With Yammer, it’s easy to recognize employee performance, gather feedback and bring others into a conversation. I’ll cover these features in more detail in just a moment. First, let’s take a look at a customer example.
  • Yammer facilitates open, two-way communication and empowers employees with a voice, so they become more engaged.Polls are a great way to get structured feedback by having employees vote on different options. Additionally they can ask questions or provide other comments in the thread below. Praise is a way of publicly recognizing great employee performance. Team members can support one another, managers can acknowledge great accomplishments and employees begin to see and feel their work is being recognized. They begin to take greater pride in their work and overall satisfaction improves.@mentioning brings people into a conversation and sends them a notification.
  • Our customers have found that Yammer makes their employees feel connected and engaged. It allows them to effectively communicate company wide, quickly find experts and information, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning, so training and onboarding become on-going social experiences.
  • And finally, let’s look at the Connected Organization…
  • Corporate intranets help employees find the information they need to do their jobs. They are still the knowledge hub in many enterprises. But often our customers use intranets for content management. On average, knowledge workers spend 28 hours each week writing emails and searching for information across their various systems.
  • And that’s why our customers are moving to a new type of intranet that is social, easy to use, and can connect employees and systems across the enterprise. It’s no surprise that 49% of companies will have investments in social networking solutions in 2012. Our customers have seen that adding social to content is as important as the content itself as it gives content a lifespan that’s much longer than just the time it’s promoted on the intranet – it also provides feedback and discussion that help to improve the organization.
  • Partners leverage our open graph strategy which allows you to bring data from your applications into Yammer. You can surface real-time user activities from apps in our Activity Stream Ticker and surface this content in Yammer search results.Yammer Connect allows you to take your Data Out of Yammer. With our login button you can simplify registration and sign-in for third party apps by leveraging profile data from Yammer to authenticate users. Custom Plug-ins allow you to use the Yammer Javascript API to incorporate Yammer profiles, message feeds, and more into external apps. Yammer Embed lets you brings information into existing business systems such as the company intranet, content management systems, and CRM tools.
  • With Yammer you can really bring traditional intranets to life with Social. Many company intranets are static, stale and often curated by one person. But with Yammer you see a social intranet with the relevant people, groups, and files based on your interests and role. With the activity stream ticker your can immediately see what your group is working on by surfacing real-time user data from external applications and get started on the projects right away. You can also avoid duplicated work by seeing what others are working on.He can find the latest and most popular trending files right on the home page. Universal Search – say I need to find a technology initiatives but I do not know where I saved the file- Search “T”Within seconds I have for data and content across all my different applications, systems and tools.
  • Our customer success managers have seen Yammer make a traditional intranet come alive. Yammer often becomes the the one place employees can go to get information and collaborate to get work done. Integrations mean you can drive productivity and engagement by making your existing business systems social. And lastly, Yammer integrates deeply with SharePoint adding a real-time social layer, so you can get the best of both worlds.
  • Next let’s take a look at business agility…
  • So we recognize that it’s a difficult environment out there. A lot of our customers go through change. This change can be anything from a reorganization, realignment, acquisition, new product launch, etc. And these companies have one thing in common: an intense need to focus on people, culture, and communication to drive results. We’ve seen successful transformations can increase revenue, boostcustomer satisfaction and even cut costs
  • And so that’s why It’s more important than ever for companies to be agile;. We’ve seen that Yammer enables employees to connect with the people, partners, and customers they need quickly and efficiently. The impact Yammer can have on the ability for a company to transform and be agile is huge – in fact more than 64% of successful transformations use social to engage and energize people, while driving great communication and involvement.
  • So here are some ways that yammer allows you to boost productivity and go-to-market faster.
  • AnnouncementsWhether its a reorganization, realignment, or merger and acquisition, Yammer allows you to bridge the gap between different cultures, connect new employees, and reinforce key company values.You can see here that The CEO Alexandra Kennedy announces a recent acquisition and posts a deck with the deal overview details and his strategic initiatives. Employees across the organization chime in to show their excitement and ask questions. Employees get notifications about announcements to ensure the whole company sees the post.External Networks really let you adapt and respond to change so that you can collaborate quickly and easily with external teams -- You can set up a secure external networks in just one minute (Set up a new network)-- With one single account, you can quickly switch between internal and external networks- And really stay upto speed and improve relationships with all your external partners or customers – so if you see this post from erik about wanting to check with our suppliers, you can do that within secondsProfilesWith Yammer you can Identify the right contacts within each organization and quickly get answers to adapt to any situation.Byfinding experts quickly to go to market faster. Say I need an expert in lead generation for my new marketing campaign. (search lead gen)
  • WithYammer our customers have been able to innovate and adapt in a world of constant change. Yammer helps everyone align to the mission, values and strategy of the company. Our customers use Yammer to Break down communication barriers at all levels,Boost productivity, and Connect across cultures and geographies
  • In conclusion, Yammer is transforming the way we work together by:Fostering team collaborationEmpowering employees Driving business agilityAnd, Connecting organizations
  • Yammer Enterprise Social from Microsoft Business Case

    1. 1. Meeting today’s business needs with Yammer
    2. 2. People are your greatest resource
    3. 3. Social is transforming the way we work together
    4. 4. Collaboration drives innovation Sales Marketing Finance “Yammer helps us harness the wisdom of our people across multiple teams, geographies and brands to achieve our purpose of delivering business solutions for competitive advantage.”
