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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Jan06

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Must-see Companies NADA 2006, page 4a division of Systems Marketing, Inc. January 2006
  3. 3. UST-SEE COMPANI O R ADA 200 L A N D O F L O R I D A American Auto Exchange: Delivering innovative solutions that streamline and maximize dealers’ sales operations to include: inventory optimization, Þnance menu, reporting, and dealer desking tools. Auto Dealer TrafÞc, Inc. is the automotive search engine marketing experts. ADT’s focus on SEO, Paid Search, and analytics has made it the premier company in the automotive arena. ADT’s proprietary technology analyzes your search marketing efforts easily. Count on us to give your marketing dollars a ROI! Established in 1999 Auto Internet Marketing has been generating both New Vehicle and Finance Leads of superior quality and content since the beginning of the Internet Revolution. Our unique marketing platform promotes FREE exposure for our Dealers, resulting in FREE leads every month! We look forward to speaking with you soon!BZ Results is a digital marketing & consulting company currently working with 8 of the top 10 eCRM Dealers of the year. BZ offers CRM,Web marketing, Search Engine & Email marketing, Websites, New & Pre-Owned, F&I, Service, Parts and specializes in BDC’s. BZset up the largest BDC in the world which sold 384 vehicles in one month. They also work with the #1 Pre-Owned eDealer, #1 HondaeDealer, #1 Chevy eDealer and the #1 eDealer Group in the world. The Cobalt Group and Dealix Corporation specialize in helping dealers and auto manufacturers maximize every proÞt center by helping them: meet, sell to, and retain customers for repeat business in the most efÞcient manner possible by providing a comprehensive suite of services, including the highest quality Internet sales leads and marketing services, cutting edge technology, and the expertise of automotive industry veterans. HomeNet, Inc. is a technology provider offering online vehicle inventory solutions to help automotive dealers manage their vehicle inventory and increase online sales. HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) system allows control of the acquisition, editing and distribution of vehicle data. IOL interfaces with all major DMS and broadcasts accurate vehicle inventory information and photos across the Web. Impact Direct develops innovative sited sales and direct marketing campaigns that light up your phones, Þll up your showroom and deliver vehicles. All with out taking a percentage of your gross proÞt. InterActive Financial Marketing Group offers new and used car dealers lead generation, direct mail marketing, CRM, advertising and Þnancing by leveraging it’s brands;,, 1.800.CarLoan and IFMG Direct. J&L Marketing’s solid reputation as the industry leader for direct marketing campaigns is based on the strong relationships we form, focused marketing, and the increased proÞts we provide for our dealers. We take great pride in our expertise to build the best campaigns for your individual needs. This remarkable success that J&L provides for over a thousand dealers a year can be yours, too. We provide a fully integrated web-based software solution for F&I, leasing, special Þnance, BDC, inventory management and sales mangement reports. We also provide direct mail, Internet leads, credit hotlines and website hosting. is the premier, real-time, online service appointment scheduling solution. It will increase customer satisfaction and retention, service department efÞciency and revenue, load balance service bays and drive trafÞc to the dealer’s website. Are your customers returning to your dealership for scheduled maintenance? If not, let us help!!! Ultimate Warranty provides leading-edge service contracts and ancillary F&I products. More than 8,000 dealers have recognized the advantages and have beneÞted from selling Ultimate Warranty products. Stop by the booth, and Ultimate Warranty can show you how they are making a great thing even better in 2006.
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  5. 5. 8 Congratulations eCRM Dealers of the Year PatrickLuckINSID Planning Your Questions Seven Keys to Warranty Administration Success Take Your Internet Sales to the Next Level Do You Have a Daily Schedule 20 21 22 24 BrianTracy GreggTompkins DavidKain ChrisHanson The Rick Case Automotive Group: More Than Just Car Dealerships 26 Dealers Recognized for Invaluable Community Contributions and Industry Innovations PatrickLuck How Much Does a ‘Token’ Discount Affect Your Paycheck 30 JimAdams Create an Enlightened Environment 32 TomGegax The Three Sources of Trust 34 DougHall Achieving an Optimal Internet Marketing Mix 36 MichaelRosenberg Words Are Cheap 38 MarkTewart The Greatest Business in the World 39 JoshWeaver Back to Basics 40 AnthonyHall to Your Service Department 42 How to Bring More Customers KarenDillon Effective Credit Application 44 TonyDupaquierNADA 2006 Turning a Phone Up Into an Appointment 45 JeffMorrill Stop by and see Improve Your Body Language Skills 46 PattiWood us at the NADA 2006 Convention A New Commitment I Give to ... Me 48 MichaelYork at booth#3816 Some Best Practices for 2006 50 ScottJoseph 2 Chronicles 14:11 “Lord, there is no one like you to help.” 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Toll Free: 877.818.6620 Facsimile: 502.588.3170 Isaiah 55:12 Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher • “For ye shall go out with joy, Susan Givens, Vice President • and be led forth with peace: the Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist mountains and the hills shall break • Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist forth before you into singing, and • all the trees of the field shall clap God Bless America Thomas Williams, Creative Director • their hands.” AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. © All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  6. 6. CONGRATULATIONS eCRM Dealers of the Year written by: Patrick Luck The benchmark for con- sites as those that generate measurable results. Process: Converting leads into sales. Keys sideration for winning Dealers tell us that a Web site will get results to successful process include e-mail and phone this year’s award is re- if it is simple, easy to use, quick to load and response, setting appointments and following sults as measured by has highly engaging content that can work fast up before and after the sale. volume of Internet sales even on a low-speed connection. Great Web and by how well the sites offer cool features like inventory, online People: Our top eCRM Dealers share how to dealers use the Internet auctions, virtual test drives, online credit ap- find and keep the right people who are passion- and CRM to promote allof their profit centers: new, used, F&I, service,parts, etc. CONGRATULATIONS eCRM Dealers of the YearOur goal was to seek out the dealers who are HerbChambers.comthe best at using this marketing medium togenerate huge increases in profit for their deal- RedMcCombs.comerships while also improving CSI and loyalty.We considered the number of rooftops, the size DaveSmithMotors.comof the dealerships or dealer groups, their mar-kets, the brands they carry and their Internet HouseofCourtesy.comprofits as a percentage of their total profits. Inresearching the contenders, we learned a lot ParagonCars.comabout what determines a dealer’s success withusing the Web to generate increased sales and CDodge.comservice profits. In this article we outline someof the commonalities and some effective best Sheehy.compractices that have propelled the winners tothe forefront of Web marketing and CRM, en- DickHannah.comabling them to sell 100 to 800 extra units everymonth. Schomp.comCRM Vision and Strategy: For the award Tasca.comwinners, the vision began with a desire to at-tract more customers for less cost compared plications, online trade appraisals, online parts ate about what they do and ways to combat thewith mass advertising. These dealers are lead- and accessories and more. Great Web sites do