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Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue

Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue



Logona\'s catalogue for 2008/9 showing their complete range of certified organic beauty products

Logona\'s catalogue for 2008/9 showing their complete range of certified organic beauty products



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    Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue Logona Organic cosmetics and Skin care Catalogue Presentation Transcript

    • LOGONA History German Quality lC ura o 3 sm Nat yea0 Why German personal care products anyway? etic r of s Manufacturing personal care products and cosmetics using natural, herbal ingredients has LOGONA History Ex pe very deep roots in Germany. Long before the beginnings of LOGONA, German companies led r ti s e the world in terms of both quantity and quality for these products. The relatively new generation of German natural manufacturers, among which LOGONA still counts itself, stands firmly on The story of LOGONA is closely associated with the shoulders of this tradition. 1978 the rise of the German natural marketplace, where the company today serves as a leading Strong competition increases quality and stimulates innovation supplier of natural personal care products. Many strong natural brands of personal care products thrive in Germany, and During the 1970s, a wave of environmental new companies emerge with new brands every year. This large group of suppliers, consciousness and activism rolled through competing for the same consumers with similar arguments for similar products, Europe, giving life to many alternative has helped create a very vibrant market. To succeed, a supplier must first meet enterprises and political groupings. Organic 1985 the high quality standards of the competition. The products must also perform agriculture, renewable energy and well to meet consumer expectations. Finally, to remain successful, a German environmental responsibility became the supplier must continually innovate and keep pace with market developments. watchwords of this movement. In 1975 in Hanover, Germany, a group of friends opened a shop featuring the few available products The German natural product industry enforces its own high standards Quality creates Trust that fit the values of this new, green alternative Despite the sometimes intense competition, German manufacturers of natural personal care products have recognized that common Manufacturing personal care products without synthetic movement. To expand their store’s selection, 1992 interests and values bind them strongly. For example, they have adopted a common definition for the term “natural”, as it applies to preservatives requires especially careful procedures to handle this “Lorien Goods” group began to import personal care products. Moreover, they have accepted a tough (and costly) enforcement mechanism, overseen by the trade associa- both raw materials and finished products. Only the slightest products, and then to wholesale these products tion BDIH. The BDIH “Certified Natural” seal of approval is awarded only to products that conform to the published criteria, described contamination can ruin an entire production run. LOGONA to other stores. In 1977, they tried their hand on page 39 and, in more detail, on the website www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de. This highly successful program grows from year utilizes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharma- at manufacturing simple bodycare products, to year, and now includes many products from countries outside Germany. ceutical production standard, to guide its manufacturing. In and the LOGONA idea was born. spring of 1999, LOGONA successfully completed an Government controls protect consumers “Environmental Audit” of its entire operation, conducted Bodycare products manufactured and 1998 under mandate of the German federal government. packaged from a broad ecological standpoint Unlike the American FDA, which also establishes rules for ingredients in personal resonated with a growing number of care products, German governmental agencies enforce their rules rigorously. For 30 Years Expertise with Natural Personal Care consumers. The product line has steadily example, government agents visit manufacturers regularly to inspect expanded over the years to meet growing manufacturing procedures, and to take product samples for testing. The testing Table of Contents Despite its steady growth, LOGONA has remained true to its consumer interest. Today, over 200 natural includes checking the accuracy of ingredient declarations printed on packaging. founding principles. Many personnel from those early days personal care and cosmetic products carry the As a result, fraudulent ingredient listings have been practically eliminated. By still work with the company today. The collectively organized History 2 LOGONA label. contrast, accepting the truthfulness of American personal care products requires 2004 LOGONA employs more than 220 full time employees, and German Quality 3 from the consumer a leap of faith in the honesty of the manufacturer. Facial Care 4-16 places special emphasis on social responsibility and fairness Strict ingredient quality standards have always Natural Nails Series 17 towards employees and community. been fundamentally important to LOGONA Active media role increases consumer confidence Color Cosmetics 18-21 product formulation and manufacturing. Makeup Removers 22 LOGONA product quality standards have continually The German consumer enjoys a high level of accessible, quality information to LOGONA products utilize the highest quality, Hair Color 23-27 improved to correspond with advances in manufacturing assist in evaluating products. For example, the monthly magazine, ÖKO-TEST, natural raw materials, such as premium Hair Care 28-29 know-how and more rigorous ingredient standards. For publishes critical reviews of consumer products from natural and environmental botanical oils, herbal extracts and essential oils Mineral Cleansers 30-31 example, every LOGONA product complies with the stringent 2006 standpoints. It analyzes leading brands from both the natural and conventional derived from organic agriculture and Daily Care Series 32-33 BDIH ingredient criteria as a certified natural product, and marketplaces in terms of ingredients, packaging, performance and price. The wildcrafting. Body Care 34-39 carries the BDIH Seal of Approval. magazine has been a leading factor in increasing German consumer awareness, LOGONA Free 40 manufacturer responsibility, and product quality. LOGONA for Man 41 Aside from rigorous ingredient standards, No advance in product quality, however, has come at the Baby Care 42 LOGONA products must also conform to cost of the company’s steadfast commitment to environ- See page 46 for a listing of LOGONA products recently evaluated by ÖKO-TEST. Child Care 43 industry leading ecological standards regarding mental responsibility. The goal to make quality personal care Oral Care 44-45 minimal resource consumption during products with minimal impact on the planet and its resour- 2007 ÖKO-TEST & Animal Testing 46 manufacturing, and minimal and recyclable Vegan products in the brochure are identified by this symbol. ces remains foremost. BDIH Certified Natural 47 packaging for the finished products. This brochure is printed on chlorine-free and acid-free bleached paper from sustainable forestry. 2 3
    • Facial Care Facial Care Cleansing Facial Scrub Cream The biological rhythm of skin The gentle formula contains very finely ground particles dry and sensitive skin and refreshing cleansing agents to exfoliate dead skin cells Underlying the LOGONA facial care program is a and impurities, producing a radiantly fresh skin tone. solid knowledge base focussed squarely on the Cleansing Milk Wild Rose natural functions of human skin. Derived from The silky formula gently Facial Toner Wild Rose both modern dermatology and traditional herbo- frees the skin from particu- This mild, alcohol-free toner gently harmonizes and logy, this expertise enables development of lates and makeup residue. stimulates the skin after cleansing, and prepares it optimally products which gently, but effectively stimulate Ideal for daily use. for the moisturizing or treatment product to follow. the skin’s own powers of correction and healing. Corresponding to the natural rhythms and require- ments of your skin, LOGONA formulates its facial Dry skin care products to deliver moisture and protection from external influences during the day, and to stimulate Dry skin is characterized by a finely pored, thin and somewhat the skin’s regenerative functions during the night. brittle surface layer. It tends to suffer from patches of irritation and red blotchiness, and frequently lacks elasticity. Symptoms In this way, the LOGONA program of coordinated that accompany dry skin include uncomfortable feelings of day-and-night facial care supports optimally the tension, itchiness, and premature wrinkling. External influences, protective, regenerative, and self-correcting such as solar radiation, cold, wind, and indoor heating, generally functions of our skin. aggravate dry skin symptoms. LOGONA facial care for dry skin employs a rich phytocosmetic Sensitive skin care blend of deeply moisturizing, healing and soothing botanical Show the world ingredients, as well as natural moisture retaining agents. Mild vegetable oils ease skin tension and support natural regeneration Sensitive facial skin is characterized by a very low your most beautiful face processes to increase skin elasticity, providing immediate and tolerance to external or internal stress factors. These tangible textural can include environmental and climatic factors, or Experience the unique pleasure of naturally beautiful, improvement. emotional upset and inner disharmony. Sensitive skin healthy skin. LOGONA products protect and nurture reacts with red blotches, irritated patches, tightness of Day Cream Rose your skin using gentle botanical forces. Active phyto- the skin, or itchiness. This increased level of sensitivity delivers the deep, lasting cosmetic ingredients and premium plant oils deliver can occur as a temporary condition for all skin types. hydration your dry skin your skin all it needs to retain its natural radiance and needs. Cocoa butter and healthy good looks. LOGONA facial care products for sensitive skin contain other natural moisturizers, active phytocosmetic ingredients that soothe, protect premium botanical oils, and LOGONA formulates its facial care products to meet and moisturize skin. They provide relief to the troubling rose blossom extract the individual requirements of your particular skin conditions of blotchiness, irritations, and uncomfortable combine to restore a supple, condition. All formulations incorporate the latest skin tautness. The products also contain stimulating silky texture to your skin. advances in dermatology, and take into consideration and enlivening ingredients, intended to reinforce and the changing environmental influences impacting your Night Cream Rose strengthen the skin’s own resistance and natural repair skin every day. supports your dry skin's natural regenerative functions as it rests functions. through the night. Rich in premium oils, natural moisturizers, and LOGONA follows the principle of skin self-correction moisture retaining agents, this treatment cream restores healthy Day Cream Aloe skin balance and elasticity, and reduces tiny wrinkles and fine delivers the stimulating moisture and protective care LOGONA facial care features Human skin is alive and sensitive. It reacts to seasonal lines. your sensitive skin needs. Aloe, almond oil and green changes, to changes in life’s circumstances, and to + 100% BDIH Certified Natural tea extract help reduce problem skin tension and environmental influences. These factors can cause – 0% synthetic colors, fragrances, or reinforce your skin‘s own protective functions. Your preservatives normal, healthy skin to become oily, dry, or highly skin feels cared for and relaxed. – 0% paraffins or other ingredients sensitive. The typical approach of skin care products Eye Gel Quince & Aloe derived from petrochemicals to add oil and moisture to dry skin, or to withdraw them for dry and sensitive skin Night Cream Aloe – 0% ingredients derived from animal from oily skin, is simply not adequate. With this delivers ideal, rich hydration to firm the slack, supports your skin‘s natural regenerative functions as suffering or death approach, the skin generally receives the wrong signal sometimes puffy skin around the eyes. It helps you rest through the night. Aloe, jojoba and avocado + Dermatologist testing to ensure superior to correct the underlying problem. LOGONA products reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles. Your skin skin compatibility and effectiveness of oil soothe and relax your sensitive skin, and supply the work differently. looks refreshed and enlivened. every product moisture it needs. Regular use helps reduce chronic skin tension and tiny wrinkles. 4 5
