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Placement verification proposal  general
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Placement verification proposal general


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Published in: Education, Business, Career

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  • 1. Cost-Saving Strategies for Successful Compliance Our Proposal for your Campus
  • 2. Introduction Pan American Communication Services (PanAmericom) is a provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Verification services since 2004; specializing in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications & Retail Energy. Auxicent is a division of PanAmericom created with the sole purpose of catering to the BPO & Verification needs of the Private Post-Secondary Education Sector.
  • 3. BPO and Verification PanAmericom delivers outsourcing services with multilingual capabilities for the demanding markets of North America, Spain and Central America. PanAmericom works with leading organizations both large and small to deliver brand loyalty, compliance, verification and enhanced customer satisfaction. We accomplish this through a broad range of multi-channel touch points that include: • • • • • • • • • • 24/7 help desk & customer service 24/7 answering services B2B Telemarketing B2C Telemarketing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Employment Data Verification Lead generation & verification Tech Support (level 1 & level 2) Live web chat & e-mail response SMS Messaging services
  • 4. The Status Quo Career Services Rep meets with graduating student  Conducts Exit Interview & completes graduate survey  Seek out new employment opportunities and receives job lead  Meets with graduate, prepares & submits resume  Schedules job interviews  Conducts interview follow up with graduate & employer Following start date of employment  Conducts placement verification with employer  Conducts Employer Survey & assembles graduate file  CS Director or other designated campus personnel conducts placement audit MOST STEPS NECESSITATE EMPLOYER CONTACT !
  • 5. Current Process – Potential Pitfalls  Placement Verification Forms o Forms can be altered, falsified, or exaggerated o Responsible individuals have vested interests  Phone/Email Verifications o Emails can be altered o Phone calls go unmonitored  Verification through Graduate Contact o Graduates may exaggerate the truth, or may not return calls o Documents can be altered, or falsified  Campus/Regional/National Directors Conduct Internal Audits o Responsible individuals have vested interests  o o o Campus- Employer relationship strained Creates additional burden on employers Incorrect data recorded the first time Contacts made several times
  • 6. Contributing Factors  Employment Opportunities have Diminished o Over-crowded job markets – fewer job openings  o o o o Lack of well-defined policies & procedures Every rep does it their own way Data not updated regularly Lack of system & tools to create a smooth work-flow No system to maintain a complete grad file  o o o o o CS Rep Fatigue Too many tasks …Too little time Reduction in CS Rep workforce Lack of training Low morale, Low motivation Employee turn-over
  • 7. Common Issues during verification  Requesting Salary Information from Employer o Employers not comfortable providing this information o Requires employer to look up info – extends call length or requires call back  Poor Data Management o Incorrect contact data can limit ability to complete verifications o May require additional employer calls which can create frustration  o o o No Written Release from Graduate Small percentage of employers require written release from graduates Employers may not verify without release Difficult to obtain release from student after graduation  Lack of an Employer Notification Plan o Employers – hesitant to provide information on their employees o Assumes they are violating privacy regulations by providing employee data
  • 8. What is your process?  Will you accept verifications from graduates?  Does the current employment verification meet your accreditation requirements?  How many days of work are required for a placement to be valid?  When is the first employment verification call made to the employer?  What additional questions are being asked? Start /End date of Employment? Salary info? Employer satisfaction ?  Employers with multiple graduates- Verify all at once (Bulk Verify) or individually for each graduate?  What is the appropriate response when employers complain?  Which records will you maintain?  Do you have a well developed contact plan?  Do you leave voicemails with the graduate and/ or employers?