auto industry’s biggest challenge – the way in a marketing revolution initiated much more than post information online, theyby customers who are using the Web to shop compel the customers to pick up the phone, Pricing: To increase profits pricing is criticalfor vehicles rather than the paper, TV or radio. submit a lead or drive straight to your show- to a dealerships success and profitability. SomeSmart dealers are shifting some of their adver- room. dealers sell a lot of cars online but they don’ttising to market where customers are shopping, make money because their pricing strategy isand the returns are much higher and easier to Marketing: How can you drive traffic to focused on selling price rather than buildingmeasure. Some common denominators of the your Web site and dealership? In today’s super value and asking for a fair profit.winning dealers’ strategy and vision are: tech- competitive market, it’s not as simple as build-nology, marketing, process, people, pricing ing a great Web site and selling a ton of cars; Measurement: Tracking your performanceand measurement. you need to let your customers know how to results. Top dealers agree: The best part about find you. The dealers profiled have some great Internet marketing and CRM is that everythingGreat Web sites: Appearance is subjective, methods for increasing traffic without having is measurable.and when it comes to design, what appeals to to spend more money on advertising. Theseone person can repel another, which is why we ideas include e-mail marketing, search engine Case Studies: In this issue we profile theselected our Top eCRM Dealers based on re- marketing, banners and more. winners to show how they use the Web andsults. This is why we define the Greatest Web CRM to improve profits. 8
  7. 7. Starting a Revolution Changes the Way New England Buys Cars erb Chambers is New England’s largest automotive dealer. It is the eCRM Dealer of the Year and it has been named Dealer of the Year by Ward’s. With all this success under its belt, itswell on its way to accomplishing its missionof changing the way the world buys cars.Like many dealers, Herb Chambers noticed is a new buying Customers can take a free virtual test drive on service that won a the Golden Web Award. www.HerbChambers.comthat more and more customers were usingthe Internet to start the shopping processwhen it was time to get their next vehicle. Herb Chambers set up a regional buying service to make it easierHowever, unlike many other dealers, Herb for its customers to buy a car online. The new state-of-the-art WebChambers not only noticed the trend, it set up site won a Golden Web Award.the most successful regional buying servicein the world. This new buying service,, is revolutionizingthe way people buy cars. THE BOTTOM LINEWith 80 percent of todays customers shopping • Most customers use the Internet at some point in the buying, Herb Chambers found that customerswere using the Internet because they were • Customers turn to the Web in search of a way to make the process easier.looking for a faster, easier and friendlier wayto inquire about and even purchase a vehicle • Herb Chambers created a new regional buying service for its So, that’s what Herb Chambers worksto deliver; a fast, easy, friendly way to givethe customers what they need to pick out and • Herb Chambers sold thousands of vehicles online last a car. • Herb Chambers was named a 2005 eCRM Dealer of the Year.Once they found the right technology andtraining provider, www.HerbChambers.combegan to leverage its 25 dealerships and • sells 600-700 extra cars a month.virtually unlimited pre-owned inventory togive customers everything they’re looking result, the system drives more foot, phone andfor with just a couple clicks. Once they’ve Internet traffic and automates e-mail activityselected the make and model they’re interested so the team has more time to use the phonein, they can take a virtual test drive, run and sell cars. Herb Chambers has a dedicatedproduct comparisons, get a price and payment, team of specialists who are trained to makecheck for specials, download coupons, learn their customers’ online shopping experience aabout the retailers’ three-day money back pure pleasure. The customer-friendly processguarantee and 30-day exchange policy, sign gives the customers all the information theyup for eVIP membership and even book a need to make an informed decision. As aservice appointment or schedule parts. Herb result, has soldChambers new system includes more than just thousands of vehicles a year to make it onea custom Web site, its a complete marketing of the top eCRM Dealers of the Year and thesystem with prospect management capabilities largest retailer in New England. Herb Chambers is the largestand a suite of multi-media Buzzmails. As a automotive retailer in New England.9
  8. 8. RED McCOMBS SELLS 500 ADDITIONAL CARS A MONTH! Dealership Increases sales by using the Web and CRM to improve its business ot long ago Red McCombs was selling about 40 vehicles a month on the Internet, and today it is selling an additional 500 vehicles a month. In this article, it identifies the top mis-takes dealers make with the Web and CRMthat cost time and money.THE TOP MISTAKES DEALERS MAKEWITH THE WEB AND CRM:1. Dealers don’t generate enough leads fromtheir own Web sites so they have to buy mostof their leads.2. Dealers fail to attract prospects to theirWeb sites. Web sites without traffic don’t sellcars.3. Most dealers don’t appear on top of allsearch engines and they don’t conduct ongo- "We were selling approximately 40 vehicles a month on theing e-mail campaigns. Internet, and today we are selling an additional 500 vehi-4. Many dealers’ Web sites don’t generate cles a month." Rad Weaver - Red McCombsleads because they convert a small percent ofvisitors into leads.5. Most dealers don’t have the automated THE BOTTOM LINEtools to update their sites so they waste a lotof time playing with their tools rather than • Since implementing its new Web site and CRM tool, Red McCombs isselling cars. selling an additional 500 cars a month.6. Dealers assume they only need a Web site • With 80 percent of todays buyers shopping online, they adjusted theirand CRM tool so they don’t have all the tools advertising to reach them.and training they need to succeed.7. Some dealers hire the wrong people, and • Red McCombs has increased gross profit from $60k a month to morethey usually get the wrong results. They don’t than $750k per month while increasing CSI and customer loyalty.have the right number of people for the vol- • Red McCombs increased its closing ratio from 3 percent to 19 percentume of leads. by automating much of its follow-up.8. Many dealers don’t have a clearly definedprocess that is proven to work. • Red McCombs uses e-mail marketing campaigns and search engine9. Most dealers don’t get the training they placement to increase sales and lower costs.need to succeed and avoid costly mistakes.10. Some dealers fail to automate follow up, • The cost per sale at is below $200 per vehicle sold.which hurts closing ratio and sales.11. Some dealers don’t have a pricing phi- Most dealers think they will get results with campaigns, a CRM tool that automates fol-losophy so their Internet department sells only a great Web site, and that’s not true. low-up and the training to tie everything to-price rather than value, and their gross profit However, a great Web site is a critical compo- gether. The system helps us market the site,suffers. nent. Rad Weaver explains: “Initially we had update the site, generate leads and even au-12. Many dealers and managers don’t mea- Web sites built by our DMS provider and the tomatically respond and follow up with thesure the department’s results and metrics so manufacturer but they hardly produced any leads before and after the prospect buys a car.they don’t know how to improve the busi- sales. So we hired another company, BZRe- Weve learned that it takes more than a Webness. sults, who provided us with Web sites, search site and a CRM tool to sell 500 extra cars a engine marketing, custom multi-media e-mail month online." 10
