Vladimir Primakov - Test Automation By Example


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how Vladimir Primakov did test automation project. by http://automated-testing.info

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Vladimir Primakov - Test Automation By Example

  1. 1. The way to Effective Automated TestingVladimir Primakov, Kuadriga 2012 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  2. 2. Vladimir Primakov QA Manager • 9+ years in Software Testing • Test Management • Performance Testing • Server-side and GUI Automated Testing v.v.primakov@gmail.com Skype: vladimir.primakov2 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  3. 3. AGENDA Setup test-automation process in an existing TA team of 2-3 TA engineers Tool: Language: VBScript3 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  4. 4. Problems • What to automate? • Bad consistency with manual testing • Unreadable format of test results • Lack of clear code • No stability of TA scripts • No Flexibility of TA scripts (Data dependency) • A lot of time to create TA scripts • Difficult and long time to start automated tests • Absence of predictability (in planning) • …4 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  5. 5. What to automate? • Regression and acceptance tests (high- priority test-items only) (Tested, stable, almost unalterable items) • Data-oriented tests Data 1 item Test run New Cycle5 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  6. 6. Consistency to manual testing • Use same organization, grouping, names for manual test cases and test automation scripts Manual Test Item Test Complete Item Product: Kuadriga Web-site Suite: KuadrigaWebSite Test Object: Admin Project: Admin Test Case: Admin_Search_TC_01.xmlx Test Script: Admin_Search_TC_01.svb6 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  7. 7. Consistency to manual testing Same content and structure for manual and automated tests7 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  8. 8. Readable format of test results Same style for the automated and manual test results8 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  9. 9. Fast Test-Script Creation • Functional Decomposition / Framework building approach • Stereotyping approach: Use suite, project, script, function, procedure, step, VP, etc. templates • Document lessons learned: Test complete issues, coding samples, tips & tricks, etc.9 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  10. 10. Clear code 1) Follow coding style guideline 2) Define, document, and follow the standard AT approach & infrastructure 3) Use Name Mapping10 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  11. 11. Flexibility of TA scripts Take all changing data out of scripts Example: Keep test run settings in an external config.xml file: – Path to the installation URL of a web-application, – Web-browser, – User Login, Password – Standard Delays, – Emails to sent test results (logs) to, – Any other useful information which should preferably be modified externally. •11 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  12. 12. Stability of TA scripts Apply error-handling Use error-avoiding code Make your scripts independent from other scripts Apply and follow standard Desktop, OS, and application settings Quit and Start the tested application regularly12 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  13. 13. Easy and Fast Run tests 1. Fill in the config.xml file with the expected run settings. 2. Click the “startup” script. 3. Get easily understood test results on your email.13 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  14. 14. Predictability in planning (TA Time / Manual Testing TIME)average = Factoraverage e.g.: 300 min/ 20 min = 1514 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  15. 15. What I would do now: • Continuous integration • Version Control Systems • Keyword-driven approach • Distributed test runs15 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
  16. 16. Vladimir Primakov v.v.primakov@gmail.com Skype: vladimir.primakov16 AUTOMATED- TESTING.INFO
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