GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                         Company	  profile	  ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                            ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                            ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                            ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                           Company	  profile	               ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                           C...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                            ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                 Company	  p...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                 Company	  p...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                          Co...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                                                            ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                           Company	  profile	               ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd. 	                                                      Company	  profile	                    ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                       Company	  profile­‐solut...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                       Company	  profile­‐solut...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                       Company	  profile	  	              PAC...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                       Company	  profile­‐solut...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                       Company	  profile­‐solut...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                          Company	  profile	 ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                    Company	  profile	  	  GM...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                             ...
GMO	  Solution	  Sdn.	  Bhd.	                                                                                            C...
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GMO Company Profile & Catalog


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GMO Solution Sdn. Bhd. Company Profile & Catalog.

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contact : +6013 850 4868
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GMO Company Profile & Catalog

  1. 1. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile                GMO  SOLUTION  SDN.  BHD.   46-01, Jalan Ros Merah 2/17, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. Telephone  &  Fax   +607-­‐355  5609   +607-­‐355  5610­‐­‐      
  2. 2. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profile   COMPANY  OUTLINE      Name  of  Company         :     GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.    Business  Registration       :     704591-­‐X    Incorporated  Date       :     29th  July  2005    Company  Business  Address     :     46-­‐01,  Jalan  Ros  Mera  2/17,                 Taman  Johor  Jaya,                 81100  Johor  Bahru,                 Malaysia.    Telephone         :     +607-­‐355  5609    Facsimile         :     +607-­‐355  5610    Website         :­‐    Email           :     sales@gmo-­‐           Banker           :     Public  Bank  Berhad    Bank  Account  No.       :     3137132412       BACKGROUND    GMO   SOLUTION   SDN.BHD.   is     widely   involved   in   retailing   and   trading   activities   in   Oil   and  Gas,  Petrochemicals,  Marine,  Offshore  and  Government  sectors.      We  specialized  in  supplying,  installation  and  implementation  of  safety  lockout  tagout,  pipe  marker   product,   facility   and   identification   product,   printer   and   label   marker,   signage’s,  absorbent   and   spill   containment,   electrical,   paneling,   instrumentation   and   mechanical  products  to  all  the  sectors  as  mentioned  above.    In  addition  to  the  above,  our  long  history  of  trading  with  international  manufacturers  and  buying  house  from  United  States  Europe  and  Asia,  we  are  confident  we  should  be  able  to  a  wider   range   of   products   as   well   as   meeting   the   needs   of   customer’s   specific   requirement.­‐  
