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  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best Practice Summit VII, Details Inside Volume 6 • Issue 3
  2. 2. NEED AN EVENT THAT PAYS? The Hottest Turn -Key SALES EVENTS IN THE NATION OUR DEALERS AVERAGE 411% MORE UPS WITH OUR EVENTSTHAN LEADING SALES. NO TEAMS, NO COMMISSIONS, JUST TRAFFIC!!IN JULY 2007, THE AVERAGE RESPONSE PER EVENT WAS 491 UPS AND HOT LEADSPOWERFUL EVENTS • REAL BIG RESULTS • REALLY INEXPENSIVEPlus, we include everything for you... Direct Mailer or Parcel • Video Sales Event Website • Balloons • Mirror TagsRegistration Cards • Incentives • Grand Prize Insurance • BDC Scripts and more! CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT. The Driving Force Behind EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY 866-665-5504 Automotive Copyright © 2007 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  3. 3. SUMMIT VII BEST PRACTICESLEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.739.2096 web:
  4. 4. Mental Fitness Program 8 BrianTracy Follow Up - Put Your People Back to Work 9 PaulH.Webbon the cover When Buyers Hesitate 10 TomHopkins Methodical Strategy-Driven Success ✷ MySpace, YouTube, Google Video ✷ Way Out of the Box HR Solutions 12 SeanV.Bradley ✷ Internet Sales Bootcamp How to Hire, Train and Develop 20 Car-A-Month Salespeople, Part 4 14 BobCarmack Dealing With the ‘F’ Word 16 SeanWolfington Stop Working and Start Thinking 17 MarkTewart Successful Dealers Manage by the Numbers - The Right Numbers 18 RichardF.Libin Simple Can Be Profound 20 JesseBiter The Customer is Always Tight 21 PaulLong Date Your Leads...Or Someone Else Will 24 RalphR.Roberts Wouldn’t It Be Nice 26 RobBloomfield The ‘WOW’ Factor 27 DavidThomas Welcome Back My Friends to ‘THE SHOW’ That Never Ends... 28 MichaelYork How Not to Market Consumers - and Gain Their Trust 30 DeniseRichardson How To Build Ads of Steel 32 DaymondDecker Promote Yourself Effectively and Create More Opportunities 33 DebbieAllen Making the Most of Your Media Interview, Part 5 Tips and Checklist for Radio and Webcast Interviews 34 PattiWood How to Find a Good Internet Manager from the Top Down 36 JonathanG.Edwards A Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell? Finding the Right Match Between Salespeople and Your Business 38 LeeB.Salz helping to support... God is the source of all supplyPsalm 112:7 - He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Brian Balash, Sales-improvement bb11@sellingsuccessonline.comThomas Williams, Creative Director Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor God is the source of all ddavis@sellingsuccessonline.com3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | www.SellingSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counselbefore implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ namesavailable to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy leadership solution Mental Fitness Program There are mental one quality all the studies had in common was perfect five years from now, what would exercises or ways of was vision. Leaders have vision. Non-leaders it look like?” You can ask yourself this thinking that you can do not. Leaders have a vision of a better question as well. learn and practice every future for themselves, their families and their day to become a more organizations. They can see an ideal future in Take a Test Every Day positive, confident and advance. They then work to make it a reality All of life is a test in some way. You areoptimistic person. The more you think in in the present. Future-oriented people think constantly being tested by the ups and downsthese ways, the better you will feel, the more about the future most of the time. They think and unexpected events of daily life. The wayyou will accomplish and the faster and more about where they are going rather than where you respond to the world around you is theeasily you will accomplish it. they have been. They think about what is way in which you take and pass this test. possible in the months and years aheadThink About the Future rather than about the past (which cannot be Perhaps the greatest test of all is your abilityThe first and most important attitude you changed). to think and talk about the future, about whatcan practice to get the most out of yourself you want and where you are going, most ofis future orientation. Future orientation is Unfortunately, probably fewer than 10 the time. This must become the focal point inanother of the most common characteristics percent of people in our society are genuinely your thinking. This is the ‘X’ that determinesof successful people, especially men and future-oriented. The vast majority is the direction of your life. This is the test youwomen who rise to positions of leadership primarily concerned either about the present pass or fail depending on what you choose toand great responsibility in work, society and and the immediate gratification of the day think about most of the time.personal life. and evening or about the past and what has happened to them. Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOIn 3,300 studies of leadership, seeking the of Brian Tracy International. He can becommon qualities possessed by great leaders How can you tell whether a person is future- contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atthrough the ages, researchers found that the oriented? Simply ask him/her, “If your life CREDIT REPORTS LEAD SOLUTIONS COMPLIANCE TOOLS ID VERIFICATION Lead Prospector Solutions First Advantage CREDCO’s Lead Prospector Internet delivers ready-to-buy online consumer leads – conveniently accessed through DealerTrack! Visit us at the DealerTrack Innovation Conference for Special Promotions!* Call Today! 866.745.2485 Delivers ® Lead Prospector READY-TO-BUY Our innovation. Your edge. INTERNET Online Consumer Leads* Must be a DealerTrack customer to qualify for special promotion. Offer expires September 30, 2007. Call for details. Promo Code: PPC07015 8
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis PaulH.Webb sales and training solution Follow Up - Put Your People Back to Work Nationally, the closing Effective Follow-Up ratio for customers When following up with a customer, who have already remember, timing is everything — and the been to the dealership phone is your friend. The most effective at least once without customer follow-up telephone calls happen buying skyrockets within the same day — or 24 to 48 hours offrom 20 percent for “normal walk-ins” to 76 the dealership visit.percent. Here Are a Few Tips:There is a simple way to get these people • Use the telephone to follow up. Lettersback into the dealership. It’s easy and it’s don’t have the same kind of immediatefree: It’s called follow-up. response and are not as personal. You should still send them, though — plusThe fact that these customers came back to make the phone call.your dealership in the first place tells you • Practice making follow-up callsthat they want to do business with your with your manager to gain moredealership. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have confidence.returned. • Be polite and respectful on the phone by thanking your customer for initiallyBut it’s also important to respect the fine coming to the dealership.line that exists between making the sale and • Always let your customers know whyannoying customers to the point that they you are calling. Getting to the pointnever want to come back. There are always quickly lets your customers know youcustomers who — no matter what you do or value their time.say — will never buy a vehicle during theirfirst visit. Your objective is to generate two appointments per day from these customerSo when it’s clear that a deal won’t be follow-up calls. If you do that, you’ll book 40made today, you need to take a step back appointments a month (assuming you workand let the customer move at the pace with five days a week, four weeks a month).which they’re comfortable. Sometimes thatmeans they’ll leave without buying. Instead We know that only about half of theseof quitting on them, give them another appointments will actually be kept, and ifopportunity to say “yes,” and follow up with we use the 76 percent closing ratio becausethem 24 to 48 hours later. every one of these customers has been to the dealership before, you’ll net 15 sales aIt starts just before they walk out the door. month just from customers you’ve talked toNever ask a customer whether it’s OK for before — not bad, considering the averageyou to call them, or even the best time to call. salesperson sells 10 vehicles a month.It gives them a chance to say “no thanks”or that they’ll call you. Be direct and give Remember, your customers appreciatethem a reason to return to the dealership. professional follow-up telephone calls.If you didn’t have a vehicle they wanted, Investing the time to reach out to them amake sure you know what they want and tell second or third time can be a very profitablethem that new inventory arrives every day. use of your time.Let customers know you are looking for thevehicle that will make them happy and will Always call the customer the same daycall them when you’ve got it. they visited your dealership. Customers forget about your product and service 25Maybe a customer liked a vehicle at your percent for every day you wait to contactdealership, but you couldn’t come to terms. them. Call them the same day.Tell them you’ll work on their situation andcall them within the next two days whenyou’re sure a deal can be worked out. Often,with these customers, all it takes to turn a “be- Paul H. Webb is a principal of Streetback” into a sold customer is giving them a Smart / I.T.S., Inc. He can be contacted atlittle time to think about it and another $100 866.500.5827, or by e-mail ator so to sweeten the deal. #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 9
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution When Buyers Hesitate You’ve just invested They’ve been told ever since they were little by not owning it. In other words, they have the last 60 minutes to “think twice before making decisions,” and to come to terms with feeling better with the of your day with “Never sign on the dotted line unless you’re product than having the money in their bank someone who truly absolutely sure of what you’re getting into.” accounts. People are very emotionally tied needs a new vehicle. They might even flash back to a bad past to their money. It may be the strongest bond You feel like you’re experience when they made a poor buying other than the deep emotional bond betweenon a roll. You firmly believe that the truck, decision and lost either money or face. It’s spouses or parents and or van they’ve selected is truly good for time for them to make a change and changethem and they can afford it. They’re giving can be hard for some people — even when Rather than psychologically prying theyou both verbal and visual buying signs. it’s a change for the good. money out of their hands, you must learn toThey’re talking about taking a trip or hauling nudge, prod and lead them to the decisionthe whole family in their daily rounds in They may have thought they were ready for that you and they truly believe is good forcomfort and style. Everything is going along a new vehicle when they drove onto the lot them.smoothly. but when it comes right down to handing over the keys to old Betsy and pulling their Try these two simple lines:It began when they explained what they personal items out of the glove box and trunk, “Obviously, you have a reason forwere looking for when you first met. They what they thought was a welcome change hesitating. Would you mind sharinganswered all of your questions about can cause second thoughts to pop into their it with me?”their more specific needs. They listened heads. Some people even get dizzy or breakintently to your explanations, watched your into a sweat when making such changes. The If you deliver those two sentences warmly —demonstration carefully, drove the vehicle, cause may be psychological, but the reaction with sincerity — they’ll tell you exactly whydiscussed options and selected colors that is very real and often physical. they’re hesitant and you’ll have somethingwould work for them. Overall, they seemed to move forward with.very involved and moving toward the When that happens, they have nasty oldpurchase. Then, the brakes went on. They Mr. Fear creep into their psyches and cause It could be a number of things. Usually, it’sjust stopped. They started hedging, asking them to freeze like deer in the headlights, the money. Sometimes, it’s an issue withquestions you had already answered and not knowing what to do or where to go. color, options or the length of the loan. Theyphysically backing away either by sitting Their hesitation might turn into an outright might start thinking they don’t have to makeback in their chairs, crossing their arms objection to the vehicle they professed to the decision today now that they know theor literally leaning or stepping slightly love just a short time before. This may seem right source for the vehicle they want. Thebackwards. irrational to you since they were so excited point is you can’t address the cause of the about it a moment ago. hesitation until you know what it is. And thatWhat happened? little question will lead you to the answer. OK, now we’re getting close to the realSomething perfectly normal. answer. Rational vs. irrational. Emotion Don’t let buyer hesitation keep you from vs. logic. Buying is not done logically. It closing sales. Ask the right questions andFew people get so excited about a new is an emotional decision that is made, then you’ll learn exactly what’s holding themvehicle purchase that they just whip out rationalized. When the brakes come on, the back.their check books or credit information and rationalization just hasn’t happened yet.say, “Let me have it.” Yes, it does happen at Now, we’re getting into one of the mosttimes. However, it’s not the typical situation critical points in all of the sales training Iyou’ll encounter in automotive sales. offer: It’s your job to help them rationalize the buying decision. World-renowned master sales trainer TomWhen most people get excited about owning Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkinssomething new, little voices start talking in The rationalization is that the amount of International. He can be contacted attheir heads. I don’t mean that they have any money you are asking for the vehicle equals 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atkind of mental issues; they’re just typical. or outweighs the discomfort they’re feeling 10
  8. 8. Quality Reputation Quantity Results Our leads include complete We’re proud to be a part of a We give you the most online We bring you online customers customer and vehicle very successful and reputable customers in the business. which generate sales business, information. Like customers’ Fortune 500 company which And our leads have a 20% service business, partsphone and email, even vehicle includes AutoNation, the world’s higher closing ratio than our business and comprehensive listings with full options. largest automotive retailer. competition. search options. Increase your sales today! 1-888-208-8764
