[First Draft] Lagere Shool Workshop


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[First Draft] Lagere Shool Workshop

  1. 1. june 12-13 2010 Creative Commons Workshop - The Hague
  2. 2. Stadsridders The Stadsridders foundation’s goal is to utilize the creative opportunities the city has to offer by means of multidisciplinary collaboration. We want to create quality and innovation within the urban environment. The Stadsridders’ members have different backgrounds, what ties them together is their interest in the spatial, creative and social dynamics of the city. Creative Commons Workshop Introduction Within the Creative Commons project Stadsridders organises a workshop on a case location in The Hague. It is a practical approach to make the potential of currently un- used buildings (or not used to its full potential). With people interested in the subject new ideas for The Hague are developed collaboratively.
  3. 3. De Lagere School The on-site workshop will be at ‘De Lagere School’ in The Hague. This is a former elementary school that no longer has this function. At the moment the building is occupied by artists on a temporary basis. The school building is situated in the Schilderswijk area, a so-called Vogelaarwijk (a deprived neighbourhood). The school is adjecent to the local community centre (De Wissel).
  4. 4. Workshop Method After introducing yourself to everybody you will work together on the project in interdisciplinary groups. Throughout the weekend there will be inspirational intermissions held by experts of variuos (creative) fields connected to urban design. At the end of the weekend, the groups present their work in a pres- entation.Visiting critics at the end presentation will contribute to the project with their point of view and knowledge. With the workshop results as a starting point, a debate is planned. Goal of the workshop In the creative workshop we want to challenge as many people as possible, with as many different backgrounds as possible to create interesting future possibilities for the building.
  5. 5. Concept Programme Saturday June 12th 2010 09:00 Start 09:30 Introduction 10:00 Workshops 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Workshops 19:00 Dinner, drinks and party Sunday June 13th 2010 09:00 Final Preparations 13:00 Deadline Posters 13:00 Lunch 15:00 Presentations to Jury 17:00 Award Ceremony 18:00 Drinks
  6. 6. For signing up and more information go to www.stadsridders.com
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