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Diana Harris went missing from Monroe County, Florida in the Florida Keys in July, 1981. This article by Dennis Cooper does not speak of some of the important parts to Diana's case. If I lived in the Keys...I may not want to mention the other information either. Not sure why he wrote that Diana laughed while in the hot tub, and talking to her friend, this is not true, Diana was scared during the call, she was scared she was being listened to, and she mentioned that she thought a big drug deal was about to go down.

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Key West The Newspaper

  1. 1. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 1 KEY WEST THE NEWSPAPER • APRIL 9, 2010 Woman Seeking Info on Blue Angels to Fate of Her Mother, Who Headline Free Air Disappeared Here in 1981 Show This Weekend 27-YEAR-OLD MAY HAVE BEEN The U.S. Navy’s renowned Blue Angels KILLED AT LAWYER’S PARTY Flight Demonstration HOUSE AND THEN DUMPED INTO Squadron is to showcase OCEAN BECAUSE SHE KNEW TOO its members’ dynamic flying skills Saturday MUCH ABOUT DRUG DEAL and Sunday, April 10-11, during the Southern- by Dennis Reeves Cooper the kids back to Michigan to most Air Spectacular In 1981, Diana Lynn Har- spend some time with their presented by Naval Air ris, 27, left Michigan and came father, Diana’s ex-husband. The Station Key West. down to the Florida Keys for a plan was that she would pick Admission is free to the Parachute Demonstration Team new start. She brought along the kids up after attending her air show, scheduled to take and U.S. Air Force Viper West her two children, Chrissy, 10, sister’s wedding in Illinois in place at NAS West’s Boca Chica F-16 Demonstration Team. and Mikey, 8. They rented an August. Field, located at mile marker 8 The show also is to fea- efficiency apartment on Big Pine During the summer, on U.S. Highway 1 just north ture daring civilian aerobatic DIANA LYNN HARRIS Key and, to pay the rent and Diana kept in touch with her of Key West. Gates are to open exhibitions including an aerial feed the kids, Diana worked two mother by telephone on a regu- she launched her own investi- at 9 a.m. both days, with action “pirate” act, displays of military jobs— one at No Name Pub and lar basis. Until mid-July. That’s gation. And that investigation scheduled to continue until 5 and vintage aircraft, a kids’ zone another at Sugarloaf Lodge. when the phone calls stopped. continues today. p.m. and concessions. They were not exactly And when Diana didn’t show She learned that Diana The legendary Blue An- The Blue Angels’ history living the highlife, but in some up for the wedding, her mother and Argenzio had lived to- gels are internationally recog- dates back to the end of World ways, this was paradise. They reported her missing. gether in a No Name Key “party nized for their superb formation War II, when Chief of Naval had traded the winters in Michi- Diana’s disappearance house” owned by Key West At- flying. The squadron, whose Operations Adm. Chester W. gan for palm trees, sun and surf. was investigated by the Mon- torney Mitchell Denker— and winter home was NAS Key Nimitz ordered the formation Chrissy and Mikey loved the roe County Sheriff’s Office that, during a big fight at the West in the 1960s, is to perform of a flight demonstration team beach and hanging out with (MCSO)— sort of. And report- house, Argenzio may have maneuvers in F/A-18 Hornet to showcase naval aviation. their mom. edly, Argenzio was a suspect. beaten Diana to death, taken her fighter aircraft beginning at 2:30 The Blue Angels performed A pretty, blue-eyed straw- But he soon disappeared, too. body out on a boat and dumped p.m. Saturday and Sunday. their first flight demonstration berry blond, Diana quickly The kids, Chrissy and it into the ocean. Other planned air show in June 1946, and an estimated made friends. And she soon had Mikey, moved in with their In 1995, Christine was highlights include an F-18/EF 15 million spectators view their a new boyfriend, Gary Argen- grandmother and lived there able to pressure the MCSO to Superhornet demonstration shows each year. zio— who didn’t bother to tell until they were old enough to reopen the investigation into by the Strike Fighter Squadron For complete information her that he was an ex-con and leave home. her mother’s disappearance. VFA-106 “Gladiators,” an F-5N about the show, performers, had once been charged with kid- But Chrissy— now Chris- But the first thing that the in- Tiger Diamond flyby by the directions and what can and napping, false imprisonment, tine Hill— wanted closure. She vestigators learned is that all Fighter Composite Squadron cannot be brought on base, go lewdness and rape. wanted to know what hap- the records of the 1981 probe VFC-111 “Sundowners” and online to: www.wingsoverkey- At the beginning of the pened to her mother. And in, had been destroyed as part of a performances by the 101st summer in 1981, Diana sent 1988, when she was only 17, See DIANA, page 4 Airborne “Screaming Eagles” THE ISLAND’S OLDEST INDEPENDENT WEEKLY NEWSPAPER
  2. 2. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 2 letter from baghdad Stay or Go Home? EDITOR’S NOTE: Ken Davis’ Letters from Baghdad are scheduled for publication every other week. They are excerpts from his book-in-progress, Road to Baghdad. Davis is the former head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency here in the Keys and mored Toyota Land Cruiser was a candidate for Sheriff in last year’s county elections. The conducting radio checks my Road to Baghdad chronicles the tales and stories of the women partner, Kris, a small, quiet, and men in Iraq, written as seen through Davis’ eyes. The story Italian Asian, (yes Italian Asian) is based on solid truth and written with a humorous license. smiled and asked, “What are The names are changed to protect the guilty and confuse the you going to do?” innocent. I grinned. Eight months before, Kris would have helped by Ken Davis I went online and checked the me pack my bag and driven me PART 2— Continued from auction. The price on my item of to the Rhino lot for the ride to March 26 column. interest had gone up. The hours the airport. I returned to my office to were ticking away. When I arrived in Bagh- find a plain brown envelope The next morning I got dad Kris and I were in the same sitting in the chair. I opened it up early and instead of avoid- unit, but on different teams. and found my new contract. ing Dick McEvoy, the company From day one we had different The hand written note attached program manager, I sought him ideas about how to deal with reminded me I needed to com- out at breakfast. We discussed emerging issues and unlike mit or pack my bags. Not in staying and going, the different most new advisors I was not those words, but let’s face it; a aspects of each. McEvoy is a shy about the direction the Iraqi decision had to be made. hard man to refuse. He’s calm, intelligence and law enforce- The afternoon went disarming and logical. But it ment agency should be taken. quickly. I met with a couple didn’t make the decision any Kris had quickly become an of generals, drafted a proposal easier. The job offers at home “idea adversary” who argued for intelligence equipment and were interesting, not as much for more of the intelligence made my way back to the chu fun, but they were home. programs and less emphasis after a hard work out at the gym. I left breakfast and met on law enforcement operations. with the team to make a run I won more than I lost, but into the “red zone.” when the program downsized As we sat in the up ar- See BAGHDAD, page 4
  3. 3. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page news briefs City: Illegally-Parked Bikes Will Be Ticketed As Key West City maintenance crews work their way across the island repairing light posts, they’ve been hindered by bicycles illegally chained to the posts. According to the City’s Code of Ordinances, it is illegal to attach a bike to anything not a specifically designated parking spot. They are encouraging bicycle owners to use designated bike racks to store their bikes when not in use. Public safety is one of the driving factors behind this ordinance. Bikes chained haphazardly along sidewalks or to trees and light posts can impede foot traffic and may cause injuries. The problem has been especially pronounced along Duval Street where heavy foot traffic and fallen bikes could result in an accident. City Code Enforcement inspectors will be enforcing the city’s ordinance, warning people against attaching their bikes to random trees or light posts. Continued violation can result in fines ranging from $20 to $50. Zonta Radio Show Today at BottleCap Today, Friday, April 9, from 4 to 8 p.m., the BottleCap Lounge at 1128 Simonton Street is hosting a special Live Radio Auction Happy Hour. In addition to lounge tips benefiting The Zonta Club of Key West, a radio auction show will be aired live on 98.7. Purchasers of Zonta’s fifty dollar raffle tickets may either attend the event or even listen live to the radio auction to hear if they are the winner of the grand prize of $4500 or of some of the many other great prizes. Only 200 tickets are sold. Call Roberta at 292-7963 to purchase a ticket or just stop by the BottleCap Happy Hour this Friday to support Zonta and enjoy the festivities. Author’s Book Fair Friday and Saturday The first Key West Authors’ Book Fair will take place today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday April 9-10, from 10am to 4pm in the garden of the Heritage House Museum at 410 Caroline St. More than two dozen Keys writers will be offering their books of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir, art and more with signings and readings throughout the day. The event is free to the public and offers an opportunity to meet the authors. The book fair is presented in cooperation with Heritage House and the Robert Frost Poetry Festival. The Book Fair is hosted by SeaStory Press, publisher of more than 30 books by Keys authors.
  4. 4. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page Daughter Was 10 When Baghdad holding the bag.” We cranked up the war Her Mother Disappeared FROM page 2 wagon and made our way into the red zone. we became teammates and The bag Kris referred to DIANA, form page 1 to learn that Argenzio had sto- partners…by choice. Once we were multiple programs critical records purge by former Sheriff len a 34-foot fishing boat and sat and talked we realized we to the development of the Iraqi Billy Freeman. The records of the fled to Mexico. He had been were a perfect team for balance. intelligence and law enforce- investigation of Diana Harris’ arrested by Mexican authorities Over the next eight months ment. Programs we had estab- disappearance were only three in 1982 and returned to Key our friendship grew. Kris is a lished in the past eight months years old. West, convicted of grand theft signals intelligence expert who by working together and mak- In any event, one of the and sent to prison. But he was reads, writes and speaks Arabic ing our ideas heard. Kris and I interviews conducted by in- never charged in the disap- and Chinese. His nickname is had created and developed six vestigators in 1995 was with pearance of Diana Harris. He “Wire Head” because he thinks new programs. We are proud Attorney Denker. He reportedly reportedly died in Miami in like a computer and oft shows of our accomplishments and told investigators that Argenzio 1992 from pneumonia. the same emotion. His IQ is off how far we have brought our had told him that, during a big Christine told Key West the scale. Iraqi counterparts. But even argument at the house, he had The Newspaper this week that, “I’m not sure yet.” more proud of where we are smashed Diana’s head through although she believes that her “Don’t leave me here CONTINUED on next page a wall. And Denker reportedly mother was murdered, she said that, shortly after the fight, does not believe that Argenzio he had seen a hole in the wall did it. pearance was drug-related. drop-off was scheduled and that with blood around it. More than two decades “During the summer, she was afraid that the phone At that time, Denker re- after Christine Hill opened mom phoned a friend in Michi- was tapped. portedly said, Diana was not her own investigation into her gan and laughed about being “I have also been told that at the residence and never re- mother’s disappearance, she able to make the phone call a number of cops often partied turned, leaving all of her clothes still refuses to give up her efforts from a hot tub in Denker’s party at Denker’s house— and that and personal effects, including to find out what really hap- house,” Christine told KWTN. could explain why the investi- family photographs. pened to her mother. She now “She also told her friend that gations of my mother’s disap- Later, investigators were thinks that her mother’s disap- she had heard that a big drug pearance were so half-hearted, and why the records of the 1981 investigation were destroyed so quickly.” Christine Hill receives email at Dennis Cooper sees email at
  5. 5. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page Baghdad the button, turned off the com- puter and went to sleep. FROM page 4 The next morning I taking them. It would be a lot checked my email before even to leave behind. getting out of bed. The message That night I lay in the chu I was looking for was there. with nothing but the glow of the “Congratulations, you are the computer screen for light. I con- winning bidder.” Without fur- templated the wheres and whys ther adieu I reached into my of life and the choices. I looked backpack, pulled out a pen with at a photo taken just before I left the new contract and signed on for Baghdad and compared it to the bottom line. one taken a week ago. That morning I went I didn’t look like the same by the company office and person. Twenty five pounds dropped it off. lighter, healthier, happier, learn- Dick accepted the contract ing and working with some of without surprise. the best. I speak a bit of Arabic, “You’re going to stick some Swahili and I’m at home around huh? in my 8X11 chu. “Yeah, I’m kind of com- As I pondered my deci- mitted to it now.” sion the “incoming” alarm “What are you going to screamed again. I listened for do to celebrate another year in the thump and waited for the Baghdad?” concussion. It was distant this “I already celebrated.” time and the impact barely Dick smiled, “What did rattled the window. The “all you do, have a non-alcoholic clear” came minutes later, but beer?” it again reminded me of how “No,” I said as I slung fragile life can be. Mentally I my back pack over my right peaked at my bucket list, then shoulder to leave, “I bought a checked my watch and surfed Porsche 911.” the internet to my favorite auc- Ken Davis sees email at tion site. Bidding would close in seven minutes; I filled in the bid amount, thought twice, pushed
  6. 6. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 6 KWPD Maintains Accreditation State assessors say they Accreditation is an effec- possible. will recommend that the Key tive means of retaining a high Overall, the assessors said West Police Department be level of professionalism within they were impressed with the reaccredited by the Commis- a law enforcement agency. It’s department’s level of profes- sion of Florida Law Enforce- a voluntary process that allows sionalism. The Key West Police ment Accreditation when the the department to measure up Department has been accredited department’s reaccreditation to a set of standards established since 2003 and was reaccredited comes before them in June. by its peers. Though the assess- in 2006. It’s due again for reac- A team of assessors spent ments occur every three years, creditation. three days in Key West scruti- accreditation is a daily part of The assessors were Ana nizing all aspects of the Police every officer’s career. It keeps Guerra of the Key Biscayne Department to ensure that it them familiar with the depart- Police Department, Lt. Rick meets the state’s level of best ment’s policies and ensures the Hawthorne of the Gulf Breeze practice standards. most professional department Police Department and Deputy Robert Carroll of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.
