How hearing aids can greatly affect your life valuehearing


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How hearing aids can greatly affect your life valuehearing

  1. 1. Hearing is an important sensory function of every person. Itallows the person to properly communicate with others and letshim/her become aware of his/her surroundings.Experiencing hearing loss can be very stressful for a person. Firstof all, the person will have a hard time communicating efficientlywith others. This inability to express his/her feelings will lead tofrustration, anger, and irritability. If not treatedimmediately, hearing loss can ultimately lead toisolation, depression, social rejection and withdrawal from socialsituations.Having your hearing – or your loved one’s – tested at the first signof hearing loss is very important. The symptoms or effects ofhearing to a person can easily be mistaken as somethingelse, usually dementia and other disease and impairment oftenfound in elderly people. This mistake will further aggravate theproblem and will do no good for the affected person.
  2. 2. Hearing tests and hearing aidassessments are provided byaudiology clinics, some asquick as a few minutes whilesome takes about one hour ortwo, providing you with anopportunity to freely talk to theiraudiologists.These tests and assessmentsmeasure the extent of yourhearing loss to see whether ornot you should wear hearingaids.Hearing aids are available inmany differenttypes, sizes, shapes andmodels. Most manufacturersmake them in bothprogrammable and non-
  3. 3. Here are the different types:-1. BTE – Behind the Ear2. ITC – In the Canal3. ITE – In the Ear4. CIC – Completely in the Canal5. IIC – Invisible in Canal6. Extended Wear7. OTE – Over the Ear8. Disposable9. BAHA – Bone Anchored Hearing Aid
  4. 4. There are also body aids available for those who are physicallyincapable of using a hearing aid. Hearing aids have gone through quitean overhaul in the past years, transforming from bulky devices to slimand hassle-free ear pieces.One major concern for people suffering hearing loss is the high hearingaid prices. The more high-tech the device you need, the moreexpensive it is. Hearing aids are not covered by health insuranceplans, making it a problem especially for those who have limited incomebecause of unemployment due to their inability to work brought about bytheir hearing loss.
  5. 5. Hearing aidHearing Hearingcentre aid prices Hearing aids
  6. 6. Fortunately, there are some clinics that offerlower hearing aid prices compared to otherstores selling these devices.However, buyers are warned to be careful intrusting stores and clinics that offer low pricesas the products they sell may have somedefects which are why they are selling themfor less than the usual price. Remember tomake sure the store you are buying thesedevices from have the required certificationas entailed by your government.Buying a hearing aid may provide long termsolutions to your hearing problems. Don’t lethearing loss get in the way of your socialrelationships and the things you want to do.With technology evolving every day, there willalways be a way to hear..
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