SharePoint Saturday Oct 12 - Enterprise social with yammer - Crawl, Walk, Run


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The presentation I delivered during SharePoint Saturday October 12. Enterprise Social - Crawl (align employees), Walk (poll for value and work in the open), Run (integrate).

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  • Laura
  • Integration with Yammer, talk through
  • Key Points:Whether it’s an exciting acquisition, a new product launch, or a corporate reorganization, it’s more important than ever for companies to be agile. By quickly innovating and responding to customer and partner needs, enterprises can outperform competitors and propel growth, increasing shareholder value. Real-time access to people and information speeds decision-making and issue resolution, moving the business forward.Nearly 80% of workers spend at least some portion of their time working out of the office. (Microsoft EPG FY2012 research)64% of successful transformations engage and energize the organization through ongoing communication and involvement. (What Successful Transformations Share, McKinsey Global Survey, March 2010)Lync Federation extends unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers, and partners using Lync or Skype. (Lync federates to 300M+ Skype users!)  Detailed Script: Whether it’s an exciting acquisition, a new product launch, or a corporate reorganization, it’s more important than ever for companies to be agile. By quickly innovating and responding to customer needs, enterprises can outperform competitors and propel growth, increasing shareholder value. Social technologies enable communication for remote workers and across geographies, in real time and on any device. This means that employees can connect with people, partners, and customers quickly and efficiently. The impact social technologies can have on the ability for a company to transform and be agile is huge—in fact more than 64% of organizations that successfully go through a transformation use social to engage and energize people, while driving great communication and involvement. Scenario:Connected social and communication tools give people real-time access to their colleagues, partners, and information. In this scenario, an account manager is offsite with a customer and uses a single unified contact list to search for experts, both internal and external to the company. He finds a partner with the experience he needs whose presence indicates she is available, so he IMs her the question. They start a secure Lync video call to discuss and resolve the issue in real time.  Let’s look at how Microsoft solutions can help your organization increase agility by providing employees with real-time access from virtually anywhere: Companies are becoming more global, and people are spending more time working from home and remote locations. Nearly 80% of workers spend at least some portion of their time working out of the office. It’s more important than ever for enterprises to provide real-time access from virtually anywhere.Lync makes it easy to coordinate and communicate with your colleagues, partners, and customers regardless of where you are. Lync powers presence across Office, and ensures that whether you’re in SharePoint, Word, Outlook, OneNote, or other Microsoft applications, you’ll always be one click away from communicating. In addition, Lync is available anywhere a user has access to a Windows 8 PC or tablet, mobile device, or browser. Mobile apps, including support for Lync Meetings, are available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. In this way, Lync puts people at the center of communications and collaboration. Communicating with colleagues…Real-time communication capabilities in Lync can help people to find and communicate with each other when they need to, efficiently and effectively, with a single tool across multiple devices. Your users can see who’s available at any given time via the Contact card, which is present throughout Office, and then initiate an instant messaging (IM) chat. They can move quickly between active conversations and Lync Meetings with video conferencing, within a single unified client. Users can even use the same tool to share a document or their desktop online.Enterprise-ready communications tools enable immediate, informal connections among work colleagues, providing a familiar and engaging experience that your users will be comfortable with while meeting the security and compliance requirements of your business. Even when people are working in the same office, it isn’t always possible or convenient to pop over to someone’s desk to ask a quick question. And for a distributed workforce, this is impossible. Phone calls are potentially more intrusive, and emails less immediate. IM chat, newsfeeds, and discussion groups offer more efficient and informal communications to help your people connect and get their work done. Communicating in teams….Lync also makes it easy to work together with teams of people. Adding a person to a conference call is as simple as a click or even drag-and-drop. You can see, hear, and collaborate in real time on the same document. Once you’ve experienced the ability to meet and collaborate in this manner, it will be hard to go back to traditional conference calls.Video conferencing is becoming increasingly important as organizations get more distributed and mobile, because it lets people meet “face to face,” for a more personal experience that helps build trust, strengthen teams, and create a more effective learning environment. During an audio or video conference, attendees can contribute feedback or ask questions using IM.The conference leader or attendees can share their desktop or specific documents with others in the session, as if on a projector in a traditional classroom. Application sharing even allows audience members to follow along with mouse movements and keyboard input, which is particularly valuable for interactive product or software demos. Communicating with people outside the organization…You can extend the value of real-time communications beyond your internal workforce to include trusted business partners and even customers. With federation, you can connect Lync with other Lync users outside the corporate network. And as mentioned earlier, Lync-Skype connectivity will enable Office and Lync users to connect with the global Skype user base, to make it even easier to connect and collaborate with trading partners and customers.Let’s touch base on the Skype acquisition and how this fits with the new Office. Let me start by saying that integrating Skype across the Microsoft portfolio is an ambitious effort and a long-term investment. Ultimately, Skype will become an essential ingredient across the Microsoft portfolio of products. Skype and Lync are complementary: Skype brings its customer base, products, and peer-to-peer network, and Lync has been designed from the ground up for the enterprise, with its full range of enterprise-class features and IT Pro focus. Connecting to Skype endpoints from Lync will enable rich communication with hundreds of millions of people using business-grade tools, allowing IT to take control of the consumerization of IT while giving employees what they want. In the new Office, we are integrating Skype and Lync via presence, instant messaging, and voice federation. That basically means that you will be able to start an IM or call your Skype contacts right from Lync, and vice versa. We intend to go beyond these capabilities to unlock the full value of Lync and Skype together, with video calling as our next priority. Bringing Skype into the Microsoft family strengthens the Lync value proposition for businesses of all sizes, and Microsoft remains as committed as ever to enterprise unified communications.  Communicating from virtually anywhere…Real-time communications also extends to people who rely on smartphones for work on the go. You can enable full access to presence, IM, and real-time conferencing capabilities from users’ smartphones with the Lync clients for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android devices.When we think about communication and collaboration, we don’t want to limit where or when someone can collaborate. With the new SharePoint, we are bringing the breadth of our experiences to all devices, and to all places. We’ll be delivering applications initially on Windows Phone and iOS, with a great mobile browsing experience for other platforms. In addition, users have access to native applications for OneNote on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Additional information:Lync core content and resources - http://infopedia/Pages/ucweb.aspx
  • Speaker guidance: Please review the assets and scripts provided at the links below and be prepared to show Microsoft’s unique value in enterprise social to your customers. Key points:<please review the complete demo guides at the links below>SalesForce will try to position Microsoft's social offering as complex and difficult to deploy. With these demos, you can show that that is not the case. Microsoft solutions democratize social across the organization, enabling everyone to contribute to driving business forward. Social is embedded within the applications people use every day, and it is purpose-driven—these are integrated social tools to help your people get things done.  Demo resources:Microsoft Office Division Demos - site has been set up to allow you to access a demonstration environment and guide materials for the new Office and Office 2013, without requiring a full installation locally.Start with the Office Hero demo setup and guide (threaded commenting in Word, SharePoint, and Lync features all relate to social). - Be prepared to also show the show the SharePoint social deep dive -
  • Microsoft has an exciting vision for Enterprise Social: we want to help companies transform their business with Enterprise Social. but in order for that to happen, two things are necessary: First, it can't just be a destination. Social must be a natural part of how we work, it has to be seamlessly woven into the tools you use everyday to get your work done. It has to be easy, frictionless and in-context. Microsoft is in a unique position because we own a fantastic set of assets: social, collaboration, email, and unified communications; and we want to combine these tools to create new experiences that help people get things done.  We want to have a tool that will allow you to start a conversation in a newsfeed, ping one of the participants on IM, escalate to voice and video, follow-up over email, and circle back to the original conversation with an update; we want to have the context of those conversations follow you across those tools, and have everyone involved to be able to participate in the interactions regardless of where they are or what device they have with them. Some of it is already possible today and we aim to continue and build this “connected experiences” scenario and make it available to everyone. Microsoft has the depth and breadth of capabilities to realize this vision. Second, in order to be successful, social must be a part of a platform that IT can rely on to manage and secure.The information in a social network is some of the most valuable intellectual property in the company,  and their platform needs sophisticated security, management and compliance capabilities that don't get in the way of the users but do allow IT to sleep better at night.
