Sms marketing the newest trend in mobile


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Sms marketing the newest trend in mobile

  1. 1. The 21st century has seen arise in the dependency ofpeople on SMS. ShortMessaging Services, andover the years, they haveproved to be really effective.Not only in the personalforum but also in thecorporate world have SMSsproved their mettle to be amost effective mode ofcommunication betweenbusiness houses.
  2. 2. In fact in some cases they are more effective than e-mails because the personthe message is meant for may not always be in the habit of checking his/hermail account every moment but if it is an SMS then it is sure to reach the personat any time or at any place. So there lies no doubt about the fact that such aneffective mode of communication should be picked up as a means of marketingone’s products and sure enough we find that this recently has been a verycommon practice among the renowned business houses. This is exactly whatSMS marketing is all about.In the recent years, SMS marketing has become the mode of advertising one’sproducts in some parts of the world. The IAB have set many guidelines for theuse of the mobile channel by the marketers. Such steps have been successfulin North America, Western Europe and some other regions of the world but inothers, Mobile SPAM messages remain an issue. Mobile Marketing via SMS isnow a rage in Europe and Asia as many companies can now reach theircustomers in an instant. Bulk sms can easily fulfill their wishes and theavailability of the sms software has made their job a lot easier.
  3. 3. Marketing executives of most big and successful brands now swear by the SMSmarketing strategy. According to them no other modes of communication helpthem as much as the SMS in reaching out to their customers with theirproducts. In some cases they meet with failure as in India the government hascreated National Do Not Call Registry by which the users can bar allpromotional calls and SMSs from their number, after they have sent a simplemessage or a call to 1909.However, such an issue is not sufficient to discourage such an innovativemarketing strategy. The benefit of text from computer can also be seen hereand the reverse is also true. SMSs can be sent to a mail address though thatrequires altogether a different methodology.
  4. 4. Being relatively cheap thisreduces marketing costs and asa result the total price of theproduct also gets reduced.Overall we can very easily saythat the scientists who createdand developed sms did a verywise job that day when theycreated that which is nowtermed as one of the mostuseful means of communication.
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