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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Sep05

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit III Details Page 4 .biz CRM Keeps Getting Better, Faster and More Powerful Mark Strong
  2. 2. Test Drive Our Leads$1 Leads Start Today CarLeadsUSASERVING DEALERS SINCE 1975 * FULL-CREDIT-AP-LEADS RIGHT IN YOUR MARKET • BUYERS WAITING • 62% OF OUR LEADS BOUGHT IN JULY* • 30+ DEALS & $75K+ IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS* • 100’S OF GOOD BUYERS WANT TO BUY NOW “We sold 23 units our first 2 weeks...this is absolutely the best program of it’s kind in the country. We bought this with our own money to show the owner...It rocks! He pays now!” - Bonnie & Don - N. Cal Dodge-Nissan Dealers “I just renewed for the 25th time and this last run was our best ever. This is the best Ad-Money I spend. Great leads - Great buyers! 30+ units for $90K+.” - Dave Kellogg - Seaport Auto “1000+ leads per month...16,000+ leads and counting. Just renewed for the 17th campaign.” - Al Gossett, Dealer Principal - Gossett Motor Cars “I’ve used this program for over a year in California and Oregon. It flat rocks! I’ve just renewed for the 8th time. Huge deals and lots of them.” - Robert Armstrong, GM - Fairfield Toyota “Thanks for the best leads ever!” - Bob Terwilliger, Special Finance Director - Hillboro Jeep-Chrysler CALL NOW TO RECEIVE 25 FREE LEADS 800.622.0562 • WWW.MyCarLoan.TV * results vary, call for detials
  3. 3. Dean Evans David Kain Darren Sean Scott Joseph Vice President of President, Kain Haygood WolÞngton President & CEO, Marketing, Dealix Automotive Inc. Director of CRM & Owner, J&L Marketing, Inc. Internet & BDC Training Internet Sales, Lokey Automotive Case Study: How Case Study: Johnson You will learn: Specialist to use BDC/Internet Case Study: Lokey City Honda: Sells 65 - Internet Marketing that departments to sell Automotive Group extra cars a month generates high quality You will learn: 100 - 500 extra cars a triples Internet sales - by and grosses increased leads - Mapping out the best spending less! month. $1,300 per car - Maximizing lead Internet sales process You will learn: You will learn: generation from your - E-mail templates for - DeÞne your dealership’s - Setup a successful You will learn: Web site the best short and long- CRM strategy. BDC vs. BDC/Internet - How to add 33% to - Maximizing third party term communication dedicated personnel department your bottom line and not automotive sites - Phone script elements - Maximize your ROI, - Use the Web to increase ad budget ignore the hype and start promote all your proÞt - How to grow your - Metrics that matter that turn leads into realizing real results - Focus on return on appointments centers customer base - Achieve higher gross - Use the Web to drive - How to increase your investment - Recruiting, hiring and than with your walk-in customers showroom & phone average gross per unit compensating for results trafÞc - Achieve 20 percent - How to increase Closing ratio & 20 - Sell old stock, vehicles purchase frequency plus percent retail mix & parts inventory customer residual value - Turn leads into phone - Use e-mail marketing ups - phone ups into to drive more trafÞc for appointments zero cost Steve Hiatt Keith Latman Jasen Rice Chip Perry Jim Adams Dealers & Managers Only! Owner, Mountain CEO & Co-Founder, Internet Director, Lou CEO and President, General Manager, Mitsubishi iCarMagic Fusz Automotive Roper Kia Case Study: How toincrease your net by half a million in a year. Case Study: How to avoid the smoke Case Study: Ranked #17 in Total Internet Sales for dealer groups, Internet Advertising Honor Your Two days of intense learning. Dramatically improve and mirrors and use Best Practices Commitments: The You will learn: Internet departments technology to increase Þve things we owe our - Evaluating personnel, generate upwards your bottom line sales staff of 20%-40% of the your results. the lazy or content ones You will learn: - Continually train You will learn: dealerships total - How’s everyone: Front end two - How to use software business. top performing dealers You will learn: times a week, Þxed end tools to merge the You will learn: get their outstanding - How to understand that once a week Internet & Showroom into - Marketing to today’s results opportunity generations - Put in controls. Move a cohesive opportunity Internet consumers are the key to success over aged inventory in - Internet Department’s - Take home - How to manage lead new, used and parts steps and processes to examples of effective - Individual goal setting providers and Web site - Forge a deep trafÞc to bring on real the appointment/sale merchandising you - Managing activities relationship with your ROI & not just hype - Gaining revenue in the can put to bring resultsmanufacturer to help get - When technology can Þnance department and immediate use - Daily one-on-ones: The correct inventory, ßoor help you and where it getting them to become key to success line and capital can hurt you more atoned to the - Your selling attitude: - Praise every - E-mail prospecting Internet customer improvement in sales pitfalls, how too much - Meeting and exceeding Mirroring behavior goals, certiÞcations, etc. of a free thing can hurt Internet customers - Building your dealer out in public your store expectations brand MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada November 3 & 4, 2005Randy Barone Vice President of Robert Revere CRC Director, Avondale Kevin Root VP & GM, Dealer Jennifer Picheco Erik Stuttz Vice President of Consulting, STC Group Limited Seats, Register Today! Sales, American Auto 866.317.7914 Auto Group Advisory Service, The Director of Exchange Inc. Cobalt Group e-Commerce, Germain Case Study: Paragon 10 Must Haves for Motor Company Honda & Acura uses Case Study: Transition CRC to sell 106 extra Todays Used Vehicle Case Study: Processes Department from Internet BDC to Case Study: Germain cars in one month. the top 20 dealerships modern day CRC Motor Company’s You will learn: You will learn: Case studies from successful use to convert more Internet department - Sales people, the leads to sales - How we increased our sells over 200 cars per leads and increased right number and the You will learn: month - here is our our closing ratio from 7 dealerships across the country. right type - Lower compensation You will learn: secret percent to 25 percent - How to achieve a 50 percentages percent closing trade-in - Use the top three - How to evaluate the - Lower overhead key success drivers to You will learn: different CRC models ratio - 100 percent convert leads to sales - Dedicated vs. to choose the one that - What to list online for Designated works for your store maximum results accountability - Avoid the three most - The pricing fear factor Class room style seating only - How to eliminate common mistakes that - How to staff your CRC - Higher results - Are you really listening - How to build out & wholesale loss kill sales to the customer? overcome obstacles to - What to stock (80 - Maximize your lead - Third-party leads... $695 in advance, $995 after percent of inventory creating a successful volume Why not? CRC turning in 22 days - Respond to leads - Move forward or move - Best practices for or less) on - Our follow-up October 5, 2005.