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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and ...

AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccessOct05 AutoSuccessOct05 Document Transcript

  • AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit III Details Page 4 .bizDealix: DrivingOnline Auto SalesVice Presidents Steve Pace andDean Evans Talk Sales from10 Years in the Business
  • PUT YOUR DEALERSHIP UNDER THE LIGHTS WITH AUTOTRADER.COM AND ABC’S MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.AUTOTRADER.COM HAS TEAMED UP WITH ABC’S MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL TO GIVE YOUR DEALERSHIP THE WINNING EDGE.Make the big play, and drive more traffic to your dealership with’s sponsorship of ABC’s Monday Night Football. This sponsorship will have ahuge impact and reach 12.5 million households each week. Only can offer you an opportunity this big. Which is why we’re the driving forcebehind $50 billion in used-car sales every year. So take advantage of this sponsorship, and find out why is the smarter way to sell more cars.2005 ABC Monday Night Football Sponsorship: • The biggest match-ups every week • Every wild-card game in January • Post-Game Show Call at 1-888-249-6860 today.©2005 is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license.“ABC’s Monday Night Football” is a registered trademark of ABC Sports, Inc. and is used under license.
  • Dean Evans David Kain Darren Sean Scott Joseph Vice President of President, Kain Haygood WolÞngton President & CEO, Marketing, Dealix Automotive Inc. Owner, J&L Marketing, Inc. General Manager, Internet & BDC Training Lokey Nissan Case Study: How Case Study: Johnson You will learn: Specialist to use BDC/Internet City Honda: Sells 65 - Internet Marketing that You will learn: departments to sell extra cars a month generates high quality You will learn: - The "Real Deal", 100 - 500 extra cars a and grosses increased leads - Mapping out the best maximizing REAL ROI month. $1,300 per car - Maximizing lead Internet sales process - e-Commerce success, You will learn: generation from your - E-mail templates for choose the right solution - Setup a successful You will learn: Web site the best short and long- for your dealership BDC/Internet - How to add 33% to - Maximizing third party term communication - Used cars, sell more at department your bottom line and not automotive sites - Phone script elements HIGHER grosses - Use the Web to increase ad budget - Metrics that matter that turn leads into promote all your proÞt - How to grow your - New cars, to BDC or - Focus on return on appointments centers customer base not to BDC - Use the Web to drive investment - Recruiting, hiring and - How to increase your - Spend $200 to sell showroom & phone compensating for results average gross per unit 9 units trafÞc - How to increase - Sell old stock, vehicles purchase frequency plus & parts inventory customer residual value - Use e-mail marketing to drive more trafÞc for zero cost Steve Hiatt Keith Latman Jasen Rice Chip Perry Jim Adams Dealers & Managers Only! Owner, Mountain CEO & Co-Founder, Internet Director, Lou CEO and President, General Manager, Mitsubishi iCarMagic Fusz Automotive Roper Kia Case Study: How toincrease your net by half a million in a year. Case Study: How to avoid the smoke Case Study: Ranked #17 in Total Internet Sales for dealer groups, Internet Advertising Honor Your Two days of intense learning. Dramatically improve and mirrors and use Best Practices Commitments: The You will learn: Internet departments technology to increase Þve things we owe our - Evaluating personnel, generate upwards your bottom line sales staff of 20%-40% of the your results. the lazy or content ones You will learn: - Continually train You will learn: dealerships total - How’s everyone: Front end two - How to use software business. top performing dealers You will learn: times a week, Þxed end tools to merge the You will learn: get their outstanding - How to understand that once a week Internet & Showroom into - Marketing to today’s results opportunity generations - Put in controls. Move a cohesive opportunity Internet consumers are the key to success over aged inventory in - Internet Department’s - Take home - How to manage lead new, used and parts steps and processes to examples of effective - Individual goal setting providers and Web site - Forge a deep trafÞc to bring on real the appointment/sale merchandising you - Managing activities relationship with your ROI & not just hype - Gaining revenue in the can put to bring resultsmanufacturer to help get - When technology can Þnance department and immediate use - Daily one-on-ones: The correct inventory, ßoor help you and where it getting them to become key to success line and capital can hurt you more atoned to the - Your selling attitude: - Praise every - E-mail prospecting Internet customer improvement in sales pitfalls, how too much - Meeting and exceeding Mirroring behavior goals, certiÞcations, etc. of a free thing can hurt Internet customers - Building your dealer out in public your store expectations brand MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada November 3 & 4, 2005Randy Barone Vice President of Robert Revere CRC Director, Avondale Kevin Root VP & GM, Dealer Jennifer Picheco Erik Stuttz Vice President of Consulting, STC Group Limited Seats, Register Today! Sales, American Auto 866.317.7914 Auto Group Advisory Service, The Director of Exchange Inc. Cobalt Group e-Commerce, Germain Case Study: Paragon 10 Must Haves for Motor Company Honda & Acura uses Case Study: Transition CRC to sell 106 extra Todays Used Vehicle Case Study: Processes Department from Internet BDC to Case Study: Germain cars in one month. the top 20 dealerships modern day CRC Motor Company’s You will learn: You will learn: Case studies from successful use to convert more Internet department - Sales people, the leads to sales - How we increased our sells over 200 cars per leads and increased right number and the You will learn: month - here is our our closing ratio from 7 dealerships across the country. right type - Lower compensation You will learn: secret percent to 25 percent - How to achieve a 50 percentages percent closing trade-in - Use the top three - How to evaluate the - Lower overhead key success drivers to You will learn: different CRC models ratio - 100 percent convert leads to sales - Dedicated vs. to choose the one that - What to list online for Designated works for your store maximum results accountability - Avoid the three most - The pricing fear factor Class room style seating only - How to eliminate common mistakes that - How to staff your CRC - Higher results - Are you really listening - How to build out & wholesale loss kill sales to the customer? overcome obstacles to - What to stock (80 - Maximize your lead - Third-party leads... $695 in advance, $995 after percent of inventory creating a successful volume Why not? CRC turning in 22 days - Respond to leads - Move forward or move - Best practices for or less) on - Our follow-up October 5, 2005.- Best practices of some - Drive for appointments turning leads into schedule appointments that show of the largest dealers - Focus on processes - Measure, track and and appointments intoand dealer groups in the that deliver results feedback sales country Speakers and times subject to change
  • SUMMITIII BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALESCall today to register. toll free 866.317.7914 web
  • Making the Most of Change 8 BrianTracyINSID Just Promoted to Internet Manager, What to do First Understanding the Difference Between a Web Site and a Total Marketing System Can Help Sell an Additional 500 Cars a Month The Science of Persuasion 10 12 9 AnthonyHall DavidKain RadWeaver Used Vehicle Market: Get Your Piece of the Pie 14 RandyBarone Matching and Mirroring 16 PattiWood Ride Employee Development to the Top 18 TomGegax Dealix: Driving Online Auto Sales Vice Presidents Steve Pace and Dean Evans Talk Sales from 10 Years in the Business 20 BrianAnkney Crunching the Numbers: Many Dealerships Pay More than Necessary in Trash Bills 22 TracyGetz Can I Trust You 24 MarkTewart Use Your Own Unique Leadership Style to Build a Better Team Beyond the Vision 26 CarolMartin-Ardell Using the Service Drive to Sell VSCs 28 TonyDupaquier Quick-Þx Ideas 30 ScottJoseph This is YOUR Life, Don’t Trust Your Memory 32 MichaelYork People Won’t Go Along With You if They Can’t Get Along With You 34 SeanWolfington A Perpetual State of Motivation 36 JimAdams Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive what you ask for in prayer.” 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 James 3:17 Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher • “But the wisdom that is Susan Givens, Vice President • from above is first pure, then Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist peaceable, gentle, and easy to be • intreated, full of mercy and good Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist • fruits, without partiality, God Bless America Thomas Williams, Creative Director • and without hypocrisy.” AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. © All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  • BrianTracy Making the Most of Change To deal with change, Acceptance is the opposite of rejection or adjusting your mind to the new information perhaps the most resistance. Acceptance keeps your mind calm and preparing to take steps to deal with the valuable quality and positive. The minute you accept that a change effectively. you can develop is change has occurred and that you can’t cry flexibility. Form the over spilled milk, you become more capable The final part of this four-step method for habit of remaining of dealing with the change and turning it to dealing with change is to improve on theopen-minded and adaptable to new your advantage. existing situation. Often, a change signalsinformation and circumstances. When things that your plans are incomplete or that yougo wrong, as they sometimes will, instead One of the best ways to deal with the worry might be heading in the wrong direction.of becoming upset or frustrated, practice that is often generated by unexpected Serious changes, which seemingly createlooking into the change or reversal for the changes is to sit down and answer, on paper, real problems, are often signals that you areopportunity or benefit it might contain. the question: “What exactly am I worrying on the wrong track. There is an old saying, about?” “Crisis is change trying to take place.” If,Superior men and women are invariably instead of resisting change, like a pine treethose who remain calm and keep their wits In medicine, it is said that accurate diagnosis that snaps in a strong wind, you bend withabout them amid unexpected turbulence. is half the cure. When you sit down and change, like a willow tree, you will often findThey take a deep breath, relax and assess the define a worry situation clearly on paper, it that the change is a healthy and positive stepsituation objectively. They keep themselves suddenly becomes less stressful to you and it toward achieving your goals.calm and unemotional by asking questions will often resolve itself. In any case, when itand seeking information when things don’t is clearly defined, you have diagnosed it, and W. Clement Stone, the founder of Combinedwork out as they expected. For example, if you can now do something about it. Insurance Company of America, is famoussomeone doesn’t fulfill a commitment, or if for his attitude of being an “inverse paranoid.”a sale is canceled or fails to go through, they The second step is to ask yourself, “What He is convinced that everything that happenskeep their minds clear and steady by asking is the worst possible thing that can happen is part of a conspiracy to help him to be morequestions, such as “What exactly happened in this worry situation?” Much worry and successful. Whenever something unexpectedin this situation?” They deal with change stress comes from the refusal to face what occurs, he immediately says, “That’s good!”by focusing on getting the facts before might happen as a result of your difficulty or and then looks into the situation to find outresponding. They develop the ability to cut problem. When you clearly define the worst exactly what is good about it.through the confusion and ask questions such possible outcome and write it down next toas “Why did this happen? How did it happen? the definition