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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. Don’t Miss the AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit IV, page 4 May 2006 Dealix: Mining the Best Quality Leads on the Web Interview With Vice Presidents Tim Weaver and Patrick Stanton
  2. 2. How do we get more car buyers into your dealership? It’s called being in the right place at the right time. Never before has a media plan had such scope. We’ve partnered with MTV, Comedy Central, Stephen King, TNT and more to create promotions that will give your cars unprecedented visibility. It’s the ultimate media plan. And it could only come from the ultimate automotive marketplace. To reach more buyers, call 1-888-249-6860.©2006 is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license.
  3. 3. NEED AN EVENT THAT PAYS? The Hottest Do-it -Yourself SALES EVENTS IN THE NATION OUR DEALERS AVERAGE 340% MORE UPS WITH OUR EVENTSTHAN LEADING SALES. NO TEAMS, NO COMMISIONS, JUST TRAFFIC!!POWERFUL EVENTS • REAL BIG RESULTS • REALLY INEXPENSIVEPlus, we include everything for you... Direct Parcel • Event Website • Credit Hotline • Balloons • Mirror Tags Registration Cards • Incentives • BDC Scripts and more! CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT. The Driving Force Behind EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY Automotive Advertising Market Exclusive 866-239-3862 Copyright © 2006 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. Don’t Miss This Event Dean Evans David Kain Sean Chip Perry Scott Joseph Vice President of President, Kain Automotive Wolfington CEO and President, President & CEO, Marketing, Dealix Inc. Internet & BDC Owner, J&L Marketing, Inc. Training Specialist Case Study: New Variable You will learn: Case Study: How to use Internet Advertising Best Data Print Campaign - Internet Marketing that You will learn: BDC/Internet departments Practices Management System generates high quality - Mapping out the best to sell 100 - 500 extra cars increases Dealership’s a month. market share from 8% to leads Internet sales process You will learn: - Maximizing lead - E-mail templates for the - How’s top 20% and grows net profit You will learn: from $170,000 to over $1.6 generation from your best short and long-term - Setup a successful BDC/ performing dealers get their million in just one year! Web site communication Internet department outstanding results - Maximizing third party - Phone script elements - Use the Web to promote - Take home examples of You will learn: automotive sites that turn leads into all your profit centers effective merchandising - Trigger marketing - Metrics that matter appointments - Use the Web to drive you can put to techniques using customized showroom & phone traffic Web pages and direct mail. - Focus on return on - Recruiting, hiring and immediate use - How to increase your floor investment compensating for results - Sell old stock, vehicles & parts inventory and phone traffic during your - Use e-mail marketing slowest days of the week. to drive more traffic for - A Growth Strategy to grow your gross profit a minimum zero cost of 33% Darren Haygood Jennifer Al Babbington Chris Hanson Rad Weaver Director of CRM & Internet Sales, Lokey Automotive Picheco Chief Executive Officer, CallCommand Award Winning DaimlerChrysler Sales Person Red McCombs Director of e-Commerce, You will learn: Case Study: “Ford & Toyota You will learn: Germain Motor Company Dealers today run the risk of - How to groom your sales Dealer Sells 500 Extra Cars - Maximize your ROI under-communicating and Maximizing Your Internet people to be 20-plus car Online” - Learn how to increase also over-communicating to people a month your Internet dept. gross Department’s Potential their customer. So what’s - Proven processes that You will learn: profit the right mix? work anywhere You will learn: - How we increased our - To price or not to price You will learn: - Show your sales people Internet sales from 40 to 500 - Stop giving units away just - Core structure: size matters - Unlocking the potential in how to make, develop and in one year to gain market share your database maintain Raving Fans - How to stop selling price - Where you are vs. where - How we tripled our Web - Understanding the lifetime - A sales process for today’s and start maximizing ROI you’re headed site traffic through free value of your customers sales person and customer - Redefine your used car - Your leads and where they - Specific follow up process marketing come from - Automating professional & Internet strategies for sold customers - How we increased out - You heard the customer, consistent communication - Turn leads into - Maximizing owner loyalty - Specific follow up process leads from our Web site appointments, now what? for unsold customers - Increasing repeat & - How we staff, train, pay appointments into sales - When follow up is not - How to close over 35 enough referral business and keep great people - Conduct monthly phone percent of your Internet - How we handle pricing to - Attitude is everything - Increasing frequency of blitz sessions leads and increase customer purchase & spend per visit maintain gross profit loyalty Jesse Biter Dave White Ashley Antonio Jennifer David Thomas President, HomeNet General Manager Internet CRC Director, Paragon Honda Lampinen Owner, Subaru of Dallas Operations, DARCARS CRC Director, Paragon Case Study: How Automotive Group Case Study: How to Acura You will learn: proper online vehicle properly train and manage - How to cut your merchandising can make Getting the Most Out of Your your CRC staff to ensure the Case Study: Key steps advertising expenses you stand out Internet Department best results possible to becoming an award - How to get more exposure winning CRC department for less expense You will learn: You will learn: You will learn: - Proper hiring practices - Gorilla marketing - How to work Smarter, not - Effective techniques for You will learn: - Training methods campaigns that work - Develop your people Harder handling the incoming and - How and when to train - How to create free - Create a process-driven - How to maximize sales on out-going Internet phone - Who to train environment publicity the Internet calls - Where training should - Do you know what kind of - How to generate car - Creating sure-fire be done job you are doing? reviews in the right processes that will maximize - The importance of mystery - Measure your results publications appointments and sales phone shopping the - Think outside the box: - How I grew market share competition Look at what other in the world’s worst location - Constructive Call industries are doing that Monitoring works - Training Incentives - Never stop growing Experience real case studies and learn best practices that will help your dealership immediately.