    • Facial Care Facial Care Supplemental Care for the special needs of your skin Combination skin care Vitamin Cream Avocado provides rich, intensive care for skin areas deficient in both Combination facial skin is characterized by the moisture and oil. Premium avocado, almond and olive oils, simultaneous occurrence of both dry and oily skin soothing chamomile extract, and moisture retaining glycerin areas. Typical for this condition is an oily area of combine to provide lasting care and a noticeable improve- larger pores in the forehead, nose, and chin ment in elasticity and skin texture. Natural Vitamin E supports Cleansing products for combination and blemished skin the skin's own protective functions against free radicals and (the T-Zone), and a dry area of fine pores in the other external stressors, which can lead to premature ageing. cheeks. The oily areas frequently tend to develop Facial Scrub Gel Cleansing Foam Mint skin blemishes. very finely ground particles and frees the skin from particulates, Vitamin Cream Linden mild foaming agents exfoliate excessive skin oil, and makeup delivers your skin stimulating hydration around the clock. LOGONA addresses the unique requirements of excess skin oil, dead skin cells and residue with gentle sudsing The light composition of jojoba and almond oil, linden combination skin with products containing impurities. action. A natural botanical com- blossom extract, and natural moisturizing agents, gives your Vitamin E and Provitamin A help improve your skin's natural A balanced ingredient complex plex protects the skin from mois- specific active ingredients known to have skin a soft, supple feel. Natural Vitamin E enhances your resistance to external stressors, which can lead to premature preserves the skin’s natural ture loss and helps produce a skin's resistance to free radical damage, which can lead to signs of ageing. harmonizing effects on the natural functions of smoothness. clear, finely-textured complexion. premature signs of ageing. skin. The goal of each product is to induce more Hydrating Gel Aloe balance in the skin. LOGONA combination skin Cleansing Mask Mint Facial Toner Mint Vitamin Cream Carrot a light, oil-free moisture gel that refreshes and stimulates skin products also hydrate the skin intensively, which clarifies and controls shine, and clarifies and refreshes the skin gives your complexion a fresh, radiant tone. Premium with nourishing aloe vera combined with the extracts of fights blemish producing bacteria after cleansing with an anti- is critical for this condition to achieve a naturally botanical oils and phytocosmetic extracts provide lasting horsetail, eyebright and rose petal. Your skin appears enlivened with an active botanical complex. bacterial formula supplying care and stimulating hydration to all skin types. Natural and refreshed, and wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. attractive, fine complexion. Removes excessive skin oil, potent botanical ingredients, and particulates, and dead skin cells prepares the skin optimally for without irritating skin. the treatment product to follow. Blemished skin care Natural Lip Care The delicate skin of your lips is extremely sensitive. With no Youthful skin is especially sebaceous glands to supply susceptible to skin eruptions and protective oil, and blemishes. Hormonal changes only a thin epidermal layer, it tends to dry accompanying puberty tend to out readily, cause an overproduction of sebum appearing chapped (skin oil). The often enlarged skin and sometimes pores can become blocked, pre- even tearing. venting the normal flow of sebum This becomes especially and metabolic waste products to problematic in the skin surface. The resultant extreme climate Day Cream Hamamelis bacterial infection causes the conditions. delivers the harmonizing care and hydration formation of a whitehead or Clear Skin Moisture Fluid Sage & Mint your combination skin needs. Mild botanical oils blackhead blemish. delivers light, refreshing moisture to oily, blemish-prone skin. The antibacterial agent and soothing extracts of witch hazel, mallow Lip Balm Usnea barbata, coupled with the active constituents in sage and mint, help clarify and chamomile help regulate your skin‘s oil and provides your lips a and refine your skin‘s appearance. Using natural cosmetic expertise, moisture balance. Promotes an even, matte and balanced supply of both oil and finely textured appearance. LOGONA Clear Skin products moisture with a blend of premium Clear Skin Blemish Stick Sage & Mint offer an effective, systemmatic The Blemish Stick, rich in botanical botanical oils and waxes. LOGONA delivers targeted, natural, antibacterial treatment to troubled skin areas. A gentle Night Cream Hamamelis approach to combat the problem antibacterial agents, provides Lip Balm will not make your lips but effective botanical blend of sage, mint, rosemary and Usnea lichen extracts, in supports the natural regenerative processes of “dependent”, as is sometimes the combination with pure organic ethanol, helps control the bacteria that causes of blemish-prone skin. The light targeted treatment to problem spots. your skin. The light, harmonizing formula with case with paraffin based products. blemishes, without irritating your skin. Moisture Fluid nurtures the skin Finally, during the day, the Blemish mild botanical oils, witch hazel and mallow helps naturally balance your skin‘s oil and moisture with necessary hydration, while Concealer effectively covers Clear Skin Blemish Concealer needs. Promotes a harmonious, cared-for stimulating the skin’s own healing blemishes, allowing you to relax covers pimples and blemishes effectively. Extracts of sage, rosemary, and Usnea appearance. and regenerative processes. about your appearance. lichen also help control the bacteria that cause blemishes, without irritating the skin. 7 6
    • Facial Care Facial Care Cleansing Hydration and Protection Facial skin needs regular cleansing to remove Every good skin care moisturizer and treatment product has the ultimate accumulated dead skin and dirt particulates, goal to regulate and stabilize the skin’s own acid mantle, a very thin layer excessive oil, perspiration and metabolic wastes, and of emulsified oil-and-water with a slightly acidic pH. This mantle, or hydro- makeup. Cleansing opens the pores, preparing the lipid film, varies according to skin condition and type. The closer a skin skin to receive subsequent treatment. A good facial product matches the mantle’s composition, the more readily the skin will cleanser must function gently, without irritating the Facial Care 101 absorb it. With this in mind, LOGONA utilizes only carefully selected, purely skin with aggressive ingredients. LOGONA cleansers natural botanical oils, natural moisture retention agents, and botanical contain only the mildest cleansing agents, plus extracts to stimulate the skin’s self corrective mechanisms. natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize. Cleanse twice daily, in the morning and before LOGONA Day Creams reinforce the fragile acid mantle, deliver it additional retiring. moisture, and protect it from negative environmental factors. Since these Toning creams often underlie foundation and other makeup, they penetrate readily An important step of a facial care program, toning, into the skin quickly, and leave hardly a trace. follows cleansing and precedes moisturizing or similar facial care treatment. Applying a toning lotion LOGONA Night Creams support the natural regenerative functions of the provides a supplemental cleansing and facial rinse, skin. Each night cream delivers to the acid mantle a specific blend of active and floods the open pores with pure botanical and nourishing ingredients, selected to benefit a specific skin condition. extracts selected to benefit a specific skin condition. Botanical extracts stimulate and strengthen the self healing and regeneration LOGONA toning lotions target specific responses of the skin. In this way, the skin can recover during the night from the from vital skin functions. exertions and stressors which it encountered during the day. Despite their Apply after every facial cleansing. Either massage rich content of active botanical ingredients, LOGONA night creams have a and pat directly into the skin with your fingertips, or fine, light consistency. Heavier creams can interfere with the skin’s respiration use a couple of toner-moistened cotton pads to wipe and metabolism during the night. skin completely. Deep cleansing For blemished skin, hydration is best achieved with a very light emulsion, A skin care program designed for combination and/or like LOGONA Clear Skin Moisture Fluid, which binds excessive surface skin blemished skin should include periodic deep oil (sebum) for re-absorption. This also reduces the shininess of the skin. At cleansing provided by a facial mask. This cleansing the same time, antibacterial agents counteract inflammation associated with step complements and reinforces the regular daily blemishes. skin cleansing. Because this skin type tends to react to external influences with excessive oil production For maturing skin, the standard approaches to hydrate and protect the skin or skin eruptions, the cleansing mask should contain almost always require supplementation of specialized, therapeutic products. only very gentle ingredients, carefully chosen for LOGONA offers a six product series of facial products, the Age Protection their positive effect on blemished skin. LOGONA Mint series, formulated to address the unique requirements of maturing skin. Cleansing Mask, for example, contains soothing herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Care and Protection Use once or twice weekly. Follow with an application for the delicate area around the eyes of toning lotion. For the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which contains practically no Exfoliation oil and very little water, a specialized hydration and treatment product is Most skin types benefit from occasional gentle exfoliation by a facial cleanser containing finely ground particles generally recommended. These particularly dry skin areas tend to develop that loosen dead skin cells, open encrusted pores, and stimulate circulation. Skin generally appears smoother premature wrinkles. In the area below the eyes, watery deposits and puffiness and clearer following exfoliation. However, gentle ingredients and a gentle technique are both important to tends to develop. Cooling, soothing moisture gels, such as LOGONA’S Quince avoid irritating the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, LOGONA offers a creamy, non-foaming exfoliating cleanser, & Aloe Eye Gel, are particularly well suited to moisturize and firm slack, puffy and for combination and blemished skin, a sudsing gel. skin and reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles. Use once or twice weekly in place of your regular cleanser. Follow with toning lotion. 8 9
    • Facial Care LOGONA Age Protection Comprehensive protective care with Nature’s finest ingredients What happens to your skin as it ages? LOGONA Age Protection products provide a very high level Viewed scientifically, your skin begins to age in your mid-20s, of skin care and treatment, reflecting the much more when metabolic, circulatory, and lymphatic systems all begin demanding requirements of maturing skin. These products to slow down. The resulting lowered intake of nutrients and rely upon three kinds of mutually reinforcing ingredients: oxygen causes a reduction in the skin’s fatty tissues, which are concentrated phytoactive ingredients, natural moisturizing needed to bind and store moisture. Lowered moisture retention agents, and premium botanical oils. They compensate for creates the conditions for line and wrinkle formation. Also, the skin deficiencies, stimulate the skin’s own self-correcting depletion of skin oils and moisture weakens the skin’s natural capabilities, and improve the skin’s acid mantle. repair functions and its resistance to external influences. Comprehensive protective care at this level produces in Weakening of regenerative powers reduces your skin’s self- maturing skin a natural radiance and healthy vitality. correcting capabilities. The first signs are increased dryness, reduced elasticity, and increased sensitivity of your skin. LOGONA Facial Care Vegan products are identified by this symbol. • BDIH Certified Natural • free of synthetic colorants, fragrances and preservatives • free of paraffin and other petrochemical derivatives • free of ingredients derived from animal death • Dermatologist tested for compatibility and effectiveness 10
