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Sicco Santema, TU Delft
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Sicco Santema, TU Delft


Published on

Innovation and Education

Innovation and Education

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Innovation and education Leaning the educational processes is an innovation in itself Prof. Sicco C. Santema
  • 2. CV Sicco Santema Industrial design + Aerospace current past
  • 3. Agenda april 15-th 2010
    • Introduction
    • Past and future
    • Tools and results
    • Concluding remarks
  • 4. My involvement in innovation in education (ego-wall)
    • 1996 E-Commerce in Marketing theories
    • (I was marketing professor at ID)
    • 1998 first live internet lecture
      • (several TV camera’s in lecture room)
    • 1999 ‘Diesrede’: Wijs, Onwijs, Onderwijs
    • Taskforce E-Learning TUDelft
    • Streaming, self assessment, group work in learning
    • platforms, key issues, cases, individual papers
    • Web CT, Blackboard, new media tours
    • And still working on it !
  • 5. What is E-Learning ?
    • Internet intermediated learning
    • E-Facilitated learning
    • Any support to education based on electronic devices
    • E-Mail as means of overcoming distance
    • To me it is about learning, not about technical stuff
    • The ‘learning’ is most important, not the teaching
    • The story about the exams !
  • 6. commodity knowledge just ICT state of art knowledge traditional classes workshops/ problem based ICT basis teacher coach telling and digitalizing teacher essent. ICT enabler Knowledge transfer After the first lecture, knowledge is a commodity
  • 7. Learning according Kolb experiment see, feel think experience construct understanding
  • 8. Asynchronous learning
    • Compare telephone and e-mail
    • 24 – 7 learning while one hour teaching
    • Constraints
      • Subject and boundaries of the course
      • Response time is max 24 hours
      • Questions and answers: communication
  • 9. Is learning a social process ?
    • There is a one brain receiving situation !
    • Environmental or contextual process ?
    • It helps to construct knowledge
    • The use of ICT is a means, not an replacement, it is like a book, like a lecture, no differences in social processes
  • 10.
    • Frontal
    • Collaborative
    Knowledge transfer process finding telling
  • 11. Educator Led Learning We want to shift to Learner Led ! LEARNERS Educator
  • 12. Dimensions of Learning models (3) Learner Led (2) Community Led Learners Trainer Learner Learner Learner Learner (1) Educator Led Trainer Trainer We want to shift to Learner Led ! Learner Library Video Server
  • 13. Dimensions of Learning models (2) Learner Led Learner Community Led Learners Educator Educator Led Learner Trainer Learner Learner Educator Learner Learner Learner Learner Task Learner Learner Learner Learner Server Task Trainer Library Video Learner Content Based Learning Problem Based learning Learner Library Video Server Trainer
  • 14. The Case of B2B Marketing Typical learning paths Structure is a no brainer in transferring knowledge 30 % 30 % 30 % A: structure B 1 B 3 B 2 B: grazer C: subjects
  • 15. The Case of B2B Marketing
    • Questions:
      • No FAQ’s
      • FGA’s:
        • Frequent given answers
        • Trick is to link them to questions
  • 16. Communication technology Content Context learners experts businesses educators problems -cases WORLD media habits The Case of B2B Marketing
  • 17. Instruments that help learners Kartoo
  • 18.
  • 19. Stanford Center for Professional Development
    • The Stanford Center for Professional Development develops and delivers courses, programs and services using telecommunications, multimedia, campus and on-site solutions to support the advanced educational needs of professionals, managers and executives.
  • 20. Other remarks
    • TMF Generation
    • Homo Zapiens (by Wim Veen)
    • Learning is not teaching
    • Grading is more than examinations
    • ‘ studeerbaarheid’ is about learning
    • Einstein generation
  • 21. Looking into the future:
    • No teaching any more ?
    • Finding somebody that learns you, via YouTube ?
    • There are now 4900 lectures marketing on-line
    • Twitter
    • Face book community
    • Media we donot know yet ?
    • I donot know, I will experiment !
  • 22. Innovation and education Leaning the educational processes is an innovation in itself Prof. Sicco C. Santema Q & A ?