  9. 9. Dave Smith Motors Dave Smith Motors Increases Sales and Profit ave Smith Motors sells 400 In- ternet-lead vehicles a month with “We designed our own technology created in-house – and sells about $600,000 a fully customized month in accessories – from a Internet and CRM single-point, multi-line dealer- interface system thatship in a county of just 14,000 people. But for helps manage theKen Smith, president of this Kellogg ID deal- whole Internet market-ership, size doesn’t matter. His aggressiveness ing and sales process.”and creative mind has helped the dealership he Ken Smithtook over from his father grow to a $250 mil-lion business.Dave Smith Motors system also has a CRM THE BOTTOM LINEtool to help track leads. It requires site visitorsto provide extensive information before they • Dave Smith Motors developed its own technology to help sell more than 100can submit the request, which helps get bet- extra cars a month.ter-quality leads. Lead Rocket time and datestamps the leads, and then turns them over • Their Web site helps them sell more than $600,000 a month in accessoriesto the Internet team manager who distributesthem among the 25 dedicated Internet sales as- • Their system includes a CRM tool to capture information and stay in contactsociates. Overflow leads go to the other sales with the customerassociates in the main showroom. • Their Web site and marketing strategy help draw customers from as far away as Alaska, California and ColoradoIn the showroom, there is a computer on everysales person’s desk and more than 200 comput- • Dave Smith Motors has used the Internet and CRM to help grow its operationers in the store. to a $250 million business • The dealership has a team of dedicated internet sales associates to handle allThe system is very simple: Customers e-mail inbound leadsleads, and the dedicated Internet sales associ-ates e-mail them back. In real-time, sales asso- sociates must maintain a minimum of 95 per- came about around 1992 we decided we want-ciates can check results right on their comput- cent customer satisfaction score. Should they ed to be the dealer in the Internet field. Shortlyers – no more running to the sales manager’s fall behind, they’re put on a 90-day proba- after we got started, we got into a dispute withoffice to look at the big board. Monthly sales tion. Expecting high scores means taking care the dealers in Montana and Washington thatcontests are also available for viewing through of the customer. As an intranet system, Lead tried to boycott our dealership. We won thatLead Rocket, so associates and management Rocket lets anyone within the dealership send dispute. These dealers were afraid of the In-can track on a per-hour basis where everyone electronic messages throughout the store. The ternet and they thought we would dominateis at any given time. Ken Smith gives an ex- system features in-house classified ads, lists the market. At the time we started, we weren’tample, “This way we all know where we’re all accessory prices and phone numbers for all doing much Internet business, though, and weheaded and what we have to do to meet contest employees. weren’t sure where it would take us. But we didobjectives. The system also reminds associates know that if we could be first into it and couldof call-back times, and it can be set up so re- When the company first got started with the keep updating our Internet sites and keep onminders pop up on the computer screen or call Internet and CRM, its approach was to sell at progressing with it, we might succeed. That’sthe associate’s cell phone or pager. So if John price lower than MSRP-plus, so it started its why we developed our own system, because atDoe calls and says, ‘Call me tomorrow at 2:30 own pricing system. The companies had about that time there weren’t any lead-generating/fol-and I’ll buy that truck,’ Lead Rocket pages the 10 computer programmers at one time punching low-up systems available on the market. I thenassociate and reminds him, ‘It’s 2:15 and you numbers to automate pricing to give customers put in a full-out press on developing a Web sitesaid you’d call John Doe back at 2:30, so make an immediate, automated price. They decided and then started developing our Lead Rocket.the call and get the sale.’” that they wanted to be ahead of the competition Today it’s a completely different system than – ahead of the market technologically as long what we’d originally developed.”The system also helps track CSI. All sales as- as they could. Ken says, “When the Internet11
  10. 10. Paragon Honda/Acura Sells 214 Extra Cars Online Helps Dealership Reach No. 1 in New Car Volume aragon Honda has generated more than 214 additional sales a month by changing its mar- keting and sales strategy. “We adjusted our marketingstrategy to target customers on the Internetsince nearly 90 period of our buyers begin theirshopping online. More of our customers lookto the Web than TV, radio or print when re-searching their next car purchase, and we wantto be where the majority of our customers are,”Brian Benstock from Paragon Honda said.The ResultsWithin four months of launching its new mar-keting system, Paragon not only established adominant presence on the Web, it also set upa complete customer relationship center in "Every prospect who calls or visits our dealership is offered a ‘free virtualthe dealership to handle all of the Internet and test drive’ on the vehicle they’re interested in. As a result, we get the ma- jority of our customers e-mail addresses whether they call, click, or comephone leads the system was generating. As a into our dealership.”- Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda and Acuraresult, it sold an extra 106 vehicles the firstmonth the system was up and running and itincreased the closing ratio from 7 percent up to THE BOTTOM LINE25 percent. Today, the system generates morethan 200 additional sales a month. • Paragon Honda used its new digital marketing strategy to increase sales by 214 units in one month.How did Paragon do it? • Since launching the new system, Paragon’s closing ratio went from 7Brian Benstock explains: "We were only sell- percent to 25 percent and it became the most profitable 20 cars a month online so we upgraded our • Paragon sends all its prospects and customers multimedia virtual testWeb site but our sales didnt increase. Then we drives via e-mail.realized we needed more than just a Web site,so we hired a digital marketing company, which • Paragon uses bulk multi-media e-mail campaigns to drive more trafficgave us a new site and the tools and training to without additional advertising it, manage the leads and implement a • Creative marketing online and offline has created more showroom,successful strategy. As a result, we increased phone and Internet traffic while lowering the overall marketing budget.our traffic to our showroom, phone and Internet • Paragon’s BDC handles all Internet and phone leads. The BDC is staffeddepartment while reducing our cost per sale, with phone specialists whose only job is to get appointments.and today were selling almost 200 extra carsa month.” customers e-mail addresses whether they call, our marketing strategy. Today, we have more click or come into our dealership.” Paragon has than 80,000 e-mail addresses which we can use"Now, we collect e-mail addresses from our thousands of e-mail addresses that it uses to to send campaigns for every month of the year,customers by offering them free things that conduct marketing campaigns. “We have hun- every season and any theme. We send inven-they want. For example, every prospect who dreds of pre-packaged multi-media Buzzmail tory reduction, clearance, holiday events, spe-calls or visits our dealership is offered a ‘free campaigns that we can send to customers with cial financing, key for key exchange and more.virtual test drive’ on the vehicle they’re inter- a few clicks” Benstock said. “E-mail marketing It’s a great way to generate more sales withoutested in. As a result, we get the majority of our is the future, and we’ve made it a big part of extra cost.” 12
  11. 11. Sheehy Sells 414 Cars a Month Online Increases Leads over 300 percent in 60 Days heehy sold an additional 414 cars in one month online. “We shifted some of our market- ing budget to focus on targeting the Internet." said Roy Reutter from Sheehy. "Customers are changing where and how theyshop, so we are changing where we market.Initially we relied heavily on third party pro-viders for our leads, and after a short time, werealized that the leads with the highest closingratio and lowest cost came from our own Website. We’ve since set up our own regional buy-ing service, and we’re generating more trafficand leads for our people to turn into appoint-ments and sales. We’ve increased our numbersby more than 600 percent and the Web has be-come our primary source of phone traffic.”The IdeaOnce the Sheehy team realized it needed morethan a Web site and a few third party lead pro- “We appear in the first two Google results for free whenviders, it worked to build a complete strategy to customers type in “Washington DC Ford." Our competitors havemarket its Web site, update the Web site, staffits team, implement a process, establish pricing to buy sponsored links where they pay to get a worseand more. That was two years ago, and since position than our two free positions.” – Roy Reuetterthen it has increased its numbers by more than600 percent and dropped its cost per sale toabout $130 per car. THE BOTTOM LINEThe Technology • Sheehy sold 414 cars online by shifting some of its advertising.Roy Reutter says: "We were using our DMSprovider for our Internet and CRM strategy but • After launching the new Web site, Sheehy went from 400 to 1,350 leads inthey were not getting results because that is not only 60 days, and today it generates more than 2,400 leads per month.their specialty. After hiring a specialist in digitalmarketing and CRM, our numbers skyrocketed • The closing ratio for the leads from is three to four timesbecause they not only built our Web site but higher, and the cost per sale is about $130 per car.they also did all the online marketing includingour search engine placement and multimedia e- • is designed to drive phone and showroom traffic, and themail campaigns." Sheehy increased leads from Web site is now its No. 1 source of phone leads.400 to 1,350 in the first two months and havecontinued to improve results. Today they are • Sheehy increased leads by 350 percent after switching from its DMS pro-generating more than 2,400 leads a month from vider to a digital marketing company to build and market its site.their Web site alone they’re selling more than400 cars a month online. • Sheehys Web site vendor positions it on search engines and helps market the Web site online and through multimedia e-mail campaigns.The Web siteRoy Reutter has found there are five keys to a 5. Designed to create more Internet, phone and cost per sale by using search engine optimiza-great automotive Web site. They are: showroom traffic tion in conjunction with multi-media Buzzmail1. Simple and easy to use campaigns. As a result, customers are landing2. Content that the customer wants The Marketing on rather than at the com-3. High-impact, engaging multi-media that is Roy Reutter has said, “If you can’t generate petitors’ sites. "When customers go online tofast to load even on a low-speed connection traffic there’s no point in having a Web site.” search for dealers in our area they find us, and4. Automatic updating According to him, the Sheey Auto Stores have as a result we have increased our traffic and been able to generate more traffic at a lower sales dramatically."13
  12. 12. Dick Hannnah Becomes No. 1 Pre-Owned eCRM Dealer by Selling 384 Extra Cars in one Month ick Hannah, in Portland, Or., became the biggest pre-owned Internet dealer in the U.S. by rethinking its marketing strat- egy and recognizing that there is a lot of money to be made in special finance online.They’ve since learned to use the Internet to tapinto the special finance and pre-owned profitopportunities, and today, they’re selling hun-dreds of extra vehicles per month. Joe Orr fromthe Dick Hannah organization shares how theyimplemented a new marketing strategy and re-gional buying service to become the No. 1 pre-owned Internet dealer in the world.The Right Marketing, People and StrategyWe re-evaluated our advertising budget andrealized we were spending more money thanever before on mass marketing without a suf-ficient return on investment. An increase in “Special finance is huge on the Internet. Withtelevision and radio stations today makes it, we sold an additional 180 sub primeharder to reach a large audience. The cost ofprint advertising has gone up, and print ads are units in one month alone.” Joe Orr, Dick Hannahpositioned alongside competitors’ ads whichfocus on price - driving down the average grossprofit. We were spending more to get less, and THE BOTTOM LINEit was tough to measure our return. It becameclear there had to be a better way, and Internet • became the No. 1 Pre-Owned eCRM Dealer in thewas the obvious choice for targeted marketing. world and the USAs Approval Site of the Year.The first thing we did was get the right peoplein place to run our BDC and establish a strat- • generates Internet leads, phone traffic and showroomegy for building business. Next, we focused on traffic resulting in 384 incremental sales.finding the right Web site and CRM provider. • The leads from have a higher closing ratio and lower cost per sale.The Right TechnologyOrr is quick to point out that you need more • Dick Hannah dominates the market with its own regional buying servicethan a great Web site and CRM tool; you need and sub-prime approval center at build a complete strategy for marketing, getthe right people in place, implement a process • Dick Hannah hired one vendor to set up its emarketing system, Weband establish a pricing philosophy. He also sites, CRM tools and training.adds: “While the right Web site won’t solveall your problems, you won’t get far without • Dick Hannah uses e-mail marketing because its cheap advertising withit. We had a pretty good templated site that a high rate of return.was recommended by our manufacturer site for the customer to get further into the process Reestablish Credit, Fast Bankruptcy Approvalsbut we were not getting incremental business. and continually prompts them to fill out an ap- and other areas that speak to what’s importantAfter we switched to our current provider we plication online. to the sub prime audience.”increased sales by 180 cars because they notonly built us a better site, they also provided Joe explains, “The key to building a Web site Joe’s team has learned that to set yourself apart,all the marketing tools and training.” capable of generating sub prime leads is to you need to make it interactive, clean and user- provide information the customer is looking friendly. Visit and youOne great feature of the new site is a virtual for and a way to contact the dealership. For can even click on a link to view TV commer-special finance department called www.Dick- example, includes a ‘How it cials that promote the Web site and target which provides three easy ways Works’ button that provides FAQs, Six Steps to sub prime market. 14
  13. 13. Schomp Automotive Sells 100 Extra Cars in one Month espect. That’s the key word at Schomp Automotive. Re- specting the customer starts with selling according to the needs of the customer and say- ing goodbye to outdated one- size-fits-all high-pressure salestechniques.“Our approach to sales is two-pronged,” LisaSchomp says. “We pay equal attention to pro-viding a superb Web site where customers canresearch and find exactly what they need andto our state-of-the-art BDC that ensures ourtelephone customers’ needs are met promptlyand efficiently.”Benefits of the BDCImplementing the BDC has increased sales,for the most part, because it greatly enhancesfollow-up by Schomp’s sales staff. Custom- “Our Web site is integral to our success; we sold over 1,000ers are no longer slipping through the cracks. vehicles online in 2004, and over 100 a month this year.” LisaLisa Schomp explains, “We provide promptresponses with real answers and a genuine in- Schompterest in the customer’s needs. The focus isto set an appointment, and this is a true teameffort.” THE BOTTOM LINEThe Web site, the Marketing Strategy • Schomp Automotive consists of a Chevrolet, Honda, BMW and Mini fran-and the Technology chises“Our Web site is integral to our success; wesold over 1,000 vehicles online in 2004, and • helped sell more than 1,000 vehicles online last yearwe are selling a lot more this year. Our Web and sells more than 100 cars a month todaysite provider built us a fantastic site, and they • Schomp’s Web site generates 700 new Internet leads per monthprovide search engine placement, e-mailcampaigns, our CRM tool and the training we • Schomp’s digital marketing has accelerated sales from 730 vehicles soldneed to implement everything. We use a suite to 1,001 and gainingof powerful multimedia Buzzmails to selec-tively target our clientele with highly interac- • Schomp has implemented e-mail promotions that sell more cars withouttive campaigns. We have had a 10 percent re- any extra expenseturn on e-mail promotions. The way we lookat it is if we broadcast 400 e-mails for free and • Schomp’s sales have increased because they have the right people usingmake two sales from five minutes of typing, its digital marketing systemthat medium cannot be beat. Our customers per and radio with their Web site and e-mail fairly when they walk in the door, we’ve in-seldom opt out since we do not overwhelm providing the bulk of the coverage they have. creased our site leads ten-fold.”them, and we provide them with the informa- Lisa Schomp says, “We believe in indepen-tion." dence from third party lead generators and About the future of the industry, Lisa Schomp auto brokers. We post our inventories on a says, “Know that change is inevitable, andSchomp has implemented other new and in- couple of services like and Auto- don’t be afraid of it! Five years ago we hadnovative marketing techniques to bring in Trader, but we rely mainly on our own Web no idea that digital marketing would accountnew customers. They have done very little site and treating our customers the way we for so many new customers and sales. Also,advertising over the last dozen years, and to- would like to be treated. By using our own don’t be afraid to ask for help when you needday, they rely on a small presence in newspa- site to pull in leads and treating customers it.”15
  14. 14. Christopher’s Dodge World: 138 Extra Sales in one Month Increases sales and profit by using the Web and CRM to change the way America buys cars hristopher’s Dodge World has become one of the largest dealerships in the country by working to constantly improve how it sells and serves its cus- tomers. It is quickly becoming known for how it is revolu-tionizing the way cars are bought and sold inAmerica.Like many dealers, Christopher’s DodgeWorld noticed that more and more customerswere using the Internet to start their shoppingexperience. Not only did it notice the trend,Christophers Dodge World rose to the chal-lenge the Internet represents and are nowleading the way to success with their own on-line buying service.“Our goal is to make it quicker, easier andless expensive for customers to get their nextvehicle. We feel that by putting the custom-ers’ needs first, saving them time and givingthem what they want we will sell more cars, “After we switched to we increasedincrease gross and boost customer satisfac-tion. And you know what, it’s working” said our sales from 20 to 138 cars a month.”Cliff Hall, general manager. Chad Sterling, Internet directorIn the year since building its online buyingservice, has enabled it toincrease sales volume from 20-30 vehicles THE BOTTOM LINEper month to 138 sales last month. Custom-ers who in the past may have used brokers • Christopher’s Dodge World created a new online buying service and be-(who would then sell the leads to the dealer- came the No. 1 Dodge eCRM Dealer in the nation.ship) now know that they can go directly tothe buying service. Chad Ster- • Christopher’s Dodge World sold 138 extra cars in one month from its online buying service.ling, Internet director at Christopher’s DodgeWorld says, “Customers love it because theycan build any car they want or view virtu- • promotes all profit centers at the unlimited new and pre-owned inventorywith just a couple clicks. They can also take • At you can build and compare vehicles, take virtual test drives,a virtual test drive with 360 degree tours, get financed, evaluate a trade in, schedule appointments, buy parts , etc.view product comparisons, get financing,view performance vehicles, check for spe- • Christopher’s Dodge is delivering on its mission to better serve the cus-cials, download coupons, learn about the pre-owned certification process and the one-hour tomer.vehicle purchase and even book a service ap-pointment or schedule parts.” • Their technology vendor provides search engine marketing, online ads, Web and CRM tools, automated follow-up, reports and in-store training.As a result has becomethe most successful online Dodge dealer in experienced massive growth instantly. Afterthe world. Chad attributes the success to the some pretty nice templated Web sites but our customers wanted more and after hitting a pla- one year we increased our online sales fromfollowing: Dealer and management support, an average of 20 vehicles a month to 138 ve-a great marketing strategy, the right Web site teau, we realized we needed more. Although we had a great Web site we did not get great hicles last month. The reason for the increaseand CRM tools, tight processes and a great was partly due to a better Web site that gener-team. “We’ve signed with outside training to results, and we quickly learned we needed more than a Web site. We hired a company ated more leads but most of the increase wasmake sure that our team is skilled and able to due to the digital marketing tools we nowexecute the process 100 percent.” called to custom build our on- line buying service, and they gave us all the use. These include search engine marketing, tools and training we needed to promote, man- e-mail marketing, online ads, CRM tools, au-The Right Technology: We began with tomated follow-up and reports. age and measure all our customer activity. We 16
  15. 15. Courtesy Chevrolet Becomes No. 1 BDC in U.S. by Selling 384 Extra Cars in One Month ourtesy Chevrolet’s Business Development Center has learned to leverage the marketing power of the Internet and as a result, it sold an additional 384 vehicles out of its BDC in one monthalone. The cornerstone of Courtesy’s BDC isits digital marketing system that allows it togenerate incremental sales out of its BDC anddrives more than half of the phone traffic to thedealership. The BDC staff has learned to usethe Web as an incredible marketing medium,and as a result its using the system to increasesales, F&I and service and parts business for alot less money than traditional advertising. Asa result, “Our cost per sale ranges from $125 to$200, which is a lot less than traditional adver-tising” said Scott Gruwell of Courtesy.The system includes a high-end custom Website and a prospecting/CRM tool that auto- “We increased our BDC sales from 40 to 384 cars a month.mates most of the BDC’s contact activity. Gru- The key to our strategy was our Web site, CRM system and ourwell explains, “Our new Web site increased our Internet marketing.”- Scott Gruwell, Courtesy Chevroletleads by more than 400 percent but it was onlyone part of our new system. The system also in-cludes the marketing tools to create traffic and THE BOTTOM LINEthe CRM tool to manage our Internet, phoneand show room opportunities so we can turn • Courtesy Chevrolet’s BDC helped sell 384 extra cars and generate $582k in one monthleads into sales. After the first month we sold40 units, then 75, then 150, 200 and last month • Courtesy Chevrolet finished the year as the No. 2 Chevy dealer in the countrywe sold 380.”When asked to name the single most important • Courtesy Chevrolet was named one of the Top 10 eCRM Dealers of thefactor in launching a successful BDC, Scott YearGruwell, tells us, “You need to find and train • Courtesy’s Web site and BDC took them from 40 sales to 384 sales afterthe right people and give them the tools they a two-year period.need to do their job.” Scott has found that theright people for the BDC are those with excel- • Courtesy Chevrolets Web site provider setup their BDC and provideslent phone skills and a passion for customer their trainingsatisfaction. He tells us that the right tools willautomate much of the follow-up process and • Their cost per sale ranges from $125-$200 since installing their new systemprovide the reports to manage and measureresults. He says, for example, “automationenables our team to focus their energy on the "We conduct monthlyphone and they’re setting more appointments multi-media e-mailas a result.” Scott will be the first to admit thatinstalling a successful BDC is not a simple task, campaigns that result inbut when the BDC helps take the gross profit 25-50 sales a month."from $84k per month to $582k per month, it’san effort that’s worth the investment. Scott Gruwell17