  5. 5. SUMMITIV BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALESMay 18th and 19th, After our CFO and I attended our first Summit in Nov. 2004, we used the2006. At the Venetian information to help us form our own Business Development Center. The information provided by the vendors and dealers enabled us to cut out a lotResort and Hotel, Las of mistakes that would have been made without the information. In April 2005 our BDC was officially launched and is now the hub of our entire dealer group.Vegas, NV In Nov. 2005 the BDC manager and I attended our second Summit. My BDC manager was equally impressed with the content of the meeting and walked away with a lot of useful information. I think what makes these two days soDealers & Managers informative is the fact that you not only see the applications available in theOnly! marketplace but you also see how they are used by real dealers. It would take weeks to research this much information. I would recommend any dealer doing business on the Internet to attend one of these. Thanks again, see you at the Summit!Two days of intenselearning. Dramatically Gene Leitner, General Manager, Norris Hondaimprove your results.Limited Seats,Register Today!Case studies fromsuccessful dealershipsacross the country.Class room styleseating only $595.Speakers subject to change Come see special guest speaker Bill Sattree at the invitation hors d’oeuvres party, Thursday at 5:30pm at the AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit IV Call today to register. toll free 866.239.3712 web
  6. 6. The Greatest Destroyer of Business: Fear 8 TomHopkins How to Write Great Ads 10 ScottJoseph Fine-Tuning Internet Marketing 11 EricHinkle 80 Percent in 3 Days 12 DavidJohnson Turn the Annual Review Into Something Useful 14 TomGegax Mr. John T. Brasington, 70 Plus Years in the Automotive Industry 16 The Greatest Sales Training Tip ... In Life 18 MichaelYork Time to Tastefully Redecorate Your Office 20 JesseBiter The 7 Commandments of Selling, Part 1 22 DavidJacobson BMW MetroSTEP Program and Hispanics Automotive Technicians 24 EdHuzyak Dealix: Mining the Best Quality Leads on the Web Interview with Vice Presidents Tim Weaver and Patrick Stanton 26 BrianAnkney Safeguarding Customers’ Information and Privacy A Refresher on Safeguards Rule Requirements 28 CharlesArrambide Driving Multi-Channel Sales Success With E-Newsletters 30 BrianEpro The First Step of Successful Negotiating 32 JeffMorrill To Price or Not To Price - No Longer a Question 33 ChipPerry Everyone Needs Credit Insurance 36 TonyDupaquiercover 26 Complete Life Cycle Management - How Much Is Too Much and How Much Is Not Enough 38 AlBabbington Internet Department Quarterly Performance Checklist 40 DavidKain Create Employee Retention 42 RogerHerman Make Women Customers Feel Welcome 44 SkipMerrick Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Thomas Williams, Creative Director Charlie Tierney, Sales-improvement Strategist toll free: 877.818.6620 facsimile: 502.588.3170 Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist web: helping to promote... Proverbs 3: 5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” God is the source of all supplyAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  7. 7. Congrats!# 1 Chevy eDealer of the 380 Extra Sales 380 increased their sales from 40 to 380 extra cars a month after they switched to 40 before BZ after BZ DIGITAL MARKETING TRAININGSearch Engine Placement CRM System Sales Process BDCCustom Websites Outsourced BDC Desking Used CarsBuild A Car eMail Marketing Phones F&IVirtual Test Drives Voicemail Marketing Internet RenewalsInventory & 360 Tours Showroom Kiosks Unsold Follow Up LeasingOnline Ads Ad Tracker Sold Follow Up Service Free CRM Biz Plan & Free In-Store Consultation 877. BZ.TOOLS 877.298.6657
  8. 8. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution The Greatest Destroyer of Business: Fear Fear is the greatest the transaction. You need to come across best interest to proceed, then it’s your duty as enemy you’ll ever as warm, friendly and inviting. If you truly an expert to convince them that this decision encounter as a business believe in your products and the quality of is truly good for them. professional. Fears service you and your company can deliver, appear on both sides it should show. People are also tremendously afraid of owingof most business situations so you really money. They may make irrational statementsneed to understand them and master how to Smile. Give the client a sincere compliment. or ask questions that seem out of place. Theyovercome them. Thank them for the opportunity to serve may even mistrust what you have to say. their needs. In other words, treat them as you They may want to negotiate fees.Hopefully, you’ll learn to recognize and would a guest you are honored to have inconquer your own inner fears. Those common your home. Please realize that it’s simply a symptomfears most sales people have of not getting of the fear they are feeling about theenough business, making mistakes or losing The next fear you’ll encounter is their fear of transaction. When you notice somethingface will be conquered with knowledge making a mistake. Hey, we all have that one, along these lines, pause in your presentation.and experience. Being educated and well- don’t we? We’ve all made decisions we’ve You might want to do a brief summary ofprepared to perform in this industry brings later regretted. Since you’re working with what’s been discussed thus far to be certainabout self-confidence. one of the largest investments the average they understand everything you’ve covered. person ever makes, you must take the timeThe toughest job you’ll encounter in business to talk them through every aspect of the This challenge may appear in manyis when you have to help others admit to transaction very