BankWorld:                Driving a complete suite of                 self service channels from                   one int...
By 2010 more than 70% of bank customer interaction will be viathe electronic self service channels* ÇAt this level of inte...
BankWorld:                                                                         CR2’s Self Service Banking Platform ÇIn...
CustomerInformation File ÇEvery bank has unique access to customer        cross selling campaigns. Utilising customer     ...
BankWorld ATM Ç            BankWorld ATM creates new business and revenue       growth opportunities. These are delivered ...
BankWorld ATM Benefits and Tools Ç                                                BankWorld ATM enables customers and even...
Standard Bank Group is the largest banking group in Africa and 08th largest in the world. It operates in 8 African countri...
BankWorld Internet Ç                                               Delivering a unique personalised banking experience to ...
Using BankWorld‘s Product Factory enables       BankWorld for retail                            BankWorld for corporateban...
BankWorld                                       BankWorld Mobile enables banks to                                         ...
POS Ç                                                                                          External Gateways ÇCR2’s PO...
Frequently asked questions ÇWhy is CR2’s solution so unique?                         What ATMs are supported by CR2?      ...
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Cr2brochure Eng Jan11 V21(Weboptimised)

  1. 1. BankWorld: Driving a complete suite of self service channels from one integrated platformu ATMu Internetu Mobileu Kiosku IVRu POS Çu PDA Channel Banking Innovation
  2. 2. By 2010 more than 70% of bank customer interaction will be viathe electronic self service channels* ÇAt this level of interaction the self service platform is the bank to the customer. 2000 2005 2010u* Source: Capgemini interview with 40 banksBankWorld enables banks to deliver a Self service transactions are significantly BankWorld deliverscomplete suite of integrated electronic cheaper than branch transactions : significant return onchannels: ATM, Internet, Kiosk and Mobile channel investment byfrom a single powerful self service platform. Channel Cost delivering segmented products and servicesFinally a solution has arrived which gives Traditional Branch $1.07 to customer groupsbanks complete control over the products ATM $0.27 via the self serviceand services they offer to customers via channels. Internet Banking $0.10their channel network. Mobile $0.10 Kiosk $0.26 Source: BAI Contents BankWorld: CR2’S Self u 1 Service Banking Platform BankWorld - The Facts Product Factory u 1 • BankWorld allows banks to maximise revenue by delivering • BankWorld enables banks to differentiate themselves from Customer Information File u 2 targeted products and services to their competition by delivering a segmented customer groups across all channels personalised self service banking experience for each customer with Multi-factor Fraud Prevention u 2 segmented branding based on each • BankWorld is an integrated solution customer profile, no matter what channel they use: Internet, ATM, BankWorld ATM 3 u which enables banks to deliver timely anti-fraud alerts to customers Mobile or Kiosk BankWorld ATM 4 Benefits and Tools u across channels. As well as providing multi-factor authentication and one-time passwords • BankWorld empowers banks to extend their brand by delivering BankWorld Internet 6 u consistency across all channels, so BankWorld Mobile u 8 that a customer views the same • BankWorld is a proven solution integrated to multiple back office ‘’look and feel’’ specific to their BankWorld Kiosk u 8 hosts across multiple regions customer segment profile no matter what channel they are using Innovation Driving Revenue u 8 POS 9 u External Gateways u 9 Frequently Asked Questions u 10
  3. 3. BankWorld: CR2’s Self Service Banking Platform ÇIn an increasingly competitive environment banks are expanding BankWorld service oriented self service platform which presents arapidly in terms of service and presence. This expansion often causes centralised platform with enhanced functionality that can be shared bygreat difficulties in integrating numerous back office systems and all connected channels and integrated with multiple back office systems,channels. Unique to CR2’s innovative solution is the enabling banks to grow quickly and with ease. BankWorld Integrated Self Service Platform Product Factory Ç Distinguishing BankWorld from traditional protocol based solutions is its unique Product Factory which enables banks to parameterise and configure new product offerings without specialised assistance and gives them the freedom to deploy these new product offerings rapidly: • Bank instruction designer • Flexible banking data • Call-out mechanism • Transaction product type and definition • Integration framework • Visual branding tool • System parameter maintenance Key to CR2’s Product Factory is the component known as the Flexible and accounting information from every back office system allowing Banking Data module. It provides a sophisticated mechanism for customers for example to review standing orders, reconcile cheque securely capturing and structuring data, which can then be seamlessly history and monitor loan repayment schedules. associated with the bank’s products and services. Deploying Product Factory, BankWorld can consolidate customer Flexible Banking Data enables customers to self service more information through Flexible Banking Data and use this information effectively and perform more of their banking requirements via to rapidly design and deliver tailored products and services targeted electronic channels. It consolidates a customer’s detailed financial at individual customers or customer u
  4. 4. CustomerInformation File ÇEvery bank has unique access to customer cross selling campaigns. Utilising customer “Following an extensive review ofinsight gained through a relationship built information BankWorld’s Product Factoryup over the years. BankWorld enables banks empowers banks to design and rapidly deploy the market, we selected BankWorldto utilise this powerful information, reaping tailored products and services to targeted because of its unique ability tothe rewards of increased revenue and customer groups across their entire channel deliver a powerful self servicecustomer retention. infrastructure. platform with a comprehensive suite of self service channels. In addition,Key to BankWorld is its Customer Information Most importantly the CIF enables the BankWorld’s clear leadership inFile (CIF) which provides banks with a single bank to see their customer’s total position the multichannel space makes CR2view of their entire relationship with their and to make critical decisions based on the perfect partner to assist us incustomers that may be held across multiple a whole view of the customer including developing our self service strategy”.disparate back-office systems. BankWorld’s the opportunity to present them with aCIF allows banks to link together customers multitude of cross selling opportunities. Doug Munatsi,and accounts from across all their coresystems and to view and transact on them in Unique to CR2’s BankWorld is the solution’s Chief Executive,one place. ability to empower campaign fulfilment. ABC Group. A product can be offered on a channel toTraditionally banks have focused on back- a customer and the customer can acceptoffice CRM initiatives but have failed to the product there and then. For exampledeliver these opportunities to customers in Cairo Amman Bank, BankWorld enableseffectively. BankWorld enables banks, for the bank to offer loans to pre-approvedthe first time, to manage their existing customers, the terms and conditions cancustomer data, consolidating customer be agreed there and then and the customerinformation and using it to deliver effective can automatically withdraw the cash.Multi-factor FraudPrevention ÇIn October 2005, the Federal Financial The last transaction can be confirmedInstitution Examination Council of America as well as changes made via otherissued a guidance “Authentication in a channels. For example, one ofbanking environment” addressing the need the most common identityfor all retail and commercial banks in the theft initiatives is to changeUSA to provide reliable authentication the customer’s address viameasures for customers accessing their call centre or Internet.banks remotely. In its recommendations the Here the ATM can beFFIEC highlighted the strength of multi- used to verify that thefactor authentication as the most reliable customer’s addresssource of fraud prevention. details have been changed using the extra security ofBankWorld, CR2’s service oriented self card and pin.service banking platform ensures theintegration of all banking channels within Fraud alerts can also be be ALERT Mr Murphythe CR2 product suite. BankWorld ATM’s sent to additional channels Your address has beenintegration with BankWorld Mobile, such as the customer’s changed online. PleaseBankWorld Kiosk and BankWorld Internet mobile phone. For example, confirm your new address details:assists greatly in reducing fraud across all in cases where the incorrect 3 Bluebell Road,channels. BankWorld ATM can be particularly PIN is entered, the card Dublin 2, Irelandeffective in adding an additional layer of owner can immediately besecurity to online banking transactions. notified via SMS.Transactions can be queued pendingconfirmation on an additional channel. Fraud Preventionu2 © CR2. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. BankWorld ATM Ç BankWorld ATM creates new business and revenue growth opportunities. These are delivered cost-effectively via existing ATM networks and infrastructureBankWorld delivers targeted products and services based on each Targeting a studentcustomer’s profile segmentPersonalisedwelcomeLifestyle Targetedbased alert advertising Client-based bank promotionsExisting ATM Immediateservices service sign-upThird partysellingopportunitiesBill paymentsSince the 970s, ATMs have provided to transform their ATMs into a flexible Effective use of customercustomers with a useful but limited range of and responsive channel. BankWorld givestransactions and banks have been unable to banks the freedom to define and segment informationpersonalise these for individual clients. transactions, extending the range and type of services available to individual customers In an increasingly competitive bankingBankWorld ATM creates new opportunities at the ATM. BankWorld ATM delivers environment, service is a key differentiator.for banks to optimise the services they offer targeted cross selling opportunities directed Every Bank has unique access to valuableto customers. BankWorld enables banks at customer segments. customer insights gained through thefor the first time to differentiate themselves relationship built up over the years.and to provide unique personalisedfunctionalities via the ATM. In addition BankWorld for the first time enablesCR2’s revolutionary ATM solution enables Recent research indicates that in excess banks to use this valuable information tobanks to increase revenue generating of 50% of customers who request create targeted cross selling opportunitiesopportunities via their ATM networks by further information at the via the ATM. An extension of CR2’sdelivering tailored products and services ATM regarding a banking product BankWorld product suite, BankWorld ATMbased on a customer’s segment profile. ultimately go on to buy it. CR2’s enables banks to deliver segmented BankWorld enables the bank to actually product offerings, specific services andWorking with ATMs from the world’s leading complete many transactions there and targeted advertisements directly to thatvendors, BankWorld deploys then via the ATM. customer based on their customerCR2’s Product Factory which enables banks segment profile. Ñ Branch deposit costs Ñ ATM deposit costs Ñ For a bank with a network Ñ This equates to a saving approximately, $2.05 ; just $0.5. of 250 ATMs processing of over $3.37 million deposit per hour per ATM. per u 3
  6. 6. BankWorld ATM Benefits and Tools Ç BankWorld ATM enables customers and even cardless clients to perform the following transactions: u Bill u Loan u Foreign u Cash payment repayment exchange lodgment Consumers around the globe now make more than 50 billion ATM transactions each year. According to a Forbes magazine article,BankWorld ATM Google is processing approximately 2.3BankWorld provides new generation billion searches pertechnology which has been driven by banks’ month, or 27 billionneed to grow through new products, services searches per year.and channels, as well as attracting new ATM transactionscustomer segments. This has seen a dramatic outnumber Googlegrowth in the number of ATMs as well as searches by almostan increase in complexity of ATM networks 00 percent!involving many different manufacturers’hardware and multi-regions, presentingoperational challenges in managing this BankWorld ATM Monitor BankWorld ATM Clienthardware, multiple currencies, multiplepoints of contact and the different branding BankWorld ATM Monitor consists of two ATM BankWorld ATM Client is the uniqueapplicable to different regions. monitoring and control applications. One Windows based application which resides acts as a powerful supervisor application on each ATM and treats each card holder asBankWorld ATM presents the opportunity providing the highest levels of control and an individual customer rather than simplyto centralise a multi-region operation to drill down diagnostics to ATM centre staff. another cash transaction.a single data centre. In addition multiple The other is a web client which enablesinstitutions can be operated through a single remote branches and any other parts of the BankWorld ATM for the first time enablesinstallation to support outsourced services organisation to monitor the ATM network. banks to bring a personalised serviceor growth through acquisition. BankWorld This provides the ability for branches (or an directly to the individual customer at theis not only able to manage ATMs in multiple external service agency) to immediately be ATM. It is rich in functionality and veryregions it can also be interfaced to multiple notified of incidents such as paper jams and flexible with a modern graphical interfacecore banking applications. media shortages within their local area. which offers multimedia facilities.BankWorld,MultichannelMarketing Capabilitiesu 360 degree view of the customer’s activityu Segmentationu Product Factoryu Look Feel Consistency across all channelsu Delivery of Segmented Offers across all or selected channelsu Monitor Reportu © CR2. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Standard Bank Group is the largest banking group in Africa and 08th largest in the world. It operates in 8 African countries and 20 throughout Europe, America and Asia. It has ,000 branches including 73 in South Africa and 240 throughout Africa, and employs more than 44,000 people. Case study: Stanbic is part of the Standard Bank Group which represents the African Region excluding South Africa Ç Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa. has been integrated with the bank’s many was completed in a rapid time frame of less Technology is key to the success of leading back office systems including Equinox™, than 2 months during which 4 countries global banks. In 2006 Stanbic was using BankMaster™ and Globus™ across 4 went live with BankWorld. a variety of systems across Africa each countries in order to empower Stanbic to managing a single banking channel and offer extended services via all channels BankWorld is now managing Stanbic’s integrated to a single back office host. including ATM, Internet and SMS. Internet, ATM and Mobile channels in In order to implement its aggressive self 8 countries. Following the bank’s initial service strategy throughout Africa and A single solution managing all channels agreement with CR2 in 2006 to adopt extend its product and service offering to enables Stanbic to be quick to market CR2’s ATM, Internet and SMS channels, customers via their self service network, the in delivering products and services to Stanbic has added BankWorld POS to its bank’s infrastructure needed customers across the bank’s self service channel infrastructure. Since the adoption to be migrated from a siloed channel network. It also provides the competitive of BankWorld by Stanbic 2 years ago, CR2 approach to integrated channel advantage needed to become the world’s has consistently remained in the banks management architecture. leading global bank across emerging list of top suppliers which is reviewed on markets. BankWorld’s flexibility allows a monthly basis by their specialist vendor After considerable review of leading vendors extra channels to be added as well as relations committee. Stanbic selected CR2’s BankWorld platform, support additional back office systems a unique unified self service platform that inherited with acquisitions. The projectBankWorld ATM Distributor Cash managementBankWorld ATM Distributor enables the Effective cash management has a significant Working with BankWorld ATM Client andremote management and updating of impact on the profitability of banks. BankWorld Distributor, BankWorld StudioATM software. It provides efficient central BankWorld ATM Cash Management provides is a powerful yet easy to use contentadministration and distribution of software instantly available cash positions of remote management tool which enables a financialas well as application upgrades to the ATMs that are required for planning and institution’s marketing team to easily createATM network. refining optimum replenishment strategies. and deploy personalised branding for the ATM channel.BankWorld ATM Distributor enables banksto distribute updates to each ATM from a In addition BankWorld’s Product Factorycentral location and to determine the date enables financial institutions to configureand time the update is to be implemented. and parameterise new product offeringsThis means that distribution can be targeted at segmented customer groups.arranged at a time that causes the least Using BankWorld Studio branding for theseinconvenience to customers. It also enables products can be easily created and rapidlynew applications, graphics, sound files and deployed to its ATM to be distributed remotely to multipleor single ATMs such as new corporate logosor advertising images during promotionalcampaigns. As a result, what is usually amanual and extremely time consumingprocess is completely eliminated andbanks with ATMs in multiple countries cansignificantly reduce their operational costs.BankWorld Studio empowers banks forthe first time to easily design brandingand screen flows for the ATM as well as todeploy this new branding quickly acrosstheir ATM u 5
  8. 8. BankWorld Internet Ç Delivering a unique personalised banking experience to each individual customer online Effective cross selling, targeted productPersonalised welcome deliveryLifestyle-based alert Consolidated view of all accountsPersonal financial Transaction flow withtools personal banker throughPreferred personal individualised mailboxbill payments BankWorld Internet delivers relevant products and services to each customer online based on their customer segment profileRecent research indicates that online increasing cross selling opportunities, CR2’s BankWorld platform creates newbanking is rapidly becoming the most generating revenue and improving customer opportunities for banks to optimisepowerful retail banking channel ever, loyalty for the bank through personalised the service they offer to customersoutpacing everything from ATM to call centre