Rethink Application Possibilities


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Today, your applications need to go beyond their traditional role of merely supporting operational needs. They are your most important customer-facing asset – driving business growth and building loyalty.

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Rethink Application Possibilities

  1. 1. Get closer to digital excellence Rethink application possibilities with Avanade Work Redesigned Start > ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Applications are the new competitive frontier The consumerization of IT and emergence of disruptive digital technologies from social and mobile to cloud have transformed how we work, shop and play. Today, your applications need to go beyond their traditional role of merely supporting operational needs. They are your most important customer-facing asset – driving business growth and building loyalty. In this eBook we’ll take a closer look at how your peers are meeting these new challenges and explore smart strategies for accelerating innovation, reducing cost and creating exciting new, user-centric applications fit for the digital era. Read on > ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Five urgent drivers for change 1. The demand for more intuitive user experiences Your business users now demand the same stunning application design and smart, functional UIs that they enjoy with consumer applications. In fact, badly designed applications and UIs can put organizational productivity, loyalty and customer satisfaction at risk. 2. The need to move at business speeds Enterprise leaders have become increasingly disenchanted with slow, top-down, multi-year application development cycles that fail to deliver on business needs. New approaches are required that can deliver applications faster including shorter development cycles. An airline used onboard Wifi to get closer to customers and sales targets. Delta Air Lines wanted to enable its employees with new ways of working that would drive greater productivity, better in-flight operations and personalize customer service. Avanade, Microsoft, ATT and Nokia, partnered to deliver an advanced mobile in-flight sales and service solution based on the Avanade Mobile Airline Platform. The end-to-end retail platform enabled near real-time credit card processing for on-board purchases, convenient eReceipts, as well as the ability to read coupons displayed on a customer’s mobile device.* 3. The pressure to innovate with limited resources With IT budgets that are static or shrinking, IT leaders tasked with driving innovation are looking for new ways to extend the value of their existing applications and platforms. Organizations need to find a way to re-architect applications for cloud efficiencies and mobility – or risk falling behind the innovation curve. 4. The growth of touch and mobile devices Applications today need to be optimized for mobile and touch-based experiences. That requires a well-defined mobile application strategy which pre-empts the serious maintenance challenges associated with a fragmented mobile approach while effectively capitalizing on new mobile opportunities 5. he strategic imperative to optimize the digital customer experience T Driving smarter digital customer engagement and ROI is a strategic priority for leading organizations who successfully manage disparate technologies, channels and social media initiatives. * Avanade’s mobile airline platform to help Delta improve the in-flight experience – Seattle – August 22, 2013 ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  4. 4. A recent Avanade Study* interviewed 750 senior IT decision-makers around the globe. It reveals that many organizations are struggling to meet the divergent demand on their application development functions. The statistics are quite revealing. Good design Over 86% believe that good UI and design are critical to customer satisfaction and productivity. But only 37% say they are currently prioritizing it. Accelerating results 94% say there is a need to accelerate the time it takes to bring new applications to market. Only 29% think their application development processes are agile enough to meet their demands. Digital Marketing Over 85% say that their digital marketing budgets are increasing. Yet over 90% want to consolidate and increase efficiency in digital marketing. Mobility This is an important part of strategy for 61% of organizations and will be in another two years for another 32%. Yet close to 40% say that they don’t have a strategy for key elements of mobility. Cloud Over 60% say the cloud is driving modernization of legacy applications. 6/10 say the cloudvendor reputation has the greatest impact on performance. Right Partners 79% of decision makers report that business units are building their own applications. 85% of these applications are built with the help of external developers. * Source: Avanade Research Study, ‘Rethink application possibilities and align to business outcomes’, December 2013 ( Peer-insights revealed: How IT organizations like yours are managing change ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  5. 5. Zoom in on application best-practice insight The rise of shadow IT 79% of IT decision-makers report that business units are developing their own applications and in 85% of these instances, applications are built with the help of external developers. There is an urgent need for organizations to take control of their digital strategies and align IT with the needs of line of business teams. Embed user experience design early into the development process: It is imperative that you integrate design in the application development process and partner closely with business leaders to meet strategic goals early on. Consider agile approaches and best of breed technology when appropriate: Newer customer and user facing applications would be a good place to start with agile approaches as is building on a proven technology stack and using partners who bring deep expertise, experience and IP. Invest in developing a cohesive Digital Strategy: It is important to have an integrated digital strategy aligned with business goals to effectively capitalize on these technologies to transform organizations. Look for the right partner: Choose a partner who not only has deep technical expertise but one that also has the business and industry understanding, tools and methodologies to ensure long term success. ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  6. 6. Get closer to market-leading expertise Highly successful global clients come to Avanade to take advantage of our wealth of application development experience. Join them and you’ll also benefit from our industry leading technology capabilities across cloud, mobility and digital marketing, helping you to rethink application possibilities and build transformative applications that unlock new value across your organization. The Home Hospitalization division of Paris Hospitals wanted to deploy a solution that would give them reliable, secure access to patient data directly from the patient’s home. Aviva wanted to strengthen its relationship with customers by offering them a better and more innovative service, especially in case of emergencies. Avanade helped by providing a Windows 8-based mobility solution and developed an application that nurses can use to manage patient records from the patient’s home in a secure environment. Avanade developed a new mobile application ‘Aviva Italia’, that allowed users to access their insurance account, as well as report an accident by filling out the form directly from their smartphones and tablets, wherever they are. ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  7. 7. From operational enabler to business growth driver: How Avanade helps you rethink application possibilities Avanade’s respected application development services empower you to unlock the value of your applications – driving greater customer satisfaction, responding faster to business needs and driving digital transformation. Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty Create beautiful and functional application design combined with effective backend integration resulting in experiences that delight users and drive productivity. By rethinking possibilities, Avanade helped a leading European car manufacturer realize results with its new mobile application. Accelerate speed to results React to market needs quickly leveraging Avanade’s deep, specialized Microsoft application development expertise combined with proven assets, processes and delivery capabilities. VELUX worked with Avanade to build a customer response website for 18 countries and 21 languages in under three weeks using Windows Azure internet cloud technology. Drive growth with digital transformation Navigate a landscape of rapidly changing work habits, devices and services and digitally transform your organization, putting in place innovative applications that extend beyond traditional devices and IT boundaries to create new value and drive growth. Delta Airlines moved up to new heights by rethinking their onboard customer experience with help from Avanade.* * Avanade’s mobile airline platform to help Delta improve the in-flight experience – Seattle – August 22, 2013 ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  8. 8. See the big picture Go to Rethinking Application Possibilities is part of Avanade’s exciting new Work Redesigned program. This is a visionary new way for enterprise leaders to build real customer centricity and lasting competitive advantage into the very DNA of their organization and fundamentally rethink how work happens. Talk to Avanade today about getting closer to what matters and see how we can help you redefine your application performance. • Create connected digital experiences • Transform digital marketing impact and ROI • Build innovative mobile and Windows 8 solutions • Deploy cloud optimized applications • Benefit from smart new digital marketing solutions ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. Read on
  9. 9. About Avanade Avanade provides business technology solutions and managed services that connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers realize results. Avanade, which is majority owned by Accenture, was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation and has 20,000 professionals in more than 20 countries. Additional information can be found at Avanade and the Avanade logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Avanade Inc. Other product, service, or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ©2014 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved.