Sms gateway service for effective cost effective communication-shortcodes


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  • Sms gateway service for effective cost effective communication-shortcodes

    1. 1. A SMS Gateway company (aggregator) stands between businesses andmobile phone carriers. The service makes it possible for businesses tosend text messages in bulk to their customers. The SMS service is one ofthe most cost-effective tools for speedy transmission of messages andfeedback. Your provider will also give SMS software support.You choose your aggregator depending on the size of the task you wishto accomplish for your business. If you need high volume SMSservice, you need to work with an organisation that can deliversustainable transmission.
    2. 2. The consideration of cost or pricing factorsis very important in choosing a plan thatreturns value for money. However, this toodepends on the amount of text messagesyou send within a specific period as well asyour targeted destinations.Some providers will charge more foroverseas transmission of text messages. Ifyour customers are within your locality orcountry, you may wish to subscribe to adestination-based plan since this may becheapest for your business.
    3. 3. Some SMS service will charge for every single text message you sendwhile others will include monthly fees. If you send many text messagesin a month, you may want to avoid being charged heavily for a singletext message as this can be very costly for business. On the otherhand, a few SMSs a day would do well for business without a flatmonthly fee.It is important to find out any undisclosed charges your SMS gatewayprovider may impose. Some providers will not tell you everything thereis to know about charges such as set up fees. Instead of waiting to findout when it is too late, you may need to research in the internet to knowhow much your preferred provider will expect from your end every othermonth or year.
    4. 4. You may need the services of SMS communication for a variety ofreasons including marketing, communication with employees, sendingreminders to your debtors etc. Whatever your use may be, you need aservice that can sustain effective communication throughout. If yourprovider lacks capacity for reliable connection, you business loses theadvantages of email to SMS communication over traditional email andother conventional approaches.
    5. 5. Make sure you know your provider well enough to determine howreliable their infrastructure is. The provider should be in aposition to offer quality service and address technical problemsin a manner that does not undermine your ability to communicateeffectively.How many carriers does your provider support? Remember yourcustomers may not be on the same wireless networks and assuch you need a gateway service that makes it possible to reachout to all of them, wherever they may be. You should alsoconsider the number of destinations your provider supports.Leading providers support close to 1000 careers and hundredsof destinations.
    6. 6. mass text messaging smsbulk sms gateway SMS Software
    7. 7. Your SMS software should be highly intuitive andcustomisable. This will ensure you can manipulate it to suityour own preferences in the manner you send messages.Always go for the most reasonable rates for the cost ofsending text messages via the internet.
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