Why Delivery Approach Matters for IT Initiatives


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In today’s economic environment, companies are looking for new levels of innovation from service providers and systems integrators. There is a greater focus on cost and expertise, as well as the need for a proven, flexible delivery approach that adds value. That's where Avanade's superior Delivery Network comes in to help our customers realize results.

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Why Delivery Approach Matters for IT Initiatives

  1. 1. Avanade Point of View Why the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesValue-added deliveryThe world is changing. The combination of risingtechnology change and the impact of economic uncertaintyhave altered how businesses utilize third-party IT serviceproviders. But the demands of business remain the same.Vendors must offer speed-to-value, business and technicalinsight, optimal cost, and reduced risk with predictable,high-quality results.Avanade’s delivery approach bridges the gap betweenthese business needs and realizing results, througheffective and consistent use of our delivery methods andtools, and the innovation of our vibrant global deliverynetwork. We call this The Avanade Delivery Model.
  2. 2. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesIn today’s rapidly changingbusiness environment,the right delivery approachmattersA decade ago, the IT business Raising the bar Avanade understands theselandscape was dramatically different. business imperatives and offers new To meet the challenges of today,With many companies hustling to move levels of innovation combined with a service providers must “raise the bar”their development teams offshore, unique delivery approach and focus on delivering measurableprojects revolved around technical business results. They must be Embracing a consistent delivery modelinfrastructure and business systems. innovative in reducing the Total Cost of while offering flexible deploymentIn today’s economic environment, Ownership for customers, offering: options – on-premise, cloud-based, orcompanies are looking for new levels of outsourced—allows us to meet our  Speed-to-value—to beat theinnovation from service providers and customers’ business needs whereversystems integrators. There is a greater competition they operate.focus on cost and expertise, as well as  Powerful business and technical insight—to develop a solution that We leverage our industry-leadingthe need for a proven, flexible delivery truly meets customer needs Microsoft experience, global skill base,approach that adds value.  Reduced risk and predictable proven methods and robust tools, andFirms also want to take advantage of results—to protect business and IT comprehensive suite of assets (rangingtechnology developments and adopt investments from reference architectures tonew business models. They want an  Optimal cost—to support ongoing automation and migration tools) toorganization that can truly deliver on its growth deliver innovative Microsoft solutionspromises; a partner that can help keep with value and speed.pace with the ever-accelerating rate of Collectively, we refer to this approachchange and work with them to navigate as The Avanade Delivery Model.toward what is best for the future oftheir company.To stay at the forefront, business and ITexecutives need to understand the Our focus on delivering enterprise solutionsproblem in order to identify the right means serving our customers with purpose while generating new ideas and innovation.solution and make investments that The Avanade Delivery Model helps usimpact the bottom line. combine deep Microsoft technology expertise with insights into how technology impacts people and processes. This means our customers achieve their business outcomes The Avanade Delivery Model with speed, agility, and certainty. John-Paul Edwards Vice President of Global Delivery, Avanade© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1
  3. 3. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesSelecting the best deliveryapproach for your projectand business environmentTwo common approaches to delivering Agile approach In many cases, the project costs areIT solutions are traditional and agile. incurred up front while the benefits areEach has distinct strengths and Agile development is a highly iterative, back-end loaded.weaknesses depending on project incremental process wherebyscope and solution type. dedicated customer and project teams On the other hand, agile approaches work collaboratively to evolve business excel at providing early visualization ofTraditional approach process designs. These business the end product and demonstrateTraditional development lays out clear requirements generally have a limited tangible progress in the early stages ofstages and emphasizes the up-front view of the end point, whereas in the lifecycle. However, in complexdefinition of requirements. This eases traditional development, the end point environments or on larger-scaleplanning and supports management of is clearly defined. projects the inherent fluidity and lack ofdelivery risk, especially if there is a rigor can work against production of A key advantage of agile is the abilitysignificant outsourcing or offshore the standardized and field-tested to deliver business benefits throughcomponent of delivery. Traditional: solutions that are required to drive working software much earlier than cross-business improvements. Works well, particularly in stable with traditional, albeit typically in environments smaller, more focused segments. Agile Selecting the right delivery approach is can be characterized as: not binary. Many factors influence the Is appropriate for many large-scale decision, from system criticality and projects and programs  Best developed in short increments experience of the project team, to Has clearly defined end points  Requires significant customer organizational culture and frequency of Is controlled and rigorous involvement working hand-in-hand change. with developersYet, many projects evolve  Appropriate for highly experienced Avanade can help. Our experiencerequirements throughout the working at the forefront with Microsoft teams who can work togetherlifecycle—driven by a clearer technologies has often required seamlesslyunderstanding of business needs as  Evolves through iteration and combining the benefits of boththe project progresses. This leads to traditional and agile. More importantly, constant refactoringsome challenges with the traditional we take an adaptive approach that  Provides minimal documentationapproach, because it is: increases delivery responsiveness and beyond the code Slow and difficult to accelerate predictability while maintaining agility. Dependent on completion of key Whether through a traditional or an Which approach is right? milestones to advance the project agile approach, Avanade has a robust Challenging to change course if Traditional approaches are excellent and proven set of methods in our business needs shift when the business goals and solution library: Avanade Connected Methods are clear, but do not support (ACM) ™. This allows us to provide the best delivery approach for your incremental delivery, quick wins or the project and business environment. early realization of benefits.© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2