  7. 7. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 8 letters Former Valedictorian Asks for Help from the Community to Save Tradition In the fall of 2008, the School Board approved revisions to the Pupil Progression Plan via a consent agenda which included the elimination of the designations of Valedictorian and Salu- tatorian after the graduation of the class of 2012. At the time, the reasons given for eliminating the designations were that competition was becoming fierce, some students were gaming the system and taking classes that helped to inflate their Grade Point Average (GPA), and that the tradition of picking only the top two students of the class was not inclusive enough given that mere fractions of a percentage point often separated the high achieving students. I am a self-proclaimed “nerd” and one of the great mo- ments in my life thus far was being named the co-Valedictorian for the Key West High School class of 1999. Achievement in the classroom was one of my only outlets growing up and being named Valedictorian was my ultimate goal. There are many students like me. How very sad they will be prevented from having a similar shining moment if this tradi- tion is not reinstated. I also fear this decision sets a terrible double standard in that success on the playing field continues to be rewarded, while the “nerds” are being stripped of their equivalent of the baseball championship and/or homecoming crown. Safe to assume those will continue to be awarded? Those activities are often decided by fractions of a point, but we seem to be fine with awarding the top performers in those fields. I agree the system for calculating the top students in the class needs to be reevaluated and revised, but I don’t think this should be at the detriment of a hallowed tradition— the prob- lem should be fixed rather than eliminating the designations altogether! With the push for student success in the classroom it seems as if the Valedictorian and Salutatorian traditions should be touted for helping to inspire success rather than retired from service for not being “inclusive” enough. I can not think of a more worthy competition than one in which academics are at its core. As a nation, we have grown ac- customed to rewarding participation as a means to applaud ef- fort— while often times failing to recognize the best among us. While I still have much to learn, I do believe I have lived enough to know life is not always fair and that there will always be winners and losers. Granted, when you start figuring out grade point averages above a 4.0, separated by a couple hundredths of a grade point, there are no real losers— other than a tradition which rewards achievement and inspires excellence. Given all of the recent press the School District has received, how nice would it be if they reversed this action and let it be known that, despite the fact they are still working to set the ship straight, they have also not lost sight of their ultimate goal of See TRADITION, next page
  9. 9. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 9 Tradition FROM previous page student success and achievement? By reversing the action they would ensure the best-of-the-best continue to be acknowledged and rewarded as the gold standard for their class and continue a very worthy tradition. Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph Burke was nice enough to meet with me on this issue and allowed me to explain my position. He was hoping to get input from the Board before he moved forward and I in turn reached out to all of the School Board members. One Board member responded in part: “I am always happy to discuss the topic again, but I have not been contacted by anyone other than you to change it back. It’s my impression from informal discussions that most folks are in favor of keeping things as they are . . . (I) suggest that in the interim you urge folks supporting a revision to the status quo to contact board members directly. I haven’t heard any of them call for a return to the former plan.” It saddened me to think a chorus of one is not enough to get the School Board to re-address this issue and that the sta- tus quo may be maintained. However, I have since launched a letter writing campaign and the School Board members are receiving letters from a great cross section of the Florida Keys community who are outraged this change took place, that it essentially happened without much fanfare, and urging them to reverse this action. If you would like to share your position with the School Board and Superintendent please e-mail them directly to the e-mails listed below! The Pupil Progression Plan is up for revision in May and we have the opportunity to reinstate the Valedictorian and Salutatorian tradition at that time. I thank you in advance and hope you can help me grow the strength of my chorus of one and help save this worthy tradition. Julio J. Barroso KWHS Co-Valedictorian Class of 1999
  10. 10. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 10 hal o’boyle rhonda No Hay Salida para An Easter Sesame Street People The citizens of Costa Rica celebrated the defining by Rhonda Linseman-Saunders event of their spiritual lives on Easter Sunday. I was I think Key West may have missed out on an in- pleased and privileged to join them. credible kids’ show opportunity. New York has Sesame And Ernie and Bert—the first gay couple on a A week of warm up called Santa Semana, Holy Street. And although we’re totally different here, of preschool television program. How progressive is Week, brings in the holiday with processions, rites and course, we’re equally and undoubtedly special. We that? I think they should adopt or foster a child next rituals. Easter is one of few holidays not celebrated ought to have Sesame Street South, and call it Flagler season. My god, they’ve been together for forty years. here with rolling barrages of fireworks. Drums, not Avenue, with southernmost characters like Cuzzy, I think it’s time. explosions, mark the tempo of Pascua. Bubba, Little John, Shifty Swifty, Haitian-American A November 2009 article by Tim Murphy in The rhythm is a slow, steady tump… tump… Gene Eugene, and Mr. Bum Farto, just because it’s New York Magazine offered some interesting snip- tump… tattatattatta… tump… tump… tump. The fun to