  16. 16. Tasca Auto Group Tasca Increases Profits and Reduces Turnover n today’s market, dealers are ei- 100 ther thriving in a growth mode, or struggling to stay afloat. 80 Whether you’re successfully 60 adding franchises to your dealer 40 group or tightening your belt in 20 an effort to remain competitive,nothing will make or break a dealership’s suc- 0cess quite like people. 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Employee Customer Profitability Turnover Satisfaction SatisfactionTasca Automotive has grown from a small,family owned single-point store to a multi-franchise auto group operating out of four lo- “We signed up with to implement our new digitalcations. It has grown substantially while main- marketing and training strategy. As a result our turnover has de-taining CSI scores that are among the highest in creased and sales and profit have increased.” Bob Tasca IIIthe nation and customer loyalty above 83 per-cent. Throughout the growth process, Tasca hasnaturally needed to add people. What’s uniqueis that the Tasca leadership team believes that THE BOTTOM LINEtheir most important asset is their people, andas Bob Tasca III likes to say, “We owe it to our • Tasca increased sales, profits and CSI by using the Web, CRM and train-customers and ourselves to invest in the devel- ing to improve the customer experience at its dealership.opment of our team.” • Tasca hired a company to create and implement a complete strategy to recruit, hire and train its people in all areas of their business.But how do you move beyond the typical new-hire training? Tasca hired an outside training • Tasca’s world class Customer Relationship Center generates an addi-company to improve its strategy for recruit- tional 80 sales a, hiring and training its people. Bob TascaIII says, “We’ve been able to manage growth, • Tasca won Automotive News “Best Web site” award and has been namedincrease profits and reduce turnover. We use a among the top eCRM Dealers of the year two years in a row.recruiting, hiring and training system to ensure • Tasca’s customer loyalty rating is above 63 percent and their CSI iswe hire the right people for the job, baptize among the nation’s highest.them in the Tasca way of doing business andgive them the tools and skills they need to get • Tasca Automotive invests in training its people because its found thatoff to a strong start. We build on that founda- employee satisfaction drives customer satisfaction.tion with weekly in-house sessions and monthlytraining meetings with our consultant.” Here’s munication. ery one of our graduates is excited about theiran outline their 120 day New Hire Orientation: career, confident with the skills and process Part 5 - Job Training: Detailed training regard- needed to get results and eager to continue withPart 1 - Welcome to the Tasca Family: Over- ing job-specific activities, processes and pro- their personal and professional development.view of the dealership’s history, vision, mission cedures. Now that everyone is on the same page and ourand principles. processes are generating great results, I could Part 6 - Mentorship: Every new team member not imagine not spending the time and moneyPart 2 - Welcome to the Dealership: Introduce is assigned to a mentor who is responsible for to train our people properly.”new hire to each department and clarify his or guiding him or her through the first 120 days. Below is a summary of some of Tasca Univer-her role within the entire ownership experi- sity’s training modules:ence. Part 7 - Certification: The new team member Sales process meets with manager to verify proficiency with Management and coachingPart 3 - Dealership Tour: Working tour of ev- each job skill as defined in the certification Phones strategy and processery department. book. Internet strategy and process Customer relationship centerPart 4 - Department Internship: Work briefly According to Tasca, “Employee satisfaction Sold and unsold follow upin each department to better understand cus- drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. There- Service contact and follow uptomer experience and interdepartmental com- fore, the goal of orientation is to see that ev- Lease and retail renewals 18
  17. 17. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution Planning Your Questions Selling consists Here are some great questions for gap Good questions that grab the prospect’s of finding the gap analysis. attention will start him or her visualizing and between where the imagining an ideal future state, exactly the customer is and where The first question is an application of the state that your product or service is meant he or she could be with “magic-wand technique.” Imagine that to achieve. what you sell. Gap you have a magic wand that you can waveanalysis is based on asking good questions — over the prospect’s situation and you ask A final key to effective selling through gapquestions focused on discovering problems this question: “Mr. or Ms. Prospect, if this analysis, is to share some of the experiencesthat might be troubling the prospect. There is situation were absolutely perfect in every of people who have previously purchaseda direct correlation between the use of good respect, what would it look like?” Then your product or service. Use third-partyquestioning techniques and sales success. remain silent. When the prospect begins references, testimonials and anecdotes.The more and better questions you ask to describe that perfect situation, you’ll Say something like, “I have a very goodaimed at finding a problem or uncovering a uncover the gaps you can fill to create his or customer who had a similar situation todissatisfaction, the more interest the prospect her ideal future. When you explain how your yours not long ago.” Then go on to explainwill have and the more sales you will make. product or service can bridge those gaps, you how your customer was able to rectify thatThe person who asks questions has control. will greatly enhance your chances of making situation in a cost-effective way by accepting a sale. your recommendation.Good sales people always plan the wordingof their questions, rewriting them and A great set of questions begins with the To be truly persuasive in the selling process,practicing them before they get face-to-face words what if? For example, “What if use gap analysis. Instead of trying towith a prospect. Poor sales people, on the we could achieve this particular result for overwhelm your prospects with reasons andother hand, make up their questions as they you? What effect would that have on your rationales for doing what you want themgo along. situation?” to do, ask questions aimed at uncovering their problems, needs and dissatisfactions. Listen carefully to the answers they give you, and ask additional questions to help them expand on their situation. Take a few moments to feed their answers back to them, to show that you were really listening and Keep your customers that you really appreciate their needs. Then position yourself to influence and persuade for just pennies a day. your prospects by showing them how your product or service just happens to be the ideal way to solve their problem, satisfy their need, or achieve their goal. Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action. Loyalty DriverTM by . is email marketing made First, take time to write out your questions word for word and practice them in advance easy. Your own customized before meeting with the customer. They are e-newsletter with profes- too important to be left to chance. sionally written content and sophisticated report- Second, continually ask “What if” questions to help open up your customer’s mind to the ing including our unique possibilities and benefits of what you sell. buy signal allowing you to Listen carefully to every answer. know when your customer is ready to buy. CONTACT US TODAY Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO at 866-964-NEWS (6397) ext.214 of Brian Tracy International. He can be or email us at contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail at 20