  9. 9. fs feature solution SeanV.Bradley want and deserve, if you have no dealership to do. Effective training needs to show them service employees. Those organizations are Methodical ✷ MySpace, YouTube, Google Video experience, but have good communication skills and would like an exciting career in a trillion dollar industry, call us or go online how to do it. Trainers should make calls, book appointments, go along on demo rides and sit in the finance office during the closing constantly evolving their process. Generating leads for salespeople is expensive. Make sure these leads don’t fall in to the laps of ill- Strategy-Driven ✷ and submit your resume. We are growing so process. equipped and under-trained people. Investing quickly here at Bradley Motors, we are always in the right people and giving them the right Way Out of the Box HR looking for good people to help us enhance Look for a training partner that provides a training is the first step toward success. Success Solutions our customer experience.” 360-degree view of Internet departments and their customers — someone who works with As more and more people are using the ✷ Internet Sales Bootcamp This type of ad will produce several results. It will help you find the right people to help you vendors and is backed by industry experts. Internet, the focus has shifted away from the 20 percent of the market who are shopping reach your Internet sales goals and catch the After training, follow-up is important and price alone to those who are looking to save attention of quality managers, salespeople, and dealerships should look for a solution that time, checking inventory or looking for aWith the continuing explosive growth of the future. Then design a roadmap to reach the the automotive resource in your area for this other dealership personnel in your area. This monitors their results on a daily basis after better way to do auto shopping, dealers are looking levels of production and the ease of process demographic. It is important to be among ad will also be seen by all of the consumers training is completed. The right trainingto leverage every technology and process the dealership wants to enjoy. the first in your market to capitalize on this. in your area. You will be the only dealership partner will check call to appointment to Finding new and cost-effective methods forto improve their game. It is getting more Implement: After completing the Dealerships need to learn how to use these they see running ads like this. Consumers will sale ratios, monitor all e-mail and phone promoting your dealership can be a challenge.challenging as all dealers, manufacturers and design phase, it is time to implement. The powerful resources and leverage the existing see that your store is committed to customer correspondence, provide ongoing training It seems each year the cost of leads, Web sitesvendors recognize that the Internet is here implementation phase consists of training video and social networks on the Web. That service, that you are growing and that big on handling objections and rebuttals and so and other Internet based advertising mediumsto stay. Not too long ago only 25 percent of your people, and setting up the technology — combined with Psuedo-sites, focus sites things are going on at your store. This will much more. increases. Google’s purchase of YouTube,dealers had Web sites; now, 96 percent do. and creating promotions to support your and micro-sites — will bring an incredible differentiate you from all the other dealers in a provider of free hosting for video on the processes. amount of incremental traffic to a dealership your area in the eyes of consumers. Nelson Mazda went from seven to 80 Internet Internet, cemented video and video search asA primary challenge dealers are facing is how Manage: Tracking is a necessity to Web site. deals per month in one year by using the the next evolution of marketing. The successto put an Internet department together. There successful management. Performance must Once you have the right people, a critical Design, Implement, Manage and Evolve of YouTube and MySpace show the desire forare lots of pieces to the technology puzzle, like be measured and monitored on a daily, weekly The integration of a well-trained staff and a component is training. A formal training (D.I.M.E.) method. video on the Internet.Web sites, search engine optimization, lead and monthly basis. solid process will make all the difference in the program can give employees a solidmanagement software, CRM software and call Evolve: Technology is constantly evolving. results obtained. Some dealers still are putting foundation that provides not only great results In the past, dealers had to pay trainers to come The best news of all is that many dealershipsmonitoring. Training their teams to be efficient, Dealerships need to keep up with the latest the wrong people in the Internet departments, for the dealership, but job satisfaction that to them and spend a week or more explaining can get started with what they already have.focused and productive is an important step ways to reach customers. Web sites and e-mail or they are understaffed and unable to handle keeps employees from leaving in frustration. what an Internet client wants and how to sell to They need to collect a library of videos;for any dealership. Then there are staffing and were new at one time and provided a leg up the follow-up properly. Often, dealers would There are many options for training, including them. Speakers at 20 groups offer great ideas, local commercials, national commercials,process issues to address as well. for the stores that embraced them. Currently, put either an IT/techie or an underperforming one-day seminars, on-site engagements and but only have a few hours to teach. The best testimonial videos, walk-around videos, how video search is one of the newest ways to gain salesperson off the floor to be the Internet multi-day bootcamps. way to learn what your store needs to know to properly install a car seat, what you needIt isn’t enough to have the separate an advantage over the competition. Next year manager. Dealers quickly find out that product to be successful is to attend a comprehensive to know to find the right car, secrets of a carcomponents; dealers need the solution to be it will be something new. It is important to knowledge and communication skills are more Many vendors and trainers offer one-day Internet sales boot camp. Find one that is a salesperson, and more. All of these videoscustomized to their store and the way they stay ahead of the curve. important than technical knowledge. Many seminars and workshops that are great train-the-trainer Internet course. are presented by your dealership, with manydo business. All the pieces must fit together technical people are not good communicators. opportunities to add to the basic Internet sales recorded at your dealership. Take these videosproperly, or else the outcome will be erratic Focus should be concentrated on four key They are great at sending fancy e-mails, but knowledge employees already have. The focus These are perfect for departments that want to and post them on YouTube for free. YouTubeat best. Often when a dealer is not getting areas: the Products (tools), People, Process do not follow-up with phone calls, and if should be on content and not the cost. Make improve the results they are already getting. will handle the coding and make themthe results, they look at buying more leads and Promotions at your dealership. Quite a salesperson can’t close a sale, you don’t sure you understand what the