Jayadeva and humantalents for Soft Skills


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Information about top class soft skills training opportunity

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Jayadeva and humantalents for Soft Skills

  1. 1. When they need an expert on Soft skills Development who do they call?
  2. 2. ABC DEF 1 2 3 GHI JKL MNO 4 5 6 PRS TUV WXY 7 8 9 They call SriLanka’s most sought after speaker on soft skills. J AYADE VA
  3. 3. Jayadeva de Silva of humantalents Unlimited SriLanka based international people skills training company.
  4. 4. Jayadeva • Has been delivering programs since 1983 • Has a sound educational & professional background • Is the Author of the trend setting bookHuman Talent management • Is featured in the millennium registry of SriLankans
  5. 5. There are no industry boundaries or job titles in Jayadeva s message. Managers, owners, sales and top level executives have given high praise to Jayadeva’s programs.
  6. 6. Our topics include all touch points of human behaviour
  7. 7. Workshop Titles How To Be An Island Of Excellence In An Ocean Of Mediocrity  Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You (But We will) Keys To A More Positive Mental Attitude Training From A To Z 
  8. 8. He will make us look good! He’ll leave our audience with practical and actionable techniques for bolstering their bottom line. His style is dynamic and laugh-outloud funny. His feedback ratings are off the charts.
  9. 9. Comments from meeting planners: “You were able to cause a room full of overworked, skeptical solo and small firm “I would recommend you to anyone in search an practitioners to laugh out loud for over “The energy and information antics and of an entertaininghumorous that you hour with your and knowledgeable “By keeping attendees interested and involved, delivered in your presentation is exactly what professional speaker.” anecdotes. you are our to deliver your and hear at very we want ableattendees to see message in aour effective manner. We do lots of still conference. Our members are seminars and You made our audience are at the top their training sessions and you smile, laugh at of the raving about you .” foibles and learn how to improve their list in customer satisfaction .” business at the same time …quite an accomplishment!”
  10. 10. Jayadeva makes it easy! He’ll only need: • a flip chart • a microphone • a bar stool (not for drinking) • a small prop table • AND OUR AUDIENCE! Picture yourself here
  11. 11. People go to meetings because they want and need a business benefit. That’s exactly what Enhancing our programs do! Peoples Talents They want to learn how to make more money for their business. They welcome information that contributes to their sales growth. This is what we do!
  12. 12. With these credentials, no wonder major corporations, associations and chambers of commerce around the country has chosen Jayadeva to speak at their events. His presentations motivate, educate and entertain!
  13. 13. Let’s have our audience walk away feeling great about themselves, their companies and their customers!
  14. 14. Let’s call humantalents 011 2562449 077 7272295