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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. Re-elect George W. Bush, page 8 .biz BEST PRACTICES SUMMITOctober 2004756 South 1st Street PRSRT STDSuite 202 US POSTAGELouisville, KY 40202 PAID LOUISVILLE KY PERMIT NO 879a division of Systems Marketing, Inc.
  2. 2. 58 Cars Sold Last Month with Dealix LeadsMagnussen’s Dodge Chrysler JeepMagnussen’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Quality Leads | Superior Service | Dealer Control Features “That’s why I get my leads from Dealix. When it comes to selling to Internet customers, my team goes beyond our immediate market area. In fact, we pull customers in from as far as San Francisco. With Dealix, we can get leads from a wide mile radius, or we can target specific Zip codes. The choice is ours. No other lead provider gives us this level of control and this many sales.” Steve Jackson, Internet Fleet Manager, Magnussen’s Dodge Chrysler, Jeep of Auburn, CA Dealer Control Features Dealix AutoUSA Autobytel Territory ControlSM Standard N/S N/S Choose multiple Zip Codes for each franchise. Territory ControlSM Target your ideal sales territory – choose any Standard N/S N/S mile radius. Inventory-Driven Lead ControlSM Standard N/S N/S Choose leads for the models you want to sell. N/S = Not Standard July 2004 Sales Start selling more cars today! Call Dealix now. (866) 253-5125 or visit us online at
  3. 3. Grow or Die …In today’s hostile, competitive environment you’ve got no choice! You cannot stay where you are. A COMPLETE SALES, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, AND STATE OF THE ART CRM STRATEGY This Man Means Business! ® Ziegler Supersystems is a complete marketing strategy for all dealerships no matter what the size. James A.Ziegler, CSP To do business in todays hostile environment... you must be prepared to take that business away from a competitor who is planning to take it away from you! SALES MANAGER FORUM: Motivating your Sales Team to Higher Profitability Taught By James A. Ziegler Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . .Oct. 5 - 6, 2004 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . .Oct. 7 - 8, 2004 Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . .Nov. 16 - 17, 2004 Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . .Dec. 16 - 17, 2004 THE COMPLETE F&I MENU SELLING Present 100% of your products 100% of the time! Taught By Mike Lee Sponsored By James A. Ziegler Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . .Oct. 12-14, 2004 Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . .Nov. 9 -11, 2004 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . .Dec. 7 - 9, 2004 Dates and locations subject to change Ziegler Supersystems • • 800-726-0510 Call today to speak to a Ziegler Representative In-Store Consulting - Management Seminars - Video Sales Training - Support Products
  4. 4. I N S I D E 8 Re-elect George W. Bush Jerry Reynolds 9 Don’t Miss the Good Life Zig Ziglar10 How to Convert Outside Finance Customers George Jackson11 Leadership Assessment Sean WolÞngton12 Transforming Bad Habits Brian Tracy14 Communication and Individual Management Carol Martin18 Dealers Generate $500k in Additional ProÞts Last Month Patrick Luck20 The Silent Sell Patti Wood22 OFAC Regulations Fran McAllister23 Lead Volume Skyrockets More Than 450 Percent David Koehler24 Houston, We Have a Problem Michael York25 Your Sales Will Increase Steve Hiatt26 Follow Up Every Unsold Prospect (Phone Script) Jim Adams27 Service Standards Joe Takash28 How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Increase Sales Bill Gager Psalms 37: 29-34 The righteous shall possess the land, and dwell upon it for ever. The mouth of the righeous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip.756 South 1st Street, Suite 202 Louisville, Kentucky 40202 The wicked watches the righeous. and seek to slay him. ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 The Lord will not abandon him to his power, or let him be condemned when he is brought to trail.Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Thomas Williams, Creative Director• • Wait for the Lord, and keep to his way, and he willSusan Goodman, Vice President Courtney Hill, Advertising Services exhalt you to posses the land; you will look on the• • destruction of the wicked. Amy Stuber, Advertising ServicesSuccess Driven Solutions • astuber05@autosuccess.bizAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620$75peryear.AutoSuccesswelcomesunsolicitededitorialsandgraphics(notresponsiblefortheirreturn).Allsubmittededitorialsandgraphicsaresubjecttoeditingforgrammar,content,andpagelength.AutoSuccessprovides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees.Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccessmay occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA.Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
  5. 5. Total Loss ProtectionIncrease Your Lease/Balloon Note Profits! $350.00 Minimum Keep your Customers in your Store! UP TO$5000.00 PAYMENT With a Price Refund Guarantee If Not Used! TLP FROM DEALER MOTOR SERVICES For More Information, Please Call: Peter Masi, President at (800) 242-7316 ext 105 or visit us at
  6. 6. EXPOSED Auto Dealer Speaks Out and Reveals the Raw Truth about That “Consultant –Trainer,” Mark Tewart, Who advertises in this Magazine All the Time. This guy, Mark Tewart promises all sort of things to us car dealers – sales and management strategies for our dealerships that he “promises”really pay off. Such as strategies that will increase sales without increasing your advertising. Ways to increase gross proÞt by $200 a car minimum. Howto reduce and eliminate water in used cars and so on. Every time I read one of his ads, I thought, “Who could be dumb enough to fall for this guy’s rap?”Now, I’m going to tell you the raw truth about this guy and his ‘success secrets.’ My name is Chad Hawkes; I live in Oklahoma with my wife and child. I went to college here and became a salesperson at a car dealership. Iwas a struggling salesperson with little direction and not much of a future if my results stayed the same. I didn’t know what I was doing and was frustratedeveryday with the business. I needed a change and I needed it quick. One day our dealer hired a consultant and trainer named Mark Tewart who ran all these ads with these big claims. However, our dealer toldus he had known this Mark Tewart guy for several years going back to when he was a new manager at another dealership. Our dealer told us to hang onto our hats because this guy Tewart was a Þreball with more real valid information on success in the car business than anyone he had ever seen and thathe wouldn’t have become a dealer before he was 30 years old without Mark Tewart. Most of what he taught us was so different from what we had ever seen, heard or been taught by other so-called experts. As we listened toMark’s information, we saw a whole different way to develop a high income career rather than just make a sale here and there. We heard sales skills,people skills and life skills and found freedom from the cheapest price, roll around in the mud, bait-n-switch ugliness. Best of all we learned actual skillsto reengineer our business (managers and dealer as well as salespeople). I even looked in the mirror and saw Chad Hawkes differently. So, skeptical andgrateful at the same time, we left the workshop with a workbook and CD’s full of ideas. The next day I began to implement 10 different Mark Tewart strategies. Over the next couple of weeks, as I got them up and running, they allsurpassed my greatest expectations. Let me give you an idea of what I am talking about. My Þrst year of implementing Mark’s strategies, I became thenumber one salesperson and my production tripled. I began to get my life in order as well. Every time Mark came to the dealership he taught me lessonsthat made my whole life change for the better. After a period of big increases, I was promoted to manager and attended Mark’s Management workshops.Once again, I was amazed at how much incredible information I got and how much it improved our dealerships sales and proÞts. Our little countrydealership, located in an economically challenged area had improved from 40 units a month to over 325 units and we had become on many months thelargest dealer of our brand in the state! Personally, I went from struggling to winning. I became the General Sales Manager and then bought my own dealership and now own twodealerships before turning 30 years old. How, you ask, could such a thing happen? The answer, simply, is learning how real proven and effective salesand management systems work, from the “master”, Mark Tewart. In spite of everything you hear about business being slower and tougher, my businessis booming. Just a couple of Mark’s strategies alone has allowed me to go from 40 used cars a month to over 120 a month operating out of a trailer!Thanks to Mark’s ideas, systems, inspiration and encouragement I have two dealerships and have bought the ranch of my dreams for my family. What is important is that Chad Hawkes can sell a ton of vehicles, get plenty of referrals, is unaffected by competition and has ‘real’ systemsin place to realize a huge proÞt every month. I knew Mark had it Þgured out when after one consulting session he showed me over 40 ways to grow mybusiness and make more proÞt. He is brilliant. So here’s the raw truth about this Mark Tewart guy: Unlike most of the ‘pretend’ experts, he is a bona Þdetrainer-consultant and money making genius, who can do anything from tweaking to transforming your business, so you not only make a lot of money,but you can make it a lot easier and more enjoyable than you can imagine.Maybe you are already doing well already – but you could do better (some of Mark’s most ardent students make many millions per year). Maybe youjust don’t want to be sold something that’ll be a waste of your hard-earned money. About that you can relax. Mark guarantees his stuff. I’ve got over $1,000,000 reasons why you ought to investigate what Mark has to offer. What reasons do you have NOT to look at this?And here’s how easy it is: Mark has prepared a straight-talk, detailed report – “HOW TO RECRUIT, HIRE AND TRAIN A DREAM TEAM OFSALESPEOPLE,” which you can have absolutely FREE of cost or obligation. Get it, read it and decide for yourself whether or not you want to get in onMark’s information. It’s that simple. To get your FREE Special Report go to or call our 24 hr. hotline at 1.866.432.2468.You will hear a brief, free recorded message and be able to leave your name and address, so your report can be mailed to you. Or write “report” on yourbusiness card or letter head and pop it in the fax machine or email it. Mark’s fax number is 513.934.4588 and his email address is -Either way, you will get his eye opening report rushed to you, free. By the way, I wasn’t paid a penny to write this about Mark. I am a car dealer just like you. I did this just as a way of saying thanks to Mark foreverything he’s done for me. And I am not the only person who feels this way. With your report, you’ll get a book of actual comments from some of theover 10,000+ other salespeople, managers and dealers he has helped. Most like me are now making more money, with less hassle than ever before. Morebusiness that we handle ßows in everyday… proÞtably. All we can say is this, “don’t envy us. Join us”.Chad Hawkes, Hawkes Motors, Pryor, OK.P.S. Please don’t get my number and call me. The last thing I need is a zillion phone calls asking me about Mark. I’ve said what I have to say righthere. What else could you possibly need to know? Instead, call 1.866.432.2468 and ask for your FREE SPECIAL REPORT today. You owe it to yourbusiness. visit for a Free Special Report or call 888 2 TEWART 283.9278
  7. 7. $100,000 to $450,000+ $450,000.00 in 4 Days (3 w/ Snow & Rain)Gross ProÞt in 4 Days! 03/2004! Record Sale for Karl Malone Toyota, UT with PDS, Inc. Set 40 Year Record at Duea Motor Co. Albia, IAPREFERRED DEALER SERVICES, INC. $211,000+ in 4 Days.“THE MOST EFFECTIVE STAFFED SALES & TRAINING EVENT IN 40 YEARS” Mike Duea - Dealer, Duea Motor Co. IAWould you be interested in delivering 30 to 70+units in four days at $3200 - $4500+ per retail? $175,000.00 Gross ProÞt on Inventory We Would Have Lost $75,000.00+ at Auction! WeWould you like to turn aged inventory with no Look Forward to our Next Saleneed to wholesale for a loss? with a “Clean Inventory” Wade Nelson, Karl Malone Toyota, NMWould you like to consistently generate proÞtsexceeding $200,000 in four days? We have Successfully concluded our 4th “AcquisitionWould you like to increase your proÞt per retail Sale” thanks in Large to Markby $300 to $500 per retail after we leave? & Ann Proctor, They are Excellent! They maximized proÞt on every deal and integrated well with our staff. Mark & Ann Proctor, Dan Wachtel - Dealer, Nationally Recognized Wachtel Ford-Lincoln- Dealers with 25+ Years Mercury Inc. AL Experience...#1 CSI/QCP PDS, Inc. Provides the Highest Quality Management Preferred Dealer Services Teams in the Automotive Founded on Trust Industry Today... The Nations Built on Integrity. Leader in Automotive Sales Promotions. “Anytime, Anywhere a Product or Service is Call today to reserve your Provided...Someone Will Offer next event, scheduling is limited! it for Less! As Always, You Get800.453.8217 What you Pay For and Pay for What You Get.” Anonymous.please visit our website for more details or to request a
  8. 8. sts ms ls fis lr JerryReynolds leadership solution Re-elect George W. Bush It took 225 years for it President Roosevelt, President Bush was started. The war against terror is nowhere to happen, but America preparing us for war in that speech. near finished and it’s clear that John Kerry is lost its innocence on going to take us backwards. September 11, 2001. George W. Bush prepared us for war, a The lives of every different kind of war, a war that would not The tax cuts initiated by President Bush are American changed that end soon, a war that would be fought in many taking effect and the economy is, and sadly it will never be the same. But it different lands. Tears rolled down my eyes as At no time has America been a safer place toreally started well before that. he said these words: “We will not tire, we will be. The outlook for the future is extremely not falter, and we will not fail.” For the first bright, especially for those of us in business.Most of us have forgotten that 241 Marines time in ten days, I felt more at ease and I feltdied in Beirut in 1983. Ten years later the like a proud American. We had a plan and we Where we stand today is very reminiscentWorld Trade Center was bombed in New had a strong leader to carry out that plan. At in many ways of the time right before theYork. Our embassies have been attacked last, it appeared that America could go back great Ronald Reagan was re-elected. Muchworldwide. It’s only been four years since to work, back to our normal lives and back to like President Bush’s first term, Mr. Reaganthe U.S.S. Cole was bombed. There are smiling at each other. inherited an economy in decline. By the endmultiple examples of attacks against us and of Reagan’s first term, things were improvingour people. September 21st, 2001 will remain in my and he needed that second term to finish the memory second only to September 11, 2001 job. President Bush finds himself in the sameYet nothing shook our very foundations like because it was the day our President changed situation, except besides just overcoming athe vision of huge 757 planes flying into the world. His words were strong and more spiraling economy; he’s had to overcomethe World Trade Center towers. We saw the resolute than I had ever seen a President be. the economic devastation of September 11,pictures over and over again and America His eyes told the entire story. It was clear to 2001.wept, the unthinkable had happened. Our the world that he was serious about winningPentagon was ablaze, planes were crashing this war and that he would not give up until I would be an advocate for President Bushinto fields and we felt an overwhelming need the task was accomplished. without regard to who his Democraticto be with our loved ones. challenger is. Our major concern today has to be the security of our country. AnotherThe shock and disbelief lasted for days. Car attack within our borders like 9/11 couldsales came to a screeching halt as Americawatched TV, loved on their families, and By the end of devastate America. Recent history has shown us that you