Avanade Collaboration Migration


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At Avanade, we believe collaboration is all about transforming how you work together to drive competitive advantage for your enterprise. By connecting people, improving content and optimizing processes – in addition to making it easier to find the right people and right content right when you need it – you add value to the organization.

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Avanade Collaboration Migration

  1. 1. Accomplish your business goals with Avanade assets • Make an informed decision about whether to deliver your SharePoint collaboration services from the cloud, on-premises or through a hybrid model using the Office 365 Assessment tool. • Develop a migration roadmap that provides change management, strategy, governance processes and tools to align your collaboration investments with your business goals. • Extract more value from your SharePoint Online platform with our Collaboration Center of Excellence, which offers assets, accelerators and capabilities to help you expand the use of collaboration technologies. • Increase the predictability of your collaboration implementation timeframes, expenditures and functionality with Avanade Cloud Deployment Assets and Guidelines. Streamline collaboration in the cloud The Avanade Collaboration Migration solution offers a holistic approach to migrating your content. From strategy insights to application delivery to ongoing maintenance, we help you maximize the value of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud computing platform. Avanade® Collaboration Services Avanade Collaboration Migration Choose the route to success
  2. 2. Smoothly transition business processes Depend on Avanade field-tested assets to easily guide you through the migration process.We begin with the Avanade Decision Framework for Platform Selection and then use the Capability Assessment Tool and Avanade Cloud Deployment Assets and Guidelines.We complete the process with our SharePoint 2010 Migration Kit, which efficiently and securely migrates your data to the desired destination. Count on our capabilities You can proceed with confidence knowing that Avanadeis#1in theMicrosoft SharePoint Online ecosystem,as measured by customers that we’ve assisted in their transition to the cloud. Accenture and Avanade have the most certificationsofallenterprisepartnersin ImplementationandApplicationDevelopment with Microsoft SharePoint technologies.* We have supported implementation of 2M+ seats, more than any other partner. Microsoft has solid ties with Avanade “Avanade has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to seamlessly move organizations to Microsoft’s cloud services and help its enterprise customers achieve the maximum value from their collaboration investments.” — Reid Downey General Manager,Worldwide Office365 Sales and Worldwide Enterprise Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation Increase adoption with a great user experience Provide collaboration capabilities to your workforces using easily managed websites and applications that require less IT supervision. The Avanade Experience Design team delivers practical and beautiful websites. Our global team of experienced design consultants and studio-based designers provides creative user interfaces and user experience design. Leadership portals include blogs and tags that enhance the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. Our easy-to-use portals are designed for a collaboration platform to enable you to quickly access the information you need. *Microsoft, January 2012 Scan this tag to learn more about Avanade Collaboration services at our corporate website. Get the free mobile app at http://gettag.mobi. About Avanade Avanade provides business technology solutions and managed services that connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft® technologies to help customers realize results. Our people have helped thousands of organizations in all industries improve business agility, employee productivity and customer loyalty. Additional information can be found at www.avanade.com. ©2012 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved.The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. North America Seattle Phone +1 206 239 5600 America@avanade.com South America Sao Paulo Phone +55 (11) 5188 3000 LatinAmerica@avanade.com Africa Pretoria Phone +27 12 622 4400 SouthAfrica@avanade.com Asia-Pacific Singapore Phone +65 6592 2133 AsiaPac@avanade.com Europe London Phone +44(0)2070251000 Europe@avanade.com Avanade® Collaboration Services Avanade Collaboration Migration