Avanade Outsourcing: Results Realized


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Many companies find themselves wanting to upgrade their IT solutions, but struggling to afford additional application and infrastructure management. That’s where Avanade IT outsourcing services comes in. We combine our unmatched Microsoft expertise with best practices to offer end-to-end design, delivery and management of IT enhancements at a fraction of the cost. Our service level-based agreements ensure your satisfaction. So your technology gets better, your budgets go farther and your company works at its best.

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Avanade Outsourcing: Results Realized

  1. 1. Our businessis helping yours.Outsourcing
  2. 2. We move companies from promise to performance.Many companies find themselves wanting to practices to offer end-to-end design, deliveryupgrade their IT solutions, but struggling to and management of IT enhancements at aafford additional application and infrastruc- fraction of the cost. Our service level-basedture management. That’s where Avanade IT agreements ensure your satisfaction. So youroutsourcing services comes in. We combine technology gets better, your budgets goour unmatched Microsoft expertise with best farther and your company works at its best.
  3. 3. A first-rate IT solution for a capital city. Helping an engineering company dig up efficiency.Avanade Added: Results Realized: Avanade Added: Results Realized:The Information Technology and Communica- Building on a Microsoft Systems Management Golder Associates offers ground engineering Avanade helped the customer build antions Agency of the Community of Madrid Server technology base, Avanade implemented and environmental services for customers intelligent search capability that can findneeded to ensure continuous improvement a process automation strategy. By using a soft- around the globe. With 8,000 employees and data across systems, regions and offices.of its remote management processes to better ware distribution service, and expanding the 160 offices on six continents, critical informa- That technology was reinforced with arespond to the city’s needs. That’s when they number of managed environments, Comunidad tion was dispersed across many locations. The dedicated outsourced team that providesasked Avanade to come to town. de Madrid got the results it was looking for. company needed a centralized workspace so application support. Thus far, the results Now, the city has lower operational costs and employees could share project-relevant infor- have been impressive: a 30% savings in time faster reaction to security events. They finally mation across teams. They asked Avanade to and effort through greater automation and have great technology to keep up with their engineer a solution. production uptime of 99.7%. That’s the great city. power of collaboration.
  4. 4. Outsourcing solutions make headlines A prescription for improving user experience. for a media company.Avanade Added: Results Realized: Avanade Added: Results Realized:As the world’s largest media investment group, The Avanade team got to work developing an drugstore.com’s e-commerce sites were After migrating the websites, the clientGroupM has 200 offices in 81 countries, and outsourcing solution that worked in concert bogged down with 10 years of legacy ASP code, has seen improved site stability for a better usera staff of over 20,000. With system enhance- with on-site staff to accelerate the delivery of which resulted in a poor user experience and experience.In addition, they have eliminatedments coming every few months, and an IT applications and enhancements. Now, devel- an increased need for extra servers. They called page rendering errors and increased peak loadincreasing number of user requests, GroupM opment of business applications is simplified Avanade for a cure. stability. drugstore.com looks like it’s in greatneeded to find a way to keep up with demand. and the foundation architecture is stream- health for the future.With continued business growth at stake, lined. Turning what was a threat to growthGroupM got Avanade on the line. into a true competitive advantage.
  5. 5. Helping law enforcement excel by adding more order. Feeling right at home with application outsourcing.Avanade Added: Results Realized: Avanade Added: Results Realized:A leading communications company provides Leveraging our offshore delivery center in India, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) Avanade has worked with key businessmission-critical services to enterprise and govern- Avanade was able to develop a cost-effective, is a $58 billion wholesale bank for housing managers to design and develop thement customers. The company was developing efficient solution. Now, multiple public safety finance. The bank developed a key line-of- application so that it has the functionalitya solution that would give many different law agencies can search a single-source data business application in 1997. But now, the bank to meet the bank’s needs. Over the nextenforcement agencies access to the same records repository to more easily find the integral wants to enhance the application to support three years, the on-going implementationdata. Avanade has a history of working in tandem information they need. Not only are costs con- future growth. Avanade was asked to move in. and support of the application will continue.with the customer. So when the customer called trolled, but law enforcement can work faster All along the way, FHLBC will see increasedagain, it was a mission Avanade chose to accept. and more effectively. And that benefits us all. efficiency and agility to capitalize on competi- tive advantages and growth opportunities. All thanks to Avanade living right next door.