carefully. variations, depending upon the negotiatingand overcome their fears so you can earn skills of your clients.the right to serve their needs. Fear is whatbuilds that wall of resistance you so often They may stall making any decision to gorun into. There are skills you must master When you’ve ahead and you’ll have to draw them order to climb over or break through thatwall. But, first, you must understand what satisfied They may be point blank about it and you’llthe fears are. yourself that have to sell them on the value of the serviceWhat are the most common fears you’ll it is in their you provide.have to overcome with clients? best interest to A good way to handle most fears is to confrontYour prospective client is initially afraid ofyou. You are a sales person. I think you’ll proceed, then them head on, but gently. You might simply say, “John and Mary, I feel you have someagree with me that sales people are not it’s your duty hesitation about going ahead with this. Wouldgenerally accepted with open arms—even byother sales people. Even if you are going to as an expert you mind sharing with me what it is?” Then, be quiet and wait for their reply. It could behelp someone you already know — a friend to convince that they’ve had a bad past experience andor acquaintance or even a relative — whenyou enter their lives in the role of a business them that this are sitting there fearful of having another. They’re waiting and watching you for signsprofessional, certain fears will arise. It’s decision is truly that you’re not like that other sales person.bound to happen in 99 percent of yourpresentations. (I’ll give you a one percent good for them. Get them talking about their fears so you can determine something concrete to work.non-fear situation with your parents or Help them to see how different you and yourgrandparents, simply because in most cases company are. People won’t do business withthey’ll believe in you and trust you no matter You are the expert. You know this business. you if they don’t like you, trust you and wantwhat role you play with them.) You may have knowledge about aspects of it to listen to you. Fear gets in the way of all that they hadn’t thought of, and if they had, three of those areas.What you need to do to conquer the “sales their decision may have been different.person fear” is to master the skill of puttingpeople at ease. Learn to use a relaxed You must go into every presentation with a Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tommanner and tone of voice. Use rapport- very curious interest in the who, what, when, Hopkins International, Inc. He can besetting comments and questions that show where, and why of the transaction. When contacted at 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atthem you are interested in them, not just in you’ve satisfied yourself that it is in their 8
  9. 9. Take our customers...Please!Why chase false leads when you can have real,qualified customers?She completed an extensive application, pre-qualifiedwith flying colors, received her purchase check, andnow she just needs a car. Want her contact info?Become a myAutoloan Preferred Dealer now.Our approved customers arrive with financing in place.Our qualified customers have passed an extensiveverification process through our Preferred Placement®technology. Now, all you have to do is put them in thedriver’s seat.Each month, we approve hundreds of qualified, ready-to-buy customers in your area. They prefer all brands,all models, and great service. But they don’t requireselling – they’re ready to buy!To choose your spot on our Preferred Dealer Networkand start getting these customers, give us a call toll freeat 866.625.2668, send an email to,or visit our Web Site at partnership with Complete Customer Contact Details Exclusive Territories Entire Credit Spectrum Applicants Exclusive Real-Time Leads by Zip Code 24/7 Online Dealer Access Customers are Buying Now REAL LENDERS - REAL LOANS - REAL TIME
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis ScottJoseph marketing solution How to Write Great Ads When you sit down 5. Why is buying a newer vehicle better to create your next than just continuing to drive what I’m advertisement always already driving? ask: Who am I 6. So what? communicating with? What problems am I Your promotion, your selling posture, going to help them deal with? your proposition has to answer a question that’s already on a prospect’s mind. It has How would I have the most impact on this to provide a solution or a result that’s big person? enough, tangible enough and desirable enough that it will compel them to want to you are their cure Remember: Your message doesn’t have any take action and contact your dealership. value unless it makes an impact. Information or offers alone are not motivating. Unless it So how can you do that? makes a positive and profound impact, it’s empty rhetoric. You have to have a willingness to educate customers as to what their real options are. People buy for emotional benefit. Think about it… most people focus on tangible Just telling people what to do and not telling results like the deal or savings they received, them why they should do it doesn’t give but most of the truly great rewards are them the confidence that going through the intangible – like the birth of your first process will produce the result they want. child, your college degree or winning a championship match. Develop your ability to put into words what people want, and build on that. The first Typically, great rewards are emotional, not thing is to articulate the biggest, clearest tangible. But most people write ads from a desired result people abstractly feel but never tangible viewpoint and ignore or forget about had clarified for themselves. Then build a the emotional. strategy of action they can take. People have to recognize