cannot reason with terrorists.searched for answers as to why this happened.We needed answers and most of all we needed Reagan’s Þrst Saddam Hussein is a prime example of this. He was told repeatedly to open his country tocomfort and assurances that this would not term, things inspection for weapons and he refused. We were improvinghappen again. all know the world is a better place because Saddam is not in power, but what wouldYou find out who real leaders are when thereis a crisis. Shortly after 9/11 we learned that and he needed have happened if George Bush had backed down? We must have a strong leader that willour President was decisive, dedicated, andcompassionate at the same time. His words that second term not back down. Force is the only thing our enemies can appreciate.of comfort standing in the rubble that was theWorld Trade Center not only brought comfort to Þnish the job. In November, we have the clearest choiceto the people of New York, it brought comfort we’ve ever had and an opportunity to elect ato a grieving America. man that will protect us, that brings dignity Many heroes emerged from the ashes of that back to the White House, and a man that willHistory shows that there is a defining moment horrible day. We found out that the police continue the job of improving our every Presidency. I believe the defining officers and fire fighters of New York City are Nothing is more important to me than family,moment in George W. Bush’s first term came some of the finest and bravest in the world. and I know that my family will be better offon September 21, 2001. I will never forget We found out that there were hundreds of and safer if George W. Bush is re-elected. Ithat speech or the effect it had on me. Ten untold stories of the people of New York City hope you’ll join me in giving him four moredays after the brutal attack, it seemed that pulling together. We found out that a group of years.America had gone from sadness to anger. We men stormed a plane over Pennsylvania andneeded the world to know that we were not saved countless lives. And without doubt,going to stand for this. We needed to know it we found out that George W. Bush was theourselves. right man for the job at the lowest point in American history.Sixty years earlier, Franklin Roosevelt stoodin the same room with a very similar message. Today, we face a clear choice. Domestically Jerry Reynolds is the Owner ofWe had been attacked at Pearl Harbor and the and abroad, we have found that George W. Prestige Ford. He can be contacted atPresident wanted the world to know that Bush is a leader and we have to make sure 800.723.3158, or by email atwe were not going to sit by idly. Much like he is re-elected to finish the things he has 8 subscribe today at
  9. 9. sts ms ls fis lr ZigZiglar sales and training solution Don’t Miss the Good Life John Jones was your motivation by reminding you that you Well, there you have it. Three hints on how to waiting for his flight can do it! Your self worth will be enhanced catch your 2:20 to Boston. If you implement from New York to and your confidence will be increased. We these ideas, you will be more dangerous than Boston. He stepped sales people need all that we can get of those you are now! on the scales that elements. This list can include things from gave your “weight and childhood to present time. You will find that Zig Ziglar is the Chairman of the Board offortune.” He inserted his coin and out came by making this list, you will recall that you Ziglar Training Systems in Dallas, TX. Hehis fortune: “You are John Jones, you weigh possess the qualities and attributes necessary can be contacted at 866.873.0026, or by188 pounds, and you are going to catch the for success. email at to Boston.” He was astounded andsurprised. He tried it again with the sameresults. The fortune said, “Your name is stillJohn Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, DEALERS MUST BEand you are still going to catch the 2:20 toBoston.” He went into the restroom andchanged clothes and he tried it again. Thistime the fortune said: “Your name is still JohnJones, you still weigh 188 pounds, but you ON TELEVISION!just missed the 2:20 to Boston!”Are you missing the good things that life has tooffer? Do you feel that sometimes you missedthe 2:20 to Boston? Or, that you decided toget off before it reached Boston? Well, thegood news is that if you feel you missed itthe first time, there is another flight leaving See why over 100 dealers nationwide haveshortly and you can catch that flight. INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INIf you don’t like where you are at this timein your life, rest assured you aren’t stuck LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!there. There are ways to move past thisspot. Let’s explore three ways to do just that. We produce nearly 4,000 commercials1. You are what you are and where you are a year from our studios. We give youbecause of what has gone into your mind. You unlimited, high quality television campaignscan change what you are and you can changewhere you are by changing what goes into and promotions FREE. With computerizedyour mind. How do you achieve this? One media buying technology, we buy television asway is to begin a listening and readingprogram. For just minutes a day, you can much as 30%-40% more effectively than anyfeed your mind with the pure, the powerful, media buyer in the nation and give youand the positive. How? Turn off the radio andplay motivational and inspirational tapes and UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNSCD’s. Give yourself that check-up from theneck-up. AND PROMOTIONS! Call for a FREE demo tape and information.2. Learn from successful failures. That’sright, learn from those who put forth theeffort --- and failed. Learn from baseballHall of Famer Reggie Jackson. He hit over500 home runs in his big league career, yethe struck out close to 2,500 times! He didn’t Larry John Wright, Inc.put the ball in play 2,500 times. However, hedidn’t stop swinging for the fence. AbrahamLincoln failed in most endeavors he tried. Yet Automotive Advertisingas 16th President of the United States, he “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency”successfully led our nation in some of her 1-800-821-5068darkest moments! The lesson to be learned isthis: don’t give up… keep swinging.3. Keep a “victory list.” You should make alist - both mentally and physically - to remindyourself of past successes. This will fueloctober 2004 9
  10. 10. sts ms ls fis lr GeorgeJackson f&i solution How to Convert Outside Finance Customers “Hey George, I have deduct and automatic withdrawals. By doing boat. This cross-collateralization allows the a customer for you, so, they are giving up a great deal of financial bank or credit union to reduce risk and tie up and he wants to go control, something I would advise against. assets, making it difficult for a customer with to his credit union.” What happens if an unforeseen expense some missed payments to secure financing When some business arises and the customer would like to defer elsewhere. This is due to the fact that the managers hear these the payment a few days? With payroll lending source could call the boat loan duewords, they immediately feel dejected, begin deduct or automatic withdrawal, deferring if the customer finances a vehicle elsewhere.the turnover with a defeatist attitude, and a payment cannot be done. Customers who To find out if the banks and credit unionsexpect to fail when attempting a conversion. enjoy that convenience may find it is just as you are competing with use this language,Others hear these words and recognize an easy to pay bills online. This alleviates the you need to obtain a copy of the contractopportunity to display their preparation, need to write a check, address an envelope, they use and read it thoroughly. You may beproduct knowledge, and positive attitude. or pay postage, and it still provides financial surprised at what you find.How you address this type of customer control.says a great deal about you to your sales We have a tendency to take for granted thepeople and your sales managers. The best Most customers do not realize that a contract strength of our borrowing power with ourthing about a credit union or outside bank signed at a