  3. 3. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profile     MISSION  In  order  to  increase  the  efficiency  and  to  value  add  our  business,  we  have  established  the  Sales   Coordination   and   Logistic   Department   to   support   the   Sales   and   Marketing  Department.   Our   highly   trained   Sale   Coordinator   will   ensure   that   all   product   source   and  what   quoted   to   our   customers   is   of   highest   quality   to   specification   and   reasonable   price.  While   our   Logistic   Department   will   ensure   that   product   will   delivered   to   the   destination  before  the  delivery  dead  line.  This  would  potentially  help  to  reduce  the  down  time  of  the  plant.       VISSION    Nothing   is   more   important   to   GMO   SOLUTION   SDN.BHD.   than   its   aim   to   deliver   a   first   class  service   and   excellent   products   to   our   customer.   Our   business   is   geared   to   meeting   the  product   they   need,   when   they   want   it,   and   to   exact   specification   they   require,   faster   and  more  efficient  than  others.       OBJECTIVES    As  part  of  our  objective  and  commitment  to  serve  and  support  our  customers  better,  we  will  from   time   to   time   arrange   for   our   Technical   Engineers   and   Sales   Personnel   to   undergo  product   training   or   seminars   conducted   locally   or   overseas   to   increase   their   product  knowledge.­‐  
  4. 4. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profile     COMPANY  POLICY    It   is   our   company   policy   to   carry   out   the   solution   of   facility   and   safety   identification,  preventing  spill  on  land  or  water  in  accordance  with  necessary  regulations  /  compliance  by  OSHA,   WEEE-­‐RoHS,   Government,   Client   specifications.   Our   goal   is   to   maintain   continuous  and   increase   efficiency   quality   product   and   service   higher   level   improvements   as   well   as  meeting  and  needs  of  customer  specific  requirements.       H.S.E.  POLICY    As   safety,   health   and   environment   supporter,   we   will   share   our   expertise,   experience,  knowledge,   information   so   as   to   provide   safe   and   healthy   environment   condition   and  method  to  all  its  staff,  Client’s  employees  and  other  person,  who  may  affected.    Protect   the   environment,   prevent   pollution   and   spillage,   recommend   and   provide   method  or   product   for   the   use   of   our   environment   friendly   products   and   ensure   the   safety   to   Client  facility,  plant  and  equipment.    We  will  pursue  our  policy  through  company  strategies  and  action  plans.  Our  management  commitment   and   ensure   that   you   understand   exactly   what   the   latest   regulations   require,  and  provide  you  with  the  right  products  and  services,  education  and  training  to  comply.­‐  
  5. 5. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileBOARD OF DIRECTORS Noel Lau Kok PiauManaging Director : Rosli Bin OthmanExecutive Director :Operation Director : Zulfarin Bin MohdMANAGEMENT TEAM  Admin and Account Manager : JessSenior Sales Manager : Anne TeoBusiness Development Manager : Gary LimSenior Marketing Manager : Simon ChiaLogistic and Shipping Manager : Zulfarin Mohd AliMarketing Manager : Mohd Muzaini Bin Musa(Johor)Marketing Manager : Suhaimi Bin Jaafar(Kuala Lumpur & Penang)Marketing Manager : Mohd Muzafar Mustapha(Terengganu)Project Advisor : Abd Rizal Bin Sabli(Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Brunei)­‐  
  6. 6. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profile PRODUCT  &  SERVICES   Exclusive Agent forBrady Identification Solutions & ServicesPowerMark® Sign and Label GlobalMark® Industrial LabelPrinter MakersBradys PowerMark® sign and label printer allows Bradys GlobalMark® Industrial Label Maker lets youyou to create custom, multi-color signs and labels, create custom signs, labels, pipe markers, tags andas wide as 10 inches. This sign printer features 4- more. Never before has an industrial label printercolor quality output and over 300 built-in symbols provided such a range of capabilities right at yourto help you create high visibility, durable signs and fingertips.labels for your facility. The GlobalMark make-it-yourself printer featuresThe PowerMark sign and label printer also features Bradys advanced touch-screen technology,PC connectivity for printing with MarkWare Facility powered by a Microsoft Windows® CE operatingIdentification Software. This printer/software system. It can print on all of the standard sign andcombination allows you to utilize a wide range of label materials, including Glow-in-the-Dark, statictemplates, fonts and barcodes to create signs and cling, magnetic, tag stock, cold temperature,labels that are even more effective in your facility. reflective, polypropylene and more. The GlobalMark   Industrial Printer has more than 290 built-in symbols, touch-and-drag editing, label previews, and a variety of other design and printing feature to help you make signs and labels faster than ever before.­‐  
