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Practical Tsm Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) Practical TSM (Total Stress Management) 1st Edition-15 August 2002 © Dr. Shriniwas J.Kashalikar C4, Narayan Pujari Nagar, Gafarkhan Road, Worli, Mumbai-400 018. Phone : 2493 2732/ 2498 2529 Publishers: ISSHHA PUbLICATION Dr. Suhas Mhetre 2/33, Vijay Enclave, Ghodbunder Road, Wagh Bel, Thane. Mob: 9820 898870 Printer : Priya Offset, Mumbai. Type Setting : Unique System Santoshi Nagar, Morachi Wadi, Opp. Wadala Telephone Exchange, Dadar (E.), Mumbai-400 014. Tel: 2446 5838 Cover design Illustrations Mr. Vijay Sarjerao Barge 101, Saddicha Apartment, Near Sitaladevi Temple, P.G.Marg, Mahim, Mumbai-400 016. Phone : 2445 7290 Price : 50/-
  5. 5. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) PREFACE Many of the participants in my workshops on TOTAL STRES MANAGEMENT [TSM] find it difficult to give time for reading. They prefer a concise guide that gives simple tips for day to day practice. On many occasions even I felt the need for such a guide, for my own use. This prompted me to write this concise practical guide that could facilitate § Growth of inner strength, which is like electric current in the lamp that, ensures tremendous energy, light and radiance in life § Enhancement of alertness and consciousness, perception, learning ability, grasping power, analytical and synthetic thinking, memory, imaginativeness, innovativeness, decision making, communication skill, § Promotion of originality and independence of mind and victorious attitude, which enable us to lead effectively and surmount any difficulty § Development of attractive physique with good height, proper proportions, stamina, tenacity, flexibility, agility and ability to resist a variety of diseases § Progress of the society as well as my own. Let us go ahead together and rise to greater heights! Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar.
  6. 6. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) PRACTICAL TSM AT A GLANCE There are two broad ways to practice Total Stress Management [TSM] i.e. develop total personality or acquire holistic health or attain total well being. Those belonging to the first type are related to one’s personal conduct and the others belonging to the other type are related to the social conduct. Both are complementary and essential. These are outlined here for comprehending and referring at a glance. These are described sequentially in this book. PERSONAL WAYS SOCIAL WAYS READING TSM BOOKS DAILY SELF EMPLOYMENT TO SPREAD TSM MORNING PRAYERS SHARING THE EXPERIENCES DRINKING WATER EXPRESSION OF VIEWS E.G.WATER PROBLEM CONTACT, DIALOGUE and MEETING GIVING NEWS NAMASMARAN PROOF READING MASSAGING GUMS COMPACT DISC GEETA, VISHNUSAHASRANAM GIFT OF TSM BATH TRANSLATION WALKING DISTRIBUTION OF BOOKS POWDER EMAIL INTERNET HOLISTIC PROFESSION / WEBSITE SWADHARMA EXERCISE CASSETES
  8. 8. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) READING TSM bOOKS DAILY It is necessary to read the books, i.e. course material on TSM daily though as per one’s convenience. This is because TSM is an active process of conceptualizing and practicing. It requires regular boosting. It is like nutrition of our soul. Just as our body requires regular feeding, so does our soul. In absence of regular reading negative influences of the forces of darkness tend to overwhelm us. Reading TSM books elevates us and empowers us to overcome the negative influences every day. Which books should be read more frequently? At least a part of “Smiling Sun”, “Stress understanding and management”, “Conceptual stress” and “Namasmaran” should be read by English readers. “Saharsanetra”, “Navagrahastotram” and “Namasmaran” and “Chaitanyasadhana” can be useful for Marathi readers. SELF EMPLOYMENT TO SPREAD TSM The first thing is to get rid of the erroneous and damaging concept of superiority and inferiority of job, profession or business. It is not enough to read the TSM books. It is necessary to spread the message around so that ambience also becomes conducive to TSM. One of the ways to do this is by selling TSM books. Besides books, we can sell eatables. The brown bread, biscuits of bajara, ragi, methi sprouted beans, herbal drinks are good for health. The buying capacity is going to increase in certain sections. Further, these sections of the society would increasingly need services and products promoting holistic health. This is because, the extent of stress and ill health is going to increase in these people [with better buying capacity] as in other sections of society.