dealership is an indirect loan and best lenders. If you send 50 finance contractscustomer is that he/she already needs your that a contract signed at a bank or credit to your lenders every month at an averageservice, and all you have to do is explain why union is a direct loan. The difference can be of $20,000 per contract, that results in $1your lending sources are better than his/her alarming. With an indirect loan, the vehicle million worth of business sent to your lenderslending source. You will be more successful is the only collateral for the lender. The every month. That equals $12 million perif you understand and communicate the four lender cannot secure any other assets from year and $48 million over four years! Thismajor advantages your sources have over the customer to reduce the risk. With a direct is why we can usually get higher advances,most credit unions or banks. loan, the credit union or bank can ask for marginal applications approved, longer and secure additional collateral as needed, terms, and other benefits for customers. InA lot of customers feel it is more convenient often without the customer’s knowledge. addition, our sources report to bureaus, andto get approved at their own source, and that Most indirect loans have contract language that helps establish and maintain credit foris not necessarily true. Most dealerships that requires the customer to pledge his or customers. Many credit unions and banks dohave software programs that download her checking account, savings account, and that as well, but not all do.applications to multiple lenders. This allows other deposits held by that same lender asfor quicker approvals, which leads to quicker collateral. This is called Right of Offset. Finally, sometimes the biggest advantagedeliveries. This means the customer does not Additional language allows the direct lender we have is the factory programs availablehave to take time to drive someplace else, fill to secure assets as security from other loans to those with approved credit. While creditout an application, drive back, and wait for as security for the automobile loan. In other unions can be very competitive with rates,delivery. What could be more convenient than words, if the customer has an existing loan they usually can’t compete with the sub-financing at the dealership? The customer for a boat and enters into a new loan for vented rates that have been available for theis already there. Many customers like the a truck, the boat is now collateral for the past three years.convenience of repaying the loan via payroll truck, and the truck is now collateral for the Dealership financing has many advantages over outside financing. Despite this fact, you will still hear “no” more often than “yes.” Up Unit Sales via Referrals! However, stay positive and expect a success rate of 30-40%, which is a great average for Up Service Visits by 13x a person! a business manager to achieve. Give every attempt an honest effort because it is simply Would you like a cost effective way to increase your referrals? a numbers game. You will never hit the level you want unless you try with everyone. Want to dramatically increase service visits you lose to Lube, Mufßer and Tire shops? Would you be interested in a program that pays for itself hundreds of times over? Call today for a FREE Sample! 800.723.2590 AUTO C A S H C A R D S George Jackson is the Director of F&I Training for American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. He can be contacted at 866.280.0301, or by email at 10 visit us online at
  11. 11. sts ms ls fis lr SeanWolfington leadership solution Leadership Assessment The following is a summary of the LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT difference between a “Manager” and a “Great Leader”. You can use this table todetermine which type of leader you are andmore importantly what type of leader youwant to be. This table will help you identifywhere you are, where you want to be andhow you can close the gap. As you read thetable ask yourself which description matchesyou the most and how you can improve whoyou are and what you do. I hope this helpsyou continue to grow and improve into theleader you are made to be.Sean WolÞngton is an Owner of He can be contacted at866.802.5753, or by email atswolÞ Poor Manager Great Leader AT T I T U D E Focuses on negative • Focuses on positive Looks for mistakes • Looks for successes Builds on weakness • Builds on strength Pessimist • Optimistic Know it all • Forever Student Does not need to improve • Constantly learning and growing Seeks recognition • Seeks to give recognition Inßexible • Flexible Impatient with team • Patient with team Quick to judge • Quick to understand Seeks to be understood • Seeks to understand Focuses on self • Focuses on others SelÞsh • Selßess servent AP P RO AC H Dominates • Motivates Register Now Administrates Counts on controls • • Innovates Counts on people and trust Insults • Consults The Venetian Demoralizes Negative feedback & language • • Recognizes Posititve feedback & language Hotel & Resort Not accessible • Accessible Las Vegas, Distracted • Attentive Nov 11 & 12 Bad listener • Great listener Limited Seating Interested in telling their opinion • Interested in your opinion Re-Active • Pro-Active Call Now On seat • On feet 800-849-4113 Wait for it to happen • Makes it happen www.autosuccess.bizoctober 2004 11
  12. 12. sts ms ls fis lr BrianTracy leadership solution Transforming Bad Habits Your habits have been independence, and success are life-enhancing. but kept banging his nose on the glass. After developed from early They are the habits that have brought you several hours, Seligman removed the glass. childhood as the result the success you enjoy today. The habits that And what happened then? The dog, who of things that you have revolve around your fears, on the other hand, was still hungry, sat only a few inches away chosen to do, or not to act as brakes on your potential. They hold you from the food and never even attempted to do. Your entire life is back. They interfere with your success. They eat it. The dog had learned to feel helpless.the result of your past choices and decisions. trip you up on a regular basis. They cause you The dog had become so convinced that heAnd like all of us, you probably have some to sell yourself short and settle for far less than was incapable of getting to the food that evenbad habits that have held you back from your your potential. when the obstacles were removed, he just sattrue potential. But here’s the good news: Since there with his stomach are always free to choose, you can make Dr. Martin Seligman, in his book, Learnednew choices and decisions today that will Optimism, wrote about the chief psychological There are dozens of experiments like this. Indetermine what happens to you in the future. phenomenon of modern life. He called it every case, it is clear that animals, and human “learned helplessness.” Based on his 25 years beings for that matter, learn to feel helpless.One of your main objectives in life is to of research, he discovered that virtually every They develop habits of thought that hold themdevelop new habits and make them your person has one or more areas where they feel back from reaching their full potential.masters, while at the same time overriding and helpless and unable to do something that theysetting aside old habits that may be interfering really want to do. If someone were to tell you that you couldwith your progress. learn to type 30, 40, or 50 words per minute by Seligman’s research demonstrated how taking a typing course and practicing an hourYou have two major types of habits. You animals can be trained to feel that they are each day for the next few months, you wouldhave habits that revolve around your desires helpless. In one example, he put a dog into shrug your shoulders and say, “Of course!”and you have habits that revolve around a cage with a glass wall in the middle that Everybody knows that you can acquire ayour fears. The habits that revolve around separated the dog from a bowl of food. The particular physical skill by learning how it isyour desires for health, happiness, financial dog was hungry and tried to get at the food done and then repeating it over and over again until it becomes