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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and ...

AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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autosuccessMay04 Document Transcript

  • 1. USA All The Way .biz Becky Hubble Technology ROI: Maximizing Return Means Maximizing Systems Utilization Telling is Not Selling Words That Sell Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words Consulting vs. Selling I Am a Professional:May 2004 Daily AfÞrmations756 South 1st Street PRSRT STDSuite 202 US POSTAGELouisville, KY 40202 PAID Lebanon Junction KY PERMIT NO 215a division of Systems Marketing, Inc.
  • 2. Who are you prospecting? Stop wasting money on prospects gone cold. Heat up your direct mail campaigns with the automotive industry’s best alternative to registration data–Total Market Predictor™ (TMP™)* . TMP identifies WHAT is currently parked in the garage; WHEN a household is in the market for a new or used vehicle; and HOW MUCH a household is likely to spend on its next vehicle purchase. Prospecting lists fueled by TMP work harder to: • build showroom traffic • sell more vehicles • gain new and used vehicle market share • increase parts and service business • reach your ultimate prospects Put an end to cold prospecting resulting from privacy and data restrictions. Call R. L. Polk & Co. today at 1-866-521-4234, or contact your agency and insist on Total Market Predictor. *Total Market Predictor™ is a highly accurate statistical model based on current registration data (title information in CA). ©2004 R. L. Polk & Co.
  • 3. manager I N S I D E driventeam operation uccessrevenue automobil solutions 8 Telling is Not Selling Zig Ziglar 9 The Power of Now Mark Tewart profitprofessional10 The Online “Wholetail” Used-Vehicle Option Simon Rothman sales12 New Ideas to Boost Sales Dennis McDonough13 Light the Fire Timothy J. McCarthy14 Professional Persistence Terry L. Isaac16 Technology ROI: Maximizing Return Means Maximizing Systems Utilization Becky Hubble18 Words That Sell Dawn Josephson20 Consulting vs. Selling Brian Tracy21 Building Relationships Steve Hiatt22 Sean WolÞngton24 Handwritten and Software Menus George Jackson25 Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words Lydia Ramsey26 I Am a Professional; Daily AfÞrmations Jim Adams28 How to Create a Long Lasting Impression Brady Pevehouse Proverbs 3: 5,6 Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher • Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Susan Goodman, Vice Presidentand do not rely on your own insight. 756 South 1st Street, Suite 202 • inventory In all your ways acknowledge him, Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Thomas Williams, Creative Director • and he will make straight your paths. Toll Free: 877.818.6620 Courtney Hill, Advertising Services Facsimile: 502.588.3170 • Web: autosuccess.bizGod Bless America Success Driven Solutions Kelley Humkey, Advertising Services • dealerAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorialsand graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; viewsexpressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccessmay occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA.Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 756 South First Street, Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
  • 4. SALES MANAGER FORUM: Motivating your Sales Team to Higher Profitability Taught By James A. ZieglerAtlanta, GA . . . . .May 11 - 12, 2004Chicago, IL . . . . .May 19 - 20, 2004Orlando, FL . . . . .June 8 - 9 , 2004 THE COMPLETE F&I MENU SELLING SYSTEM Present 100% of your products 100% of the time! Taught By Becky Chernek Sponsored By Jim Ziegler & Ziegler Supersystems, Inc.Las Vegas, NV . . .May 11 - 13, 2004Atlanta, GA . . . . . .June 15 - 17, 2004Atlantic City, NJ . .July 13 - 15, 2004 Dates and locations subject to change
  • 5. AutoSuccess, the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotiveprofessional, has teamed up with cross town Louisville Slugger to bringyou the best double play in the business. Order your 1 year subscriptionto AutoSuccess at our everyday price of $75 and get your own official,personalized Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat FREE!** shipping not included. CALL TODAY! 866.269.8604
  • 6. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution zig ziglar By Zig Ziglar Telling is Not Selling As a sales Closed Questions identify buying criteria, you may want to professional do you These are questions that have one-word or use: “What are your top criteria in making spend more time “closed” answers. At the beginning of the this type of purchase?” The answer to this telling or more time sales call, these should be seldom used, as question gives you more than just facts. It asking? If you were the sales person is not giving the customer gives you insight into “why” these criteria to record your sales an opportunity to expand on the answers. are important.interview, you’d probably find you spend Closed questions usually uncover facts butmuch more time talking than you do asking rarely uncover any additional information. Open questions are important because theyquestions and listening. Let’s say you are trying to identify the give you vital information. You will start buying criteria of a customer. You can to identify how receptive the customer isDuring a sales interview, the sales person ask: “In purchasing a car, is the monthly to your sales approach. Is he/she eager ormust identify the issues and concerns of the payment important to you? The answer hesitant to give you information? Opencustomer. The best way to achieve this is may be “Yes.” The customer has just questions allow you to gauge ask questions, listen to the answers, and responded with a fact. You may have to askconnect them to the needs of the individual another question to identify other important Reßective Questionsand to your product and services. A line criteria. It may prove better if you ask an These are questions that “reflect” onof questions is the starting point in all open question. Let’s take a look at open previous answers and give the customer asuccessful sales. questions. chance to expand on something mentioned earlier. The customer may have passedThere are several kinds of questioning Open Questions by a very important matter that you willtechniques. Let’s cover four types of These questions solicit “open” information. want to go back and address. You canquestions that you can implement today, You not only gain facts, but you also gain use a reflective question to gain vitalcalled C.O.R.D. questions, which stands for information. These questions usually information. In the above conversation,closed questions, open questions, reflective begin with “who, what, why, when, where the customer may have mentioned a “good,questions, and direct-agreement questions. and how.” For example, when trying to quality service department.” You can now go back and gain additional information with a reflective question. For example, “Mr. Customer, what did you mean by good, quality service?” Reflective questions give you additional information. By using them, you are also indicating to your customers that you are listening. Direct Agreement Questions These questions gain “agreement” from the customer. These should be used when you are sure of the answer. They are usually answered with one word, which is usually “Yes.” After you have shown the customer that you can save money, retain value, or that a feature is easy to use, you can ask a direct-agreement question. For example, “Mr. Customer, if we can meet your demand for fair trade-in amount, will we have a deal?” If the answer is yes, the customer is agreeing he’ll do business with you if you can meet his criteria. Questions are a sales professional’s greatest asset. Learn to ask the right questions in the right way. Good luck and good selling. Zig Ziglar is the Chairman of the Board of Ziglar Training Systems in Dallas, TX. He can be contacted at 866.873.0026, or by email at 8 subscribe today at