    • Facial Care Cleansing NEW Age Protection Cleansing Foam frees your skin gently but thoroughly of particulates, make- up residues and excess skin oils, and prepares it optimally for the skin care treatment to follow. The mild formula, which includes aloe vera, extracts of bamboo and algae, and a small amount of plant-derived sudsing agents, gives your skin a fine, matte texture. The pleasantly mild foaming action leaves your skin feeling clean, supple and smooth. Botanical skin nutrients moisturize and protect it from dehydration. Application: Gently massage LOGONA Age Protection Clean- sing Foam into your moistened skin and rinse with ample warm water. NEW Age Protection Clarifying Toner refreshes and clarifies maturing skin after cleansing, optimally preparing it for the skin treatment to follow. The stimulating combination of aloe vera, circulation-improving natural caffeine, and the extracts of witch hazel and rosemary flood the open pores of cleansed skin for maximum benefit. Application: Use after cleansing your face, morning and evening. Apply to cotton pad and gently massage into your skin – face, neck and décolleté. Age Protection Facial Steam Bath NEW relaxes your skin, opening the pores fully to make your skin optimally receptive for the skin care treatment to follow. Premium extracts from orchid, papaya, chamomile, horsetail and silky lotus blossom help refine and improve the skin structure. The subtle fragrance of pure essential oils enhance the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. Application: We recommend a steam bath once a week after cleansing with LOGONA Age Protection Cleansing Foam. Pour the content of one ampule into a bowl with about half a liter of very hot water. Lean over the bowl and let the warm steam work into your facial skin. Prepares ideally for subsequent facial care product, such as the Age Protection Moisture Treatment, Wrinkle Therapy Fluid or Night Cream. 11
    • Facial Care Application: Apply before retiring to the cleansed, toned skin of your face, neck and décolleté. Ideal for use after treatment with LOGONA Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive improvement of skin moisture – reduced depth of lines and wrinkles Facial Care Age Protection Day Cream protects and cares for the special needs of maturing skin with a carefully selected blend of premium oils and essences. Shea butter, broccoli seed oil, and argan oil leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and silky. Extracts of aloe vera and samphira deliver deep, essential hydration. The active ingredient complex of white tea, isoflavones and Vitamin E protects skin naturally against external stress factors, such as free radicals. Your skin develops a radiant, well-cared for appearance, as fine lines and signs of fatigue diminish. Application: for optimal results, apply to clean skin every morning. Age Protection Eye Wrinkle Cream delivers nourishing moisture and care to the delicate Clinical dermatological studies have shown: skin surrounding your eyes with a creamy, phytoactive Highly effective skin protection against complex of certified organic almond oil and calendula free radicals extract, plus grape seed oil, shea butter, and eyebright extract. It reduces tiny dry skin wrinkles and lines, giving skin a lively and refreshed appearance. Age Protection Night Cream NEW Application: Morning and evening pat gently into the promotes the natural regeneration of mature skin with an delicate skin surrounding the eyes. If you tend to have extremenly rich blend of bio-active ingredients. puffiness below the eyes, we recommend the Eye Gel An effective ingredient complex of premium vegetable Quince and Aloe for dry and sensitive skin. oils and essences, including shea butter, jojoba oil and bamboo extract, nourishes the skin with deep, lasting hydration. Precious argan oil supports the natural repair functions of the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and Clinical dermatological studies have shown: supple. Natural caffeine combines with the highly + improved skin moisture content effective extracts of samphira and Indian myrrh to activate – reduction of depth of lines and wrinkles cell metabolism, improvingelasticity and retarding wrinkle development. For re-freshed and radiantly beautiful skin. 12
    • Facial Care Age Protection Eye Gel NEW reduces fine lines and signs of fatigue of the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, and leaves the skin feeling instantly refreshed. An effective ingredient complex consisting of eyebright, quince and natural caffeine nourishes and stimulates the skin, while reducing puffiness and dark rings under the eyes. Aloe vera and vegetable-based glycerin provide vitalizing moisture, and bamboo extracts leave the skin feeling incredibly smooth. The gel reflects incident light in a way that also reduces the appearance of fine lines Application: Apply morning and evening by gently dotting around the eyes. The gel may be refrigerated prior to application for an added freshness effect. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + high efficient improvement of skin moisture – reduced depth of lines and wrinkles Age Protection Lip Contour Cream NEW relieves the microtensions that cause tiny wrinkles of expression in the delicate area around the lips. Aloe vera, precious argan oil and jojoba oil deliver nourishing, intensive moisture and care. Concentrated active components from Indian myrrh minimize and diminish wrinkles. The result is visibly smoother lip contours. Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance NEW Application: Apply morning and evening reinforces the natural barrier function of your skin's to the skin surrounding the lips. hydro-lipid film, also known as the acid mantle. It retards moisture loss, and provides increased elasticity. The startling 2-phase consistency of the product stems from immiscible botanical oils and moisturizing Clinical dermatological studies have shown: agents. White tea, one of nature's best antioxidants, slows premature skin ageing. The vitamin-rich Sea + distinct improvement of skin firmness and elasticity Buckthorn oil soothes your skin and, thanks to its slight coloration, instantly freshens your appearance. Asian bamboo extract leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily smooth and delicate. Application: Shake well before use. Mix in palms of hands and apply to face, neck and décolleté. Can be used as an alternative to day cream, or in the evening for added intensive moisture, prior to application of LOGONA Age Protection Night Cream. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive enrichment of skin moisture – significant reduction of wrinkle depth 13
    • Facial Care Age Protection Lifting Serum Age Protection Wrinkle Therapy Fluid NEW produces instantly visible lifting effects. The treats the full range of skin ageing issues, delivering long luxurious, delicately fragranced serum contains a lasting moisture, protection and care. Its phytoactive high concentration of phytoactive ingredients, ingredient complex includes certified organic jojoba, soy including bamboo, gotu kola, witch hazel and oil, and sea buckthorn oil, plus hyaluronic acid, shea Indian myrrh, which visibly reduce wrinkles. butter, grape seed oil, and the extracts of bamboo and Premium nourishing substances such as jojoba oil quince. and Shea butter leave the skin feeling silky and It stimulates your skin's own repair functions, tightening smooth. Natural caffeine and the highly effective skin tissues and giving your skin a supple, velvety texture. extract of Indian myrrh stimulate cell metabolism Facial fatigue and stress, fine lines and wrinkles are and prevent the development of wrinkles. significantly reduced. Skin feels fresh and looks fresh. Application: Apply a thin layer mornings and/or Application: Apply a thin layer morning and evening to evenings after cleansing and toning to face, neck the cleansed skin of face, throat and décolleté. To enhance and décolleté. Follow with your regular LOGONA the effectiveness of the Wrinkle Therapy Fluid, we also Age Protection day or night cream. recommend using LOGONA Hydro Active Ampule Cure on a monthly basis. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + increase in skin firmness – significant reduction of wrinkle depth Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + intensive enrichment of skin moisture – significant reduction of wrinkle depth Age Protection Skin Firming Gel refreshes appearance of dry, maturing skin immediately following application. The gentle, purely botanical formulation stimulates cells and refines pores. Vitalizing hydration produces a measurable improvement in skin texture. Balancing and nurturing herbal extracts strengthen and tighten facial contours, reducing the depth of tiny, dry skin wrinkles and fine lines. Skin appears firmer, smoother, and finer-textured. Application: Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin in the morning and evening, and follow with your customary LOGONA day or night care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + facial moisture – tautness and strength 14 12
    • Facial Care Age Protection Hydro Active Ampule Therapy stimulates cellular activity and natural regenerative processes with a rich blend of phytocosmetic concentrates. Moisture retention visibly improves, and skin texture becomes finer, smoother, and firmer. Application: Use over a 10-20 day period, massaging the contents of one ampule into the cleansed skin before retiring at night. Follow with your customary LOGONA care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + improvement in skin moisture + skin tautness and elasticity Age Protection Moisture Treatment hydrates dry and maturing skin deeply with a very rich formulation, producing moisturizing benefits you can see and feel immediately. Grape seed oil and natural humectants protect from renewed moisture loss and restore a healthier, suppler skin condition. Fine lines and tiny wrinkles are reduced. Application: 1-2 times per week apply generously to cleansed face, throat and décolleté, and allow to penetrate for 20 minutes. At your option, remove excess with warm compresses or cotton pads. Follow with your customary LOGONA facial care product. Clinical dermatological studies have shown: + skin tautness and elasticity 15
    • Facial Care NEW Foundation Age Protection Cream Foundations provide a radiantly beautiful complexion throughout the day. Three shades, derived from the combination of nourishing botanical oils, moisturizers, and light- reflecting mineral pigments, produce even, balanced and natural skin tones. Conceal fine lines and fight premature skin ageing. The luxuriously silky texture applies easily and blends into your skin readily. Application: After cleansing and skin care treatment, apply Age Protection Foundation to your forehead, nose and cheeks, and massage in gentle downward outer movements. Finish by smoothing foundation out towards neck and hairline. Simplicity, subtlety, and natural balance Tinted Day Creams from LOGONA give your skin an even, natural tone, and nurture it with the lasting care of a quality moisturizer. Available in two shades, beige gold and golden bronze, for both dry and sensitive skin types. And for combination and oily skin types, the two shades beige gold matte and golden bronze matte. 16
    • Nail Care NEW LOGONA Natural Nails and nails for naturally beautiful hands Beautiful hands and nails are simply part of a well-groomed appearance. Hands and nails in particular call for special care as they are subject to external factors such as heat, cold and mechanical strain. In addition, the skin in these areas is especially sensitive and tends to lose elasticity quicker than other areas. LOGONA Natural Nails offers you everything you need for beautiful hands and magnificent nails – without any nail polish or chemicals whatsoever. Nail Repair Therapy reinforces and protects soft nails LOGONA Nail Repair Therapy hardens your nails and naturally your skin with rich care and make it soft to the touch. strengthens their structure. The regenerating formula with myrrh Almond oil and a mixture of natural essential oils add a extract also helps prevent bacterial inflammations. subtle fragrance. Myrrh extract and bisabolol, a constituent Apply to unpolished, brittle nails in need of regeneration twice of chamomile, work to prevent inflammations and support a day for two weeks, and then 1-2 times a week as needed. the natural balance of the skin. Apply sparingly. Because the Nail Repair Therapy contains nourishing oils, it cannot be combined with nail polish. Glass Nail File for extra gentle nail care Cuticle Fluid cares, protects and strengthens cuticles LOGONA Glass Nail File gently shapes your nails, sealing their edges and preventing nail breakage. Ideal for brittle LOGONA Cuticle Fluid cares for and protects both your cuticles or soft nails. and nails. Premium vegetable oils, such as certified organically File your nails only when they are dry. Always file from the grown almond and jojoba oils, smooth your skin, and help outside inwards, in order to prevent the nail from breaking. prevent hard skin formation and cuticle splitting. Occasionally rinse off the file under running water. Chamomile and calendula extracts support healthy skin regeneration, and myrrh extract helps prevent bacterial inflammations. Highly recommended to promote naturally Buffer beautiful, healthy nails. for naturally shiny nails Application: Gently massage into your cuticles daily or, if With the LOGONA Nail Buffer you will easily have shiny, necessary, because of an acute problem, more frequently. well-groomed nails – without nail polish! The first phase removes ridges and irregularities, the second phase Hand Care Concentrate smoothes the nail, and the third gives it a wonderful shine. ultimate care for stressed hands Always buff across your nails. Refresh the shine as needed with the polishing side. To care for the nails we recommend LOGONA Hand Care Concentrate intensively cares for stressed the LOGONA Nail Repair Therapy and Cuticle Fluid. hands. Premium jojoba, grape seed oil and shea butter provide 17