say. pets about The Street. Here are a few I found most larger processions include some brass, saxophones, Eh, maybe not. Maybe it’s silly to imitate and interesting, if not outright intriguing: a glockenspiel or two. Crowds chant the rosary in tweak perfection. The original cast members debuting with the Spanish while they follow a life-sized image of the Sesame Street was the first decent attempt to show in 1969 included Big Bird, Kermit, Bert and suffering Jesus carried on the shoulders of a dozen educate the preschool set through television. It was Ernie, Oscar, Grover, and Cookie Monster. Snuffy or more men. Homes along the route sport flowers, created for kids, with brief, widely varied segments (Snuffleupagus) didn’t come around for another two ribbons, balloons and an occasional impromptu shrine. especially for short attention spans. But everybody years. And The Count, ha, ha, ha, ha, didn’t show up The week of preparation culminates in the celebration knows it is the show’s ability to lure parents that has until 1972—that’s thdree, count them vith me, vun, of La Resurrección. made it a grand success. two, thdree years after the show began. Who under 40 The resurrection of Jesus Christ’s battered, The adult humor and guest stars— with rock star years old would have guessed they weren’t original two-day-dead body is what establishes Christianity’s status (and some actual rock stars)— were designed cast members? unique selling position. It’s the event that Christians to keep parents tuning in. I think that’s where Barney Kermit was the first Sesame Street balloon added believe lifts Christ’s claim to revealed truth above that went wrong. No matter how much a preschooler to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. That happened of other, equally popular moral teachers. If religion digs a show, the caregiver is the boss of the remote. in 1977. By 1979 he had already hosted the Tonight is about dealing with the mystery of death, Christ’s So, ultimately, if you make the parent want to shoot Show and his eminence hasn’t waned since. Still, he See O’BOYLE page 24 herself in the head, Barney, she’s going to shut you has maintained his humility through the decades. A down. The creators of Sesame Street got that forty real class act, that frog. years ago. This is the 40th anniversary season of Sesame Street. That means the show has been a completely unrivaled success. And not just with white Midwestern And get this, Big Bird has been played by the same person, Caroll Spinney, since the very beginning. Mr. Spinney is now 75 years old. Elmo didn’t come on board until 1980. I don’t Key West Key T H E N E W S P A P E R girls like me. But I mean, really, where the hell else recall whether or not he was ticklish at that time. But would kids like me learn to say “exit” in Spanish (even the tickle-me-Elmo doll made Sesame Workshop if I can’t use it properly in a sentence)? hundreds of millions, which helped buy the rights to Key West The Newspaper is published every And the idea of all different colors of people the other Jim Henson Muppet characters— a decade Friday, all year 'round, 52 weeks a year. living in high rise apartment buildings was was the long acquisition process that began after Henson’s Free distribution weekly: 9,000 stuff of my dreams. So Big City. death in 1990. News tips and letters to the editor are welcome. The psychedelic pinball counting segment end- Long live Sesame Street. If I could say that in Editorial and advertising office: ing with the drawn out “Twe-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-elve!” Spanish, I would. 22 Fleming Street Don’t tell me you didn’t groove to that absolute mas- Just for fun, email me some Mail: P.O. Box 67, Key West FL 01 terpiece. You can sing it right now. I know you can. other Flagler Avenue character names. Phone: (0) 292-2108. Fax: (0) 292-1882. E-mail: Website: Subscriptions: $0 for six months WHAT’S YOUR Editor/Publisher Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D. Associate Editor Rhonda Linseman-Saunders OPINION? Photography Richard Watherwax Art Director Art Winstanley Send Us a Letter Contributors Michael Barnes, Hal O’Boyle, Kimberley Denney, to the Editor Harry Skevington, Rick Boettger, Ken Davis
  11. 11. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 11 ENTERTAINMENT • EATING DRINKING • NIGHTLIFE • ATTRACTIONS • EVENTS • ARTS • SHOPPING • MAP Fiona Molloy Back The Doerfels at El Alamo at Finnegan’s and the Hogfish THE DOERFELS will be at the Hogfish Bar Grill on Stock Island tonight, Friday, April 9, 6 ‘til 10. Tomorrow night, Saturday, they will be at El Alamo, 10-2. Rick Monroe FIONA MOLLOY will be back at Finnegan’s Wake tonight and tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday, April 9-10, starting at 8. Headlines Music at Cowboy Bill’s Music RICK MONROE and his band headline a huge array of live music at Cowboy Bill’s this weekend. They will be on the main stage On the Rock tonight and tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 10pm. SPECIAL EVENT Sunday night: Listings Info Pages 11-19 Songwriter Showcase, featuring Dallas Davidson and James Slater. Tickets for this event: $1.
  12. 12. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 12 more entertainment more entertainment Free Concert: Ragbirds at Sunset Pier April 19-22 THE RAGBIRDS are returning to the Sunset Pier at the Ocean Key Resort for four free concerts, April 19-22. Showtime will be 8pm every night.
  13. 13. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 1
  14. 14. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 1 more entertainment George Victory at Schooner Wharf Bar GEORGE VICTORY THE OBSERVANT LION BAND will be at Schooner Wharf Bar tonight and tomor- row night, Friday and Saturday, April 9-10, 7 ‘til midnight.
  15. 15. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 1 more entertainment Hummel, Muse Gurus and Caffeine Carl at Parrot MARK HUMMEL (top right photo) and his band brings the West Coast Blues to the Green Par- rot this afternoon, Friday, April 9, for a :0 “sound check,” and then again for a full gig at 10. the MUSE GURUS (left photo)— Larry Baeder, Francois Gahin and Dora G— are in the house Saturday night, starting at 10. And then CAFFEINE CARL the Buzz does the :0 “sound check” on Sunday.