automatic. But when it comes to mental habit patterns, most people are a little baffled. They don’t realize that you can learn mental habit patterns by following exactly the same process that you would use to learn physical habit patterns. And mental habit patterns will have a far greater impact on your life and happiness than any physical habit pattern ever could. Once you have recognized the old, negative habit patterns that do not serve your purposes, you can determine what new habit patterns you would like to adopt. Begin this process by looking around and determining the people that you admire the most, both living and dead. Ask yourself: What qualities do they have? Which of their characteristics do you most wish to have for yourself? Then make a plan to incorporate those ideal habits into your own character and personality. You know that you can shape a piece of clay into any desired form. You can also shape your own character and personality by simply deciding to do so. I won’t say that it is easy. Changing your beliefs and attitudes about yourself is one of the most difficult undertakings you will ever face. But it is definitely possible and achievable if you dedicate the necessary time and effort. How long does it take to develop a new habit pattern? It depends on how complex the habit pattern is. You can develop a simple habit 12
  13. 13. continuedpattern in 14 to 21 days. For example, if you and joint of your body to keep it young and want to become in the future. Remember,want to begin getting up half an hour earlier fit. And finally, you must have regular habits your subconscious mind is activatedso that you can plan and organize your day, it of rest and recreation that will enable you, in and programmed by mental pictures. Allmight take just two to three weeks to develop combination with diet and exercise, to live a improvement in your life and character beginthe habit. If you want to develop a new habit long, full life. Remember, your health is the with an improvement in your mental pictures.pattern of behavior that goes deeper into your single most important thing you have, and it Use visualization on a regular basis incharacter, it might take several months or even is completely dependent upon the habits you conjunction with your positive affirmations.a year or more. The most important point is develop with regard to the way you live.that, no matter how long it takes, the end result 4. Emotionalize the affirmation and theis achievable if you are really determined. The sixth habit is an orientation toward visualization. Take a few minutes each day honesty and integrity. In the final analysis, to actually experience the feeling of being theThe habits of success have been studied by the character you develop as you go through excellent, outstanding human being that youthe great thinkers and philosophers for at life is more important than virtually anything have decided to become.least 2,500 years. After personally studying else. Honesty means that you practice thethe subject for more than 30 years, I have “reality principle” in everything you do. 5. Launch into your new habit with conviction.found that the very best people have the You are completely objective with yourself Assume the role, acting as if you had beenvery best habits. Based on these findings, I and with the world around you. You set very hired to perform this role in a movie. Thehave identified seven habits that you need to clear values for yourself and you organize more you behave exactly as if you already haddevelop if you want to perform at your very your life around your values. You develop a the habit, the more you actually become themaximum in everything you do. vision for yourself and then you live your life person that you desire to be. consistent with your highest ideals. You neverThe first is goal orientation. You need to compromise your integrity or peace of mind 6. Tell others that you have decided to developbecome a habitual goal setter, and dedicate for anyone or anything. this habit. When you tell others, you motivateyourself to working from clear, written goals and encourage yourself. You also forceevery day of your life. This attitude of honesty will enable you to yourself to consistently act in accordance with enjoy all of the other success habits that you your new resolutions because you know thatThe second habit you need to develop for are developing. others are watching.success is result orientation. Result orientationis made up of two practices. The first is the The seventh habit, the one habit that guarantees 7. Continually review your progress on apractice of continuously learning so that you all the others, is that of self-discipline. Your day-to-day basis. When Benjamin Franklinbecome better at what you do. The second ability to discipline yourself, to master developed his own process for characterpractice is that of time management, which yourself, to control yourself, goes hand in formation, he would review his behavior everymeans setting very clear priorities on what you hand with success in every area of life. single day to see if he was living consistentdo and then concentrating single-mindedly on with the values that he had determined werethe most valuable use of your time. My favorite definition of self-discipline important. You can do the same thing. At the comes from Elbert Hubbard. He said, “Self- end of every day, do a brief recap of yourThe third major habit you need to develop is discipline is the ability to make yourself do behavior during the day relative to the valuesthat of action orientation. This is really the what you should do, when you should do it, and habits you are trying to develop. Givemost important habit for material success. whether you feel like it or not.” yourself points when you are strong, and beIt is the ability to get on with the job and patient with yourself when you slip from timeget it done fast. Fast tempo in whatever you Every one of these habits: goal orientation, to is essential to your success. You need to result orientation, action orientation, peopleovercome procrastination, push aside your orientation, health orientation, honesty, The most important keys to developing newfears and launch 100 percent toward the and self-discipline, can be developed. The habit patterns are patience, determination,achievement of your most important goals. following is a seven step method you can use and persistence. When you begin to change to internalize any habit or group of habits that yourself, you will find that it is not particularlyThe fourth habit you need is people orientation. you want to make a permanent part of your easy. But it is possible if you continue to workThis is your decision to cultivate within character and personality. at it.yourself the habits of patience, kindness,compassion, and understanding. Virtually all 1. Decide clearly on the new habit. Write it You can take complete control over theof your happiness in life will come from your down as a goal in the form of a present tense, shaping of your character and personality, andability to get along well with other people. personal, positive affirmation. For example, everything that happens to you in the future,And getting along well with other people is if you want to develop the habit of self- by making the decision, right now, to definebased on a set of habits that you have learned, discipline, you write, “I am an extremely well- and develop the habits that will lead you toor failed to learn, from childhood. But it is disciplined individual in everything I do.” great success. And when you develop thenever too late to become a wonderful human habits possessed by other successful people,being in your relationships with other. The 2. Repeat your affirmation as often as possible, you will enjoy an equal, if not greater, levelmore you practice being a truly excellent and with as much enthusiasm and conviction of success.person in your relationship with others, the as possible. The more times you repeat thismore you will internalize those qualities and command, the more likely it is that youractually become that person. subconscious mind will ultimately accept it and begin to adjust your thoughts, words, andThe fifth habit you need for great success is behaviors to be consistent with orientation. This means that you must Brian Tracy is the Chairman & CEO ofmake a conscious effort to eat the right foods 3. Visualize yourself as if you already had Brian Tracy International. He can bein the right proportions. You must exercise on the new habit pattern. Imagine yourself as contacted at 866.300.9881, or by email ata regular basis, continually using every muscle already being exactly the person that you 2004 13