    • Color Cosmetics Color Cosmetics Foundations LOGONA liquid foundations give your complexion a flawless finish and natural radiance. These lightly-textured foundations contain skin nourishing oils, shine reducing natural clay particles, and natural pigments. Their powdery liquid texture applies easily to Makeup Powders harmonize skin irregularities and discolorations, to conceal fine lines, and to bind moisture. Powders help to “fix” your makeup base – whether a tinted day cream or liquid foundation – and provide a silken, matte finish. Application Tip: Apply small drops of Also, Blush Powder and Eyeshadow Powder adhere better on foundation onto your forehead, nose, cheeks powdered skin. and chin, and spread with your fingertips or makeup sponge, using outward strokes. Application Tips: Wait until the foundation has penetrated before applying a powder. In choosing between pressed and loose powder, bear in mind that a loose powder softens contours, whereas pressed powders create sharper, more clearly Liquid Foundations 01 02 defined effects. Also, pressed powders are ideal to freshen your Liquid Eyeliner makeup. Always apply powder with a brush or puff. Apply in the direction of the tiny hairs – otherwise, your complexion will Glamorous events and very special evenings call for cosmetics have a dull appearance. For a natural, understated look, choose with dramatic impact. LOGONA liquid eyeliner can produce a color one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. very special accents and depth to your eyes. A delicate line makes your eyelashes look thicker, and a thicker line produces a more extravagant look. Tip: The anthrazite shade has an interesting green shimmer, Pressed Powders 01 02 03 especially suitable for light blue and green eyes. Loose Powders 01 02 Liquid Eyeliner 01 02 LOGONA Cosmetics - Colors from Nature Concealers LOGONA's longstanding commitment to decorative cosmetics began Blush Powder Duos in the mid-1980s, when the idea of makeup products in a natural LOGONA Coversticks cover skin tone irregularities, food store was little more than a topic of amusement. At that time, LOGONA silken blush powders add freshness, warmth and Eyeliner Pencils such as reddish areas, visible capillaries, dark areas when no natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics existed, contours to your features with just a couple of strokes. Their around the eyes, age spots, or small scars. Following LOGONA launched a modest set of lipstick and eyeliner pencils exceptionally fine consistency permits them to glide on LOGONA eyeliner pencils, formulated with protective waxes the liquid foundation, apply the coverstick to the that met with immediate success. Since then, LOGONA has continued effortlessly. Each color option contains both a light and darker and jojoba, emphasize and help model your eyes. Thanks to problem areas, blending gently with your fingertips. its pioneering efforts, steadily expanding product selection and shade of the same family for greater variety and possibilites. In their mild, skin friendly formula, you can wear LOGONA eyeliners Follow with a powder to blend and fix the concealer. increasing both quality and performance. general, use the lighter shade for a subtle understated makeup, both on the outside and inside of the lid. One basic tip: light and the darker shade for more dramatic effects in the evening. shades make your eyes appear larger; darker shades smaller Coverstick 02 works with every skin tone, functioning Women have gradually come to expect comparable performance from Or blend the two shades for a unique color nuance. and deeper. according to the principle of complementary colors. both natural and conventional cosmetics. But LOGONA clearly exceeds Its yellow-green coloration balances every skin tone this measure. Not only do LOGONA cosmetics offer finely nuanced, Application Tips: To narrow a round face, apply a narrow band irregularity with your natural complexion, and is sophisticated cosmetic options for every look, they do so using the of blush below your cheekbones toward your nose. To feminize Eyeliner Pencils extremely simple to use. finest ingredients Nature has to offer, such as certified organic botanicals, the contours of an angular face, apply a blush arc from the vitamins, and natural colorants. Each LOGONA cosmetic product com- As an additional concealer option, LOGONA also offers cheekbone toward the middle of the nose. To balance a plies fully with the rigorous European criteria for certified natural a silken textured concealer cream, used triangular shaped face, apply a short upright blush stroke above cosmetics. Guaranteed to perform. Guaranteed to benefit your skin. much in the same way as a coverstick. the cheekbones. For an oval shaped face, apply a delicately 01 02 03 04 05 06 curved blush stroke directly onto the cheekbones. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Concealers Blush Powders 01 02 03 • Free of synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives Vegan products are identified by this symbol. Coverstick 01 • Free of silicones, paraffins and other petrochemicals • Free of animal testing Coverstick 02 • Dermatologist tested for optimal skin compatiblity Cream Concealer 18 19
    • Color Cosmetics Color Cosmetics Eyeshadows LOGONA eyeshadow powder duos feature an extraordinarily fine, silken texture and superior skin compatibility. Each of the four color options consists of two complementary shades in LOGONA Lip Colors – sensual and expressive the same family, one lighter and one darker. Natural mineral pigments produce the rich colors of the skin friendly formulas, Color on your lips provides a counterpoint to your eyes, a fresh, enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E. strong visual that focusses your sensuous potential. LOGONA’s collection of lip color options include classic LOGONA lipstick pencils, richly-pigmented lipsticks in various finishes, lipliners, Eyeshadow Powder Duos and luscious lip glosses. The vibrant color options range from the glossy and nearly sheer to the bold and expressive. LOGONA colors are vibrant and radiant, and provide full coverage. Rich in natural botanical oils and waxes, they nourish your lips and keep them moist and healthy looking. The textures are natural 01 02 03 04 and velvety, and moisturize your skin with the finest natural Lipstick Pencils ingredients. Lipsticks Mascaras – volume, color, definition, sex appeal 01 02 03 04* 05 06 07 08 LOGONA mascaras enhance your lashes with color, volume, and definition, while protecting them from breaking and splitting. The large, full brush coats each lash from base to tip for maximum 01 02 03 04* 05* 06 07 08 length, thickness, separation, and rich color. Mild and non- irritating, the new LOGONA mascaras condition your lashes with Eyeshadow Pencils premium ingredients. The two LOGONA eyeshadow pencils create both dramatic and subtle accents. While the highlight silver shade gives your eyes Application Tip: For maximum volume and expressiveness, a cool depth, the highlight gold produces warm, soft contours. apply mascara in several light layers, allowing each to dry briefly Thanks to the pencils’ rich, creamy texture they apply very before the next layer. easily. Blend them with a fingertip for a softer impact. Mascara 01 02 03 Lipliner Pencils 01 02 03 Eyeshadow Pencils 01 02 Lip Glosses Eye Makeup - how to make it work for you *Red – the classic lipstick color. Considered impossible to make using only natural colorants, LOGONA research has now produced for the First, apply a light shadow over the entire lid up to the first time a clear, pure red. We invite you to try and compare! 01 02 03 04 05 eyebrow, and follow with a darker shade over the moving part of the lid. In general, lighter shadows make your eyes larger; darker shadows smaller. A line of eyeliner drawn Eyebrows above the lashes makes them appear thicker and helps Lip Makeup – how it’s done model the eye. An eyeliner line on the inside of the lid We often underestimate the expressive potential of our edge also produces interesting effects. A lighter shade of eyebrows. But nicely-arched, accented eyebrows can Use a lipliner pencil to model the form of your mouth. Lipliner also acts as a barrier to prevent your lipstick color from eyeliner drawn on the inside edge of the eye gives your communicate our intent and feelings in so many ways. The firm spreading into the tiny lines surrounding your mouth. Begin by drawing the little “M” on your upper lip, and then outline eyes a radiant effect, whereas an eyeliner the same color consistency of LOGONA’s eyebrow pencil helps you color, the entire mouth with a thin line. Follow the actual edge of your lips, or draw the line just on the inside or the outside of as your eyes intensifies your eye color. Finally, define your contour and shape your brows. With the sharpened pencil, you this edge, in order to make your mouth look smaller or larger, respectively. lashes with several light strokes of mascara, applied in can draw very fine and delicate lines between your eyebrow the direction of the lash growth. Your lashes will appear hairs. Then, simply fill in the entire lip area within the liner outline with your favorite LOGONA lip shade. For an understated, thicker and longer, if you apply several layers of mascara, natural appearance, use the same or similar shade of lipstick as your lipliner. For a stronger, more expressive look, use a giving the mascara a moment to dry between layers. Eyebrow Pencil darker lipliner. Brown-Black 20 21
    • Makeup Removers New LOGONA Makeup Removers Ultra Gentle Care Makeup removal in the evening is vitally important to maintain beautiful, well-cared for skin. The new makeup removers from LOGONA are formulated for all skin types, even very sensitive skin. They effectively remove makeup and other particulates, and nourish the skin with premium botanical extracts and oils. Makeup Removal Pads with rosehip and grape seed oils These ultra soft, organic cotton pads remove makeup gently, without leaving a residue. They nourish the sensitive areas around the eyes with jojoba, rosehip and grape seed oils. Application: wipe gently over closed eyes and then rinse the skin with warm water. Makeup Removal Tissues with balm mint and aloe vera Soft, organic cotton tissues, drenched in a mild, alcohol-free cleansing emulsion, gently remove makeup and particulates from eyes, face, and throat. Sweet balm, witch hazel, silk protein and Aloe Vera nourish the skin, and help give it a wonderfully clear and refreshed appearance. Application: wipe tissue gently over eyes, faces and throat, and then rinse skin with warm water. Eye Makeup Remover Oil Pure botanical oil blend formulated to cleanse makeup gently from the delicate skin around your eyes, and to nourish the skin and lashes. Pure, simple, and non-irritating. For best results, apply a few drops to a cotton ball or tissue, and stroke gently over the closed lids. 22