  • 7. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution mark Mark Tewart By tewart The Power of Now The intention of goal and failure. Reasons to lower standards or setting is to look to quit can become a reality. toward the future and think of and plan True power comes from knowing “you are for what you desire. who you decide to be at any given moment.” Goals provide hope. It doesn’t require jumping hurdles; it onlyMy definition of hope is, Having Optimistic takes deciding to become the person youPredictions & Emotions. However, goals desire. At that moment, by not seeing thecan create your biggest stumbling block to how-to hurdles as obstacles, you will begingetting what you desire. to think, act and become your desires. You may not know exactly how and when this isRalph Waldo Emerson said, “The only thing occurring, but you must trust that it is.that will grow is that which you give energyto.” To focus your mind on what you desire The root of the word decide means “to cutis a great thing. Concentrate on the why? off.” Thus, to decide is to cut off from all“When the why gets strong the how gets other possibilities. This decision and powereasy.” of intention for your desires will propel your actions toward a much higher level. The people who succeed at such levels“Decide, accept simply operate at greater consciousness than people who do not.and act with Understanding the power and process of your mind helps create exactly whatthe power of you desire. Set goals and focus on what you want to happen, which will put intonow.” motion the energy, and through the Law of Attraction, will bring to you the people, things and events to match that energy.The Law of Attraction will bring to you You can eliminate self-sabotage and getwhat you think about. Your thoughts are what you desire when you learn to relax.impressed into your subconscious mind. When relaxed, you move toward your“What you impress, you express.” All desires and are open to receive the answers,thoughts and actions will attract similar some of which may be right in front ofpeople and events that support your thought you.and action patterns. The Law of Attractionis an irrefutable universal law of nature, The key to getting what you want issupported by Meta-Physics and Quantum realizing the power of now. To get whatPhysics. you desire for the future, you must realize and accept that the creation and cultivationFailure in goal setting comes in trying to of your desire is this very moment. Decide,get something rather than attracting it. accept and act with the power of now.You constantly hear people define theirprocess of achieving goals as, simply, hardwork. Usually the obstacles anticipatedwhen plotting to get something, ratherthan asking why you want it, createsubconscious messages of struggle anddifficulty. A person with the best of Mark Tewart is the President of Tewartintentions can quickly tire of struggling and Enterprises. He can be contactedsimply quit. This let down begins a pattern at 866.429.6844, or by email atin the subconscious: struggle, frustration 2004 9
  • 8. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution simon rothman By Simon Rothman The Online “Wholetail” Used-Vehicle Option On average, cars that Online sales are neither a replacement for opportunity for finance and insurance sales, spend more than 45 the traditional wholesale auction process, an opportunity usually lost in a wholesale days in inventory nor for retail lot sales. These sales are a auction. are money-losers third option dealerships can use to ensure on the books their used cars are sold for a fair price that when eventuallywholesaled. More than 90 days on the lot covers the dealer costs and potentially includes a healthy profit. “The Internetbefore being wholesaled, and dealershipslose as much as $900 on that car. A standard dealers’ process is to take every dramaticallyThe choice has traditionally been car in inventory that reaches 45 days, set the reserve price in an online auction at the expands thedeceptively simple: wholesale at auctionearly for fairly predictable (though) low amount the car would bring at a traditional wholesale auction, and let web site visitors pool of potentialprofits, or take a chance on retail withrisky, but potentially higher profits. Once do the work themselves. buyers.”the retail route is chosen, the clock starts While the car itself may not necessarilyticking on the potential for profit. sell for more than it would in a traditional Online sales also provide other valuable auction, the cost structure is weighted more benefits. For example, the Internet allowsThe Internet has created a third option. on behalf of the dealer – the listing fees are unparalleled access to a large nationalOnline “wholetail” vehicle sales combine low and the buyer pays shipping. Inventory audience of buyers. Trying to unload athe predictable price of wholesale with the turns are fast, reducing further exposure convertible in Minneapolis in January?potential for profit of retail, and they do so to carrying costs and depreciation. Plus, Good luck, unless your pool of potentialwith a significantly reduced cost structure. a retail buyer over the Internet is a new buyers includes people in Tucson, Orlando, San Jose and other sunny, top-down-in- the-winter locales. Trying to sell an SUV in Houston? Midwesterners love used cars that haven’t been abused by road salt for four winters straight. Log 200-500% more opportunities! The Internet dramatically expands the pool of potential buyers. Increasing your Leader in Showroom Traffic, audience increases your chances of finding Lead Management, the one person in a nation-wide audience for whom your car is the perfect car. and CRM Software real-time showroom & desking control The reputation of the Internet being what it Track all outgoing phone activity is, here’s a quick word on doing business internet lead tracking system with customers online: Escrow, inspection, shipping, and other critical matters, can 2-way active DMS integration all be handled safely and securely by both buyer and seller. complete in-store training Minimize data entry with license scanner There is little doubt that wholesale drivers license scan, worksheets auctions are an efficient and cost effective & credit bureaus method for selling aged inventory. The Internet can provide a channel for finding a new, untapped audience for dealer-aged track more inventory before giving up and accepting a wholesale loss. The Higher Gear Group, Inc. bring back Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 more tel 866.873.0029 fax 847.310.3196 close Simon Rothman is the Vice President more call for a FREE consultation and demonstration and General Manager of eBay Motors. For more information, please visit 10 successful solutions at
  • 9. Belinda Wortherspoon, Wolfington Group Call Center OperatorTHE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY!ASK YOUR 20 GROUP! 800.331.9361DURAND DURAND CHEVROLET, INC.To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement for the Wolfington Group and specifically the team run byDan Freeman. Our Dealership has run six promotions with the Wolfington Group and all have been worthwhile bothfinancially and as a motivational tool for our sales staff. In fact, two of our most profitable months in the 80 year historyof our company have come during a Wolfington promotional event month.Every activity during these events is performed by a seasoned staff of professionals with bothprofit and customer satisfaction in mind. From the set up by the advance people (great job Ross)to the after-event meeting and wrap up, I have been thoroughly satisfied with the WolfingtonGroup’s attitude and cooperation in making our events a great success.In my opinion, you have everything to gain by an association with The Wolfington Group and will see a much greaterreturn on investment than you ever will with conventional advertising. I have recommended them many times to dealerfriends and have been thanked many many times for the referral.Sincerely, Richard G Durand Jr., Executive Manager
  • 10. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution dennis By Dennis McDonough mcdonough New Ideas to Boost Sales Undoubtedly, the dealership to play straight through, while site elements with Flash, such as a banner Internet has changed the presentation on the process of buying across the top of your site or a pop-up that some aspects of a car would be more interactive since it advertises a monthly special. Like a Flash your business, most involves several steps. presentation, these will require that your notably in how visitors have the Flash plug-in people shop for installed on their Yet you also provide other types of Your site should explain thatservice where person-to-person interaction the plug-in is required to viewis necessary. certain content.The services you provide support products Animated .gif Files – Smallthat have four wheels and move. So it animated graphic files (ormakes sense for your web site to feature animated .gifs) are an easysome kind of movement. There are many way to add motion, and fun,things to consider when adding motion to to your web site. For example,a web site, and only a few cost-effective you might want an animatedways to skirt the use of video. .gif of one of your models to roll across the screen pulling aNot Just a Flash in the Pan banner behind it. That bannerOne extremely cost-effective way to could be about a special salecreate motion for your web site is to use What’s more, Flash has the capacity to or could mention the top sales person formovie files. In its early days, Flash was showcase some slick features, including that month. You also have the option ofused strictly for creating animation of functions like finance calculators. For an animated .gif “slide show” that cyclestext, pictures, and other elements for web instance, you could include a payment through pictures of cars available at yoursites. Over the years it has grown into a calculator in the presentation about buying dealership, pictures of satisfied customers,program that can incorporate video and your first car. sales people, or any set of appropriateother features. images that relate to your dealership. In addition to a presentation youOne benefit to using Flash movies is Keep in mind that too much