  14. 14. sts ms ls fis lr CarolMartin leadership solution Communication and Individual Management This article is the last of to hear. He/she frequently backs away from subordinate’s communication style oppose a series about reducing situations that might put him/her in a bad light, one another. Example: A dealership recently employee turnover make him/her seem hard-hearted or uncaring; hired Steve, a very friendly and seemingly by maximizing he/she has a strong need to be liked by those highly persuasive person, to lead its sales employee morale and around him. He/she may be an enthusiastic people. Steve was diligent about greeting productivity. In the motivator, inspirational cheerleader and/or each member of his staff enthusiasticallyprevious issues of AutoSuccess we wrote of articulate conversationalist. each morning; he would also make it a point“Defining an Agency’s Corporate Culture” to strike up casual conversations and holdthe various things that distinguish it from Since establishing rapport with others is a top unabashedly colorful discussions about howother agencies and “Retention of Staff” priority in the mind of an extrovert, he/she is to increase sales. While a few subordinatesthe importance of knowing your specific generally expressive, upbeat and enthusiastic. appeared to appreciate his rather flamboyantworkplace needs and then selecting suitable He/she often serves as the promoter, networker work approach, most seemed disinterested andemployees. and presenter of a team. Perks, public praise uninspired. or status symbols will spur him/her on andBeing aware of how the different members inspire him/her to perform well on the job. Try as he might, Steve could not seem toof your dealership communicate is key to connect with everyone on his team. Heknowing why individuals may sometimes You may have read the preceding paragraph saw many vague, emotionless stares whenhave conflict with each other, not understand thinking of your sales people. For fun and telling humorous stories to break the ice andone another, and find it difficult to work increased understanding, read it again and received turndowns to his heartfelt lunchtogether. Interpersonal communication comes think of one of your sales people from the invitations. When some sales people startedinto play in virtually every aspect of human standpoint of managing him/her. The same excusing themselves from his team-buildinglife and is probably the most critical element behaviors give critical clues to optimized games, Steve knew he needed to find alternateof management; it is pivotal to the ongoing coaching and motivating. management techniques – quickly!success of a dealership. Managers andsubordinates may often seem to be operating Read the paragraph again, but this time think Anyone who finds himself/herself in Steve’sfrom opposite sides of the communication about what you are reading as it might apply situation needs to step back and realize thatspectrum. The ability to relate to one another to your employee’s management style and the subordinates who are reserved in demeanoropens the door to increased motivation and way he/she is likely to communicate with and will dismiss zest and passion as superficial anda greater sense of commitment within a motivate others. meaningless. They respond to facts, practicaldealership. It also often brings the added feedback, and logic. Small talk should bebenefits of heightened productivity, job Let’s look at another personality and its kept to a minimum and a more formal, lesssatisfaction and employee loyalty. particular interpersonal communication style. frivolous work approach should be adopted. The individual who is not people-orientedDealerships throughout the nation have found but who is task-directed. He/she tends to A totally different plight emerges when thethat behavioral-based assessments can be be matter-of-fact, skeptical and inclined to opposite occurs, when it is the sales managerinstrumental when it comes to identifying an examine situations before speaking. This who is serious and direct and the employeeindividual’s communication style. Statistics analytical conservative may not be responsive who is spirited and unrestrained. Example:show that an increasing number of dealerships to enthusiastic attempts to make him/her The manager, Donna, felt she was doing allare electing to profile both job candidates and buy into an idea. He/she is convinced by she could to inspire and motivate her team.existing employees in order to have a clear data, inarguable information, not by others’ She made an effort to get right to the point,view of their needs and preferences. Among excitement. He/she is inclined to examine citing weaknesses in a job performance andthe preferences an employee’s preferred way the practical ramification of situations, he/she offering clear ways to improve.of being communicated with and his/her often helps keep an organization based innatural way of communicating with others. reality and feasibility. What she later learned, however, was thatKnowing more about an applicant makes it most of her subordinates expected her toeasier to determine if he/she is really suited Since he/she is objective in his/her thinking, loudly praise and applaud their efforts. Theyto the job, the work environment and those this calm, collected individual tends to utilize needed a cheerleader, someone who couldcritical communication issues. a consultative business style. He/she takes an display an interest in their achievements, not analytical approach when dealing with buyer’s just dwell on their failings. It was easy to seeWhat can a profile tell you about interpersonal issues and offers sensible solutions when why communication and productivity withincommunications? A person who communicates dilemmas occur. He/she also takes his/her the dealership had deteriorated. Donna’sin an outgoing, highly animated and gregarious time to develop rapport and may not always very dry, somewhat negative approach to themanner does not speak the same language as be highly approachable, he/she is often labeled business was not one her vivacious, colorfulone who is reserved, pragmatic and serious. as “no fun” or even “anti-social.” sales staff could even begin to relate to.The interpersonally focused individual ismore inclined to think with his/her emotions. You might want to re-read the preceding two A manager in Donna’s situation needs to makeBecause he/she is not as fact-driven as his/her paragraphs thinking of your employee in sales, a conscientious effort to provide frequent andquiet co-workers, he/she may be more likely as your subordinate being managed and as a enthusiastic praise to his/her team. He/sheto take information or appearances at face manager of others. should also be reminded to take the time tovalue, could tend to talk more than listen, show some interest in the personal feelingsand may say things he/she thinks others want Problems abound when a manager’s and a of subordinates, as this can create a spirit of 14 subscribe today at