    • Herbal Hair Colors Herbal Hair Colors Colors in harmony with nature Enjoy healthy, glossy hair colored to a fresh and lively shade using LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors. Whether you want only to add depth or a subtle nuance to your existing color, or to change your hair color altogether, LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors can do the job. And do it without attacking the natural structure or native color of your hair! Herbal Hair Colors really work differently Chemical hair colors aggressively remove natural pigments from the interior of the hair shaft, and replace them with synthetic dyes. In this way, your initial hair color can be completely changed. However, since natural hair pigments have a stabilizing effect on overall hair structure, repeated chemical color treatments can make hair fragile and lifeless. LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors penetrate only into the outer, scaly layer of the hair shaft, giving a coating of color over this outer layer. The natural pigments of your hair shine through this color layer. Your new hair color results from the combination of your initial color with the applied hair color layer. Brilliant color, shine and volume The botanical ingredients strengthen the + LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors color your hair gently, but with long lasting results. hair and give it naturally enhanced + Independent labs test each hair color batch volume. The extra shine results from the for residues of agricultural chemicals and smoothing effect the hair color layer has heavy metal concentrations. on the outer layer of the hair shaft. This – LOGONA hair colors do not attack the hair increases the light reflected off the hair, structure, as do permanent hair colors. which produces the typical glossiness – LOGONA hair colors are completely free of and shine of hair colored with a LOGONA synthetic colorants, fragrances, preservatives, Herbal Hair Color. and aggressive ingredients. 23
    • Herbal Hair Colors The Classics: LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Powders For nearly thirty years countless women around the world have achieved breathtaking color results with LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Powders. Available in 10 shades, ranging from a luminous golden blonde to a shimmery black, LOGONA hair color powders represent the gold standard of the mix-it-yourself hair colors. Natural Ingredients. Period. golden blonde and sahara produce many variations in LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Powders contain only 100% natural, the golden to reddish range. botanical colorants and conditioning agents. The colorants include Also common among many users is to mix a small amount certified organically grown henna, powdered walnut shells, of Henna Black into a base of Mahogany, Chestnut Brown, buckthorn, indigo, hibiscus, rhatany, coffee, rhubarb, curcuma, or Walnut Brown to darken the color result. and beet root. The conditioners are powdered wheat protein and jojoba. Additionally, the products contain a bit of algin to improve Henna Neutral Hair Treatment the texture of the color mixture, and essential oils to improve the gives hair increased volume and a silky gloss. Pure, finely- fragrance. ground plant materials nourish the scalp and protect and strengthen the hair structure. Also recommended to treat Choosing the right color problem conditions, such as chronically oily hair or irritated, A LOGONA Herbal Hair Color combines with your individual hair flaky scalp. color and hair structure to produce an individual color result not completely predictable. Fine or very light hair typically binds the hair color quicker and more intensively than thicker or darker hair. Consult with your hair stylist if you have questions about categorizing your hair structure and color. Mixing Herbal Hair Color Powders Many users achieve unique and beautiful color results by mixing two or three hair colors together. Especially in the red and brown color ranges all imaginable nuances are possible. Mixtures of 24
    • Color Creams The innovation: LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Creams Nature’s most beautiful colors – now even simpler and easier! 100% Natural Ingredients Ready-to-Use Formulations The LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Creams represent a truly new and innovative approach to hair LOGONA Color Creams contain coloring. Based solidly on decades of experience with the popular LOGONA Herbal Hair Color only natural plant colorants, such Powders, the new Color Creams add convenience and simplicity to the process. The Color as certified organically grown Creams are ready to use right out of the tube! No mixing with hot water or coffee or anything. henna, walnut shells, rhubarb, Just squeeze the product from the tube and apply. and chamomille, which color your hair gently and produce Optimized Coverage of Gray natural looking color results. Free The new Color Creams feature greatly improved gray hair coverage. This is achieved by the of synthetic colorants, fragrances, addition of green clay, which, thanks to its gentle stripping effect, prepares the hair so that and preservatives, LOGONA hair the pigment particles adhere better to the hair. colors contain none of the aggressive ingredients, such as ammonia and peroxides, Touch Up Coloring of New Growth and Roots normally contained in hair LOGONA hair colors are long lasting. For most people, after 4-8 weeks a clearly visible difference coloring products. Each LOGONA exists between the colored hair and the color of the new growth. The “roots” problem. This Herbal Color carries the BDIH seal unsightly contrast, however, is generally much more subtle than for chemically colored hair. of approval as a “certified natural Now, thanks to the creamy texture and ease of application of the Color Creams, you can color cosmetic” product. your new growth much more easily. The products’ film-forming characteristics also produce a much more blended look between your newly-colored roots and your previously color hair. 25
    • Color Creams Every color unique A LOGONA hair color combines with your individual hair color and structure to produce a color result not · Ready-to-use completely predictable or standardizable. Finely structured hair and lighter shaded hair, for example, tend formulations to bind LOGONA hair colors much quicker and more intensively than coarser or darker hair. We strongly · Especially gentle coloration recommend that you take the time to do careful strand testing. · 100% botanical colorants Herbal Hair Colors and Perms · ideal for roots cover-up We recommend that you perm first, and color second. In this way, you will achieve a full coloration, and · BDIH certified natural improve the structure of hair damaged by the perm. · no synthetic colorants, LOGONA Hair Colors and Chemical Hair Colors fragrances or preservatives · no peroxides or ammonium Using a LOGONA Herbal Hair Color on hair that has been chemically colored can easily produce an undesirable color result. Therefore, always conduct careful strand testing before attempting this. LOGONA Hair Colors and Gray Hair In general, LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors are very suitable to color gray hair. However, there is no magic wand to make gray simply disappear with purely natural colorants. Due to its unique characteristics, gray hair will always produce a lighter result than non gray hair when colored with a single application of a LOGONA hair color. The more gray you have, the lighter the overall color result will be. A perfect color result in three steps: Coloration After coloring Preparation before coloring LOGONA Color Plus cleanses Instead of a shampoo, we LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors are deeply and prepares your hair recommend LOGONA Color applied strand for strand using a optimally for coloring with any Conditioner, a specialized cleanser paintbrush. First apply the color LOGONA Herbal Hair Color. Its which seals the color into your hair, to the roots and then spread it unique combination of green increasing the intensity and along the length of each strand. mineral clay and birch leaf brilliance of the color result. Rich Leave the Herbal Hair Colors for extract gently removes all traces in nourishing burdock seed oil, between 15 minutes and two of styling products and other betaine, and wheat protein, hours, depending on the desired foreign residues, which vastly LOGONA Color Conditioner color intensity. improves the bonding between smooths your hair structure while The hair is then rinsed with plenty your hair and the color mixture. sealing the color to ensure a long of warm water. lasting color result. You can also use it between colorings to 26 maintain the original brilliance and intensity of your color result.
    • Herbal Hair Colors Initial hair colors: Color Chart Herbal Hair Colors light medium light medium dark 30% blonde blonde brown brown brown gray Herbal Hair Color Creams: Color Cream copper blonde Color Cream indian summer Color Cream nougat brown Color Cream tizian Color Cream teak Herbal Hair Color Powders: golden blonde sahara henna red flame red Print technology may produce slight color variations colored with: mahogany walnut red-brown chestnut brown natural brown brown umber henna black 27
    • Hair Care Hair Care Repair Shampoo Gingko LOGONA haircare restores healthy structure and glossy good - natural without compromise looks to your dry, damaged hair. Gentle clean- sing agents, plus a phytoactive complex of · BDIH certified natural gingko, organic calendula, silk protein, and wheat bran extract, repairs damaged hair to · carefully selected and tested herbs and oils a more manageable, supple, and shiny condi- from organic agriculture or wildcrafting tion. · especially mild, plant derived cleansing agents Treatment Shampoo Juniper · free of synthetic colorants and preservatives gently cleans hair and scalp, and soothes itchy, irritated, flaky scalp conditions. The innovative · free of paraffin, silicone and petrochemical phytoactive complex of juniper oil and organic derivatives nettles extract, plus the extracts of willow bark, birch leaf, and poplar, helps restore healthy, balanced skin functions. Balance Shampoo Lemon Balm developed especially for overly oily hair, and Conditioners and Treatments the sensitive scalp that often accompanies it. Contains gentle cleansers and a soothing com- If you wash your hair frequently, or treat it chemically in some way, then you should regularly give it the plex of betaine, silk protein and wheat bran, extra care of a conditioner or treatment product. LOGONA offers which combine to remove excess oil and har- several products that deliver your hair rich amounts of botanical monize the scalp and sebaceous gland func- extracts and oils, restoring vitality, suppleness, and manageability. tions. Organic lemon balm and natural mois- turizing agents help your hair regain its Hair Conditioner Wheat Protein bounce and natural good looks. for every hair type conditions and moisturizes your hair with burdock seed oil, natural Natural luxury for your hair Cream Shampoo Bamboo betaine, wheat bran and birch leaf extract, without making it developed especially for the unique needs of limp or heavy. Improves manageability of every hair type. Nothing attracts more than healthy, radiant hair. LOGONA hair care products give hair characterized by a brittle, weakened struc- Styling Repair Hair Treatment Jojoba your hair and scalp all that it needs to keep its natural beauty. ture. Mildly foaming cleansers, combined with improves structure and nourishes deeply a therapeutic botanical complex of moisturi- Hair Spray Silken Gloss Every hair type needs individualized care. Whether fine, damaged, oily, dull, or delivers intensive care to damaged hair, from the zing bamboo extract and structure enhancing for hold and volume. With natural film formers, botanical dandruffy hair, the newest hair program of LOGONA shampoos and hair care roots to the ends, with a natural complex of nettles broccoli seed oil, vitalize your hair and deliver conditioning agents, such as non-coloring henna and products will help you restore the natural healthy balance of your hair and scalp. extract and organic jojoba, premium botanical oils, volume, elasticity and a healthy shine. sesame oil, plus moisture retaining glycerin for enhanced Vitalizing botanical active ingredients and natural moisturizing agents provide and structural enhancers. Though developed for hold, volume, and elasticity. lasting care and a new glossy, supple elasticity. Because of the mild, plant-derived very dry, damaged hair, it offers benefits to every Volume Shampoo Honey Beer cleansing agents they contain, LOGONA shampoos are suitable for daily use. hair type. BlowDry Styler Bamboo delivers visible improvement LOGONA BlowDry Styler, with strengthening bamboo to the volume, elasticity, and strength of fine LOGONA shampoos contain no Coconut Oil extract, was created especially for creative hair styling and fragile hair. Mild cleansing agents, struc- Precious, pure coconut oil cares for and smoothes synthetic preservatives, colorants, using a blow dryer. Natural, structure enhancing damaged and over-treated hair. Also suitable for skin care. tural enhancing beer, acacia honey, organic or fragrances. They fully comply ingredients give your hair lasting volume, flexible hold calendula, wheat bran, and moisture retaining with the European BDIH criteria for and bounce, and protection from potentially damaging Conditioner Spray glycerin care for the hair without making it frequent, excessive heat. Your hair looks and feels fuller, certified natural cosmetic products, Moisture and combability for every hair type look heavy. healthier, and livelier. Application: Spray onto freshly and carry the BDIH seal of approval. The Conditioner Spray with natural betaine provides your hair washed, towel-dry hair, comb through briefly, and style with refreshing moisture, without weighing it down. Your hair is with blow dryer as customary. Essential Care Shampoo Nettles Vegan products are identified easy to comb and is given a natural bounce. provides gentle, effective hygiene and glossy by this symbol. Styling Gel Bamboo good looks for the whole family. The natural Henna Neutral Hair Treatment LOGONA Styling Gel provides flexible, natural hold; radiant, formula, developed especially for normal hair, gives hair increased volume and a silky gloss. Pure, finely-ground healthy gloss; and bounce and elasticity to curls. With contains a combination of gentle cleansing plant materials nourish the scalp and protect and strengthen nourishing bamboo extract. Close container after use! agents, moisturizing botanical oils, moisture the hair structure. Also recommended to treat problem conditions, such as chronically oily hair or irritated, flaky scalp. retaining glycerin, organic nettles extract and wheat bran. 28 29
