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Web Team Retreat
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Web Team Retreat


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Redesign agenda

Redesign agenda

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Web Redesign Retreat
    Aug. 19, 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    Discussion of redesign project goals – why are we talking about this?
    Competitive analysis – how have websites changed since 2004?
    Potential features
    Preview of Ektron version 8
    Logins / personalization
    JUF News
    Advertising on or
    Private JUF Board microsite
    DMS integration
    Next steps
  • 3. Discussion of redesign project goals
  • 4. Strategic objectives of the JUF/JF website
    Advance JUF brand recognition and enhance the image of JUF in the community.
    Promote the JUF Campaign and encourage new and/or increased giving.
    Provide a means of increased interactions between key audiences and JUF, including volunteerism for the Federation and all of its affiliate and beneficiary agencies.
    Provide easy access to information for Chicago-area Jewish families and individuals who might be in need of service, or are searching for opportunities to participate, including Jewish learning.
    Provide a centralized place for up-to-date local, national and international Jewish news, action alerts, and Jewish information.
  • 5. Website as Part (not all) of eCommunicationsMix
  • 6. Website as Part (not all) of eCommunicationsMix
  • 7. Our ideas
    Simplified layout with a clear focus
    Small number of prominent calls to action
    Streamlined navigation
    Some updated content
    Multimedia and Flash
    Social media
  • 8. Simplified layout with clear focus
  • 9. Simplified layout with clear focus
  • 10. Simplified layout with clear focus
  • 11. Prominent calls to action
  • 12. Prominent calls to action
  • 13. Prominent calls to action
  • 14. Prominent calls to action
  • 15. Streamlined Navigation
  • 16. Some updated content
    Annual report
    Listings of Board and Key Staff
    Audited Financials
    Mission/goals, plan for achieving them, progress to date
  • 17. Some updated content
  • 18. Some updated content
  • 19. Multimedia
  • 20. Multimedia
  • 21. Flash
  • 22. Flash
  • 23. Social Media
  • 24. Social Media
  • 25. Logins
  • 26. Logins
  • 27. Other ideas
    Improved performance
    Better treatment of upcoming events
    More autonomy for microsites
    Incorporation of JFNA content
    High Holidays
    Annual Campaign
    iPhone app?
    The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet
  • 28. Preview of Ektron 8
    Blog, Forums
    Member profile, Community Groups, Directory
    MessageBoard Comments
    Facebook login
    Workarea is Javascriptinstead of ActiveX
    PageBuilder. Widgets and Exchange (Ektron code community)
  • 29. JUF News
  • 30. Advertising
  • 31. Private JUF Board microsite
    Security considerations
    Password policy
    Other private microsites
    Chicago Board of Rabbis
    Write On
    Jewish Women’s Foundation
  • 32. DMS Integration
    User logins
    DMS ID as custom field
    Pre-populate registration forms?
    Personalized content?
    Post facto matching
  • 33. Next steps
    Summarize meeting
    Clarify objectives and project scope
    More thorough Ektron v8.01 feature/widget review
    Prepare project plan and timeline
    Paper prototype of homepage and navigation
    Approval by Web Team and Staff Cabinet?
    Translation to HTML and implementation in Ektron
    Install Ektron v8.01, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, etc.
    Failover solution
    Upgrade current website from Ektron v7.5 to Ektron v8.01 and test
    DMS integration?
    Communications plan
    Internal training