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Sanchayan newsletter 01012011


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Sanchayan newsletter 01012011

  1. 1. Explaining practical finance to common man Spotlight International Gateway for Financial Education (IGFE), created by the OECD has recognized Sanchayan’s efforts along with RBI and SEBI. Sanchayan has got Tax Exemption under section 80-G Sanchayan in news Sanchayan @ mobile Financial Empowerment PyramidThe above diagram illustrates Sanchayan’s core philosophy about theinterconnected concepts of Financial Literacy, Financial Education, FinancialKnowledge and the critical issue of Financial Inclusion. We believe that oncethe process of financial literacy starts at the elementary level, this will leadto the second step of financial education being inculcated into theeducational curriculum. This will further serve as a platform for the spread ofinformal financial knowledge sharing among the common man. Literacy,education and knowledge would empower the common man to be included in Teenagers participating in Sanchayan’sthe financial system. Therefore, financial literacy is only the first step to this Fun Financial Literacy Program atentire process and is the foundation for creating financial inclusion. Salaam Balaak TrustSanchayan ProgramsSanchayan ‘FUN’ Financial Literacy Program for Young Adults:This program has been designed for children studying in both formal as well as informal education system. Theseworkshops are highly interactive and participative and consist of stories, games, role plays and videos on finance toincrease their knowledge of the most important topics and to bring about a change in their attitude and outlooktowards money and management. The program for the disadvantaged young adults takes into consideration thedual objectives of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion. These workshops are divided into financial literacyconsisting of teaching the basic concepts of budgeting, savings, banking, etc while the rest of the workshops arefor financial inclusion like obtaining PAN cards, opening bank a/c, etc, thus taking care of both the objectives.Financial Literacy and Inclusion Project using Technology (FLIPTech):This program is for adults belonging to both the segments, well-to-do as well as underprivileged. It has dualobjectives of financial literacy and financial inclusion in mind leading to financial empowerment of individuals. Thefinancial literacy component will include the basics of budgeting, banking, personal finance and investing foradults, while under financial inclusion Sanchayan will advocate for facilitating the process of inclusion in thesystem.World’s 1st Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Center on Mobile (FLCCC @ +91-783829251):The goal of this service is to use telecommunication to reach out to the masses. This is first of its kind service forfinancial literacy in India and has two primary objectives. Firstly, to use this platform as a helpline for providingcustomized solutions to the queries pertaining to various financial offerings and secondly to provide financialliteracy modules on SMS to the subscribers.To remove your name from our mailing list, please click here.Questions or comments? E-mail us at Chidamabara@SanchayanSociety.org or call +91-98105 72277