benefits are and The format is in-depth, and the longer time available to be searched at Yahoo, MSN, AOLor changing Web site vendors, when the real simply, the store needs to find and create get better results by moving him to another what the expected learning outcomes will be. frame allows for a greater amount of material and Google. When people search for videosproblem lies in the process or the people. Products, People, Process and Promotions department that involves sales. If it makes your department more efficient or to be taught. Participants also enjoy the on topics related to car buying, they will findThat is a major reason why Internet initiatives that are going to personify their own unique effective, it has relevant content. benefits of networking and sharing ideas with your store.can fail. Dealers buy tools, but do not get the vision. As you review each area, it is helpful Finding the right people to staff your other participants. Often, dealerships willproper training, and managers do not hold to know where to look and what to look at. Internet sales department and utilizing the Selecting the right on-site training partner is recognize results the same day they implement Call or e-mail Sean for your free strategythe employees accountable to perform all the latest technology and methods is extremely important to your store’s success. While it is what they learned from the session. session. This is not vaporware; this is a phonetasks necessary to earn new business. When reviewing your products, the two important. The normal methods will produce inevitable there will be some content overlap consultation to go over: hot buttons are Web sites and search engine the normal results. If you pursue new people with material out there from all trainers, what There is always a need for one-on-one Your four P’s — Products, People, Process,Peruzzi Automotive Group increased Internet optimization. Research has shown that the same way your competition pursues new is really important and differentiates the best training. Video on demand, training, tracking, Promotionssales from 30 to 107 per month in six months dealers get the best closing ratios from leads people, you will get the same quality people is their custom approach to each assignment testing and certification through an online SWOT Analysis — Strengths, Weaknesses,by using a SWOT analysis to identify new generated from their own Web site. So dealers they do. and their people. virtual training system will work, too. The Opportunities, Threatsmarkets of opportunity. The best way to should focus on how to get more traffic and number of vendors and trainers are growing D.I.M.E. – Design, Implement, Manage,start the process of building or rebuilding more leads from their own site. There are Think outside of the box when looking for Every engagement should start with a exponentially. Video on demand systems are Evolvea successful Internet sales department is other ways to generate traffic that are very people. Every store is running newspaper ads thorough analysis of the dealership. Then used successfully by Sonic, MileOne, Sonyto perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, economical and more effective than expensive and posting jobs on and a custom solution should be designed for and Disney, to name just a few. We will then deliver a custom “Road Mapweaknesses, opportunities and threats). This Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Try something different, such as each dealership. What works for a dealer in to Success” with procedures and plans tois one area where hiring a consultant can bring broadcast television. Purchase 10 30-second Boston might be completely different than While indeed the Internet is not a new improve your bottom a fresh perspective and new ideas. Dealers Social networking costs nothing and will spots. It will cost you somewhere around what works for a multi-point dealership phenomenon anymore, the landscapeshould look inward at their current initiatives bring buyers into your store. Go to bestplaces. $3,000-$5,000. In the commercial, stand in client in Evansville, Indiana. The markets, continues to change, and there is always aand then outward at their competition. net to learn the demographics of the people in front of your store and say something like, the resources, the staffing and the tools are need for training to stay ahead. It is just a Sean V. Bradley is the CEO and founder your area. Use this information to determine “Hi, my name is Sean V. Bradley and I am the different with every store, so the training matter of how much training is needed. With of Dealer Synergy. He can be contactedOne needs to create a vision of where they how to reach them. For example, if you owner of Bradley Motors here in Philadelphia, company needs to make sure the solution fits the Internet, training is focused on how to at 866.507.3915, or by e-mail atwant to go, as well as a roadmap to get there. have a high percentage of African American PA. We just completed our new multi-million the needs of the specific dealer. leverage technology to increase sales and is an easy acronym to remember that population, go to* and dollar customer development center and need how to best meet the expectations of Internetcan serve as your guide: establish a presence. Have one of your African quality people to staff it. If you are currently Additionally all trainers need to have customers. Companies that are focused on American salespeople set up a profile and working at a dealership and are not happy, or experience and success in Internet automotive improving customer service have always * is the No. 1 African AmericanDesign: Define the dealership’s vision of post all of your videos. Your goal is to become feel you are not able to earn the money you sales. Training isn’t about telling clients what embraced training for salespeople and networking site in the United States 12 13
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis BobCarmack sales and training solution How to Hire, Train and Develop 20 Car-A-Month Salespeople, Part 4 Last issue, I started overload (too much looking), try to do the should be emotional, less technical, with discussing the very majority of the fact finding in the dealership. more time spent on demo and inside the car timid, laid back, Use a round table (non-confrontational) selling amenities. indecisive, non- instead of a closed office if possible. Enclosed confrontational, offices make this customer very nervous. If a Never ask this customer if they want to demo non-assertive Type round table is available, sit to the customer’s — Just do it. If you ask, most will give you“C” customer. I’m spending more time on right side. (These are “right brain” people, and an excuse.this customer, as they represent around 25 it just makes them feel more comfortable.)percent of the population and this is the Continue with alternate choice question, and Trial Closing, Getting a Commitment,customer that’s the most understood and don’t use a form — learn the questions. Write-Up, and Closingusually the most difficult customer for both Ask the trial closes in stages during the demothe salesperson and manager to close. The Let’s say this customer says he will be while sitting across from them (instead of a“traditional sales system” and “4-Square,” looking for a car. First, compliment them. quick, direct close). Focus on at least threeif followed precisely, will almost always This is a reassurance technique and helps to issues: the equipment, the usage, and the hotcause this customer to walk away from your eliminate “I need to talk to my brother” in the button(s). For example, ask, “John, earlierdealership. close. Next, ask if they prefer light or dark when we talked, you said safety was the most colors, cloth or leather interior, 4-cylinder important thing to you, right?” while noddingThe Meeting & Greeting or 6-cylinder, 2-door or 4-door, and so on. your head “Yes.” Go on to say “We looked(You Only Have Seconds) Again, reassure them from time to time — at...(fill in safety equip.) earlier so you doApproach slowly — remember from my last this is very important. agree this vehicle has all the safety featuresarticle that this customer is likely to park you want, right?” while nodding your headaway from the showroom, start walking the again. Use this same technique to verify theentire lot, or drive the lot in the security oftheir car. If you notice this pattern of looking Try your best to equipment and usage. Trial close on budget last by saying, “This vehicle has all thearound at everything and avoiding contact, keep them from equipment you want, everything that’s mostyou need to lead this customer, and it starts important to you, and fits your usage. If weby you making a positive leading statement. walking the lot and can get the terms agreeable for you, this is looking around. the vehicle you want to own, correct?” WhenAs an example, upon approach you would say, returning to the dealership, park next to their“Welcome to ABC Motors, I’m Bob and you Indecisive people trade if possible. Back in your office, writeare...?” or, “I noticed you were doing a little get more confused the commitment on the back of the worksheetshopping and looking around.” Then start by and construct the commitment based on thesaying “Yes” vs. “No” (“Can I help you?”). if given too many trial close statement. For example, “Mr.Next, offer an extended handshake, followed choices. Smith agrees to own the ‘Toyota Camry’ ifby stepping backward several feet. Remember, the terms are agreeable.”they hate pressure and confrontation. Thistechnique addresses this situation. Try your If you ask these questions and the customer If you use the above techniques, you’vebest to keep them from walking the lot and isn’t responding (“I don’t know, I’m not sure, eliminated most of the basic objections, “Ilooking around. Indecisive people get more I just want to look”, etc.), recognize it’s going want to think about it” and “I need to talkconfused if given too many choices. A good south quickly. Do not give them a brochure at to....” You already have a commitment,technique for this is to walk between two cars this point because you just gave them a pass so in the close, sit to their right, close onand they will usually follow. This stops the to walk out of the dealership. Rather, say, “I payments and give an option close, (ie. 48 orwalking process. understand, the car you’re driving now (the 60 months). I don’t recommend the 4-square trade?) is a light color and obviously there with this customer — it’s too confusing andRemember, don’t come on too strong, and was a reason for selecting a light color. What causes them to think. As you ask the closingavoid heavy direct eye contact with this was it?” Let them sell you on the color choice question, touch the top of their right handcustomer. Next, start developing rapport by by using their trade-in as a reference. (reassurance technique) and ask them togetting to know them, and slowly move them “OK” it. If they don’t buy now, taking theoff the lot toward the showroom. When it’s Selection of the Right Car, car home will usually close the deal the nexttime to start discussing vehicles, ask them, Walk-A-Round, and Demo day. If they won’t take the car home, deliver“John, when you are ready to consider a Once you get enough answers to your it to them at home after dinner time (a go-vehicle (take the pressure off), will you be questions, you make the decision as to the see). This “take home” technique will closeconsidering a car, truck, or SUV?” Don’t right vehicle. Another important point is to 50 percent to 80 percent of these customersuse strictly open-ended questions; rather, ask leave this customer in your office and you usually within 24-48 hours.option questions with two or three choices. retrieve the vehicle, separate it from otherThis technique helps to diminish the “I want inventory and take it to a secluded area (as Bob Carmack is president of Carmackto think about it” objection in the close. best as possible) to do your walk-a-round. & Associates, LP and is a professional Don’t do the walk-a-round around other speaker and trainer. He can be contactedFact Finding vehicles or this customer may start looking at 866.393.8221, or by e-mail atFor the most control and to help the product around again. The focus of the walk-a-round 14
  11. 11. sts fos ls ms sf fis SeanWolfington leadership solution Dealing With the ‘F’ Word Now that I have your sound of it may cause you to cringe, or you a process that can begin long before the end. attention, let’s talk might be one who is capable of letting it roll Any successful project starts with a clear about that little four- off your back. The truth of the matter is that vision and a detailed strategy. If the vision letter word that most we all will, inevitably, be forced to confront it. is clouded with uncertainty, and the strategy people find despicable. Let’s face it, we all do it. We all…fail. muddled with doubt and disorder, then failure We’ve all heard it at is probable and in some cases eminent. Inone time or another, either from someone Failure is not just an end result; it sometimes situations such as these, failure can be likeelse’s mouth or perhaps our own. Just the is the means to the end. In other words, it is a self-fulfilled prophecy or a self-inflicted wound. Lest there be a concise plan and the belief and support of all involved, low morale will spread like a cancer which will critically cripple the success of the project. Disheartened staffs tend to deteriorate in performance, which can build a case for failure. As leaders, we tend to despise failure because it is usually associated with poor results, but sometimes failure occurs even in the face of a valiant effort. At times like these, failure need not be seen as the end result, but as an obstacle or conflict in the pursuit of desired results. Perceiving failure as mere conflict and a hurdle that needs to be jumped will allow your team to build a more solid foundation upon which to launch new and improved initiatives or perfected processes. We live in a quantifiable world that demands constant evaluation, allowing us to capitalize on failure by embracing it as a learning process and an opportunity to modify and improve. Failure is the first step toward success. If we begin to think there is nothing left to learn from our mistakes, then we are defeated before we even begin. If we’re growing and learning at all — as individuals and as a company — then we must realize that it’s healthy to evaluate our progress (or lack of it) as we strive to move forward, recalibrating our current processes and practices according to the new knowledge that we gain as we stumble along. There is an old proverb that says there are two kinds of failures: those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought. History has shown that not risking failure, or refusing to recognize the lessons learned as a result of failure, can be devastating. We all can learn from our mistakes, it’s called experience. Robert F. Kennedy once said of failure: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Where will you dare to fail today? Sean Wolfington can be contacted at 866.802.5753, or by e-mail at 16