channel delivery. differentiating their bank by providingand increasing at a rate of 27% per year. clients with unique tailored functionalities BankWorld Internet is a complete, very as well as delivering segmented productsBankWorld Internet provides banks with functionally rich, proven online banking and services and increasing cross sellingthe complete control to create, manage and channel. Using the highest level of security opportunities.deliver segmented products and services BankWorld delivers premier Internetdirect to individual customers via their banking services directly into the users own CR2’s Product Factory, an integral and pivotalInternet banking channel. BankWorld home, office or anywhere in the world. element of the BankWorld solution, enablesInternet revolutionises the way in which banks to transform their online service into aa bank interacts with its clients online, flexible and responsive channel.u6 © CR2. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Using BankWorld‘s Product Factory enables BankWorld for retail BankWorld for corporatebanks to segment their online offering,designing, and rapidly delivering segmented banking bankingproducts, tailored for targeted customergroups, for example, corporate, student BankWorld Retail enables financial The globalisation of business hasor high net worth. BankWorld Internet’s institutions to deliver products and driven the demand for twenty-fourpersonalised services include: services online to their customers, which hour, worldwide access to corporate traditionally were only available by visiting finances and services. Increasingly• Pre-defined preferred transfers the branch. Therefore providing the financial transactions take place across necessary infrastructure that is required international boundaries as businesses• Personalised bill payments not only for customer retention but also aim to build global presence, trading• Consolidated account enquiry for customer acquisition. and partnering relationships.• Personalised alerts and messages• Segmented product and service BankWorld’s powerful ability to separate Corporate banking customers execute delivery the branding layer from the business numerous daily financial transactions.• Account statements logic of BankWorld empowers financial This requires banking services and institutions to control the exact content products that will enable customers• Standing orders each user sees and the way in which to seamlessly track and manage their• Direct debits customers interact with their bank global finances, across all channels and• Dual authorisation accounts and other services. from all time zones. Cost reduction through timely service BankWorld provides the platform for provision can be achieved through banks to deliver fully functional servicesUser Roles the BankWorld bank instructions to their corporate base. The internal administration tool. This powerful tool financial procedures of the corporateUser Roles are designed to allow banks can be used to generate both automated can be mapped to provide workflowto effectively manage all user access to and manually processed bank instructions for transactions. The responsibility ofproducts, services and functions across that are integrated into the BankWorld managing their own user base andmultiple channels. platform. New products and services can beneficiaries can be placed within the be generated utilising the Product Factory corporate themselves, which at theThey can contain a single permission and branded specifically to the customer same time allows the bank to commandsuch as “Enable online transfer to foreign segment to which the product is targeted. control. Features provided byaccount” or in advance usage contain BankWorld Retail offers value-added BankWorld include:multiple permissions and restrictions features that include:simultaneously. In this way a single user • Multiple usersrole can enable or exclude access to multiple • Funds transfers • Multiple signatoriesproducts, services, or functions in a single • Bill payments • Local and foreign remittancesadministrative assignment process. • Account enquiry • Beneficiary registrationPermissions can be assigned to a user • Account statements • Administrator tool kiteither directly or through inheritance. • Standing orders • Direct debits Multiple signature authorisations • Dual authorisation allows the corporate client to control theDelegation authorisation of certain transactions to a • Loan applications number of specified users. A transactionBankWorld delegation significantly • Online mortgage applications may have to be authorised by a numberenhances the customer’s experience of of people within the corporate clientthe entire bank by extending the power before it is processed.of BankWorld Internet to the bank’s owninternal departments and external parties This is facilitated within BankWorldnominated by individual customers. “There has been a significant uptake by associating every user