  6. 6. Constant support, endless advantages. A smart decision to outsource business intelligence.Avanade Added: Results Realized: Avanade and Accenture Added: Results Realized:A large U.S. insurance company faced a rapidly The customer deployed a 24x7 outsourced A worldwide leader in software, services and Working with Accenture, Avanade transform-changing business landscape. The company support team from Avanade. In doing so, the solutions was faced with a problem. Within ed the customer’s Business Intelligence land-wanted a cost-effective way to increase flex- company gained access to global skills and the company, individual business lines and scape by assigning a dedicated team to serveibility across the enterprise. After a search for was able to provide help desk support in regions had different Business Intelligence all lines of business. Now, best practices canthe right technology partner, the customer appropriate time zones, around the clock. vendors. The situation meant high operating be shared across the enterprise.found Avanade. After a rapid transition of more than 300 costs, inconsistent processes and potential Application support costs have gone down. applications, the customer reaped the left untapped. When searching for a single And through automation, self-service and benefits of better customer service, reduc- solution, the customer turned to one place: platform simplification, improvements have ed costs and increased agility. Then again, Avanade and Accenture. been seen globally. success has always been Avanade’s policy.
  7. 7. Helping a consumer goods company work better. Managing growth by banking on Avanade.Avanade Added: Results Realized: Avanade Added: Results Realized:A multinational consumer goods company Avanade implemented a shared service model As one of the largest banks in Spain, this Collaborating with Accenture, Avanade lever-had multiple IT vendors, providing varied for 24x7 on-going support. Since the project financial institution needed to be able to aged its experience with the customer todegrees of support. So a decision was made to went live, costs have been lower and respon- quickly and cost effectively respond to its develop a solution. A service level agreementadd consistency and service levels worldwide. siveness to incidents has been higher. Overall, internal departments’ requests for new system was quickly put in place. The changeThe customer was counting on Avanade to the service level agreements have raised functionality and improved performance of has resulted in improved ability to respond toraise the bar on its technology. consistency and accountability, enabling the its Microsoft Windows PC environment. The changing business needs, more predictable customer to be more competitive in day-to- customer sought an infrastructure outsourcing costs and the freedom for internal resources to day operations. partner to help them transform their environ- focus on more strategic tasks. In other words, ment and maintain service level agreements. the benefits are compounding every day. They knew Avanade was a sound investment.
  8. 8. Outsourcing scores points for business efficiency.Avanade Added: Results Realized:In an effort to streamline operations, a major Avanade not only built a custom solution forsports event organizer wanted a managed several of the customer’s departments, butsolution to support its CRM, human resource also supports those ERP systems with ongo-and financial systems. When help was needed, ing management and enhancements. SinceAvanade stepped up to the plate. implementation, the project has resulted in a significant increase in business efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and simplified functionality. Scoring points for the customer, day after day.
  9. 9. About Avanade North America Asia-PacificAvanade provides business technology solutions and Seattle Singaporemanaged services that connect insight, innovation and Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +65 6592 2133expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers America@avanade.com AsiaPac@avanade.comrealize results. Our people have helped thousands oforganizations in all industries improve business agility, South America Europeemployee productivity and customer loyalty. Additional Sao Paulo Londoninformation can be found at www.avanade.com. Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 Phone +44 0 20 7025 1000 LatinAmerica@avanade.com Europe@avanade.com©2012 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanadename and logo are registered trademarks in the US and Africaother countries. Other brand and product names are Pretoriatrademarks of their of their respective owners. Phone +27 12 622 4400 SouthAfrica@avanade.com