of the problem, you will find The mark of a superior person is “toleranceHow serious is it? Now that it has happened, that whatever it is, you can handle it. Often for ambiguity.” This simply means thatwhat are the various things we can do?” your worries will begin to evaporate as soon you have the capacity to deal effectively as you have clearly determined the worst that in a rapidly changing situation. The higherThe critical issue in dealing with change is might happen as a result. up you go  the greater your income andthe subject of control. Most of your stress and responsibilities, the higher your status andunhappiness comes as a result of feeling out Now decide to accept the worst possible position  the faster the rate of change willof control in a particular area of your life. If outcome should it occur. Mentally resolve be around you. At every stage, it will be youryou think about the times or places in which that even if the worst possible consequences ability to function with calmness, clarity andyou feel the very best about yourself, you will ensue from this situation, it will not be the quiet assurance that will mark you as thenotice that you have a high degree of control end of the world for you. You will accept it kind of person who is going places in those places. One of the reasons you like and carry on. In fact, it could probably be In the final analysis, your ability to performto get home after a trip is that after you walk a lot worse. The very act of accepting the effectively in a world of ongoing change isthrough your front door, you feel completely worst possible outcome completes the cycle the true measure of how well developed ain control of your environment. You know of eliminating from your mind the stress and person you really are. And the keys are towhere everything is. You don’t have to anxiety associated with the situation. accept change, adjust to change, improveanswer to anyone. You can relax completely. upon change and move on to the nextYou are back in control. You are now ready for the third step situation. As you continue to do this, you will in dealing with change, and that is to have such a wonderful feeling of self-controlWith a clear idea of where you’re going and adjust your behaviors and actions to the and self-determination that your whole lifewhat you want to accomplish, you develop new situation. Ask yourself, “What are all will be bright and positive, and so will yourresilience, which is the ability to bounce back the things I can do to make sure that the results.rather than break. You develop what is called worst possible outcome does not occur?”the “hardy personality” and become the type Sometimes we call this damage control. Inof person who is resistant to the negative business schools, this is an important part ofemotions that affect people who have no decision making, and it is called the mini-maxgoals or direction. regret solution. What can you do to minimize Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO the maximum damage that can occur from an of Brian Tracy International. He can beThe first step in dealing with any change unexpected change or setback? As you begin contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atis simply to accept the change as a reality. thinking of all the things you can do, you are 8
  • AnthonyHall The Science MEET YOUR NEW of Persuasion Selling is the ability and slow pace, try to do the same thing. This E-PLOYEE... to be able to persuade is called mirroring. another human being to see things your Proceed with caution; however, do not let way, as it relates them be aware that you are copying them. WORKS 24/7 WITHOUT A They might interpret it as mockery and you’ll to the car business, just get into trouble. SICK DAY OR VACATION!and to purchase the car you’re selling, at areasonable price. 3. Be cheerful and niceA professional automobile sales person is Did your mother tell you to be nice to people?a professional mind changer, a persuader. She was right. People like others who brightenSelling skills are word tracks and processes up their day. Make sincere compliments todesigned to persuade another person to act or raise their spirits. Little things like these gothink in a predetermined manner. a long way to breaking the ice and getting the relationship off to a good start.In the sales profession, words are your 4. Be sincere and trustworthytoolbox. The only thing you really are paidto do is to talk with customers. The words Make them feel that whenever they need helpand actions you choose and the order you in the future, you’ll always be there to lend them a hand. You’re their go-to guy or gal. TIMEHIGHWAY.COM replacesspeak them and action you take, reflect the People tend to be more receptive to those telephone-based scheduling withinterpersonal skills that separate great salespeople from those who are merely poor or they trust. When you have a customer you are internet technology that enhancesaverage. trying to sell, over-deliver and exceed their the effectiveness and customer expectations. They will notice your efforts satisfaction of your dealership.Good communicators are always good and will be more than glad to do business By scheduling appointmentslisteners. Success in sales is directly with you and your dealership.proportional to a person’s ability to effectively directly through your web site, 5. Provide them with compelling evidence your customers make conÞrmedcommunicate with customers. Explain to them that you, your dealership and appointments instantly withoutThe saying, “No man is an island” is an vehicle could provide the most benefits for call-backs. TimeHighway.comundeniable truth. We need the support and them. Show them undeniable proof that you puts your service department’scooperation of our customers to help us in have the best product by way of testimonials,reaching our goals. magazine articles and detailed comparisons schedule on your web site, against your competitors. Just make sure that making it possible to scheduleSelling skills is an area we need to study all your claims are true and verifiable. Always appointments 24 hours a day, 7in detail, daily. The relationship with the maintain a good reputation. days a week, from anywhere.customer is more important than anyprocedures or negotiation techniques. 6. Show “What’s in it for them”Structuring a sale is a series of events. This is the most important thing to remember • Your 24/7 Revenue when persuading anyone. People are self-Successful sales people know that one of centered. They always put their own well- Building Toolthe most important abilities to possess is theability to persuade and influence others. Here being before others. No matter how close • EfÞcient and Simple to Use you are to becoming like them or howare seven hot tips to do this effectively. overwhelming your evidence is, if it does • Automatic ConÞrmation1. Enter their world not satisfy the “what’s in it for me?” test, and Reminder EmailsTry to put yourself in the customer’s shoes your persuasion efforts will not produceand understand what would be important in satisfactory results. If you can prove that your • Cost Effective: Only 54the next vehicle from their point of view. Set proposal will provide more advantageous cents an houraside your personal interests and concentrate benefits to them than you, they are moreon the customer. Ask yourself if you are him likely to accept it.or her, what would you want from your next For More Information Contact 7. Genuinely care for themvehicle? What would be your concerns? Then Karen Dillon at 800.901.3054 or Focus more on their interests, desires, needsstructure the appropriate vehicle presentation and expectations, so you can satisfy their kdillon@TimeHighway.comthat would build value and point out the craving for attention and establish mutualbenefits. trust and respect. It also shows that you really2. Mirror their body language care about them and that will make them morePeople feel comfortable with those who are likely to trust you and to work with them. Copy the person with whom you 5633 Strand Blvd, Suite 302are trying to create a connection. Observe Anthony Hall is a training consultant Naples, FL 800.901.3054how they act, how they speak, and how they at Ziegler Supersystems. He can be www.TimeHighway.comthink. If they rub their forehead while they contacted at 800.610.9047, or by e-mail atthink, act like them. If they speak at a clear 2005 9
  • DavidKain Just Promoted to Internet Manager; What to do First Congratulations to the Leads – There are many sources of leads, Be Specific and carry it out to the fullest new group of Internet and your dealership likely has leads coming detail possible. managers out there! in from a variety of sources already. Keep You are embarking in mind that you will receive leads by e-mail 4. Learn your products on an exciting and by phone depending on your listings. Internet customers have easy access to adventure that will Both types are vital to your operation and it information about their choice of vehiclesallow you to increase your income by is important that your team be the recipient and they typically know a great deal aboutserving the fastest growing segment of the of the e-mails and the calls related to the their choices. As a result, they tend to judgeautomotive marketplace. Be excited about Internet. Your lead management tool will the dealership person they communicatethe opportunity and bring a lot of energy to be the best source for identifying your lead with on a more critical basis if they cannotthe role. Regardless of what situation you sources. A good rule of thumb is to generate effectively answer questions about theirwalked into, there are some important first 80 to 100 leads for each full-time Internet products. To meet Internet customers’steps you should take to ensure you have sales person if they work the deals from expectations it is important that you ensuresolid success now and in the future. Take lead inception to vehicle delivery and to that each person on your team is fullythese five steps first and you will set the generate 150 to 200 leads for full-time BDC/ committed to learning about the productsstage for good results. CRC or call center team member if they set you represent. appointments for the dealership sales team.1. Identify expectations New inventoryOf course you have your own expectations Example Lead Sources Have your team become product certifiedand would likely not have accepted the job • Dealership Web site leads by the manufacturer and sharpen their skillsif you did not feel you could improve your – with product presentations by the dealershipincome and position within the dealership. • Manufacturer leads sales team. Test drive the products so theyHowever, it is equally important to find –,, can learn about the unique features andout what your management team expects, etc. benefits.from the department. Ask them how they • Third-party leadswill measure the department results and –,, Used inventorybe sure to obtain objective goals that you, etc. Do a daily inventory walk, test drive newfeel you can reach. It is important that you • Online classiÞed leads arrivals and ask the sales person that tradedunderstand what actions are necessary to –,, for the vehicle to tell you about the historyachieve the goals and how management will, etc. so you can bring the vehicle to life for thework with you to support your efforts. • Online Auctions customer. –,, etc.2. Identify resources 5. Walk in your customer’s shoesTools – Today’s progressive Internet In order to understand what your customerdepartment’s should have the following toolsin place to effectively manage leads and Draw a simple expects from your Internet department it is important that each Internet team memberallow your Internet sales team the flexibility process diagram on visit the sites where your customer submitsto work with customers both in and awayfrom their office. a sheet of paper that leads. This will allow them to experience first hand what messages your customer identiÞes the steps receives while on the site and after they • PC – Every person working with Internet leads should have individual to take and who submit the leads. This will be an eye- opening experience and will tell you a great access to a computer so he or she can should take them deal of how customers are influenced by the actively manage leads. • Lead management tool – An effective to complete the lead submission path they take. You will also understand why customers are a little lead management tool keeps you action within your surprised when a dealership e-mails or calls department when a organized and allows you to manage them after they submit a lead. large volumes of leads and market to your customers long-term. new lead arrives. There is plenty more to learn, but taking • Cell phone – In order to fully serve these first five steps will give you a head start the Internet customer you will need a and allow you to generate sales this week! cell phone so customers can contact 3. Outline a lead handling process you when you are away from your There are a lot of different patterns for desk. managing leads, and most of them work if • Two-way pager – An e-mail pager you implement them consistently. Draw a allows you to respond anyplace simple process diagram on a sheet of paper David Kain is the automotive Internet anytime, which will likely exceed that identifies the steps to take and who training specialist at Kain Automotive Inc. your customer’s expectations and should take them to complete the action He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, or position your dealership to sell the within your department when a new lead by e-mail at, or customer first. arrives. visit 10