your offer as Most people don’t know what a focused a solution to a want or need they feel “picture” looks like until someone shows emotionally, as well as rationally. Logic them. They don’t even know they’re out of These kids and doesn’t make the deal, not entirely. You have focus until they get into focus… after you millions more to compel people on the emotional level. focus the picture for them. Mary Tyler Moore International Chairman have Juvenile So if it’s the manufacturer’s job to sell the Connect the dots for them. If you connect Diabetes, a disease that product and your job to bring the most traffic the dots, it helps them take action and contact and sell as many vehicles as possible how do your store. Once the dots are connected, threatens their lives every day. you appeal to them on an emotional level? people will take that first step and then go to None of them can outgrow it. the next. That’s what leading is all about. But we’re closer than ever to Some people buy because they are spoiled from your outstanding service. When I write advertisements I try to a cure. Please, help us make constantly think of, what’s the next layer? life-saving research possible. Some people respond because of the emotional What’s the next step to graduate them need to not miss out on something or to take forward? What am I not connecting for Call 1.800.533.CURE or visit advantage of something that only an exclusive them? What are they thinking? I try very group of people will participate in. hard to put myself in their shoes. I wonder what I would be thinking if I’d just heard Six Critical Questions to Ask Before You this… and this… I wonder what sort of offer Do Any Promotion would keep me interested. I wonder where 1. If I were on the receiving end, why my mind would be devoted. would I want this? 2. Why would I want to take advantage of this offer at this particular time? 3. What’s in it for me? 4. How will this newer vehicle or offer Scott Joseph is the president of J&L make me feel better about myself, my Marketing Inc. He can be contacted at family, my business, my future, my 866.429.6846, or by e-mail at life?
  11. 11. sts fos ls ms sf fis EricHinkle marketing solution Fine-Tuning Internet Marketing If you want to increase the latest industry tools can enhance your Internet department dealership’s performance. revenue, review your game plan. Start with Another area in which to look for the basics first and improvement may be your marketing then nail down more consistency. Your dealership probably has aspecifics gradually. logo or pitch phrase that gives your audience quick identification. If your dealership hasThe most important and basic things to a Web site, that marketing message shouldreview are inventory photos. Do you show be included on the front page. Include ittimely photos when marketing online? with every advertisement opportunity. YourTaking quality photos that are clear and marketing presence becomes your brandvisible will increase the time a visitor will within the community, and consistencyspend on your vehicles. Do a review in counts. Make sure your brand is on yourwhich you list your inventory. Spend time Web site, online listings, window stickers,targeting and capturing the online browser. vehicle and dealership brochures, andDefine where your Internet leads are coming everywhere your inventory is listed. Stagefrom and appropriate money accordingly. your vehicles for photos and use a logoConsider changing your marketing routine overlay on each picture. This can provideto measure your success with every vendor. instant dealer recognition every time anyoneEvery online vendor should be able to give views one of your photos. It takes more thanyour dealership trending reports, daily lead one photo and basic descriptions to standreports, Internet traffic reports and reports above the crowd.on how you compare to others in your area. Choose the vendors that provide the highestMake appropriate adjustments with your level of competencies. Stay away from long-advertising efforts. Not every dealership term contracts on technology software andfinds success with the largest Web malls. hardware. Computer systems and productsSome sites boast several million unique are upgraded too often to get stuck in a long-visitors each month. Ask to see the numbers term lease agreement. Get upgrade pricingfrom other local dealerships in your area. in writing before making commitments.Taking an average of leads produced on One-year contracts on hardware should bea national level may not provide your the maximum.dealership with any advantage on a locallevel. Call around to see how the performance In his book, “Good to Great”, Jim Collinsof local dealerships matches up with claims wrote, “Those companies who turn frommade by company reps. Consider realigning good to great are motivated by a deepyour dollars with other Web malls that have creative urge and inner compulsion for sheera strong local presence. Your dealership’s unadulterated excellence for it’s own sake.location may determine how successful your Those who build and perpetuate mediocrity,marketing campaign will be. in contrast, are motivated more by the fear of being left behind.” He goes on to say,What works for a dealership in California “Great companies artfully manage changemay not be what works for a dealership — but never really spent much time thinkingin Vermont. Considerations for your about it. It was utterly transparent to them.Web presence dollars should be based on The problems of alignment, motivation andperformance. Every Web mall and Webmaster change just melt away. They largely takekeep visitor and lead counts as a part of his care of themselves.”or her contracts. Watch these on a monthlybasis to ensure your dealership is gettingthe maximum exposure for the money it’sspending. As the Internet continues to prove Eric Hinkle is the president ofmore valuable, partner with vendors that He can be contacted atenhance their software packages to provide 866.663.9037, or by e-mail atseamless solutions. Staying current with 2006 11
