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Why Smart Business?
Are you trying to sell your customer office chairs - or an efficient and comfortable working environment? Smart Business means not only thinking outside the box, but thinking about the three boxes next to it, too. It´s creating whole solutions instead of products and services, helping your customer to "get the job done". A Smart Company will take the leading position in its genre by creating indisputable loyalty and bond to its customers, while operating the entire value chain trough best available insight. A Smart Company can influence the entire value chain by both demand leadership and supply leadership. Smart Business results in a scalable, diverse and continuous business models and pricing, economies of scale and a hard-to-copy competitive edge.

Why Avaus?
Becoming a Smart Business requires critical changes: transformation into service business and data management. To do this, you need to not only create winning service solution concepts, but to adapt and master technologies to gather, manage and utilise data born within your services. At Avaus, we know concepts, technology and analytics. We are the one partner, that can help you become a Smart Business.

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In Finnish / Suomeksi:
Smart on palveluliiketoimintaan siirtymistä ja siitä syntyvän datan hyödyntämistä eri teknologioiden (mobiili ym) avulla. Smart toimija laventaa liiketoimintaansa skaalautuvilla bisnesmalleilla ja saavuttaa vaikeasti kopioitavaa kilpailuetua asiakas "lock-in":illä ja kokonaisvaltaisilla palveluratkaisuilla. Arvoketjun tarjonta- ja kysyntävoimat siirtyvät tämän yhden näkijän hallitaviksi. Oleellista tässä kehityksessä on toimiva palvelumuotoilu, oikeat teknologiat ja hyvä analytiikka. Ja nämä Avaus osaa.

Haluatko tietää enemmän Avauksesta tai lähestymistavastamme? Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä!

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Smart business - Avaus' perspective

  2. 2. Smart business isbased on insight How is my product used? What services are used around it? How are those services used? What more do my customers need? What products and services do they use next? IMAGE BY CHIMJO / FLICKR
  3. 3. ”Smart” is a process of constantlearning and increasing benefits Smart players: Smart solutions are: •  Create and apply new service models •  Collect, manage and utilize data created in processesand services (Connectivity) •  Involve and commit the end-user starting fromdesign (social tools) •  Use technology efficiently to their advantage •  Learn from the data collected from activities andservices •  Use gained insight to refine activities and services Involving Cost-efficient Customer oriented Energy efficient Flexible Safe Ecological User friendly
  4. 4. Smart business enables new pricing andbusiness models Solution business Service business Product business Customer value / Share of the customer need Stabilizing economic cycles Predictability EBITDA %
  5. 5. Who needs to get smart? Anyone who wants to: •  Create and apply new business/service models •  Find sources for data and/or technology driven growth •  Leverage the wealth of information you have about yourcustomers (and their customers) •  Cut costs - for yourself and your customers (and theircustomers)
  6. 6. How to become asmart business?
  7. 7. Invest in solutions.HOW CAN IHELP YOU?WHAT`S THEJOB TO BEDONE?Shift from a offering oriented view to amindset of continuous service solutionsIMAGE BY DARREN CHADWICK / FLICKR
  8. 8. 01010010011001010011101001100100011001100111001100011001011001010010011001010011101001100100011001100111001100010110010100100110010100111010011001000110011001110011000101100101001001100101001110100110010001100110011100110001Good data is like the ears of a sales man. Without it you haveno clue what the customer needs.Integrate traditional customer profile data with real-timebehavioral data from all channels in order to UNDERSTANDthe need and REACT to the context.Ready?Now do this to the ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN of your business.DATAINVEST IN
  9. 9. Analytics Marketing cloud for newservice portfolio Market expansion Global offerings Internationalization Competitive and market analysis Benchmarks and trends Vision VISION SALES AND CUSTOMERS SERVICE DESIGN Customer need assessment Service design Service concept feasibility Business case and business models KPIs Organization Outsourcing MA Internal processes Enterprise mobility Training and change management Sales channels Sales funnel Customer dialog models Key account management Online strategy Mobile strategy Feasibility studies Technology selections Platform evaluations Mobility roadmaps Concepts Visual prototyping Proof-of-concepts BUSINESS AND ORGANISATION INTERACTIVE SERVICE CHANNELS INSIGHT …and plan for a new way of doingthings
  10. 10. Let us help you We know strategy We know technology We know analytics We know design All the things you’llneed to become asmart business