Work Redesigned: Seizing New Opportunities.


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The way work gets done is changing, and the implications for enterprises are significant. In response, senior executives are taking steps to capitalize on this trend and redesign
how their employees work to drive greater performance. Those organizations who don’t
take action may risk loss of top talent, market share, and key growth opportunities.

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Work Redesigned: Seizing New Opportunities.

  1. 1. Point of View Work Redesigned: A strategy for seizing new opportunities.The way work gets done is changing, blurring the lines of work style and lifestyle,and the implications for enterprises FLEXIBLE Avanade recently conducted a survey PROCESSESare significant. of 599 C-level executives and IT decision- COLLABORATIVECorporate culture – including staff skills, AND MOBILE makers in 19 countries.organizational roles and technology tools –is reaching a tipping point. The way we work The research suggests that Consumerizationis changing and those changes are driven —fueled by changes in ubiquitous Internetlargely by the Consumerization of IT. access, consumer behavior, collaboration technologies, data consumption, cloudAvanade describes Consumerization as services and more—is doing more than ENGAGINGa market trend in which technology first EXPERIENCES facilitating remote access to data andadopted in the consumer space enters the CUSTOMER applications. It’s also enabling enterprises to CENTRICworkplace. This form of technology popu- redefine and transform how work gets done.lism has swept organizations globally asemployees take on a greater role in choosing In response, senior executives are taking To deal with these changes, organizationsthe technologies with which to do their jobs. steps to capitalize on this trend and redesign need to redesign the processes they use to how their employees work to drive greater conduct business every day to transcendIn addition, all of the long-noted workplace performance. Those organizations who don’t location, roles, time zones and businesstrends such as virtual offices and teams take action may risk loss of top talent, market boundaries, opening the door for morewithout fixed locations or hours, greater share, and key growth opportunities. collaborative business. In many cases, somecollaboration between customers and of those business processes include:trusted suppliers, and globalization all have The New Workplace Transformation • Sales and Service Enablementcontributed to a changing workplace. Four forces are driving these changes in the • Process Automation and Compliance workplace including mobility, cloud services, • Order Fulfillment and Distribution information, and collaboration. • Distributed Teaming. To get a good look at how technology is
  2. 2. Avanade® Point of ViewWork RedesignedCompanies Are Preparing • Customers and suppliers find it easy to Work Redesigned is Real, Nowfor Work Redesigned do business with and have a positive Avanade is currently helping companies Businesses that enable employees to work user experience through functional and to achieve the Work Redesigned new ways are seeing an array of business beautiful user interfaces.results. Avanade research shows that For example, one of the largest homecompanies that fully support the use of new, Establishing Flexible Processes health and hospice organizations in theconsumer-focused technologies to enable • Organizations can quickly streamline and U.S. found that outdated systems and worknew work approaches are 54% more likely modify how work happens by digitizing processes wouldn’t support its continuedto report increased sales and profits. These information and automating manual, growth—and that reductions in Medicareprogressive companies are able to respond paper-based processes. reimbursement rates were hurtingto customers more quickly, produce better • Self-service access to core systems and revenues and, solve problems, and beat business data speeds the pace of business and deadlines. delivers cost savings. To counter these trends, Avanade • Technology adoption enables rapid worked with the company to identifyAvanade’s research also shows that in process change in response to changing work processes—particularly among thethe last year, companies implemented market needs. company’s 15,000 clinicians—that could benew business processes to capitalize streamlined and automated. It redesignedon investments in mobile devices and Being Customer Centric applications that support processes such asconsumer technologies. More than 70% • Adapting products and services to the recording clinical documentation in clients’of companies surveyed changed at least changing needs and behaviors of your homes and adjusted some job descriptionsone business process to redesign work with customers at a granular level. accordingly.consumer-driven technology. Perhaps more • Redesigning business processes to align intriguing, 20% of companies changed four with the value customers perceive. As a result, the company expects to or more business processes to capitalize on • Continually monitoring customer improve cash flow by