  • As a first step toward the vision of the Social Layer, Yammer introduced ways to both embed the Yammer feed in any biz apps, as well as bring updates from different biz apps into the Yammer feed leveraging open graph.Integrate & Embed: Social isn’t the destination – and it’s crucial that the places we get our work done, including key LOB applications are able to utilize social data both to ENRICH their own experiences through embedding social content (example: Adding a discussion thread to a LOB process), and ensure that social data isn’t silo’d and can be interacted with by users in other applications and experiences through Social Graph integration.
  • SharePoint Saturday Oct 12 - Enterprise social with yammer - Crawl, Walk, Run

    1. 1. Enterprise Social with Yammer – Crawl, Walk, Run Avi Sujeeth @avisuj
    2. 2. I am a seller, technologist, and change agent. In Minneapolis, I work with Microsoft presales teams throughout the sales cycle to evangelize the business value of Office. Specifically, I help End Users, IT Professionals, and Developers with enterprise social and content management initiatives. Working with sponsors, I am driving change by encouraging organizations to work in the open and embrace mobile productivity. About Me –
    3. 3. The Process 1) Social Intranet 3) Social Productivity 2) The Cat Meme 3
    4. 4. Team Collaboration Employee Engagement For companies that want to drive team productivity through collaboration across functions and geographies. For companies that are looking to drive engagement across their employee base by helping them find the right experts, share best practices and drive corporate communications. Business Agility Social Intranet For companies that are going through change via re-organization and realignment, M&A, are launching new products, and/or need to drive sales effectiveness. For companies that are looking to augment or integrate their existing technology investments and business applications, and replace/consolidate outdated systems onto one platform.
    5. 5. Onboarding & New Starters Integrate new starters to ramp up quickly › Connect new starters to SMEs › FAQs for new employees – encourage them to contribute based on their experiences › Great for graduates to onboard and share experiences › External networks best for pre-boarding and dedicated learning communities › A New Starter group in your network is a „safe place‟ to ask questions Team Collaboration ›
    6. 6. Building a Knowledge Base Better employee learning: Yammer facilitates and augments the highly valuable “casual learning” that happens every day › Easily searchable knowledge base: Each discussion is archived and accessible to all within the organisation for future access › Better knowledge flow: Knowledge isn‟t siloed into specific regions or departments. “Yammer is a learning goldmine. It enables those special connections we had created by bringing people together in the classroom to happen all the time.” Mike Petersell Mgmt Center for Learning and Performance Director Employee Engagement ›
    7. 7. Social Intranet
    8. 8. External Collaboration on Yammer Crowdsourcing Post polls to your network to conduct internal research about the new area, demographics and population. Coordinate a team With Yammer you can coordinate with vendors, suppliers, or contractors. Alumni Network Connect employees with alumni making it easy to discover expertise and opportunities.
    9. 9. Yammer uses across the HR Life Cycle Challenges where Yammer could be an enabler to support activity Recruit Pre-board Induct Connect Learn Perform Leave Public Group • Internal Opportunities • Recruitment Queries None because you need same domain email • New Joiners • How to.. • Cohorts (acquisitions, graduates • • • • • HR Queries HR Policies Special interest Roadshows HR Projects & Initiatives • L&D Queries & Bookings • Specialist updates & training • Pre-duringpost support • PM Queries and Support • Performance management training None because you need same domain email • Performance management plan & track for individuals and managers None because you need same domain email Private Group • Recruitment function • Projects for recruitment None because you need same domain email • Grievance Resolutions • HR Team • HR Projects External Network • New Joiners • Graduates • Vendors, Suppliers or contractor Vendors, Suppliers or contractors • Alumni
    10. 10. Network Policy #yamwin Multiple Champions Run Yammer 101 Group Walk Crawl Growing into Social Social Intranet Yammer Everywhere 16
    11. 11. Appropriate Content Why do I need Yammer Data Retention Dealing with change 17
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social Transform your business by connecting employees, partners, and customers New experiences that combine social, collaboration, email, and UC Pervasive social layer connecting people, content, and business data Enterprise-class platform for security, management, and compliance
    14. 14. Response to the Dynamics CRM activity show up on the Yammer feed
    15. 15. Thank you #SPSTC sponsors!
    16. 16. Thank you!