animation can could incorporate your dealership orthat it requires no additional computer annoy and turn away visitors. manufacturer’s latest commercial into ahardware to run. The only requirement is Flash movie for your site. To do that, youthat your customers must have the Flash The key is to use all motion – whether it will first need to convert the commercial toplug-in installed on their machines. This is animation, video or a full presentation – one of two computer video formats: Appledownload is free and available from strategically and in moderation. Regardless QuickTime or Windows Media. Once In addition, you of the solution you use, motion on your web video is converted, it is imported into theshould also place a notice on your web site will keep a visitor’s interest. It adds a Flash program and then converted into asite that portions of it will require the Flash human touch and will help drive customers Flash movie ready for viewing on yourplug-in. to your dealership, and help increase sales. web site.Overall, you could use a Flash movie to Image 2: Below is an example of a graphicmake short presentations of: Flash has many capabilities you can that can be animated to roll across the • The history of your dealership utilize. If you don’t want to include a full screen. The text portion can be changed to • The process of buying a car presentation on your site, there are still say anything: a monthly special, rebate or • Finding financing other ways to incorporate motion to make financing offers, sales person/staff member • Buying your first car your site lively and draw customers into of the month, etc. your business.Furthermore, you have the option of lettinga Flash presentation run on its own or Other Low-Cost Motion Solutions Dennis McDonough is the President ofhave it require user interaction. Take one Flash Elements – As stated above, Flash Bit-Concepts. He can be contacted atof the suggested presentations above: you has many capabilities and is not limited to 877.354.1998, ext. 202, or by email atwould probably want the history of your presentations or interactivity. Create smaller 2 12 check us out at
  • 11. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution timothy j. mccarthy By Timothy J. McCarthy Light the Fire “Creating a sense of you’re receiving new shipments from the urgency.” What does factory, maybe there’s new manufacturer it mean? How can incentives being offered, maybe there was it be accomplished? a flood, hail, or a tornado. If it’s a limited In the automotive selection or limited inventory that must industry, there is go, give it a number. “500 must be sold.”a need to drive business by creating an Details gain trust. Make your sale makeatmosphere in which sales are made. sense to your buyers. Gain the public trustCreating a sense of urgency within the by leveling with them and by appealing topublic perception is critical in driving their interests. Turn the sense of urgencytraffic to your dealership. You must build on yourself. Appear desperate to sell anda strategy that relays the message, “If you willing to bargain.miss this weekend’s sales event, you’redoing a disservice to your family.” Nobody Dictate Perceptionwants to miss out on a one-time only event, The ultimate goal in any area of selling isespecially in regards to big-ticket items, to change your buyer’s perception. It mightlike a new car for the family. Therefore, be a detachment from false preconceptionsit’s imperative that your potential buyers of the product, or it might be a reverseunderstand that this specific event will in their perception of their own financialnot be repeated. Don’t just show them the abilities. Whatever the change might be,dealership; pull them into the dealership. it is important that your sales messageGuide them, probe them, sell them. You can is dictating the direction of change. Thesell them if you give them a reason to buy public must know the urgency involved,now. Light the fire. not just feel it. Don’t allude or imply, show them the deal. Be concrete in your offersMake Distinct Termination Points and specific in your sales approach. AlwaysSet sale dates and make sure those dates are have a sales event that is the biggest eventclear in each public message you produce. of the year. Strive to outdo yourself. YouYou’re telling prospective shoppers that control the size of the event and the urgencyyou’re opening a “window to purchase.” of the sale.End dates create urgency. Closing thewindow urges people to flock to beat the Believe Your Own Linesclock. “Offer ends, inventories are sold, Another key in creating urgency isyou won’t get this opportunity again” believing it for yourself. As a dealership,…whatever you have to say to get the point you and your sales staff must be invigoratedacross, now is the time to say it. Deliver with the same urgency that you’ve calledyour call to action. Attack the market with for in your sales messages. Set sales goalslimited-time incentives. Drive traffic with for event weekends. Build urgency aroundthe expiration date. Keep your sales events your sales event from all sides. You’ve beenshort: weekend events where Monday working hard in your sales message to buildsignifies a return to “business as usual” are trust. Shoppers can’t walk in to find theideal. Shorter events give less opportunity same old car dealership they could’ve gonefor procrastination and provide a greater to across the street. If you said that 500 carssense of urgency. must be sold, look like you’re on track to sell 500 cars. Sell yourself before trying toGive Reasons for Urgency sell anyone else.Every automotive dealer in the countryis having a sale this weekend. Everyoneis overstocked. Everyone needs to meet Timothy J. McCarthy is the Chairman and CEO of The McCarthy Companies. He canquarterly sales goals. Don’t just have a sale, be contacted at 800.871.9695, or by emailsell your sale. Advertise in a way that they at, or visitcan see the logic behind the sale. Maybe 2004 13
  • 12. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution terry Terryisaac By l. L. Isaac Professional Persistence The process sales should get you more write-ups and increase should be able to gauge. Customers respect people use to your opportunity to negotiate to agreeable professional persistence. achieve professional terms with a commitment. persistence works Terry L. Isaac is the Corporate Sales best when they How far do you push for the commitment? Trainer for the Neil Huffman Auto Group. have achieved the This depends on the level of rapport with He can be contacted at 866.265.4680, or following: the customer, which a good sales person by email at • A positive professional greet. • Build a working relationship. • The selection of the vehicle to meet their wants and needs. • A professional walk-through of the features and benefits. • A feature and benefit demo ride.If these steps are achieved with everycustomer, then the sales person hasincreased his/her odds of getting thecustomer to the write-up. A sale is achievedthrough a negotiation process. The goal isto ask the customer, in a professional way,to allow you to continue to work for them.On the feature and benefit demo, whenthe sales person is a block away from thedealership, try this, address the customerwith the following “Bob and Sally, if Ican work out the terms to your satisfactionwould you buy and take delivery today?” Ifthe customer says, “Maybe” or “Let’s see,”you do not have a commitment.At this point you need to ask a closedquestion to get the customer to say yes.Address them with the following: “Sowhat you’re telling me is that if the termsare agreeable with you, you will buy andtake delivery today, is that correct?” Ifno is the response, ask, “Are we not onthe right vehicle?” If the customer says,“Yes, we are,” then ask if all parties in thebuying decision are present. If they are not,ask when and where they are available. Ifyou take the vehicle to the other decision-maker, you must present the vehicle to themand ask for the commitment again.If the customer says no, uncover whatis stopping them through the followingquestions: “Are you concerned with theprice of the vehicle?” and, “Are youconcerned with your trade-in amount?”or, “Are you concerned with your budgetrange?” If you get a yes to any of thesequestions, then you need to respond with,“We can work together on these terms, andif we cannot come to a solution, then we’llpart as friends, is that fair?” This process 14 contact us at
  • 13. Quality Leads | Superior Service | Dealer Control Features58,000 LEADS TESTED. 627 OF THE TOPINTERNET DEALERS SURVEYED: DEALIX LEADSARE THE BEST. QUALITY STUDY (2003) QUALITY STUDY (2002) • Start receiving the best leads in the 1 Dealix Dealix business within 24 hours. 2 AutoNation AutoVantage 3 eBay Motors AutoTrader • Get the very best Lead Scrubbing(SM) technology and service. 4 AutoTrader MSN Autos 5 AutoVantage AutoWeb • Get a free lead volume estimate: try 5, 6 10, 20 or any mile radius. 7 CarsDirect Vehix 8 AutoBytel StoneAge • Call us today and ask about our new 9 Edmunds CarSmart lead pricing. 10 AutoWeb Autobytel Visit us online at today or call our sales director, Rao Wu, at (866) 253-5125. DEALIX DRIVES SUCCESS.