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis MarkTewart sales and training solution Stop Working and Start Thinking “Work harder.” When you are programmed over and over with “Work more hours.” those messages, you begin to buy into those “Put your nose to the messages and accept them as universally true. grindstone.” Over a period of time this leads to negative “You have to pay your cycles occurring repeatedly and you don’t dues.” know how to change them. So what do you“Climb the ladder of success.” do? You revert back to your programming. You work harder. You work more hours. YouDo all of these sayings sound familiar? These put your nose to the grindstone. You pay yourcommon phrases often espouse ideas that dues. You climb the ladder of success.become anchored as limiting beliefs in yourbrain. Here’s the shocking news; these phrases I have a little saying, “Stop the train.” If youoften put into motion a cycle of struggle and aren’t getting to your destination, you havefailure. These common teachings may have to change something. The most critical thingkept you from having the kind of success you to change is your thoughts. Thoughts createdesire. The missing ingredient is not your action and action creates habits and habitswork; it’s your thoughts. create results and results create your destiny. It’s that simple.Just reading that first paragraph may havemade you mad. You may disagree so strongly In Robert Ringer’s book, “Winning throughthat your emotions may cause you to disregard Intimidation,” he talks of the “Leapfrogthe possibility of truth from the message Theory.” His idea is that you can leapfrogintended. If so, this is a direct reflection of your way to success. You don’t have to climbthose often well ingrained lessons. Dwell the ladder rung by rung. He is absolutelyupon this for a minute: If these commonly correct. However, if your subconscious hasheld beliefs were true, why aren’t more people been bombarded by messages your wholehappy, successful and rich? life that teach you that you must pay your dues and you have to work harder, you willThe answer to the question is those beliefs by either disregard the message or sabotagethemselves are wrong and harmful. People your actions. Everyone either has at one timewho dig ditches work hard. Salespeople work or knows someone who when they werelots of hours. Corporate people try to climb experiencing success began to take actionsthe ladder of success. People who manage you that lead to the demise of that success.often want you to pay your dues. How manyof these people do you know that are wildly Most people chalk those experiences up tohappy, successful or enjoy their success? The fate or bad luck. That belief will forever keepanswer is often few, if any. you in a cycle of frustration and repeated failures. Sheer luck by itself is a rare thing.What you generate in your brain is the key. Success and failure are almost always createdMore hours and more work with misguided in your mind first. Any other belief is simplythoughts will only speed up your frustration allowing you to be lead by other’s beliefs.and failure. The first step is to throw away and When this happens you are now in bondageclean the slate of all the damaging sayings, and slavery. Slavery of the brain and spirit islessons and beliefs that you have been taught. the worst possible fate.Start by writing down your 20 earliest thoughtsabout money. Do the same with work. When There is a saying, “Pray, but move your feet.”you are finished you may notice that most You can pray and you can move your feet andof these memories are negatively based or get going, but if you control and guide yourentrenched in scarcity based thinking. thoughts you will learn to attract more success than you ever would have before dreamed.Those memories and beliefs are exactly why The amusing thing is that much of the successwhen people tell you to just think positive you attract will seem to come effortlessly andthat they are not only wrong but potentially the phrase “Hard Work” will not even be aharmful. Until you erase the negative part of your thoughts.programming that you have acquired, youwill not be able to truly have positive thoughtsthat are believed and lasting. Everyone has a Mark Tewart is the president of Tewarttremendous amount of negative programming Enterprises. He can be contacted atthat you have acquired from parents, teachers, 866.429.6844, or by e-mail atbosses, newspapers and books. #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 17
  13. 13. sts fos ls ms sf fis RichardF.Libin sales and training solution Successful Dealers Manage By the Numbers - The Right Numbers Monthly financial for the month in progress as well. and promotions. So questions arise: statements can paint • What’s the fat and what’s the muscle? a bleak picture in The most consistently successful dealers • Who do you cut and why do you cut? uncertain or “down” today “close” the month every day with • Do you cut because the position is no markets, yet many of every customer. According to NADA, the longer needed or do you cut because the nation’s dealerships average salesperson sells 8.5 cars per month. the financial statement shows youshow positive financial results and even gains, Using this data, let’s consider two dealerships need to cut expenses?despite uncontrollable market challenges. It’s — Dealership A and Dealership B — both • What message do you want to sendthese dealerships where management has set selling an average of 100 cars per month, both employees about how you managea positive tone and ensured it permeates the exposed to the same external influences, but your business?entire team. In these dealerships, salespeople each taking a different approach to managinggreet their customers and co-workers with a by the numbers. Analyzing the right numbers and “closingpositive mindset that acts as a self-fulfilling the month” every day will enable managersprophecy to deliver even more positive Dealership A’s management uses an accurate to determine the best approach: cuttingresults. traffic count that comes through the door high salaried or lower salaried employees each month, say an average of 400 – 450 vs. changing the approach to closingThe difference? The 10 percent are managing opportunities. Despite averaging only 100 opportunities vs. adjusting the projections (ifby the only numbers that matter — a count of sales per month, the dealer sticks with they are too aggressive). These decisions willthe actual traffic coming into the dealership the fundamental concepts for running a ensure that the manager doesn’t cut the muscleevery single day. These numbers paint successful business. He adds salespeople, — important basic requirements of running aa real picture of the “state of the state” of manages inventories the same, and focuses successful dealership — from his dealership.their business, and help dealers stick to the on relationship selling. He puts a process in Those managers who rely only on end ofbasics and succeed in an uncertain market. place that holds every employee accountable the month, historical financial statementsThose dealers who rely solely on month- for performance and measures it daily. With generally make the wrong decisions, cut theend financial statements essentially rely on his managers, he develops a plan to hit a muscle and create self-fulfilling propheciesa final performance report card, allowing specific gross revenue target each month. that bear out expectations: business andthem to manage the business on historical This target is divided into weekly and daily after the fact. These managers often goals for every part of