  • RadWeaver Understanding the Difference Between a Web Site and a Total Marketing Strategy Can Help Sell an Additional 500 Cars a Month Dealers often look at feature of all your advertising. If you use that’s important to most customers. We started our Internet success billboards, make sure the customer sees to shift out thinking when we began to look at and ask me what We’ve implemented our Web site as more than a place to go online makes our Web site a number of innovative ways to gather e-mail to get information about our dealership, our unique. For starters, addresses so that we can launch promotional products and our services. The difference our success involves e-mail campaigns periodically, as well. between our old templated site and our newmore than just an awesome Web site, it is due The key here is that the e-mails are unlike system is that nowto our entire Internet CRM strategy. anything else on the market. For example, serves as a total marketing system to drive our customers view a movie-mail that more phone traffic, showroom traffic andOur success is due to our strategy to create includes sound and animation that works on Internet leads, and as a result has helpedmore traffic, to increase our closing ratio, our slow connections. us sell an additional 500 vehicles in onegross, CSI and loyalty. Our strategy includes month and generate 750,000 in additionalonline marketing, search engine marketing, We also know that seven out of 10 customers gross. Specials are prominent and frequentlye-mail marketing, CRM tools, the right do their research online and might not look updated, and the customers automaticallypeople, process and pricing. The reason we to the newspaper when they begin their get a virtual test drive on the vehicle inincreased our sales from 100 to 500 cars a shopping. For this reason, we’ve made sure which they’re interested. This indicates tomonth is because we have implemented all of that when the customer uses a popular search us that they’ve submitted a lead, and what’sthese key components. engine like Google, they’re likely to see our great is that our system automatically sends name at the top of the list. out another movie-mail. At this point, theFirst, the right Web site will generate high customer receives a brochure, a “Why buyquality leads and lower your cost per sale, but The next step in the customer experience is to here?” multi-media e-mail, competitiveonly if you get the customers there. One way actually visit the site. While they’re there, our comparisons and a phone call to set theto do this is to make your URL a prominent new site makes it easy to find the information appointment. If we are successful in setting the appointment, the movie-mail might be designed to confirm the appointment and provide directions and let them know how fast, fun and easy it is to Keep your customers get a car this way. Our system even includes messages in the event that someone doesn’t for just pennies a day. show and of course, there’s a whole suite of campaigns for unsold follow-up, sold follow-up, service reminders and renewal campaigns. We have learned that the majority of customers don’t but right away and therefore, Loyalty DriverTM by . we need to follow-up sometimes for three to is email marketing made six months. That is why our CRM tool is a critical part of our success. In particular, our easy. Your own customized CRM tool automates all of our long-term e-newsletter with profes- follow-up and as a result, it adds five to 10 sionally written content percent to our overall closing ratio some and sophisticated report- months. ing including our unique Although our Web site has won many awards buy signal allowing you to it is only part of our strategy. However, know when your customer together with our online marketing people, is ready to buy. process and CRM tools we have used it to sell 500 extra cars a month and that number continues to climb. CONTACT US TODAY at 866-964-NEWS (6397) ext.214 Rad Weaver is the Internet director at Red McCombs. He can be contacted or email us at at 866.210.2838, or by e-mail at 12
  • RandyBarone Used Vehicle Market: Get Your Piece of the Pie Dealers using an street to the used car lot. can identify training opportunities to ensure automated system to outstanding customer service. manage trade closing Achieve an optimum trade closing ratio ratios in their used Determine the necessary steps to ensure the Do you have multiple stores? You can get car business have optimum trade closing ratio for your store. the latest reporting and monitoring so that increased gross retail Learn know which vehicles to vie for and information can be reviewed regarding singleprofit by 10 percent. They also have reduced which to pass on to have the right inventory. point or multiple stores from anywhere in thewholesale losses by 37 percent and achieved country. You can also obtain a track recorda turn time of just two days. If you aren’t Software is now available that shows you of recon and how fast a vehicle goes fromusing an automated system, think about the which product you need to stock to have 80 service to being front-line ready. You can getimpact it could have on your business. percent of inventory turn in 22 days or less. recommendations for which vehicles to list The software determines when a vehicle is online to maximize time and profits.Automated systems enable dealers to keep being appraised over or under auction bookclose tabs on the percentage of used vehicles and market data. This helps ensure that the Don’t allow the competition to take awayappraised versus vehicles actually traded. By best decision is made while the customer is your customers because of deficient tradehaving this information at your fingertips, still at the dealership. closing ratios. You have the potential toyou can better determine the steps needed easily double your used car business byto achieve an optimum trade closing ratio. Show your customers good taste and using current technology.To maximize your profitability, you need excellent servicea trade closing ratio of above 45 percent. In addition, your customers and sales team canThis means trading for 45 percent of all be confident that the appraisal your dealership Randy Barone is the vice president of sales at American Auto Exchange Inc., aused vehicles appraised. If you don’t have provides is backed by solid data. If you want subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises Inc.this type of ratio, too many of your potential to track the performance of sales personnel, He can be contacted at 800.901.3017, orcustomers are taking their business down the each individual’s activity is available. You by e-mail at 14
  • M E D I A G R O U P WE CAN In Your Showroom PUT This Weekend AND GET A$ 500 SAVE! 2005 EL HYUND ALL PO AI A NTR A $12,995 WE R, LO AD ED! SAVE! 2006 HYUNDAI SONATA ALL POWER, $15,995 LOADED! SAVE! AI SAVE! HYUND irem Equity requ 2005 y. You T 2005 HYUNDAI inventor AC C EN Credit vehicle. val ED! must bring rs from SANTE FE R, LOAD payment requ POWE rged pape mo URT ALL maximum TCY CO 9995 ble, discha transfera GIFT CARD un received credit amo LOADED! N RUP UING PITENCY: EVROLET$ Alim ALL POWER, have income. You may S BALID:K $17,995 AG E D STAT RATESRE AUG 30, 2005 CA:LL CA 5-8251 ISS OL CH UNITE AT 800-59 S VA BEFO E 9 Diane Ladd RE: SCHARG PTCY DI NT: 99 BANKRU GISTRA GENT RE 99 SIGNATU RE SAVE! AI CONTIN HYUND it 99 IZED Cred ers AUTHOR 2005WITH EVERY ORDER*! 99 Rebuild a ON TIBUR Of Americ 999 499 ! ADED 995y Notice nit ALL PO WE R, LO t Opportu995 SAVE! $15,995 evrole Capitol Ch ,995 se This 2005 HYUNDAIALL PACKAGES rd Or Lo ,999 nce plan. t To Disca 7,999 market fina secured Careful No TUCSON cial test rally Please Be discharge 95 plan, a spe 8,9g with fede workin kruptcy evrolet, who are ice.8,999 C of: in our new ban itol Ch your cho 8,999 of Reb LOADED! INCLUDE: The matter ticipation ts at Cap vehicle of ct amount O ALL POWER, d for par d and Angie McCan a new or used -selecte ne Lad 0,995 The exa al partici- ons ). and conditi995 r person $15,995 se been pre to purcha for terms 11, h you You have is set up with Dia s to enable you reverse side 800-595-825111,995 , wit This plan lending institution ,500 (see SAVE! NDAI t call inty, banks and up to $22 is not listed. Jus 11,999 rehension, uncertant auto loan ,999 can be confide 005 HYU unt t. d for an reasons that amo proval amoun of the $11 app ecte 2 • PREMIUM LIST XG 3 5 0 also pre-sel for security your exact pre-ap erstanding , you You are may vary , and find out $11 this9 e a full und icle. Knowing,99 5 I the loan listed below, to Cants, hav a veh $13,99 ! e Angie Mc ns in purchasing and R, LO ADED d and $13,995le their entire pant cod n. new Diane Lad financial situatio this organizatio WE ALL PO $22,995 ntatives, of the with availab $13 5 to make ,99 ncial represeembarrassment all your dealings • US POSTAL RECEIPT Your fina es even in has agreed ,999 and sometim be treated wit h respect below), whoited time only! $13 will olet (see itol Chevrunique offer for a lim ,995 $15h a trade. that you valid at Cap n wit 5 package is hin guidelines of this ney dow $15,99 or before the cted loan do no mo $15,995 e in on Your sele entory to keep wit can usually must com • MANIFEST $16,995 inv ADE: We , but you vehicles. used car WITH TR auto loan used PAYMENT cted your sele r 300 new and nks, SH DOWN antage of ove th our tha ZERO CA want you to take adv best selection on for l set or Cooler wi r and we ire. Come early 1-piece too unique offe t) • 800 TRACKING entary 14hile supplies las AN: exp This is a d, as this offer will dates liste Complim A VEHI (w by. CLE LO S: for stopping NT ON L BONU AL AMOU at: 800-595-8251. SPECIA E YOUR APPROV NUMBER • PREMIUM nts IN gie McCa n your pre - TO DETERM call Diane Ladd or An below). on Write dow e phone, de # (listed be given. a touch-ton al Participant Co ount will mediate 1. From proval am accept im your pre-ap GIFTS INCLUDED son pared to e your per verified and 2. Provid be bel ow. ote: Be pre ntity will provided listed bel ow. (N 3. Your ide the space dealership amount in ering the All New approval er upon ent vehicle.) Capitol ... The• FIRST CLASS POSTAGE d To The t this lett or used ds Lea 4. Presen your new All Roa delivery of cation: ROLE T Event Lo hevrolet CHEV WE CAN DROP IN 3 DAYS! C 29229 Capitol d Road, Columbia, SC American Flag Giant fore an 111 Newl n Road - Under The be Offer Valid 2005 Integrity… Reliability… mso I-20 @ Cle , 8251 August 30 800-595-Ladd or Angie Mc Cants for Diane # Ask g Divisio n CODE Accountin ICIPANT FinancialDepartment OVAL! AL PART E APPR PERSON 4 5 15892 Dependability! Cashier MEDIAT FOR IM CA LL NOW ) unt here ISSUED t To: l amo Amount: (Enter your approva Made Ou Approval aler: roval De ed Autop Force Media Group Is America’s Fastest Growing CALL FORCE MEDIA GROUP NOW AND INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC Authoriz pitol Chevro Ca let Full-service Automotive Marketing Company Providing Television, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Media Planning,*WITH EVERY ORDER OF 10,000 OR MORE Staffed Events And Data Management. Call Jim Fitzpatrick, President, To Schedule A Presentation At Your Dealership. 877-565-8240 PIECES.