  18. 18. sts fos ls ms sf fis fixed operations solution GreggTompkins Seven Keys to Warranty Administration Success The automaker is your need to be looked at weekly and reviewed often look like a mini-junkyard in your parts biggest customer in the in-depth on a monthly basis. department. The more disorganized it is, the service department. less likely you’ll be able to find the parts They come in as Open RO reports you need when the manufacturer requests different customers Just like warranty schedules, open RO them back. The most common and simplest throughout the day reports can tell you what’s going on with system is to use the tried and true 10-binunder the guise of warranty repairs, but when your warranty claims. You wouldn’t leave comes to dollars, the automaker pays out cash lying around on a desk withoutmore than any other customer to your service depositing it, so why do it with warranty Good warranty administration practicesdepartment every month. claim dollars? This report will isolate unpaid are an essential component of a well-run warranty claims that have not yet made it to service department and profitability. Take aTo collect that money, it takes more effort the warranty schedule. look at how you measure up and make thethan just swiping a credit card or taking cash. appropriate changes if you need them. It canThat’s where having your warranty processes Manufacturer’s warranty expense reports mean money in your pocket.on a good foundation will pay off. This is an important document for you to review every month. The reports can give youA good warranty administrator valuable insight into how well you’re mindingDealerships need a strong, knowledgeable the manufacturer’s money, and that’s whatwarranty administrator that can be the matters if you want to avoid an audit.go-to person. This is the person thatwill have very detailed knowledge of Parts retention and scrapping system. Gregg Tompkins is the president and awarranty administration policies and can The most overlooked component of many consultant at Dealer Insight. He can beusually handle answering most warranty dealerships’ warranty administration systems contacted at 866.403.7973, or by e-mail atadministration questions, as well as be is the warranty parts retention system. It can hands-on person to deal with warrantyclaims once the repair is completed.A good service managerA good, strong, effective and honest servicemanager plays a key role in your warrantyadministration success. He or she can keepeveryone focused on following the policies 1-888-Get-A-Caroutlined by the manufacturer and keepwarranty expense in line so the threat of an &audit is minimized and you can keep yourhard-earned money.Proper documentation www.getacar.comProper documentation will help avoid manyproblems. Those problems can include: not Only One Dealer Per Marketclaiming all the warranty dollars you’re due,claims being improperly coded, claims being Call Now for Exclusive Rights Detailsheld up longer for payment and claims beingdebited in an audit. View TV Spots at documenting warranty claims must Programs Includebe part of the job description for serviceadvisors, technicians, management and parts Leads, TV Spots, Lenders, Advertising Assistance,personnel. Training for your Special Finance Department, Bankruptcy Mailer SoftwareUse and maintenance of schedulesWarranty receivable schedules can be agood barometer of how effective your STOP Paying per Lead! One Flat Rate Forclaims payment processes are. It takesconstant overview and maintenance to UNLIMITED LEADS!make warranty receivable schedules useful Get A Car, evaluating how things are flowing. Joe Perot - PresidentPayments need to be applied immediately,and any adjustments need to be identified email: perot@getacar.comand corrected as soon as possible. Schedules 800.790.1212 www.getacar.comjanuary 2006 21
  19. 19. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidKain marketing solution Take Your Internet Sales to the Next Level Answer the following Lead source percentage achievable goals: to think you can go beyond and become an question and outline • Dealer Web site generated leads = 40 industry leader. Whatever level you aim your next level: percent of total leads for, be sure to keep it in a state of flux so • Third party generated leads = 50 percent you can achieve and then aim even higher. 1. What level are you of total leads (for Ford and GM dealers Your dealership Internet team must feel on today? these include FordDirect and GMBuyPower the next level is attainable or they could leads) give up before they even start the journey.In order to know where you want to go. you • Manufacturer generated leads = 10 percent By including your Internet team in theneed to know where you are today. The of total leads discussion to determine your next level goalsInternet is very metrics based, which makes you will have their buy-in and commitmentit the perfect dealership tool. Dealers are Number of leads you connect with to do what it takes to achieve them.accustomed to measuring every aspect of achievable goal:their business from their hours per R.O. • Connect rate = 55 percent of total leads. 3. Do you have the foundation in place toto their obsolete parts inventory to their Meaning the number from whom you actually take it to the next level?reconditioning charges on used vehicles and obtained a legitimate e-mail response or withtheir aged receivables. All of these variables whom had a telephone conversation. There are several common elements in placemix into their goal of achieving a profit, and when I see dealerships who truly have takenthey monitor these and many other metrics Number of prospects who set an it to the next level. I’ve outlined them beloweach and every month. appointment achievable goal: for you to gauge your own foundation. • Appointment rate = 40 percent of totalThe following metrics need to be defined leads • Dealership commitment – Is the dealereach month to determine your performance principal willing to commit the time, energylevel. Number of prospects who keep their and resources to grow to the next level?a. What is the number of Internet leads appointment achievable goal:received by e-mail and by phone? • Kept appointment rate = 30 percent of total Basic resources:b. What are your lead sources? Dealer Web leads • Budget for leads, technology andsite, third parties, online classified? compensationc. How many leads you are able to connect Percentage of Kept Appointment Prospect • Training for dealership management andwith and have a real dialogue? who Purchase Achievable Goal: Internet/BDC personneld. How many customers set appointments? • Kept appointments who purchase rate = 50 • People – behind every leading Internete. How many customers kept appointments? percent operation there are key people who managef. How many vehicles did you sell? This through adversity to stay focused and ondetermines your close rate Close rate percentage of total leads target. Hire and train the right people andg. What is your average gross per sale? achievable goal: you are almost there.h. What is your total gross? • Close Rate = 15 percent of total leads • Leads – right sizing your leads to youri. What