  16. 16. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 16 mUsiC on the roCk Live Music on the Island KEY WEST IS FAMOUS FOR ITS LIVE night, starting at 10pm. The Bull One of Duval MUSIC. HERE’S A LISTING OF SOME Street’s last open-air bars— actually three bars: The Bull on the first floor, OF THE TOP MUSIC VENUES IN THE the Whistle on the second floor SOUTHERNMOST CITY and the clothing-optional Garden of Eden on the roof. Live music all EDITOR’S NOTE: Music off Duval Street at 1128 Simonton day and late into the night. schedules are subject to change Street. Wednesday nights are still without notice. To be included Kool and Jazzy nights, starting at in this listing, venues may email 8:30, featuring vocalist Peter Dia- music schedules to entertain- mond and friends— Tim Alpine on by end of day guitar, Lon Jacobson on bass and Monday. Matt Watson on drums. Earlier on BottleCap Lounge One Wednesday, pianist Chris Flowers of the oldest and most famous wa- entertains, 5-8. The fabulous Raven tering holes on the island. A block Cooper takes over on Thursday THE BULL CAPT. TONY’S SALOON Capt. Tony’s Saloon A Key West landmark at 428 Greene Street, just off Duval. Since the 1850s, the building has been an ice house, a telegraph station, a cigar factory, a bordello and a series of bars, including the original Sloppy Joe’s. This is where Hemingway drank 1933-37. The legendary Capt. Tony Tarrecino, a charterboat captain and a former gunrunner, bought the place in 1958. Tony was the Mayor of Key West 1989- 1991. Live music every day from noon. The Carl Peachey Band is the house band. Cowboy Bill’s Honky Tonk Saloon Duval Street’s only Country Bar. 610 Duval Street. Live CONTINUED on next page
  17. 17. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 17 Behind Bars RICHARD WATHERWAX BARTENDER OF THE WEEK When photographer Richard Watherwax went to Salute Restaurant to shoot a bartender of the week, he got a twofer— BROOK, left, and WENDY. They’re serving s Salute Spike. Tell us who your favorite drink server is: mUsiC on the roCk FROM previous page El Alamo is the newest live music every day. Two stages. La- music venue on the island. Located dies drink free Wednesdays 9-11. on Charles Street, just across Du- Sports venue, too. Come ride the val from Sloppy Joe’s. Live music bull. Music this weekend: Rick nightly. Tonight, Friday, April 9, Monroe and his band headline Toko Irie and friends bring island a huge array of live music. They music at its best. The Doerfels are will be on the main stage Friday on stage Saturday night, and there’s and Saturday nights, starting at a blues jam Monday night. Bands 10. Special event at 9 on Sunday play 10-2. GREEN PARROT night: A songwriter showcase, in May 2000, Playboy magazine featuring Dallas Davidson, James named the Parrot one of the 24 Best Slater and friends. Tickets for this Bars in America. We don’t make this event are $15 stuff up. Located on Whitehead at Southard, just a block off Duval, this is the home of great drinks and bad art— and one of the top venues for live music on the island. Music this weekend: Harmonica virtuoso Mark Hummel and his band bring FINNEGAN’S WAKE West Coast Blues to the Parrot this Finnegan’s Wake An afternoon, Friday, April 9, at a 5:30 authenic Irish Pub, off the beaten “sound check,” and again Friday path at 320 Grinnell Street. Tonight night, starting at 10. The Muse and tomorrow night, Friday and Gurus— Larry Bader, Francois Ga- Saturday, April 9-10, Fiona Molloy hin and Dora G— are in the house is back in the house, starting at 8. Saturday night, April 10, starting Green Parrot Bar A Key at 10. And, on Sunday afternoon, West landmark since 1890. A favor- Caffeine Carl and his band do the ite of locals and visitors alike. But 5:30 “sound check.” Sunday after- even regulars were mystified when, CONTINUED on next page EL ALAMO BAR
  18. 18. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 18 mUsiC on the roCk FROM previous page on Saturday night. “This must be the center of the noon jazz contines at the Parrot, Rick’s and Durty Harry’s universe,” wrote newsman Charles starting at 1pm, featuring Lonnie 208 Duval Street. Live music every Kurault. Voted Best Locals Bar six Jacobson, Gordy Michael, Richard night. years in a row. The irreverent Mi- Crooks Friends. Rum Barrel A popular res- chael McCloud is on stage every Hogfish Bar Grill Funky taurant, bar and music venue at the afternoon except Tuesday, noon ‘til waterfront venue on Stock Island. corner of Front and Simonton. 5. This weekend, George Victory Maybe the best hogfish sandwich Schooner Wharf Bar and the Observant Lion Band are in the world! Live music this week- Another top music venue. Famous on stage tonight and tomorrow end: The Doerfel family bluegrass mostly-outdoor bar located right night, Friday and Saturday, April band is on stage tonight, Friday, on the water at Key West’s Historic 9-10, 7 ‘til midnight. April 9. Caffiene Carl entertains Seaport at the foot of William Street. Sloppy Joe’s One of the most famous bars in the world. This was Hemingway’s favorite bar in the 1930s. Right in the heart of the Duval Street action. Live music every day from noon ‘til late. NOW Sunset Pier at the Ocean Key House, Zero Duval. Talk about a waterfront venue! the pier sticks HIRING right out into the harbor. Upcom- ing special event: The Ragbirds in concert nightly, April 19-22. The Keys Popular piano bar at 1114 Duval Street. Live mu- sic seven days 5pm ‘til 2am. Ricky Ritzel and Kathy “Babe” Robinson are back! And jazz singer Jennifer Pace has also joined the stable of entertainers at The Keys. Virgilio’s Live music every night. This weekend, Freemont John is on stage tonight and tomor- row night, Friday and Saturday, April 9-10, starting at 10. George Victory is in the house Sunday night.
  19. 19. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 19 mUsiC on the roCk Peter Diamond Friends Have Two Gigs This Week VOCALIST PETER DIAMOND and friends will be at the Gardens Hotel this Sunday evening, April 11, 5 ‘til 7. They will be at the BottleCap Lounge on Wednesday night, starting at 8.