  • PattiWood Matching and Mirroring I worked my last “callees.” Mine were so nice. light, happy voice. If they answered with a years of college doing quick, loud hello, I matched with a quick, telephone surveys for Because we were doing scientific research loud hello. If they breathed fast in the first few the governor’s office. we had to complete all our calls. My boss moments of the call, I did the same. If they Yes, I was the person started giving me the “hang-ups.” That meant paused a lot and breathed deeply and so did interrupting your I would call people who had hung up on other I. These people felt comfortable and safe withdinner to ask you questions about how many surveyors and get the person to complete the me. They felt, at the subconscious level, thatrefrigerators you had in your home, whether call. I was good at this, so I got a raise. Soon we were from the same tribe, so they stayedyou owned a boat and what you thought of my salary tripled and I was calling people who on the phone, telling me about their boats andthe waste water sewage treatment in your had hung up on surveyors four and five times. wastewater sewage.area – you know, all those fun, stimulating I would get them to complete the surveys. Mirror Mirrortopics. And I had to keep you on the phone So now you’re wondering how I did this (or Real communication — verbal andfor 45 minutes. I had to read straight from a am I just bragging?) Well, so did I. Then I took nonverbal — means being able to see thescript, with no add-ins or improvising except my first nonverbal communication class and I world both through your eyes and someonefor my greeting and goodbye. Our supervisor learned about something called matching and else’s. Communication is about creatinglistened in to check for cheating. mirroring. It‘s a natural phenomenon that understanding. Rapport is the fastest andI loved this job. I am not joking. I really causes you to match the body movement, most effective way to create understandingenjoyed it. However, most of the surveyors voice tone, tempo and breathing of people with another person. Neural linguisticdidn’t. They would sigh, curse and bang you like. It also includes liking and feeling programming (NLP) offers a way for us todown the phones, stressed out that someone comfortable with the people who are create rapport consciously using nonverbalhad hung up on them. Most surveyors lasted matching you. That was what I was doing communication to match or mirror another’sfor one or two survey topics – one month and naturally on my phone calls without even body language.they were out of there. I couldn’t figure out knowing I was doing it! If the person pickingwhy everyone else seemed to get all the bad up had a light, happy voice, I said hello in a Rapport creates a feeling of trust and safety between you and the other person. Rapport means the other person feels heard and understood. When you are in rapport with another person, you have the opportunity to enter their world and see things from their This Chick Is Bad. perspective, feel the way they do, get a better understanding of where they are coming Thats Good. People with bad credit arent always bad people. from and, as a result, enhance the whole relationship. Matching creates trust and self-disclosure They can be really good if you Matching and mirroring are taught as part know how to find and process of FBI and law enforcement training. By them. Last year we handled matching the suspect and/or witness you over 2,500,000 Sub-Prime gain trust and they are more likely to share leads with our VOISYSTM information. You can begin to “feel” what Loan By Phone, Direct Mail the other person is feeling. There is another and Internet programs. We interesting aspect of matching physiology. guarantee our programs, Whenever we hold and move our bodies in performance and results 100%. certain ways, we create specific chemicals Call us now and learn how in our brains. Therefore, we feel and think the way we hold our bodies. Now, imagine we can help you with that you can successfully match someone’s Sub-Prime prospects. Youll do physiology. You create the same chemicals a better job and generate and the same thoughts. And those chemicals extra profits! shunt into your bloodstream in less than a Good is good. fraction of a second. You can begin to feel Bad can be awesome. what the other person is feeling. Change their emotions and persuade them You have an upset customer in front of you. Remaining calm isn’t working. They are red-faced and yelling, and their hands are 1-800-438-8642 gesturing wildly. The worst thing you can do here is yell back. Instead, match the intensity “Were the car guys helping car guys!” of their nonverbal behavior and bring your volume up slightly as you bring your hands 16
  • continuedup to slowly gesture and say with intensity, it sounds like you’re making fun of them. You you already do this all the time.“I understand that you’re very upset.” As you don’t have to match for very long or match Tit-for-tat matchingcontinue to do this for a moment or two they completely. Stay in a zone that’s comfortableshould feel a match, which in turn will make for you. For example, if someone is speaking In tit-for-tat matching, one person does onethem feel heard and understood. While you’re much louder than you, you could just get thing, e.g. shake their crossed foot up andtalking with them, slow down your rate of louder. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match. down. In response, you do something elsespeech and bring down your volume level. like drum your fingers at the same pace. Or Match breathing and pacing they might pick up a coffee cup and play withYour matching communicates your empathyfor their pain. People yell loudly and keep This is the trickiest thing to do well, but it it, so you pick up your sunglass case and playyelling because they don’t feel heard. Ideally, creates the most magic. You actually match with it. the person’s breathing rate, including waysthey will not need to yell any more because Patti Wood is the president ofyou matched them and they feel heard and they breathe as they speak. When you do it Communication Dynamics. She can beunderstood. As you slowly move to a calmer well, you will almost immediately get a rush contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mailset of body language and vocal cues, they will of the feeling that person is feeling. If you at, or visitcome with you. Voila, magic matching! think matching breathing is odd, remember, can do it!So, let’s discuss ways in which you canconsciously match or mirror to create rapport.To do that, lets first distinguish betweenmatching and mirroring.Mirroring is acting as if you are the mirrorof the other person. If they move their rightshoulder and lean to their left, you mirror andlean your left shoulder you move the right. Ifthey lift their right hand, you move your left.Matching is moving the same part of the bodythey are moving in exactly the same way.They lean back; you lean back. This is whatI did with the tall one in the story. Typically,in mirroring, you mirror at the same time theother person moves. In matching, you waituntil a bit of time has passed or wait until it isyour turn to speak before you match.Matching body languageBody language includes everything exceptwords -- facial expressions, eye movement,gestures and postures. But start out withone behavior at a time with one person andslowly move up to match multiple bodypostures and movements as you become morecomfortable.Matching voiceI called my friend Pat, but I knew eventhough she was talking to me, that she reallydidn’t have time to talk. Sure enough, whenI checked in with her, she confirmed thatshe didn’t. We’ve all done that. Your on thephone with your friend or your sweetie andsomething does not seem right. Your friendis probably not doing what would comenaturally – matching your voice tone, tempoand speaking rate. By the way, people whodo not have time to talk will do this withouteven realizing they are doing it. We knowsubconsciously that getting into vocal syncwith someone means the phone call will keepgoing.For voice, you can match tone (i.e. harsh,sarcastic, and assertive), speed (fast to slow),volume (from soft to very loud), rhythm(the beat and emphasis), accent and clarityor articulation (how crisp or slurred the c’sand k’s sound). Don’t match so quickly thatoctober 2005 17
  • TomGegax Ride Employee Development to the Top Some years ago, a with showroom and service bays. (In-house downloading information about successful junior IBM executive universities are expensive, but ours paid people and companies,” said Dave Wilhelmi, lost the company for itself countless times over.) We enrolled vice president of marketing. “I found myself $10 million when a new employees in a week-long course reading more books at Tires Plus than I ever deal blew up. Shortly with three primary objectives. First, TPU, did in school. It was like getting an additional afterward, CEO Tom taught standardization — indispensable to education while going to work every day.Watson Sr. called the young man into his an explosive outfit with employees from With that kind of culture we couldn’t help butoffice. When the contrite exec said, “I guess Milwaukee to Denver. Second, TPU instilled succeed.”you want my resignation,” Watson replied, a familiarity with store responsibilities that“You can’t be serious, son. We’ve just spent allowed people to step right in and contribute. Mentors. Mentoring is a terrific way to$10 million educating you.” Elementary, Third, TPU taught product knowledge. leverage one employee’s strengths whilemy dear Watson. Whether it’s Big Blue or a Nobody in the tire industry knew their “black simultaneously educating another. Mentorsbusiness of two, PR&D (people research and gold” as well as our staff. Our sales people and mentees typically trade phone calls anddevelopment) should be a big-ticket item on provided customers with manufacturer specs get together for lunch monthly. If the rightany company’s budget. — as well as value and safety metrics — for internal match doesn’t exist, go outside the every brand. company. Eric Randa, our vice president ofYields on human-capital upgrades are better loss prevention, trained under Gary Kasperthan on most other capital expenses. Thanks Motivational Speakers. Familiarity more than 20 years ago at Montgomeryto my company’s education obsession, breeds boredom. A new face in the office Ward. Later, when we hired Eric to startour competition always lagged a few steps complements your in-house experts. Mike up our loss prevention program, he oftenbehind. Competitors imitated everything Norman, a franchisee for Dale Carnegie called Gary to ask him how he’d handle awe did. What they couldn’t copy was our Training, lit a fire under a hundred of our particular challenge. “It’s always good topeople and culture, a proprietary blend of regional and store managers during a half- talk to somebody who’s been there and donepersonalities and values. Whether you’re day leadership workshop. “At the time, we that,” Eric said, “rather than try to reinvent theteaching an employee to manage payroll needed to reinvent ourselves and quit relying wheel every time.”or coaching him to get organized, you’re so much on internal leaders to educate and Tuition Assistance. In the early days, Steveequipping him with the wisdom and skills to motivate employees,” Chris Koepsell said. I Varner was a wholesale rep eager for a freshmeet your high expectations. always looked to the horizon for fascinating challenge. We obliged him with an assignment specialists who could speak on anything from to the collections department, followed by aBuild your educational infrastructure business trends to psychology. Our roster bump up to credit manager that required himMore input equals more output. Input of memorable speakers ran the gamut from to squeeze people for money. Figuring thereeducation and your people will output basketball firebrand Bobby Knight to mind- was more to the job, Steve signed up for amore productivity. It starts with you. Share body author Deepak Chopra. Chalk it up to credit and financial management course at thewhat you know. Be a steady conduit of human nature, but when an outside speaker University of Minnesota. We were thrilled, andbusiness-building information. If you keep says something, chances are it’s going to be paid half of Steve’s tuition for every class inyour knowledge to yourself, you’ll be a heard and valued more. which he earned a B or better. “If I hadn’t goneroadblock, perpetually frustrated that nobody back to school,” Steve said, “they would’veelse “gets it.” The same goes for sharing best But don’t just hand over the agenda. Before eventually replaced me with somebody frompractices. If one department or store builds Mike Norman took the stage, I made sure his the outside.” He’s right. Our rapid growtha better mousetrap, make sure it’s replicated message jibed with our mission, vision and demanded that Steve know everythingthroughout the company. values. I also spoke during Mike’s workshop. from calculating a customer’s credit risk to I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to set the interpreting anti-trust and collection laws. ButEmployee education stretches beyond stage for Mike — and to pump up a gathering it was a classic win-win. His bad-debt ratiowork-related subjects. The best education is of employees who were in constant contact was well below industry benchmarks, and hismultidisciplinary, reaching across all of life’s with customers. stewardship played a key role in our wholesaleartificial boundaries. Well-rounded employees division’s sales growth.with mature, sophisticated outlooks are more Seminars. Send employees to workshopslikely to become (happy) masters of their that fit their positions — and don’t neglect Encourage your people to advance theircraft. “Our focus on education had a lot to do yourself. I took notes and collected handouts education however it fits into their busy lives.with our low turnover,” noted Jim Pascale, our at numerous classes, conventions and It’s deadly to assume they already have whatoperations veep. “After all, the more educated seminars so I could re-present the content to it takes to play in the big leagues. Night andyou are, the more productive and fulfilled you our management team. weekend courses make an immediate impact.are. Learning new things prepares you to take And Web-based distance learning makeson more responsibility.” Books. I periodically asked my executive formal education more convenient than ever. team to read a business or personal growthThe building blocks of employee education book. I’d assign each person to summarize a Tom Gegax served as the chairman andTraining. Consuming 8,000 square feet in chapter or two at an upcoming meeting. The CEO of Tires Plus and is the founder ofour suburban Minneapolis headquarters, reaction was predictable: Nobody liked doing Gegax Management Systems. He can beTires Plus University included classrooms, it, but everybody liked having done it. “I have contacted at 866.210.2832, or by e-mail atan auditorium and a virtual store complete a belated appreciation for Tom’s emphasis on 18
  • We ask if you’re sellingmore vehicles with Cobalt. Wes Lutz, President and Owner, Extreme Dodge, Jackson, MI, NADA-24 Chairman, and Cobalt customer since 2000. Our sales have increased 20% since we started working with Cobalt. They’re the industry leader for a darn good reason. That’s why we use them. Yes, we’re moving a lot more metal with Cobalt. Get real results from the company thousands of dealers turn to for automotive retailing solutions. Call 877.553.1700 or go to today.
  • fs feature solution An Interview by - BrianAnkney Dealix: Driving Vice Presidents Steve Pace and Dean EvansThis year marks another milestone for Francisco. It drove my manager crazy that if they request one. With Edmunds’ TrueInternet lead provider Dealix Corporation. we didn’t have the customer in the dealership Market Value and other such services, manyThe company was ranked highest in Overall to get the sale in the end zone; but it didn’t consumers already have an idea of price. IfDealer Satisfaction among primary new matter, as much of the deal was already they ask for the price and are not given atindependent online buying services in the just done and the customer was blown away by least ballpark figure, they most likely willreleased J.D. Power and Associates Dealer the ease of the transaction. After that sale, I get suspicious and will buy from a dealerSatisfaction with Online Buying Services realized that this is where it’s all heading. who will be more up front about price. ThisStudySM. AutoSuccess talked with Dealix’s Shortly thereafter, I joined Autoweb and doesn’t mean a sales person has to give it allSteve Pace, vice president of sales, and Dean started selling leads to dealers. away at the outset. Rather, the focus shouldEvans, vice president of marketing, to learn be on identifying where the consumer is inmore about why dealers love Dealix. Evans: Similar to Steve, I was starting up their buying stage and giving them enough one of the first Internet departments in a full- information so they’re comfortable aboutAutoSuccess: You both had a background line Chrysler dealership in San Francisco in coming into the store to complete thein auto sales before you joined Dealix. Tell the mid ‘90s. We joke about this now because about that. Steve was actually my lead sales rep. That’s how we met. I was that dealer saying, “These Much of the success of an Internet salesPace: I’ve been in the business since the leads suck! I want a credit!” Steve would say, person can be attributed to three key actions:first dealers were getting leads from the Web. “How are you handling your leads?” I wasI was a sales consultant at Saturn of Steven’s always grinding him about lead quality. I 1. Getting there firstCreek down in Santa Clara (California), and guess this means we’ve been in this industry 2. Providing a thorough and honestwe received leads from Autoweb. The first for almost 10 years now. Funny, I don’t feel consultation with competitive pricing -car I sold from an Internet lead was in 1997 that old. this doesn’t mean the rock bottom priceto a guy who was from 50 miles away in San - just something fair to negotiate with Pace: I think Dean must have submitted 3. Following up rigorously to get the Steve Pace, Vice President of Sales 200 leads back to me within the first couple appointment and the sale. months. He wanted credits on all of them because he said they were bad leads. Consumers want to speak with a sales person who has a lot of product knowledge Evans: When I was done ranting and raving, and who is going to act more like a Steve would jokingly say something like, consultant who guides them through the “Dean, for the time it’s taken you to call me buying process. The meet and greet is now and complain, you could have followed up happening in people’s homes or offices – on with three more leads and sold another car.” the computer and on the phone, which many I have to say, he was right. He gave me good consumers are more comfortable with, tips on how to improve our sales process. especially in today’s hectic world. A solid process for getting them into the dealership AutoSuccess: How has the sales process in is critical. The consumer now has the luxury dealerships changed over the past decade? of sitting there and not acting until someone earns their business on their terms. Pace: How a car is sold is evolving and will continue to do so with the expansion Pace: The consultative approach doesn’t of Internet departments in dealerships. translate into a weak closing of the sale. This Prior to the Internet, the sale of a car was is not a soft sell. It just means there’s been a generally a reactive type of sale. You put an shift in skill sets. The Internet has raised the ad in the paper or on the radio and then you bar for writing and phone skills, which today’s waited for the customer to call or stop by the dealers need in order to get the customer into dealership. Once they came in, the heavy the showroom to buy the car. There are new close took place. Now consumers are more elements to what professionalism means for confident than ever and are fully armed with dealers today. information from the Web. They respond to dealers who are proactive in meeting their Evans: If you go back six years, there was sales and service expectations. this misconception that cars were actually going to be bought and sold on the Internet Evans: This is why dealers should not – like an e-commerce transaction to buy a hesitate about giving customers a price range book and that the dealer would be replaced. 20 AutoSuccess
  • Online Auto SalesTalk Sales from 10 Years in the Business Look all around you – that didn’t happen. they do best, which is attract online buyers. The Internet works best as a sales-lead They work with us because they don’t have generation, advertising and marketing tool. the expertise in working with dealers. Have you ever walked into one of those huge warehouse stores and there’s no one With the growth of the Internet and all the to help you or there’s not one person who’s opportunities it presents, dealers still need to worth their salt when it comes to answering keep the focus on what they do best, which is questions? Consumers need dealers who selling cars. know what they’re talking about. AutoSuccess: It’s become more common Pace: Dealers who have recognized for lead providers, especially in their the shift in consumers’ expectations are advertising, to tout their lead quality. What winning the market share game. The best differentiates a quality lead? are expanding their Internet capabilities across their dealership, and management is Pace: Lead quality comes from having proactive about these changes in the store strong partnerships with the best auto sites versus having it forced on them. Dealers on the Web and insisting that they adhere to who are not on the ball are starting to our same high standards in terms of getting notice their market share leaking over time. legitimate information from consumers Their competitor a couple markets away is who are seriously in the market for a new plucking their local customers in the dark of vehicle. The combination of good people, night by using the Internet and an impeccable good technology and offering dealers a high follow-up process. degree of flexibility on the leads they get all contribute to lead quality. At a minimum, a dealership should be defending its own market, which means AutoSuccess: What do you mean by ensuring that anyone in their area who dealer control features and offering dealers submits a lead for a vehicle is going to “flexibility” with their leads? get a response from them. Ideally, dealers Dean Evans, Vice President of Marketing should be on the defensive and go on the Evans: What we mean by dealer control offensive by trying out new markets. It features is that dealers have the best for models that they have no problem selling; means responding to as many customers as understanding of their ideal sales territories, and turning on leads for models where they they can who demonstrate a sincere interest their team’s resources and the makes and have a high gross that they really want to in the vehicles they’re selling. models they really need to move off the lot; move. By customizing their leads program, so they should have control over getting leads they ensure they’re connecting with their AutoSuccess: Why do you think lead that fit their sales goals. The last thing we best prospects. providers have become so important in want to do is send them leads they’re going automotive retailing? to have trouble selling to. Sales is always a numbers game, but it’s about quality over quantity when it comes to leads, because you don’t want to waste By customizing their leads program, your team’s time on leads they can’t close. You really do get what you pay for with leads dealers ensure they’re connecting – you pay for good quality. We’re constantly negotiating for placement and quality with with their best prospects. our own lead acquisition partners in order to get the best leads for our dealers. Evans: We help dealers do what they do Dealer control features are simply the tools best, only more efficiently. That’s our role, provided to determine the optimal lead Steve Pace is the vice president of which is finding the most ready-to-buy sales for Dealix. Steve can be contacted strategy. A high degree of flexibility means at 866.871.0240, or by e-mail at customers on the Web and delivering them getting leads only from the Zip codes that Dean Evans is as leads directly to dealers. At the same time, match the demographics of their target the vice president of marketing for Dealix. we recognize that we are not the consumer market; or increasing their sales territory by Dean can be contacted at 866.887.8892, or marketing powerhouse that a Yahoo, an mile radius because they’re ready to handle by e-mail at For AOL, or an MSN is, so we let them do what more leads. Or, it can mean turning off leads more information, visit Feature Solution 21
  • TracyGetz Crunching the Numbers: Many Dealerships Pay More than Necessary in Trash Bills Restructuring a The Sullivan Auto Group — Toyota, Toyota Not all dealerships are candidates. Chances facility’s waste Certified, Saturn and Chevrolet dealerships are dealerships in areas with a lot of removal often results in — in Roseville, Calif, provides a good competition between waste haulers just don’t a savings of more than example of how revamping trash removal can have garbage bills high enough to justify the 25 to 40 percent per significantly reduce operating expenses. The equipment expense. A good rule of thumb is month in trash bills. Toyota, Chevrolet and Certified dealerships that any site that’s spending more than $1,500 were originally equipped with open-top bins. per month in garbage bills is a candidate forDealerships generate a lot of cardboard, The three bins required pick up every 10-14 a waste stream analysis. This is a simpleplastic, used parts and office waste. To deal days. Moreover, staff members broke down survey that assesses a facility’s trash bills andwith the waste, most facilities throw their all boxes so they could be hauled away for typical waste generated to determine the besttrash in open-top bins provided by their local a fee. The addition of a new Saturn location equipment for that location.garbage hauler. Recyclables are often put into also meant the trash bills were going toanother receptacle, then hauled away either As an illustration, if a facility is spending escalate further.for free or a small fee. $1,500 per month in trash bills, often a singleGarbage companies are basically trucking In response, property manager Frank Garcia compactor will reduce that bill to aroundcompanies. They make their money charging rented two compactors and two balers. (Since $750. If the cardboard is removed from thefor the number of trips they make out to the properties are clustered together, two waste stream, garbage bills are reduced toa facility. The way to cut your trash bill dealerships can share a single compactor and around $563. Once the cardboard is baled, thedramatically is to reduce the number of times a cardboard baler — another great way to facility can take advantage of rebates offereda waste hauler visits your facility. save money.) The trash hauler only needed to by recyclers and haulers. pull each of the compactors every two weeks.Installing a trash compactor does just that In addition, the balers allowed the dealerships These are typical results if the dealership has— when you compact your trash, the waste to sell back their cardboard. The trash bills purchased the equipment outright. Facilitieshauler picks it up less frequently. On average, plummeted. Even after paying a monthly that don’t opt to purchase the equipment canusing a compactor reduces a garbage bill by rental fee, the properties save about half. still rent a compactor and baler and see anabout 50 percent. Trash compactors remedy immediate 25 to 40 percent reduction in trashmany of the problems that open-top bins “It’s been a substantial savings,” Garcia said. bills even after rental fees.create, a compactor is cleaner, the garbage “Not only in garbage, but the baler was a lotalways fits inside the container and since the of help. Before, we had one or two guys out Compactors and balers come in all shapes andhauler isn’t visiting as often you reduce the there cutting the cardboard up so they could sizes. Things to consider when purchasingtraffic on your property. put it into another open container. Now we or renting equipment are size, configuration, don’t even have to cut it up. It’s freed up their aesthetics and safety features. To find the bestTrash compactors are often just the first time, and I’d say we get a week extra between fit for a dealership, facility managers shouldstep. Dealerships can also benefit from using pick ups just from pulling the cardboard. It consult with a waste management expert. Justcardboard balers. Using a baler provides saves a lot.” a few of the features available include verticaltwo benefits — it eliminates cardboard from or horizontal units, a variety of sizes, keya facility’s waste stream and adds profit to If a dealership buys a compactor and baler operation and container fullness monitors.the bottom line. Specifically, if you pull the outright, the return on investment is aroundcardboard out of a waste stream then compact 30 months. However, full-maintenance rentalthe leftover garbage you’ve reduced the programs allow many businesses to reap thevolume of garbage to haul away. Moreover, benefits of compacted trash and cardboard Tracy Getz can be contacted atthe cardboard can be resold to recyclers for a without any upfront money for equipment, 866.885.9808, or by e-mail atcash return. on-site improvements or maintenance. Image A Image B Image CSite before compactor installation — shown is a Installation time — site prep often includes concrete A new, 30-yard, horizontal compactor installedtypical open-top bin installed by a waste hauler. and electrical installation. at Bay Area car dealership. It’s cleaner and more compact than open-top bins and saves the dealership in waste hauling costs each month. 22
  • MarkTewart Can I Trust You When you have a showing all the right buying signs, we blame approaches. Practicing risk aversion is a first encounter with a the customer and create some unflattering proactive approach to selling that addresses customer, he or she is names for him or her. Here’s a news flash: common fears up front and removes them usually wondering one Most of the time it’s your fault. It’s not before they become an obstacle. Fifteen simple question. Can I the customer’s job to trust you. It’s not the minutes spent on proactive risk aversion can trust you? customer’s job to create a rapport and a eliminate two hours of reactive objection bond. It’s not the customer’s job. handling.There are three stages of buying:1. Character and trust Often, the customer comes in sold on your Listen to what2. Emotion product and has a need and desire for it. They3. Logic want to buy it. But when it gets to the end,I don’t know that one stage is more one thing keeps them from buying – fear. Fear of making a mistake. Your customers customersimportant than the other but I do know thatthe trust stage usually happens first. When are human. Customers have fears of making a mistake in buying the wrong vehicle, say and whatyou build a house and the foundation isweak, no matter how nice a house you build getting the wrong price, getting the wrong information or having a bad experience. they areit comes crumbling down eventually. A sale trying to say. Listen to whatis the same way. You can sell all you want. To sell more, you must allow the customerYou can create an emotional frenzy. You can to buy. To buy a customer needs a path customersjustify emotions with logic and reasoning without obstacles and doubt. To removebut at the end if the customer has a twinge of the customer’s doubts and fear you mustdoubt about you they will pause and hesitateto complete the sale. practice risk aversion and reversal. really mean. Sales training has focused primarily onUsually when the customer stalls after handling objections and other reactive selling Take a pencil and paper and write down all the common fears of your customers and common objections you receive. Write down the silent objections you don’t get but you know are really there. No matter what you sell, it’s the same objections over and over. It doesn’t take that much to be aware of the objections, to be prepared to proactively eliminate them and even answer them if they still come up. Listen to what customers say and what they are trying to say. Listen to what customers really mean. And, listen to what customers aren’t saying but intuitively you know they are thinking. Increasing your intuitive ability is a major step in becoming a master sales person. Watch your customer’s body language. You don’t need a course to teach you what people are thinking by their body language. You simply need to observe, think and feel as they do. TLC – Think Like a Customer. Remember, that trust comes before money. Mark Tewart is the president of Tewart Enterprises. He can be contacted at 866.429.6844, or by e-mail at 24
  • DAVES TOP 10 LIST TOP 10 REASONS NOT TO USE PRORESPONSE Taken from the home office in Phoenix, Arizona, heres the following top ten reasons automotive dealerships give for not using ProResponses services. 10. Id rather buy expensive computer systems and do it myself. 9. My salespeople are computer gurus. We love buying CRM software and reading those cool technical manuals. 8. I really enjoy spending a small fortune on ineffective advertising. I need the write-off. 7. My salespeople are great at follow-up! Im sure theyre taking care of my customers. 6. I don t mind losing my customers to the competition. 5. Closing ratios, ad sourcing and accurate reports? My managers can give me those numbers right off the top of their heads. 4. I don t want my customers to remember me after they leave the dealership. 3. I have goals. Had em for years. What would I do if I reached them? 2. I don t like being the #1 dealer in my market. Who needs all that attention? AND . . .THE NUMBER ONE REASON NOT TO USE PRORESPONSE . . . 1. Im already selling enough cars and making so much money, the guilt is killing me! Would you invest 10 minutes each day for a 10 to 20% increase in sales? Over 300 successful dealerships are increasing their sales and CSI scores with ProResponse! FREE Follow-up every phone call, floor up, be-back. Stay in contact with ALL ups! FREE Drive website traffic to your store and track Internet prospects with Total E-mail Follow-up! FREE Total Database Management, Data Mining, Targeted Direct Marketing. FREE DAILY Management Reports with REAL data you can use to manage your people,Call us today at 1-800-608-7887, or see what our customers not your systems. are saying – visit! FREE FTC “Do Not Call” daily We do all the work – you reap all the rewards! Synchronization and Alerts to help you avoid receiving an $11,000 Fine! Follow-up every sold/leased customer for 5 years. Increase repeat sales, CSI, gain referrals and increase service traffic.Easy to own – On-Site Training - no huge up-front chargesLimited Exclusivity! Call us before your competition does! AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!
  • CarolMartin-Ardell Beyond the Vision Use Your Own Unique Leadership Style to Build a Better Team Successful leadership enthusiasm – save it for when you’re with potential, but the end results might be far is not just about having gregarious people who are more like you. more negative than positive. The last thing objectives, devising Reserved types typically find emotionally you need is to intimidate your staff, turn plans, enforcing based behavior and loud, booming voices them off, or unwittingly push them out of rules, developing unnerving. your dealership. relationships andexecuting ideas; it’s also about knowing You may also be known for your feverish Learn the expectations and needs of yourwho you really are, how you’re wired, why pace, ability to juggle several pressing staffsubordinates respond to you the way they commitments at once and desire for fast If you manage informally and expect othersdo, and what it takes to obtain the respect results. Use that strong sense of urgency to to fill in their own blanks, you’ll be praisedand backing you expect. This is the first in keep subordinates moving at a brisk pace. by your independently minded workers.a series of articles that will examine three You’ll be driven to build a team that’s not These are staff members who prefer tocommon managerial personalities -- and tell only adaptable but also ready to provide function on their own and don’t want anyyou how to maximize the benefits of each. quick resolutions to problems requiring hand-holding from management. However, immediate attention. Remember, though, there are other workers -- potential superstarsThe entreprenerial personality that not everyone on your team is going to -- who are loyal, dedicated and meticulous;If you’re a person who’s not hesitant to share your ambitious timetables; discuss these people may seem overly cautious togive orders and push people to their limits, your time expectations up front so your you, incapable of making a big decision onyou probably assume you have a natural objectives and expectations are clear. Make their own. They hold back when you wantability to take on leadership positions … sure your deadlines are reasonable. them to push forward and probably leaveand you may be right. You assert yourself you scratching your head, unable to relate toin situations, have no fear of confrontations, them most of the time.make steadfast decisions and maneuveryour way through crises. Meeting goals and One of the most The key to increasing their level ofgetting ahead are two of your most valuedobjectives. You like people, but business important lessons independence and self-sufficiency lies in providing detailed information, specificsrelationships are important to you mainly if any leader can and guidelines before assigning new tasks. learn is thatthey open the door to lucrative opportunities. Cautious, conscientious workers don’t likeYou’re aggressive, personable, zealous, taking chances; they want to be sure they’rehurried and ambitious – the quintessential the secret to doing things correctly and will expect you establishing andgo-getter! to point them in the right direction any time unusual circumstances develop. If you haveBe careful, though, as it’s all too easy tocross lines and transform from one who is maintaining neither the time nor the inclination to guide these workers, assign them a mentor, a rule-authoritative to one who is authoritarian. a cohesive, abiding but self-directing employee whoAnd there is a major difference. If youstart to consistently bark orders, make bold productive, loyal might be more readily available than you to answer questions.demands, you’ll sound more like a dictator and efÞcientthan a motivator and you’ll risk losing thesupport of your team, lowering morale team is no secret. One of the most important lessons any leader can learn is that the secret to establishing andand raising everyone’s (including your maintaining a cohesive, productive, loyalown) stress level. Remember, your job as a and efficient team is no secret. All you reallyleader is to make people want to reach your People less hurried than you can still need to do is gain some honest insight intoobjectives. maintain efficiency, but they need a sense your own strengths and weaknesses then of predictability in their day. Respect that use that knowledge to your advantage. OnceBecause you likely find it easy to and allow them to stick to a routine as much you learn how to identify your own naturalcommunicate with others, you probably have as possible. Avoid springing last minute tendencies and make the most of your assets,no qualms about speaking before a group, surprises on them. your power as a leader becomes virtuallysharing your ideas, expressing yourself. You unlimited.may notice you “click” more with outgoing Be sure your hurried work approach doesindividuals than introverts, though. When not make you overly impatient. A persongiving directives to those who are clearly who makes excessive demands and also Carol Martin-Ardell is a senior consultantsedate and conservative, eliminate the small lacks patience is highly suspected as a with the Omnia Group. She can betalk and get right to the point. Lower your good leader. The intention may be to stretch contacted at 800.601.3216, or by e-mail atvoice, and try to repress some of your natural employees to their limits and maximize their 26
  • Test Drive Our Leads$1 Leads Start Today CarLeadsUSASERVING DEALERS SINCE 1975 * FULL-CREDIT-AP-LEADS RIGHT IN YOUR MARKET • BUYERS WAITING • 62% OF OUR LEADS BOUGHT IN JULY* • 30+ DEALS & $75K+ IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS* • 100’S OF GOOD BUYERS WANT TO BUY NOW “We sold 23 units our first 2 weeks...this is absolutely the best program of it’s kind in the country. We bought this with our own money to show the owner...It rocks! He pays now!” - Bonnie & Don - N. Cal Dodge-Nissan Dealers “I just renewed for the 25th time and this last run was our best ever. This is the best Ad-Money I spend. Great leads - Great buyers! 30+ units for $90K+.” - Dave Kellogg - Seaport Auto “1000+ leads per month...16,000+ leads and counting. Just renewed for the 17th campaign.” - Al Gossett, Dealer Principal - Gossett Motor Cars “I’ve used this program for over a year in California and Oregon. It flat rocks! I’ve just renewed for the 8th time. Huge deals and lots of them.” - Robert Armstrong, GM - Fairfield Toyota “Thanks for the best leads ever!” - Bob Terwilliger, Special Finance Director - Hillboro Jeep-Chrysler CALL NOW TO RECEIVE 25 FREE LEADS 800.622.0562 • WWW.MyCarLoan.TV * results vary, call for details
  • TonyDupaquier Using the Service Drive to Sell VSCs There is a great be nice to have coverage that would pay for would like to look at, right?” The customer opportunity to sell repairs in the event something like this were will likely answer yes to this question. At this VSCs after the initial to happen again?” Customers will respond in time, you, the business manager, should get sale of the vehicle - the one of two ways: If they already have a VSC, involved to show the customer the benefits of service drive. they will tell the cashier. If they do not have a having the security of a VSC. VSC, they will likely say that they would likeIn most cases, when a customer picks up a some sort of coverage. If the latter is the case, You know exactly how many miles a yearvehicle after having factory warranty work have the cashier hand the customer a brochure the customer drives, you know the customerperformed, the customer does not realize the on VSCs and contact the business manager to will be keeping the vehicle and you knowvalue of the work that was done. The repair come to the cashier’s window, if he or she is the customer’s vehicle has experienced someorder states $0. In customers’ minds, the repair available. form of failure or defect. Use these facts inwas worth nothing. All customers know is that your presentation.there was a problem with the vehicle, they The service advisors on the lane present anbrought it into your service department, and excellent opportunity to sell additional VSCs, Draw a simple graph that represents thewhen they picked it up, there was zero out- as well. mileage the customer is driving per yearof-pocket expense. Have all customer repair in comparison to the amount of time theorders show the amount of money it would When a service advisor sees that a customer’s customer intends to keep the vehicle. Evenhave cost to perform the repair, with a credit vehicle is running out of warranty, have if the customer plans to keep the vehicle forfor the amount so the balance due is zero. the service advisor offer advice or a only a couple more years, this could easily recommendation to the customer. Do not represent 50,000 miles of exposure. InThe cashier should also be trained on how to have them try to sell a VSC. For the most addition put together a complete repair historyproperly present repair orders to customers. part, customers have a great deal of trust in on the vehicle, detailing what it would haveSome simple phrasing that allows the service advisors and will listen to what they cost the customer to pay for these repairs. Ifcustomer to acknowledge how much the have to say. Train your service advisors to say the customer sees the amount it would haverepair would have cost can be very beneficial something like, “Mr. or Mrs. Customer, I see cost to repair the vehicle when it was new andin the event the customer does not have you have _________ miles on your vehicle. still under warranty, it is very easy to justifya VSC. Have the cashier say, “Mr./Mrs. At this rate, you will be out of your factory the cost of a VSC over the long-term cost ofCustomer, your repair today came to a total warranty coverage in only a few months. Are ownership. Be sure to use the words “cost ofof $____________, and with your factory you planning to trade in your vehicle soon?” long- term ownership.” Show how the smallwarranty still in place, your out-of-pocket If the customer says that he or she does plan to investment of a VSC can save the customerexpense today is zero. It’s a good thing you trade it in, then get the customer in front of the thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.have coverage today, isn’t it?” To this, the sales manager. If the customer says no, followcustomer will respond positively. Then, have up with, “Would you like to save money?the cashier follow up so the customer realizes We have a program here at our dealership Tony Dupaquier is the director ofhow little coverage is left on the factory that is designed to help our customers save F&I training for American Financial & Automotive Services Inc. He can bewarranty. “In only a few thousand miles, money over the long-term ownership of their contacted at 866.856.6754, or by e-mail atyou will be out of your warranty. Wouldn’t it vehicles. I am sure that is something you 28
  • ScottJoseph Quick-Þx Ideas Here are a few quick- it now and in the future. market place today, more than ever is silently fix strategies and turn- begging to be led. Take full advantage of around techniques for Let’s face it, you are in a business where that. anyone who desires a there are a lot of prospects who do not quick shot in the arm buy from your dealership. They leave and Work your customer list and your prospects. to get their dealerships they don’t come back. You should analyzegoing and growing again. the real cost of inducing those people to Stop spending a lot of money on come to your showroom in the first place. advertising; use cost effective alternativesWork your customer list and your I’m talking about the people who actually What are those alternatives? Start by callingprospects respond to a specific ad not just walk in the and writing your customers. Contact all yourToo many companies reactively wait for door. The number would shock you. In fact, old customers and get them to recommendtheir customers to come back. Most think it would be difficult to find a dealer who does and refer people to you. Set up relationshipstheir customers are going to be so motivated not spend at least $150 to $200 just to get with local businesses that have good-willthat they are going to come back to them someone to walk in their door. That’s $150 with their customers. Have those businesseswhenever they’re good and ready. They to $200 per up not sold. introduce you and your products to theirdon’t realize that you have enormous customer base.control and capability of getting people tore-purchase from you at remarkably rapid Make sure your letters and offers require aand continuous intervals if you go to them You have the power direct response to lead, to program,and follow up. It’s important that everything you do in this environment, meaning in this type ofFollow up means working your customers to direct, to marketplace, justifies its existence. proactively causeand working your inactive customers andworking your prospects who did not buy. You’ve got to make your letters or your things to happen offers solicit a direct response. They’ve got but it requires youChristmas cards and birthday cards to to make a proposition to a customer to takecustomers are nice but they are not enough. some action – either to make a purchase, toYou have to follow up and really work them.Working those means you write letters to to do your part by come in and get free consultations --- to do something to commit them so they can getthem reestablishing