  15. 15. continuedharmony and camaraderie. A no-nonsense tone another. A manager might wonder when Attempting to take charge of a team withoutand serious personality can make one seem the subordinate will start to work up to predetermining its strengths, weaknesses andunapproachable, distant, especially to those expectations, while that same subordinate compatibility is like getting behind the wheelwho are outgoing. Such miscommunication may simply begin to look for another job. The of a car without first knowing where the gastypically causes great rifts throughout a truth is that if each one could understand the pedal, brake and gear-shift are. When drivingdepartment or an entire dealership. reason for the other’s behavior, more harmony this way, you would expect mishaps and and accord exist. confusion.While it is possible to modify managementtechniques, it is obviously easier to hire the Three ways to help reduce turnover rates:person who is best suited to the environment. 1. Define your agency’s corporateThe one who, from the start, will be a good fit culturewith the team, a hire who is likely to respond 2. Know that the first step in employee Carol Martin is a Senior Consultantto the natural interpersonal communication retention lies in employee selection with The Omnia Group. She can bestyle of the prospective manager. Before 3. Learn how to communicate contacted at 800.601.3216, or by email attaking on new employees, it makes sense to effectively with your employees them to help weed out those who mightquickly become labeled “high maintenance.” Increase Sales byThe wrong person for a particular workplaceor a particular manager can be a frustratingand costly mistake. 20% in 10 MinutesExample: When Janet, a long-time favoriteemployee, was promoted and needed to bereplaced, the dealer and general managerwere hoping to find someone like her. Theyinterviewed several candidates then hiredAmanda, who seemed as self-starting andcooperative as Janet. Soon after, however, the Stay in contact with all upsmanager noticed that Amanda was makingan inordinate amount of mistakes. She also Receive total data based managementseemed more aloof than he remembered herbeing at the interview and certainly was noJanet. After months of mutual frustration, Daily management reports you can use toheated discussions and several warnings, manage your peopleAmanda was fired.Hoping to avoid another time-consuming FREE FTC “Do Not Call” dailyand financially draining bad hire, the synchronization and alert to help youdealership decided to have Janet take anemployee profile. The results revealed that aviod an $11,000 ÞneJanet possessed two very dominant traits thatAmanda had clearly been lacking: Janet was The Koons Automotive Group sold over 44,000 vehicles last year with the helpmeticulous in her work and very diplomatic.With a new understanding of what they were of ProResponselooking for, it did not take long to find Susan, -Alex Hafer General Managerwhose profile showed strong similarities toJanet’s. Susan was hired and has proven to ProResponse is the only system I have ever used where the sales people arebe a happy, productive and quality-conscious actually motivated to use it. Our new car sales are up 21% in one year.employee – just like Janet. -Jeffrey Abel President Miller ToyotaManaging Susan is easy too, because her bossknows she works best when given clearly Our closing ratio has improve 38% and our “be-backs” have nearly doubled.defined objectives, specific instructions, When we first implemented ProResponse we averaged 160 cars a month, anand frequent feedback regarding her job average month is now 350!performance. Letting her work with little -Kevin Cohan General Manager, Jim Coleman Cadillac Infiniti Toyotaoversight would be a big mistake and could RORESPONSEcause her to flounder when ambiguoussituations arise. Her manager knows hertraits and uses her profile to coach andmotivate (while avoiding the employee’s owndemoralizers), there exists a greater sense ofmutual understanding, well being and teamspirit. Limited Exclusivity. Call us before you competition does!When difficulties, challenges anddisagreements are prevalent in the workplace,employees and employers often blame one 800.453.8211october 2004 15
  16. 16. fs feature solution PatrickLuck Dealers Generate $500k in ADDITIONAL PROFITS LAST MONTHThe Marketing Revolution Part 1: Dealers are using select 3rd party lead their results. The best part about InternetThere is a marketing revolution taking providers to generate leads for their staff marketing is that everything is measurableplace where dealers are changing how they Part 2: Dealers are setting up websites so so it is important to evaluate how manyadvertise by targeting their marketing like they can generate their own leads also leads you get and what the closing ratio anda rifle rather than shot gunning with mass Part 3: Dealers are using the right tools & cost per sale is by source. “We measuredmedia. The two biggest shifts in the market processes to increase the closing ratio of our lead activity for 90 days and we cut allare the use of low cost advertising that is their leads of our poor performing lead providers. Wemore measurable than traditional advertising Part 4: Direct Mail and Email Marketing only kept the great performers and the leadlike the Internet and direct mail. Mass media aggregators like Dealix are the best becauseis increasing in cost and decreasing in the Part 1: The Lead Providers the closing ratio is much higher when youreturn. This has been brought on since the Lead providers give dealers leads every have the right information to contact thenewspapers have consolidated and there are month in their geographical area. The reason customer and the cost per sale is under $200more TV and Radio Stations reaching less dealers use lead providers is because these per vehicle,” explained Robert Revere fromand less people. At the same time, almost 3rd party buying services have a national percent of shoppers use the Internet to presence in the market and have onlineresearch before they buy a car compared to advertising that gives them exposure Used Car Lead Providersless than 30 percent of the shoppers that use to customers that the dealer may not Dealers have had a lot of success with sellingthe traditional advertising mediums like TV, otherwise be able to reach. In addition, some used cars on the Internet because it is a lotRadio, Outdoor and Print. As a result, the customers prefer to interact with a 3rd party easier for a customer to spend time on theirInternet and targeted marketing has emerged because they feel they will get unbiased and computer searching dealer inventories than ifas the most effective way for dealers to objective information they can trust. This they had to spend all weekend driving aroundadvertise for less cost and they can measure is the first step most dealers take because from store to store. Used car lead providerseverything they spend. they can start getting leads immediately list dealer’s inventory on their website and from these 3rd party providers so they have customers inquire on the exact vehicle theyCan you Make Money on the Internet? enough leads for a full time person who can want. The unique part about used vehicles“Last month we sold over 200 cars over the get them results right out of the gate. There is that every one of them is “one of a kind”Internet for $2400 gross profit per vehicle. are 2 basic types of lead providers: New car so the closing ratio and the gross profit canWe have increased our sales by 179 percent lead providers and used car lead providers. sometimes be higher when compared to newover last August by using the web to attract vehicles. “We are #1 for sales of Hondamore traffic for less cost compared to our New Car Lead Providers Certified vehicles and we don’t even have atraditional advertising. We spent $100k less New car lead providers give dealers leads used car lot. We are land locked and we sellin advertising while we almost doubled our from their own website. Lead providers most of our used vehicles on the Internet. Wesales and profitability and we can measure can charge anywhere between $20-$35 per make more money on used cars online thanwhere every dollar is going,” said Brian lead and they vary greatly in the quality of we do on new cars because the average grossBenstock from Paragon Honda & Acura. the leads they sell. Some leads have a low per sale is much higher,” said Benstock fromRobert Revere from closing ratio and a high cost per sale while In addition to receivingagreed, “We sold 277 cars online last month others have a high closing ratio and a low a lot of Internet leads on used cars, mostand we became the #2 Chevrolet dealer in cost per sale. The key to buying quality leads dealers will receive 5-10 times the numberthe country because of what our Internet and is to make sure that they are not “duds”. of phone calls from used car lead providers.BDC department generated.” In this article, There is a new type of lead provider called “In addition to the Internet leads we get, wewe will give you a summary of how you can an “aggregator”. New car lead “aggregators” get more than 100 calls from having ouruse the Internet and targeted marketing to filter and clean leads before they give them cars on In addition, wemake more money for your dealership. to dealers to check to see if they are “duds” link customers to our website directly from and to ensure they are higher quality and by simply asking them toWhat are the best dealers doing to make thus get a higher closing ratio. For example, add a link with to increasemore money online? an aggregator will scrub the leads and the traffic to our own website also,” addedWe researched how the best dealers in append the leads to ensure that the contact Benstock.the country are shifting their advertising info is not bad and they will sometimes addto attract more customers for less cost by information that is important to a dealership Part 2: Dealership Websitesleveraging targeted marketing. We have like the phone number and other information The second part of the most successfulsummarized what they are doing in 4 parts. that helps the Internet sales person improve dealerships Internet strategy is their website. 18
