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Published in Education
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  • 1. Slogold
    A member of AVIA and SLOGOLD Group
  • 2. Aboutus
    Our main company is incorporated in Panama. We have office in Panama City. Our registration number is 877631-1-510466 and our DUNS number 85.376.2784.
    We are registered as law firm in Costa Rica. We have office in San Jose. We have personal speaking English, Spanish and German in this office.
  • 3. Offshore
    A term used in describing trades in other than domestic currency. Offshore transactions are usually with non-residents, although some variations can involve residents, with or without restrictions on flows of funds.
    Slogold Offshore Services
  • 4. Company incorporated in a jurisdiction other of its primary operations.
    • Companies that do not trade within the jurisdiction they were created have to pay a minimum of taxes, like annual and license fees.
    • 5. Doing transactions in the name of a company instead of an individual, will keep the identity of the principal out of any documentation and unrevealed.
    • 6. Some jurisdiction have lower incorporation and annual fees than others.
    • 7. in terms of expenses, in general it could be cheaper to incorporate a company offshore, than renting an office, hiring staff, etc.
    • 8. In general it is easier for an offshore company to protect itself, from lawsuits, disclosure of assets, etc. Since the laws that prevail over it are the ones of its own jurisdiction, not the place where the company carries out business.  
    Offshore Companies
  • 9. Offshore LLC Offshore foundations
    Its a flexible form of business enterprises that combines some characteristics from partnerships and corporate structures.
    A foundation is a legal entity, with no members or shareholders. A foundation is established to reflect the wishes and requirements of the Founder, who may be an individual or a corporate entity.
    Assets cant be reached by creditors, Offshore LLC is disregarded for tax purposes, Estate tax advantages are the same as the Family Limited Partnership.
    *Foundations are very important when structuring the ownership of family and corporate assets.
  • 18. Offshore Trust
    Foreign trusts have been a popular tax planning tool all over the world for many years.
    trust is: a contract on the basis of which a natural person or legal entity (trustee) becomes proprietor of the assets which he, she or it administers in favor of one or more persons.
    • protection of personal and company assets- financial privacy- avoiding the necessity of paying taxes on transfer of assets or inheritance or estate taxes- administration of assets through a professional trustee- flexibility with transfer of benefits to the persons selected at your discretion- tax planning -diversification of assets and property
    Offshore Bank
    • Current checks accounts• Deposit accounts• Fixed term deposit accounts• Investment bonds• Portfolio management services
    • Loans and mortgages (subject to status)• Documentary letters of credit• International Swift transfers• Debit and credit cards• Provision of online banking services
    24/7 customerservice, Confidentiality, Money LaundryPrevention
  • 19. Offshore bankinglicenses
    Offshore financialcompany
    Offshore Mutual Funds
    Anjouan, Antigua, Dominica, Belize, Samoa, Saint Vincent including others
    •Tax planning
    •Increase in image of the financial group or holding
    •Active cash flow management
    •Issuing bonds and guarantees for tender proceeding purposes
    •Easier access to bank information about business partners and competitors
    •Easier access to financial markets
    •More progressive financing of business activities of a holding or financial group
    •Establishment of confidential and flexible bank accounts
    •Providing loans and credit facilities
    Finance company is in general company which makes loans to individuals or corporations, but in general this term can be used also for any kind of companies offering different kind of financial services like:
    • forex trading (offshore forex brokerage companies)
    • 20. trading with stocks
    • 21. bonds and other securities (offshore brokerage companies),
    • 22. money exchange
    • 23. buying and selling of precious metals
    • 24. money lending
    • 25. money transmission services.
    A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that aggregates money from many investors to invest in stocks, bonds or other types of investment.
    Cook Islands
    Saint Vincent
    Where? New Zealand, Belize, Mauritius
    Types of funds:
  • 26. Offshore Insurance Companies
    Offshore BrokerageLicenses
    Offshore Car Registration
    There are many reasons why people may choose to register their car offshore, often it is due to the vehicle that they are importing, being unable to comply with local vehicle requirements for registration, despite the vehicle being in safe working condition and with minimal engine emissions.
    Insurance companies of the offshore type belong, together with offshore bank and trust companies among the most up-to-date tools in the field of tax planning and tax optimization. Like offshore banks insurance companies formed in offshore jurisdictions also enjoy the liberal environment of the offshore system and legislation.
    An Offshore Brokerage license
    allows the holder to engage
    the following activities:
    • Stock Brokerage
    • 27. Securities Brokerage
    • 28. Issuance and Underwriting
    of securities
    Cook Islands
    Saint Vincent
    -General Unrestricted Offshore License
    • Restricted Offshore License
    • 35. Restricted In-house License
    • 36. Re-Insurance License
  • 37. Offshore Reinvoicing Offshore web Offshore Residency
    Re-invoicing is the use of a offshore corporation to act as an intermediary between an onshore business and his customers outside his home country. The profits of this intermediary corporation and the onshore business allow the accumulation of some or all profits on transactions to be accrued to the offshore corporation. Similar structure can be used also by an importer.
    Avia and Slogold Group S.A. offers offshore website design and development of web based applications on most advanced technologies. We team with talented offshore artists and programmers in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
    Establishing a residence offshore includes a lot of excellent features. Property in some countries is at bargain basement prices, making your purchase a good investment. Having a second place of residence is one of the most intelligent moves an intelligent person can make.
    Anonymous Domain Registration
    Registration of domains without having your home address, email address and telephone number available publicly. The service is useful equally to people concerned about spam as those that have personal reasons for not connecting their real life with their web site.
  • 38. Entertainment and large profits have made online casino businesses very popular. These factors have made them extremely popular and successful. Today you can find hundreds of online gaming sites on internet.
    A gambling website is considered legal if it is licensed by more than one jurisdiction, the most popular ones being:
    - Alternes
    - Anjouan and Comoros
    - Antigua and Barbuda
    - Austria
    - Australia
    - Bahamas
    - Belize
    - Costa Rica
    - Curacao
    - Dominica
    - Dominican Republic
    - Gibraltar
    - Grenada
    - Guernsey
    - Isle of Man
    - Kahnawake (Canada)
    - Malta
    - Norfolk Islands
    - Seychelles
    - Panama
    - St. Kitts and Nevis
    - Vanuatu