Party At My Place For Web And Beyond (Subtitled)


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The presentation elaborates the idea of using the new open web standards to build a mansion-like website where you can host a virtual party.

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Party At My Place For Web And Beyond (Subtitled)

  1. 1. Party at My Place Welcome. Today it’s party at my place or at least an explanation of how I would host a party online. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  2. 2. My inspiration First a little about myself. My name is Almar and I’m a Virreal Architect. This means I design webpresences that hopefully have the same impact as some of the great buildings in the world. I do get my inspiration from skyscrapers like these in Hong Kong, because they go beyond their functional needs to house many people: they make a statement. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  3. 3. A place to party But today I will focus on a place to party: like the mansions where the rich and famous entertain their friends. I will show you what an online equivalent could look like, including the tricks to show off to the rest of the world. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  4. 4. An emcompassing approach I will go about it in a circumventing fashion to explain the basis for my vision. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  5. 5. First of all there are the nowadays widely spread Social Networks. They have become a factor in most people’s real lifes. For some they may even be getting a to big a role. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  6. 6. Owning your identity The key is that part of your identity is connected to these virtual social entities. In an attempt to get hold of this development Loïc le Meur (now of Seesmic; the video equivalent of Twitter) started drawing his ‘Social Map’ (see image) which reveals all the online places where his social relations reside, at this moment! REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE
  7. 7. Real attention But the number of Social Networks and their specialties are still increasing. It’s an ongoing battle for attention that has a real impact. The stars are moving away from the big Social Networks like MySpace to start their own. For example, 50cent started to focus the attention of his fans on him only and of course to make mo’ money ;-) REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  8. 8. This is a possibility for us now too. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  9. 9. By means of blogs and profiles the ‘common individual’ has all the means to reach internet fame. It’s through Iskander’s microblog that I learned about this in the first place! But you don’t want to be important to strangers but to the people you know. However this is still dependant on the Networks you and they joined. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  10. 10. DiSo Project Standards are coming to the rescue Social Graph But the newly developed Internet standards are coming to our rescue. First there are the Google initiated OpenSocial and more importantly SocialGraph standards, that allow you to see beyond your current network and find your friends in other networks. Next there is the only recently started DiSo (for Distributed Social Networks) project which is laying the basis for starting your Social Network from your own domain (e.g. through a Wordpress installation). REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE
  11. 11. This is where I am And that’s exactly where I would want it to be. To come back to the analogy of the mansion; I want my friends to come over to my place, to join me in the way I live and to show off my stuff. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  12. 12. Special occasions But why would you want to be there? Let me tell you about a special occasion that I watched online; an event I would want to witness again. I think it was some 7 years ago that I learned about the painter Mark Kostabi. He was an early experimenter with online auctions and became fascinated by them. After witnessing collectors virtually fighting over his paintings he started to incorporate their e-mail addresses in his paintings (like in this painting called “E-Families”). One of the paintings had two struggling figures surrounded by e-mail addresses and was called the “Bidding war”. By sheer accident I watched the online auction of this painting and sure enough the people that were mentioned on the actual painting were the top bidders at that auction, overbidding each other over and again. E-Families by Mark Kostabi, 2000 REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE
  13. 13. But this still doesn’t make a party. And hosting a good party (or producing a decent podcast which is referred to in Stowe Boyds tweet) isn’t something that comes natural. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  14. 14. Make an impression First let me explain how the right imagery can make a big impression and make your party worthwhile. This image shows the stage of the Republican National Convention in 2004. Apart from these well known American symbols it showed various images of Bush right after 9-11 addressing the rescue workers. It wasn’t just window dressing but to convince a nation to re-elect this president. It’s a trick that dates back to the Roman empire. In the book “The Third Media Revolution” it is mentioned that Ceasar would take to Facebook; he was the first to put his face on the distributed medium of his time and today it workes again! REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE “How art made the world”, BBC, 2005
  15. 15. Add a soundtrack Another key element is sound. The MINI Clubman campaigned used it in a very sophisticated way. After watching an online video with a strong beat of some clubbers continuing the party in the new Clubman you could leave your phone number to receive an update as soon as the Clubman would arrive at the dealer. What actually happened is that almost immediately after submitting your number you would get a phone call with a recording with the exact same soundtrack and message from the people in the car. The sound is what made it memorable. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE Copyright 2007 Almar van der Krogt @
  16. 16. Break the virtual barrier And even though I’m making a case for an online event, it is also important to break the virtual barrier. Any good party involves dancing and movement isn’t something that is conveyed very well online. Unless you use the little Internet-connected rabbit called Nabaztag: through their synced movements they can even perform an opera. Also one could think of somehow connecting a Nintendo Wii and reproduce your movements online through that means. REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE “”
  17. 17. Finally, and this is key to how the rich and famous go about it: make the party known to the uninvited. This mock-up shows how a sneak preview can be incorporated in your design. Moving the mouse on this public page reveals parts of the private (party) page, but through a keyhole. It’s like the red carpet at the invitation only event.
  18. 18. So in conclusion imagine your own website with your select group of friends enjoying your pages and your wannabe-friends trying to sneak in. You can show off your most recent web-art acquisition (for example a variation on Twistori, clustering the conversations at your party) while the sound of the music on another page is seeping trough and luring your friends to yet another part of your site... Thank you REALIZING LA VIE VIRTUELLE