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BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
BCI Overview
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BCI Overview


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Deck contentsincludeoveview of credentalsand capabilitie for Bauer Consulting, Inc.

Deck contentsincludeoveview of credentalsand capabilitie for Bauer Consulting, Inc.

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  • 1. Bauer Consulting, Inc.
    Where Business and IT Converge
    © 2009 Bauer Consulting, Inc. May not be reproduced by any means without express permission. All rights reserved.
    Bauer Consulting, Inc.
    714 Alameda DLP
    Belmont, Calif. USA
  • 2. Excellent Work at Top Companies
    IT consulting services delivered at distinguished middle market and Fortune 500 firms:
    IT planning, strategy and architecture
    Technology and vendor selection for major systems
    Program and project management of strategic IT initiatives
    Improvement of internal IT management
    Why executives entrusted Bauer Consulting with their strategic IT initiatives:
    Bring requisite credibility with boards and senior management on high-visibility engagements.
    Leadership that delivers results in any internal situation.
    Blended strategic business and technology perspective.
    Ability to forge collaborative partnerships across organizational boundaries that unlock synergies while aligning stakeholders.
    Results orientation.
  • 3. Background
    Founded in 2001, Bauer Consulting, Inc. provides IT management consulting services to leading organizations. We are a boutique firm that specializes in helping executives and senior management complete their most important IT initiatives. Our leadership and business expertise combined with technological knowledge makes us uniquely effective at delivering results in the most demanding enterprises.
    Bauer Consulting brings professional, seasoned consultants with proven methodologies to execute strategic-class initiatives across the IT lifecycle at the application, data, and infrastructure layers.
    IT planning, strategy and architecture
    Technology and vendor selection
    Program and project management
    Improvement in IT management
    Our firm has established a successful track record at distinguished middle market and Fortune 500 firms with engagements in fnancialservices, government, high-technology, transportation and bio-technology.
    Common across all our service offerings is a collaborative engagement approach. Each of our methodologies involves the client’s organization as active participants throughout the engagement. This approach produces superior outcomes, internal alignment and buy-in, and knowledge transfer.
    Bauer Consulting is privately held and based near San Francisco, California in the U.S.A.
  • 4. Capabilities
    A boutique consulting firm, Bauer Consulting has well-honed capabilities to deliver strategic-class IT consulting services.
    Proprietary Methodologies
    Refined over several client engagements, our methodologies blend thought-leading frameworks with real world pragmatism and change management. They are also tunable to the client’s particular organization, situation, and engagement objectives.
    What make our methodologies particularly unique is that they produce a readiness for change at our clients. A collaborative approach is built into the methodology, whereby involving multiple levels of the client’s organization through a structured decision making process as well as training. The results is an superior IT strategy that has broad alignment, both horizontal across the business units and functions as well as vertical alignment up and down the management structure.
    Highly-effective Consultants
    Our consultants are highly effective because they are senior-level with between 15 to 25 years of professional experience. They also possess business acumen and are strategic thinkers. Because they too once managed IT organizations, they genuinely understand the business of IT.
    Some client engagements require unique expertise or are very broad in scope. In these situations, we utilize alliance partners to augment our core project team. Partners are boutique firms such as ourselves or former IT executives.
    International Experience
    Through a number of engagements around the world, we have developed a cultural awareness and international perspective that can only be gained from consulting to companies around the world.
  • 5. Alliance Model
    Bauer Consulting partners with three similar boutique IT consulting firms for additional capacity and expertise when needed on client engagements. Collectively our firms have performed over 100 strategic IT engagements, from the Fortune 100 to startup companies to government entities, across the world. Representative engagements include the below.
  • 6. IT Planning, Strategy and Assessments
  • 7. Determining Best Course of Action
    Our business expertise combined with technological knowledge makes us uniquely effective in addressing strategic IT matters. And we bring proven methodologies that keep engagements focused, pragmatic and deliver actionable outcomes.
  • 8. IT Planning – Our Methodology
    We utilize a three-phase approach that has proven successful and honed on multiple engagements.
    Where are we today?
    How do you get there?
    Where do you want to go?
    7. IT Roadmap
    Application Projects
    Database Projects
    Technology Projects
    IT Management Projects
    Business Process Improvement
    Performance Metrics
    3. Business Direction
    Values, Mission, Vision,
    Goals, Strategies, Objectives,
    Management Decision Criteria
    1. Assessment of IT Today:
    Current IT Direction
    Mission, Vision, Goals, etc.
    Applications & Databases
    Architecture (App & Data)
    IT Org Structure, Staffing,
    Business & IT Processes
    4. Business IT Opportunities
    5. IT Strategic Directions
    8. IT Org Alignment Plan
    Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives
    IT Organizational Structure
    Staffing Resources & Skills (HR Plan) Training Plan Risk Management Plan
    Communications Plan
    Configuration Plan Interface Plan
    IT Budget Plan Quality Management Plan Change Management Program
    6. Information Architecture
    IT Principles
    IT Models
    Application Architecture
    Data Architecture
    IT Standards
    2. Benchmarking,
    IT Trends & Peers
  • 9. Enterprise / Business Architecture – Our Methodology
