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  • By gaining the trust of our clients, Baltic Aviation Academy aims to be one of the leading aviation training centers in European Union.
  • Naudojimas: pasirinktinis.
    Jei naudojama: paminėti 1-2 bruožus, kurie būtų aktualesni/įdomesni klausytojui.
  • Naudojimas: pasirinktinis
    Baltic Aviation Academy can be reached:
    via “legacy” airlines from main European transit hubs
    via low cost airlines.
  • Butina naudoti! Reprezentuojama visa grupė
    BGS - passenger & aircraft ground handling and fuelling services provider.
    FL Technics - global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul.
    Aviation CV - global provider of flight crew resourcing solutions
    Locatory - web based platform facilitating aviation inventory trading and repair services.
    FL Technics Jets- global provider of tailor-made maintenance, repair and overhaul services for business aviation.
    Helisota - an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for rotorcraft aviation. 
    KlasJet - European charter carrier, specializing in private and corporate charter flights as well as comprehensive aircraft management solutions. 
    RAMPORT global aviation holding company engaged in airport construction, development and management.
  • Svarbu paminėti naujų produktų linijų įkūrimo datas, pabrėžiant kompanijos progresą – kiekvienas metais įdiegiamas naujas produktas.
    SimHelp from 2012
    Momook from 2013 (september)
    Ground Handling from 2014
  • this slide represents general requirements that we fulfill for our ground students.
    in addition to that, being a part of ASG group allows provide our students with hands on aproach: teach in hangar, explore real aircraft, visit ATC tower, try out FFS.
  • Using brand new Tecnam
    using until hour capacity for engines are being reached, then replace with new ones.
    why Tecnam? Because we aim to be very competitive in prices and Tecnam is one of the best choices, not saving on the quality.
  • high quality training through high qualified instructors.
  • students in multicultural environment from the very first day.
  • 18 types
  • Wide network helps to provide flexible solutions
  • The list is provided by the manufacturer
    We provide all type rating, difference, instructor, examinator, cabin crew training.
    Working with our partners we can offer base training and line training opportunities.
  • Active/flying instructors
    Only 3% SFI
  • Pelita - ATR TR
    Cargo air – 737 tipo mokymai, Bora Jet – Embr tipo mokymai,
    Berkut Air – cabin crew viso fleet mokymai, conversion, 320, 330, SRJ, recurrent SRJ 200, FFS recurrent training A320 (tipo neturejome)
    Avion express – A320 tipo, dry lease, wet lease, cabin crew conversion, instructor lease (tiek cabin crew, tiek pilotams)
    AeroLogic – kartu kooperuojames ir darome tipo mokymus ir line training B777 (dvi grupes, 8 studentai).
    Uzbekistan – viena paslauga, 757 UK recurrent dry lease.
    Qatar –cabin crew
    Air Lituanica – cabin crew
    Condor – dry lease, kartu darome su jais base training 757.
    White Airways – dry lease 777, TR 777, dry lease A320
    Air Austral - 757 TR su BT
    Belavia – 757, 737, EMBR, 737 TR
    Small planet – TR 320, BT, LT
    Modern Logistics – 737 TR, perspektyva ATR
    Myanma – GH, EMBRAER cabin crew, EMBRAER TR
    Air X – CRJ TR, 737 ТR, EMR 145 recurrent
    UIA – B737 dry lease.
    Bristol – FTO mokymo medziaga
    Panam – Pagrindinis partneris mokymams amerikoje. Rusijos avialinijoms (neprezentuojame)
    Czech airlines – nuomojam ffs a320, daro base training
    Swiss Aviation – EMBR 145, A330 FFS.
    Flybe – embr 170, dash 8 q400 nuomojame.
    Luthansa – SRJ FFS, cabin crew FFS nuomojames,
    Airfrance – A320 FFS, 747FFS,
    Farnair – ATR 42-72 FFS
    CAE – FFS ivairus
    Finnair - EMBR 170, 757, cabin crew FFS
    Boeing training centre - 757/ 767 FFS
  • our personal Google within your company
  • our client is wrapped in personal care, so that he could focus on the most important thing – training
  • BAA Training презентация

    1. 1. ОТ ИЗУМИТЕЛЬНОЙ ПРИРОДЫ ДО НЕВЕРОЯТНОЙ КУЛЬТУРЫ: Развлекательная ночная жизнь Историческое наследие Страна баскетбола Культурные деятельности Земля диких пляжей и тысячи озёр Янтарное побережье
    2. 2. Центр «Baltic Aviation Academy» расположен в Вильнюсе (Литва), и является легко доступным через основные Европейские транзитные узлы: