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Effective Advertising and Marketing
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Effective Advertising and Marketing


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How to do low-budget, high impact advertising and get the biggest bang for your buck.

How to do low-budget, high impact advertising and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Effective Advertising & Marketing 5 BASIC Rules on How to manage your Marketing with 0 budget Adriana Iordan Web Marketing Manager / Avangate http://
  • 2. Online marketing concept
    • More targeted traffic + improved conversion rates = More sales
    • More sales + loyal customers = Even more sales
    • Every online shop will want:
      • to attract targeted traffic
      • to convince them to buy
      • to make them return and have a positive experience
    " You cannot go from engineering to sales and skip the marketing step."
  • 3. Advice 1: You need to have a website! It is not enough to have a website. There is no website that cannot be improved, unless your conversion rate is 100 %  !
  • 4. I have a website.
  • 5. I have a website.
  • 6. What to do?
    • Test everything: A/B Testing; Multivariate Testing
    • Use Website Optimizer from Google (free)
    • Run usability experiments
    • Measure results: test, analyze, optimize and again!
    • Things to consider: call to action buttons, content, headlines, product images, product copy, about us and contact us pages, shopping carts, TEST everything!
  • 7. Advice 2: Measure everything! Numbers don’t tell you anything by themselves, they require context and interpretation .
  • 8. Performance web metrics
    • Don’t confuse reporting with “analysis”
    • Measure what is important for your business and not what the web analytics tools gives you
    • Choose metrics that can help you: increase revenue, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction
    • Never measure conversion rates without goals
    • Performance metrics:
    • Average cost per unique visitor, average cost per prospect, average cost per customer, conversion rates, bounce rates
  • 9. Visualize your visitors
    • Site overlay Heatmaps
    Google Analytics
  • 10. Advice 3: Use content to “Sell” Show them there is a human behind the website, talk the language of your audience.  It is not about you and your product, it is about them. I nformation resource (blog, articles, reports, whitepapers )
  • 11. Advice 4: Build a community around your product The users are speaking online: they recommend or give negative reviews, they ask for relevant and trusted information.
  • 12. Find the network for your business
  • 13. Go networking! 
    • Forums and online communities
    • Blogging and micro-blogging
    • Social Networks: Facebook, Linkedin
    • Multimedia sharing: Youtube, Flickr
    • Social Bookmarking
    • RSS Readers
    • Now you can directly communicate with them. Use this chance!
  • 14.
    • Online reputation management tools:
    • Google & Yahoo Alerts
    • What to monitor?
    • - Brand name, product name, your name, competition
  • 15. Advice 5: Don’t ignore the search engines We need targeted traffic from Google!
  • 16. Search Engine Optimization
    • Basic SEO
    • Keywords in the right places
    • Links from relevant sites
    • Good content / more content
    • Don’t ignore the potential of the search engines!
    • Measure the results, test, optimize.
  • 17.
    • More targeted traffic + Improved conversion rates = More sales
    • Strive to improve your conversion rates by doing Split & Multivariate Testing, using web analytics tools
    • Attract targeted traffic by SEO and Social Media
    • Adriana Iordan, Web Marketing Manager / Avangate
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Twitter: http://
    • Some traditional good old marketing: Avangate Digest Newsletter
      • http:// /newsletter
    Actions to take