  9. 9. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) We can start a shop from our house and give home delivery of homemade eatable products in the neighboring areas. If we provide ethnic, exquisite and health promoting variety of eatables such as pickles, chutneys and laddoos, and maintain the quality, then we can surely get good clientele. People need ready-made flours also. We can sell our skills. For example, we can learn the technique of massage and practice it. There are thousands of ailing people, who need our healing touch. They will pay and in addition bless us. We can offer our company to elderly and earn as well as get blessed. Many elderly people with certain handicaps require nursing care. Some require physical support and services. We can make these available. Some require readers. We can read for them. Some may require mere company. We can provide it. MORNING PRAYERS As soon as we get up it is good to watch our hands and pray and then offer our gratitude and reverence to the mother earth. This practice usually averts indolence, irritability and negative feelings. We are a part of this universe and our body is contingence. Prayers connect with the field and strengthen us. An atheist can recite any poem or song that embodies wish for global welfare. SHARING THE EXPERIENCES When we practice TSM and get the benefits from it, it is good to share the experiences with the others. This is especially true with those who love and care for us. Sharing the experiences also lets us know if we are erring in some way on some count or if there are any deficiencies in us. This gives us opportunity to seek answers to the questions generated during sharing and thereby clarify our own doubts and build our conviction further. Sharing our views also gives us satisfaction of multiplying the positive actions. In TSM more the merrier is immensely 10
  10. 10. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) important. DRINKING WATER Before starting any activity we should drink plenty of water. This is good for washing away toxins and combating dehydration [scarcity of water in body]. Drinking water takes care of gastritis and acidity too. Drinking water leads to stimulation of bowel movements and constipation can be relieved. Drinking water also has another advantage. The gastrointestinal tract has huge number of sensory neurons. On drinking water in morning they carry the impulses to the spinal cord and the brain. This has the potential advantage of stimulating the nervous system. Thus drinking water can make us fresh also. EXPRESSION OF VIEWS AbOUT SOCIAL PRObLEM E.G.WATER PRObLEM Water is vital thing. It is necessary for every one of us to think and study about the issues concerning water supply. Many of us know quite a lot about it but do not write about it. They should write as well as speak on electronic media and give the benefit of their knowledge to all of us. This will prove useful in evolving consensus with respect to conservation, storage and supply of water. This could help the government also to plan and implement its policies more accurately and more effectively, for the benefit of millions of our brothers and sisters, suffering from famine and deluge. CONTACT DIALOGUE, MEETING It is essential to keep contact with your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. from time to time. This gives a sense of togetherness and prevents loneliness. In bright light and crowded localities of Mumbai people are lonelier than the adivasis living in jungles in darkness and with almost no neighbor. Almost all the participants in the workshops of TSM feel 11
  11. 11. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) lonely at one time or the other. Night shifts, odd hours of working, large distances to be commuted and such many factors add to the loneliness. Loneliness results because of alienation from the surrounding and people. The loneliness is also because of alienation created by our own selfishness and self-centered nature. As a result, we are unable to respond to the social situation and therefore unable to exchange vitality from the society. As a result we start losing interest in the social activities going on around and get lonelier further. This leads to degeneration and ever growing weakness. As a result of selfishness we get excessively engrossed in our petty problems and lose contact with others. These “others” no more are available to us as support systems. As a result we get stressed further. The feeling of loneliness increases. We go on getting weaker and weaker. Many of us can go in depression because of loneliness. The drinks, quarrels, escapism, irregularity, irresponsibility replace the buoyancy and confidence. The self-image deteriorates and further weakens us. The Total Stress Management provides ways to reunite us with the society and the environment and overcome loneliness. We should 1] Keep in touch with our fellow participants and share our experiences with them and TSM guide as frequently as possible. Meeting our fellow participants and guide are important for positive influences to continue and increase and negative influences to decrease. Therefore interaction with our fellow participants and our guide are absolutely important. Such interaction is very useful to us in overcoming the loneliness but also to our fellow participant 1
  12. 12. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) and the guide as well. 2] Talk about TSM to our friends, relatives and decision and policy makers so that they get exposed to TSM and get benefit as well as benefit the society in turn by rectifying the policies and the decisions. Meeting and discussing various matters give rise to new ideas and plans in positive direction. It also becomes easy to coordinate and execute [assert] convictions. 3] The more we respond to the problems of the society in an accurate manner, the greater we get integrated with the society and overcome the loneliness. This is thus useful in setting wellness cycle [while simultaneously breaking the stress cycle or vicious cycle]. GIVING NEWS The words Total Stress Management, Total Personality Development, Holistic Health and Total Well Being are used by all and sundry. These people use them so as only to encash. The general public is likely to be cheated in the process. Therefore it is necessary to try and give exact idea about these concepts in the newspapers. It is especially necessary to give the news about the TSM books, so that the people can come to know about the books, get chance to buy and read them and understand and implement the concepts properly. NAMASMARAN The most important cause of stress is pettiness and superficiality. This makes us conditioned. We start getting spilt in various dualities and stop loving ourselves. Therefore most important aspect of TSM is to learn to ACCEPT, LOVE AND RESPECT, OURSELVES, 1
  13. 13. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) UNCONDITIONALLY. This is possible by daily efforts made consciously in addition to the practice of NAMASMARAN, which does not require conscious efforts. Namasmaran is a traditional practice of meditation. It is advisable to practice Namasmaran. This is because it can help us remain firm and steadfast amidst conflicting/ opposing and hence disturbing thoughts and emotions. I have discussed more about Namasmaran in my Marathi, English and Hindi books. PROOF READING Total Stress Management involves several activities. The most important are development of the concepts, their articulation, writing, proof reading, lay out and type setting, drawing and painting as may be required, publishing, distribution, advertisement, exhibition and sale and so on. Proof reading is one of the most important activities. If we do proof reading, then it helps us evolve our concepts better. It facilitates the overall process of Total Stress Management and gives us satisfaction of participating in a positive activity. It is also possible that we may know some one who does proof reading very well. Procuring his help would also be a fulfilling affair. MASSAGING GUMS We should brush our teeth and massage the gums. This facilitates circulation and helps improve blood circulation in oral cavity and sinuses. This can facilitate the health of oral region, salivary glands and sinuses. Massaging gums is said to produce endorphins, which facilitate mental health. The brushing of teeth can also stimulate the movements of bowels. There is a prayer addressing the herbal ingredients in the tooth powder or toothpaste that unknowingly develops warm bonds between us and the nature around us, which is also called as field. COMPACT DISC 1
