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Network Access Protection

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WINDOWS 2008 …

Network Access Protection

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  • 1. •Layered Infrastructure •Policy based •Open to third parties •Denied network access/Quarantine •Remediation •NAP clients
  • 2. Healthy Private computer Network Unhealthy computer
  • 3. No Policy Authentication Optional Authentication Required X HRA Client Accessing the network NPS Remediation Server
  • 4. Client System Health Agent (SHA) Quarantine Agent (QA) Client SHV Enforcement Client (EC) Remediation Services (RADIUS) Remediation Server Network Access Device and Server System Health Server (SHV) Network Policy Server (NPS) NPS Quarantine Server (RADIUS) System Health Validator (SHV) Network Access Device or Server
  • 5. System Health Restricted Network Remediation Servers Servers Here you go. Can I have Ongoing policy updates? updates to Network Policy Server May I have access? Should this client Requesting access. Here’s my current be restricted based Here’s my new health status. on its health? health status. According to According toclient MS NPS Client You are given policy, the policy, the to date. is not up client restricted access 802.1x isQuarantine up to date. until fix-up. Client is granted access to Switch full client, request it intranet. Grant access. to update.
  • 6. •Nap client available for XP sp2 •Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) •Avenda Linux NAP Agent
  • 7. Features  Authentication Methods PEAPv0 (EAP-MSCHAPv2)  PEAPv0 (EAP-TLS)  Health Check Firewall Status - Check for firewall status, with auto-remediation  Service Status - Check for different services. Auto-remediate by starting or stopping services.  Firewall Ports - Check status of open or blocked TCP/UDP ports  Anti-Virus Status - Check if anti-virus software is up-to-date  Supported Platforms; Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 and above CentOS 5 and above Fedora Core 6 and above Avenda Linux NAP SHV for Microsoft NPS Features  Health Check Firewall Status - Check for firewall status and open/blocked ports. Auto Remediation - Turn on firewall; block or open ports.  Service Status - Check status of different services running on the system. Auto Remediation - Start or stop services.  Anti-Virus Status - Check if anti-virus is running. Auto Remediation - Start anti-virus.