  20. 20. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 20 film What’s on at the Tropic by Phil Mann Director Atom Egoyan’s portfolio of movies is as varied as his background. Born in Egypt to Armenian parents and raised in Canada, his films range from the Academy Award nominated The Sweet Hereafter (children killed in tragic bus accident) to the Adult Video Award winner Exotica (set in a “gentleman’s club”) to the Political Film Society Human Rights Award winner Ararat (about the Turk- ish-Armenian genocide). He’s CHLOE been nominated for the top award at Cannes four times. Anyhow you’ll see plenty of commodity, and how political Egoyan customarily her, and of Ms. Moore, too, in power and money trump the writes his own screenplays, this very R-rated show. wishes of an art connoisseur but for his new film CHLOE, I’m not going to tell you and revered collector. he has turned to a young writer how it plays out, but I can tip Also opening this week Erin Cressida Wilson, best you that most reviewers throw at the Tropic is Tim Burton’s know for the quirky sex in her around Fatal Attraction refer- ALICE IN WONDERLAND. screenplays (Secretary, Fur). I ences. The little girl and her adven- remember reading in the trades Don’t think THE ART tures have been done on film that Disney had commissioned OF THE STEAL is a heist many times. There was a her to write a screenplay based thriller. It’s a documentary Paramount production in 1933 on a Judy Blume book. What about an art “theft” on an al- starring Cary Grant as the Mock were they thinking! most unimaginably high level. Turtle, Gary Cooper as the But it’s clear that Egoyan Documentarians seem to love White Knight, and W.C. Fields knew what he was getting into art as a subject, maybe because as Humpty-Dumpty (perfect!); with Chloe. It’s right up Ms. they’re artists themselves, or and a sappy Disney animation Wilson’s alley, a dark place that maybe because the subject is in 1951 billing Alice as a “hero- you wouldn’t want to wander so beautiful. We’ve recently ine of fiction” following in the into alone at night, and it makes seen Herb and Dorothy, which footsteps of Snow White and good use of his Exotica-honed related the saga of an ordinary Cinderella. skills. In other words, this couple who became two of the Well, that’s not the take is one sexy movie. Julianne most important collectors in of Tim Burton (Edward Scis- Moore suspects her husband the world, and Who the #$% sorhands, Sweeny Todd). It’s (Liam Neeson) of cheating on Is Jackson Pollock? about the from Disney again, but this time her. But rather than confront manner in which an elite, of in a combination of live action him, or hire a private detective, curators and experts, exercises and CGI. (There’s also 3D up she finds the beautiful young draconian control over the vali- on the mainland, but not down prostitute Chloe (Amanda dation of provenance. on our little island, yet.) This Seyfried) to seduce him and Now we have another is a serious big bucks feature see how he reacts. saga of about the evils of the art which has already grossed 3/4 Egoyan has commented elite. This time it’s the manner of a billion dollars. See it now. that he booked Ms. Seyfried for in which they managed to get You will eventually, and you the role before she appeared as the fabled Barnes collection might as well catch it on a big a cute young thing in Mamma moved from its relatively isolat- screen. Mia, and that he’s not sure he ed suburban location to a new Full info and schedules at would have appraised her the venue in downtown Philadel- same way had he seen that first. phia. It’s a story of the conflict Comments, please, to But then again, he also hadn’t between ars gratia artis and seen her in Jennifer’s Body. art as a financially important
  21. 21. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 21 theatre Red Barn: Short Attention Span Continues ‘til May 8; How Sweet Happens April 17 at San Carlos SHORT ATTENTION SPAN HOW SWEET IT IS THEATRE The Red Barn Theatre is bringing the The Red Barn Theatre is proud to present legendary music of Linda Ronstadt and James a fast-paced evening of short plays that is long Taylor to the stage on Saturday, April 17th with on entertainment. SHORT ATTENTION SPAN the aptly named show How Sweet It Is! Carmen THEATRE: A Festival of Ten-Minute Plays is Rodriguez and John Wells, two of the island’s running now through May 8th at the Red Barn most beloved performers, bring the music and Theatre, located at 319 Duval Street. lore of these two great entertainers to the San Short Attention Span? No problem, there Carlos Institute, located at 519 Duval Street. is always something new about to happen in this The critically acclaimed music of Linda evening of ten-minute plays directed by eight Ronstadt and James Taylor has spanned four local directors with ten talented actors whose decades and remains just a relevant today as experiences include both stage and screen. when the music was first recorded. “It’s always exciting to work with on this “I think people will be transported back to project,” says Rebecca Tomlinson, who is the where they were the first time they heard this coordinator for the project as well as director of music,” says Carmen Rodriguez whose own one of the pieces. “We move quickly through musical career was greatly influenced by Linda divergent storylines and differing theatre Ronstadt’s popularity in the male dominated styles.” world of Rock and Roll. Ronstadt, who was once Other directors include Mike Marrero, known as the “Queen of Rock,” was also once the Bob Bowersox, Rebecca Gleason, Hal Cosec, highest paid woman in Rock and Roll. Juliet Gray, Ron Grimshaw, and Tom Murtha. “She opened doors for women, and she Hal Cosec and Bob Bowersox also join the influenced my career,” shares Rodriguez, who impressive roster of actors that also includes has successfully presented several one-woman Anne O’Shea, Shakti Assouline, Mook J, Gayla shows in addition to performing regularly at Morgan, Tony Konrath, Robin Deck, Glenn various clubs in Key West. “I was able to tour Wilson, and Joseph Vain. the southeast with a rock band at age 21 largely See SHORT, next page See SWEET, next page
  22. 22. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 22 Short Sweet Both Carmen Rodriguez and John Wells praise the inno- FROM page 21 FROM page 21 vative arrangements of David The set is designed by because people wanted to hear Troy Francis. “He is brilliant. Gary McDonald and features Linda Ronstadt’s music. She He literally weaves together the the work of special guest was such a powerful singer and melodies and emotional story- artist Rick Worth. RJ Conn had a true gift for interpreting lines of the music in a way that is the production’s light de- songs.” is thrilling,” says Wells. signer and Leigh Hooten is the In a similar fashion, James Directing the evening’s costume coordinator. Some Taylor influenced the musical performance is Joy Hawkins, Short Attention Span scripts career of John Wells, who has per- the Artistic Director for the Red use adult language and adult formed on the Key West theatre Barn Theatre. “These three tal- situations. stages for the last thirty years. ents are so evolved in their own The Red Barn Theatre is “I was a member of a successful gifts as musicians and artists also presenting a very special four-piece band in Washington that it is a pleasure to let them one night performance of DC. We were making a name go with their own instincts and How Sweet It Is at the San for ourselves at the same time enjoy the process. I do feel Carlos Institute on April 17th. that he was making a name for this will be an extraordinary How Sweet It Is features the himself, so it felt like we were evening.....very exciting and music and lore of two legend- part of the same scene. I loved full of surprises.” ary singers, Linda Ronstadt James Taylor music, and his way The performance also fea- and James Taylor, performed of telling stories and coping with tures Tim McAlpine on guitar by two of Key West’s most loss through his music. He has and bass and Skipper Krippitz beloved performers, Carmen influenced all of my music.” on percussion with back-up Rodriguez and John Wells. Weaving the evening’s mu- singers Laurie Breakwell and Successful composer and sic together as pianist, arranger, Marjorie Paul Shook. “These gifted pianist David Troy and musical director is David women, who are stars in them- Francis is the show’s Musical Troy Francis, who is an accom- selves agreed to do this project Director. plished composer for stage, film, because they love the music and Tickets for both shows and screen. He is most familiar love singing the harmonies. are available online at www. to Key West audiences as an as- We are so lucky to have them,”, or by tounding and powerful pianist Hawkins concludes. calling the Red Barn box of- whose concerts are filled with How Sweet It Is! will be fice at 305-296-9911. Special music that often defies musical presented at the beautiful San weekday, military, student, boundaries. He is also the creator Carlos Institute for one night senior, and group discounts of BARK! The Musical, one of the only, on Saturday April 17th. are available through the RBT previous smash hits at the Red Tickets are available online at Box Office. Barn Theatre. or by calling the Red Barn box office at 305-296-9911. The Red Barn Theatre is also presenting Short Atten- tion Span Theatre, a festival of ten-minute plays, now through May 8th. Special ticketing pric- es available throughout the run of Short Attention Span Theatre. Call the box office for details.