  • 14. fs feature solution beckyBecky Hubble By hubble Technology ROI: Maximizing Return Means Maximizing Systems UtilizationMaximizing return on technology Are employees getting the right training to help your employees develop betterinvestments is a matter that often frustrates allowing them to make use of in-place customer service, and sales and Microsoftand perplexes dealer management. Acquiring technology? Matching employees with the skills, etc.a new application or system is only the first right training sounds like a simple task,step. What happens after the install is what but it involves an array of questions and The more options, the betterdetermines the true ROI of any technology observations, including a skills assessment The best programs will be both broad andinvestment. After the initial training that of individual employees and an extensive deep and offer a variety of delivery methodsprecedes and accompanies installation, knowledge of available training -be it off- (web-based, classroom, on-site, remotemanagers are often left wondering, “What the-shelf, specific to the software you’ve instructor via the Internet and customizednow?” Dealership decision-makers aren’t purchased, or customized to the way you options) to help you increase productivityalways aware of the breadth of training and want your employees trained. and system utilization as well as addressutilization offerings available to them. immediate training situations, such as when Look for a training partner that will be there you lose a service manager.Some technology companies make training to provide you with all your training needsmore of a priority than others. The message including: Increasing system utilization (and boostingfor dealership management? Ask smart 1. Specific training road maps or the ROI on your technology investment)questions about training and utilization, curriculums for the variety of job means reaching employees in the right place,and look for a technology partner who functions in your dealership. at the right time, and with the right training.supports their solutions with a broad 2. Multiple training methods and Look for programs with the capability toarray of learning tools that are easily services that specifically focus on deliver training and education in ways thataccessible and designed to drive ROI. helping your employees increase their are both convenient and tailored to meet system utilization. employee needs.So where do you begin? 3. Various in-dealership training offerings to save you the expense of Some key training options to look for in aFind a training partner travel and the productivity loss of vendor include:The first step in maximizing ROI on having your employees out of the officea technology investment is finding a for one or more days. 1. On-site trainingtraining partner. A good training partner 4. Training that can be customized for Trainers come to your location(s) andwill be one who can formally assess your your dealership’s needs instead of just either train your employees directlydealership’s training needs by employee and one-size-fits-all. or perform “train the trainer” sessionsdepartment. 5. Online tools to help manage and for your own designated training staff. track employees’ training progress. These trainers should be well-versedNearly all technology solution providers 6. Multiple skill levels of training with your specific system utilizationoffer training, some more robust than to address new hire needs as well as (data input, report generation, etc.) andothers. Look for one that provides a “course ongoing employee development. be able to address the specific needscatalog” outlining key offerings and that required of various departments orcan customize the various training types Finally, you should look for a turnkey employee skill levels.with your dealership business processes training provider who can provide trainingso that the training is both relevant to the for all your non-DMS related needs, such 2. Interactive training via Internetapplications and the way you want to run as networking courses for your system Instead of a traditional classroomyour business. administrator, professional skills training setting, online or virtual training 16
  • 15. “Look for programs with the capability to deliver training and education in ways that are both convenient and tailored to meet employee needs” allows for interactive sessions using business needs. Such training should skills assessments, and system utilization the Internet. An online coach can lead demonstrate how newly-acquired services. This package is good for dealers sessions for groups of employees. technology integrates with your with greater numbers of turnover and new Other sessions can be one-on-one with dealership’s specific processes and hires. an instructor dialed-in to your DMS conforms to OEM policies and system. This allows for a live instructor procedures. Customizable options Top-of-the-line packages include the to work with employees step-by-step to should be available for any type of greatest number of training sessions and address their issues or to walk through training whether they be web-based or options including more in-dealership system set-ups. classroom training. training. This is the ideal package for expanding dealerships and for ones with the 3. System utilization services While weighing training options, you’ll highest level of turnover/new hire issues. Most dealerships utilize only a also be relying on your technology partner small fraction of their DMS’s true to provide guidance on choosing classes So, what’s the bottom-line on the when, capabilities. With the addition of and curriculums appropriate for department where and how of training? To truly providing skills assessments of your staff and individual employees. The road maximize your investment you can’t just employees, a good training partner can map generated from the system and skills install the system, let your team run with identify what aspects of the technology assessment is the critical ingredient in it, then look at your sales at the end of the are being underutilized, help you choosing right-fit training. month. Training needs to be comprehensive implement a plan for training on these and ongoing. features, evaluate your processes, and Your vendor should offer free basic training help you implement the best practices that covers the fundamentals of operating Training must go beyond the initial training - all helping your dealership run more the system. However, all employees and basic classroom courses. After the efficiently. Like a tune-up, this helps need ongoing training to improve their install, some employees get into a routine ensure that dealerships are maximizing performance and to help them increase their of doing just enough to get their jobs done. their technology ROI. productivity by maximizing their use of the Applications available today have advanced technology. Your best value will be to select functions and tools to streamline and 4. Classroom training the appropriate add-on bundled training automate many time-consuming repetitive Most solutions providers offer travel-to package. Such packages are often combined tasks. Comprehensive training services and classroom training. This training, while in three tiers: tools can help employees take advantage of more time consuming for employees these functions and substantially increase than online or on-site training, can An entry-level package contains unlimited their performance. Ask your technology deliver cost-effective sessions, use of various training options and provider if they provide real training specific to the applications, with a live incorporates some of the training services services and tools that can help you instructor. The best programs offer with additional options. These help a dealer increase your system utilization and begin local or regional training on specific use their DMS and other systems more fully maximizing the investment you make in topics for targeted skill levels. than with free basic training alone. your technology solutions. 5. Customized training Mid-level packages frequently offer Becky Hubble is the Director of Training Increasingly, dealers are searching for additional numbers of courses and coach- Services at ADP Dealer Services. She can customized training solutions with led sessions, including training customized be contacted at 800.452..4498, or by email content adapted to fit their particular for the dealer’s specific needs, in dealership at 2004 17
  • 16. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution dawnByjosephson Dawn Josephson Words That Sell The English or service. For example: “This model is in town to buy a car.” language contains rated the safest in crash tests,” or “Safety is hundreds of a big concern here.” 9. Benefit: Most written marketing pieces thousands of words. state the benefit of the product or service; 21 of them can 4. Guarantee/guaranteed: By nature, however, they neglect to actually use the easily sell your most people are not risk takers. They want word benefit. When people read the wordclients. When you know what these proven assurance that they’re not wasting their benefit, they subconsciously perk up. Theywords are, and how to use them to your money and that your product or service can know they’re about to learn something thatdealership’s benefit, you’ll save both time live up to its claims. By giving some sort will impact their life, so they want to knowand money when selling to prospects. In of guarantee, you put prospects at ease and more. For example, “As an added benefit tofact, once you master the use of these 21 make them trust you. For example: “The this car, you get __________.”words, your business will quickly get the manufacturer is so confident that this modelresults it desires. (Hint: this paragraph will work for you, they offer this incredible 10. Person’s name: People love to hearcontains 10 of the 21 words. Do you know warranty.” the sound of their own names and lovewhich ones are which?) to read their names in print. That’s why 5. Easy/easily: Between 40+ hour so many souvenir shops sell personalizedWhat’s in a Word? workweeks and increasing demands at items. Including the prospect’s name in aThe exact words used in your dealership’s home, people want things that are easy. marketing piece, especially in the middlemarketing materials can make the They don’t want products or services that of the sentence, boosts attention levels. Fordifference between success and failure. are going to make their lives more difficult. example, “As you can see, Steve, coming toChoose the right words and your prospects Always state how easy your dealership our dealership makes perfect sense for yourwill find you and your company irresistible. makes things. For example: “Our finance needs.”When it comes to writing marketing pieces, department makes it easy for you to…”choose your words wisely and watch your Or, “Our service department’s courtesy The Remaining 11marketing response rates soar. van makes it easy for you to get your car The other 11 words that sell are love, results, serviced while you’re at work.” health/healthy, proven, fun, new, save,The Top 10 Words that Sell now, how-to, solution and more. While1. You/your: You is the most powerful 6. Free: Everyone loves getting synonyms to these 21 words are acceptable,word in the English language. It’s more something for nothing. That’s why the word they are not as powerful as the actual wordpowerful than the word money; it’s more free continues to be one of the top selling itself. In order not to appear redundant inpowerful than the word sex. Prospects words of all time. Realize that the free offer your marketing piece, use the appropriatewant to feel like you’re talking to them doesn’t have to have high monetary value, words wisely, but don’t overdo it.directly, and you accomplishes just that. So just a high perceived value. Some freebiesinstead of writing, “Our customers report that work include: “Free credit check,” As your writing prowess increases,high levels of satisfaction when they buy “Free estimate on your trade-in,” “Free consider combining words that sell in thea car from our dealership,” write: “You report,” and “Free car wash.” same sentence. For example, maybe buyingwill experience high levels of satisfaction from your dealership is quick and easy. Or,when you buy a car from our dealership.” 7. Yes: Face it, you love being told yes perhaps your service department waitingKeep every sentence in your prospect’s because it means you have permission, you area makes an oil change easy and fun. Or,perspective. were right, or you can get what you want. are your “proven results guaranteed?” You Yes is one of the most pleasing words to the get the idea. Since short marketing pieces2. Money: Ask people what they wish human ear, so tell your prospects yes often. are more powerful than long ones, makethey had more of, and chances are they’ll For example, in your marketing materials, sure every sentence packs a punch.say money. People love to save money you can ask a series of positive yes/nojust as much as the love to earn it. So, if questions, and then write, “If you answered When you use these 21 words in everya benefit of your product or service is that ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the marketing piece, you quickly increase yourit saves people money or helps them earn new ___________ is what you’ve been prospect’s interest in what you write, whichmore money, state it along with a monetary searching for.” ultimately leads to more money for you. Sofigure people can grasp. For example: master the use of these proven words now.“Using our service department saves you 8. Quick/quickly: In today’s microwave- Doing so gives you the easy solution tomoney - over $500 per year!” age society, people want things quickly. low marketing response rates you’ve been They don’t want to wait weeks, or even waiting for. You’re going to love the results.3. Safe/safely: Humans instinctively days, for what they’re buying. They want Guaranteed!want to protect themselves and their it now. So while the perception of quickfamilies. Like a mother bear who’ll fight to results may vary from person to person, asthe death to protect her cubs, people will go long as you know that your sales or service Dawn Josephson is the President andout of their way and often pay more money department is quicker than others, state it. Founder of Cameo Publications. She canfor a confirmed safe product. Always For example: “Loans approved quickly,” be contacted at 800.452.4806, or by emailemphasize the safety factor of your product “Quick oil changes,” and “Quickest place at 18 subscribe today at
