Humantalents InternationalIntroducing ImagineeringJayadeva de SilvaImagineering is a technique to engineer your imaginatio...
Humantalents Internationaland slice slowly through the lemon. Juice squirts and runs out of the lemononto your hand. Put a...
Humantalents InternationalHe knew from his work with electronics that the ideal circuit was one with leastresistance. If b...
Humantalents InternationalOne of the most interesting of these studies came several years ago at theStanford Research Inst...
Humantalents International.Left and Right-BrainIt was Albert Einstein who said that most people use only 10 percent of the...
Humantalents InternationalIf you had been Right-Brain educated, in addition to learning history and math,you would have do...
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Imagineering by jayadeva de silva


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Imagineering by jayadeva de silva

  1. 1. Humantalents InternationalIntroducing ImagineeringJayadeva de SilvaImagineering is a technique to engineer your imagination to achieve what everyou wish to achieveThe Power of the ImaginationWith just a little practice anyone can enter a state of mind that improves humancapability... a state of heightened awareness, where anything is possible!The autonomic nervous system controls your pulse and your glands. But yourimagination can also take control... you can choose what you will think about.And what you think about can change your physical body.Imagination can cause you to age faster... or age more slowly... it can cause anulcer... or heal an ulcer. Medical case histories are filled with stories of peoplewho were literally scared to death. What would a coroner write on such a deathreport—"cause of death: imagination"?Here is an interactive example that I came across on of the power of thehuman mind:First, suspend your natural disbelief, just for a minute, while you try thisexercise. Its easy and everyone can, do it. It will only take a few seconds.First relax and take a deep breath and clear your mind; now use yourimagination and try to clearly picture this in as much detail as possible:You have a bright yellow, ripe lemon in the palm of your hand. Rub the skin ofthe fruit with your hands. Feel the texture. Smell it. Now pick up a sharp knifeJayadeva de Silva 1
  2. 2. Humantalents Internationaland slice slowly through the lemon. Juice squirts and runs out of the lemononto your hand. Put a drop of juice on your finger and touch it to your tongue.Is it terribly sour?For most people, just a simple little exercise like this will cause their mouth towater.Doctors will tell you that mouth-watering is an involuntary reflex of theautonomic nervous system. Or, to put that in laymans terms, you cantphysically control it. However, you can use your imagination to think oflemons... and that will do the trick.Does it make you wonder..??. What else can the imagination control? It is vastlymore powerful than most people realize.Weve all had the experience of preparing for something important; maybe abig speech, maybe calling a potential employer, client, or even a first date, whensimply "imagining" what would happen caused our hearts to race and ourpalms to sweat.But can the imagination control influences from outside the body? The answeris yes!We have known for a long time how powerful the imagination can be, but untilrecently few have dared to study it. Today, however, scientists in many healthdisciplines are looking into "relaxation and visualization" techniques. (Theword "imagination" is more accurate than "visualization" because the mostpowerful visualization techniques involve all of the senses, not just the"visual.")Case study _Jose Silva’s researchA self-taught electronics expert, Silva was a pioneer in developing antennasystems in the early days of television. His vision and entrepreneurial spiritturned a small radio repair shop into a large, thriving electronics business.His entry into the field of mind development started at first as an offshoot ofhis natural curiosity. While his days were filled with electronics, his nights weredevoted to books on the subjects of psychology, hypnosis, and The "Success"Frequency parapsychology.Then one day, a "lucky" misfortune occurred in the Silva household: Hischildren brought home "Fs" on their report cards from school.In those days it was thought that I.Q. was something you were born with. Likeeye color, you couldnt change it. José worried, as any parent would, that badgrades and other failures might become his childrens lot in life. He decided toturn his full attention to helping them do better.The question "Could it be possible to raise ones I.Q.?" started José on hishistoric quest into mind research.Jayadeva de Silva 2