    • Mineral Cleansers Mineral Cleansers LOGONA Mineral Cleansers Surfactant free alternatives Ghassoul (also known as Rhassoul) and Kaolin are natural clay compounds that offer very gentle, non-sudsing alternatives to soap and shampoo. Ghassoul is mined only in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and has been used for centuries throughout the Middle East as a skin and hair cleanser. Kaolin is a white, iron-free clay of extremely fine texture found in several locations worldwide. Its name derives from the Chinese area Gaoling, where its use was first documented. Kaolin has many commercial applications, perhaps the least well known of which relates to personal hygiene. Mineral cleansers function differently Soaps and shampoos clean by reducing the surface tension of the water, allowing water to rinse away dirt and oil particles more Ghassoul Clay Powder easily. Ghassoul and Kaolin work in a Recommended to cleanse sensitive or blemish-prone skin types. Its extremely different manner. When combined with mild, non-irritating, and non-sudsing cleansing action neither damages the LOGONA mineral cleansers have water, the tiny clay particles swell to form a skin’s protective acid mantle nor alters the skin’s pH. Also recommended to many advantages homogenous gel texture with an enormous wash oily or dandruffy hair. Fragrance free. Available in both 300 g (10.6 + clean skin and hair without absorption capacity. The gel binds oz) and 1 kg (2.2 lb) package sizes. stripping natural protective particulates and excessive oil, much as an layers ink blotter, and rinses away readily with Ghassoul Cleansing Gel + make hair soft, shiny, and water. Washing with a LOGONA mineral Ghassoul clay premixed to an optimal gel consistency for convenient supple, while enhancing cleanser never removes too much of the oils application. Use for sensitive or blemished skin, and oily hair. Lightly fragranced volume in your hair or skin, as aggressive soaps and with patchouli essential oil. + gradually reduce the frequency shampoos often do. Nor will these cleansers of hair washing strip the protective acid mantel layers of White Kaolin Powder + contain no synthetic colors, your skin, or irritate sebaceous glands. Recommended especially to cleanse both dry or sensitive skin types. Its fragrances and preservatives extremely mild, non-irritating, and non-sudsing cleansing action neither + full compliance with BDIH damages the skin’s protective acid mantle nor alters the skin’s pH. Also certified natural criteria recommended to wash and volumize fine hair. Available in a 150 g pack. + environmentally friendly, since they contain no surfactants or White Kaolin Cleansing Gel other ingredients that could White Kaolin premixed to an optimal gel consistency for convenient harm water resources application. Use for dry or sensitive skin, and fine hair. Lightly fragranced with lotus blossom extract. 30 31
    • Daily Care Daily Care LOGONA Daily Care – Skin Cream Bio Aloe & Olive Deep, nourishing hydration for both face and body. real talents in natural care Ideal to care for problem dry skin areas. Also recommended for delicate children’s skin. Shampoo Bio Aloe & Olive A very gentle shampoo for normal hair. Cleanses and nurtures hair with super mild sudsing agents, aloe vera and olive oil. Ideal for daily use. Free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and fragrances. Liquid Soap Bio Aloe & Lime skin friendly A very gentle natural soap recommended for frequent handwashing and/or rough hands. pH neutral and free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and fragrances. Shower Gel Bio Aloe & Lime A mild, refreshing shower gel for daily use. Nurtures with aloe vera and refreshes with natural lime fragrance. Free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and fragrances. Body Lotion Bio Aloe & Lime Light, quickly penetrating moisturizer, rich in aloe vera, jojoba and shea butter. Ideal for daily use. Free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and fragrances. Body Oil Bio Aloe & Lime A blend of certified organic oils to cleanse and massage The Daily Care series offers quality, BDIH certified skin. Improves skin elasticity and smoothness of every personal care products formulated with the entire family skin type. Free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and in mind. It also offers natural product newcomers a straightforward, uncomplicated way to explore natural fragrances. personal care. Each Daily Care product, whether for body, skin, or hair, represents a solid, basic option in a Hand Cream Bio Aloe & Jojoba market awash with choices, which many consumers find Intensive care for dry, rough hands with shea butter, overwhelming. With this set of products, we break it aloe vera and jojoba. The Hand Cream penetrates quickly down and simplify it for you. and gives your skin a soft, supple feel. LOGONA Daily Care products make no compromise with Peppermint Toothpaste ingredients. They utilize the gentlest, natural cleansers LOGONA Daily Care Gently foaming toothpaste with refreshing peppermint available, premium vegetable oils from certified organic + BDIH certified natural products agriculture, and pure, natural fragrances. And each aroma. Fine mineral particulates remove plaque build- + Made with organically grown herbs and oils product is dermatologist tested. up, without damaging tooth enamel. Zero Sodium + Dermatologist tested Lauryl Sulfate. Fluoride free. No synthetic preservatives. – No synthetic colors or fragrances – No PEGs or paraffins 32 33
    • Bodycare Bodycare LOGONA Bodycare Wellness from + BDIH certified natural products + Made with organically grown Around the World herbs and oils + Dermatologist tested – No synthetic colors or fragrances – No PEGs or paraffins Inspired by aromatic and bodycare traditions from exotic regions of the world, LOGONA now offers five sets of bodycare products that invite you to explore and experience new wellness worlds for your body and spirit. Oriental Body Wash Nordic Oriental Pomegranate & Sesame LOGONA Oriental Body Wash contains Enjoy the remarkable freshness of the pristine North in your Explore the sensual world of the beguiling Orient with your mild botancial cleansers, costly sesame daily body care. Costly extracts of arctic cranberry and richly daily body care. Costly sesame oil and pomegranate extract oil, protective pomegranate extract, plus nourishing sea buckthorn oil protect and care for your skin. provide your skin with intensive care and protection. The a warmly seductive blend of essential Cool aromatic notes of peppermint and bergamot combine warmly seductive aromatic composition of patchouli, oils. with fresh citrus notes to stimulate skin and spirit throughout jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, and orange oil fully engage Oriental Body Butter the day. your senses. Pomegranate & Sesame LOGONA Oriental Body Butter, with costly sesame oil and pomegranate Nordic Body Wash Nordic Deo Spray extract, delivers intensive, deep skin Arctic Cranberry & Sea Buckthorn Arctic Cranberry & Sea Buckthorn therapy and a silky skin texture. The The mild botanical cleansers of LOGONA Nordic Body Enjoy the remarkable freshness of the pristine North warmly seductive blend of essential oils Wash cleanse your skin gently, while costly extracts in your daily body care. Nurturing extracts and oils envelops your skin and delights your of arctic cranberry and moisturizing sea buckthorn of arctic cranberry and sea buckthorn, plus a senses. prevent it from drying. Its stimulating cool fragrance carefully selected composition of essential oils surrounds you throughout the day. deodorize your skin gently and effectively. Oriental Deo Roll-on Pomegranate & Sesame Nordic Body Lotion Nordic Hand Cream LOGONA Oriental Roll-on Deodorant Arctic Cranberry & Sea Buckthorn Arctic Cranberry & Sea Buckthorn delivers lasting, gentle freshness Enjoy the remarkable freshness of the pristine North Enjoy the remarkable freshness of the pristine North throughout the day with costly botanical in your daily body care. The costly arctic cranberry in your daily body care. Costly arctic cranberry oils and extracts, plus a warmly seductive extract and rich sea buckthorn oil of LOGONA Nordic extract and rich sea buckthorn oil provide intensive blend of essential oils. Body Lotion nourish your skin and supply new therapy for raw, rough hands. The cream penetrates elasticity and suppleness. The pleasant light cream quickly and produces a tender, supple skin texture. formulation penetrates your skin quickly. Its stimulating cool fragrance surrounds you throughout the day. 35 34
    • Bodycare Bodycare Mediterran LOGONA Mediterran bodycare products enchant the senses with an aromatic blend of herbs and essential oils native to Mediterranean lands. The inspiring Tropic Body Wash Tropic bouquet of basil, bergamot, ylang ylang, and vanilla revitalises your senses and Papaya & Coconut Milk Tropic Deo Roll-on refreshes your spirit like a day at the sea. Tropic Body Wash, rich in pineapple and LOGONA Tropic Pineapple & Papaya Mediterran Body Wash papaya extracts and nourishing coconut milk, bodycare products invite Tropic Deo Roll-on, rich in pineapple and Sage & Apricot turns routine bathing into an extraordinary you to explore the exotic Mediterran Body Oil papaya extract, plus nourishing coconut experience for both skin and spirit. world of the Caribbean. cleanses and stimulates your skin completely naturally with milk, deodorizes gently and delivers lasting Sage & Apricot Pineapple and papaya a special composition of apricots, olive oil, rosemary, and sage. freshness. delivers renewed elasticity and suppleness to your skin texture through Tropic Body Exfoliant extracts, shea butter, a deeply nourishing composition of apricot and olive oil, plus extracts Coconut & Papaya Mediterran Deo Spray coconut, and the of sage and rosemary. Ideal for relaxing massage and for daily bodycare. Tropic Bubble Bath Sage & Red Grapes Tropic Body Exfoliant, with gently exfoliating irresistible aroma of Packaged with a practical pump dispenser. Coconut Milk & Vanilla coconut fibers and vitalizing extracts of deodorizes gently and provides lasting freshness. Contains natural vanilla transform pineapple and papaya, produces a clearer, Rich, gentle suds combine with a Caribbe- the stimulating sage extract, a vitamin rich extract from red your daily bodycare into Mediterran Bubble Bath more refined skin texture. an-inspired aromatic composition for a grapes, plus nourishing safflower oil. a unique indulgence for Sage & Red Grapes deliciously indulgent experience for both both skin and senses. Tropic Body Butter Mediterran Body Lotion body and spirit. Contains nurturing coco- Rich, gentle suds combine with a Mediterranean-inspired aromatic Cocoa Butter & Pineapple Sage & Apricot nut milk, vitalizing papaya and pineapple composition to transform a simple bath into a wonderfully relaxing extracts, plus natural vanilla and coconut delivers your skin stimulating hydration with a harmonic Tropic Body Butter, with nourishing oils and mini-vacation from the day's routine. Contains warming extracts from aromas. Contains no harsh ingredients, composition of apricot and olive oil, sage, rosemary, plus a extracts of cocoa butter, shea butter, papaya sage and vitamin-rich red grapes, nurturing olive oil, combined an synthetic fragrances or preservatives. vitamin rich extract from red grapes. and pineapple, provides rich, intensive care essential oil blend of cedar, bergamot, ylang-ylang and vanilla. to your skin. 36 37