  • 17. - Bob Tasca III, Tasca Auto Group Before BZ With BZ Before BZ With BZ Before BZ With BZ30 TO 85 INTERNET UNITS PER MONTH 80 TO 270 INTERNET UNITS PER MONTH 400 TO 1300 LEADS PER MONTH “We have spent a lot less money to sell a lot more cars. “BZ nearly tripled our Internet business “We sold 268 cars online and went from 400 Our cost per sale is only $135/unit.” in less than 30 days and we went from to 1300 Internet leads per month!” - Robert Revere, 80 to 200 Internet units!” - Roy Reutter BDC & Internet Director - Rad Weaver E-Business Director Courtesy Chevrolet Red McCombs Sheehy Auto Stores CRM tool to conduct, manage & measure mail & multi-media The CRM customer management tool helps you manage, email campaigns. measure & follow-up with all of your incoming leads. Automated phone campaigns for less than a stamp! Your new showroom kiosk helps your salespeople (Promotions, Sold Follow-Ups, Service & Renewals) build value in your dealership, people & products. High-end custom websites that drive revenue This online training system gives on-demand training to all of your profit centers. any time, place or pace. Multi-media emails that present an animated Measures and monitors your tour and walk-around for every vehicle you sell. advertising returns automatically. 298.6657
  • 18. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution brian tracy By Brian Tracy Consulting vs. Selling One particular self- must be experts, authorities in their field. with helping their prospects than with image possessed by They know their products and services selling their products and services. Their high-achieving sales from one end to the other. They invest customers often feel that they care more people is that they many hours familiarizing themselves with about them than about making a sale. And see themselves as every single detail of what they sell, and of it’s true. consultants rather what their competitors sell as well. Theythan as sales people. They see themselves know the strengths and weaknesses, the Now, here are two things you can doas problem solvers with their products advantages and shortcomings, the features immediately to put these ideas into action.or services rather than as vendors. They and benefits of what they are not approach their customers, hat in They have excellent product knowledge, First, see yourself as a problem-solverhand, hoping for a sale. They approach which their customers can sense, giving rather than as a sales person. Take sufficienthopeful clients with the attitude that they both their customers and themselves time to understand the prospect’s real needare consultants calling on the prospect to greater confidence throughout the sales before you start him or her solve a problem or achieve conversation.a goal. Secondly, think of ways to tailor your Top sales people, positioned as consultants, product or service to your customer’sSeeing themselves as consultants, they ask make themselves resources for their needs so that he/she sees what you sell asquestions carefully and listen intently. They clients. They carry themselves as advisors, the ideal solution for him/her.focus all of their energies on understanding mentors and friends. They becomethe customer’s situation so that they can emotionally involved in their transactionsmake intelligent recommendations based and are generally concerned that theiron what the customer really wants and product or service be the ideal solution to Brian Tracy is the Chairman & CEO ofneeds. the needs of the prospects they are dealing Brian Tracy International. He can be with. They differentiate themselves from contacted at 866.300.9881, or by email atAs consultants, they recognize that they their competitors by being more concerned 4 20 successful solutions at
  • 19. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution steve hiatt By Steve Hiatt Building Relationships Here are a few will eventually lead the agents to refer areas that you can business to you. Many insurance companies build sales by going now offer financing, so this is an extremely out consistently good place to build relationships. and building relationships. New Housing Developments Many times you see new cars in theConsistency is the key. Ask your sales driveways of new housing developments.manager how you should present to Three out of 10 people buy a new car withinpotential customers. And do it on your day six months of the closing on their newoff and when you’re not on the floor. home. One reason is because people have to keep their debt load down before buying aBanks and Credit Unions home, and once that step is completed, theyWhere do many people go to get pre- can shop for a new car. Seek out servicesqualified for a loan? Many times to the loan where you can be included in welcomeofficer at their local bank or credit union. packets when people purchase a new home.Drop in with a box of donuts and say ‘Hi’ You can buy lists and create marketingto these people. When you’ve dropped enough and become friends you willbecome their “go to” guy/gal. Real Estate OfÞces Real estate agents commit a great deal of time driving to and showing houses and“Three out of property. They also want to make a good10 people buy a first impression when meeting new clients. Stop in and see the brokers who own thenew car within real estate offices. Ask them, if during one of their weekly meetings, you can come insix months of the and do a short workshop on the benefits ofclosing on their leasing a new car and offer a special for the agents. The broker will love this becausenew home.” the image of his or her staff will go up, and with the new debt, they will be more motivated to sell homes.Body ShopsStop in and get to know the people at the Start with your dealership’s servicecounter. Let them know where you work customers and orphan owners in your ownand what you sell. Explain that you know store.that from all the cars and trucks coming in,some must be irreparable. Just ask to be These relationships take time and effort.referred to those customers, and when they If you are in this business as a career,purchase, do something to reward your it’s worth your time to build a long-termcontact at the body shop. Think about the pipeline which will eliminate the need forendless supply of needs being generated: waiting at the door for your next up.People, unfortunately, get in car accidentsall the time. A few will even want to tradeafter the car is repaired.Insurance OfÞcesDon’t customers often get a quote from their Steve Hiatt is the General Managerlocal agent prior to going out and getting a at Five Star Mitsubishi. He can benew car? Again, this is a relationship you contacted at 866.265.5616, or by emailbuild by dropping in over and again, which at 2004 21
  • 20. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution sean wolfiWolfington By Sean ngton Paragon Honda has our web site generated 765 leads and sold drives work on a low speed 56k dial up improved their sales 106 units. We got many more leads than connection.” This is a very important point by more than 125- we’d anticipated, so our closing ratio was because many dealerships have great multi- 150 vehicles a month only 13.8%, but we’ve since geared up to media content on their web site but many by changing their improve our closing ratio so we can get it to people cannot view it because they are not marketing and sales 20-25%. In addition, we got a lot of phone on a high speed connection. Therefore, itstrategy. “We are sick and tired of spending and showroom traffic from our marketing is important to make sure that whatevera lot of money on mass advertising that is strategy.” you put on your site is fast and does notgiving us diminishing returns and is very require downloads. “Our virtual testhard to measure,” said Brian Benstock from The Virtual Showroom drives are powered by an application thatParagon Honda. Benstock continued, “We Paragon’s web site won the Golden Web comes standard with Microsoft Explorerdecided that we were going to adjust our Award for its design. “Our website is so our customers do not have to downloadmarketing strategy to target customers on incredible! When customers visit our anything to view it” said Benstock. Thisthe Internet since the majority of our buyers website they can research product info, is also important because most customersbegin their shopping online. More of our comparisons, positive 3rd party vehicle don’t want to download anything becausecustomers’ research for their next car on the reviews, trade-in information, vehicle they’re afraid of viruses and don’t want toweb than on TV, radio or print and we want reports, tutorials, inventory, specials, be where the majority of our customers parts, service appointments and more.are.” Within 2 months Paragon not only Our customers love our site,” said Brian The most important component of a webestablished a dominant presence on the web Benstock, the Internet manager at Paragon site is that it generates results and, atbut they also set up a complete customer Honda. Benstock continued to explain, the same time, promotes all of the profitrelationship center in their dealership to “Our web site stats package shows that centers including New, Used, F&I, Servicehandle all of the Internet and phone leads most of our customers visit the site to find & Parts.that resulted from their marketing strategy. a vehicle or a special. One of the problemsThe end-result was 125 extra vehicles sold we had with our old web site is that when The Virtual Service Departmentthe first month they were up and running. customers visited our old site to find a While most dealerships focus solely on vehicle, it would qualify them out of stock sales, Paragon has had success usingThe Digital Marketing System by telling them that we did not have the their site to promote their service andThe key to Paragon’s success is that vehicle they were looking for. Our new parts departments. For example, they’vethe leadership of the dealership was site promotes every vehicle available and integrated Honda’s personal web sitecompletely committed to their strategy never qualifies the customer out of stock. In into their virtual dealerships. By visitingand that commitment began right from addition, when a customer inquires on one Paragons web site, customers can getthe start. “We began by evaluating our of our new vehicles the site automatically their own personal site that gives themadvertising budget to see what fat we could emails the customer a virtual test drive detailed information that is unique tocut. We were amazed to find more than on the vehicle they inquired about. These their vehicle VIN number, includingenough waste to fund our strategy. The virtual test drives give the customer a their owner’s manual, recommendedsystem gave us the tools and training we multi-media tour and product presentation maintenance schedule, recalls, serviceneeded to set up a complete eCommerce on all of the unique features in the vehicle. updates and more. Paragon also usesand CRM department. After the first month The best part is that these virtual test their virtual service department inside their dealership. Benstock expands, “We make sure we introduce our guests to our virtual service department after they buy their vehicle and while they wait for us to complete their finance paperwork. We sign them up for their first service appointment online and at the same time we show the customer a tutorial on how their personal web site works so we can sign them up THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONAL before they leave the dealership. Even if a sales consultant forgets to sign them up we Subscribe today & get have an automated multi-media buzzmail that we send out to the customer with in two for the price of one! the first month that gives them a review of their personal web site and encourages them to sign up. In addition, our system automatically sends out service reminder Call 800.452.5641 buzzmails every 90 days and other service related buzzmails to bring the customer now back for service.” continued on page 29 22 contact us at
  • 21. THE #1 SALES-IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONALPLEASE HELP! If you wish to continue to receive AutoSuccess magazine... check YES! and sign here: Dealership Title Address City State Zip then fax back toll-free 866.665.7936Thank you for your help!
  • 22. sts ms ls fis lr f&i solution georgeGeorge Jackson By jackson Handwritten and Software Menus Handwritten Menus cannot sell products unless they are actually clean, and attractive looking menus, with One of the best offered to your consumer. calculations completed instantly. This things about a also reduces the amount of time needed to handwritten menu Finally, there are managers that like to show create and print the menu. One of the new is that anyone with different product options such as a 6-year/ features of many menu software programs knowledge of Excel 100,000-mile service contract in one plan is that they allow you to reprint the menu,Spreadsheet can do one. Simply layout and a 5-year/ 75,000-mile plan in another. once the customer has decided on his levelthe format, add pictures or icons for effect, This is much harder to do on a menu of coverage, with the products selected onand you have will have created a very software program than on a handwritten one side and the products declined on thenice visual presentation. Using Excel also paper menu. other. With this menu stapled to the originalprovides your business manager with the menu, it provides a dealership with veryability to create and re-create the menu Software Menu Programs strong legal protection.format until it is just right. As for software menu programs, the technology is advanced but most are still Ultimately, the person using the menu hasAnother advantage to Excel is that it’s simple to use. Some are a Windows- to be comfortable and have input, but themuch easier to accommodate specialty based application and others are Web- dealer should also be involved. The look,menus. For example, when a lender based. However, they all seem to have layout, and format of the menu should bequalifies an application and/or gives a the same advantages. When a customer a mutual decision between the dealer andpayment call, most software programs is not eligible for some of the products business manager with involvement fromcannot accommodate this. A paper menu because he is too old (Credit Life), has your main fact and information provider.allows a business manager to show the poor health (disability), or a significant Whether handwritten or software, makesame payment on each plan and the desired down payment (GAP), those products sure any menu utilized is legally compliantinitial investment (cash down) needed can be easily omitted. The customer is with Federal Regulation Z and has term,to get each plan. The same thing can be only shown products that he is eligible to APR, and the base payment visiblysaid of lease menus when the capitalized enroll in. It avoids confusion, streamlines displayed.cost has already been maximized and the the presentation, and is more professionalcustomer needs to put additional cash down than simply striking through the ineligible George Jackson is the Director ofto purchase any of the products. One of products. One downside of this is that it can F&I Training for American Financial &the reasons that menus are successful is violate the 100% rule listed above. Automotive Services, Inc. He can bethat they offer 100% of the products to contacted at 866.280.0301, or by email at100% of the people, 100% of the time. You Most menu programs produce four-color, 34 years experience in Automotive Radio & TV Spots. We provide HIGH IMPACT-LOW COST spots!!! Visit our website to see the latest ideas! also... 1 We specialize in DEALER DELIVERY Tapes & CDs!! Inform customers about Service Hours, Dealership Benefits, or just THANK them for their business!! or 1-800-905-4790 Jingles* Video Radio * On-Hold Messages * Tremendous Voice Talent 24 check us out at
  • 23. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution lydia Lydia Ramsey By ramsey Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words Studies show that always do when you want to get better at your words account something—practice. After a while, it will for only 7% of feel natural. the message you convey. The angle of your body gives an indication The remaining 93% to others about what’s going through youris non-verbal. 55% of communication is head. Leaning in says, “Tell me more.”based on what people see and the other Leaning away signals you’ve heard enough.38% is transmitted through tone of voice. Adding a nod of your head is another waySo think about it: in the business setting, to confirm that you’re listening.people can see what you don’t say. If yourbody language doesn’t match your words, Your posture is just as important. Sit oryour customer may not trust you. Here are stand erect if you want to be seen as alert you are their curesome tips for making sure you convey the and enthusiastic. When you slump in yourmessage you want others to see and hear. chair or lean on the wall, you look tired, and no one wants to do business with someoneEye contact is the most effective way you without energy.communicate. When you are looking atthe other person, you show interest. When Control your hands by paying attentionyou fail to make eye contact, you give the to where they are. In the business world,impression that the other person is of little particularly when you deal with peopleimportance. Maintain eye contact about from a variety of cultures, your hands need60% of the time in order to look interested, to be seen. That would mean you shouldand not too aggressive. keep them out of your pockets and resist the urge to put them under the table or behindFacial expression is another form of non- your back. Having your hands anywhereverbal communication. A smile sends a above the neck, fidgeting with your hair, orpositive message and is appropriate in all rubbing your face is unprofessional.but a life and death situation. Smiling addswarmth and an aura of confidence. Others Legs talk, too. A lot of movementwill be more receptive if you remember to indicates nervousness. How and wherecheck your expression. you cross them tells others how you feel. The preferred positions for the polishedYour mouth gives clues, too, and not just professional are feet flat on the floor or legswhen you speak. Mouth movements, such crossed at the ankles. The least professional These kids andas pursing your lips or twisting them to and most offensive position is resting one millions moreone side, can indicate you are thinking leg or ankle on top of your other knee. Mary Tyler Mooreabout what you are hearing or that you are Some people call this the “Figure Four.” It International Chairman have Juvenileholding something back. can make you look arrogant. Diabetes, a disease thatThe position of your head speaks to people. To establish good rapport, the distance you threatens their lives every day.Keeping your head straight, which is not keep from others is crucial. Standing too None of them can outgrow it.the same as keeping your head on straight, close or “in someone’s face” will mark you But we’re closer than ever towill make you appear self-assured and as pushy. Positioning yourself too far awayauthoritative. People will take you seriously. will make you seem standoffish. Find a a cure. Please, help us makeIf you want to come across as friendly and happy medium. Most importantly, do what life-saving research, tilt your head to one side. makes the other person feel comfortable. If the person with whom you are speaking Call 1.800.533.CURE or visitWhere you place your arms suggests how keeps backing away from you, stop. Either you are. Arms crossed or folded that person needs space or you need aover your chest say that you have shut other breath mint.people out and have no interest in them orwhat they are saying. This position can also You may not be aware of what you aresay, “I don’t agree with you.” saying with your body, but others will get the message. Make sure it’s the one youHow you use your arms can help or hurt want to send.your image as well. Waving them aboutmay show enthusiasm to some, but otherssee this gesture as one of uncertainty and Lydia Ramsey is the President andimmaturity. The best place for your arms is Founder of Lydia Ramsey, Inc. She canby your side. You will look confident and be contacted at 800.452.5606, or by emailrelaxed. If this is hard for you, do what you at lramsey @autosuccess,biz.may 2004 25
  • 24. sts ms ls fis lr sales and training solution jimByadams Jim Adams I Am a Professional; Daily AfÞrmations For the next 30 days My owner base is my best source for 8. I present my figures with confidence. repeat these out loud business. I am confident. I am responsible. When I on your drive to give the initial figures, I am in control of the work, write them out 5. Reviewing my personal and business sale. I start every deal at list price because each morning or for goals every day is required for my success. it’s worth it. the best results, both. I break my long-term goals into “bite-sized” elements. I know at 8:00 a.m. exactly what 9. I am a follow-up master.1. I am a professional. I come to work I must do today to accomplish my goals.each day with a can-do attitude and I stay My affirmations are life and habit-changing 10. I train myself daily includingfocused. goals to help me rise above the status quo product knowledge and selling skills. No because I am a professional. exceptions.2. I have a daily work plan. I work mydaily plan and keep my schedule. 6. I have great work habits. I ask the best3. I do whatever it takes to generate 3 to 5 questions. I am a great listener.opportunities each day. The reason I am atthe dealership is to put myself in front of 7. I am a product specialist. I give everyopportunities. customer a great demonstration and Jim Adams is the General Sales Manager presentation. My customers never leave at Roper Kia in Joplin, MO. He can be4. I make sure that every owner gets a the store without a professional T.O. to contacted at 800.905.0627, or by email atpersonal card and phone call each month. management. d g9 ea : p R le Dealership improves from 40 units a month c rti A to over 300 units in less than 12 months! Do you believe there is room for your sales team to improve their results by a minimum of 25%? Do you believe an improved sales process could increase your gross proÞt at least $200 per unit? “I received 130 fantastic ideas from a one day seminar. By far the best program I’ve been to.” Rick Sandoval, GM - Sims Buick GMC Nissan, Warren, OH. “Totally unique. This is the best information out there. Everyone in the business needs this information. A person would be nuts not to use Tewart Enterprises, Inc.” Tim Houseburg, Mayes County Chrysler, Pryor, OK. Call Now for a FREE special report and matching audio on how to recruit, hire, train and keep a dream team of sales people! 888 2 TEWART or visit 26 visit us today at