  23. 23. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 2 events Mike Peters’ Book Signing at Fast Buck’s Key West explodes with Pulitzer Prize winners. Along with Hemingway and John Hersey, Tennessee Williams and Robert Frost is one of the happiest and most easygoing winners of all— the island’s own Mike Peters. And why shouldn’t Mike be happy? His Mother Goose and Grimm has over 100 million people laughing in over 600 newspapers daily, along with his biting political cartoons. This has brought recognition to this laid back island guy as one of our nation’s most prominent cartoon artists. This coming Monday, April 12, from 12 ‘til 1p.m., Mike Peters will be signing his newest book at Fast Buck Freddie’s.
  24. 24. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 2 O’Boyle the resurrection and the hope it gives mankind. If it never corner, in loud, sonorous Span- ish. the light perfectly. I arrived as the candles along. Tears were wiped from a few eyes at the Mass’ climax happened, Christ is a nobody, The amateurs at my fa- were set on the alter for a High when wine and bread became FROM page 10 regardless of his qualities as vorite spot in the shade fifty Mass. The warm-up praying, blood and flesh. conquest of death clearly de- a moral teacher. If he didn’t yards away practically had to preaching, and singing was The priest sang, one by fines brand superiority. get up out of his tomb, Chris- take numbers. There were at steady. I was surprised to one, the revealed truths of Chris- The other great teachers tianity is a fraud. In Christian least four, a woman in a yel- recognize familiar folk tunes. tianity. After each a thousand had none of Christ’s nepotis- theology, it is the resurrection low flowered blouse, a man They sang “When the Saints voices sang a seven-note reply, tic claims to inside contacts, of the flesh that redeems the with a Bible and a toolbox, a Go Marching In,” without the “Cray-ay-o, yo Cray-ay-o” I and certainly didn’t rise from spirit; the return to life makes man dressed in an electric blue New Orleans bounce and with believe, I do believe. the dead. They didn’t claim everything new and gives all- jumpsuit, and a short guy with strange Spanish lyrics. There A little later St. Thomas’ exclusivity like Christ does in important hope to the living. a guitar. They took turns declar- was no Miguel in “Michael Easter people sang their song. John 14:6, “I am the way and Hope drives all that’s best in ing the glory of Jesu Cristo to a Rowed the Boat Ashore.” “Rock They sang a sweet, soft Alleluia the truth and the life. No one the human enterprise. spotty crowd. They seemed to of Ages” seemed oddly out of in reply to the priest’s chant. comes to the Father except Famous Christians like have an agreement about how place in a Catholic church. Each time they replied they through me.” St. Paul agree, “…if Christ has long each would speak and in Between songs there was a lot sang it three times - three soft, The claim of exclusivity not been raised, our preaching what order. of talk of vida, sangre, cuerpo four-note alleluias, the second annoys many, but exclusive is useless and so is your faith.” In the Cathedral at the end y alma. Life, blood, body and and third slight variations of the or not, the key ingredient of (I Cor. 14:15) Saint Augustine of the park Masses were being soul. The Spanish had the first. Everyone knew the notes. Christian salvation is faith in described Christians as well as said end to end. The building mysterious appeal of the Latin They sang a full, delicious chord. well as they can be described, is enormous, big as, well… rituals of my childhood. They made a peaceful, buoyant, “We are an Easter people, and big as a cathedral. Spectacular Praying and singing joyous sound. It flooded the Alleluia is our song.” stained glass windows washed moved seamlessly into the enormous room as only a thou- On Easter morning, I was the congregation in a soft gold Mass. The priest chanted his sand hopeful voices can. an unbeliever among the faith- light. There were hundreds of lines in a high, clear tenor, in I lamented the cynical lack ful wandering Parque Central people in the church, coming the Gregorian style. The con- of faith that kept me apart from in San Jose. A popular haven and going at random. Kids gregation replied in kind. The the Easter people, but was glad for preachers, I had never seen played in the side aisles. The sound echoed dreamily in the they graciously pretended not to it so busy. A semi-pro in brown priest had a strong voice and a vaulted stone. notice. I left before the end of the and white monks’ robes held powerful PA system. His bald There were no hymnals. Mass feeling strangely hopeful, a white, rubber-tipped staff. head gleamed in the gold light. Enough people knew the quietly humming their song. He preached in the northwest His gold vestments matched responses to carry the timid
  25. 25. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 2 health National Minority Health Month by Chris Tittel • Provider prejudices and In 2004, the Florida leg- Public Information Officer stereotyping islature established the Office Monroe County • Patient mistrust and of Minority Health within Health Department refusal of services FDOH. April is National Minor- • Medically underserved The office’s mission is to ity Health Month, a time when communities provide leadership in improv- the Monroe County Health • Lack of participation ing minority health and reduc- Department considers statistics of minorities in the health ing health disparities through on possible health disparities professions education, collaboration, mobi- within the Keys commu- According to the Florida lization and coordination. nity and how those disparities Department of Health, ex- With this mission in mind, might be addressed. amples of health disparities program staff help ease the In 2001, the U.S. Depart- across the state include: burden that disease can