  14. 14. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) It is important that we make efforts to reach simple health promoting practices to people at cheaper cost. The new technology like compact discs can be useful to a large section of people. Compact discs give additional benefit of animation and thereby make the whole learning material user friendly. GEETA AND VISHNUSAHASRANAMA These two books are admired by some of the greatest sages and saints. We can derive inspiration from them. I have made humble efforts at comprehending these books. It is generally found that readers of my books Sahasranetra and Conceptual stress feel happy and empowered. GIFT OF TSM Gifts can become a cause of stress to the giver as well as the receiver. I received shirt pieces on several occasions. In most instances I did not like their textures and colors. In some instances they were small to my size. These became irritants by their presence whether in the wardrobe or on my body. Because of the emotional binding one found it difficult to get rid of them also. But now a days I give such shirt pieces or pant pieces to some one else and get rid of them. Once a person gave me a pair of shoes. I like a fool took it. As per my prediction, the shoes started biting and kept on biting till I discarded them in frustration. Once a person gave me a bottle of scotch. I told on the spot that let us pray that we should not need it. Once a gentleman gifted me showpiece made of china clay. I am still unable to find a suitable place and use for it. It has become what is called a “space occupying lesion” in medical world. Yet another friend gifted me with a small idol of Shri 1
  15. 15. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) Ganesha. I already had one with me. Now this became an addition in the place of worship. There is another instance. I was in USA then. There was a friend of mine from Poland. I offered him a small metal idol of Kali as gift. To my surprise and even dismay he flatly refused! Obviously, I was at fault, not he. He was really afraid of the appearance of the idol. Whether a formality or an expression of spontaneous love and affection, choosing appropriate gifts can avert the stress for the giver and the recipient. Even as there are no specific rules for choosing gifts some guidelines would definitely prove useful. Thus the gift should give maximum happiness to the giver and the recipient, that could last long and could be shared with more and more people. Since knowledge that empowers is the only thing that multiplies after giving, the gift of such knowledge is the best. Next in order is the knowledge that would enable an individual in getting self-employment. Hence the best gift would be a book, a CD, a cassette of the knowledge that empowers. If we are convinced about the empowering capacity of TSM then we can give these books as gift. These books are best on all occasions and to all sections of the society. We may give the books on sexology on the occasion of marriages and books on nutrition and diet in case newly married couples. The books useful in rearing children are best suited after delivery i.e. on the occasion of naming ceremony. The next in order are informative books, CDs, cassettes etc on various subjects such as cooking, stitching, knitting, painting, music, computers, electronic gadgets and so on. One can give books on horticulture, wormiculture, gardening and such subjects depending on relevance to the receiver. 1
  16. 16. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) It is true that we may not like to give only books on all the occasions. In that case, indoor plants are wonderful in case of relatives and friends living in small houses in cities. Most of us know and give fruits and flowers to those who are not keeping well. But it is good to find out what could prove really useful to the ailing and then choose a gift. Many people prefer to give gold, diamond and other ornaments, clothes etc. Some give cars, scooters and such other things. Some may give a refrigerator, a pressure cooker, a tape recorder and such things. These gifts are also good if the receiver appreciates or needs them. But in these gifts there are variable personal preferences and hence may prove to be wasteful or may prove to be imposition of one’s choices on the others as can be seen from the experiences described previously. Lastly, gifts such fire crackers, sweets with doubtful safety, toys with sharp edges or any such things which may add to pollution or pose risk to the receiver should be avoided. The media in general are becoming the victims of the forces of darkness. In view of the forces of darkness and their blinding messages, it has become necessary to use the opportunity of ceremonies, festivals and special occasions such as birthdays, to give the books as gifts. The books of TSM are not cheap, passive entertainers. Therefore they require missionary participation to reach the people who need [yet do not know and hence do not procure and read] them. Some times it argued that the books given as gifts might not be read. But this argument is true about any gift, which might not be liked and hence might be thrown away. More over, if the receiver does not read the books, then the family members, relatives or friends may read them. bATH 1
  17. 17. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) In warm and humid climate as in Mumbai it is suitable to take cold bath in morning and warm water bath in the evening. Warm bath in the evening facilitates sound sleep. It is necessary to make sure that all the private parts are cleaned every day. In my view it is not at all necessary to use soap. If we take bath twice a day it ensures that our body is kept clean. However if the job involves specific exposure to dust, infection, chemicals, toxins etc, then the use of soap is advisable. I would advise Ayurvedic herbal soap. But soap can remove the natural and protective oil from body and make our skin worst if it has tendency to be dry. This is especially true in dry places. There is a prayer of Ganga the river worshiped by Hindus. Prayer during bath allays anxiety and connects us with the nature. This can reduce the loneliness also. Bath is not merely useful for cleaning body. It has ten advantages. These are described in my book Conceptual Stress. TRANSLATION The books on Total Stress Management embody concepts, which have been evolved on the basis of understanding of the traditional wisdom and the modern science. They are based on lot interdisciplinary understanding. Hence they are not found in the traditional or modern literature. However most of them are n Marathi and English. It is necessary that all of us try to find acquaintances with different linguistic backgrounds who can translate different books in different languages. This kind of work would be really gratifying and fulfilling. WALKING It is really nice to see many people including youngsters walking in the morning. 1
  18. 18. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) There are forty advantages of walking. I have discussed them in one of my articles in Conceptual Stress. Walking can be combined with abdominal breathing, Mudras, Hastamudras and Namasmaran. Walking in morning or evening can transform our lives. DISTRIbUTION OF bOOKS A majority of the people does not know about TSM. Since TSM is not a mercenary, commercial or politically beneficial activity, not many media people are attracted towards it. Since it is not a glamorous activity editors and producers show no interest. Since it is not a charity activity that bloats ego, many businessmen and traders keep away from it. This is why circulation of these books is much less as compared to those books belonging to traditional or modern and theist or atheist sects. It is really important to carry books wherever we go, be that in India or abroad and reach them to the decision makers. POWDER After bath it is good to apply powder to the areas such as neck, back, chest, arm pits, groin, and sometimes feet where we sweat more. It is important to make the parts dry before applying the powder. I use a powder, which I have prepared and find it beneficial and comfortable. EMAIL The modes of communication have become really versatile and efficient. It is necessary to use these modes such as Internet, Internet telephony, email and others to share our experiences with our friends in India and abroad. It has to be appreciated that just as the peer pressure works on children, the pressure of ambience works on us. 1