the basis of why your following up and invested in what you’re doing. It’s criticallyproduct and your dealership is the best fitfor them. You call them and advise them in a guiding people. important.consultative manner. You keep doing this in Create headlines that produce optimuma constant sequence of events. results Why? Because today the buying market is Headlines are the ad for the ad. TheFifty percent of your customers will leave apathetic, ambivalent, diluted and diverted headline is an integral component not justyou within five years. Eighty percent of in their attention. They’re apprehensive and to advertising but it’s the first paragraph ofthose customers say they are satisfied or they’re afraid to trust anyone. a sales letter, it’s the first sentence you uttercompletely satisfied when they defect. when you meet someone, it’s the first words Because of these factors, the person or people hear when somebody calls them orYou’ve got to sell your customer not just the company that amounts a concerted, when they watch your television commercialwhen they make the purchase but upon continuous, on-going, systematic and or listen to your radio, after the fact – and keep re-selling structurally sequential follow-up system thatthem. That’s how you get re-purchases and brings value, information and education (not You’ve got to create headlines that produceincrease how often they buy from you. just sales rhetoric and hyperbole), to people the optimum result. How do you do that? You can be assured of closing more business and do that by understanding that the purpose ofIn today’s environment you cannot afford of acquiring more repeat customers than a headline or its equivalent is to promise ato only transact one-shot sales. The cost their competition can imagine. very self-serving and powerful result to theof acquiring a prospect and the cost of intended prospect for listening more, takingconverting them to customers is so high You owe it to yourself to create a follow- the next step, reading further, calling you orthat the only way you can really recoup up marketing strategy of letters, calls, whatever it is you’re asking them to do.the enormous investment is to have a high letters, constantly informing, educating andfrequency of repurchase transactions occur. consultatively advertising both customers Headlines must promise a powerful and and prospects before just giving up provocative self-serving result of the highestThat only happens if you are continuously prematurely. level in order to get people excited.selling, re-selling and making sure that yourcustomer recognizes with an abiding fervor You have the power to lead, to program, Scott Joseph is the president of J&Lwhat a great value the product or service you to direct, to proactively cause things to Marketing Inc. He can be contactedoffer them has been and will be – and what a happen but it requires you to do your part at 866.429.6846, or by e-mail atgreat dealership you are for having fulfilled by following up and guiding people. The 30
  • MichaelYork This is YOUR Life, Don’t Trust Your Memory In Dallas, Texas, in something had happened in my life over the with my observations of him, the events of 1988 a friend and last year that I needed to write down. And his life and the special days and times we fellow pursuer of the he was right. shared together as father and son. American Dream introduced me to Jim So I began keeping a journal. And soon I wanted him to learn how powerful it could Rohn. Mr. Rohn was that became two, and two became four, and be to keep a written record of your life. Itunlike any other speaker or teacher I had so on. Because once you start, you can’t would have been easier just to tell him toever heard, and he remains that today. keep everything in just one journal. And do it and try to explain why, but it was so eventually you fill it up. When that happens much more powerful as an example. ToAs a student of Mr. Rohn’s for more than you’ve now increased the value of the show him what I thought of this lesson, and15 years, from aspiring sales professional journal. How? what I thought of him, that I would committo director of sales to professional speaker, to a project that took almost 30 months tosome of the most powerful lessons I’ve When you purchase the blank book it will complete. Knowing all along that the planlearned in this life have come as a result be, well … blank. No writing. And whatever was to give him the finished project onof his fundamentals and philosophies on you pay for it, five dollars or ten dollars or graduation day.success, achievement and life. Too often even 20 dollars (you can get a nice leatherit seems organizations want to talk only journal for $20), matters little. Because The book only cost a few dollars. In theabout business and work and selling and when you have written just a few pages, grand scheme of things took only a fewthe wherefores and how-tos of whatever and especially if you’ve filled it up, you’ve minutes at a time to complete a work thatit is you do for your vocation. In doing so increased the value of that journal. is most certainly uncommon. Guess howthey can mortgage the real encouragement many moms and dads do something likethat focuses on the personal improvement Now, when you or someone you love pulls this? Guess how many could? If only they’dof the individual. They forget that we all it from the shelf of your personal library … thought of it. If only they had heard of theneed to improve; to be inspired as well as your spouse, child or grandchild, it will be idea, as you now have. And then committedinstructed. priceless! Not for sale at any price because to seeing it through to the successful of your contribution to the book. And completion of the project.Some of the best instruction I ever received because of the memories or ideas or thoughtsin that area was to “work harder on you than that you personally have captured on paper, That’s what personal development is: ayou do on your job.” When you become about your life or work. consistent commitment to getting better andbetter, you begin the process of fueling your adding value to you and your life. That’sattitude and desire and achievement and When my first book “Becoming Uncommon” why it’s called continuing improvement.results. Don’t neglect working hard on you. was published people would ask, “Is that the That’s the power of reading, writing and first book you’ve ever written?” My reply? listening. That’s the power of a journal. It’sWhen I first began listening to those tapes, “No, I’ve written several but this is the first actually easy to do. Problem is, it’s easier notMr. Rohn said there were fundamentals and one that’s been published.” Because I’ve to do. And that’s the option that most peoplefoundations for those who really wanted to been filling up journals with my personal will choose … easier. “I can’t,” they’ll saysucceed. And I did. writings for years … and you can do it, too! “You don’t understand, where I work, I don’t have the time …”.Three things he said we all should do if You can keep journals for lots of things.we wanted to be a top performer and high Wouldn’t your manager just fall over if Hey excuses are common. Coming up withachiever. you walked into your next meeting with a the clues of success and the reasons for notebook or leather book that you opened doing them are, you guessed it, uncommon!They are… and took notes of what he or she was saying?1. Take (and keep) lots of pictures. Notes about ideas you might have or things Try it. Start with just one journal and see2. Build your own library (and use you remembered to take care of? You do take how it affects your life and the lives of those someone else’s until you can). an occasional note, right? around you.3. Keep a journal! Meetings, big days in your life, trips For my short list of uncommon tips onThere will come a time to learn more about or travel to exotic locations, birthdays, starting and keeping your journals. E-mailone and two, but here I want to encourage anniversaries, be as creative as you like. I me at the address about number three, your personal keep goals journals and golf journals (myjournal. Writing in a blank book. Taking goals journal is bigger than my golf journal).and keeping good notes on your life. I have journals that hold all of my business meetings, what was discussed and when.My first thought was probably much like Michael York is an author and professionalyours, “I can’t keep a diary…” But Mr. Rohn I’ve kept journals for my kids as gifts. speaker. He can be contacted atwas ready for that one. “It doesn’t have to be Like the one I gave my son on the day he 800.668.5015, or by e-mail ata diary,” he said. He went on to explain that I graduated from high school. I wrote in that, or visitdidn’t have to write in it everyday, but surely journal for almost 30 months, filling it up 32
  • SeanWolfington People Won’t Go Along With You if They Can’t Get Along With You Have you ever known That’s a sure recipe for getting left in the someone who appears dust which makes it tough to get along with to have what it takes anyone. to be a great leader and yet, rather than being 6. Passion. drawn to that person Isn’t it easier to get along with someone who you feel the need to distance yourself? Have has passion for what they do and what they you ever known someone with tremendous believe in? Share that passion by finding vision, a solid strategy, solid skills, a great a way to connect that passion to what’s business plan and every indication that important to others and you’ll find yourself they were headed for success and yet you getting along with them, and they will walked away from partnering with that happily go along with you. person because you simply couldn’t get along? When we take a look at whom we 7. Principles. choose to work with and why, people tend If what you think, feel, do and say is to underestimate the importance of getting grounded in solid principles, you’ll be able along with others. Any one can lead with to make solid decisions in times of conflict, an iron fist and dictate to those around them, and others will be drawn to a person of but the truly great leaders are those who integrity. recognize and practice the art of getting along. Here are tips for becoming a leader 8. Power of intention. who finds it easy to attract others and gain Call it karma, call it the law of cause and their support: effect, call it a universal principle, but take a look around and notice that good intent 1. Everyone counts. results in a good outcome. Bad intent Value people and live your life so that your delivers bad results. To get along with colleagues know that everyone counts. It’s others, check your intent. not just about making money; it’s about making a difference in your own life and in 9. It’s not a popularity contest. the lives of those around you. To say that you need to get along with others in order for them to go along with you does 2. Serve them. not mean that leadership is a popularity You’re there to serve them; they’re not there contest. A leader is a trail blazer who often to serve you. Ask yourself, “Am I doing makes decisions with which others will everything I can to give them what they disagree. Trying to please every one will need?” and approach the leadership role as paralyze your ability to take action. one of service. An added bonus is that it makes the business a lot more gratifying. 10. Practice gratitude. There are no inherently positive or negative 3. Expect the best. events in life; it’s our response to each It’s like Henry Ford once said, “Whether you moment and each event that gives it meaning think you can or you think you can’t; you’re and determines quality. When faced with a right.” If you see another person’s potential, challenge or a struggle, find something you rather than his or her limitations, that’s what can learn from the potential “setback” and you’ll get. Expect them to deliver excellence train yourself to approach each day, each and they’ll step up to the task; expect them to moment and each person with gratitude. fail and you’ll never be surprised with how Others are drawn to an appreciative, often they do. solution-oriented outlook and repelled by the opposite. 4. Be “other focused.” When it comes to success, focus on bringing Follow these tips and prepare to be amazed it to others and you’ll be repaid a thousand by the quality of people who are drawn to fold. you and the integrity of your organization. 5. Strive relentlessly for perfection. Too many leaders experience a modicum of Sean WolÞngton is the owner of success and fall into the trap of languishing He can be contacted at in fleeting success rather than reaching 866.802.5753, or by e-mail at continuously for never-ending improvement. swolÞ