    • Bodycare Bodycare Asia LOGONA Asia products offer you a new world of bodycare experience utilizing the positive energy of traditional Asian extracts and oils. Inspiring aroma blends of ginger, sandalwood and carnation caress the senses and create precious moments of relaxation. LOGONA Anti Cellulite Massage Oil Age Protection Tightens and nurtures weakened skin Age Protection Anti Cellulite Massage Oil helps improve the Body Shaping Lotion texture and appearance of skin areas suffering from weak Tightens skin and increases elasticity connective tissue. The oils of kiwi seeds, olive and jojoba smooth the skin and provide new elasticity. Precious Age Protection Body Shaping Lotion gives skin with weak- argan oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, leaves ened connective tissue and noticeable cellulite new elasti- the skin soft and supple. Rosemary and arnica city and suppleness. Safflower and jojoba oils, shea butter, extracts stimulate blood circulation and fat and rare, organically grown argan oil nourish the skin with metabolism. Produces visibly firmer and more deep, lasting hydration. White tea-derived theine, butcher’s Asia Body Wash resilient skin. broom and horse chestnut extracts improve microcircula- Lotus Blossom & Bamboo tion in the skin and transport capacity of the lymphatic Application: morning and night, massage affected a wonderfully silky, shimmering body wash with costly system. Quince and algae extracts increase the hydration skin areas thoroughly until the oil is completely Asia Deo Spray extracts of lotus blossom and bamboo that harmonizes your and smoothen the skin. Produces visibly firmer and more absorbed. For optimal results, apply Age Protection skin and produces a wonderfully delicate skin texture. supple skin texture. Lotus Blossom & Bamboo Body Shaping Lotion afterwards. costly extracts of lotus blossom and bamboo, plus nourishing Application: morning and night, massage lotion into skin Asia Body Moisture Fluid safflower oil, deodorizes gently and delivers lasting freshness and areas with cellulite, such as thighs, buttocks, and upper Lotus Blossom & Bamboo arms. For best results, apply in combination with Age Hand Cream fragrance. a deeply moisturizing lotion with a very light gel consistency, Protection Massage Oil. Hydration and protection rich in jojoba, sesame oil, and costly lotus blossom and Asia Bubble Bath from skin discoloration bamboo extracts, nourishes the skin and delivers renewed Lotus Blossom & Bamboo elasticity and suppleness. Age Protection Hand Cream offers protection Rich, gentle suds combine with an aromatic composition inspired Clinical studies document: against development of age spots and skin from Far East traditions for a wonderfully relaxing experience for Asia Body Exfoliant discolorations caused by sun exposure. Its very both body and spirit. Pure vegetable oils and costly extracts of + increase in skin tautness Lotus Blossom & Bamboo rich formulation includes a mineral-based solar + increase in skin elasticity lotus blossom and bamboo produce a balanced skin texture and shield and ricinus oil, a natural, skin brightening - significant reduction of costly extracts of lotus blossom and gently exfoliating feel. A touch of ginger, sandalwood, and cloves add depth. appearance of cellulite active ingredient. Natural Vitamin E protects the bamboo fibers, fragranced with a hint of ginger, stimulate - noticeable reduction of skin from environmental damages. Organically thigh circumference your skin, while smoothing and refining its texture. grown almond, olive and jojoba oil, as well as calendula extracts, provide essential hydration, leaving hands noticeably soft and smooth. 39 38
    • Hypoallergenic Care LOGONA for Men LOGONA FREE very gentle care for very sensitive skin Exposed to environmental change, stress, or improper skin care, highly sensitive skin often reacts negatively, becoming irritated, blotchy, or red, and feeling excessively drawn and tight. To LOGONA mann minimize the risk of an allergic or negative reaction, highly sensitive skin Created specifically for the requires an intelligent, balanced hygiene and care program. LOGONA Free special requirements of men’s products give sensitive skin the delicate skin – which is thicker and more care it needs. robust than women’s skin – the eight product Mann series addresses all main personal LOGONA Free – natural, care needs for today’s man. All simple, effective products complement one + BDIH certified natural • Tested and endorsed by the another in function, and share + Dermatologist tested German Allergy & Asthma a tangy, woodsy fragrance + Organically grown herbs and oils Association (DAAB) derived from pure essential oils • Dermatologist tested – Free of synthetic colors, fragrances, and preservatives of cedar, citrus, pine, and • Free of synthetic colors, fragrances, – Free of petrochemical ingredients and PEGs sandalwood. and preservatives Especially formulated for the care of sensitive, allergy- • Free of petrochemical ingredients prone skin, and for skin care during homeopathic Shaving Cream the dreaded slap-in-the-face Shampoo & Shower Gel Hair Gel • BDIH certified natural treatment mild, richly foaming cream, con- sting of conventional after shave. a well-balanced combination vitalizes and strengthens hair taining a selection of soothing product for both hair and skin, structure with natural, structual herbal extracts which reduce skin Moisturizing Gel utilizing the mildest sudsing enhancing ingredients and LOGONA Free products contain only the FREE Cleansing Milk FREE Body Lotion irritations and reddening. For hydrates deeply with premium agents available. Cleans nourishing herbal extracts. mildest, natural ingredients to help very meets the unique requirements of restores a more supple texture to your highly sensitive, easily irritated skin. sensitive skin restore a more balanced, best results, apply with a quality botanical extracts and essential effectively without disturbing the Provides lasting hold for many skin and produces a well cared-for Very mild, plant-derived cleansing appearance. Premium botanical healthier condition. They protect and shaving brush onto moistened moisture, enhancing skin elasti- skin’s protective acid mantle. styles, without drying. Suitable agents and nourishing jojoba, grape ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, strengthen the skin’s acid mantle, your skin. city and tightening tissues. Helps Pure essential oils provide for every hair type. Massage into seed and sweet almond oils, combine jojoba, shea butter, and burdock seed first line of defense against negative to cleanse, clarify, and refresh the skin reduce visible lines and wrinkles, refreshing masculine fragrance. either damp or dry hair. oil, nurture and protect the skin, and external influences. gently, without drying or irritating it. help balance its oil and moisture levels. After Shave Balm and is suitable for the sensitive Use morning and evening, and follow The neutral pH value reinforces the acid contains premium botanical oils areas around the eyes. Oil-free. Hair Tonic Face & Body Lotion with LOGONA Free Moisture Cream. mantle, strengthening the skin’s Extensive dermatological testing has and extracts that soothe irritated, a carefully balanced combination cares for and protects skin with resistance to negative environmental accompanied every step of the FREE Moisture Cream influences. reddened skin, and deliver Deo Spray of herbal extracts, stimulating a carefully chosen composition development of LOGONA Free products. moisturizes and cares for sensitive needed hydration. Guaranteed provides safe, effective, and long menthol, and natural moisturi- of valuable botanical oils, and Each product carries the Seal of Approval skin with a combination of the very FREE Deo Spray mildest natural ingredients, such as not to burn or sting. Its subtle lasting deodorant protection. The zers that strengthens hair struc- nourishes the skin with long- offers dependable, long-lasting of the DAAB (German Allergy & Asthma jojoba, grape seed oil, and shea butter, freshness, without irritating the skin. masculine aroma accompanies skin friendly formula is complete- ture and revitalizes both hair lasting essential moisture. Association). plus moisture-retaining vegetable Purified spring water and sulfated clay you subtly throughout the day. ly free of aggressive ingredients and scalp. Use especially for glycerin, to provide balanced crystals combine LOGONA Free products comply fully measures of moisture and oil in the and synthetics. Instead, extracts fragile, thinning hair. Splash a to stabilize the acid mantle of the skin skin’s outer layers. with the stringent criteria of the BDIH and prevent the formation of odor After Shave Lotion of witch hazel, birch leaf, poplar small amount into your palm and causing bacteria. Free of alcohol. for certified natural cosmetic products, soothes irritated, reddened skin buds, and organically grown massage with fingertips into FREE Shampoo & Shower Gel and carry the BDIH seal. cleans both hair and skin, without and heals tiny shaving nicks with calendula combine with pure scalp. FREE Glycerin Soap drying, with a gentle combination of cleans skin gently, without drying, with a long-lasting masculine aroma essential oils to provide effective very mild, plant-derived cleansing a mild, fragrance-free formula. Contains redolent of herbs, woods, and protection and a subtle agents plus moisture-retaining no EDTA or aggressive antibacterial vegetable glycerin. spice. Much gentler than masculine fragrance. ingredients. 40 41
    • Baby & Child Care Baby Care Natural care from the very start Moisturize and protect Cleansing tender baby skin Calendula Baby Moisture Cream is an all-purpose Because baby skin is so thin and, therefore, highly permeable, LOGONA moisturizer for the daily care of your baby’s skin. The Calendula Baby Cream Bath and Calendula Baby Shampoo contain especially mild emulsion hydrates tender baby skin, only small amounts of the gentlest, plant-derived sudsing agents in helping to regulate the oil-water balance, and gives combination with moisturizing and soothing botanical essences. it warming protection on cold, damp days. The creamy soft, extremely mild Calendula Baby Body Diaper area care Lotion is another excellent option for the head-to- Frequent cleansing of the sensitive diaper area can quickly lead to skin toe care of your baby. It spreads easily, and absorbs irritation and diaper rash. Applied as a regular part of diaper hygiene, our quickly. Especially after the daily bath, its application Calendula Baby Oil, a special blend of premium, skin-compatible vegetable gives your little one an extra serving of warming, oils and skin soothing herbal extracts, can reduce this irritation effectively. protective care. LOGONA for Kids Natural care for children The protective barrier functions of human skin, as provided by its acidic surface (mantle) and the healthy condition of the outer epidermal layer, are not fully developed in young skin. As a result, chemicals, pathogenic microorganisms, and other harmful substances can penetrate into LOGONA Babycare the deeper layers of the skin. Young skin is also thin, because tender skin needs tender care containing little of the protective oils and fats to prevent transdermal water loss. As a result, a child’s The tender skin of babies is extremely thin, and contains very skin can easily become dry. little protective oil. On average, the thickness of a baby’s skin is only 1/5 that of an adult. The protective functions of the We formulate LOGONA for Kids products to reinforce epidermis and the skin’s acid mantle only begin to develop in the protective functions of young skin, utilizing only the fourth year. Baby skin is highly sensitive, and reacts very carefully selected botanical ingredients to soothe, quickly to external changes, such as temperature, and to care for and help protect the young skin of children. unsuitable skin care. KIDS Shampoo & Shower Gel LOGONA Approach to Babycare An all-around product for shower and tub, our Kids Shampoo & Shower Gel cleans hair and skin gently, KIDS Body Lotion We began making baby products more than 25 years ago as because we use very mild, plant-based sudsing agents. provides young skin with refreshing moisture and gentle care. young adults with babies of our own. That personal, parental Natural essential oils provide the fruity fragrance that A combination of soya oil, almond oil and jojoba from organic sources kids love. perspective has never left us as we have continually refined give children's skin gentle care, making it smooth and covering it with a Also great as a bubble bath! and improved upon our products over the years. We use only protective layer. Redness and irritations are soothed with exquisite the most carefully selected natural ingredients, universally calendula and camomile extracts. The light care lotion is easy to spread KIDS Bubble Bath recognized for their gentleness, which soothe, protect, and and is absorbed quickly. Combines sheer fun in the bath with natural care for LOGONA Babycare Fundamentals care for tender skin. young skin. Mild sudsy washing substances clean the + use only pure, certified organically grown oils and herbs skin gently, without dehydrating it. Aloe vera and a Product features We formulate LOGONA baby products not only to protect and balanced combination of valuable extracts from + use calendula extract as the herbal base of each product + certified organic oils and herbs care for your baby’s skin, but also to deliver the ‘extras” - the organically-grown sources care for and soothe + clinically test each product to ensure maximum skin + fresh, fruity fragrance from essential oils sensitive children's skin. With a perky fruity perfume. love, warmth, and sense of security your baby constantly needs. compatibility – free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and colorants Suitable for daily use; pH value neutral. – avoid synthetic colors, fragrances, and preservatives. This holistic approach extends far beyond just “cleaning and + Dermatologist tested. creaming.” 42 43