  • 9. Campus Recommendations  Develop Comprehensive placement guidelines  Train Career Service staff on your newly developed guidelines and procedures  Set school-wide policies and procedures for data entry into student management system  Implement a process for Career Service staff to escalate questionable placements for executive review  Develop and implement a formal process for resolving placement discrepancies
  • 10. Why Now? New Policy Announcement: Independent Third-Party Employment Data Verification Effective January 1, 2014 (ACCSC) Accreditation Alert July 1, 2013 Purpose: a) To assess the school’s compliance with Section VII (B)(1)(b), Substantive Standards, Standards of Accreditation whether the school has “verifiable” records of employment b) To ensure that the institution’s records can be relied upon in making decisions about a school’s compliance with the Commission’s student achievement standards and benchmarks. As stated in the Standards of Accreditation, the Commission places a high level of reliance on the accuracy of the information and data provided by institutions in the accreditation process and the institution has the burden of demonstrating compliance with accrediting standards. The requirement of the independent third-party audit will facilitate further self-evaluation, improvements in operational procedures, and assist schools in meeting the burden of demonstrating on-going compliance with accrediting standards.
  • 11. Third Party Verification…Benefits  Provides unbiased verified results  Significantly increases the legitimacy of placement reports  Detailed record keeping includes Call recordings, SMS, Chat, E-mail  Timely turn-around and scheduled reporting  Strongest evidence of efforts to stay compliant  Trained auditors make determination of employment status  More time available to CS staff to build relationships with Students, Graduates, Employers and Externship sites  Reduces any cause for employer frustration and strained relationships between employer and college due to repeated calls
  • 12. Third Party Employment Verification Programs Total Employment Verification (TEV) All tasks related to employment verification currently performed by the campus will be initiated and completed in a timely manner by trained Auxicent Auditors o Initial Data Collection o Employer Surveys o Employment Audit o No limits on attempts to verify
  • 13. Employment Verification Programs Employment Verification – Type II (EV2) Verification of Data and Audit o Initiate an independent third party audit and verify all placements previously verified by the campus as per the Graduate and Employment Charts (G&E) provided by the campus.(second layer of review) Employment Verification – Type III (EV3) Missing Graduate Data Collection & Audit o Initiate an independent third party audit of all graduates that the campus has been unable to contact successfully and complete placement verification. “Missing Graduate List” (MGL) to be provided by the campus
  • 14. Total Employment Verification (TEV) Dedicated Auditor Verifies the Employment - Removes the campus from the verification process - Conducts 100% employment verification of all graduates (not random sampling) - Conducts Employer Surveys during the same contact - Reduces the number of call attempts to employers and graduates - Meets accreditation standards & requirements - Improves Employer - College relationships - Allows the Career Services Rep to focus on generating placements instead of verifying placements - Apply several contact methods & treatments for difficult to track graduates
  • 15. Are Dedicated Auditors the answer to saving costs?  Opportunity to reduce Career Services Dept. staffing levels  All current expenses related to employment verification personnel and infrastructure can be eliminated.  Allows Career Services staff to shift their focus to; o Improving customer service with students o Increase student satisfaction o Build upon employer relationships and site visits o Seek out new employers & open job orders o Generate new placements instead of verifying employment
  • 16. Benefits of a Dedicated Auditor?  Each Campus will be assigned an individual call back toll-free telephone number  Customized voice mail box with campus specific branding  Auditor will be trained to campus-specific policies and procedures  Open line of communication between Career Services Dept. and Dedicated Auditor  Auditor will be available during campus business hours  Dedicated Auditor builds upon the existing rapport between campus and employer  Employment Verification records unaffected by on-campus employee turnover  Employment Verification records maintained continuously  Auditor fluent in both English and Spanish  Dedicated Auditor provides a superior feedback channel back to the campus with respect to current/future job openings and any employer related concerns
  • 17. Process In addition to meeting the third party verification requirements, Auxicent will provide the following for reporting and audit purposes: o Process of verification as outlined below o An Executive Summary of audit results o A Detailed Report of audit results by campus, including signed attestation from Auxicent  Verified Employment o Graduate lists provided by each campus will be verified by contacting employers from the list to the following verification status color codes: a. Employment: in-field (GREEN) b. Employment: related-field (YELLOW) c. Employment: out-of-field (RED)
  • 18. Process The process of placement verification of the graduate with the employer will be via a. Signed attestation using electronic signatures either On-line, IVR (Integrated Voice Response Systems) or via Facsimile from the graduate’s direct supervisor. b. Acceptable documentation from the employer’s Human Resources Department. c. The graduate, when the employer cannot be contacted to verify placement information. o In the case of a graduate who is self-employed, Auxicent verify employment with the graduate directly within the time period specified and collect the required documentation in accordance with ACCSC or other Accreditor standards, and as agreed upon by both Auxicent and client.