  • JimAdams A Perpetual State of Motivation “Attitude is 2. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself in everything” is just a perpetual state of motivation is to read and too cliché. A positive listen to anything that you can get your hands selling attitude is the on to encourage you. There is far too much fiber of this or any garbage that steals our time and keeps our other industry. Your focus on things that just serve no personal or attitude can lead you down the road of professional redeeming value. professional greatness in our industry or it can take you right out the door. In 15 years, Joe Verde says your car should be a university I cannot count the numbers of highly skilled on wheels. Find a speaker or author that sales people that I have seen fail in the car really hits your sweet spot and educate business solely because they could not yourself daily. Not just when you are feeling maintain a positive selling attitude. There down, but a daily dose of inspiration. Zig are a few keys to keeping yourself in a state Ziglar tells a story that when he finished a of perpetual motivation. Here are a few: seminar he was shaking hands with those in attendance and a man approached him and 1. Recognize that your attitude is your said, “Hey Zig, every time I get down I just responsibility. I am sure that you have heard pop one of your tapes in and it just picks me the expression, “It’s not what happens to back up.” Zig responded by saying, “why you but how you react to what happens to don’t you just keep it in and you won’t get you.” As I have said in past articles, we all down as much?” There is so much truth in have problems: cat problems, dog problems, that statement. The old TV commercial used wife, kid and money problems. The Bible to say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. My says it clearly, “As sparks fly upward, so list of favorites include Andy Andrews, Joe troubles come to man.” In another scripture, Verde, Zig Ziglar, Paul Cummins, Jeffery it reminds us that the rain falls on the just Gitomer and Stephen Covey just to name a and unjust alike. Attitudes bring forth few. The key is to find the ones that motivate emotions. Emotions are the strongest form you and keep listening and reading all you of personal expression. For the few people can about improving yourself on a daily that understand this fact, they have the basis. power of using their positive emotions to accomplish great things. For the multitudes 3. Stop thief: We would never think of of people that have been convinced that they sneaking into our offices in the middle of the are servants to their emotions, they use those night and rifle through our coworkers’ desks emotions as a reason to fail without even and steal their money. When we step into the realizing they had a choice. huddle and participate in negative destructive conversations that destroy morale and create Let’s take a closer look at what I am talking cancer on the sales floor, there is little about. Happiness, anger, fear, resentment, difference. Negative conversations on the denial, envy, hate, love, encouragement sales floor have destroyed more departments and offended are all emotions. Bad things and sales teams than any other in dealerships happen; good things happen. This simply today. Just walk away. Don’t even listen. means things happen. Remember, it’s not You, the professional automotive sales what happens to you but how you react to person, have far better things to do. what happens to you. It is too easy to assign blame and not take personal responsibility Guarding your thoughts and your attitudes for your failures. It’s the sales manager’s are key to success in our industry. Realizing fault, the used car appraisal, the F&I office that attitudes are choices we make on a daily or the service department. Stop it. Here basis can help you begin to develop the is an exercise. Every time an uninvited characteristics of a true sales professional. emotion surfaces put four words in front Keep yourself in a constant state of of it. I chose to be: mad, angry, jealous, motivation. offended, disappointed and replace them with the attitudes that you must possess to be professional: happy, calm, proud, relaxed, confident, motivated and inspired. The most important thing you can do today is guard Jim Adams is the general manager at your attitude. James 1: 2, 3 says, “Count it Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. He can be all joy when you fall into various trails, for contacted at 800.905.0627, or by e-mail at the test of your faith produces patience.”
  • CONGRATULATIONS! “It’s the Greatest Marketing & Training System I have ever seen. These guys get it!” - Bob Tasca, Dealer 2005 eDealer CRC Sells 84 #1 Service Quick Lube of the Year Extra Cars Lane in USA 2 84 “After setting up “We used BZ’s Training System to improve how BZ’s Customer Relationship Center we recruit, hire, train and keep good people. Automotive News Best Website we sold 82 extra cars.” Their service training helped us become #1.” DIGITAL MARKETING TRAININGCustom Websites CRM System Sales Process BDCSearch Engine Placement Outsourced BDC Desking Used CarsBuild A Car eMail Marketing Phones F&IVirtual Test Drives Voicemail Marketing Internet RenewalsInventory & 360 Tours Showroom Kiosks Unsold Follow Up LeasingOnline Ads Ad Tracker Sold Follow Up Service FREE CRM Biz Plan & FREE In-Store Consultation BZRESULTS.COM (877) BZ-TOOLS 298-6657
  • Case Study: America’s Oldest Transportation Company Now Generates 55 Extra Sales a Month Hare Automotive Used the Web, BDC & CRM to Generate $137,500 in Incremental Gross Profit esley Hare used na- lationship Center to drive the group’s are today. Those incremental sales are tive timber and sim- steady increase in sales by 50 to 100 a result of establishing a CRC to han-ple tools to start Hare Wagon Works in extra sales per month. With growth dle Internet and phone leads that our1847 with the motto “Keep up the qual- like that, they’re aiming for a position new marketing system generates. Oneity.” From small beginnings, the Hare among the top 10 eCommerce dealers year ago we had one person respond-family moved into automobile sales by in the nation for 2006. In this article, ing to email and no defined Internetadding early Cadillacs, Hupmobiles, Scott Hiller shares how Hare Auto is department to speak of. That was theOverlands and Studebakers. They be- using a new online marketing system first month with our new system andgan selling Chevrolets in 1912. The to increase sales and uphold the “Keep today, we have 3 dedicated Internetforefathers of the Hare Automotive up the quality” motto behind Amer- Specialists, plus myself, working toorganization had visions broad enough ica’s oldest transportation company. generate 55 sales a month at an aver-to transform the art of buggy making age gross of $2500 per sale. That ac-into the successful sales and service What would you say someone counts for $137,500 in gross profitof automobiles and today, David Cox who doubts the Internet can and at that rate we’re generating $1.6and Jackie (Hare) Cox represent the generate incremental sales? million dollars in revenue per year.fifth generation to own and operate To get these incremental sales, we’vethe family business. Only now, Hare Last November, Hare Automotive was invested in the right system and tools,Auto is looking to their Customer Re- selling 50 to 100 fewer cars than we the right people and the right process.
  • Success StoryI’ve been doing this for 8 years andif there’s one thing I’ve learned it’sthat you will not see the return oninvestment if you’re missing anyone of those key factors for suc-cess. One of the reasons I came onboard with Hare last November isbecause they saw the value in us-ing the right system. I’ve workedwith all the templated website pro-viders and there is no close secondplace. I’ve worked with dealerswho thought that all you need is awebsite and CRM tool to make itwork when in reality you need asystem and a strategy as well as the “Our website has helped us sell 55 vehicles a month and thereright people, process and tools. I is no close second available on the market.” Scott Hillerwanted to work with Hare becausethe Hare family recognized the What makes your website in a lead and drive to the dealership.potential of the Internet and was unique?willing to make the commitment. What’s the secret to generat- Customers love it because it’s user ing leads?Could you describe the right friendly and makes it easy to findsystem? the information they’re looking We found that you need the right for. We love it because we’ve been flow and you need to use anima-It’s more complex than getting the able to customize it and because it tion that gets the customer’s atten-right website and CRM tool; dealers gets results. Some of those other tion but you also need to put outneed a complete strategy for mar- platforms are so Flintstone that it just enough information to promptketing, bringing on the right people, takes months to get an upgrade and a question from the customer. Weimplementing the right process and there’s no way to set your dealer- have these coupons that pop up onestablishing a pricing philosophy ship apart from the guy down the virtually every page to let the cus-so that at the end of the month you street. At Hare Automotive we tomer know that factory and suppli-show a profit. The right website is feel that our pricing philosophy is er pricing is the best that’s availableimportant too and it needs to be ca- unique and we know that our cus- and they can find out which theypable of generating phone traffic, tomers love it so we’ve made that a qualify for simply by completing ashowroom traffic and Internet leads. prominent feature of our website. If coupon. That alone generates a tre-The right website is really a market- you go to it’s mendous amount of leads, and theing center for your dealership and obvious that we do things a little great thing about the Internet is thatthe right CRM tool will do 50% of differently and our website provid- everything is measurable. The re-the follow up automatically so that er really helped us get that message ports that I get from our admin toolyour team can attack the phones. out there in a way that prompts the shows that our Specials section is customer to pick up the phone, send also a consistent source of quality
  • Success Story the list goes on. I said it before, but I promise you there is no close second when it comes to a website that is capable of generating leads. How do you market your site? We piggy back our URL on all other advertising. We end all radio spots with “Visit” and our provider uses Search Engine Opti- mization. We’re able to reduce our reliance on third party providers by buying the most popular phrases a customer would use when searching“Our virtual testdrives generate an incredible amount of leads. online. This way we can ensure that our dealership comes out on top andJust one example of how we’ve been able to increase sales we only pay when a customer clickswith smarter marketing.” Scott Hiller through. Guaranteed top placementleads. Again, customers like that to. Customers also love the fact that creates more traffic and leads andsection because it’s easy to find on they can take a virtual test-drive of for the first time ever in the carour site and in some spots, the infor- the vehicle they’re interested in, business, we only pay for the adver-mation comes at them in the form print reviews, get financed, get a tising that works. The bottom lineof a mini-movie which is a lot more free Carfax report, receive an in- is that we get more traffic and ap-interactive than what they’re used surance quote, watch tutorials and pointments at a lower cost per sale. • Founded in 1847, Hare Auto is America’s oldest transportation company. • Hare Auto used their new system to sell an extra 55 units in one month. • Hare Automotive Used the Web, BDC & CRM to Generate $137,500 in Incremental Gross Profit. • Hare Auto uses their web based CRM tool from BZResults to automate 50% of their follow up. • Automation enables Hare Auto to lower overhead by handling more leads with fewer people. • Hare Auto uses search engine optimization to generate more traffic at a lower cost per sale. • Vision enabled the buggy-making forefathers to evolve into the sales and service of automobiles in 1912. Vision enables Hare to use the Internet to promote all their profit centers today.
  • Success Story 100% dedicated to the IBC. We’ve also learned that it’s not enough to find the right people; you have to give them what they need to make it easy to follow the right process. Our web-based CRM tool automates much of the email follow up which allows us to focus our energy on the phones. Automation is the only way to make sure that no one falls through the cracks during the lon- ger buying cycle that we see today. What’s the secret to finding and keeping the right staff? We do some pretty heavy market- ing to find people with the right sales and customer service back-“We use BZ Results Search Engine services to appear on top of all the search ground and some serious screen-engines. We have tripled our traffic and cut our cost per sale in half.” -Scott Hiller ing once we do. Phone skills are crucial so I conduct an extensiveHow do you manage all these allows us to increase efficiency phone interview to look for a goodleads? and adopt quickly when we’re in speaking voice, enthusiasm, clarity, growth mode. Of course, you have confidence and direction. AlthoughEveryone knows that response time to staff your department with the we rely heavily on our technology,is key and with three locations, we right people and we have a pretty it’s simple to use and easy to trainfound that a centralized Internet intense screening process to find so we don’t need to find someoneBusiness Center is the best way them. Currently we have 3 special- with an IT background, just some-to respond immediately. This also ists who are great on the phone and one who’s a superstar on the phone. “After switching from a templated site to BZ Results, we’re selling an extra 55 units a month.” Scott Hiller Volume