the business, andsuccumb to negative month-end reports, communicated to every employee. Daily, the The difference is clear. If a dealer or managerultimately cutting the programs and people dealer holds managers accountable and the is not measuring performance based onthey need to drive business forward. Success managers hold their sales teams accountable projections every single day, are they trulycomes from managing business daily using for hitting — or exceeding — the goals. In this managing their performance? No. Thosereal-time, accurate data. way, the dealer, managers and salespeople who do measure gains and weaknesses daily have an exact traffic count and know exactly will know where they stand, giving them theManage by the Numbers, what happened to every opportunity that opportunity to proactively correct slips beforeNot the Financial Statement came into the showroom each day, why it they become problems. These managers canTo make a difference in performance, dealers happened and what to do to improve. The hold their salespeople accountable for doingmust look at the daily traffic count. These result? Dealership A’s financial statement no their jobs, and by example, train the nextnumbers, the right numbers, enable changes longer shows peaks and valleys. generation of management. When managingto be made and problems to be addressed in by the right numbers, the traffic numbers,real time. The traffic count is a powerful, Dealership B’s management uses the typically business will continue growing atup-to-date tool for dealers who want to monthly financial statement as the basis for an even pace. Which would you rather bedrive performance every day. The financial decisions. Since the dealership typically — Store A or Store B?statement, by contrast, is a historical record sells 100 cars a month, they employ 11providing data that is six weeks old. By salespeople, in line with the market averages. Richard F. Libin is president of Automotivethe time the dealer sees this report, the Anticipating a market decline, the dealer Profit Builders, Inc. He can be contactedopportunity to make a change is past, not decides to protect profits by cutting back on at 866.450.6853, or by e-mail atonly for the month in review, but most likely advertising, training, staff, inventory, perks 18
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis JesseBiter leadership solution Simple Can Be Profound In today’s business anyone serves, he should do it with the your God-given talents in your work, valuing world, it is strength God provides, so that in all things an eternal reward more than an earthly commonplace to keep God may be praised through Jesus Christ.” paycheck. By honoring God and empowering the proverbial cards 1 Peter 4:10-11 others at the workplace, you will find that close to the vest. your co-workers will take notice. This will Wearing one’s heart on The first step is to simply be yourself and put increase your credibility around the officeone’s sleeve is presumed to make a person forth an honest effort to live out your faith in and provide you greater opportunity to sharevulnerable to the fickle winds of political every aspect of your life. Your faith should your faith.correctness. Maintaining the status quo and be an integral part of your daily interactionaverting any issue of a perceived sensitive with other people. That doesn’t mean “Yet he did not waver through unbeliefnature may be the safe choice. But is leaving that you should feel compelled to spread regarding the promise of God, but wasone’s soul in the parking lot on the way into the Gospel at the water cooler. Forcing a strengthened in his faith and gave glory tothe office a healthy way of life? discussion about faith is counterproductive God, being fully persuaded that God had and will lead to awkward feelings among co- power to do what he had promised.”Christian business leaders understand workers. Only the Holy Spirit can transform Romans 4:20-21that faith is a fundamental part of one’s someone’s heart. Simply pray that God willconstitution. To extricate the soul from the help you to reflect some of His character in It’s important to realize that the explorationbody and expect the mind to navigate the day your life, so others can get a glimpse of Him of faith in one’s life is a process, not aindependently is unnatural and unrealistic. by interacting with you. When you wear your singular event. Any number of small,Throughout history, it has been customary faith on your sleeve, it’s easy to let people incremental decisions regarding spiritualityto share faith with people in the marketplace know there’s something special about you can ultimately lead a person to Christ. Plantand places of business. When done correctly, without even saying a word. the seeds of faith in others the simple wayfaith can still be celebrated and shared in — by staying true to yourself. You may bevirtually any modern-day setting. If you want people to pay attention to your surprised to learn that sometimes the simple faith, you must also pay attention to your can be profound.“Each one should use whatever gift he work. Don’t discriminate between yourhas received to serve others, faithfully sacred and secular jobs. No matter if you Jesse Biter is the president and CEO ofadministering God’s grace in its various are sitting in the executive wing or cleaning HomeNet, Inc. He can be contacted atforms. If anyone speaks, he should do it the executive wing, know that God is your 866.239.4049, or by e-mail atas one speaking the very words of God. If ultimate boss. Discover, develop, and use 20
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis PaulLong marketing solution The Customer is Always Tight There is a sense make sure the discounts merchants are willing of entitlement that to offer are strong, so customers are less likely customers have to find them anywhere else. Lastly, take the today that hasn’t smell test: What’s your impression of the always been evident. merchant? You don’t want to align yourself to Marshall Field, the a business with a bad reputation.American department store owner coinedthe phrase, “Right or wrong, the Customer Once you’ve established your club, you’llis always right.” I wonder whether he took need a medium for the merchants to identifyinto consideration the type of customers who your Members. This could be in the formare price conscious, yet expect the deepest of a card, a key chain, or a tattoo. Just takeappreciation for their having done business into consideration that you want there to bewith us. an expiration date, so your customers will be compelled to come back for future vehicles.I don’t blame these customers. I earned themoney I make, and I want to keep as much When you get compelling discounts forof it as possible — even if that means driving customers from your merchant friends, theall over town to save $100 or $200 on my $200 they might have saved at the competition$20,000 purchase (which, if I think about it, is will dissolve in the face of the potentialonly a one percent discount). But there is the thousands of dollars they will save in the club.thrill of the negotiation, too: How much can I Instead of saving one percent off my vehicleget in free stuff for the money I spend? purchase, I could save 10 to 15 percent over the course of a year.So here is a new twist on Mr. Field’s phrase:“Right or wrong, the Customer is always Train your salespeople to show yourtight.” That doesn’t mean we should treat prospects the value during the sales process.them any differently. On the contrary, we For example, if only one merchant offers ashould be thinking of creative ways to foster “buy-one-get-one-free” meal, and the averagethat sense of entitlement and help them save meal costs $10, the customer only needs to gomoney. to that restaurant 10 times in a year to save $100.If my twist on the above phrase is true, thenthink about it some more, dissect it and What’s more, this gives your salespeopleplace the emphasis on a different word: The something to get past “hello.” A customercustomer is always tight, whether they are benefit like this moves the conversation awaynegotiating for a vehicle, buying gas, ordering from price and helps your staff begin to buildpizza or renting a car. a real relationship with customers, which ultimately will bring those customers backYou can help your guests save money, and earn again.their respect and their business by leveragingyour customer base. Get other merchants in Here is what will happen: Customers will beyour community to discount their prices or carrying your name in their wallets, on theirgive away free stuff to your customers. key ring, or printed on their forearm (if you go that route). They’ll be members of an ExclusiveFor starters, consider all the small business Club: Your Tight Club. Every time they useowners in your community. Make a list of their Membership, they’ll be thinking of whatmerchants who sell high-frequency sundry great value you brought to their entitled, price-products, like meals in restaurants, dry conscious lives. That’s a Customer for or groceries. Partner with them to That’s advertising you can’t buy. And it’s asend your customers to their establishments in value your competition won’t be able to offerexchange for an agreed-upon discount. You’re — unless they offer it first.exchanging free promotion to your customers,and merchants are happy for the free publicity. For a free membership into my ExclusiveYou could call it “the tight customers club,” Club of over 160,000 merchants, e-mail meand I would be your first member. or give me a call.When selecting merchant partners, take into Paul Long is the president of theconsideration their level of competition in the re:member group. He can be contacted atcommunity. If they have no competition, they 866.630.0221 or by e-mail atwill be less likely to offer a discount. Also, #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 21
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis RalphR.Roberts Date Your Leads... sales and training solution Or Someone Else Will People who know time, via phone, e-mail, paper mail • Your resume me are rarely aware or some other method. A follow-up • Your company, team, or personal that I moonlight as a method that’s automated is typically mission statement marriage counselor. best, because it requires less of your • A brochure I tell workaholic time. Whenever I receive a new lead, • Reprints of any positive press youspouses that they had better “Date your wife I add the person to my drip e-mail received in the newspapers(or husband), or someone else will.” The campaign, as discussed later in thissame can be said to salespeople: Date your article. Remember, your marketing packet representsleads, or someone else will. you, so invest in an attractive design and Be the First to Call layout. To establish a brand presence in theFar too many people buy leads and then The nurturing process commences as soon mind of the person receiving the packet,completely drop the ball on nurturing those as you receive the lead. In most cases, you every item in your marketing packet shouldleads. That is the equivalent of spending are not the only salesperson receiving the have a consistent look and feel.months of your life wooing your sweetheart, lead. Your lead generation service probablyfinally convincing the person to marry you, sent the lead to several other salespeople in Be Persistentand then completely ignoring him or her for your area, and the first person to contact the If you do not hear back from your lead, callthe rest of your married life — which would lead has the best chance, by far, of ultimately the person sooner rather than later. Ask theprobably be a very short-lived marriage. You landing the sale. person where he or she is in the decisionmust continue to nurture your relationship process and whether you can do anythingwith your leads until they finally decide to You should have a system that enables you right now to assist them.hire you. to check incoming leads wherever you may be. You can have leads sent to you via e-mail Whatever you do, do not let that lead off theCreate a System and forwarded to your cell phone at the same hook. Before my wife agreed to marry me,Before you even think about signing up with time. Even if you are out, you can check I had to ask her 11 times. Some leads cana lead generation service, you should have for incoming leads and contact prospects be just as picky when choosing a salespersona system in place for managing leads. Your immediately. Any hesitation can undermine to buy from. Remain persistent withoutsystem should cover the following: future efforts. nagging, and transform those leads into • Filtering leads — Although your commissions! lead-generation service may filter Work on Your Follow-through out all but the most promising leads, After that first contact, keep in touch with Date Your Clients, Too you probably want to do your own your lead. One of the best ways to do this is Your best leads come from your best clients, filtering, so you can focus your energy to add the person to a drip e-mail campaign. so be sure to date your best clients, too. This on leads that you have a better chance With drip e-mail, a series of messages are doesn’t mean selling to them every chance of converting into sales. sent out automatically once every week or so, you get. It means establishing a long-term • Making initial contact — Being the so the person does not have the opportunity relationship, so that when they or someone first to call is a key step in converting to forget about you. they know needs whatever you are selling, leads into sales, so make sure you have they think of you first. a system in place that enables you or When the prospect eventually decides to someone on your team to contact the buy, he or she can quickly open your e-mail Every month or so, touch base with past prospect within an hour of receiving message to obtain your contact information clients. Send a letter, an e-mail message or the lead. and call or e-mail you to obtain more a newsletter; call them on the phone; send • Gathering information — Create information or hire you as their salesperson. them a card or present on their birthday or a form to fill out or a script that You can set up a drip e-mail campaign online anniversary. Whatever you do, don’t sell. enables you to gather the information at any of several drip e-mail management Just let them know that you’re thinking about you need to effectively sell to each sites. them, so they will think about you. prospect. Remember, your first step in the sales process is to ask questions; At the same time, you should mail a you can’t sell if you don’t know what marketing packet to your prospective client. your customer wants. Your packet should include a folder with the • Following up — Some prospects following materials: may require several months to make • Your business card Ralph R. Roberts is a nationally a purchase decision. Your system • A letter of introduction describing recognized sales coach, author and official spokesperson for Guthy-Renker Home. He should provide some way to remain who you are and how you help your can be contacted at 866.470.5181, or by e- in contact with prospects during this clients mail at 24