Powering CustomerRelationship ManagementHarness the combined capabilities of Accenture, Avanade and Microsoftto help power...
Alliance delivers value and benefitsAccenture, Avanade and Microsoft are uniquely positioned tohelp power customer relatio...
Solutions to build great customer                                                                                         ...
The power of choice:                 flexible delivery options                 Accenture and Avanade deliver comprehensive...
Experience to deliver substantial resultsTogether, we are delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry solutions to helpclie...
Get empowered with CRMx3                 Are you ready to identify profitable opportunities to increase sales?            ...
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Powering Customer Relationship Management


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Harness the combined capabilities of Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft
to help power customer relationship management in your organization.
For more info, go to http://www.avanade.com/CRM.

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Powering Customer Relationship Management

  1. 1. Powering CustomerRelationship ManagementHarness the combined capabilities of Accenture, Avanade and Microsoftto help power customer relationship management in your organization
  2. 2. Alliance delivers value and benefitsAccenture, Avanade and Microsoft are uniquely positioned tohelp power customer relationship management (CRM) in yourorganization, earning our place in the market over many years andhundreds of projects.The alliance between Accenture, Accenture is a recognized leader in Avanade has a dedicated practice of The Accenture, Avanade and • Accenture and Avanade have • Avanade is Microsoft’s leadingAvanade and Microsoft, which began CRM, both in execution and strategic more than 700 people focused on Microsoft alliance has delivered delivered more than 200 CRM business services providermore than a decade ago, delivers a thought leadership. Accenture delivering CRM solutions. Avanade innovation and results for more projects in the CRM space. and has been named theunique combination of unparalleled employs nearly 2,000 dedicated CRM is Microsoft’s leading CRM businessindustry insights and business process practitioners, with a global force services provider, and has been named than 5,100 projects across Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1,700 enterprises. Accenture • We have deployed an Partner of the Year: 2010,knowledge, extensive Microsoft of more than 5,000 people with the the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Partner and Avanade have been named estimated 100,000+ seats 2009 and 2008.technology integration experience, skills to deliver CRM implementations. of the Year for 2010, 2009 and 2008.and leadership in enterprise-ready Accenture has delivered CRM-related Together, Accenture and Avanade have Microsoft’s Enterprise Partner of (800+ seats on average).technologies to help unleash the services to more than 1,200 clients delivered more than 200 engagements the Year for an unprecedented • Accenture and Avanade have • Accenture is consistently earned 22 gold competenciespower of CRM for our clients. annually, including more than two- in the CRM space. six years since 2001—and the thirds of the Fortune Global 100. recognized by leading industry in the Microsoft Partner only partner to have won in analysts and the media as aCRMx3 (or CRM times three) repre- With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Network, more than any other sents the culmination of our alliance Microsoft has developed, and three consecutive years. leader in CRM services. partner in the program.and provides our clients with powerful continues to enhance, a powerful,industry solutions to increase sales, flexible, and robust platform fordrive more productive interaction and growth that provides Accenture andstrengthen customer loyalty. Avanade the ability to create and deliver innovative industry solutions to help our clients better engage with their customers, and meet their requirements. Powering CRM 1
  3. 3. Solutions to build great customer 360-degree customer views enable our clients to recognize profitable opportunities thatrelationships customers truly value and support lasting business relationships.Drive more productive customer interactions. Establish more profitablerelationships to grow top-line sales and revenue. Inspire and strengthencustomer loyalty.As leading business services providers customers and strengthen relationships innovative business applications easyof Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, across multiple channels through to deploy for areas, such as propertyAccenture and Avanade come together improved business intelligence and management, task management,to deliver and deploy integrated process automation. reservation systems, as well as caseindustry solutions that help organiza- and grants management systems.tions transform customer relationships Our solutions are built on the Microsoft Extendable, reusable componentsand achieve extraordinary business xRM platform, which goes above and reduce development time and cost,value. Designed around the needs beyond the core components of CRM while helping organizations to improveof specific industries, our highly to help our clients manage any type of productivity and efficiency acrossadaptable and scalable CRM solutions business relationship. The agile, flexible the organization.help organizations to better engage and collaborative xRM platform makesOur cross-industry solutions include: Our industry-specific solutions include:Marketing Service Enterprise Partner Relationship Chemicals Health UtilitiesPlan, quickly execute and manage Deliver strong customer service to Management (PRM) on Demand Execute on customer-smart business Enables healthcare providers and Provides strong capabilities for thecustomer-centric marketing strategies increase satisfaction and gain valuable Enable collaboration between enter- plans to achieve closer alignment health plans to drive marketing, sales support and management of the fulland processes that accelerate growth insights into customer needs and prise vendors and partners to support between the needs and preferences and service effectiveness and profit- life cycle of energy efficiency andand enhance return on marketing behavior. joint selling opportunities, improve of customers and standard industry able growth using knowledge in new conservation programs to betterinvestment. the partner experience, and increase practice. ways through Insight Driven Health. engage with vendors, partners and Accountability Management the effectiveness of the channel and customers and help unlock the valueSales indirect channel revenue. Consumer Goods and Services Insurance of demand-side management. Manage non-linear workflow drivenImprove sales revenue and sales processes that require the complex Improve customer service and sales Achieve tight integration between Social CRM Wealth Managementproductivity by enhancing and aligning delegation of work items and the with leading retail management and agents and carrier systems, processesthe elements of high-performance tracking of those work items by Manage and orchestrate meaningful execution processes. and data to help insurance companies Helps wealth management firmsselling, including sales strategy, sales assigning responsibilities, monitoring connections to continuously build achieve performance gains in sales and improve the overall client experience,enablement, workforce management the progress, reporting on completion relationships with customers and Electronics and High Tech service productivity. thereby enhancing the multi-channelsand technology. and identifying exceptions. gain competitive advantage through and processes by which the client can Build more dynamic, collaborative and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Public Service interact, to better attract and retain profitable relationships with channel with everyday collaboration tools. customers for profitable growth. partners to help close deals faster Helps public or commercial organiza- and gain real-time visibility into sales. tions efficiently manage cases, process claims and allocate grants for the most complex, data-heavy and time- consuming customer interactions.2 Powering CRM Powering CRM 3