  • 25. GigaBytes Since 1995 Dealership Solutions PartsTRAC the Original Parts Bar Code System Works with ADP, R+R, UCS & MORE• Parts Receipt • Host Integrated Point of Sale• Perpetual / Physical Inventory • Guaranteed Minimum 50% Time Savings• On the Fly SPO/CSO Detection & Print • Award Winning Scanner • Works with ALL Auto ManufacturesCall for Sales Consultant Nearest You - 888 799-7963 Visit us at: LoyaltyTRAC Customer Retention • Retain Your Customers for Life • Personalized with Dealership Logo Dealership Solutions • Smart Chip Tracks Customer Usage • Dealer DeÞned Awards • Increases Front End Sales • Increases Multi-Line RO’s by 30% or MORE • Free – Automatic Follow-ups • 4 Unique Plans to Fit Your Dealerships Needs…NO Hardware / Software to Purchase, NO Maintenance Fees, NO Installation or Training Fees JUST PURCHASE THE CARDS…
  • 26. sts ms ls fis lr marketing solution brady By Brady Pevehouse pevehouse How to Create a Long Lasting Impression Ask Questions: What long and television ads are a mere 30 their icons. From the initial creation, to makes our dealership seconds. It’s very challenging to get all developing a marketing strategy using different than ABC your points into that short time span. You media placement based on demographics. Motors down the need memorable ads and ones with humor, An outside source can help focus your street? What makes for example, appeal to your widest possible campaign to garner the most attention and us stand out above market. the best results. Most companies offer freeother dealerships? Remember this: the time demo packages filled with ideas.when potential buyers come across your ad An icon is a great way to brand youris most often different from the time they dealership. Develop a character to For example, you want everyone to knoware about to purchase a vehicle. You must represent your company so that everyone you are selling a particular model for thecreate an impression that will come back will immediately recognize that character incredibly low price of X-dollars. Do moreto them when they do approach their time and associate it with your dealership. For than just throw out the weekly special,to buy. instance, Mr. Clean™ is a memorable develop an image for your dealership image whom we associate with good things, through a series of commercials designedThe way to get consumers to remember like a clean home. With a catchy character, to grab the attention of consumers. Centeryour dealership over time is by branding, it doesn’t take much to understand what’s these advertisements around a recurringwhich is the creation of a relationship in being promoted. The same thing can character to remind viewers of the benefitsa person’s mind between your product happen for your dealership by using an they will receive when choosing you overand something meaningful to him or her icon. Wouldn’t it be great to know that a the competition. Follow up the television(usually emotionally charged, like value billboard with the character that you have commercials with radio spots that employor fairness). Your success depends on that selected to represent the dealership can sell the same voice talent, in order to continuebuyer picking you over another dealership. a hundred points to a consumer without developing recognition between you andBy branding your dealership as the one who having to spend one dollar on voice talent? your potential buyers. Combine these withgives the best, fairest deal every time, you printed images of your icon and you willbecome the one they will remember. Keep Certain advertising companies specialize have an all-around package that customersin mind, radio ads are only 60 seconds in helping dealerships create and develop will recognize and remember, so that when the time comes to purchase that next vehicle, the first image that comes to mind is your dealership. Remember this: the time when potential buyers come across your ad is most often different from the time they are about to purchase a vehicle. You must create an impression that will come back to them when they do approach their time LOWER TELECOM AND UTILTIY COSTS BEGIN HERE to buy. Utility Audit Services reviews telecom and utility invoices for billing errors that result in refunds for you. The audit of your Combining entertainment with advertising telecom and utility invoices can be a win-win event with savings ranging from 10%-50% is an effective way to capitalize on the very small time you have to win over a potential We do not charge a fee for our services. buyer. You’re trying to establish long-term We work on a contingency basis. thinking in the buyer rather than simply No Refunds/Savings – No Fee informing them about the sale of the week. “I was very pleased with the results Utility Audit Services gave us. Their staff Advertising that helps shape emotion will was instrumental in reducing our telecom costs. The audit was done in a timely get viewers to develop a special feeling manner with minimal interruptions to our daily operations.” about you and hold your dealership as a Jim Hadley, Jim Hadley Chevrolet positive reference in their minds. “Utility Audit Services approached us with a money saving idea. They told us that we were most likely overpaying our local and long distance phone service. So we said prove it! After auditing our statements they proved to us that we were overpaying by 42% on long distance and 49% on local services. You can imagine our delight, we love to save money and we are so glad we did this!” Susan Goodman, Vice President Call toll-free AutoSuccess Magazine 877.818.6620 Brady Pevehouse is the Operations 800.452.2942 to talk to an account executive. Manager at Automotive Animations, Inc. He can be contacted at 800.864.5971, or by email at 28 subscribe today at
  • 27. continuedcontinued from page 22The Guerilla Marketing Strategy don’t get caught up in trying to sell the car business we get from the showroom,They have their web site address on all over the phone because their only job is to service or parts. And one thing that is hardof their traditional advertising, including sell the appointment.” to measure is the WOW effect we are givingin the paper, so they took their marketing our customers. I get emails from customersstrategy to the next level. “We collect The Numbers that go out of their way to tell us what aemail addresses from our customers by Paragon has measurably increased their great experience they have on our web siteoffering them free things that they want. sales and reduced their expenses as a result and with our people and process and that isFor example, every prospect who calls of smart marketing. Benstock summarizes great to hear.”or visits our dealership is offered a “Free everything when he says, “We haveVirtual Test Drive” on the vehicle that increased our sales and we have reducedinterests them. Most customers want these our overall ad expense. Our average cost Sean WolÞngton is an Owner of BZvirtual test drives, so they give their email per sale is around $100 per vehicle for sales He can be contacted ataddress to get one. As a result, we get the from our Customer Relationship Center and 866.802.5753, or by email atmajority of our customer’s email addresses that does not include any of the additional swolÞ they call, click, or come into ourdealership.” Paragon has thousands ofemail addresses that they use to conductmarketing campaigns. “We have hundredsof pre-packaged multi-media buzzmailcampaigns that we can send to customerswith a few clicks. We have campaigns forevery month of the year, every season, and DEALERS MUST BE ON TELEVISION!a number of different themes, includinginventory reduction, clearance, holidayevents, special finance and more. Customersare blown away by these campaigns andwe get a lot of people who respond justto say how cool these buzzmails are,”said Benstock. Paragon has been veryaggressive in gathering email addresses in See why over 100 dealers nationwide havetheir sales and service departments. Theyoffer customers in their service departments INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% INfree personal web sites and the cashier hasa poster that advertises this along with LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION!small sign-up cards for customers to givetheir