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidJohnson sales and training solutionMEET YOUR NEW 80 Percent in 3 DaysE-PLOYEE... Sales have always your customer, you have to stand out from been and always will the crowd. I send a video e-mail telling the be about the numbers. customer who I am and that I have someWORKS 24/7 WITHOUT A The more customers great news for them. If I spoke with the you can tell your story customer, I talk to them about the vehicleSICK DAY OR VACATION! to, the more customers you will sell. they requested, along with pricing and a link to the window sticker. I have used this e-mail Internet sales are all about getting the tactic for a while, and I have had very strong customer off the Internet and on the phone, results. then into your showroom. It’s simple mathematics: If you contact more of your Three hours after the video e-mail, I call the customers you will be able to tell your story customer that I couldn’t get hold of back but to more of your customers; if you tell your I don’t leave a message. For those people that story to more of your customers you will set I have already contacted I call to see if they more appointments; set more appointments got the e-mail then book the appointment.TIMEHIGHWAY.COM replaces and watch your sales soar.telephone-based scheduling with The next day if the customer still hasn’tinternet technology that enhances That is what this article is all about: 80 percent contacted me I call them again and leavethe effectiveness and customer in three days. Eighty percent represents your another message: “Hello this is (name) withsatisfaction of your dealership. contact rate. Increase your contact rate, and (place of business). I am calling about yourBy scheduling appointments the rest of your numbers will follow. Assume request for information on the (car). I justdirectly through your web site, you set appointments with 50 percent of the need to confirm your e-mail address so I canyour customers make confirmed people you talk with and 50 percent of them get this information to you. Again, my nameappointments instantly without call- show with 50 percent buying. Now let’s say is (name) and my number is (number). I can’tbacks. puts your you have a 50 percent contact rate and you wait to hear from you!”service department’s schedule on receive 200 leads a month. That would beyour web site, making it possible to 25 sales a month. Now let’s assume your Call the customer again in three to four hoursschedule appointments 24 hours a contact rate was 80 percent and the rest of but don’t leave a message. Follow up withday, 7 days a week, from anywhere. your numbers stay the same. That would be another call after 6 p.m., and again, don’t 40 units a month. A simple increase in 30 leave a message. On the third day, send • Your 24/7 Revenue percent on the same number of leads would another video e-mail saying that you have increase your sales by 15 units a month. the vehicle he or she is looking for and give Building Tool the pricing on the vehicle requested. Follow• Efficient and Simple to Use Since contact rate is so important, how do up with a phone call in about an hour or so to • Automatic Confirmation, you reach the 80 percent mark? It’s really see if the customer received the e-mail. Leave Courtesy Reminder, quite simple: All you have to do is work a message that says, “Hello, (name). This is every customer, even the ones you feel aren’t (name) with (place of business), I was calling Completion and CSI Emails worth the effort. I call the customer within to let you know that I e-mailed you your five minutes of receiving the lead. I let the request on the (car). It is aggressively priced customer know that the call isn’t a sales call to earn your business, call me at (number) For More Information Contact by telling them so. This relaxes the customer, to take advantage of our desire to have you Karen Dillon at 239.438.5359 or and then I confirm their vehicle of interest as a customer.” Then call the customer again and e-mail address. About 20 percent of the after 6 p.m. time you will land an appointment just from this call. If the customer doesn’t answer the phone, leave this message “Hello this is (name). I’m at work right now, give me a call at (number).” I have found this message to be very successful in getting a call back. 5633 Strand Blvd, Suite 302 David Johnson is the Internet Sales Manager at Orville Beckford Ford Mercury Naples, FL 239.438.5359 If I speak with the customer or not, I send in Milton, Fla. He can be contacted at the customer an e-mail. With spam running 866.347.2379, or by e-mail at rampant and other dealerships trying to close
  13. 13. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomGegax leadership solution Turn the Annual Review Into Something Useful One day two decades objectives assigned during the year. This offs. “Maybe you ticked somebody off and it ago, I sat at my desk, was largely an overview because I’d been was payback time,” he said. “Welcome to the flipping through an monitoring his progress during our weekly world of management.” employee’s annual one-on-one sessions. review and growing After wrapping up the NTIs, I’d recap and more frustrated by the 2. Assess strengths and developmental affirm what he’d been doing well: “Overall,minute. I remember thinking, “Man, what a needs. Joe, you’re doing a super job. You’ve gotwaste of time. There’s gotta be a better way First, I’d ask the employee to read me the a great outlook, a superior work ethic andto do this.” positive attributes he listed in his self- you interact well with others. I’m