reducing the time itnew work models. behaviors and sentiment to stay in front takes to receive reimbursements, while also of trends. enhancing clinical quality and, hence, client • Establishing dialog channels of trust satisfaction.What does a Work Redesigned and collaboration with customers Enterprise Look Like? and partners. In another instance, Avanade is workingOrganizations embracing Work Redesigned with one of Australia’s largest food retailersare fundamentally changing the way they The ultimate aims of Work Redesigned to redesign the work process for fulfillingapproach “business as usual.” Key attributes are the ultimate aims of the enterprise: online customer orders. It is delivering aof a Work Redesigned enterprise include: to drive higher value by responding faster and more fully to changes, challenges, A “Work Redesigned” Being Collaborative and Mobile: and opportunities in the market—and to• Organizations are able to function as strategy enables enterprises delight the customer. more open, virtual enterprises. that are increasingly global,• Employees, customers, partners and mobile, and borderless to others can quickly find the right data to re-think and change business make business decisions and collaborate. processes to capitalize on • Enterprises deliver easy, but secure access to critical systems and data via the cloud new opportunities. from any device.Offering Engaging Experiences• People inside and outside the organization have multiple ways to connect with the enterprise.©2013 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Avanade® Point of ViewWork Redesigned Windows 8 slate and custom application, The architects of Work Redesigned mustembedded in fulfillment carts, that provide continually consider the business issueshighly visual information on products, of culture change as well as the needinventory status and location, enabling order to balance the importance of businesspickers to work without time-consuming, functions such as:manual efforts to obtain this information. • GovernanceThe retailer expects the redesigned work • Application developmentprocess to speed order fulfillment while • Software/hardware management and boosting its accuracy and increasing supportcustomer satisfaction. • Third-party vendors with integration layers and add-onsGetting from Here to There: • Device management and supportHow Avanade Can Help • User supportAvanade helps enterprise customers develop • Service managementa customized Work Redesigned strategy thatenables effective collaboration and mobility, For each role or process to be redesigned, A Work Redesigned flexible business processes, engaging these factors, and more, need to be organization can attract experiences and unwavering customer assessed, opportunities need to be identified, a future state needs to be and retain top employeescentricity. by building a modern, social, defined, and an implementation road-We use a number of approaches. Whether map needs to be drawn. engaging workplace thatinformal ad hoc, or supported by formalized enables collaboration andstructures and programs, the key is to foster With all of these requirements, Avanade teamwork and fosters innovative thinking and ideas across your can help. We deliver robust, business and creativity and innovation.organization to envision new, more efficient technology solutions with compellingand practical possibilities for getting work applications for businesses and consumersdone. To begin your Work Redesigned featuring rich user experiences that ensurejourney, we recommend: seamless and secure connections to the infrastructure, regardless of the tech-• Starting small nologies involved.• Involving a cross-section of your people• Storyboarding ideas Finally, Avanade can help you create a• Building a proof-of-concept great place to work! A Work Redesigned• Running a short pilot to evaluate ideas organization can attract and retain and refine new work processes top employees by building a modern, This can enable quick wins and lead to social, digital workplace that enables the adoption of the proof-of-concept into collaboration and teamwork and fosters other areas of the business, additional creativity and innovation. geographies, and more. If you’re ready to see how Work Redesigned can work for you, take the first step with Avanade.©2013 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Avanade® Point of ViewWork Redesigned About Avanade North America Asia-Pacific Avanade provides business technology solutions and Seattle Singapore managed services that connect insight, innovation and Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +65 6592 2133 expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers realize results. Our people have helped thousands of organizations in all industries improve business agility, South America Europe employee productivity and customer loyalty. Additional Sao Paulo London information can be found at Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 Phone +44 0 20 7025 1000 ©2013 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks Africa in the US and other countries. Other brand and product Pretoria names are trademarks of their of their respective owners. Phone +27 12 622 4400