    5. 5. Social improves collaboration and productivity
    6. 6. Work faster with your team Notes Real-time, co-editing in Notes makes teams move faster. Groups One place to plan projects from inception to completion. Files Share and location information across the company, quickly. Social technologies yield a 30% improvement in bringing a product or service to market. McKinsey Global Institute, The Rise of the Networked Enterprise, 2010.
    7. 7. Improving project alignment “Keeping up with changes and staying on trend is essential in retail, and Yammer helps us do that. It allows people to share best practices, even across functions and geographies.” Andy Hedges, Head of Shopping Center Management, Westfield Australia Crowd feedback enables teams to continually improve customer service training. Mobile apps allow employees to collaborate on the platforms they use, both in and out of the office. Teams share everything, From SharePoint tips to style trends and advice on store operations. Retail | 4000 Employees | Founded in 1960 Westfield Australia is part of the Westfield Group which owns and operates shopping centers spread across the globe..
    8. 8. Team Collaboration Demo
    9. 9. Drive productivity through team collaboration
    10. 10. Top performing companies have engaged employees 18% higher productivity 12% higher profitability 51% lower turnover
    11. 11. Social is driving a new way of doing business “Yammer has increased clarity of purpose and vision atACT Conferencing. It has eliminated unnecessary filters and given us a way to communicate.”
    12. 12. Empower and engage your employees Polls Speed up the feedback loop, address questions, and solicit responses instantly. Praise Publicly recognize great work and encourage more of the same.. @mentioning Engage experts and easily notify colleagues about important information. “Yammer has enabled us to bring together hundreds of millions of people around the globe.” Sid Das, CIO, Earth Hour
    13. 13. Connecting and engaging employees worldwide “I’m on the road a lot, and Yammer gives me the ability to communicate with all the teams I work with, right across the globe. If I’m offline for two or three hours, it lets me get up to speed quickly.” Jane Treadwell-Hoye, Direcor, Discovery and Innovation, Lexis Nexis International Connects global offices, keeping everyone across the company engaged in important conversations. Improved access to expertise, increases cross-functional team work and workflow efficiency. Effective executive communications, build excitement for key initiatives and provide greater visibility for employees.Professional Services | UK & Ireland | 1200 employees in 5 offices Global provider of business solutionsfor legal professionalschose Yammer to build employeeengagementthrough dialogue-basedcommunications.
    14. 14. Employee Engagement Demo
    15. 15. Make employees feel connected and engaged
    16. 16. Intranets connect employees to information
    17. 17. Connected organizations make content social Source: Aragon Research, Forrester
    18. 18. Extend Yammer’s social functionality into existing tools Robust Integrations Use Open Graph, Yammer Connect, and Yammer Embed for single logins, custom plug-ins, and bringing Yammer conversations into your existing applications. Universal Search Quickly find data & content across all your applications, systems, and tools. Activity Stream Ticker Surface real-time user activities from applications and enable external apps to become key parts of your Yammer experience. “By leveraging Open Graph, Yammer has created a dead simple integration path. We were able to build the integration and get up and running in no time.” David Barrett, CEO, Expensify
    19. 19. Transformation to a cohesive company “To have a platform where everyone can share information is invaluable. When I get onto Yammer, I feel empowered, energized, and that this platform really works for me.” Jason Wicker, Human Resources Anywhere, anytime access—on any device. Mobile apps let employees tap into the network whether they’re on a PC at headquarters or a smartphone at a customer site. Seamless integration. Yammer integrates with the applications Tyco’s workforce relies on, like Microsoft SharePoint. As their social intranet, Yammer is the central place for employees to learn, connect, and collaborate, saving time and money.Manufacturing | N. America | 250,000 Employees Tyco turned to Yammerto help transformfrom a holding companyto an operating entity, incorporatingdiverse global businessunits into one.
    20. 20. Connected Organization Demo
    21. 21. Connect your organization with social
    22. 22. Agility is essential to remain competitive today Growing new business’ Changing direction Adapting to new markets
    23. 23. Best-in-class transformations use social COMPANIES PARTNERSCUSTOMERS Employees ”There’s no question that Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from a new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation.”
    24. 24. Announcements Drive alignment, and eliminate mixed messages. External Networks Engage with key partners and customers, and quickly act on feedback and insights. Boost productivity and go-to-market faster 30% improvement in access to experts and 25% time savings. Source: Yammer Customer Survey Profiles Build rapport over business function, personal interests, and shared experiences
    25. 25. Saving time and spurring innovation “There’s no question that Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation.” Gregory North, Vice President of Business Transformation, Xerox Accelerated delivery of innovative ideas and projects, enhancing the company’s competitive edge. Improved visibility into customer feedback and insights which lead to improved products and services. Employees save time by quickly identifying experts in the company who can answer their questions.Services & Technology | 140,000 Employees, founded in 1906 Leadingtechnologyservices companyXerox uses Yammerto share information and ideas and promoteinnovation, and to quicklyintegrate new employeesafter an acquisitionthat doubled their size.
    26. 26. BusinessAgility Demo
    27. 27. Innovate and adapt in a world of constant change
    28. 28. Social is transforming the way we work together
    29. 29. Get started today at www.yammer.com