  19. 19. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) Hence it is necessary to try every possible way to improve the ambience. HOLISTIC PROFESSION / SWADHARMA Most of us are under the impression that if we do our duty given to us then it is enough. This is naïve. Duty given is not necessarily what best we can do for the society and ourselves. If we use the art of introspection, prioritization, assertion and reinforcement effectively then we can extract maximum satisfaction from our duty. Adding holistic dimension or the dimension of SWADHARMA involves making our duty or job maximally satisfying and useful to the society and us. For example a doctor should try to understand and practice holistic health and holistic medicine. He should try to bring holistic concepts in the mainstream medical training, practice, research and planning. A lawyer should besides pleading cases try to rectify government rules, laws and constitution so as to achieve holistic health. WEbSITE I have my website to promote the TSM. It is true that advertisements add to the cost of production. They make the products costlier. More over the aggressive advertisement campaigns are not aimed at social and individual welfare. Many of these advertisements have damaging influence on the growing new generation. The characteristic of these campaigns is that they create a want and make the individual feel deficient, thereby forcing the individual into petty pursuit. These campaigns make an individual individualistic and oblivious to the social milieu. This makes an individual fragile and inconsiderate. At present most of our brothers and sisters are trapped 0
  20. 20. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) or engrossed in massive make believe world of electronic and paper media. Most of them do not know the scope and limitations of TSM. It is necessary to pour creative talent to combat these advertisements to help people now more about TSM and thus help them to think and act in the direction of holistic health. All the information technology experts have this challenge [as well as opportunity to fulfill] of making efforts to create and enrich websites and such other modalities in front of them. PROPER EXERCISE Regular physical activity, performed systematically, regularly, appropriate to one’s constitution and age, is called exercise! Several other aspects are also considered. They include, physical growth, increase in height, development of proper body proportions, attractive physique, impressive looks, strength, stability, flexibility, coordination, agility, endurance, resistance to diseases etc. General instructions  Exercise should be taken on empty stomach  It should be done after evacuation of bowels  Nasal passage should be clear  It should be done with fair degree of regularity  It should not be taken when we are not well  Sudden and heavy exercise should be avoided as it can cause injury to muscle, tendon, ligament etc  It should not be done with tight clothes  It should not be done without sufficient rest for rejuvenation  Entertainment in exercise by choosing exercise 1
  21. 21. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) such as walking or aerobics is not bad  Domestic work can give good exercise e.g. washing, cleaning, wriggling of clothes, carrying bags, digging, ploughing and saves time.  Climbing the staircase and taking frequent breaks for a small stroll is good for sedentary workers. Climbing is a good exercise besides saving time, it reduces the likelihood of infection in the lifts/ elevators.  Children should be encouraged to play outdoor games. In my opinion, their natural instinct is to be playful.  In elderly people walking and simple yogasanas can prove beneficial. The exercises practiced in gymnasium are usually done under the guidance of the instructor and hence are not discussed here. CASSETTES Audio and videocassettes on TSM are urgently needed. We can do whatever we can to produce or get produced the audio or videocassettes on TSM. This can reach the concepts where the instructors can not reach or where people are not able to read [either due illiteracy or due to linguistic difficulty]. There are several creative and well meaning people, whom if we approach, several audio and video cassettes can be produced for the benefit of the people in the remote places and different regions. YOGASANA Some of the useful and simple asanas are, Tadasana, Vajrasana and its variations, Vrikshasana , Padmasana and its variations, Bakasana, Gomukhasana, Viparitkarani, Sarvangasana, Vakrasana and its variations, Sheershasana, Paschimottanasana, Uttithapadasana, Dhanurasana,
  22. 22. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) Bhujangasana and Shavasana. Yogasanas have to be advised according to individual constitution as well as state of physical, mental, intellectual status of an individual. TV/RADIO PROJECTION It is obvious that we need grumble about what goes on in the electronic media. But it is necessary to understand that what goes on is not necessarily the first choice of the viewers. It is only in the absence of some thing better that some programs are watched to kill time. It appears therefore that those of us who have developed conviction about the TSM should try for the projection of the TSM on TV and RADIO. It is a good idea to gift some books to the decision-makers in these media and also discuss with them the importance of the TSM. PRACTICING MUDRA Practice of Brahmamudra is very useful in preventing spondylosis besides improving the circulation, preventing degenerative changes. If practiced properly it can prove to be a useful meditative technique. Simhamudra is supposed to be useful in the health of a variety of organs including thyroid and parathyroid glands. PUbLIC SPEECH One of the best ways of asserting yourself is by giving a public speech. In public speech you learn how to covey your conviction in a lucid and likable manner. Giving public speech serves two purposes. Number one it removes our stage fear and makes us bold and secondly it spreads the message of holistic health to more people in a direct manner. It has to be appreciated that articulating and speaking the deeper feelings to others is a matter of great relief. In absence of this there is suffocation. It is therefore
  23. 23. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) really worthwhile to explore the opportunities of public speaking. HASTAMUDRA Hasta means hand and Mudra is a position. These are different poses as shown in the diagrams. I have found them giving interesting stimulating experience. We however have not verified the positive benefits on the general physical or mental health. VALUE ADDITION Value addition means giving something extra to your client. It has become customary to give small articles as value addition with a certain amount of purchase. Thus some give a brush with a paste, some give a small piece of soap with shampoo and some give a wall clock along with expensive clothes. But some pharmaceutical companies give books as value addition. We must try and convince the importance of giving books on TSM as a value addition. There are several traders and industrialists who are extremely good hearted, generous and wise. Whatever the product or the service, they can be benefited by value addition of TSM books. Their clients would bless and become loyal to them forever. By value addition the books and the education can reach to doctors in the remote places thereby improving the medical or health care there. The industrialists have this challenge, opportunity as well as privilege. bREATHING TECHNIQUES If your breathing is uncontrolled and erratic then your mind also remains disturbed. Conversely if your breathing is controlled and steady then your mind also becomes steady and stable. Deep, slow and controlled breathing is very useful. It seems to act through the harmonization of reticular