  3. 3. Humantalents InternationalHe knew from his work with electronics that the ideal circuit was one with leastresistance. If brain cells acted somehow like circuits, he reasoned, would it bepossible to lower their resistance and thus make them more receptive to storingand receiving information?Would the brain function more effectively if he could slow down the brainwaves??Using hypnosis techniques to quiet his childrens minds, José Silva discoveredthat at lower brain-wave frequencies the brain did indeed receive and storemore information. Under hypnosis, his children could remember fantasticamounts of information, such as dates, names, numbers, and other facts.However, while hypnosis helped his children remember more, it did notcontribute to better understanding. That problem is what led him to develophis famous mental training exercises.He created specific exercises that his children could use to quiet their mindsand lower their brain rhythms. They could do this without losing consciousness(as in sleep), and without losing conscious control (as in hypnosis). His firstsign of proof that this new system was working, much to his delight, was in hischildrens sharply improved grades. We know today that José Silvas initialmind-development experiments were a landmark in the study of humanconsciousness.He was the first person to prove that people can learn to function withawareness at the alpha and theta brain-wave frequencies. The medical andpsychological establishments have since confirmed this finding with numerousexperiments, of which biofeedback technology has been one of the most usefuloutcomes.Alpha Levels and the Development of Extra Sensory Perceptions-JoseSilva’s experienceA strange thing happened one evening at the Silva house. It was a normal weeknight, and José was working with his daughter Isabel on her schoolwork. Shehad relaxed and used her training to go into her alpha brain-wave level so thather father could begin quizzing her on her lessons. Suddenly, and quietly, theroutine was momentously changed. As José formed a question in his mind,Isabel answered it. It was a question he had not yet spoken! Then she answeredanother, and another. Yes that is it..She was reading his mind!Could his daughters brain, while in a relaxed state, somehow gain the power toact as a receiver of his thoughts? Did the brain have the equivalent of electroniccomponents that were able to act as transmitters and receptors? It was thebeginning of a period of experimentation and learning with alpha levels ofconsciousness that continues even to this day.Jayadeva de Silva 3
  4. 4. Humantalents InternationalOne of the most interesting of these studies came several years ago at theStanford Research Institute in California. The research was called "The DistantViewing Project." Two groups of volunteers who had experienced SilvaMethod training were chosen—one group in New York and the other inCalifornia. The West Coast group was given pads of paper and pencils, andwithout prior information, they were asked to make a sketch of what the NewYork volunteers were seeing at given moments. Meanwhile, the New Yorkvolunteers took Polaroid pictures and marked each one with a time and a date.The drawings were later compared with the photos by an unbiased third groupand judged either as a "hit" or a "miss."Would you like to guess the percentage of drawings that contained hits? Yourguess might be higher than it would have been before you started reading thisdocument. But few people ever guess as high as the actual "hit ratio"... theStanford Research Institute reported an 80 percent success ratio!How were the volunteers in California communicating with the test subjects inNew York? Were they communicating on a spiritual level? Or were theyreceiving what some researchers have called "psychotronic energy”? Onlythrough your own beliefs and experiences can you answer that question foryourself.Using the Imagination to Control Outside Influences Mike D., Chesterton writes about his experience. He had suffered the effectsof hay fever throughout his childhood and into his thirties. Anyone with anallergy knows that pollen and other allergens can be powerful outsideinfluences!He simply decided that he was tired of the swollen, itchy eyes, the asthma, andworst of all, the uncontrollable runny nose and sinus congestion. Using histraining, he was able to imagine the symptoms away. And now late summer ishis favorite time of the year!Unbelievable! But you already know fro what we discussed above that you canmake your saliva glands flow, heart race, and sweat glands open. You know thatgreat actors can make their tear ducts cry on command. The glands that cause arunny nose are just as easy to control, if you know how.The relaxation and visualization techniques are on the cutting edge of medicalresearch today. Researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center haveused imagination techniques, to help children with asthma. And theyve hadoutstanding success. Theyve shown that children can use these techniques toreverse the swelling of bronchial passages that can choke off their air supply,regardless of whether the asthma attack was brought on by stress or an outsideinfluence—an allergen like pollen, dust, or pet hair.Jayadeva de Silva 4