- Best practices of some - Drive for appointments turning leads into schedule appointments that show of the largest dealers - Focus on processes - Measure, track and and appointments intoand dealer groups in the that deliver results feedback sales country Speakers and times subject to change
  4. 4. SUMMITIII BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALESCall today to register. toll free 866.317.7914 web
  5. 5. 8 Three Powerful Words to Sell More Effectively BrianTracyINSID Cleats and a Helmet Why Create a Follow-Up System Stop Being a Victim 9 10 12 SeanWolfington ChrisHanson AnthonyHall With New Software 13 Dealer and Lenders Experience Leading-Edge Advantages RandyBarone The BIG Lie of Selling 14 MichaelYork Creating the Championship Mentality 16 ChrisAlford CRM Keeps Getting Better, Faster and More Powerful 18 MarkStrong What Does it Take to Sell an Extra 100 Units per Month 20 BrianBenstock Hire Quality People by Asking Quality Questions 22 TomGegax To Price or Not to Price 24 PaulAccinno Your Daily Check List 26 JimAdams Administrative Personnel are Important, Too 27 CarolMartin-Ardell Quotations to Think About 28 ScottJoseph The Five Keys to Success 30 MarkTewart Everyone Wants to be a Champion 31 TonyDupaquier Managing Your Lead Sources for Optimal Quality 32 DaivdKain Fake Smiles vs. Real Smiles 34 PattiWood Exodus 34:2 “Be ready in the morning, and then come up.” 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 Isaiah 41:13 Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher “For I the Lord thy God will hold thy • right hand, saying unto thee, Fear Susan Givens, Vice President not; I will help thee.” • Courtney Hill-Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist • Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist • God Bless America Thomas Williams, Creative Director • AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. © All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  6. 6. BrianTracy Three Powerful Words to Sell More Effectively There are three The first is “feel.” For example, “How do or “How do you feel about leasing?” powerful words that you feel about that?” is a very easy question you can use as you to answer. It is almost impossible not to The second, and even more significant word, proceed through the express a feeling when asked for one. A is “think.” When you ask, “Do you think this sales conversation in few other questions to gain an emotional would be better than what you’re currently order to have the most response from your prospect are, “How do driving?” you are asking the person to take successful results. you feel about shopping for a new vehicle?” a much more definite stand. People are sometimes a bit more hesitant to answer a “think” question but they are much firmer in defending their position once they have. The third expression is in your opinion. The word feel is soft, the word think is harder, and the words in your opinion are the most definite and specific of all. When you ask, “In your opinion, is this the best choice of vehicle for what you want?” you are asking the prospect to take a definite stand. Carefully phrased questions are powerful tools in every part of the sales process. Once a person has stated his or her opinion on a subject, they are locked into it. The person almost always will defend and justify their decision rather than change it. Carefully phrased questions are powerful tools in every part of the sales process. The more of them you have and the better you use them, the more competent you will appear and feel, and the more sales you will make. Use feel during the early part of your sales conversation. Focus on getting good information rather than trying to sell. Second, move to asking questions using the words think and opinion later in the conversation when you want a definite answer or you are moving to close the sale. Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He can be contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail at
  7. 7. SeanWolfington Cleats and a Helmet MEET YOUR NEW “I’ve got the cleats skills to a technology whiz. E-PLOYEE... and a helmet, coach … • Create a profile and clearly defined job take me to the Super description for each position within the Bowl!” Yes, it’s true department. WORKS 24/7 WITHOUT A that you need a pair of • When lead volume increases (or whencleats to play, and if you want to reduce your a player gets benched) be prepared to SICK DAY OR VACATION!chances of getting hurt on game day you’d bring on additional staff.better wear a helmet and some pads. But, are • Rely on a digital marketing system thatcleats and a helmet enough to take you to the automates much of the process - handleSuper Bowl? No way. more leads with fewer people.The most successful eDealers in the nation Web site & CRM Tool: Equipping thehave figured out that cleats and a helmet Team with the Best Gearmay get you off the sidelines and into the • Post the content customers, but equipment alone will not take you • Design it so it’s easy to the Super Bowl. A winning team is like • Keep customers online with highly TIMEHIGHWAY.COM replacesa successful dealership: The owner defines interactive functionality. telephone-based scheduling withhis or her strategy, recruits the right coach • Use compressed multi-media animation internet technology that enhancesand players, equips them with the right gear so the site is fast, even when viewed at the effectiveness and customerand follows a playbook to carry the ball over 56k. satisfaction of your dealership.the line. Let’s see how the football analogy • Focus on results: A lead and a sale! By scheduling appointmentsplays out: • Measure your conversion rate. Average directly through your web site, sites convert 2 percent of visitors - aim your customers make conÞrmed Strategy for 10 percent to 25 percent. appointments instantly without • Define your