did your leads cost you? Web site personnel and technology is essential tocosts, third party costs, Online classified Gross average on Internet generated sales meeting your goalscosts, technology costs, etc.? achievable goal: • Technology – an effective Web site isj. What is your return on investment? • Average Internet gross = average showroom crucial in meeting your dealer Web site lead gross source goal. Managing growth requiresOnce you have these metrics defined you a technologically advanced CRM or leadcan pretty well determine your operating Average cost per vehicle sold via the management toollevel as long as you have some benchmarks Internet achievable goal:to compare yourself to. Over the last several • Average cost per Internet vehicle sold = By answering these questions you can easilyyears, I have learned the difference between $200 predict whether your dealership is in linepoor, average, good and great performance to take it to the next level. With so manyand want to offer the following achievable 2. What do you consider the next level people using the Internet to start the buyinggoals for your use in comparing your own compared with your current performance? process you don’t really have any choice, soInternet performance. outline the steps and start aiming for the next The answer you provide for this question level today.General Internet achievable goals is perhaps the most important one for yourThese goals are based on the actual results dealership in attaining the next level. Ifof dealerships has your performance is below the achievable David Kain is the automotive Internettrained and consulted with over the past goals outlined above the next level for your training specialist at Kain Automotive Inc.three years. The goals can and should vary dealership could be achieved by meeting He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, orby brand, so make sure you focus on what is those outlined above. If you are already at by e-mail at, orattainable given your individual brand. the levels described above then it is realistic visit 22
  20. 20. sts fos ls ms sf fis ChrisHanson sales and training solution Do You Have a Daily Schedule It doesn’t matter if you to do things to fully maximize your daily sell 10 cars a month or schedule. By this, I mean each store has 25 cars, we all have different traffic trends, so ask your manager lots of time. If fact, or start paying attention. When does it seem when we are really most ups come into the dealership? When busy, our daily schedule really comes in do most phone ups call in? When is the best handy. Just like we talked about in the last time to get hold of your customers? article, we need to set goals and then have a plan for how we are going to accomplish Start by creating and following a daily those goals. A daily schedule will help you schedule. Here’s an example: accomplish them. 1. Listen to a Training CD on the way to One of the first things to consider is your work. continuing education. Become a student of the business. Start the day out by listening 2. Get to work a little early and watch a to a training CD on the way to work. Don’t training tape. have a long enough drive to work? No problem. Do it when you get to work. Go 3. Plan your day. to the meeting room and listen or better yet watch a training tape. If you want to take 4. 9 to 9:30 a.m. – Walk the inventory things up a notch, how about listening to a CD on the way to work and then sit down 5. 9:30 to noon, beat the phones to and watch a training tape when you get to death! Watch for ups. work? Then if you want to really take your career to the next level, find a partner at 6. Five Appointments! Go for five work that will commit to role-play with you every day. You need to make enough every day and watch your sales go through contacts by phone each day to the roof! How many months do sports teams generate five appointments. practice before they play their first game? “I want to think about it.” What are you going 7. 1 to 3 p.m. – Come back to your to say? “Payments are too high.” What are office and hit the phones again. you going to say? Watch for ups. Right after you get done with your training, 8. 4 to 5:30 p.m. – Watch for ups. it’s time to head out on the lot. I don’t care if you have 100 cars or 1,000 cars on your 9. 5:30 to 6 p.m. – Set up the day for lot, you need to know what your inventory tomorrow is. Walk the lot and take note where cars are located, colors and equipment and keep 10. Do this everyday. a look out for new trades and new program cars. You must know your inventory, trust Sit down today, create your daily schedule me. Your career depends on it. Start walking and put your career on the fast track. Make the lot and see what happens. You will be use of your time while you’re there by more professional and you will know what having direction and a purpose for being alternatives to offer your customer and, in there beyond your next sale. If you would turn, you will sell more cars. Start today. like more details on developing your schedule please feel free to e-mail me. From here you need to go over yesterday and see what you need to follow through with Chris Hanson with Hibbing Chrysler can be and also plan your day. Now you need to contacted at 800.901.2862, or by really figure out the best times at your store e-mail at
  21. 21. I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but I’m not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song inDecember. I don’t agree with Darwin, but I didn’t go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teachertaught his theory of evolution.Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30-secondprayer before a football game.So what’s the big deal? It’s not like somebody is up there reading the entire book of Acts. They’re justtalking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the Þeld and the fansgoing home from the game.But it’s a Christian prayer, some will argue.Yes, and this is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. According to ourvery own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1. So what would youexpect-somebody chanting Hare Krishna?If I went to a football game in Jerusalem, I would expect to hear a Jewish prayer.If I went to a soccer game in Baghdad, I would expect to hear a Muslim prayer.If I went to a ping pong match in China, I would expect to hear someone pray to Buddha.And I wouldn’t be offended. It wouldn’t bother me one bit. When in Rome.But what about the atheists? is another argument.What about them? Nobody is asking them to be baptized. We’re not going to pass the collection plate.Just humor us for 30 seconds. If that’s asking too much, bring a Walkman or a pair of ear plugs. Go to thebathroom. Visit the concession stand. Call your lawyer!Unfortunately, one or two will make that call. One or two will tell thousands what they can and cannot do.I don’t think a short prayer at a football game is going to shake the world’s foundations.Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek while our courts strip us of all our rights. Ourparents and grandparents taught us to pray before eating; to pray before we go to sleep.Our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us tocease praying.The silent majority has been silent too long. It’s time we let that one or two who scream loud enough to beheard that the vast majority don’t care what they want. It is time the majority rules! It’s time we tell them,you don’t have to pray; you don’t have to say the pledge of allegiance; you don’t have to believe in Godor attend services that honor Him. That is your right, and we will honor your right. But by golly, you are nolonger going to take our rights away. We are Þghting back ... and we WILL WIN!God bless us one and all ... especially those who denounce Him. God bless America, despite all herfaults. She is still the greatest nation of all.God bless our service men who are Þghting to protect our right to pray and worship God.May 2006 be the year the silent majority is heard and we put God back as the foundation of our familiesand institutions. Keep looking up.Anonymous Author