Windows administrator password recovery without tech support


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Sometimes we forget the recently changed Windows admin password or simply lose it due to sudden hard drive crashes. It is sickening and terrifying to be locked out of our own computer.

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  • Nice post. Windows password recovery make it easy to reset user/admin password and allow to access account.
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Windows administrator password recovery without tech support

  1. 1. Windows Administrator Password Recovery Without Tech Support<br />Sometimes we forget the recently changed Windows admin password or simply lose it due to sudden hard drive crashes. It is sickening and terrifying to be locked out of our own computer. But the fact is we can easily recover and reset Windows password through a few steps. Windows Password Reset professional help users get back into their Windows system without a hassle. How?While installing Windows, it automatically creates an account “Administrator” and keeps the password field blank by default. In case, you want to password protect your PC, you can create that at the time of installation. Some geeky steps are involved in finding the lost password, where the steps differ in case of different operating systems. Here we will discuss about the easiest steps commonly suggested by the tech support professionals.First you need to start your computer and once the Windows Welcome screen appears, press [alt + ctrl + del] twice. This command will bring Classic log-in box where you need to type Administrator in Username and leave the Password field blank. Now the tech support experts will instruct you to press Enter with which you will be able to log in to your Windows OS. Now you can reset your account password again from User Account at Control Panel. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have inbuilt password reset feature. However, you can still perform the above mentioned steps in those operating system platforms as well.If the steps don’t work, you might have to reinstall the operating system. Sometimes, users to get the job done using third party password recovery software. Online technical support companies provide such software utilities mostly for free with a guidance to access them. There are two most popular free Windows password recovery software applications available over internet. They are compatible with Windows XP, but can reset windows 7 password as well.But the fact is, you essentially need an expert computer help or tech support to download them and figure out the geeky instructions to execute the commands. Ophcrack is such an automated program that tries numerous passwords until the right one comes. Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is another program that simply deletes your existing password.If you don’t have internet connection or no one else has a physical access to it, PC log in password is nothing but an annoyance to you. But, if your PC has such exposure by any means, a good password is just essential for your computing. Online tech support professionals help users select a password which is hard to presume by the hackers. As they suggest, you must set a combination of letter, special character and number.Well, now let’s think of the negative side to this password resetting practice. Have you ever figured out the fact that when you can reset your system password without using the present password- then the same can easily be done by anyone else who has physical access to your PC! So, never consider Windows log in password as an ultimate security measure against the intruders.<br />