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Grant ms

  1. 1. 2011 Bright Ideas Grant: Southern Rivers EnergyPart 1 of 4: Applicant InformationLast Name:SchafferFirst Name:AutumnTitle of Project:Graphic Novels: Come to Life!School Name:Anne Street Elementary SchoolSchool Address:802 Anne StreetCity:GriffinState:GeorgiaZip:30223School Phone NumberSchool Fax NumberApplicant’s Email Addressautumn.schaffer@gscs.orgPart 2 of 4: Project OverviewTitle of Grant ProjectGraphic Novels: Come to Life!Curriculum Areas that grant will address:Reading, Social Studies, Technology, ScienceNumber of Students Project will Benefit250
  2. 2. Grade Levels Impacted2nd-5th gradeDoes this project involve teamwork?YesIf so, how many members?1 media specialist, 12 teachersPart 3 of 4: Project DescriptionBrief Description of the Project Our students have a huge desire to check out more “cool” books from our mediacenter. They tend to love books that have cartoons and familiar faces from television.While these are excellent works of fiction, we see a lot of our nonfiction texts, which arehighly educational, being left on the shelf. When asked why the students never check outthe “biography” section of the library, the students simply say that it is “boring.” With ahuge push from the state for our teachers to instill the Georgia Performance Standardsknowledge into our children, there is a direct need for more entertaining educationalmaterials. We have decided to use graphic novels to bridge our gap between “fun” and“educational.” Students are commonly seen with their personal comic books at school,which consist of all the legendary action heroes. When have decided to turn history’sleaders, classic characters, and science topics into graphic novels to interest the students.We hope they can even make some of their own!What makes this project innovative/creative? After our students read and see that graphic novels can be based upon superheroes, history heroes, or even the human body, they will be allowed to make their owngraphic novels. This is a twist for the common story or report writing that many studentsare used to and commonly dread. With the use of a digital camera, the students will beable to take pictures of their scenes, after they have created the plot and setting for theirown graphic novel. They will then use “ToonDoo” a free application online, to createtheir own graphic novels based upon stories they have created or individuals/events theyhave read about.How will this project benefit students? Since these graphic novels have already been leveled, we will know exactly whattypes of students are able to read the independently. Teachers will also be given theoption of reading these works allowed during social studies, science, or reading time. Thestudents will benefit not only from the expose of the words, but from the format of thetext, which is somewhat uncommon. The students will be allowed to create their owngraphic novel, which will benefit their technology abilities as well as their criticalthinking and creative writing skills.
  3. 3. Please explain how you will implement this project. If you will be assisted by others,please include what their role will be but do not include their name or any schoolreferences. The graphic novel collections will be ordered and placed in the media center. Themedia specialist will highlight these by forming and display for them as well as readingthem during the monthly book talks. The teachers and students will be allowed to checkout the books for home or classroom use. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers will be using the biography graphic organizersto teach units about the particular individuals listed in their standards. The 5th gradeteachers will use the human body graphic novels to complete a unit on such. Afterwards,the students will work in groups in their writing class to formulate a graphic novel abouta certain historical figure (2nd-4th) or a body organ (5th). They will complete a story boardfor this. Afterwards, they will use the digital camera to take pictures of scenes they setupfor their story. They will then use the pictures in “ToonDoo” to create their graphicnovel.Part 4 of 4: BudgetMandatory Items- Items you must have to complete this project:Item Description, Quantity, Unit Cost, Total CostItem Description Quantity Unit Cost Total CostBio-Graphics Set 1 1 $159.60 $159.60ISBN: 978-1-60270-063-5Bio-Graphics Set 2 1 $159.60 $159.60ISBN: 978-1-60270-169-4Famous Firsts- 1 $119.70 $119.70Animals MakingHistory SeriesISBN: 978-1-61641-636-2Graphic 1 $119.70 $119.70Adventures: TheHuman Body SeriesISBN: 978-1-60270-682-8Boxcar Children- 1 $119.70 $119.70Graphic Novels Set1ISBN: 978-1-60270-585-2Boxcar Children- 1 $119.70 $119.70Graphic Novels Set2ISBN: 978-1-60270-714-6Sony- Cyber Shot 1 $149.99 $149.9916.1 Mega pixelZoom DigitalCameraModel: DSCW570 | SKU:2061077
  4. 4. Total Amount You Must Have to Implement the Project:$947.99Other Items You Would Like for the Project:$0Total Amount of Other Items$0Total Amount (minimum and other items needed)$947.99