  24. 24. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) activating system. This makes you calm and fresh and reduces mental agitation and disturbability. For common individuals like us it is safer and wiser to use simple breathing exercises rather than going for difficult techniques of pranayama. I practice ANULOM VILOM and KAPALBHATI. Anulom vilom is alternate breathing by the two nostrils. Kapalbhati is repeated abdominal expirations after deep expiration. Breathing techniques in isolation could not satisfy me as I was searching the solutions to the complex, intense stressors in the form of social problems. Therefore I use breathing techniques as a part of TSM. EXHIbITION OF TSM bOOKS Exhibition of TSM books and their sale is a kind of self- employment. Every one need not do that. But for those of us who might have taken voluntary retirement, or are in need of financial assistance, can surely do this to their benefit. It has been found to give net income of over thousand rupees per day. For those whom this may not be possible, they can sell the books in the long queues in front of the temples, churches etc. SELF EXPRESSION [IN MEDIA] Like public speeches, it is also important to write on various issues that we learn to think about from TSM. Thus it is essential that we write letters to the editors or program producers about our views on several issues such environment, education, child labor, consumer interest, working class welfare and so on. If we do not do this then our mind would remain mentally
  25. 25. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) constipated and we would develop hypertension due to suffocation and suppression. GIVE/GET ADS If are running a publication, newspaper, magazine, weekly or any such periodical and if we are convinced about the importance of TSM, then we should happily give a prominent and conspicuous advertisement of the TSM books, programs and its merits. In case we are traders or industrialists or well wishers, then we may give our own advertisements in the books on the TSM so that the printing cost reduces and the prices of the books can be reduced. We may get advertisements from others also for the books. MASSAGE bODY/HEAD Massage is time tested healing technique and health promoting technique. Even if we do not get sufficient time, we should practice massage of head, feet and body as and when feasible. Any ordinary coconut or til [sesame] oil Are good enough for the massage. Massage gives passive exercise, improves circulation and reduces congestion. Every one of us may not be blessed to get a loving hand to massage. But we can try and help ourselves in that case. SPONSOR There can be sponsors for the arrangement of TSM workshops or for the production of books. The sponsors can promote their products or services. If we are convinced about TSM, then it should not be difficult to convince the prospective sponsors the merit of such sponsorship over costly, transient, ineffective and sometimes counterproductive advertisements in the
  26. 26. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) electronic and paper media. INTRO/PRIO/ASSE/REINFORCE We already have mentioned about this with respect to the concept holistic profession. But it is worth noting here also. Introspection is finding out what gives us maximum happiness, that lasts for maximum time and that spreads to maximum number of people. Prioritization is giving top priority to what we like most. Assertion is fearless and wholehearted execution of our priority and reinforcement if building up the conviction. These are the ways to establish wellness cycle. It is true that every thing is not so simple. But patient efforts do pay rich dividends in terms of fulfillment and empowerment. bRAILLE The sightless people have their own problems. But all that has been discussed in the books on TSM would benefit them also. We should sincerely try and see if we can get some one to covert TSM concepts into Braille and avail the benefits to the sightless. Even if this is done on commercial basis, still it is worth it. NUTRITION, VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLIMENT As far as possible we should eat home made food, avoid excessive consumption of any one type of food such as ice creams, chocolates, deep fried foods etc. We should avoid excessive soft drinks, beer or hard liquor and resist the tempting aggressive and attractive but almost always deceptive advertisements. We should make use of patni, nachani, bajara, jawar, corn etc. and use plenty of green leafy vegetables, salads, sprouts and seasonal fruits. In stead of using white bread
  27. 27. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) we can use brown bread, corn flour bread, biscuits made from other cereals such nachani , bajara etc. We can use sesame oil, on Monday, groundnut oil, on Tuesday, palm oil, on Wednesday, coconut oil, on Thursday, mustard oil, on Friday, sunflower oil on Saturday and so on. But overall intake of oils should not be in excess. After consultation with our family doctor, we can take a tablet of vitamin B complex on Monday, vitamin E on Tuesday, iron tablet on Wednesday, Multivitamin on Thursday, Spirulina on Friday, calcium tablet on Saturday and so on. We may use chyavanaprash, drakshasava, arogyavardhini after consulting our family vaidya. We must drink plenty of water. It is good to avoid excessively cold water or cold drinks. We can use of Wala which is traditionally used for its cooling effect to flavor drinking water. Indulgence in anything or any activity [including exercise] in excess, is usually harmful. Tobacco and Alcohol are no exceptions. But attaching stigma, usually gives rise to guilt complex, phobia, anxiety etc., which are counterproductive. To get rid of compulsive tobacco and alcohol consumption, we have to try to find out what exactly we ant in life, by evaluation of the degree of satisfaction, by introspection, by positive and negative reinforcement. This can help us to assert ourselves, get involved in TSM and get much more pleasure than that in tobacco and alcohol consumption. It is not tobacco and alcohol who are the culprits, but it is the unsatisfied, restless, anxious, worried, depressed and frustrated state of mind that is the culprit. Let us treat this state by TSM and gradually we will be able to overcome and break the shackles of tobacco and alcohol. Since many of us suffer from diabetes and hypertension let us see the broad principles of diet in such conditions. It is always good to consult our family physician and
  28. 28. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) dietician in such matters. They are the ones who take all the responsibility and are available in times of emergency. But in general cutting down the salt [sodium chloride], cutting down the oil, cutting down red meat would help. Addition of green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, methi [fenugreek] sprouts, alfalfa [lucern] sprouts, Essential fatty acids [these are available commercially with chemists], vitamin E, multivitamins on alternate days, juices of bitter gourd [ karela], neem, bel, Amala, ginger, pudina, cocum, tulsi, jamun etc. would also help. Replacement of the buffalo milk by cow milk and increase in the intake of butter milk are advisable. Water is the best thing to quench our thirst. Other drinks are fresh fruit juices, butter milk, coconut water, etc. AVAILAbILITY OF GOOD FOOD We all have to try for A] TOTAL ban on the advertisements in any form [direct or indirect] of drinking of alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing and similar things and B] Establishment of centers to do research in Indian cuisine and culinary practices and the Ayurvedic principles involved in them. This is extremely important. FRAGRANCE It is obvious to state that the natural fragrance is refreshing and exhilarating. It is important to note that the flowers traditionally worn by the ladies in India are known to have beneficial influence on the neuroendocrine and reproductive systems. We should make maximum or at least optimal use of fragrance. The synthetic incense sticks can be allergic and harmful. DISPLAY OF TSM It is good to remind ourselves of TSM from time to time.