impressed appraisal. I’d endorse his assessment, then with your determination to get on top of theW. Edwards Deming, the father of Total share his subordinates’ laudatory observations: challenges we discussed, like keeping yourQuality Management, said the standard “OK, Joe, here’s what your team members temper in check, clamping down on payrollreview “nourishes short-term performance, had to say. Four of them said you’re really expenses and getting more disciplined.”annihilates long-term planning, builds fear, caring; three of them say you’re runningdemolishes teamwork, nourishes rivalry and tighter, more effective meetings.” Next came 3. Look to the future.leaves people bitter.” No wonder so many favorable feedback from his peers: “Wow, I’d ask him to read me the career goalsleaders are contemptuous of it. Sitting at a couple of your peers also noticed you’ve — both two and five years out — listed onmy desk, I thought, “These multiple-choice been more empathetic. You must be putting his self-appraisal. If his abilities matchedquestions are pointless. What should I be extra effort into that. Way to go.” Then it was his ambitions, I’d help him determine thediscovering about employees at review time?” my turn. I’d affirm everyone else’s positive action steps necessary for him to go fromFour themes came to mind. remarks and compliment him on anything daydreaming to day-doing. If he wanted to else I noticed over the past year. (Although nab a promotion, I’d suggest a seminar or 1. What’s he done in the past year versus I have a pretty good memory, I’d also rely on mentor, which he’d duly record on his Goals what he said he would do? the reminder notes I dropped in his employee Activity Report. I’d conclude the Roundtable 2. What’s he doing well that I can file throughout the year.) Review by congratulating him and thanking reinforce and affirm? him for his efforts. 3. What could he do better, and how can Then it was time to move on to NTIs (needs- we help him? to-improve areas). I’d say, “Now, let’s review Brad Burley credits the Roundtable Review 4. Where does he want his career to go, everyone’s tips, including your own, on how for his promotions. “I was very comfortable and how can we help him? you can become even better.” As he read expressing to my supervisor what my aloud his own suggestions, I’d acknowledge career goals were,” Brad said. “Out ofI figured the best snapshot would require each one with a head nod or brief comment. those discussions, I went from being a storeobservations and suggestions from four After reviewing what his subordinates and manager to being a wholesale sales managerperspectives — the employee’s, his peers had written, I’d share my critique. to being a regional manager. That kind ofsubordinates’ (if applicable), his peers’ and We’d then dive into the details and develop upward mobility was built into the culture.”mine. So I sketched out a Teammate Review action plans to fix what we agreed neededForm. The employee being reviewed would fixing. If he had a temper, he might enroll in The Roundtable Review is a potentfill out a form himself and ask five to six an anger-management class. If he regularly developmental tool. So I was upset when asubordinates and the same number of peers exceeded payroll projections, I’d get the CFO sales associate at our Milwaukee store told(all of whom I’d select) to do the same. (The to mentor him. For broader NTIs (“Always me he hadn’t had a review in two years. Iemployee’s version also asks him to list his running late”), we’d add to his Goals Activity apologized and told the store manager andcareer goals.) The anonymous forms would Report his desire to be five minutes early to regional manager who were there with me tothen be submitted to HR, which would merge/ appointments; that way I’d be able to monitor make sure his review was completed beforepurge the responses and compile separate his progress during our weekly one-on-ones. the week was out. At the next executive-results for peers and subordinates. That brand One more check-and-balance mechanism: I’d committee meeting, I brought up the incidentof raw feedback packs a powerful punch. note the goal in the section of the performance and said lapses like that were inexcusable. IPeople respect the boss’ comments, but review called “Bring Up at Next Annual asked for a monthly listing of every employeenothing sinks in like a written self-appraisal Review.” (I always studied an employee’s whose Roundtable Review was 30 days pastand the straight scoop from colleagues. previous annual reviews in preparation for the due. The company-wide memo that went upcoming one.) out the next day said managers violating ourArmed with this no-holds-barred input, I’d review policy could expect to answer notthen sit down with the employee, his Goals The best employees were realistic about the only to their boss, but also in person to theActivity Report, and his individual operating review and used it to their advantage. “All that executive committee. End of problem.plan (an annual list of goals derived from the honest feedback taught me a lot about myself,”company’s strategic plan). His triple-decker said Hank, a key executive. “But if I had 10 orreview looked like this: 12 things that needed improving, I was never Tom Gegax served as the chairman and crazy enough to think I could fix all of them. CEO of Tires Plus and is the founder of1. Review results. I’d pick out the top five and work on those Gegax Management Systems. He can beWe’d briefly check the status of his operating- for the year.” Hank paid particular attention to contacted at 800.723.2601, or by e-mail atplan goals and any other high-priority the multiple complaints and ignored the one- 14
