Use the right paint for the right job


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Use the right paint for the right job

  1. 1. Unlike animals, humans have an amazing taste for colours. Since most manmadestructures such as houses are made of material that lacks colour that may appeal tothe human eye, painting becomes very necessary to give our environment a visuallyappealing look. A plain white colour may give you the perfect finish, though itdeprives you the beauty presented by a wide array of colours for house paint.There are a various types of paints for different types of surfaces. The primary typesare water-based and oil-based paints. Water-based paints have historically been usedfor interior use such as on walls and ceilings. Recently, water-based formulas havefound their way to exterior use especially the high performance acrylics that giveexcellent finishes for all types of surfaces including metallic and wooden. Thus,your Roof Paint may just be a concoction of water-based formulas that will give anexcellent finish just like oil-based paints.
  2. 2. The advantage of water-based formulas is that they are cleaner andpossess fewer odours. They are appropriate for a green environment useand paint brushes used in those only need to be rinsed clean with water.
  3. 3. There are various tools and equipmentOil-based paints apply on surfaces that require a hard and resilient finish. Theyserve a solid purpose on both exterior and interior surfaces in woodwork,masonry, furniture etc. On the other hand, metal paint is a cost effective solutionthat prevents damage of metal parts. The paint dries very quickly and may beapplied to surfaces using a brush or a pump machine.
  4. 4. When selecting your metal paints, you may want to consider the typicalsurface temperature of any material you which to paint such as radiators,metallic chimneys, boilers etc. This is the temperature your metal paint canwithstand without deteriorating or loosing quality.Water proofing paints also play an important role in preventing waterleakages through surfaces.
  5. 5.  Low maintenance-Unlike normal wall paint or roof paint, texture coating You do not need to be a professional painter to work out an excellent paint work at home. However, many home owners choose to hire experts for the best paint finishes on both interior and exterior surfaces. Thus, you may also need to hire an expert for your roof paint or waterproofing tasks.
  6. 6. Whichever way you choose togo about it, there are a numberof things you shouldaccomplish in preparation forpainting tasks at home. Startwith covering objects in theinterior room from any paintor dust that may gather around.Move all big objects to thecentre of the room to leaveadequate space for painting ofthe walls.
  7. 7. Place dust sheets over theedges of a room to protectthe floor surface from paintdrip while working on thewalls and ceiling.Remember to coverelectrical switches andsockets with the maskingtape to protect them frompaint stains.
  8. 8. Place Your paint expert mayhelp a lot in this regardespecially if you do not havethe right idea of how to goabout with painting yourhouse. You may consult withan interior design firm thatwill shed some light on theappropriate types of paintsand colours that may offerthe best paint finish.
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