    Business Architecture
    Engagement Management
    Operating Model
    Enterprise Data Model
    The necessary level of business process integration and standardization for delivering services to customers. Also, identification of share data.
    An integrated view of critical data generated and consumed across the bank. The model unites, formalizes and represents the things important to the bank, as well as the rules governing them.
    Absent a plan for the distribution of functions there is duplication and inconsistency. At best this means a more expensive operation. At worse, customers are dissatisfied with their service
    Guides BPR as a strategic requirements, whereby assuring process design aligns with the business strategy.
    A plan that lays out which applications will own and provide data to the enterprise
    Provides a map for the distribution of business functions across the enterprise
    How Used
    • Application architecture
    • 10. End-to-End high-level workflows
    • 11. High-level Proc. Architecture
    • 12. Shared Data Model
    • 13. Data Taxonomy
    • 14. Conceptual Entity Model
  • 15. Representative Engagement – IT Strategy
    Client: ALINMA Bank
    Size: $5B de novo
    Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Scope: Retail, Commercial and Investment Banks
    Client needed a clean-sheet IT strategy that would provide competitive advantages over current banks and future market entrants with advanced capabilities. BCI assessed the institution’s planned business model, competitive positioning, business objectives and competitive advantages. Based upon findings, we formulated an IT strategy that encompassed :
    Role of IT
    IT Principals
    Emerging and best-of-breed technologies
    Enterprise architecture
    IT organization structure
    Engagement tightly aligned IT with business strategies and translated the business vision into an IT roadmap.
  • 16. Technology and Vendor Selection
  • 17. Much More Than Just Fitment
    For major IT system investments, perform a comprehensive and objective evaluation of technology solutions and their vendors to ensure best fit and value for the client. In addition to requirements gathering and RFP issuance process, we formulate an ROI-driven business case to support the planned purchase and can guide the contracting process. Furthermore, we manage the selection process as a orchestrated joint decision-making initiative between business and IT in order to reach the optimal choice and to prepare the organization for change.
    Client: SVB Financial Group
    Size: $5B in Assets; 1,100 Employees
    Location: Santa Clara, California, USA
    Scope: Commercial Bank
    Technology: Core Banking
    Worked with executives down to line management and across business functions and units to gather requirements, remove obstacles, and achieve consensus. Managed the RFP issuance, assessment of vendor responses, and vendor demonstrations. Developed a comprehensive ROI-driven business case and implementation roadmap. The board accepted the recommendation and approved a $15M implementation project, embarking the bank on a multi-year change effort.
    Client: Port of Oakland
    Size: $330M in Revenue; 600 Employees
    Location: Oakland, California, USA
    Scope: Seaport, Airport and Real Estate
    Technology: ERP
    Led organization through an ERP selection that encompassed the seaport, airport, and commercial real estate divisions and across all business support functions. Established a Steering Committee and led business requirements gathering through surveys and sessions with subject matter experts. Drafted and issued a comprehensive RFP and performed extensive assessment of vendors’ responses. Presented findings to the Selection Committee. Within an aggressive timeline, obtained highly competitive vendor quotes and aligned senior management to an ERP implementation.
  • 18. IT Selection - Our Methodology
    Phase III:
    Phase II:
    Evaluate and Select
    Phase I:
    Requirements & RFP
    Ensure an optimized investment by guiding the organization thorough a structured contracting process. Work in partnership with the Port staff to requisite expertise. In doing so, remove slack from process through active management.
    Guide the organization through highly complex decision making. Goal is to obtain Port-wide consensus on an ERP vendor (s) as well as obtain necessary board approval.
    Prepare for execution of a competitive bid RFP process designed for large- scale technology. Gather requirements and create RFP and ant functionality questionnaire.
    • Gather Functionality Requirements
    • 19. Define evaluation criteria and framework
    • 20. Develop an RFP
    • 21. Process RFP responses from vendors
    • 22. Facilitate vendor demonstrations
    • 23. Vendor Comparative Analysis
    • 24. Benefits and TCO Analysis
    • 25. Evaluate Sourcing Options
    • 26. NPV / Payback Analysis
    • 27. IT-Business Alignment Analysis
    • 28. Conduct references checks on vendors
    • 29. Negotiate terms and conditions for contracts
    • 30. Ensure proper incentive and allocation of risk
    Key Activities
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • 31. Functionality Questionnaire
    • 32. Payroll Bridging Report
    • 33. Vendor Contract Templates
    • 34. Executed Agreements
    • 35. ROI-based Business Case
    • 36. Vendor Evaluation Report
    • 37. Implementation Road Map
    Organizational Alignment and Readiness
    Project Introduction Meetings, Project Charter, ERP Selection Committee, One-one-one Meetings, Ad Hoc Presentations
  • 38. Program and Project Management of IT Initiatives
  • 39. Getting IT Done - Representative Engagements
    From enterprise transformation to focused technology initiatives, we have been successful at PMO setup and management as well as project management for IT initiatives. Clients hire us for strong leadership necessary to drive complex and high-visibility IT initiatives; ability to influence and persuade across the enterprise; and need for independent third-party to balance out vendor power.
  • 40. Improve Internal IT Management
  • 41. Helping Company’s Better Manage Their IT
    A new practices area, we help clients to improve T effectiveness and achieve cost reduction through application of proven IT operations practices, service management frameworks and reorganizational within IT organizations.
  • 42. Mr. Adam Bauer, Managing Principal
    D: +1 415 264 8509
    O: +1 650 585 4580