  • 19. Why Select Auxicent?  Auxicent meets all seven ACCSC “Independent” third party employment verification auditor requirements  Dedicated Auditor (s) assigned to each campus  Fully customized solution with flexibility to adopt client requirements  100% compliant to meet ACCSC and other accreditor standards & reporting requirements  100% call recording of all Voice, Chat & SMS interactions  Supervisor and Compliance Monitoring of all contact attempts  Real-Time Reporting Capabilities  Online Electronic Signature Capabilities – create custom forms  IVR – (Integrated Voice Recognition) Signature Capabilities  Customized Detailed & Summary reports  Customized Call Scripts
  • 20. Security Features & Benefits Auxicent uses state-of-the-art ASP security which ensures that your documents and data are secure Full AES 256-BIT SSL security All communications on the site are encrypted so that you don't have to give security a second thought. Encrypted passwords and documents All passwords and documents are encrypted. Secure servers for stored documents The servers are housed in state-of-the art SSAE 16 Type II secured datacenter with redundant power and Internet connectivity. Real-time verification of site status Auxicent uses the only e-Signature service, which publishes real-time, uptime data on our SSAE 16 certified data center, servers and service. Verify our site status and uptime, anytime.
  • 21. General Overview of our Systems & Capabilities  100 % call recording  100% recording of all Voice, Chat & SMS interactions  IVR – (Integrated Voice Recognition) Signature Capabilities  Electronic Documents & E-Signature capabilities  Supervisor Monitoring  Real-time reporting capabilities  Pre-defined call times based on area codes  Ability to add numbers to the DNC list in real time  Verification & Audit conducted by trained Auditors  Quality Control & Call Auditing
  • 22. Bottom Line… We offer two simple models that focuses on lowering costs. Model 1 - Total Employment Verification (TEV) Contract Period Set-up Fee 1 year $ 1250 $ 2250 2 year $ 950 $ 2150 3 year • • Monthly Cost Waived $ 2050 Monthly Billing will be be based on a minimum of one (1) Auditor per campus A ratio of one (1) Auditor to 500 graduates per year Monthly cost includes: o All telecommunication related costs including phone lines, charges for outbound calls and toll-free charges o Dedicated campus support hot line o Dedicated, branded web portal for employer surveys, employment verification, real-time reporting dashboard
  • 23. Model 2 (EV2 and EV3) Fees And Related Costs $1250 Account Setup Fee (one-time) $16 1-1500 grad records $15 1500 – 3000 grad records $14 3000 - 4500 grad records $13 4500 – 6000 grad records $12 6000 - 7500 grad records $11 7500 – 11000 grad records $10 11000 – 15000 grad records $9 15000 – 19000 grad records $8 > 19000 grad records
  • 24. Summary  Third party Employment Verification is here to stay  Several Options available to stay in compliance o Total Employment Verification TEV o Employment Verification (Type II) EV2 o Employment Verification (Type III) EV3  We believe that having a “Dedicated Auditor” and the Total Employment Verification TEV option is the best solution for saving costs and meeting compliance and accreditation standards?
  • 25. Next Steps  Review and understand current processes, forms and other requirements for your campus  Submission of Statement of Work (SOW) for your campus  Review and execute a Statement of Work and Master Agreement.  Establish communication process with the Campuses point of contact, and logistics timeline for delivery of grad lists, reports and detailed audit results by Auxicent.
  • 26. Thank You