Internet marketing strategy • Save time with technology that call-backs. and budget to attract traffic to your site automatically updates data. puts your service department’s and your showroom. schedule on your web site, • Define the staffing model and the most Process: Create, Practice and Master a making it possible to schedule effective pay plans to drive results. Winning Playbook appointments 24 hours a day, 7 • Create a detailed eCRM business • Define a process that incorporates days a week, from anywhere. plan with clearly defined actions and proven best practices. timelines. • Train your team on the skills needed to • Ensure healthy gross profits by clearly set appointments and sell cars. • Your 24/7 Revenue defining your pricing philosophy and • Make them practice until they puke! Building Tool strategy. • Save time and increase efficiency with • EfÞcient and Simple to Use • Use e-mail marketing to promote your customer management tools that can dealership. automate parts of your process and free • Automatic ConÞrmation • Leverage search engines and online your people to sell more cars. and Reminder Emails relationships with regional sites so • Use the reports to identify problems • Cost Effective: Only 54 customers can easily find you. and opportunities to continuously • Leverage your traditional media to improve the process and the results. cents an hour promote your Web address. You wouldn’t try to get to game day with For More Information Contact People: Build the Team nothing but cleats and a helmet, so don’t Karen Dillon at 800.901.3054 or • Determine the right number of people kid yourself into thinking that your Web site to staff the Internet Department or alone is all you need to compete in the car Customer Relationship Center (CRC). business. • Document and implement your process for recruiting, hiring and training. • Define the skills and talents you’re 5633 Strand Blvd, Suite 302 Sean WolÞngton is the owner of Naples, FL 800.901.3054 looking for and remember that it’s He can be contacted at easier to teach technology to a great 866.802.5753, or by e-mail at sales person than it is to teach sales swolÞ 2005 9
  8. 8. ChrisHanson Why Create a Follow-Up System Most people, when details on how to follow up with customers. they like? They have bought from you before asked why they They said their customers tend to shop around and they like you. And if a year hasn’t gone purchased their car, more. They tell me that in the past you could by they even remember your name. You can said they did so just expect them to come back in but now concentrate on finding the right vehicle and because they liked they really need to stay in touch with their having fun, and you even made some money.the sales person. Not the dealership, the customers and create a follow-up system. And they like you so much that they sendsales person. So why is it that 82 percent of you referrals, and those of you who dealcustomers couldn’t even remember their sales with referrals know how easy they are toperson’s name a year after the sale? What I have a sequence deal with.happens from the day they buy their new car of thank you notes,and then a year later? Don’t you think that if video e-mails, phone How Often?they liked the sales person that they would I contact my sold customers every 45 to purchase their next car from them calls, a quarterly Unsold customers are much more time-as well? Lets take a look at what happens newsletter I send in sensitive in the beginning and then everyand what we can do to keep our customers the mail, a monthly 45 days after that. I have a sequence ofcoming back because it takes more than justa phone call and a thank you card. e-mail newsletter, a thank you notes, video e-mails, phone calls, a quarterly newsletter I send in the mail, a personal Web site monthly e-mail newsletter, a personal WebNew Sales people they can visit and I site they can visit and I send them differentIf you’re new in the business, the number send them different unique notes. I have a very exact system thatone reason to create a follow-up system is I follow, one for sold customers and oneto build a successful business because you unique notes. for unsold customers. Because of this mydon’t want to live on “ups”. And don’t look customers never forget my name but howover at Mr. 20-Year-Veteran, Joe Sells-a-ton- You just can’t leave your follow-up to hit could they? And do I get referrals? You bet!of-cars, and think, “I can’t wait until I’ve and miss, you need a system. One that is thebeen selling for 10 to 20 years.” You don’t same with every customer no matter what. If you develop a follow-up system and use ithave to wait. If fact, many of those sales with every customer you will sell more cars,people are losing business everyday because A Sold Customer Follow Up System and have more fun, make more money and startthey don’t follow up correctly. How do I an Unsold Follow Up System. to take less ups.know? Because I receive e-mails and phone Lets look at some other reasons we shouldcalls every month from them. Times have have a follow-up system: If you need help in developing a system orchanged; there are tons of choices out there. would like to find out more details, pleaseMakes, models and other sales people going Fresh Ups contact me and I’ll help you get startedabove and beyond to wow their customers. Can you say work? When you take an up so you can scrap your job and start your that you have never dealt with before, what’s career!Veterans that like? You need to work hard on buildingMany veterans have called or e-mailed me rapport and trust. Sometimes it’s a grind andand told me that the car business just isn’t downright tough. And where’s the money?the same anymore and it’s affecting their Chris Hanson with Hibbing Chrysler canbusiness. Even people that have been in the Repeat and Referrals be contacted at 800.901.2862, or bybusiness for 20 years. They are asking me for Now lets look at a repeat customer. What are e-mail at “I look forward to each edition of AutoSuccess because it has many interesting and informative articles about every phase of the automotive industry. I have been able to extract many ideas that I have been able to use in sales meetings and even implement in my Lincoln-Mercury store. It is by far, my favorite automobile magazine.” David Camposano, G.M. Germain Lincoln Mercury, Naples, FL 10
  9. 9. AnthonyHall Stop Being a Victim We live in a time that more than anything else equips them to litigious world, being a victim often pays. where relentless and successfully implement change? That is an unfortunate consequence of an pervasive change is no unhealthy belief. longer news to anyone. It is something that is becoming increasingly There is one important rare — a motivating sense of personal As long as we view ourselves as victims, implication of this responsibility. That is, a deep and abiding we’re unable to change ourselves or oursituation that continues to be a challenge: belief that one is responsible for one’s own circumstances and achieve better results. It isThat we need to continually change our behavior, as well as the consequences of that not our fault that we’re not doing better, webehavior to adapt to the world around us. behavior. tell ourselves. Someone else caused it. And because it’s someone else’s doing, the powerDeveloping more effective sales That seems so basic and common, yet few to fix it and make it better is with someoneorganizations always involves making people actually exhibit it. Over and over in else. We’re powerless to fix it.changes in the company. And sooner or later, my work in developing sales people andthat means that some of the sales people and their managers, I’m struck by how many While few people admit it or even realize itmanagers must make significant changes in people fail to accept responsibility for their consciously, this “victim attitude,” the directthe way they think about and do their jobs. own success or lack of it. opposite of personal responsibility, is very common and embraced to some degree byWhat is it that empowers some people to It’s far more popular to be a victim. We most of us. This is especially true of saleschange smoothly and effortlessly, while have all shaken our heads sadly over people, who could always do better if onlygetting others to modify their behavior some newspaper account of someone who something were different — something thatseems like moving a mountain? What is the commits some act of irresponsibility then someone else controls. If only we had lowerfundamental building block for individuals successfully sues someone else. In our prices, better advertising, an understanding manager, stronger F&I. You know the litany because you’ve chanted it. Once you realize that most of the time This Dude Is Bad. the problem is yourself and your attitude, change for the good will come. Realize you’re responsible for your own behavior, Thats Good. People with bad credit arent always bad people. your own thoughts and attitude. Once you accept personal responsibility, you have the power to change your success. Once They can be really good if you again, the lesson is clear: When there is no know how to find and process acceptance of personal responsibility, there them. Last year we handled over is little hope for positive change. Where 2,500,000 Sub-Prime leads with there is personal responsibility, the future our VOISYSTM Loan By Phone, holds unlimited potential. Direct Mail and Internet programs. We guarantee our Your struggle to bring about significant programs, performance and results 100%. change in your success will depend on Call us now and learn how the depth to which you embrace your we can help you with responsibility to make personal changes. Sub-Prime prospects. Youll do Your efforts to improve the productivity of a better job and generate your sales effort will ultimately depend on extra profits! the degree to which you accept personal responsibility to make changes in behavior Good is good. that will improve your results. Bad can be awesome. 1-800-438-8642 Anthony Hall is a training consultant at Ziegler Supersystems. He can be “Were the car guys helping car guys!” contacted at 800.610.9047, or by e-mail at 12
  10. 10. RandyBarone Dealers and Lenders Experience Leading-Edge Advantages Turn Your With New Software Internet Leads Relationships that to help bolster a dealership’s credibility into Showroom automotive dealers have with key lending among customers. Appointments... institutions have a Boosting Dealer ProÞtability – and Saving tremendous impact on Lenders Time and Effort dealership success in Another tremendous advantage the auto-any given market. That’s why new lending- lending industry and dealerships enjoyrelated software has become a “must have” with new dealer software is the instantlytool in the industry. Dealers who have the generated inventory book difference report.most up-to-date software available to help The report allows an F&I manager, or onefacilitate the lending process have a strong who works with pre-owned vehicles, tocompetitive edge. Now, more than ever, it instantly view inventory at any percent ofis important for dealers to provide the right book loan or trade value (i.e. inventory costtools and information lending institutions against 110 percent of Black Book trade-in).need to make fast, accurate and profitable From a dealer’s perspective, the softwareloan decisions. Innovative new software factors in the need for making a profit onprograms do just that. the transaction. It also identifies the exact inventory that you can sell to consumers toEnhancing the Appraisal Process on Pre- absorb their current loan deficit, ensuring anOwned Vehicles acceptable profit. This saves customers timeThe benefit of new software systems in that they aren’t looking at vehicles theybegins right at the appraisal stage, when a can’t purchase. From a lender’s perspective,pre-owned vehicle is brought to a dealer the process saves tremendous effort becauseas a possible trade-in. The new software time isn’t wasted trying to arrange a loan forprovides dealerships with valuation and which a customer won’t qualify. These toolsreveals how much lending companies are also save finance personnel from working onwilling to finance a particular vehicle. deals that should have never made it to theirKnowing upfront that a particular vehicle office.can be financed, and at what loan amount,enables dealership personnel to make better One of the benefits most often cited byinventory management decisions. Vehicles lenders who’ve experienced these softwarethat have potential glitches in obtaining systems is that they provide dealers with anfinancing can be immediately recognized accurate, streamlined process for storageand avoided, while more profitable vehicles and delivery of book information. Book outcan be identified and added to inventory to sheets are created by the system and insertedhelp dealers turn their inventory faster. into deal jackets to document a vehicle’s Guaranteed... valuation at the time of trade.The software also helps establish the creditscore that a potential customer needs toobtain a loan. This vital inside information The adage “time is money” is especially true in the automotive industry. With new orhelps facilitate the purchase once a customerdecides to buy the vehicle. These tools also software programs on the market, now there’s more opportunity than ever for dealers to use You Don’t Pay!identify credit-challenged customers sooner. their time wisely – especially regarding appraisal and purchasing processes. NowImproving Inventory Management they can be faster and easier. The result?In terms of current inventory, contemporary More efficient and financially beneficial Call today for a free estimateprograms enable dealers to identify which transactions for the customer, dealer and on implementingcars and trucks on their lot are priced below lender. the TIMS system in your store.the value that lenders will finance. This way,they know exactly which vehicles need tomove, so they can get on with the businessof maximizing profit. Also, dealers can Randy Barone is the vice president ofobtain a water report with just the click of a sales at American Auto Exchange Inc., a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises. He e-mail: info@worlddealer.netmouse. Ensuring that the price for a vehicle can be contacted at 800.901.3017, or by 866.429.6826aligns with book list value is a surefire way e-mail at 2005 13
  11. 11. MichaelYork The BIG Lie of Selling It’s been talked about boring blah, blah, blah … that they will, of do you suppose remnant space is priced? for 100 years: closing course, need to think about. How can you Bargain basement. Close-out. Fire-sale. No the sale! Sales trainers stand out in a marketplace today of sales- profit. And this staff had conditioned lots have made buckets sameness? How do you establish yourself of advertisers to wait for this remnant sale of money teaching it as a professional selling performer? How every issue. Not only did the advertisers buy to sales people who skilled are you at asking questions that set the space at deep discounts, but by waitingcouldn’t make much money with it, but made you apart? How well do you listen? How until the close of the issue it created alots of prospects angry doing it. It’s closing. do you create real value for the customer? chaotic condition for production to finish theHow do you feel when you get “closed”? How can you position yourself as a resource magazine, turn out proofs, etc. In three daysThe alternative-of-choice close. The sharp- to them and to the organization? Welcome each month they were selling any profitsangled close. The impending-event close. to “The Now Economy.” Where no one that had been created the first 27 days of theThe “about-how-much-too-much” close. cares about how good you used to be. What month and conditioning the market to resistClose early and close often, they’d say. Do customers are asking now is “How good will the published rates in the knowledge that thewhatever you have to do. Say whatever you you be next week?” fire-sale would soon arrive … again.have to say. Do that “hoodoo” that you do sowell. Just bring back a signed contract! This marketplace is all about thinking No profits. No making goals. But lots of and performing differently when it comes sales were made in those final few days.It’s not about closing (if it ever was). In to selling. Selling is all about “revenue Sound like an employee discount sale? One“the show” it’s all about opening! Opening generation” and revenue generation is more day soon it has to end. Then what? Sellingdoors and opening relationships and opening than just selling. Confused? Don’t be. When Lesson: All sales are not revenue generationminds to change. you think like an owner you will know that for the company. Over the next 12 months, profits are better than wages. Profits are we set nine of the top 10 advertising recordsBecome known as an opener. A professional better than sales! That means when you sell in the 20-year history of the organization.interviewer looking for permission to something, you should know how you, andproceed. It will separate you as uncommon, the organization, will profit. What’s the gross That’s why I say it’s not about sale training!not like all the other plastic pretenders who profit? Is it good business for the company It’s about understanding and creating revenueare only interested in “what will it take to get (and you) or is it just a sale? generation company-wide. Not only did weyour business today?” Pulleeezzze … . have to change the mind and actions of the After taking over a sales operation at a media sales team, but I had to win back credibilityHow long will you have it even if you get company a number of years ago, I met with and trust from editorial and production andit? Believe me when I tell you someone will a group of experienced selling professionals management and other departments who sawbe asking the “what will it take” question as who had not made a sales goal in 18 months. what sales had become.soon as you leave or your prospect does. Get When I asked them why, they had a greatbetter or get used to getting beaten by better list of reasons. Which soon began to sound Any sales trainer could have come in therequestions and better performers. like a list of excuses, and at the top of that and taught them how to sell more, and list? “Our goals are unrealistic!” And what without changing some of the infrastructure do you base that on?” I asked. “Simple. We they would have sold themselves into Prospective haven’t made goals in a year-and-a-half!” oblivion and continued to lose trust all over Oh. So that’s how it works. The inmates the building and the marketplace. buyers … will rationalizing the asylum. nod and appear Think profits. Think better questions. Think My job was to create understanding that the opening not closing … think! Opening the to be listening goal is the target and what was unrealistic was “the how.” How they were doing it show is a big part of closing any transaction and making sure the customer experiences while you deliver was not only not going to get us to goal, value and a great feeling about his or her another boring moreover it was killing profits when they did sell something. decision to buy. blah, blah, blah For my short list of other selling myths … that they will, For 27 days or so each month they struggled to sell advertising, usually what could be sold and more selling truth, e-mail me. To your uncommon success. of course, need to by default. In other words, it was a specific think about. issue or time of the year when the advertiser or agency had already decided to be in the Michael York is an author and professional magazine no matter who the sales person speaker. He can be contacted at was. Then the last three days of the month 800.668.5015, or by e-mail atProspective buyers will nod and appear became a mad scramble to sell the space left, or visitto be listening while you deliver another over, or what’s called “remnant” space. How 14
  12. 12. ChrisAlford Creating the Championship Mentality “If you don’t control making, gives you irritable bowel syndrome The way we talk determines our level of your mind, someone and makes you eat Rolaids. Before you success. else will.” realize it, systems break down, short cuts - John Allston abound and mediocrity establishes itself as When we say, “I’ll try to study more,” a lifestyle. or “I’ll try to work on my technique,” or It’s simple. The secret “I’ll try to sell one today,” chances are weto success balances between two circles. It is impossible to grow or succeed when will fail. Why? The word “try” is an openFilled with unseen power, these circles you operate in the circle of things Beyond door that always offers the user an out. Forwield their might as sure as the universal Your Control. Unfortunately, this is where example, if a client says, “I’ll try to comelaw of gravity or the cycles of nature. Each most people spend the bulk of their time. back Thursday,” we know from experiencecircle functions independently, and each BYC is less demanding. It allows us to try to it is not going to happen. True Championscircle creates its own outcome. Nature get things done without actually producing don’t “try” to study; they study. Winnersdecrees that you can’t occupy both circles results. Here, we can safely wish that things don’t “try” to work on their technique; theysimultaneously, but you must be in one at all would change and that outcomes were better. work on it. Power’s mantle rests on thetimes. Call these circles BYC and IYC. Champions know it. Wishing is easier than shoulders of those who replace “I’ll try” working. with “I will.” Say it like you mean it. Be determined to achieve your goals. Nature decrees Understanding IYC The championship mentality lies solely in the Step Three: ACT with Purpose that you circle of things In Your Control. While BYC Actions speak louder than words. Execute a can’t occupy holds thousands of things, IYC consists of only three things: hand-written, activity-based action plan at the start of each day. Include professional both circles objectives as well as personal goals. Be simultaneously, The way you think. specific. If your goal is to improve customer The way you talk. delight, be careful of vague, hand-written but you must The way you act. goals like, “I will send out some thank you notes this week.” Let your actions speak! be in one at all The secret to this circle is its simplicity. Frank Hand-write a list of specific things you will times. Call these Outlaw demonstrated his understanding of do and make that goal a reality. “Today I IYC’s power when he said, “Watch your will write 10 thank you notes to customers circles BYC and thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. I talked to, but did not sell.” Writing out your goals does take time, but the process IYC. Watch your actions; they become your of writing them creates momentum. Donald habits. Watch your habits; they become Trump says, “Written goals increase your your character. Watch your character for chances of success by 99 percent.” LikeThe BYC circle holds everything that is it will become your destiny.” Focusing on a welder’s torch cutting metal, the simpleBeyond Your Control. The IYC circle the way you think, talk and act means goal act of writing down your goals in specificcontains the things In Your Control. Neither completion and successful results! language focuses your energy into purpose-circle discriminates against anyone, but the filled activity.variables inside can either create or destroy a Cultivating IYCchampionship mindset. Step One: READ with Intent It’s your choice: BYC or IYC. You can allow Readers are leaders. Reading stimulates people and events Beyond Your Control toUnderstanding BYC thought, and thought dictates action. If you dictate a life of inaction, frustration andInside the circle of things BYC, there are want to improve your leadership skills, read regret, or you can command your ownthousands of things: weather, taxes, factory how great leaders improved theirs. If fear destiny in the circle In Your Control. Harnessprograms, interest rates, co-workers, hot- has you paralyzed, read a book on how to your thoughts, and keep them moving in theheaded customers, governmental policies overcome it. Perhaps the skillful use of body right direction. Feed your mind the highest- you name it. language will help you to put your clients quality information you can find. Fill your at ease. Find out how to do it in a book. speech with words reflecting your level ofThere is nothing championship about Reading plants the knowledge of the ages in determination, and act out your plan. Thinkstanding in the circle of things Beyond your head. Champions make time to study like a champion. It’s just that simple.Your Control. By its very nature, the circle their craft. Reading is preferable; however,of things Beyond Your Control blocks if time is short, grab a motivational CD orcreativity and diverts success by wasting a book on tape and listen to it during drivefocused energy. In addition to gossiping, time. How you do it doesn’t matter. Whatgriping and complaining, people operating does matter is that you do it. Chris Alford is the president of Motivatein this circle worry about things over which America and Chris Alford Concepts. Hethey have no power. Worry splits teams, Step Two: TALK with Determination can be contacted at 866.881.9315, or bybreaks relationships, clouds your decision- Talk follows thought and determines action. e-mail at 16
  13. 13. Ever wonder where your customers go when it’s time for another new vehicle?Stay with us and they’ll stay with you. When you put your customers in a Chrysler Financial lease or contract, you’ll get theirbusiness again. Because everything we do is aimed at delivering the customer back to you. From customer retention and capital loans tofloorplan programs and training, our people, products and services are solely dedicated to helping you sell more vehicles. We’re so completelyinvested in your long-term success, it’s no wonder more Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealerships choose us as their financial partner. ® Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are registered trademarks of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Chrysler Financial is a member of the DaimlerChrysler Services Group.
  14. 14. fs feature solution MarkStrong CRM Keeps Getting Better, Faster and More PowerfulFor those not familiar with CRM systems, in today’s highly competitive automotive needs and sell that customer a vehicle. Inthese computerized programs help dealers retailing environment. The goal should be to essence, that is what customer profiling ismaintain ongoing relationships with integrate the operations of all a dealership’s all about: creating an exceptionally detailedtheir customers by providing automated departments in such a way as to turn virtually history of each customer. It must be withinreminders, customer follow-ups, every department at a dealership into a profit the dealership’s ability to access the detailsappointment scheduling and so on. The center. There are three major operational in its customer profile database that enablesmost capable of these programs are tightly areas in CRM: campaign marketing, the dealership to put together effectiveintegrated, easily managed, Web-based customer profiling and service integration. campaign marketing or deal with a customersystems that unite customer relations, with all the tools that in-depth knowledge ofinventory, fixed operations such as service Campaign marketing his or her background supplies.and parts, and sales management into a By accessing the in-depth information incomprehensive package of extremely cost- its customer profile database, a modern For example, a customer’s profile mayeffective, user-friendly tools that can be used CRM system should assist a dealership include the fact that the family has anot just at the dealership, but practically in performing campaign marketing based daughter who is the right age to graduateanywhere in the world. on a virtually limitless combination of from high school and perhaps head off to characteristics. For instance, a dealer may college. Armed with this information atSpeed is #1 have acquired a number of specially equipped the right time, the sales person can contactThe first thing most users should notice is SUVs to be offered at a promotional price. that customer and suggest that there are athe quantum increase in speed of operations Using a modern CRM system, the dealership number of vehicles at the dealership that arein some modern Web-based CRM systems. can select from its customer database all the right type for a young adult starting lifeThanks to major improvements using the customers who purchased an SUV two or on her own and available at very programming language CRM systems more years ago and put together a campaign prices. Tracking customer history allows youcan now move up to five times faster. addressing each customer personally, to market your products to customers basedAlong with this increase in speed, systems informing him or her of this special offer. on vehicle age, out-of-warranty status, milescan be made significantly more powerful, and many other tracking elements, as well asoffering capabilities and dealership-wide, The campaign may consist of: personalized to understand the true overall lifetime valuein-depth integration never before seen in the letters to each customer, automatically of the customer to your dealership.industry. printed out and ready to be signed by the sales person who assisted the customer Service integrationA good CRM program should include in his or her original purchase; personal A modern CRM system needs to recognizesignificant improvements such as: phone calls from that sales person to his the value of fixed operations, not just for • Improved user interfaces. customers, asking them to consider taking their potential as profit-producers, but also • Enhanced flexibility of operations. advantage of the sale; automatically printed as the driver of a variety of marketing • Increased adaptability to the follow-up postcards sent as reminders of the campaigns and sales efforts. individual needs of the dealership. promotion; and personalized e-mails directed • Fully integrated dealer database to those customers who have Web access. It CRM Integration with service and parts management. is important that a CRM system allow the provides many advantages. Individual • Real-time tracking of sales and dealership to select customers based on customer profiles are used to automatically customer history. custom criteria so that any market situation notify customers of service intervals • Easier-to-use customer contact, can be exploited to create additional sales. and schedule service appointments. follow-up and scheduling Customers are automatically contacted procedures. The selectivity of any campaign is limited when special order parts arrive. But that’s • Exceptional brand development only by the depth of information in the just the beginning. Customers can be capabilities. customer profile database. sent personalized recall notices, letters • Integration with value-added detailing service specials related to his or partnerships. Customer proÞling her individual vehicle, or any of hundreds The more a dealership knows about its of service- or parts-related promotions.As a result, an effective CRM system can customers – especially repeat customers By integrating the customer profile databe a vastly more powerful profitability tool – the easier it is to serve each customer’s throughout the dealership’s system, service 18
  15. 15. records and parts orders can also be used not on local computers. There’s no require a password. And screens shouldas the basis for special sales promotions on costly network cabling to install or be secured by state-of-the-art, 128-bitvehicles. For example, for vehicles about to expensive servers to set up and run. encryption – the same extreme security thatgo out of warranty based on mileage, special • Virtually 100 percent capture some banks use to protect their Web sites.promotional mailings can go out reminding of showroom, service and partscustomers that they can purchase extended department phone and Internet E-mail and internal messaging addressesservice contracts or step up to a new vehicle. traffic – Because a Web-based for all usersWhen making the tuff decision to cover system can be so tightly integrated, Every individual user should be assignedor not to cover work that is not paid for capturing and tracking customer e-mail and an internal messaging address,under warranty in order to save a valuable information is easier, faster, and more enabling group and individual internalcustomer, a single of view of sales and reliable. Follow-through operations communications, as well as full-featured e-service history is invaluable. are completely automated, including mail capabilities across the Internet. phone, e-mail, and mailed material.Regulatory compliance and partnerships Leads can even be directed to Web- Automatic upgradesare important access phones and handheld PCs, With a Web-based CRM system dealers needA modern CRM system should develop for even greater flexibility and faster never be concerned about their system beingvalue-added partnerships. By joining forces response. out-of-date. These systems should providewith other technology companies, a modern • Efficient data mining – Captured regular, no-cost upgrades automatically,CRM system can offer a broad spectrum of customer information is one of the making sure that it delivers maximumancillary services. e-PULSETrak is partnered most valuable assets of a modern performance and reliability.with SecureTrak, a system that helps ensure CRM system. Using this data,that auto dealerships achieve and maintain dealers can profile customers and Designed to boost achievementcompliance