Nokia lost its market share in Pakistan


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How Nokia has lost its market in Pakistan from number one to 4th or even less.

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Nokia lost its market share in Pakistan

  1. 1. Connecting People
  2. 2. NOKIA lost it’s Market (Pakistan) Presented by: Aveenash Chhabria
  3. 3. Few Years Back • NOKIA is the world leader in mobile communications backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions. • It is a very well known company having its vast offices world wide. Their specialized product is cellular phones • Nokia achieves excellent profitability in the first quarter 2003 and mobile phone volumes grow faster than market. • The mission statement of NOKIA is… “ CONNECTING PEOPLE ”
  4. 4. Matrix movies also used NOKIA cellphone (Reader Digest)
  5. 5. Stephen Elop, Managing Director • The world's leading mobile phone maker Nokia said on April 27 it would cut 4,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2012 • and transfer a further 3,000 employees to consulting firm •
  6. 6. • Nokia’s (NOK) fall has been particularly brutal in Asia. • The mobile-phone maker that Microsoft (MSFT) wants to buy for $7.17 billion • Nokia no longer even ranks among China’s top 10 smartphone brands, says Melissa Chau, Singapore-based analyst with IDC. With a market share of less than 1 percent, Nokia just disappears into a group of anonymous others. “I can’t even give you a number,” Chau says. • Samsung overthrows Nokia to become the largest seller of mobile phones in India
  7. 7. From Consumer’s Side • In this era, technology is growing in a very faster speed • the cellular phones are at the very hot issue in this growing technology. • The technologies in these cellular/mobile phones are enhancing and developing day by day. • Every consumer/user prefers the latest, best and interacting featured technologies and also prefers these facilities in less cost.
  8. 8. Relating to our perspective • The Asha family has become important for Nokia, as its Windows Phone-based Lumia devices are still too expensive to appeal to a broad swathe of consumers in developing countries. • But the Asha phones too are under price pressure from low-cost Android-based products, and as a result sales have suffered. • Low-end phones are facing tough situation from low cost China Mobiles
  9. 9. Nokia did come back with Microsoft Windows 8 equipped range of LUMIA phone in their artillery to go head to head with Samsung and iPhone in the high- end smartphone category.
  10. 10. • Nokia Has Lost 20% of Smartphone Market Since Microsoft Partnership • Q Mobile: Conquering the Pakistani market, one phone at a time (Tribune express) • Market Penetration • Marketing Activities
  11. 11. Nokia vs Q Mobile: • Nokia has to face another challenger in its lower price category, this time it is a Pakistani brand, Q mobile.
  12. 12. Low Cost Mobile Example • Nokia Asha series launched in May 2012 and Q-Mobile’s diverse ‘E’ range of phones have admirably filled this need while not putting people out of pocket
  13. 13. Nokia Earnings Will Hinge On Lumia Sales • Last quarter saw Nokia’s revenues from emerging markets fall more than 40% y-o-y as the proliferation of cheap Android-based smartphones manufactured by Asian rivals ate into the volumes of its S40 based feature phones. • Such as Q-mobile(Android in Pakistan)
  14. 14. NOKIA no more able to connect people !
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