  4. 4. The power of choice: flexible delivery options Accenture and Avanade deliver comprehensive CRM capabilities through flexible and integrated deployment models that drive value for our clients in all industries. Accenture and Avanade’s deep The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform Accenture and Avanade’s solutions can experience in solution development, offers a familiar, intuitive interface, be delivered on-premise or as hosted combined with Microsoft Dynamics and provides a cohesive connection software as a service (SaaS), providing CRM, delivers tremendous productivity with a wide range of systems. Our your organization with greater flexibil- benefits with a low total cost of cross-industry and industry-specific ity to deliver the right products and ownership. We deliver comprehensive solutions are easy to learn and use, services. Via Avanade Online Services CRM capabilities through flexible helping to improve CRM adoption (AOS), a complete end-to-end SaaS and integrated deployment models across the organization. The native platform, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM that drive value for our clients in all Microsoft Outlook interface and tight Online, Accenture and Avanade offer industries. integration with Microsoft tools, such services enhanced for the delivery of as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Microsoft-based business solutions in make using Microsoft Dynamics CRM the cloud. The ability to transparently a natural extension of the way move between on- and off-premise is people work. unique and offers great flexibility to our clients.4 Powering CRM Powering CRM 5
  5. 5. Experience to deliver substantial resultsTogether, we are delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry solutions to helpclients across all major industry segments achieve sustained business value.Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft Globally and locally For organizations with Across multiple business For large-scale and small- • Collaborated with an Asian mediabring the strengths of all three multi-national operations functions scale CRM solutions group to design and build advertiser • Helped a leading global hospitality relationship management andorganizations to bear to our clients. to regional operations company improve its ability to Implemented a Microsoft Dynamics • Teamed with a global high tech business intelligence capabilitiesSpecifically, Accenture’s deep industry analyze group business sales Partnered with a European provider CRM-based Partner Relationship company to implement Microsoft using Microsoft Dynamics CRM,and business process knowledge, activities and spending by leverag- of telecommunications infrastructure Management solution for a North Dynamics CRM for 4,000 users in which improved advertising revenuecoupled with our experience in man- ing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM services to design and launch in five American heavy equipment manufac- 120 countries to facilitate and and reduced the time to generateaging and delivering global solutions system to gain visibility into more months a new Payment Digital turer to support its technical help desk automate new processes across management reports from four daysto our enterprise customers; Avanade’s than 20,000 accounts and process Terrestrial TV (Pay DTT) platform for the dealer channel. The solution the sales cycle, giving leaders an to 40 minutes.depth of knowledge and experience more than 37,000 group bookings based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, resulted in approximately a 60 percent enterprise wide view of sales andin designing, developing and imple- within the first year. enabling the company to become a savings in annual operating costs opportunities. The solution freedmenting solutions across the spectrum front-runner in the Pay DTT market. while at the same time improved tech- the sales team to spend more timeof Microsoft technologies; and • Worked with a large nonprofit nician productivity, system speed and managing customers and securingMicrosoft’s proven ability to continu- organization to replace multiple user satisfaction. new accounts, and also improvedously evolve and enhance their discrete grant systems with a single the field sales force’s efficiency,platform to meet the global needs platform Microsoft Dynamics effectiveness and morale.of their customers, from the largest, CRM system to support strategicmost complex organizations down to grant-making globally, improveindividual consumers. information management and access, and coordinate effective change by unifying controls.6 Powering CRM Powering CRM 7
  6. 6. Get empowered with CRMx3 Are you ready to identify profitable opportunities to increase sales? Improve customer management? Strengthen customer loyalty? Accenture and Avanade look forward to helping your organization achieve sustained business value with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry solutions. To learn more, contact DynamicsCRM@accenture.com or DynamicsCRM@avanade.com and visit www.CRMx3.com.8 Powering CRM Powering CRM 9
  7. 7. Copyright © 2011 Accenture. About Accenture About AvanadeAll rights reserved. Accenture is a global management Avanade provides business technologyAccenture, its logo, and consulting, technology services and services that connect insight,High Performance Delivered outsourcing company, with more innovation and expertise in Microsoftare trademarks of Accenture. than 223,000 people serving clients in technologies to help customers more than 120 countries. Combining realize results. Avanade’s services andThe Avanade name and logo are unparalleled experience, comprehen- solutions help improve performance,registered trademarks in the US sive capabilities across all industries productivity and sales for organizationsand other countries. and business functions, and extensive in all industries. Additional informationOther brand and product names are research on the world’s most success- can be found at www.avanade.com.trademarks of their respective owners. ful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become About Microsoft high-performance businesses and Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq governments. The company generated “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in net revenues of US$21.6 billion for software, services and solutions the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2010. that help people and businesses Its home page is www.accenture.com. realize their full potential. Visit www.microsoft.com.