within theThrough the delegation mechanism call of our Internet banking channel since corporate customer with a specific “usercentre operators, VIP relationship managers its launch just last month. BankWorld role” which defines various attributesand branch staff will access the same delivers a unique personalised banking such as available transactions andinformation and transaction sets as the experience to each customer retail or bank instructions, available accounts,customer receives when accessing the corporate accessing our online banking transaction types, product types andsystem at home. In this way, consistent channel. We are very pleased with the transaction limits.information is available across the entire high level of support provided by CR2’sbank and customers can request anypoint of contact within the bank to action professional services team and looktransactions on their behalf. When a forward to further developing our selftransaction is actioned by a delegate on service strategy with CR2 in the future.”behalf of an account holder, BankWorld Mario Thome,captures that the transaction has been Bank of Sharjah, March 2008actioned in this u 7
  10. 10. BankWorld BankWorld Mobile enables banks to deliver personalised products and servicesMobile Ç to customers through a range of mobile services using SMS or WAP or varying devices such as Mobile PDAs. WAP Services BankWorld Mobile WAP module enables a customer to conduct the following transactions using WAP: • Account balance • Foreign exchange rates • Change pass phrase • Money transfers • Utility bill payments • Authorisation of transactions SMS Module BankWorld SMS provides banks with a powerful platform and mechanism for interacting in real-time with their customers over the SMS channel. This interaction can be through customer notifications or events for example: BankWorld WAP • Events occurring on customer BankWorld Internet on a PDA accountsFor banks that have been searching for ways • Servicing customer requests such asto complement their Internet, Kiosk and ATM balance enquirybanking channels, or for institutions who are • Delivering bank triggered messagestrying to reach the world’s vast unbanked such as targeted marketingmarket. CR2’s BankWorld Mobile puts the • BankWorld Mobile on a PDAbank’s services in customers’ pockets.BankWorld Kiosk Ç Services include: Innovation Driving • Bill presentment Revenue Ç • Bill payment by card • View consolidated list of accounts By cross selling, advertising and providing • Funds transfer new product offerings across all channels • Card to card transfer it is now possible to focus on generating revenue via the self service channels. • Mobile top up • Statement printing By deploying BankWorld, banks have the opportunity to cross sell effectively to As with all other CR2 channels BankWorld’s customers and prospects each and every Product Factory enables banks to time they use any of their self service parameterise and configure segmented channels, ATM, Internet, Kiosk or Mobile. product offerings and deploy them quickly and easily across the Kiosk network. Banks which use BankWorld innovatively Kiosks are extremely easy and cost effective have developed new business opportunitiesKiosk transactions are 4 times cheaper for to implement and use features from both that now drive revenue growth.banks to process than branch transactions. the Internet and ATM channels.BankWorld Kiosk is a customisable softwaresolution which enables financial institutionsto deliver personalised statements, bill “The service from CR2 has been excellent, the functionality is good and the currentpayments and notifications to customers in infrastructure has been very reliable so, when it came to deciding on our next-generationlocations such as branches, shopping malls partner and platform it was an easy decision.”and airports 24/7. Dr Alewyn Burger, Standard Bank, COOu8 © CR2. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. POS Ç External Gateways ÇCR2’s POS solution CR2’s POS solution has extensive merchant In addition to theprovides acquiring management functionality and can provide BankWorld channels,banks with a a web-based portal for merchants to BankWorld also offersmerchant-acquiring review and monitor transactions. a number of gatewayssolution that is CR2’s POS solution’s multicurrency providing industryfully EMV and triple support makes it the ideal acquiring standard protocolsDES compliant. It solution for banks whose merchants serve such as ISO8583enables banks to an international customer base. Acquiring and XML. Theseacquire transactions banks will find it easier to attract merchants gateways can be used for the integrationfrom merchant POS that want to charge international customers of existing or third party channels such asterminals and route these transactions in their local currency. IVR systems and call the appropriate card network such as VISA™ or MasterCard™ as well as perform settlement and reconciliation.
  12. 12. Frequently asked questions ÇWhy is CR2’s solution so unique? What ATMs are supported by CR2? Does BankWorld enable banksCR2’s BankWorld is the world’s only self BankWorld ATM has been deployed on to create their own transactions a range of leading XFS compliant ATM across all channels?service platform which delivers a complete vendor machines such as NCR, Wincorsuite of integrated channels. BankWorld Yes. CR2’s Product Factory gives banks Nixdorf, Diebold, Fujitsu and GRG Banking.enables banks to create, manage and complete control to parameterise anddeliver tailored products and services configure new product offerings withoutto customers pending that customer’s How does BankWorld interact specialised assistance and to deploy themspecific segment across all channels. across bank channels? rapidly throughout their channel network.Unique to BankWorld is the solution’s BankWorld delivers an unprecedented BankWorld, CR2’s service oriented selfability to deliver campaign fulfillment, level of control and flexibility allowing the service banking platform, provides theenabling the bank to deliver a product to bank to design their own transactions and backbone of shared financial intelligencea customer and the customer to complete screen layouts and deploy them across and business logic and is an inherent partthe transaction via the self service channel. all channels: ATM, Internet and Kiosk, of this solution. The service oriented self service platform brings together all the removing the restriction traditionallyWhich back office hosts does existing customer information from each imposed by supplier templates.BankWorld integrate to? channel such as Internet, Mobile, ATMCR2’s BankWorld can be integrated to or Kiosk and enables it to be used at any Is BankWorld a modular channel. For example, customers can bemultiple back office hosts across multiple solution? sent SMS alerts to their mobile phone anyregions. BankWorld is currently integrated Yes BankWorld is a time their ATM card is used. This can helpto numerous of the world’s leading core modular solution. reduce fraud and improve security.back office systems including Equation™, Functionality describedBankMaster ™, Symbols ™, T24™, in this brochure Also, the ATM screens can be designed soFlexcube™, and Globus™ as well as requires the that the look and feel and personalisationin-house developed systems. licensing of the aspects are the same as the bank’s Internet banking platform. related module(s).Global banking solutions ÇCR2 has more than 130 implementationsacross 70 countries and 4 continents.BankWorld has live deployments integratedto numerous of the world’s leading coreback office systems including Equation™,BankMaster ™, Symbols ™, T24™,Flexcube™, and Globus™ as well asin-house developed systems.CR2 has a network of offices globally acrossEurope, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.Corporate WorldwideHeadquarters Ç Offices ÇDublin Dubai Johannesburg Perth MoscowCR2 House PO Box 62187 Oxford Gate, Level 2, Business Center CitidelBlock 16, Joyce Way 701, Khalid Al Attar Hyde Park Lane, 369 Newcastle St 4th Floor ZemlyanoyPark West Business Park Tower Cnr William Nicol and Northbridge 6003 Val Str. 9Nangor Road Sheikh Zayed Road Jan Smuts Perth Moscow 105064Dublin 12 Dubai Johannesburg Australia Russian FederationIreland United Arab Emirates South AfricaTel: +353 1 433 9100 Tel: + 971 4 331 5414 Tel: +27 (11) 280 6614 Tel: +61 (0) 8 9328 2828 Tel: +7 495 967 9348Fax: +353 1 433 9101 Fax:+ 971 4 331 5480 Fax:+27 (11) 280 6610 Fax:+61 (0) 8 9328 7570 Fax: +7 495 967 9700Email: Kiev Bangalore Jordan Horizon Tower 3rd Floor Medinova Diagnostics’ 710 Ab Al-Haj Shelkovichnaya Street Opp TNT towers. Commercial Complex 42-44 Bangalore - 560 001 University Street Kiev 01601 India Amman Ukraine Jordan Tel: +380 44 490 1255 Tel: +91 080 4241 9800 Tel: +962 6 516 3122/ Fax: +380 44 490 1200 Fax: +91 80 4241 9888 Fax:+962 6 516 3123