  29. 29. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) This may involve display of some TSM books in our room or display of our certificate or display of some products found useful in TSM. This also gives the benefit of getting exposed to the TSM to the visitors. MUSIC, DANCE, HObbY These are all excellent ways of recreation. We should enjoy them. But how many of us go to parties? How many of us go to discos? How many of us can ignore our own financial liabilities? How many of us can ignore the stark truth around? In absence of practicing TSM dance and music and other hobbies become only temporary sources of excitement. When we start practicing TSM the dance and other hobbies become the victorious expression of the warriors. We become the warriors that fight the forces of darkness. The dance, music and other hobbies thus become fulfilling if they get integrated with the TSM. TEACHING TSM Teaching TSM is not easy. But it is one of the best ways to reinforce us. It is one of the best ways to learn more about TSM. It is one of the best ways to benefit the others and us. WASHING OF FACE Washing face is useful in several ways. Practicing it is important. Pimples, infections, lassitude all can be shun by washing face frequently. It prevents many infections to face, eyes, ear, nose, upper respiratory tract. It is especially useful for those who do monotonous job, or work in dusty atmosphere, or work in humid environment. It is also useful for those who get exposed to a variety of chemicals. VOCATIONAL TRAINERS It is necessary to coordinate with all the people with a 0
  30. 30. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) variety of skills and expertise, but especially with the vocational trainers and counselors. They can derive far greater fulfillment if they integrate their profession of helping in the self-employment, with the concepts of TSM. Conversely, their knowledge can benefit the people practicing and spreading the TSM. bREAKFAST Whenever feasible we should take our breakfast with our family. Such togetherness is a great pleasure. It has to be remembered that coming together brings us closer. These warm bonds empower us and enable us to face difficult circumstances and adversities bravely and resiliently. It is always good to pray before we take first morsel. That makes the act of eating noble and divine. ADDRESSES/DATAbASE It is always necessary to keep our addresses, emails, phone numbers and all means of contacting in order. They are the means of achieving holistic health. They can save a lot of stress and tension in emergency. ORGANIZING THINGS AND GOING TO JOb Whenever we are going out for job or work, we should make sure that we have taken everything required on that day. If there is time crunch in the morning then we should organize everything on the previous night. Some lady participants in my stress management program practice and benefit from this idea. They sleep more peacefully and relaxed. When we reach the working place § It is good to take a quick face wash and light an incense stick if we are fond of it, keep some seasonal and fragrant flowers if we can afford that. It is advisable to cultivate indoor plants in the working place. § See that our table is cleaned, or if necessary 1
  31. 31. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) clean it ourselves. Many experts in house keeping do it themselves. § Cleanliness potentiates i.e. heightens our performance in a pleasant way and sometimes subconscious manner. § Make it a habit to wish everyone we meet, a senior, a junior or a visitor. This creates affable atmosphere and improves motivation, enthusiasm, interest and involvement in the work. Lot of tensions and skirmishes are averted by such behavior. Many of our mistakes are forgiven and that makes the working atmosphere far less stressful than otherwise. § Sometimes work can become monotonous and sap our energy. If our job involves physical work and physical exertion, then we should take a couple of breaks and take rest during these breaks. If our work is sedentary i.e. involves only intellectual, clerical, computational, managerial work or any work that does not involve physical work then we should do some stretching exercises or walk during breaks. § In the afternoon and after the age of forty we are likely to feel tired and sleepy. If there is a provision to relax, then we can lie down and relax otherwise wash our face and become fresh. § Rinsing mouth and brushing after lunch prevents many teeth problems. § Washing face while returning home has at least two advantages. Firstly it makes us fresh and secondly the spouse would receive us better if we were fresh and cheerful. § It is well known that if we do not eat well, then the blood sugar level comes down and that makes us irritable. This is one of the most important reasons of quarrel, strife, arguments and even fight. It is good to eat some snacks before leaving the working place for house. The quantity and quality of the snacks would depend on
  32. 32. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) how far we have to commute. § Many employees offer NAMASKAR [salute] to working place while entering and quitting. This thankful attitude proves to be very healthy. § People in general, use evening time for relaxation and entertainment. Clubs, pubs, theaters, gardens, temples and such places get full in the evenings. Some people however can not take pleasure in any of these. They are sensitive, intelligent and motivated by some kind of mission or even their job. They can get restless if they do not get activity of their choice because they are not interested in the activities mentioned above. For them, spending time in such activities is a waste of time. In such people strange emptiness and loneliness can develop. It can lead to despair. They then can take to some damaging habit or addiction. Therefore it is absolutely essential to plan our evenings in such a way that it gives us maximum boost without damage. § It is good to prepare a list of priorities for the next day before we go to bed. Making a list of priorities ensures that we do the things in order of importance. This ensures that the important things are not forgotten. This considerably reduces our tensions and anxieties. § We should clean our bed and see that there is no dust, food particles, insects such as bed bugs, sharp objects, tablets etc. § Even if some bickering might have taken place between us and the other members of family, we should try to try to reconcile before we go to bed. This can give us sound sleep. The time gone never returns. Let us not waste this day in hatred, bitterness, and anger. § It is always good to go to bed in a prayerful and thankful mood. PARTICIPATION IN TSM TSM is a movement. It is a mission. It is a privilege and