bring ment of Health and Human • The cancer death rate to individuals and populations Services launched National is significantly higher in mi- through identifying high-risk Minority Health Month as norities. groups, formulating appro- a rebirth of Booker T. Wash- • Black babies are twice priate health care policy and ington’s initiative of 1915 to as likely to die than white evaluating the state’s progress implement a National Negro babies. in eliminating health dispari- Health Week. • Blacks make up a dis- ties. Congress recognizes Na- proportionate number of HIV/ The Monroe County tional Minority Health Month AIDS cases. Health Department wellness as an important, well-orga- • Latino preschoolers program is just one avenue nized effort to eliminate health have more than twice the tooth that department personnel and disparities. decay rate as white children. Keys residents have to learn Health disparities exist In Monroe County, FDOH more about any health dispari- when people in one group get statistics show that three-year ties that impact the community, sick or die more often than age-adjusted death rates due as well as shape projects that those in other groups. Reasons to cancer, heart disease, stroke, can improve and protect the for this might include: diabetes and HIV/AIDS are health of all populations across • Lack of health insur- higher for blacks than whites. the county. ance Statistics also show the For more information on • Lack of routine care neonatal death rate to be higher the FDOH Office of Minority • Health literacy and among blacks than whites in Health, visit www.doh.state. language barriers the Florida Keys. .
  26. 26. Key West THE NEWSPAPER April 9, 2010 Page 26 If your club or organization has something special happening, let us know: the CommUnity • • PO box 567, Key West FL 33041 BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB needs help from local anglers, and call (305) 294-6813 • Fax 305-292-1882 POOL TOURNAMENT--Stick a screening of the movie “Tarpon,” MONTESSORI ELEMEN- and Stein is sponsoring the 1st which was filmed in Key West in TARY CHARTER SCHOOL To help us help you, try to get the Annual Pool Tournament to benefit the 1970s. Info: (305) 294-0209. OPEN ENROLLMENT--Accept- information to us by noon on Tuesday before the Southernmost Boys and Girls FRIENDS OF THE LI- ing applications for student enroll- Friday publication. Club on April 15th. Sign up starts at BRARY BOOK SALE--The ment in grades 1 through 6 for the 6pm. Registration is $10.00. There monthly Friends of the Key West 2010-11 school year. Applications will be great prizes, raffles and lots Library Book Sale will be held on must be received in the MECS of- of fun. Info: (305) 296-2258 f. Come Sat., April 10. The sale will run fice by noon on April 12, 2010, and on out, have some fun and help the from 9:30am until 1:30 pm and will are available in the administrative Boys and Girls Club to continue to be held in the Palm Garden at the office, by email request at pam. be The Positive Place for Kids. Key West branch of the Monroe or on our CRB POSITIONS AVAIL- County Public Library, 700 Flem- website www.keywestmontessori. ABLE--The City of Key West CRB ing Street. com. A lottery to determine admis- has 3 volunteer positions open 14TH ANNUAL EARTH sion we be drawn on the MECS with 4 year terms commencing DAY 5K RUN/WALK--Sat., school campus promptly at 3pm June 2010. See details applica- April 10, 8AM. The Start/Finish, on April 19. A waiting list will be tion at and day of registration and post race established if applicants exceed select the CRB department page party will be at the pavilion of spaces available. or e-mail at McCoy Indigenous Park Located HEALTHY AGING or call (305) 809-3887. Application at White Street and Atlantic Blvd. CLASSES OFFERED BY KEYS deadline is May 7, 2010. First 100 entrants will receive a AHEC--Enhance Fitness Class- ZONTA SCHOLAR- custom-designed Earth Day T- New class at Keys Senior Plaza SHIPS--Zonta Club of Key West shirt. Early reg fees : $10 for 13 and in Key West and runs Mondays, is now accepting applications under and $15 for over 13. Race day Wednesdays, and Fridays from for several annual scholarships add $5 . Early packet pick-up and 2-3pm. Living Healthy Workshops- awarded to worthy college bound registration will take place at the New class at Keys Senior Plaza female seniors. Applications for Indigenous Park parking lot, on from 1-3:30pm. Also, the Living Expires 4/23/10 the Merili McCoy Leadership Fri., April 9, from 4-6pm and at the Healthy program The classes are Scholarship, Math and Science race start area at 7am on April 10th. for adults 55 and greater. Info: (305) Scholarship, and Z Club Scholar- Applications are available at www. 743-7111x206. Free. ship are available at their website: FREE GUIDED TOURS OF Deadline is PTKW WORKSHOPS--The OLDEST HOUSE MUSUEM-- April 15. Interviews on April 21. People’s Theater of Key West offers Old Island Restoration Foundation For more info about the process: two donation based workshops on is offering free guided tours of the Bonnie Helms (305) 292-1166. Sundays. Improv Comedy from 3- Key West Oldest House Museum TURTLE MUSEUM 5pm at 909 Flagler Avenue and a to school groups, organizations, TALKS TARPON--The Key play writing workshop (Wordcraft locals, and guests who would like West Turtle Museum will host Workshop) from 6-8pm at 142 to enjoy the museum, grounds, Tarpon Night at Key West Bight on Simonton Street. All levels of ex- lush tropical garden. 322 Duval Monday, April 19 at 7pm. The free perience and education are invited St. (305) 294-9501. Open daily event includes the presentation to participate. Visit www.peoples- 10am-4pm. of a tarpon research project that, Info: email VOLUNTEERS NEEDED or CONTINUED on next page Piners: KWTN Now at the Flea Market If you live on Big Pine Key, you can now pick up a copy of Key West The Newspaper at booth A17 at the Big Pine Key Flea Market.