    • Oral Care Oral Care LOGODENT Oral Care For every taste and Herbal Dental Gel Rosemary Sage for every oral care need completely free of sudsing agents, this extremely gentle cleanser is the ideal LOGONA utilizes both the latest cleanser for people with sensitive gums scientific research as well as the and/or during their homeopathic knowledge base of traditional treatment. herbalism in formulating LOGODENT oral care products or adults and children. Herbal Dental Gel Peppermint Herbal ingredients such as echinacea, fresh tasting, gentle cleanser with low anise, green tea, clove oil and a sudsing action saccharose ester retard development of tooth decay and plaque-producing Mineral Toothpaste bacteria. Myrrh, witch hazel, and gentle, low sudsing cleanser to provide chamomile strengthen gums and help prevent infection. optimal care for teeth and gums. Silica and sea salt provide the fine particulates which help your toothbrush remove plaque build-up gently, without damaging tooth enamel. The foaming cleansers contain only the gentlest sudsing agents. LOGODENT for Kids makes brushing fun LOGODENT for Kids Sodium lauryl sulfate and other the proper care aggressive surfactants are completely We formulate LOGODENT Kids Dental Gels with the special needs of avoided. from the very start children’s oral care in mind. Mild spearmint oil and natural strawberry fragrance are the primary flavorings of the gels. Plant colorants make the All LOGODENT products are also Baby teeth also need care dental gels visually appealing and fun. A Tooth is a Living Effective help for completely free of synthetic fluoride. The assumption that baby And they contain no synthetic Structure sensitive teeth teeth need no special care, Extracts of echinacea and green tea effectively retard the development of preservatives, colors, or fragrances. since they fall out so soon bacteria. Witch hazel, chamomile, and myrrh care for sensitive gum tissues Many adults suffer from overly The visible part of a healthy anyway, can be a serious and help prevent infection. A small amount of fine silica works with the sensitive teeth. LOGONA researchers tooth, above the gum line, is the mistake! In fact, the first brush to remove plaque gently. have developed a unique natural crown. Below the gum line and teeth of a child can have a toothpaste, which provides excellent imbedded into the gum tissue is Knowing that children often don’t Proper Oral Hygiene lasting influence on the oral hygiene and reduces tooth the root, which firmly anchors use proper brushing technique, and development of the jaw Where you find no plaque, you find no the tooth into the jaw. The crown sensitivity. that they often swallow toothpaste, and the position of the tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontal has a coating of enamel, the har- A common cause of overly sensitive we use only the gentlest sudsing permanent teeth. Baby disease. For this reason, dentists recom- dest substance found in the hu- teeth stems from gum recession, agents to help disperse the herbal mend brushing teeth after every meal, teeth hold the correct man body. The enamel repre- ingredients into hard-to-reach areas. which often exposes the tiny canals connecting the but at least twice daily. position for the teeth to sents the first line of defense for tooth surface with the interior dentin, and opens a The best brushing techniques move follow. If they are lost Naturally, LOGODENT Dental Gels the tooth throughout its entire direct pathway to the tooth nerve for irritating stimuli, from red (gums) to white (teeth), to mi- prematurely, neighboring for Kids contain no synthetic fluoride life. Up to 95% of the enamel con- such as heat and cold. LOGODENT Sensitive nimize any damage to the gums. teeth crowd into the and no synthetic preservative, sists of minerals. Aggressive Brushing should be complemented by Toothpaste contains potassium chloride, a mineral resulting space. When the colorants or fragrances. acids, which build up after every flossing, to clean the areas between the ingredient that forms a protective coating around permanent tooth grows in, meal by decomposing food re- teeth. A professional cleaning twice an- the nerve and reduces sensitivity. it can be crooked or Kids Dental Gel mains, attack the minerals of the nually should complement your hygie- misaligned. Silica gel particles help gently remove food particles enamel, eventually making it po- Strawberry ne practices at home. Finally, a healthy and bacterial film from teeth and gums, without rous to bacteria. The bacteria Kids Dental Gel diet plays an important role in maintai- cause plaque development and, damaging the enamel. Chamomile, sage, and witch Spearmint ning sound oral health. ultimately, other oral problems. hazel reduce inflammation and strengthen the gum tissues. And, of course, LOGODENT Sensitive Toothpaste contains no sodium lauryl sulfate or synthetic fluoride. 44 45
    • Certified Natural Cosmetics Ökotest We oppose animal BDIH Certified Natural LOGONA products recently testing! Going beyond the talk evaluated by ÖKO-TEST LOGONA products contain trusted, traditional, plant-based ingredients LOGONA has been a strong supporter of the European Each month, the German consumer magazine ÖKO- recognized for generations as movement to define and regulate the term natural personal TEST evaluates a range of consumer products – completely safe for the intended use by similar to the American publication Consumer care (“Naturkosmetik”). Consumer confidence had suffered humans. Testing takes place exclusively Reports, only from an environmental and natural perspective. Products over the years because of its rampant misuse by manufacturers. on human volunteers. These tests evaluated might include laundry products, leather goods, lipsticks, children’s The BDIH also recommends compliance To address this problem, the German trade association BDIH accompany every LOGONA product, with the following supplemental criteria: toys, paints and stains, and so on. Nearly every month, the magazine evaluates worked diligently to define the border between natural and starting with self-testing by research and a personal care or cosmetic item. Evaluations are conducted by independent conventional personal care products. The BDIH formulated a development staff members, continuing • full ingredient disclosure laboratories. Most of the evaluation centers around ingredients, but other set of guidelines to which products must comply in order to with similar staff testing during the • avoidance of genetically-engineered environmental criteria, such as wasteful over-packaging, are also measured. microbiological stability trial period, and receive the BDIH Seal of Approval. Manufacturers must submit ingredients • environmental responsibility regarding finally culminating with rigorous, their nominated products to an independent laboratory for The latest evaluations of LOGONA products by ÖKO-TEST raw materials, manufacturing, and scientific testing on paid volunteers analysis. If the lab results comply with the guidelines, the packaging Product Name Rating Published Date under independent, dermatological product receives the BDIH Seal. • social responsibility regarding domestic Age Protection Wrinkle Therapy Fluid very good 1/07 supervision. Only after a product has employees and with 3rd World suppliers Asia Bubble Bath Lotus Blossom & Bamboo very good 2/06 The BDIH current minimum requirements to receive the BDIH successfully passed each of these phases of raw materials (Fair Trade) Baby Bath Calendula very good 4/06 seal of approval follow. More information is available at the can it be introduced to the marketplace. Baby Body care Oil Calendula very good 4/06 following web address: www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de Baby Body Lotion Calendula very good 5/06 Respect for people, animals, and Baby Moisture Cream Calendula very good 4/06 Balance Shampoo Lemon Balm very good 6/05 environment is the basis of our ethical Body Lotion LOGONA FREE very good 3/03 self-image. For this reason we are actively Cleansing Milk Wild Rose very good 11/06 engaged in the movement to validate Clear Skin Blemish Stick Sage & Mint very good 5/06 alternative test methods, which do not Clear Skin Moisture Fluid Sage & Mint very good 7/07 utilize animals. We strongly believe that Color Cream Indian Summer very good 3/06 Daily Care hand Cream Bio Aloe & Jojoba very good 11/05 animal testing belongs to the past. Daily Care Shampoo Bio Aloe & Olive very good 9/06 Daily Care Shower Gel Bio Aloe & Lime very good 8/06 Day Cream Rose very good 1/07 Essential Care Shampoo Nettles very good 6/05 1. Botanical Ingredients 4. Restricted Ingredients Eye Gel Quince & Aloe very good 1/07 Use of botanical ingredients whenever possible is Emulsifying agents and surfactants may be used if they are Eye Make-up Remover Oil very good 9/06 encouraged. Plants should be grown organically or obtained by the hydrolysis, hydrogenation, esterification, or Eyeshadow, Cacao + Rosé very good 9/07 wild-harvested, although consideration is given for trans-esterification of the following materials: fats, oils and waxes; Hair Conditioner Wheat Protein very good 1/07 alternatives based on quality and availability. lecithin, lanolin, monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, Hair Spray good (best product in test) 3/05 polysaccharides; proteins and lipoproteins. Herbal Hair Color Mahogany very good 1/07 2. Animal Protection Issues Herbal Hair Color Walnut Red-Brown very good 1/07 Animal Testing of Finished Products 5. Unacceptable Ingredients Kids Bubble Bath very good 9/05 No testing on animals, whether conducted by the Synthetic coloring agents; synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated Kids Shampoo & Shower Gel very good 7/06 manufacturer or outsourced to a third party, is ingredients; silicones; paraffin and other petroleum products. Lip-Gloss pearl 01 very good 1/07 permitted under any circumstances for finished The criterion for permitted fragrances is the ISO Norm 9235. Lipstick Balm very good 10/07 products. Animal Testing of Ingredients and Raw Materials 6. Preservatives Lipstick Terracotta 06 very good 12/07 Animal testing is not permitted for any ingredient Certain preservatives identical to those found in nature are LOGODENT Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate very good 3/03 new to the market since 1/1/1998. This restriction, allowed along with natural preservation systems for the safety Make-up Fluid very good 1/07 however, does not include any animal testing and stability of the product. These include: benzoic acid, its salts Mann After Shave Lotion very good (best product in test) 4/04 conducted by third parties, operating with no and ethyl esters; salicylic acid and its salts; ascorbic acid and its Mann Deo Spray very good 1/07 affiliation or contractual relationship to the BDIH or salts; benzyl alcohol. Mann Shampoo & Shower Gel very good 1/07 its member companies. Mediterran Body Lotion Sage & Red Grapes very good 5/06 Ingredients Derived from Animals 7. Irradiation Moisture Cream LOGONA FREE very good 3/03 No ingredient or raw material derived from Sterilization of natural ingredients and their cosmetic end Relaxation Mask very good (best product in test) 2/04 vertebrates, such as animal fats or oils, animal products through radioactive treatment is not allowed. Repair Shampoo Ginkgo very good 1/07 collagen, or spermaceti, may be used. Tinted Day Cream beige-gold matte very good 1/07 8. Independent laboratory certification Treatment Shampoo Juniper very good (best product in test) 1/07 3. Mineral Ingredients The independent testing institute Ecocontrol in Osterode, Tropic Deo Roll-on very good 6/06 The use of inorganic salts, such as magnesium sulfate, Germany evaluates the compliance of the above criteria. Vitamin Cream Avocado very good 9/05 and mineral ingredients, such as sodium chloride, is Compliance with the criteria is rewarded with the BDIH quot;Certified Volume Shampoo Honey Beer very good (best product in test) 4/04 generally allowed. (See exceptions under 5). Natural Cosmeticquot; seal. 46 47