  33. 33. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) opportunity. If we participate in it whole heartedly, then our life and the life of other around us gets qualitatively enriched. It becomes profound and prosperous. Let us always try to find every opportunity se what best we can do strengthen the movement of TSM. Let us understand that TSM does not demand any charity, but it ensures fulfillment as well as earning! WHAT STUDY IS INVOLVED IN TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT [TSM]? It is found that understanding of the following is extremely beneficial in TSM. 1. Concept of stress 2. Difference between stress relaxation and stress management 3. Dimensions of stress 4. Effects of stress 5. Mechanism of stress if you are doctor 6. Traditional support systems and development of appropriate support systems in modern times 7. Unconditional acceptance, love and respect 8. Namasmaran 9. Introspection, degree of pleasure and pain, prioritization, assertion and reinforcement [positive and negative] 10. Win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose and win-win 11. Holistic health 12. Holistic medicine 13. Education 14. Corruption 15. Immortality 16. Social homeostasis
  34. 34. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) 17. Cleanliness, bath, massage etc 18. Consumer 19. Public health care 20. Employee and employer relationship 21. Communalism 22. Public administration 23. Superstition, faith and rationality 24. Obedience 25. Ideology 26. Nonviolence 27. Charity and Swadharma 28. Exercise 29. Walking 30. Communication 31. Aging 32. Frustration, depression, anger, jealousy, loneliness 33. Burden and solace scheme 34. Child labor 35. Holistic consumer 36. Total Stance 37. “Bird and wind” concept 38. Negative thoughts, error of inaction Vs careless, unplanned and indiscriminate over action and the importance of victorious buoyancy with careful action 39. Leser tapes 40. Concept wellness cycle and vicious cycle 41. Concept of creative pregnancy
  35. 35. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) 42. Distressing and destructive and disintegrating influence of superficiality, pettiness, individualism, rat race, advertisements, cheating, breaching faith and so on 43. Pain 44. Posture 45. Backbiting 46. Use of the words “thanks”, “appreciate”, “agree” and “sorry” 47. Importance of celebrations and festivals All these concepts are explained thoroughly, in the books, the list of which is given at the end of this guide. These books actually constitute the course material of TSM and hence have to be studied for maximum benefit. TSM GREETINGS On several occasions we send greetings. They are chosen on the basis of our subjective liking. But as we go on getting involved in TSM, we realize that we get far more satisfaction if we give a objective utility to our greetings. I know some one who sent, over 400 books of TSM as Diwali greetings. I think it is necessary to share his conviction and fulfillment. It has to be remembered that no extra money was spent. Only the priority was chosen and executed accurately, appropriately and hence fare more effectively. STRESS SIGNAL Stress signal refers to the symptoms and signs of the effects of stress. However it is wiser start stress management before any sign or symptom of stress appears. It is important to remember that most of the effects of stress are on the body systems and in most instances are not consciously perceived by an individual.
  36. 36. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) TRAINING OF TSM It is essential that every one of us make active efforts to include the concepts of TSM in training course. Thus we have to make efforts to include it in the curriculum of the schools, colleges and professional colleges. GRUMbLING Let us not blow our weakness and let us not exaggerate our grief. The stress is unavoidable. Let us not grumble about stress. Let us not blame others and let us not escape from our responsibility. Let us understand that ever one around is a victim of the stress and every one of us can fight it out. Let us be considerate, stimulating and encouraging. TSM IS A WAR bETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS Let us adopt the mental stance of a warrior. Let us fight the forces of darkness together. Let us remember that irrespective of whether we succeed or fail fighting this war s the greatest privilege. Let us enjoy it. Let us encourage the others to participate in it. Let us be warriors. Let us know what is natural and can not be changed and let us discern what is man made and can be rectified. Let us fight the war of light Vs darkness. ONE STEP AT A TIME It is important to remember that sometimes we become impatient. Sometimes we are bogged down by many problems. Let us understand them one by one. Let us work on them one by one. We can climb thousands of steps. We must learn to take the first step and climb one at a time! The mountains of difficulties can be overcome.
  37. 37. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) HERCULEAN TASK The social problems are complex and many. We may get depressed by them and begin believe that we are petty and helpless. If see their real nature then we will realize that they are paper tigers. If we learn the technique of one step at a time, then we will easily conquer these paper tigers. Let us gather more heads, more hands and more resources. Let us come together and rise together. INSTNCTVE REACTION Emotions and instincts are part of our existence and they cloud our perception. The reactions are also therefore wrong and sometimes counterproductive. They increase the stress. Let us remember that bad time does not stay. That would make us brave. CORRECT RESPONSE Correct response includes observation, study, marshaling resources, waiting, withdrawing and above all conviction and courage. Let us work as a team in overcoming the aberrations in the ambience. As we practice TSM our response gets refined. DRISHTI Bhrumadhya and Nasikagra drishtis are taught in the TSM workshop. It is essential to practice them regularly for optimal benefit. These are time tested procedures aimed at giving us composed and alert mind, besides health to our eyes. FORCE AND COAXING It is essential to avoid forcing or coaxing the people
  38. 38. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) for participating TSM. We should accept, love and respect our family members, our friends, our relatives and acquaintances as they are and unconditionally.