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis special feature Mr. John T. Brasington, 70 Plus Years in the Automotive Industry Dear Mr. Luck, I am writing to you in regards to our anniversary as a GM dealer for over 70 years. My grandfather, Mr. John T. Brasington known to his friends as Johnnie, is probably one of the rare and few who have remained as a dealer over the 70 years+. I know quite a few dealerships have hit the 100 year mark but it is to my understanding that others have taken over the dealer position during those 100 years. He is at work everyday even at the age of 94 and sharp as ever. He has customers who are now on the third and possibly, fourth generation buying cars from him. He always is there to welcome them with a warm greeting and always remembers how important they are to his success. He has been through the depression with his business, the wars and the many changes of GM over the decades. He has great stories about many milestones. We even have a picture of him in a University of Florida Parade driving the Vice President of the United States- Alben Barkley (under Harry Truman), Senator Claude Pepper, J. Hillis Miller-President of the University of Florida, and Florida’s Governor Fuller Warren. So we put together a huge event to help celebrate this great achievement. GM was on hand to help honor him for his dedication and service. The event was held the weekend of March 25th. We had antique cars representing each decade he has been in business along with a few other fun things. In the evening, we held a red carpet event for charity which included light bites and a musical performance by Ted Keegan who played the Phantom on Broadway in the Phantom of the Opera. He was accompanied by renowned pianist Phil Hall. Nancy Crapps John T. Brasington’s granddaughter Brasington Cadillac and Saab 16
  15. 15. John T. BrasingtonGM honored John T. Brasington and said he was the longest tenure dealer in GM History. At 94 and starting with them at 23 he hasbeen in the automotive industry since 1929 though, but with GM since 1935.In the early days, cars would arrive on the trains partially assembled to be fully assembled at the rail yards. John T. Brasington remembersgoing to meet the train in Gainesville on Main Street with another mechanic and building the cars to drive to his dealership.The first car he sold was a used Chevrolet. The purchase price: A Pig. After all, it was the time of the great depression. He also soldPlymouths, Willy’s and Desotas.Top left corner: John T. Brasington; Top right corner is John T. Brasington, David Borchelt - Regional General Manager of VSSM’s Southeast region, and John Orth - Area RegionalDivisional Marketing Manager, Cadillac, Hummer and Saab. Bottom top left - John T. Brasington, Kevin Griffis - GMAC SPB Manager, and Barbara Brasington-Crapps; Bottom lower right- Great grandchildren Grace Crapps and Porter Crapps. Photography by - Mario Perez of Mario’s Photography in Gainesville, Florida.may 2006 17
  16. 16. sts fos ls ms sf fis MichaelYork sales and training solution The Greatest Sales Training Tip ... In Life Well, it’s all come down I need to sell?), and, in general, peruse these little nugget is why you read all the power- to this. Again this month pages until you have gleaned all the selling packed publications piled high on your desk. you’ve rushed to the lessons you possibly can. Ready? Get a life. mail box to grab your copy of AutoSuccess And then you see it: “The Greatest Sales That’s it. The greatest sales training tip in life?GON! Magazine so you can Training Tip ... In Life”. (I could be a little It’s just that: life. Life is bigger than work, justlearn to open doors, close sales, deliver value, more humble with the title, but just play along in case no one’s told you lately. While you andimprove your math skills (now how many do for now.) Get a pen and paper because this your cubicle-mate are wondering who might be the next one to go if we don’t make enough sales, how’s life? How’s life for you and those who care (I mean really care) about you? VO “BEST D TED Note to self: Life is bigger than work. irect M #1 fo Is that how you’re living it? Whether you’re ail Adve r both the an owner, manager, selling professional or (2 years rtising “BEST S r Compan pecial F unning) and y” another member of the team, give me a minute ina to make my case. by deale nce Lead Prov ame rs Like ider” you! The Evidence Some of the best advice I was ever given was some of the simplest. While that “apple a day” thing was really good stuff, I have to say the best business advice I was ever given as a young sales man was, “Work harder on you than you do on your job.” Jobs come and go. You’re pretty much stuck with you from now on (Your spouse is in the same boat) so why not make it the best you that you can? Put THE GA When you work hard on you, your attitude, ME back in your improvement and your desire to perform at a high level, you’ll do any job better because to you you are better. Increasingly, you’ll be seen r mark as better and afforded bigger opportunities. eting! Your real job security is in you, the skills, accomplishments, good health, smile, etc. Strategic Marketing Combines the best of BOTH Mail and Internet Leads that delivers LONG TERM HOME RUN I’ll never forget seeing an e-mail from a sales results every month. We help you find quality customers that are interested in training company that said, “Well, it’s the end purchasing and we give you the tools to follow-up and close the deal. Combining our of the first quarter and if life has gotten in the industry best CLLVPSM direct mail leads and iSMI internet leads, WE WILL HELP YOU way of your goals …”. DOMINATE YOUR MARKET. When I read that line it stopped me cold. “If 257 Call us now to start life has gotten in the way”? 93-5 increasing your Stuff gets in the way. Life is what allows us profits! 00-6 to still be here to deal with all the stuff. Don’t short-change your life and the things that add 8 SPECIAL: DIRECT MAIL AND INTERNET LEADS PACKAGE! Sign up and receive a value to it. Your number-one goal should be about life, not about work. When you fill up your life, you make your set of Titleist Irons* work richer! The sun shines brighter, the air ( A $750 value) smells sweeter, you step lively across the sales floor whistling all the while, as your selling cohorts look on in stunned silence pausing momentarily from their mental rendition of, “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.” i • INTERNET LEADS • LEAD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DIRECT MAIL k i OK, I’m fast approaching the edge here. But *Valid with completion of a 3-month commitment of both CLLVP and Internet leads. I cannot tell you how frustrated I get listening continued on page 46 18