email address. In addition, Paragon We produce nearly 4,000 commercialshas many other aggressive methods forgathering email addresses. For example, a year from our studios. We give youthey gathered thousands of emails at the unlimited, high quality television campaignsrecent auto show in New York by offeringcustomers free virtual test drives on the and promotions FREE. With computerizedvehicles that interested them. “We know media buying technology, we buy television asthat email marketing is the future and much as 30%-40% more effectively than anywe have decided to make it a big part ofour marketing strategy. The best part is media buyer in the nation and give youthat I know that if I can gather the emailaddresses I already have the pre-packaged UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNScampaigns and they cost me absolutely AND PROMOTIONS!nothing to send,” said Benstock. Call for a FREE demo tape and information.Customer Relationship CenterParagon set up a Customer Relationship Larry John Wright, Inc.Center to handle all of the Internet andphone leads. They have a team of trainedspecialists who take all of the incomingcalls and respond to all of the Internet leads.Their focus is setting appointments andfollowing up with the customers to bring Automotive Advertisingthem into the dealership. The Customer “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency”Relationship Center sets the appointment 1-800-821-5068and the sales team sells the car. Althoughthis is not the only way to handle theleads, it works well for Paragon. Benstockexplained, “...of the possible models forhandling our leads, our team decided thatthis was the best for us. Our specialistsmay 2004 29
  • 28. profit solution ADVERTISEMENT scott Scott Joseph By joseph Amazing marketing “tool” helps Dealers and General Managers who use direct mail increase their net profits 30% to 100%! Are your direct gives you huge marketing advantages But J&L can, and J&L does. Our statistics mail promotions over all your competitors. tell us that for the last 3.5 million pieces producing of mail delivered, the Response Analysis consistent and Now, you’ve heard the cliché… has helped our dealer clients sell an improving Information is what? Right. Information average of 33 cars for every 10,000results or are they falling short of your is power. If you could look back upon pieces of mail delivered!expectations and declining with each the history of thousands of promotions,promotion? Most dealers who use direct examine the mailing lists, read over the The Response Analysis is the mostmail are still searching for the elusive direct mail letters, track what worked, powerful marketing tool in automotivecombination that produced record- what didn’t, who bought, who didn’t, advertising today. Find out whybreaking results like their Þrst direct mail and why… would this be powerful J&L’s dealership response ratespromotion. information to you? have increased 72% in the last two years. This combined with unequaledThe number one objection we hear when The reality is every direct mail promotion professionalism and customer support isprospecting for new dealer clients is that produces both good and bad results. The why 94% of all J&L customers continuedirect mail doesn’t work anymore. When problem is being able to easily recognize their relationship with us for years.we ask why most dealers say, “My market which is which. That problem is solved!is saturated” or “It only attracts gift Now you can have all the information Just ask them for yourself. Rickseekers” or “The people who respond are you need to ensure success at the touch of Hillman from Hollingsworth Mazdanot buyers.” a button. says, “J&L Marketing’s direct mail program is the most cost-efÞcient form ofI agree with all these reasons because Imagine being able to know immediately advertising that I have seen in the thirtyif a direct mail promotion is not well which market areas produce results years that I’ve been in the car business.”thought out from start to Þnish it will not that exceed your expectations and morework. This brings up a question! And the importantly which ones to avoid. Simply Pat Fogerty from Classic Toyota says,question is… asking the computer… “How do we “We have used J&L Marketing for years generate more trafÞc and sell more cars?” because of their continual support andHow can you eliminate all the elements J&L’s proprietary Response Analysis excellent results. This is an invaluableof a promotion that do not give you the System directs us toward those activities service.”return on investment you need and at the that bring success, and away from thosesame time improve on the aspects that that don’t. We reÞne the offers, prices, Billy Gordon from Patrick Chevroletproduce exactly what you want? That’s strategies, locations, and even the days of says, “We have been running with J&Lthe real question isn’t it? If you could the week that bring the highest return. Marketing for four years, and we caninvest advertising dollars only where attribute more sales to them than anyyou see great results and eliminate what Our analysis allows us to produce ever- other form of advertising. J&L is the mostdoesn’t work, how many more cars could increasing levels of success. Since professional company I’ve worked withyou sell? How much money would you the market is a lot smarter than we since I began in the car business 18 years ago.”make? are, we don’t go by hunches, opinions, or gut feelings about how to improve You too can start experiencingI’ve invested a small fortune to develop performance. We rely solely on the consistent results from the mostthe marketing “tool” that will provide numbers to tell us “where to from here.” professional marketing companyyou the information that is necessary right now by contacting my ofÞce atto produce the results you really want How can anyone make recommendations 866.856.6782 and asking for Lisa Wilson.and could quite possibly increase your to you without the validation of facts, Or e-mail her at: lwilson@jandlmarketsales with each promotion from this day statistics and numbers? How can anyone As soon as you contact us weforward. J&L Marketing is the only Þrm implement a growth strategy based will begin to create a growth strategywith this unique capability. It allows us on hunches and guesses, rather than unique to your organization, producingto research and analyze your promotions this powerful analysis program? It’s more proÞt, more volume, and morefrom over 100 different perspectives and obvious…they can’t. satisÞed customers.
  • 29. Best 31 Practice # HOW TO SELL AGED INVENTORY FASTER AND MORE PROFITABLY “A fellow dealer told me that eBay Motors was a great tool. Our certified Fords are selling really well on the site. We’re making our money fast, instead of having these vehicles sit on our lot. I encourage dealers to get on eBay Motors. It’s a professional service and a good way to do business. I have nothing but praise for eBay Motors.”If you’ve got inventory that you thought those gains add up. Let us show you how. Callwould only sell to a wholesaler or at a today for your FREE eBay Motors Quick Startdealer auction, think again. The right vehicles Guide. It’s just one of the many tools we offerat the right price sell on eBay Motors so you that make selling on eBay Motors easy andcan turn what may have been a wholesale loss effective. Call 1-866-MOTORS4 today. Or visitinto a gain. And with over 9 million shoppers, Do it FREE Quick Start Guide Call 1.866.MOTORS4 promotion code #ASM0504SG31 © 2004 eBay Inc. eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
  • 30. Work smarter with ADP’s Tune-Up Training Program.At ADP, we’re committed to helping dealers make the most of theirtechnology investment. This focus has inspired us to develop a Available Tune-Upsnew training program that brings an ADP application expert directly Business Office: Service:to your dealership. We can improve dealership system utilization by • Accounting • Service Advisorfocusing on specific ADP applications or a particular job function. The • Office Manager • Service BookerTune-Up Training Program includes a comprehensive assessment that MIS: • Service Departmentwill help employees make the most out of their current positions and • Service Department with • MIS Dispatch or EROassist them by increasing knowledge and productivity levels. Parts: • Service Manager • Parts Department • Service Manager with ERO • Parts Manager System Administration:How the Tune-Up Training Program works • Special Order Parts • System Administration• ADP Tune-Ups include a custom assessment that will Sales: identify current system utilization. • Customer Relationship Management• Application experts will review dealership processes • F&I Manager and help implement “Best Practices.” • Finance & Insurance • Sales Department• The ADP consultant will offer an assessment at the • Salesperson end of training and outline a recommended plan for ongoing training and development. Get it atFor more information on the Tune-Up Training Program, contact www.DealerSuite.comyour ADP Sales Representative or an ADP Training Coordinator at866-535-8487 (U.S. and Puerto Rico), 800-387-8015 ext. 3724 (Canada).ADP, Inc-Dealer Services Group / 1950 Hassell Road / Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-2308 / / 888.424.6342 ©2004 ADP, Inc-Dealer Services Group / Printed in the U.S.A.ADP is a registered trademark of ADP of North America, Inc. SELL CARS, PARTS AND SERVICE PROFITABLY.TM