Windows 8 in the Enterprise


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Businesses needs a new generation of tools for more effective collaboration, communication and connection. Windows 8 and Avanade can make it happen for you. Go to for more information.

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Windows 8 in the Enterprise

  1. 1. Windows 8 in the enterprise: Intuitive interface Changing the way business does business. Global agility Secure accessWake up: Business is callingBusiness stops for no one. Customers now demand fasterservice and support than ever before. Employees collaborate Business needs aincreasingly across geographies and time zones. Executives new generation ofcheck their email within 30 minutes of waking up—because tools for morethey have to. The very idea of a “workplace” sounds quaint in effective collaboration,an era in which the workplace is any place. communicationThe factors fueling this trend are so many and so diverse that and connection.its continuation seems assured. For example, the fragile globaleconomy puts greater pressure on revenues and profits and,consequently, on ways to find competitive advantage.Meanwhile, the global marketplace implies borderlesscommerce and customers that can be located anywherethere’s Internet access. To respond to all this, business needsa new generation of tools for more effective collaboration,communications and connections.
  2. 2. Major mobile market momentum work, but companies need to make sure those devices integrate wellCompanies and their customers are responding to these trends and with legacy enterprise applications.realizing new opportunities with a large and growing push toward Collaborationmobile devices. Juniper Research estimates that more than 150 Consumers want to communicate with friends via social media, butmillion smartphones and tablets are already used by enterprises, businesses require even deeper and more complex collaborationwith the number set to more than double, to 350 million, by 2014. support. That collaboration has to work not only across the WAN butA separate Avanade study of tablet adoption in the enterprise shows also include mobile workers unable to establish VPNs from remote33 percent of employees use tablets for basic work tasks, while another locations. It must support not just social apps, but also collaboration33 percent use tablets for advanced business purposes, such as through both commercial and custom-built apps.customer relationship management, data analysis and project Securitymanagement. Consumers want to keep their data secure, but businesses faceThe challenges multi-million dollar fines, and worse, if they violate the securityMobile technologies aren’t new, and neither are the business goals requirements of laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the U.S. or Europeanof those who adopt them: to drive business growth and higher Union regulations. Security must exist at the levels of the device, thevalue, to speed responsiveness to new trends and new opportunities, data, and the employees who use boost both collaboration and customer satisfaction. ManagementSeveral key challenges stand in the way, however, between Consumers want their devices to be easy to use and update, butenterprises and their successful adoption of mobile technologies. businesses face potentially crippling increases in the IT workload if forced to manage new classes of devices for which they and theirIntegration infrastructures are unprepared.Smartphones and tablets designed for the consumer market don’tnecessarily meet the requirements of the enterprise. For example,consumers want to use their personal tablets and smartphones atWindows 8: Addressing enterprise needs batteries, likely to be the major client-side computing platform for years to come. The Modern UI is a touch-first, touch-centric interface created for mobile devices, and integrates seamlessly across devices, the operating system, platforms, and apps. It has a great navigation experience for the user, including a “finger friendly charm bar” with key icons and functions that make many tasks—searching, sharing, and browsing, for example—easier than ever before. Pertinent information and immediate tasks are available even before the user opens an app. Businesses can use these capabilities, to move from effectivenessMicrosoft’s new flagship operating system, Windows 8, represents to engagement. For example, they can create highly engaging appsan enormous investment in, among other things, addressing the for the Windows App Store that their customers can use tochallenges in mobile computing for the enterprise. It is designed to configure custom products.provide a unified experience and single application environmentfrom the phone (through Windows Phone 8, with which it shares Enterprise readinessits core code), through tablets (Windows 8 slates), laptops, Business Productivity. Enterprise access and collaboration alsodesktops, and other devices. receive makeovers in Windows 8, to help en-sure that Windows 8 solutions are truly enterprise-grade. Windows 8 slates, for example,User experience shift the mobile device from a single-user tool to a multi-user,A key Microsoft goal with Windows 8 is to provide great user collaborative one. Employees can easily share the screens of theirexperiences on an array of great devices (more than 30 were slates during meetings, and participate in video conferences.announced at launch). The software provides legacy compatibility Beyond consuming content, they can create it by, for example,for traditional applications while also taking advantage of the shooting video, embedding it in a slide presentation, and sharing ithugely popular Modern User Interface (previously called “Metro”) with colleagues.introduced for Windows Phone. The operating system includes aversion—Windows 8 RT—optimized for the ARM processor that’s Compared to other tablets, Windows 8 slates also boost employeestandard in lightweight, consumer-style devices with long-life productivity through better, native support for the communication and collaboration tools—Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server,