  17. 17. sts fos ls ms sf fis JesseBiter leadership solution Time to Tastefully Redecorate Your Office I’d like to start this have your Bible safely tucked away in your outlines workplace laws under Title VII of month’s article by top drawer, just waiting for some assurance the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Of course, thanking the many that it’s OK to move it to your desktop. there are the obvious restrictions in regards AutoSuccess readers Given the persistent legal onslaught that to hiring, firing or promoting an employee. If who have taken the Christianity faces on a near daily basis, it’s you employ more than 15 people or operate time to send me easy to see why Christians would be cautious in a state that has stricter standards thanthoughtful and inspiring messages over about wearing their faith on their sleeves. the Federal law, no employment decisionthe past two months. Your kind words of can be based on the employee’s viewsencouragement mean a lot to me, and I feel Whenever people learn that I have given my on faith or his or her receptiveness to theblessed to have the opportunity to share my company to Christ, the first thing they ask company ministry. Using Christ’s nameexperiences with you each month. There is me is if it is legal. When I proceed to explain in the company mission statement simplyrevitalization in the workplace, and it’s great to them that the laws actually protect my does not give Christian employers the legalto see that the automotive industry is taking company ministry, I get the same response right to discriminate against non-Christians.part. My hope is that others will realize that every time: “Really?” Americans have Allowing your company ministry to createusing the Bible as your operating handbook been conditioned to believe there is some a hostile working environment is not onlyis not only a rewarding personal choice, but a sort of a politically correct brick wall that illegal, it’s not Christian.wholly gratifying business decision. Christians need to construct to conceal their faith between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The risk “Don’t have anything to do with foolish andI know there are many Christian business of offending a fraction of our population is stupid arguments, because you know theyleaders and employees out there who are somehow worth diminishing the rights of the produce quarrels. And the Lord’s servantwary of the legal issues that can arise when overwhelming majority. Well, I’m here to must not quarrel; instead, he must be kindfaith enters a public setting, particularly when say that simply is not true and, believe it or to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.”it’s your own place of employment. You may not, the law is actually on your side. Timothy 2:23-24 “. . . let us consider how we may spur one The good news is that it’s easy to both serve another on toward love and good deeds. Let Christ and stay well within the boundaries of us not give up meeting together . . . let us the law. In fact, if we follow what Jesus taught, encourage one another. . . .” we should never find ourselves outside of the Hebrews 10:24-25 law anyway. You are free to pray at work, hold group Bible studies and openly discuss Not only is the law on your side but there religious topics with receptive co-workers. are finally organizations that are committed Just remember that as an employer, you need to preserving and protecting the religious to permit employees of other faiths to do the freedoms of Christians across this country. same. You also need to respectfully exclude One of the most prominent and successful of employees who have opted to not participate these organizations is the Alliance Defense in ministry activities. By respecting those Fund ( Since we work with and putting their best interests its inception in 1994, the ADF has helped ahead of your own, Christians can always level the playing field for Christians facing avoid legal conflict. legal opposition from well-funded secular organizations such as the ACLU. The ADF’s Remember, Jesus taught us to let his light efforts have helped its allies win three out of shine through. Your job is not to convert four cases litigated to conclusion, including people, so don’t try. You can share the more than 25 victories before the Supreme good news just by letting others know that Court. Other organizations providing legal you stand for Christ. It’s time to tastefully support for Christians include the Christian redecorate your office. You can start by Law Association (, placing your Bible on your desktop and The Rutherford Institute (www.rutherford. praying the Lord sends inquisitive people org) and the Christian Legal Society (www. your way. Just because you may have the law on your side, doesn’t mean you have free reign. Jesse Biter is the president and CEO of HomeNet Inc. He can be contacted at The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity 866.239.4049 or by e-mail at Commission ( clearly 20