  4. 4. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesACM™ delivers speed-to-value and reduced riskThe objective of IT-businessinvestment is to address businessissues. Quick results are neededwithout compromising quality.Consider your investment as businessvalue over time. Many traditionalapproaches result in delivery ofprojects that meet the originalrequirement but may fail to addressbusiness needs as the marketlandscape evolves. Agile projects oftenshow early promise, but don’t drivehard enough to deliver expectedbusiness value and change – a faststart that fizzles out.Experience tells us that IT investmentshould translate into early benefits,albeit with greater cost and deliverycertainty. The delivery approach must ACM provides methods that support The value of ACMbe adaptable to the end goal. the most appropriate approach forThe Avanade Delivery Model and our delivering a specific project outcome,  Predictability and reduced risk,library of Avanade Connected Methods such as a custom .NET solution, a bringing you certainty of outcomeprovide the framework to guide ® Dynamics AX or CRM business  A flexible, adaptive approach formultidisciplinary teams on how to process, or a collaboration solution either traditional, agile, or a hybrid ®achieve customer business goals with using SharePoint . of the twoadaptability and quality.  High-quality, engineered Microsoft Our delivery model together with ACM solutions with solid foundationsFor example, ACM for Agile promotes allows for incremental delivery within a  Staged results with early benefitsuser story-driven development and controlled development environment across the entire project lifecyclebuilds in enterprise-class discipline to and drives reliability and predictabilitysupport today’s complex projects. Our across the lifecycle.methods for custom, packaged, andinfrastructure solutions also help usstay to the pace of change.All of our methods are built onexperience from thousands of projectsand incorporate project managementbest practices.© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3
  5. 5. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesOvercoming commonIT issues via integrateddelivery tools The Avanade Delivery Model By integrating our robust methods withConsulting best practices and methods addresses these issues by tools we can achieve compellingare only part of the answer. Any IT or integrating ACM™ with the right results:software project faces challenging tools  Tighter collaboration betweenissues that cannot be resolved through Avanade’s use of delivery tools and project and IT teams—betterprocess alone: development accelerators, based on alignment of the solution with the Lack of visibility into true project ® Microsoft Visual Studio and Team business. status. This is primarily a project Foundation Server, helps us manage  Traceability across the lifecycle, management issue that may also software development and IT initiatives which promotes visibility. involve the inability to enforce by automating much of the process  Improved project management, responsibility, stakeholder from end to end. We also integrate through a unified view of project involvement, and transition points. guidance from the steps of ACM, using reporting and tracking. Ineffective team communication. leading-edge Application Lifecycle  High quality so the final solution Coordinating efforts across Management. meets the business requirements functional, geographic, and and service standards. Our teams use the latest versions of organizational boundaries is no Visual Studio to support the project  Quicker time-to-market due to easy task. enhanced efficiency and lifecycle, and Team Foundation Server Balancing business demands with productivity. as a centralized repository for project project risk. Poorly defined and artifacts such as work items, workflow  More flexibility to build and adapt changing requirements or unclear the solution to support potential and status, requirements and design business objectives increase risk. changing business requirements. documents, source code with Unpredictable delivery times and versioning, defect management, and low quality. Balancing quality, test and build metrics. business requirements, budget, and schedule is quite difficult. The result is full traceability across the lifecycle from requirements to implementation. We want to express our appreciation for the high level of quality with which Avanade approached our warehouse automation project. Its careful preparation, strict execution, relentless testing and swift implementation contributed in a great deal to the successful delivery of this strategic investment at McThree Industries. Luc Ghyselinck Logistics and Planning Manager, McThree Industries© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4
  6. 6. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesAvanade people offer powerfulbusiness and technical insightacross the worldThe Avanade Delivery Model is Most importantly, the common methods, Avanade offers the flexibility andunderpinned by our Global Delivery tools, and architectures of The Avanade scale of a global workforce with theNetwork: our people. We have more Delivery Model unify these centers and consistency and collaboration of athan 18 dedicated delivery centers the 16,000 professionals who run them local team:across the globe offering a variety of as a productive and collaborative unit.  Exclusive Microsoft focus –services and deployment options. This allows our customers to source the everything we do (training, processes,Why a global capability makes sense right skills and services at the right price, tools) is focused on Microsoft wherever they operate. delivery. Microsoft is our passion andBusinesses are focusing more and more our proven expertise.on using IT and optimized business Our Global Delivery Network helps our customers improve productivity, increase  Avanades delivery assets andprocesses to gain competitive advantage. business value, mitigate risk and lower solutions - Our collection of solutionsOne way to achieve this end is to the cost of delivery. underpinned by unique methods,standardize delivery regardless of tools and accelerators are designedlocation, for increased productivity, for enterprise scale deployments.economy of scale and quality—while  Flexible engagement options -reducing cost. Customers benefit from our globalAvanade, a leader in the industrialization presence, whatever their budget andof Microsoft solutions, is taking it a step go-to-market needs.further with our Global Delivery Network.  Our people – The best and the brightest on the Microsoft platform.This network spans more than 20countries worldwide; each locationequipped with the most advanced andsecure IT infrastructure in the industrytoday. Every delivery center iscontinuously linked throughout thenetwork to ensure business continuityregardless of the political or economicclimate of any given country.© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5