  5. 5. Humantalents International.Left and Right-BrainIt was Albert Einstein who said that most people use only 10 percent of theirmental capacities. By implication he was saying that his brain was no differentfrom anyone elses, that he had only learned to use more of it than otherpeople. Our brains function as two halves, a Right Brain and a Left Brain—twobrains with two very different functions and points of view. One of the mostexciting things youll find in your alpha level is the ability to listen to your RightBrain.In normal waking consciousness, the Left Brain rules. It is logic, it is ego, it isthe little voice inside your head that nags you and tells you that you cantpossibly do this. The Left Brain helps you remember to balance yourcheckbook, brush your teeth, and take out the garbage .Its the timekeeper. Itis also your primary mode of functioning on a daily basis at work. It likes tounderstand the world one thing at a time in a proper order, using deductivereasoning. The Left Brain "cant see the forest for the trees." The Right Brain,on the other hand, thinks globally. It is creative, intuitive, and instinctive. It isruled by feelings and sensations. It understands everything all at once, ininexplicable leaps of faith.The Right Brain allows baseball players to catch a fly ball without sitting downwith a pencil to figure out force, trajectory, and wind speed. Outfielders see thebat hit the ball, and without stopping to think, they intuitively start running tothe spot where it is going to fall. If you ask great musicians to look at theirfingers while they are playing, the music will invariably stop. At its best, musicflows freely from the Right Brain. Great musicians learn how to put their LeftBrains on hold while they play freely from their emotional Right Brain. As youlearn to go to your alpha level and work on a problem in your imagination, youwill begin to discover the power of the Right Brain. Stress drifts away; timedisappears; worry, negativity, and doubts are abandoned.You enter a waking dream where everything is possible and you are in completecontrol. You feel intuitively what is right and wrong, and solutions to problemssimply come to you. This is precisely the way the worlds most famous geniuseshave described their own inspirations. Newton described how the theory ofgravity came to him while resting under a tree. Max Planck, who invented thequantum theory of physics, said the theory just popped into his head whileresting in a hot bath. Einstein liked to work on problems as he awoke from hisafternoon naps.Perhaps this ability to think clearly while experiencing a deep state of relaxationis what has separated geniuses from the rest us. But now anyone can learn todo this!Jayadeva de Silva 5
  6. 6. Humantalents InternationalIf you had been Right-Brain educated, in addition to learning history and math,you would have done less passive learning and more experiential learning. Youwould have had classes like “Imagineering”.” Basic Creative Imagination" and"Enhancing Intuition, Instinct, and Inspiration." Both students and teacherswould have talked less and done more. Youd have studied telepathy,psychometry, and all sorts of other Right-Brain sensing experiences.Unfortunately, that is a whole realm of human potential that is left unstudiedand unlearned.Reprogramming your mindPsychologists say that the harder you try to break a habit, the more certain it isthat you will fail! This seems paradoxical, and yet most of us have had thisexperience. What you think about generally becomes your reality. If you areconstantly thinking about your bad habit, it will never leave your mind; it willnever go away.For the most part, people are very good at negative self-programming. Do youdo this? When you get home from work, you plop down in an easy chair, take adeep breath, settle into a comfortable state of mind, and then start thinkingabout everything that went wrong during the day. If you go over in your mindeverything that has gone wrong and everything that can go wrong, then whatare you creating? You are reinforcing your troubles, deepening your problems,and prolonging your difficulties.Parents, teachers, clergy, doctors, and bosses are very good at correcting whatwe do wrong. Few ever show us what is right. We internalize this type ofteaching and use it on ourselves. You can learn to break lifelong habits, almosteffortlessly!Now that you understand this, youre going to stop thinking about yourproblems and start thinking about solutions, right? If only it were that easy foryou. The bad news is that you are programmed to think the way you already do.The good news is that the alpha level is where basic programming can bedeveloped for your mind. It is like the DOS, or system level, in a computer.A good hypnotist can bring you to an alpha level and give you mental programsto follow. a hypnotist can help you break habits, like smoking. But the strengthof hypnotism is always limited by the willpower of the participant. Nohypnotist can make you stop smoking if you dont truly want to stop. Theresan axiom in psychology that says when the will and the imagination are inconflict, the imagination always wins.Jayadeva de Silva 6