ERP for Wholesale Distribution


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Changing market dynamics require wholesale distribution organizations to be more flexible than ever. As new competitors appear and new opportunities arise, you need to be able to respond rapidly yet effectively to changing market conditions. The Avanade ERP for Wholesale Distribution solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics® AX platform – a scalable, enterprise-level solution that provides the agility to respond to challenges and to take advantage of opportunities. For more info, go to

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ERP for Wholesale Distribution

  1. 1. Avanade® Enterprise Resource Planning SolutionERP for Wholesale DistributionRevolutionizesupply chainoperations Improve flexibility, visibility and Drive performance with agile ERP and industry best-practices • Provide real-time visibility into all levels of the organization collaboration across the supply chain and the insight required for timely, effective decision making. The Avanade ERP for Wholesale • Align business and IT to respond to changing market Distribution solution helps your conditions and opportunities. organization improve agility to • Improve supply chain efficiencies by streamlining order processing and warehousing, improving forecasting and respond effectively to changing market optimizing collaboration with supply chain partners. conditions, drive efficiencies in order • Drive more profit with differentiated pricing, service offerings by customer segment and rebate processing and warehousing, and management tools. improve forecasting, pricing and • Increase customer satisfaction with enhanced flexibility rebate management. in pricing, service levels, product availability, delivery performance and ordering options.
  2. 2. Avanade® Enterprise Resource Planning SolutionERP for Wholesale DistributionAlign business and IT Drive new opportunities; improve visibility Gain Insight, Innovation, ExpertiseChanging market dynamics require You can deliver more profit to the business The Avanade ERP for Wholesale Distributionwholesale distribution organizations by developing new business opportunities solution is a best-in-class industry solutionto be more flexible than ever. As new while protecting margins through that delivers:competitors appear and new opportunities sophisticated strategies like differentiatedarise, you need to be able to respond product, pricing and service offerings by Insightrapidly yet effectively to changing customer segment. Flexible rebates and Avanade provides a powerful combination market conditions. The Avanade ERP for claimback management help you leverage of business, industry and technologyWholesale Distribution solution is built your position in the supply chain and insights that results in an affordable ERPon the Microsoft Dynamics® AX platform deliver more to your bottomline. package tailored to the specific needs of– a scalable, enterprise-level solution your business.that provides the agility to respond to In addition to meeting customerchallenges and to take advantage expectations in product and pricing, our Innovationof opportunities. solution gives you flexibility in your channels The Avanade ERP for Wholesale Distribution to market, allowing for multiple ordering solution reflects the collective experienceFlexible supply chain tools like warehouse processes including online, contact center of our global network of consultants andmanagement and automated data based, electronic ordering (EDI) and even industry experts, real-world feedback fromcapturing optimize warehouse strategies direct-to-consumer options. Tight integration customers and collaboration with our part-for picking, packing and shipping. This helps to CRM allows you to develop a 360° view ners—Accenture and Microsoft to create ayou cut overhead from your operations, of your customers and improve customer best-in-class solution. Pre-defined businessincrease velocity through your supply chain service while closing more business. processes, Cloud ERP and Two-Tier deploy-and improve insight and collaboration with ment let you optimize your IT environmentyour suppliers and customers. With the Avanade ERP for Wholesale to the needs of your business and with a Distribution solution, you have visibility view to the future.The Avanade ERP for Wholesale into your entire organization. You canDistribution solution can be deployed consolidate data and reports across all Expertiseon-premises or in the cloud. Our Cloud entities to get a complete financial picture A global network of over 13,000ERP offerings provide a fully customizable of your business as well as analyze data professionals serving customers in over private cloud environment that supports and view reports across a number of 20 countries provides a unique collection the growth of your business. dimensions such as country, product line of resources to successfully deliver even the and division for even greater insight and largest, most complex projects on-time andFor international organizations, our solution improved decision-making. within budget.can be deployed in a two-tier environmentand tightly integrated into your backoffice Avanade has developed an implementation “ e didn’t just want a generalist, we wanted Wadministrative ERP solution. This provides methodology for wholesale distribution a true Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist assubsidiary and remote locations a scalable organizations in conjunction with industry a partner. Not only, was Avanade able tosolution with a lower total cost of professionals at Accenture and Microsoft provide the necessary expertise, but they’reownership that is faster to deploy and learn that speeds time-to-benefit of your also a real pan European player. And thatyet has the functionality and agility to meet investment, increases predictability in was definitely a requirement for us, givenyour operational requirements. implementations and decreases risk. We the multi-country scope of our project.” are a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and the Mark Desmaele Microsoft Dynamics Distribution Partner Business Data Processes Manager, Azelis of the Year for 2011. About Avanade Americas Asia-Pacific Avanade provides business technology services that Seattle Singapore connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft® Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +65 6394 7888 technologies to help customers realize results. Avanade’s services and solutions help improve performance, productivity and sales for organizations Latin America Europe in all industries. Additional information can be found at Sao Paulo London Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 Phone +44 0 20 7025 1000 ©2011 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in the US Get the free mobile app at and other countries. http:/ /