  7. 7. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileBMP71 Label PrinterWith more than 400 different label options, the NEW BMP71Portable Label Printer is Bradys most versatile portable printer.This easy-to-use labeler can help you cut material waste,save label making time, and print crisp labels more efficientlythan ever before.The BMP71 labeler can print on more than 30 types of labelmaterials - including PermaSleeve™ wire markers, indoor/outdoorvinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers,raised panel labels, and more. Whether you need 1/4" self-laminatingwire marker labels or 2" wide vinyl pipe marker labels, this portablelabel printer can do it all.  Bar Code Scanners Brady offers barcode scanners that meet the needs of a variety of tracking applications, including basic data entry, electronics, lab, shipping and receiving, UID initiatives, WIP and more. From basic 1D/2D barcode scanners to fully-integrated Data Matrix Verifiers, Brady offers several different barcode scanner solutions to meet your data collection needs.Bar Code Scanners Accessories Brady offers a variety of accessories for your Brady barcode scanners, including battery chargers, mountable chargers, BlueTooth equipment, detachable handles, space code reader device cables, LCD monitors, and more. Barcode scanner software is also available to keep track of your inventory and data collection. Bradys barcode scanner software includes Asset & Inventory Control Software, Inspection & Facility Management Software, Production/Barcode Labeling Software.Aviation Printer Kits Brady offers the following products to assist crews at aviation maintenance and repair centers to easily apply identification markings on wire and cables.DoD UID According to MIL-STD-130N, UID identification is to be as permanent as the life of the item being identified Brady thermal transfer label printers and industrial labels are the perfect combination for compliance to the DoD UID program. Bradys thermal transfer printers deliver high quality 2-D Data Matrix marks and linear barcodes for all of your UID printing needs. Choose from 300 or 600 dpi models for a crisp, clear , easy to read­‐  
  8. 8. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileBrady Lock Out Tag OutLockout Devices Brady offers a wide variety of industry-leading, easy-to-use lockout devices for an effective, OSHA-compliant energy control program. Provide your employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices that will keep them safe and keep your facility OSHA compliant. Bradys lockout devices can be used in a variety of situations, including mechanical lockout, electrical lockout, group lockout, valve lockout, pneumatic lockout and breaker lockout.  Circuit Breaker Lockout Bradys Circuit Breaker Lockouts allow electric circuit breakers to be safely locked out. Breaker lockout devices will prevent the energization of electric current to your equipment. Brady Circuit Breaker Lockouts work on a wide range of breakers that include single and multi-pole breaker configurations. With snap-on and clamp-on breaker lockout options, Brady delivers electrical lockout solutions for almost any situation. Circuit Breaker Lockouts can accommodate multiple locks, eliminating the need for hasps during group lockout as well as unique sized breakers and breaker blockers for irregularly shaped switches.  Padlocks and Lock Centers Brady provides a variety of padlocks and lock centers for your lockout program. For group lockout situations where a large number of workers are responsible for the equipment, lock boxes can offer advantages over simple hasps. Now, your facility has never been safer, with a full offering of nonconductive, steel, brass and aluminum padlocks, Brady helps you meet a variety of needs while keeping you neatly organized with easy-access lock centers. As a kit or individual components, Brady has the safety lockout centers to store everything your lockout program needs.  Valve Lockout From universal valve lockouts to adjustable valve lockouts, Brady offers a full line of lockout devices to shut off all types of pressured valves. Gate valve lockout devices deny access and cover the valve handle to help you turn off, and keep off, a pressured situation. With Prinzing ball valve lockouts and Bradys standard, quarter-turn ball valve lockout devices, a comprehensive series of options are available from the global leader in lockout tagout solutions.  Group Lockout Brady group lockout products are ideal for situations where a large number of workers have a high volume of energy control points that need to be locked out. With lock boxes, single job locks, multiple padlock management systems and lockout tool storage, Brady has several options for group lockout that can save time, track lockout workers, store padlocks and keep group lockout procedures efficient and organized. Economical group lock boxes, portable lock boxes, hasps, padlock centers and Bradys combined lock storage units can help make group lockout easy and convenient.  Disconnect Handle Lockouts Brady Disconnect Handle Lockouts provide you with an easy and effective cable lockout device for multi-purpose energy isolation. The cable locking device is easily cinched to keep handles and/or valves locked in the OFF position, effectively isolating valves or electrical power handles. Disconnect handle lockouts for switches and small gate valves are made of non- conductive nylon cable or sheathed metal cable so you can securely fasten it to the power supply handle to keep equipment from unexpected start ups.­‐  
  9. 9. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileLabels, Markers and Tapes Brady offers thousands of high performance labels, markers and tapes that can help your company communicate important safety and facility identification messages. Proper identification can significantly improve productivity, performance, safety and security. Available in pre-printed, blank and custom designs, Bradys labels, markers and tapes can be used for a variety of applications, including wire and cable identification, facility safety, voice and data communication identification, laboratory identification and more.Signs As a global leader in facility signage, theres no other company that can help you communicate critical information better than Brady. We offer more than 8,000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Brady signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive pictographs to ensure that the communication is highly visible and easily understood. The signs are compliant with the latest standards and regulations, and designed to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.Pipe and Valve Marking Brady offers a comprehensive collection of pipe and valve marking supplies, tools and identification systems. Clearly marked pipes let workers trace process problems and find solutions faster. Also, Bradys pipe and valve marking solutions help satisfy safety and ASME (ANSI) standards. With Brady, you can easily identify pipe content and flow direction with self-sticking labels, valve tags and other high-performance pipe markers that ultimately keep your facility safe and compliant. Brady provides a wide range of pipe markers made of materials that match your needs; indoors, outdoors, in harsh environments or light duty applications, Brady has you covered.Tags Brady offers thousands of pre-printed and custom tag options to help you reduce errors and confusion throughout your facility. Designed for tough industrial environments, Brady tags are made of high performance, durable materials that can withstand harsh environments - both indoors and outdoors. Brady tags can be used for hazard warnings, valve identification, equipment instructions, accident prevention, and more. Browse the Brady tag categories to find the tag solution that best fits your tagging needs.WorkPlace Safety and Security Brady is the global leader in safety, security and identification products specifically designed to increase workplace safety. Brady provides innovative products and services that enhance the safety and security of the workplace environment with a wide variety of signage for confined spaces, tags and labels for marking hazardous materials, right-to-know (RTK) information and safety compliance and training resources. Bradys safety equipment and workplace safety products are designed to help you identify caution areas, provide resourceful information to employees and enhance the overall safety of your facility inside and­‐  
  10. 10. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileAbsorbents and Spill ContainmentSPCs absorbents and spill containment products are designed with your efficiency in mind. SPC provides highquality, high performing sorbents that keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills,pipe leaks or other accidents. Using advanced materials that help make spill clean up more cost effective, SPCprovides a wide variety of materials and absorbent products that can be used to clean oil or water-based spills.Bradys SPC absorbent products are ideal tools for spill prevention and spill control, allowing you to have thecountermeasures to contain, clean up and mitigate the effects of an unexpected spill while meeting new safetyregulations. Absorbent Pads and RollsBradys SPC absorbent pads and sorbent rolls are a cost-effectivesolution for absorbing leaks, drips and spills. SPC sorbent pads and rollsare ideal for any indoor, outdoor and/or hazmat application. Placesorbent pads and absorbent rolls around machinery, under leaky pipesor fittings, in messy traffic areas, or anywhere you need to ensure yourfacility is clean, safe and compliant. Excellent for industrial plants,machine and maintenance shops, SPC high performance sorbent padsand absorbent rolls are designed to soak up more liquids in less time.    ReForm™ Sorbent Products Bradys SPC Re-Form™ Sorbents are an eco-friendly, high-performance sorbent option that is made from a minimum of 80% recycled newsprint and other cellulose. Re-Form general purpose sorbents are up to 50% more absorbent than polypropylene sorbents, while still meeting NFPA Class A Fire Retardancy. Re-Form Sorbents give facilities that option to go green without sacrificing the high-performance absorbency. SPC ReForm Absorbent Products are green to produce and green to use. The production process used for Re-Form sorbent materials takes less away from our environment, and you in turn, use less sorbents to clean up spills.Spill ContainmentBradys SPC spill containment products are designed with your efficiencyin mind. Keep your employees and work environment safe fromunexpected drum spills, or leaks.Absorbent­‐  
  11. 11. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileBradys SPC sorbent pillows will absorb all oil and water-based fluids, soyou can rest assured youve got a great product for absorbing spills andleaking fluids in those tight spaces. Sorbent pillows can be used to cleanup and recover liquids in hard-to-reach or hard-to-get-to areas, such assumps, catch basins or even outdoor ponds. SPCs spill pillows are alsoavailable as a dark spunbound oil absorbent pillow filled with graypolypropylene. These are versatile oil absorbing pillows for use with alloil and water-based fluids.Absorbent SOCs Brady has a variety of different SPC absorbent socs. These absorbent socs are the dependable, flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids. With SPC absorbent socs, you can make a cleaner and safer work environment. Oil absorbent socs mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to soak up spills and drips, preventing fluid to escape to other areas. They are available as sorbent pads or sorbent rolls, and you have the option of ordering in either oil only absorbency or universal absorbency. SPC absorbent socs are an everyday working tool for major industries, including chemical plants, heavy and light manufacturing, transportation, printing, and public utilities.Absorbent and Containment Booms Great for removing oil from water, Bradys SPC absorbent booms are strong, lint-free and gapless. SPC Sorbent booms are easy to handle, even when saturated with oil and petroleum-based fluids. SPC provides you with several options for oil spill booms as a cost-effective solution for containment of oil spills on water. SPCs oil absorbent booms are sometimes called sorbent booms, marine booms, marina booms, sea booms or oil spill booms. Oil absorbent booms are ideal for the control and clean up of oil spills on water as well as the absorption of large industrial hydrocarbon spills on land. SPCs oil absorbent booms can be used to handle all types of hydrocarbon spills such as fuel oils, hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel and kerosene.GranularsBrady provides all-purpose spill clean up options, includingSPCs granular absorbents. Loose granular absorbents aremulti-purpose sorbents that are ideal for liquids spill clean-up, lab packing and stabilization of free liquids. Keep yourfacility floor surfaces clean, safe and dry. SPC provides oilspill and other liquid clean-up options as both all-naturalgranular oil sorbents as well as bio-degradable absorbents.SPC also encourages the use for oil-only use with its organicgranular absorbents. No matter what the case, SPC offers aloose granular absorbent material that is safe for your facilityand safe for the environment.Absorbent Spill Kits Bradys SPC Absorbent Spill Kits equip you with everything you need to clean up accidents when they happen. With an SPC absorbent spill kit on hand, you can quickly and easily clean up spills of oils, solvents, coolants and other fluids. They are ideal for fast response to critical accidents. Absorbent spill kits can contain a combination of gloves, bags, socs and pads, and even instruction sheets to help you clean up the spill. Brady offers a complete selection of SPC absorbent kits for plants, laboratories, work stations and construction­‐  
  12. 12. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profileWe also specialize for plastic pallet, box and special design as peryour request. We have various type, design and sizes for your­‐  
  13. 13. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile   Company  profile SPECIALTY CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS Agricultural Fluoropolymer Coating Antifoams Oil & Gas Bio-Degradable Refinery Commodity Chemicals Wastewater Treatment Food & Beverage LNG Processing PlantsCustom Blended Chemical Solutions are available per­‐  
  14. 14. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile­‐      
  15. 15. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile­‐      
  16. 16. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     THE FOAM SOLUTION Malaysia & Brunei * Contact +607-355-5609 * Email: * Website: contact us for more chemicals product list and detail..­‐      
  17. 17. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     PACKAGING­‐      
  18. 18. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile­‐      
  19. 19. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile­‐      
  20. 20. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     OFFSHORE FRAME Acuframe The Acuframe can be used to safely transport standard 350 up to 550 gallon Acutote Intermediate Bulk Containers or other IBC’s in and offshore­‐      
  21. 21. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     Special  Product  :  Collapsible  Ocean  Container  The  Collapsible  Container  is  designed  to  transport  various  types  of  products  by  ocean,  road  and/or  rail  throughout  the  world.  It’s  suitable  for  the  environmental  conditions  imposed  by  these  modes  of  transport  and  suitable  for  extreme  temperatures  of  (minus  (-­‐)  30  degree  C  to  plus  (+)  70  degree  C)  without  affecting  structural  integrity  and  the  water-­‐tightness  of  the  container.  The  container  is  in  compliance  with  regulatory  standards,  such  as:  ABS,  CCC/TIR,  CSC  and  UIC.  In  addition,  it  is  also  in  compliance  with  ISO  container  standards  ISO  668,  ISO  830  1496/1,  and  ISO  6346.  This  container  is  constructed  and  suitable  for  transportation  in  normal  operating  conditions.  For   Marine,   it   can   stack   9-­‐high   (empty)   in   accordance   with   the   ships   cell   guides   of   vessels;  however,  for  flat  bed,  skeleton  chassis  for  road,  and/or  flat  cars  for  rail,  it  is  secured  by  twist-­‐locks  or   equivalent   and   stacks   3-­‐high   (empty).   The   dimensions   and   standards   of   the   Dry   freight  Collapsible  Container  are  as  follows:     DIMENSIONS AND RATINGS (ISO: 20’ x 8’ x 8’6”) EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (Overall) Length Width Height 6,058mm +0/-6mm 2,438mm +0/-5mm 2,591mm +0/–5mm INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (Maximum) Length Width Height 5,497mm +0/-10mm 2,291mm +0/-8mm 2,255mm +0/-8mm DOOR OPENING DIMENSIONS (Maximum) Length Width Height - 2,296mm +0/-5mm 2,241mm +0/-2mm RATINGS Max. Gross Weight (R) Tare Weight (+ 2%) Max. Payload 24,000 kg 2,000-2500 kg 22,000 kg Effective Cube Heat Leakage (Umax) Air Leakage 28.4 Cubic Meter (@ Mean Wall Temp.10 C) 5 Cubic Meter­‐      
  22. 22. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     Special  Product  :  Treated  Water  Storage  Trailer      This  is  a  500-­‐Barrel  Trailer  made  of  Steel  Corrugated  Walls  and  Liquid  Storage  Tanks  which  comes  equipped  with  new  running  gear,  and  a  10  mil  DFT  Chemical  Resistant  Liners.  This  Storage  Trailer  is  built  from  new  ¼”  Heavy  Duty  Corrugated  Steel    and  can  be  designed  to  meet  your  needs.  • Floor:  ¼”  PL,  V-­‐Bottom  with  integral  formed  side  channels  • Floor   Support:   10”   channel   longitudinal   runners   with   8”   channel   and   formed   ¼”   PL   channel   cross  members  • Walls:  ¼”  PL  solid  welded,  corrugated  steel,  corrugations  15”  on  center  • Roof:  Flat  Top,  ¼”  PL  solid  welded  with  channel  supports  outside  • Front/Rear:  ¼”  PL  solid  welded,  corrugated  steel,  10”  radius  at  vertical  outside  corners  • Drain/Fill:   4”   floor   drain   at   rear   end,   3”   fill   pipe   to   roof   at   rear,   4”   suction   line   connection   at   front,  4”  mid  high  connection  at  front,  8”  flanged  front  manifold  connection  with  turn  down   to  floor  sump  • Man-­‐way:  21”  man-­‐way  on  front,  side,  (3)  non-­‐sealed  hatches  on  roof  • Pick  Up:  Standard  5th  wheel  king  pin  • Welds:  All  welds  continuous  except  substructure  cross  members  • Axle:  25,000  lb.  axle  with  air  brakes,  11.00  x  22.5  bias  tires  on  steel  disc  wheels  • Access:  Front  stairway  • Hydro-­‐testing:  Full  capacity  static  test  • Dimensions:  45ft  long,  8ft  –  6in,  10ft;  500  barrel  capacity  • Tank  pressure  /  Vacuum  Relief  Vent  • Level  Gauging­‐      
  23. 23. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile       Product    Plusco   INC.,   USA,   is   an   outstanding   manufacturer   of   Lubricants,   Coatings,   Pipe   Dopes,  Wireline   Grease,   Wire   Rope   Coatings   and   other   products   for   the   industrial   and   oilfield  markets.  Plusco  products  are  approved  by  major  oil  field  companies  in  the  region  and  are  “The   Only   Approved”   suppliers   for   some   products.   Plusco   wireline   grease   is   an   Industry  Standard.  PIPE  DOPES  100   API  MODIFIED  THREAD  COMPOUND     Meet  API  Bulletin  5A2  Requirements  111   API  MODIFIED  ENVIRONMENTALLY  SAFE  METAL     Free  Thread  Compound  121   ZM-­‐50  TOOL  JOINT  COMPOUND     Zinc  Base  Tool  Joint  And  Drill  Collar  Compound  135   COPPER  TRIM  PREMIUM  DRILLING  STRING     Casing  /  Tubing  Compound  190   OCTG  PIPE  STORAGE  COMPOUND     Corrosion  Inhibitor  For  Thread  Protection  During  Storage  195   PREMIUM  PIPE  STORAGE  COMPUND    COATINGS  307   SAFE  KOTE     Biodegradable  OD  DIP  Tank  Coating  With  Corrosion  Inhibitors  308   BIODEGRADEABLE  LOW  RESIDUAL  ID  PIPE  COATING  309   ENVIRONMENTALLU  SAFE  ID  PIPE  COATING  310   ID  PIPE  KOTE  CORROSION  INHIBITOR  FOR  OCTG  IN  STORAGE  315   CLEAR  “30”  OD  KOTE     Clear  OD  Pipe  Coating  with  30  minute  Drying  Time  322   BLACK  OD  PIPE  KOTE  ASPHALT  PIPE  COATING  324   AMBER  OD  PIPE  COATING  FAST  DRYING  TIME    WIRELINE  GREASES  402   PLUSCO  BIODEGRADABLE  ENVIRONMENTALLY  SAFE     Wireline  Spray  416   WIRELINE  GREASE  SEAL     16  VIS.  Honey  Oil  With  Inhibitors  for  Pressure  Application  424   WIRELINE  GREASE  SEAL     24  VIS.  Honey  Oil  with  Inhibitors  for  Pressure  Application  428   WIRELINE  GREASE     28  VIS.  High  Temperature  Honey  Oil  with  Inhibitors  for  Pressure  Application  438   PLUSCO  PREMIUM  INHIBITED  CABLE  LUBE    GREASES  800   NO  MELT  GREASE  RED  ‘MILITARY  TYPE’  SHOCK  RESISTANT     GENERAL  PURPOSE  GREASE  830   SILICON  BASE  “O”  RING  LUBRICATION  COMPOUND­‐      
  24. 24. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile     GMO  –  DNP  Superior  Shield   FLUOROPOLYMER  COATINGS      ABOUT  PRODUCT      GMO  -­‐  DNP  SUPERIOR  SHIELD  FLUOROPOLYMER   COATINGS…  are   Patented,   Space   Age   products.     The   Fluoropolymer’s   are   designed   to   last  years   without   chalking   or   fading,   providing   superior   UV   Protection.     They  provide  a  Hard,  Non-­‐Toxic  USDA  Approved  Clear  Coating  that  will  not  Crack,  Chip,  Chalk,  Peel  or  Yellow.    The  products  are  recoatable,  and  they  can  even  revitalize   Faded   Colors.     They   Seal   and   Protect   most   materials   from   Rust,  Corrosion,   and   they   make   Graffiti   easy   to   remove,   and   prevent   staining.    GMO-­‐Direct   N-­‐Pakt’s   Fluoropolymer   Coatings   are   available   in   Solvent,  Water-­‐Base,  Air  Dry,  and  Bake.    GMO  -­‐  DNP   COATINGS   PROVIDE  YEARS  OF   PROTECTION   FOR  A  WIDE  VARIETY  OF  SUBSTRATES,  SUCH  AS:  Paint,   Vinyl   composition   Tile,   Fiberglass,   Marble,   Slate,   Stucco,   Shingles,  Brick,   Concrete,   Stone,   Ceramic   Tile,   Glass,   Wood   and   many   other  substrates.    GMO   -­‐   DNP   COATINGS   ALSO   PROVIDE   PROTECTION   FOR  METALS,  SUCH  AS:  Steel,   Aluminum,   Galvanized  Metal,   Anodized,   Copper,   Stainless   Steel,   Brass  and  Silver.    GMO   -­‐   DNP   COATINGS   CAN   BE   APPLIED   USING   ANY   OF   THE  FOLLOWING  METHODS:  Air,  Airless,  Brush,  Roll,  Dip  or  Electro-­‐statically    WE  RECOMMEND  THAT  FLUOROPOLYMERS  BE  PROFESSIONALLY  APPLIED:  GMO-­‐Direct   N-­‐Pakt   coatings   should   be   used   where   the   very   best   appearance  retention  is  required,  and  reduced  maintenance  is  desired.­‐      
  25. 25. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile    GMO - DNP PROVIDES AN EXCELLENT COATING FOR METALS INCORROSIVE APPLICATIONS… our product has solved problems inmany industries and applications. The water works industry takesadvantage of the superior corrosion resistance properties by coating T-head bolts for underground service. Stainless steel fasteners, used inmany different industries are coated for lubricity and anti-galling. Thesemetals are commonly used by turn-around groups, operations andmaintenance departments. Contractors at many chemical plants,refineries and offshore platforms find many uses. The coatingschemical resistance and easy on/easy off characteristics are perfect forthese environments.GMO – DNP SUPERIOR SHIELD FLUOROPOLYMERS USED FOROFFSHORE AND OIL & GAS INDUSTRIES HIGH PERFORMANCE CORROSION RESISTANCE FLUOROPOLYMER/FASTENER COATINGS FOR THE 21­‐      
  26. 26. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile      The   highest   level   of   corrosion   is   found   in   the   UZ,   IZ,   and   SZ   areas   of  any   offshore   structure.   Corrosion   protection   is   done   via   Active  Protection,  Passive  Protection  and  Temporary  Protection.Active   Protection   is   controlled   at   the   design   stage   by   means   of  Material   Selection   and   Construction   Details.   Temporary   Protection   is  done   where   the   equipment   is   not   critical   and   a   change   in   design   is  possible.   Passive   Protections   is   done   via   the   means   of   Coatings   and  Surface  Protection  Methods.Typical Saline Water Conditions1. 3.5  %  Sodium  Chloride    2. Temperature  is  around  the  range  of  50  Degree  C  to  80  Degree  C    3. Alternate  wetting  and  drying  cycles    4. High  concentration  of  salts    5. Salt  deposits  –  Salts  absorbed  in  moisture  is  more  corrosive  as  in   wet  conditions.    6. Presents  of  oxygen  along  with  salt    The problem with Traditional Coating Methods... Extensivetesting   and   field   use   have   proven   that   the   future   of   coated   fasteners  lies   with   Fluoropolymer   Coatings.   Previously   hot   dip   galvanized.  Cadmium   or   zinc   plated   fasteners   were   considered   the   standard.   But  these   coatings   could   not   stand   up   to   the   corrosive   atmospheres  prevalent   in   many   industries.   After   500   hours   of   salt   spray   testing  (ASTM   B117),   fasteners   coated   with   these   Conventional   methods  showed  severe  corrosion  and.  in  some  cases  failure.Fasteners   coated   with   Superior   shield   Fluoropolymer   coating  withstood   these   harsh   conditions   with   no   noticeable   deterioration  even   after   as   many   as   1,000   hours,   TEFC01   Fluoropolymer)   PTFE  coated  fasteners  still  could  be  easily­‐      
  27. 27. GMO  Solution  Sdn.  Bhd.   Company  profile    What are Fluoropolymer Coatings... they are   blends   of   high  performance  resins  and  Fluoropolymer  lubricants.  Most  of  the  useful  properties   of   Fluoropolymer   are   due   to   fluorine,   the   most   electro-­‐negative  element  and  the  most  reactive  non-­‐metal.  Its  atomic  radius  is  the   smallest   next   to   hydrogen,   and   it   forms   extremely   strong   bonds  with  other  elements.  When  reacted  with  carbon  in  Fluoropolymer,  the  extremely   strong,   tight   bond   produces   an   extraordinary   combination  of  properties.  These  single  coat-­‐thin  films  provide  excellent  corrosion  and  chemical  resistance.Other   benefits   of   Fluoropolymer   coatings   include   reduced   friction,  resistance  to  galling,  non-­‐  stick,  non-­‐wetting,  electrical  resistance  and  abrasion   resistance.   Fluoropolymer   coatings   are   applied   to   fasteners  and   various   OEM   components   to   provide   a   longer   life   before  replacement.At   present   Fluoropolymer   PTFE   coatings   solutions   are   supplied   and  marketed  by  GMO  SOLUTION.Extraordinary PropertiesØ Chemically   inert   Nontoxic   Ø Non-­‐wetting  Ø Non-­‐stick  Ø Low  Coefficient  of  Friction  Ø Highly  fire  resistantØ Low   dielectric   constant  Ø High   temperature   ratings   –   100  Degrees  C  to  +  260­‐