  3. 3. Microsoft Lync—that are already business staples. And enterprises enables highly specific security policies for files, folders, and sharedknow that this compatibility will con-tinue with Office 2013 and resources.future Microsoft products. Device Management.Employees can use new and en-hanced Windows 8 features such as None of this is of much help, however, if deployment andLive Tiles to see current data with a mere glance at the start screen, maintenance is too costly—in time and in personnel—for the typicalwithout having to open their apps. enterprise. With that in mind, Microsoft designed Windows 8 to be easily integrated into the enterprise infrastructure. Enterprises canDirectAccess enables remote users to access the corporate network develop Win-dows 8 apps with the same Microsoft Visual Studiowithout having to launch a VPN or other separate connection. And tools they already use, and manage them with the same Microsoftpeer-based BranchCache enables a Windows 8 device in a branch System Center technologies. IT departments can thereforeoffice to serve as a cache for other computing devices there, leverage—and increase the ROI on—the training and assets theyreducing both bandwidth demands and latency. already have.Complete Security Platform. Flexible App Distribution.Windows 8 addresses enterprise security needs at multiple levels. Each employee group or worker role in an enterprise can be mostTrusted boot and measured boot processes validate the integrity of productive when it has all the apps it needs—and only the apps itthe boot process and support independent confirmation of that needs. Windows 8, together with Windows Server 2012 and Systemintegrity, reducing threats of viruses and malware. BitLocker drive Center, put the enterprise firmly in control of flexible app distribution.encryption now operates faster, with less CPU use and powerconsumption—ideal for mobile devices. Dynamic Access ControlMicrosoft and Avanade:Realizing Windows 8 in the enterpriseWindows 8 will be a key component for enterprises seeking to 8 app that gives the pharmacist secure mobile access to patientoptimize their use of mobile technologies and to redesign the way data. The bedside consultation is now faster, more accurate andthey and their employees work and interact with customers, in order more effective; transac-tions, including payments, are expedited,to meet new business challenges and opportunities. improving cash flow; and the delivery process is streamlined as well,As a close partner with Microsoft, Avanade has been working with getting prescriptions to patients at their bedsides, rather thanMicrosoft to help enterprises use Windows 8 months before the requiring them to visit the pharmacy. Patient satisfaction andgeneral availability of the software, and it continues to do so. pharmacist productivity both increase.For example, one of the largest US retail pharmacy chains wanted to For a major, international automotive manufacturer, Avanadeimprove the quality and cost-effectiveness of its bedside created a smart configuration tool on Windows 8 that lets mobileprescription service. Its pharmacists were in-creasingly called in to customers create the exact vehicle and options they want with a richhospital bedside patient consultations. The process was slow and virtual interior and exterior experience, customizing their desiredtedious, driving pharmacist productivity down and costs up. model with features like paint, wheels and trim.Avanade helped the pharmacy chain with a highly intuitive Windows Looking ahead, Avanade envisions customers using Windows 8 to help reduce inventory costs in the warehouse, enable remote process management, expand the breadth and depth of supplier networks and deliver better business intelligence and an improved executive tablet experience to the boardroom.
  4. 4. Actions enterprises should takeWindows 8 can almost certainly provide an enterprise with a that enterprises focus on the delivery of custom line-of-businessmobile advantage—but where should the enterprise begin? apps for these groups, rather than “merely” touch-enabling their email and other general productivity software.Avanade recommends that these en-terprises start evaluatingWindows 8 by identifying the specific business-critical processes, Another key audience for Windows 8 isn’t located in the enterpriseuser segments, and use-cases which can benefit the most from at all: it’s the enterprise’s customers, who are a target audience fortouch or stylus input. A sales force or field force might be an new Windows 8 devices.appropriate user segment; top-level executives, particularly those Avanade and some of its leading customers are taking advantagewho need agile access to data and content during meetings, might of this to bring to market, for example, Windows Store apps thatbe another. Any category of employee who works primarily away enable a major grocery chain to better serve its customers fromfrom his or her desk could be suitable for Windows 8, too. their mobile devices.To use Windows 8 to best advantage, and to generate maximuminterest for broader adoption of the technology, Avanade suggestsAvanade envisions customers using Windows 8 to reduce inventory costs, enable remoteprocess management, and deliver better business intelligence to the boardroom.Why Avanade?Avanade is joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, and has • Windows 8 Enterprise Studio. Microsoft, Accenture and Avanadeunparalleled access to Microsoft’s Windows 8 development teams. sponsor the Windows 8 Enterprise Studio. It helps enterprisesIt already has hundreds of engineers throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific develop compelling, industry-specific proofs of concept for customand the Americas helping to deploy Windows 8 and Windows Phone Windows 8 applications; generate business-changing ideas about8, and to develop applications for them. how Windows 8; and inte-grate Windows 8 seamlessly with their existing apps and infrastructures.Accenture and Avanade both bring extensive experience in backoffice and cross-platform integration, which speeds integration • Avanade Mobility Delivery Network. This resource helpsacross mobile platforms and into the enterprise, and simplifies customers to migrate their legacy and custom apps from otherongoing maintenance and reduces cost over time. tablets or Windows XP to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, with a user interface renewal to the Modern UI. It also develops appsFar more than a “mere” systems integrator or solution provider, for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.Avanade is a trusted advisor to its clients, with skills in mobilestrategy development, systems strategy, business case •eXperience Design Studio. Avanade’s in-depth understanding ofdevelopment, change management and governance. the Windows 8 Modern UI, combined with its industry-specific and B2C expertise, comes to-gether in the eXperience Design Studio.Some of Avanade’s distinctive mobility and Windows 8 resources Avanade eXperience de-signers create intuitive and com-pellinginclude the following: user experiences for our customers and their customers, with apps that are useful, usable, and beautiful. About Avanade North America Asia-Pacific Avanade provides business technology solutions and Seattle Singapore managed services that connect insight, innovation and Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +65 6592 2133 expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers realize results. Our people have helped thousands of organizations in all industries improve business agility, South America Europe employee productivity and customer loyalty. Additional Sao Paulo London information can be found at Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 Phone +44 0 20 7025 1000 ©2012 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in the US and Africa other countries. Other brand and product names are Pretoria trademarks of their of their respective owners. Phone +27 12 622 4400