  17. 17. The best dealers typically generate a lot of for Internet sales people to manage these are. It doesn’t convey any compellingleads directly from their own website. The opportunities over many months. These reason for the buyer to favor your dealershipleads from a dealerships website typically tools will create daily calendars and follow over another. It doesn’t make a case for thehave a higher closing ratio than the leads up plans to remind the sales person of who to product or service you sell.they buy from 3rd party providers and the call and when to call them. In addition, mostaverage cost per sale is usually lower. Most of the tools come with templated emails In contrast direct response advertising’sdealers recognize this but they do not have to send to different customers in different very name is self-explanatory. It is designedenough leads from their own website to situations. Dealers and managers like the to evoke an immediate response or actionsustain their growth. The first challenge is fact that these tools make it easy for them to – a visit, a call, or a purchasing decisionthat they do not know how to attract the monitor their advertising return, their people, from the buyer. The most effective form oftraffic to their website and if their site does process and results by giving them accurate direct response advertising is direct mail. Itnot get traffic it won’t generate leads. The reports that are automatically generated. In presents factual, specific reasons why yoursecond challenge is that many dealerships total, these tools help Internet sales people company, product or service is superior tohave templated websites that don’t do a good improve their response times, appointments, all others. Direct mail advertising directsjob turning website browsers into leads. The sales and follow up because it does some people to action. It compels readers to callbest dealers have the right Internet marketing of the work for them. “We increased our you or drive their car down to trade it instrategy to drive traffic to a website that is closing ratio from 7-25% in one quarter on a newer model. Used effectively, directeffective at converting visitors into leads and according to Honda’s Excel Report because mail can produce tons of super qualifiedsales. “We actually set up our own regional our CRM tool automates most of the process ups. At its best it literally compels people tobuying service at for us. Buzztrak automates the initial call, visit and buy. And you can analyze theand we sold 500 vehicles last month online,” responses and 90% of the follow up during value, profitability and performance of yourexplained Rad Weaver from Red McCombs. the sales process and after they buy the car. advertising.The key to a great website is that it should We are currently handling over 1000 leadsmarket the entire dealership and it should with only 3 people because most of their job “We integrated our direct marketing andgenerate a lot of leads. The key to generating is automated. The best part is that it frees email marketing campaigns to attracta lot of leads is to get a website that has a our team to spend more of their time selling customers to our website and our dealership.high “conversion ratio” which means that appointments and cars rather than spending We hired J&L Marketing to set up andit converts a high percentage of browsers time sending emails,” said Benstock, co- implement the whole direct mail program.into leads. In addition, the best websites owner of Paragon Honda. In just the first week we sold over 50 unitsdo a good job setting the dealership apart for more than $100,000 in gross profit. Infrom their competition by sticking out Part 4: Direct Mail & Email Marketing addition, we continued to deliver vehiclesamongst the bland cookie-cutter sites that Dealers are frustrated by the high costs of weeks after the event.” said Brian Benstockall look the same. “After we changed our mass media and the decrease in the return from Paragon Honda. Benstock continued,manufacturer templated website to our they are getting. Mass media is undergoing “direct mail has replaced a lot of ournew website we generated over 700 leads a major shift because it is difficult for newspaper advertising because we have beenand we sold 106 units the first month,” advertisers to target the right audience. In able to increase our traffic while spending asaid Jennifer, the Internet director from addition, consumers are using satellite radio lot less money and the cost per sale is The best dealers and tools like TIVO to skip commercials half of what we used to spend.”have websites that generate a lot of high thus undermining advertiser’s ability toquality leads to their Internet department reach them at all. Newspaper costs continue Just Do It!and additional traffic to their phone and to skyrocket as a result of consolidation. It is obvious to most dealers that the targetedshowroom as well. We noticed that the best Thus dealers who spend a majority of their marketing and the Internet is the future ofdealers have a blended strategy where they ad budget on TV, radio and newspaper are automotive advertising. What makes theget their leads from their own website and a forced to pay to reach millions when only best dealers succeed is their ability to see thisfew high quality lead providers because both thousands are actually interested in their opportunity, to act and to follow through. Ingenerate incremental sales for a lower cost offers. our business, failure is caused less by a lack ofper sale compared to traditional advertising knowledge and more by a lack of execution.mediums. Almost every Print ad, Radio or Television I hope this gives you the information and commercial, even some Direct Mail pieces the inspiration to take action and to improvePart 3: The Right Tools & Processes are institutional – type advertising. At best, how your marketing, attracting, selling andWhen dealers set up the right lead providers that produces deferred results. At worst keeping your customers.and website they usually don’t have a – and this applies to 95% of all advertisingproblem generating a lot of leads. What out there – institutional advertising is anmakes dealers money is how good of a job ineffective, vacuous, wasteful expensethey do in turning their leads into sales. The that accomplishes no productive purposechallenge that many dealers face is that they whatsoever.can get hundreds of leads in one month and itcan become very difficult to manage, follow No wonder most dealers state that attractingup and measure all of that lead activity with traffic to their showroom is their singleout the right tools. All of the best dealers use biggest challenge in selling cars today.some type of lead management or CRM tool Patrick Luck is the Editor and Publisherto help them manage all of their leads. These Most institutional advertising tells you of AutoSuccess Magazine. He can betools accept and organize the leads they get how great the dealership paying for the contacted at 800.331.9507, or by email atfrom all of their sources to make it easier advertising is, or how old and stable they 2004 19