  7. 7. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiativesWhy Avanade?Align your investmentto business value  Speed-to-value: We help you see  Optimal cost: The efficiency andSo, why does the delivery approach results quickly by investing in re- scale of our Global Delivery Networkmatter? Because you need solutions to usable assets and collaboration combined with our use of streamlinedbusiness problems quickly and at scale. technologies. This brings the methods and tools helps us deliverAnd you want a service provider that collective knowledge of our global solutions at the optimal price point.delivers business value with consistency workforce to your front door.  Reduced risk and predictableand flexibility.  Powerful business and technical results: Our people use a consistentThrough The Avanade Delivery Model insight: Our project teams bring you global approach with built-in qualityand our skilled people, we are able to hands-on expertise in implementing assurance mechanisms, for greaterincrease our delivery responsiveness to innovative Microsoft solutions. We confidence and ‘no surprises’.cater to today’s ever-changing business apply that experience to your specificenvironment. business needs.Avanade has been very, very clever. We knew they couldreach a result on time and on budget. Now we have a finesolution for our business. Palle Mogensen Project Manager, ServiceGruppen The net result of The Avanade Delivery Model is stronger connections between project goals, investment priorities and business needs.© 2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6
  8. 8. ®Avanade Point of ViewWhy the delivery approach matters for IT initiatives Working with you What allows us to deliver consistent results is the powerful combination of our people, our collaborative culture, and our proven delivery methods and tools. We call it The Avanade Delivery Model. It’s the way we work with you to assure your success. The people of Avanade You’ll find that three traits distinguish our people. A passion for technology. That passion is highlighted by our unparalleled Microsoft expertise. With 18,000+ Microsoft certifications across our talent pool, we are the best in the business on Microsoft platforms and applications. Real-world expertise. Our consultants are well-versed in the needs of different industries. And our vast experience has given us a deep understanding of how technology impacts people and processes. Pride in our helpfulness. We know the best consultants are also the best listeners. So we make certain we understand your vision and then work with you to help you achieve it. Collaborative culture Collaboration is at the heart of Avanade’s culture. We get results by working closely with each other, with our partners, and with our customers. We rely on our worldwide network of experts to bring the best ideas, experience and expertise to our customers. We tap the collective insight honed from thousands of successful customer implementations around the world to address the toughest challenges. Delivery choices, proven processes, and tested tools We are able to function as an integrated global team because our consultants share a common set of tools and training. This allows us to provide customers with a consistent experience. Our standard delivery approach and proven processes and tools save time, reduce risk, and help keep expenses down. We’ve made significant investments in robust methodologies, delivery tools, and other assets that enable us to provide a consistent approach with a common “language” at every engagement. By making the most of existing assets and best practices, we help extend your budget and resources. Our flexible deployment options — on-premise, cloud-based, or outsourced — help IT leaders meet today’s goals and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. Delivery and Solution Centers of Excellence across the globe Avanade’s Centers of Excellence bring together our best practices and skills for delivering specific solutions. These combined forces put us in a unique position to leverage our industry expertise, functional capabilities, alliances, and technology. For example, in India, the Center of Excellence is virtually interconnected across 7 locations that incubate technology innovations to produce tangible results for our customers. We have 18 plus delivery centers across the globe, with more than 16,000 professionals, including sites in Argentina, China, India, Morocco, the Philippines, Slovakia, Mexico, and the U.S. Our business is helping yours Microsoft expertise. Proven innovation. Global teamwork. Unending helpfulness. The Avanade Delivery Model puts it all together to help companies around the world realize results. We’d love to help you do the same for your business. About Avanade North America Asia- Pacific Avanade provides business technology solutions and Seattle Singapore managed services that connect insight, innovation and Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +65 6592 2133 expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers America@avanade.com AsiaPac@avanade.com realize results. Our people have helped thousands of organizations in all industries improve business agility, South America Europe employee productivity and customer loyalty. Additional Sao Paulo London information can be found at www.avanade.com. Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 Phone +44 0 20 7025 1000 latinamerica@avanade.com Europe@avanade.com ©2012-2013 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Africa Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in Pretoria the U.S. and other countries. Other brand and product Phone +27 12 622 4400 names are trademarks of their respective owners. SouthAfrica@avanade.com