  39. 39. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) DR. SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR bIRTH MARCH 4, 1951, AT SAVANTWADI PROFESSION Teaching and research, conducting workshops, doing counseling, writing research papers, articles and books and delivering guest lectures, radio talks, and public speeches in the area of TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT [TSM]. bOOKS PUbLISHED IN ENGLISH, MARATHI AND HINDI ENGLISH bOOKS 1] STRESS Understanding and management – A Way to Total Well being This is the first book that deals comprehensively with the concept, causes, effects, mechanisms, dimensions and management of stress. The contents have been verified scientifically. Price Rs. 125/- 2] Conceptual stress and its management The first book that identifies the intellectual confusion or conceptual chaos with respect to many issues as a major stressor and systematically explains many important issues lucidly and convincingly. This book can remove the age old burden [and stress caused by it] almost immediately and certainly. 3] Smiling Sun: The Story behind the Total stress Management This is an absorbing account of how the concept and practice of Total Stress management was 0
  40. 40. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) evolved. When it is read the scope and potentials of the Total Stress Management [TSM] become clear. 4] Holistic Health The more complete concept of health important in Total Stress Management is described in a concise manner. 5] Health in First chapter of Geeta Concepts in Geeta useful in gaining holistic health and Total Stress Management 6] Namasmaran The traditional way of Total Stress Management 7] Holistic medicine A compilation of Articles on holistic medicine, which includes concepts in alternative systems of medicine useful in Total Stress Management [TSM] 8] Solutions to sexual stressors A compilation of articles useful in overcoming stress resulting from sexual suppression, abuse, misconceptions and dilemmas 9] The solutions to social stressors A compilation of articles useful in overcoming the emotional and intellectual stress resulting from common social problems 10] The art of Teaching Medicine, [Co-authored.] 11] Textbook of Physiology [Co-author, Ed. bijlani] MARATHI bOOKS 12] Chaitanya Saadhana A treatise on holistic health [Total Stress Management] full of all necessary information and concepts relevant physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and 1
  41. 41. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) economic, social, cultural, educational, environmental and other various aspects of health Co-author: Dr. Pushkar A. Shikarkhane 13] Kamajeevan: Dnyan Aani Samadhaan Scientific and practical understanding and solutions to overcome the miserable stress, resulting from sexual suppression, abuse, misconceptions and dilemmas The books that are extremely useful in bringing about paradigm shift and indirectly help in Total Stress management 14] Suryashodh A novel on the life of radical youths with inadequate maturity struggling to bring about social transformation 15] bhovara The touching, thrilling and invigorating story of social and medical work in remote village 16] Amerikanaanchyaa Antarangaat The enlightening exploration of America and Americans 17] Sahasranetra A New Understanding Of The World Famous Hymn Vishnu Sahasranama 18] Sampoorna Aarogyaasaathi Namasmaran Traditional method to overcome stress and get Holistic Health, described in brief 19] Arogyachaa Arasaa Simple ways of finding out how healthy you are 20] Thakawa Ghalawa, Sphurti Milwa Scientific understanding and practical solutions to acquire positive Health 21] Vaidyakiya Vyavasaya: Vyavahar Aani Dhyeya
  42. 42. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) The views of a young doctor practicing in a village on the ideals and the practice of medical science 22] Namasmaran Exposition of the value of traditional way to Total Stress Management [TSM} in simple and lucid Marathi 23] Mosami Aajar Seasonal Diseases and Their Treatment Co-authors: Dr. K.P. Kulkarni and Dr. P.A. Shikarkhane. 24] Mhanaje Kay Hote? General knowledge in medical science 25] Samyak Vaidyak The concepts Holistic Medicine described in simple language useful everyone 26] Kaamavidnyaan Some aspects of sexology, co-authored 27] Ginipig, Co-author: Laxman Londhe First medical science fiction in Marathi T.V. SERIAL ON THIS WAS TELECAST ON DOORDARSHAN. 28] Shaambhavi A thrilling novel very useful in Total Stress Management as it reflects vividly the panorama of intellectual and emotional cataclysms while in the process of Total Stress Management 29] Solutions to disturbing social problems A compilation Of Articles and Short Stories 30] The spectrum of emotions while in the process of Total Stress Management A compilation of unpublished poems 31] Practical aspects of Holistic Health A compilation of articles published
  43. 43. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) HINDI bOOKS 32] Sampoorna Arogyaka Rajamarg Traditional way of Total Stress Management described in lucid Hindi Vishnuraj Prakashan Phone 3002140 33] NAVAGRAHASTOTRA A humble attempt to understand the spirit of this hymn in modern perspective, in English and Marathi 34] be Successful in Examination A simple and effective guide to succeed in a variety of examinations
  44. 44. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) Publisher: WEbSITE] POSITIONS HELD PRESENTLY In Charge Center for Total Stress Management, K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai 400012 Recognized Postgraduate teacher for M.D. physiology course Recognized university examiner for M. D. physiology examination Professor in Charge of Central Library Associate professor of Physiology in Seth G. S. Medical College Life Member, Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India [APPI] RESEARCH Published presented several original research papers in national and international journals FELICITATIONS Felicitated at the hands of Mayors of Mumbai and other organizations AWARDS AND HONOURS Host institution and Home institution awards and certificate of distinction by ECFMG [USA].
  45. 45. PRACTICAL TSM (TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT) GUEST LECTURES Over 200 guest lectures in public speeches, including those in medical colleges and research institutions for staff and students CONFERENCES Actively participated and attended many international and national conferences, seminars and workshops QUALIFICATIONS M. B. B. S., [October1973, Poona University] M. D., [December1980, Bombay University, With rank] F.I.C.G., [Fellow of the Indian College of Gerontology, Bombay] F. F. F. B. M. S., [Foreign Faculty Fellow in Basic Medical Sciences [ Medical University of South Carolina, USA].