under regulations based on the direct marketing specifically to their Any dealer knows what an industryGraham, Leach, Bliley Act, among others. individual needs. It’s not only more achievement award can mean for theIt is also necessary that a CRM system be effective, it is a lot less expensive to dealership. A modern CRM system shouldintegrated with the national No-Call list target customers and prospects in this be designed specifically to help dealers earnto help the dealer stay in compliance with manner. manufacturers’ awards. A good system willnational regulations. make it far easier to meet award-winning Customer training/education and customer service standards and maintainSecure, Web-based operations customization those standards year after year.Rather than being limited to designated The best technology in the world, if notcomputers at the participating dealership, supported by training/education, consulting Most important an efficient and effectiveusually on the dealer’s local area network, a and process development, will eventually be system will provide street-smart businessWeb-based system offers greater flexibility. rendered useless. Training is as important as management that is integrated with theThat means an individual with an approved the technology itself. Training should cover most technologically advanced, Web-basedlogin name and password can access it from when and why to do things, not just how it’s customer relations. It will be smart. It will beany Internet-connected computer. This not done. comprehensive. It will be easy to use.only allows 24-hour-a-day access fromvirtually anywhere, but also eliminates the Trainers should have dealership experience Above all, a Modern CRM system will giveneed to set up and maintain a computer and should understand the business. There automotive dealerships the advanced toolsnetwork, greatly reducing the hardware, are several departments that can be enhanced needed to successfully meet the demands ofnetworking and personnel costs. with a Modern CRM system and training is today’s highly competitive market. often required in areas such as businessA Web-based CRM offers a number of development centers, sales, service andadvantages over a customer relations system process on a local area network. Mark A. Strong, is the vice president and • Lower cost – There’s no need to Security comparable to a bank COO of He can be set up a costly network, because Security is a prime concern for any CRM contacted at 866.885.9751, or by e-mail at the system exists on the Web and system. For this reason logging in should 19
  16. 16. BrianBenstock What Does it Take to Sell an Extra 100 Units per Month Paragon Honda has since geared up to improve our closing ratio, service departments. We offer customers generated more than and last quarter it was 25 percent, according in the service departments free personal 106 additional sales to Honda’s Internet Report. We are very Web sites, and the cashier has a poster that a month by changing pleased because we have increased our advertises this along with small sign-up its marketing and sales traffic to our showroom, phone and Internet cards for customers to give their e-mail strategy. We decided department while reducing our cost per sale. addresses. We recently gathered thousandsto adjust our marketing strategy to target of e-mails at an auto show in New York bycustomers on the Internet because nearly 90 Once we included our Web address on all of offering customers free virtual test drivespercent of our buyers begin their shopping our traditional advertising, we were ready to on the vehicles that interested them. Weonline. More of our customers look to the take our marketing strategy to the next level. know that e-mail marketing is the future,Web when they’re researching their next car We now collect e-mail addresses from all and we have decided to make it a big partpurchase than TV, radio or print, and we want our customers by offering them free things of our marketing strategy. The best part isto be where the majority of our customers they want. For example, every prospect that that I know that if I can gather the e-mailare. Within two months of launching our calls or visits our dealership is offered a addresses, I already have the pre-packagednew marketing system, we established a “Free Virtual Test Drive” on the vehicle that campaigns, and they cost me absolutelydominant presence on the Web and set up interests them. Most customers are curious nothing to send.a complete Customer Relationship Center about a virtual test drive, so they’re willingto ensure that all of the Internet and phone to give their e-mail address to get one. As a To handle the response to all this aggressiveleads were handled effectively. result, we get the majority of our customer’s marketing, we set up a Customer Relationship e-mail addresses, whether they call, click Center to ensure that the only people takingThe end result was an extra 106 sold vehicles or come into our dealership. We now have inbound phone calls are people withthe first month we were up and running. Not thousands of e-mail addresses that we use exceptional phone skills. I don’t know aboutonly did the volume of leads increase, we to conduct marketing campaigns. We have you, but if you listen to the average salesincreased our closing ratio from seven percent hundreds of pre-packaged, multi-media person’s ability to take an inbound phone up,to 25 percent. How did Paragon do it? buzzmail campaigns that we can send it can be scary. Our sales people are able to to customers with a few clicks. We have do what they do best: sell cars. And our CRCWe switched Web site providers. We needed campaigns for every month of the year, staff is able to do what it does best: ensurea new system that was capable of getting the every season and a number of different customer satisfaction and sell appointments.results we wanted. Our new partners gave us themes, including inventory reduction, Sounds simple, but the key lies in building anot only the tools, but the training we needed clearance, holiday events, special finance team of trained specialists who can take all ofto build our skills and implement best and more. Customers are blown away by the incoming calls and respond to all of thepractices from around the nation. They’ve these campaigns, and we get a lot of people Internet leads. Find the right people and traineven helped us set up a full-blown CRC who respond just to say how cool these them to become ninjas on the phone, anddepartment. After the first month we had buzzmails are. you’re set. Using this model, we’ve lowereda brand new Web site that generated more our cost per sale and sold an additional 106leads than we had anticipated. So our closing We’ve recently been very aggressive in units a month after learning to use our newratio was only 13.8 percent but we have gathering e-mail addresses in the sales and Web site and online marketing strategy as a phenomenal lead generator. The Bottom Line. • Paragon Honda used its new digital marketing strategy to increase its sales by 106 units in one month. • Paragon Honda increased its closing ratio from seven percent to 25 percent. • Paragon uses a digital marketing system built to help grow its business. • Creative marketing online and offline has created more showroom, phone and Internet traffic. Brian Benstock is the dealer principal of Paragon Honda and Acura. He can be “Our sales went from 20 to 214 after rebuilding” contacted at 800.601.3214, or by e-mail at - Brian Benstock, Dealer Principal of Paragon Honda and Acura 20